Android Cop (2014) Script

Android Cop Go. Beverly Hills.

This place sucks.

You think it sucks now? You should have seen it before the quake.

Is that your contact?

Damn it. Copy. This is Hammond.

What the hell are you doing in the Zone? No, don't answer that.

You got some action coming your way.

Yeah, what kind of action?

It's Dext Muldoon.

You want to take me now or later.

He's in around the dispensary.

We manage to track his vehicle. We'll be there in 2 minutes.

Be where?

Aye, this guy is just right where you're standing.


Go after Dext! Copy.

Central is a quarantine boundary.

Gimme the melard. Give the overwrite code.

Shut it down.

Got it.

Huh, huh, huh, huh.

What's so funny asshole?

You're dead.

How many of you officers have been in this zone before?

That's what I thought. Rookies.

Yeah, it's about time the rookies busted good cherries in this zone.

Except for you Hammond, you don't have a cherry.

We're heading into Level 3. So I have Level 3 protection.

We have counters and breathers on standby. I don't think we'll be needing em.

Why are they radioactive?

Well the quake took out 3 local power stations. Fusion reactors.

Fortunately there wasn't a full meltdown. But they did release some of the bad stuff.

Who the hell would want to live there?

Do the math. It's like Club Med for criminals.

Some of the people there don't have a choice.

Entering the dead zone, Sir.

When we hit the ground, the target is Dexts Muldoon.

The locals consider him to be some kind of Che Guevara.

Do not be fooled. Take him out.

You take out a one-fifth of the drug trading zone.

Two minutes landing, Sir.

Let's buck it up.

Check the cameras. Jones, you're good.

Poschek, good.

Jackson, good.

Hammond! Hammond, you're not transmitting.

Need another, Sarge.

Little easier to transmit and I've got a camera, Sarge.

Right. Hammond you're good.

Looks like we got company. Really small fry though.

We'll take care of them.

Gentlemen, start your countdown.

Yes sir. This is it. Let's go.

Too exposed. We're going through.

What's wrong with her?

She's got ..ginmars.. Radiation poisoning.

Stay too long in the zone, it can get pretty nasty.

You already had all your kids, right?

Jones That ain't him. Keep moving.

That is not our objective.

Woh, woh, woh, woh. Back up.

Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Uh, uh, go on sit down, big fella. We ain't here for you.

You wouldn't have set up your command centre a few blocks away if you were.

Think we didn't see you.

Look, we don't care about your business, alright. We just want safe passage.

You have no authority here.

What do you want? Come again.

You need anything? Medical supplies?

If there's something from the outside world that you need, I can get it delivered to you.

Mills? You copy me sir.


So if you need anything, have one of your man contact Sergeant Mills down at the Command Centre.

And if it's something we can get, he'll get it for you.

You have my word.

All we ask, is to pass through quietly.

And what if I don't agree?

Dammit Hammond! Nicoles call for backup. Yes sir.

What if what I want isn't actually legal?

Go on.

Something from your evidence room, perhaps.

Come on man. Do we look like crooked cops to you?

Don't answer that.

Iodine tablets, liquid form too. Cypro, scotch two cases, hypodermic needles, entry cases of Mexican, Coca Cola.

The kind with the real sugar? Huh, huh, huh.

I can't get my hands on that ... I mean we can't ...

That was my joke.

Mills you got that? Got it!

Sir, you still need that backup?

Yeah, they're not even in the building yet.

We got a deal. Good.


Alright, let's papparazi that bitch.

Muldoon, this is the police.

We know you're in there and we have the place surrounded.

Mills, see anything? Yeah, an ........ woman.


Over there!

Damn it Jones. Report!

Police. See your hands.

I want you to come out.

Come on. Let's go. Move, move, move, move.

Out. Move.

I'd like to do it all, baby. Remember that.

Oh shit!.

Hammond's gone lone wolf again.

Damn it. You gotta wait for back up.

You called for back up.

Thank you.

You're dead.

How the hell did you ...? Doesn't matter.

You have 2 dead cops on your hands. Do you really want that?

You're in no position to negotiate.

Who said this is a negotiation.

Put down your weapon.

What you gonna do? You gonna blow both of us up?

Dexts Muldoon, you are under arrest.

You come any closer and I'll blow his brains out.

Sir, your handheld has been approved for destruction.

This is not negotiable. Put down your weapon.

Who the hell is this guy? I have no idea.

You have 3 choices. Surrender and live.

Shoot Sergeant Hammond and die.

Shoot me and die. Make a choice.

Fuck you!

Marks, Jackson on me!

Now, what the hell was that?

Did you not see me pointing the gun at him?

What were you doing? You almost killed me.


There is a 73% probability that this individual would had terminated you if I had not interceded.

Interceding. You call that interceding.

If I had not interjected you would have been destroyed, Sergeant Hammond.

Oh, would I. Ok. Let's see how you like a grenade blowing up over your head.

He had this on him. He had a concealed weapon.

Did anybody frisk him? God damn it.

You scanned him, right? I followed all operational procedures.

Yeah, but you followed them loosely.

Would you like to file a complaint, Sergeant?

Well, if it is in the form of punch you in the face, then, yeah.

I would advise against it.

Yeah, I bet you would Mr. Roboto.

One more thing. Who sent you?

I received a request for back up. I provided back up.

What the hell was that? Our future.

Well, the professionals finally showed up. How about that?

Oh, you're in this. Over here. Thank you.

Hey, that's not for you. The hell it ain't.

I made a deal. Well, sometimes life ain't always fair.

Tell me we're not in the wrong run of business.

It's not just wrong.

Chief! Chief! I'd like to report an incident.

Hammond. I heard all about it.

No, I'm not talking about the suspect. I'm talking about that supercop.

Supercop? Yeah, you know the guy I'm talking about.

That skin job. That psychopatic soda machine. That things of men ...

Hammond, before you go too far, I want you to meet your new partner.

Will you give us a minute?

That means, move out of the way.

I know you don't like it, Hammond, but you're the best man for it.

Well, assuming I've forgotten about today's nifty events, after what happened out there with that autogun do you think I'd be happy to take a position anywhere near a machine.

It's an android.

Well, I don't care what you call it. It's still a machine.

You know how you sound when you say you don't like machines?

Look. Somebody programmed that thing.

Just like somebody programmed that autogun to stop intruders, yet it missed our call sign, a secure call sign. And they call it a malfunction.

A god damn hiccup. That was a human life.

I know.

That's why I want you near it.

There's a lot more at stake here than just your personal feelings.

That android, skin job, whatever you want to call it it represents just the first wave of many, many more to come.

And unlike what we're used to, they don't require human operators.

The brass says that we have to give this thing a field test ... a dry run.

You gonna be reporting on that dry run. What?

Listen, listen. Listen to me.

This thing could signify the end of human involvement in law enforcement.

Is that what you want?

Or on the other hand if it should just happen to wash out, so be it.

Frankly, I think people would be a lot happier with officers such as yourself, rather than those things.


I'd like to formally introduce you to Advance Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Neuralnet Law Enforcement Droid I One.

Advance autonomous ... look, that's too long. I'll call you Andy.

You could call me Officer One. Sure.

How do you do? Do what?

This thing's gonna be interacting with the public?

You can take that one right there. Do you even need to sit?

I can sit or stand.

You might as well sit down, unless you want me to hang my jacket on you.

I'm not here for your amusement, Sergent Hammond.

If you would like me to ask for another partner, I would be very happy to.

Wait a minute. Did you ask for me as a partner?


And why would you do that?

It was suggested to me that our compatibility index would be high.

You might as well try that coffee maker over there.

Do you think internal affairs sent him?

No, we got them some bitches locked up tightly in a froze ass in a tsunami.

No, he's not working for IA. Who's he working for then?

He's working for us. Just don't know it yet.

We're getting our first assignment.

Hammond, you're up.

We got a report of a jumper over at 7th Street.

All the boys are tied up downtown. Can you handle that?

I'm on it.

Do me a favour. Next time you get wind of a call, let me know what it is first.

This guy, ruining my day.

I have to show this building today.

Do you know him?

Yeah. His name is Jake Wescott. Lives on the 5th floor.

You know. Comes and goes. Kind of quiet.

So he's never excited to jump off the roof before.


With your permission I would like to go alone.

Hell, no.

My programming addresses these scenarios.

Oh, yeah. He's going to feel real worthwhile when we send a robot or android out to talk to him. That says we really care.

I'm not following you.

I've gone through several instances like this in multiple simulations.

See, those were simulations. This is real life.

There is a greater probability for success if I were to go against someone such as yourself.

"Such as myself", what is that suppose to mean?

Sorry guys. Sorry to interrupt the guys big moment.

Hey! You want me to cite you?

Andy, you stay right here.

Mr Wescott. That's far enough.

I'm not here to stop you Mr Wescott. Right.

I only want to ask you a couple of questions.

Not really in the mood for questions.

Oh, yeah. I can see that.

But Mr Wescott, are you by any chance an organ donor?

As you may know, organ donation has saved countless lives and don't you think it's a good thing to consider from a man in your situation.

Most people your age who donate their organs are in terrible accidents and not all of their organs are even useful.

But you're clearly in good physical condition.

Would be shame, don't you think.

I'm not going to donate my organs.

Mr Wescott, if you just allow me to make the call, I can get organ harvesters over here in 5 minutes.

They can euthanize you in a humane manner.

They can be painless. Then we can get your organs out to somebody who really use them.

You're insane!

Wow. Can you imagine the sensation of impact from a fall from this height?

Give me a moment.

I told you to stay back.

We can go now. What are you talking about?

The situation no longer requires our presence.


I've performed a micro-expression analysis on the subject. He will not hurt himself.

Try telling that to the ...

In addition I've initiated plan to defuse the situation.

Okay. What is it?

I accessed his phone records.

The majority were to an individual who was not responding.

Okay, so the woman ... you, go on.

I sent text from each other with the data required to bring equilibrium to their social interaction.

Ok. So you text at him pretending to be her and her pretending to be him.

So you lied.

Each of them received the information needed to restore their pair bonding.

Pair bonding?

I have access to her files.

Your postrate and moral superiority in questioning the legality of my method is suspect, when you proposed to euthanize our subject.

Hey, its been legal in the state since 2024.

Did you consider the consequences that the subject were to take you up on your proposal.

Yes, his organs. Let me ask you a question.

What happens when they realize that they didn't text each other.

The outcome depends on the amount of time that has transpired before this interaction.

The further the time the greater the probabilty that they will maintain the equilibrium.

Would like to hear the probability matrix?


Just remind me to keep you from interacting with anyone I know.

We're getting another call. Could you please stop that?

Hammond you got a missing persons case for you.

See, that's why I told you to tell me what it is before we ...

Ah, yeah. Why put us on?

You've gotta keep it low profile for now, it's complicated.

Yes, um. I'm walking around with a 400 pound black robot with a white head.

How low profile do you think we are?

Look, you've been personally requested by the mayor's office. Just do it!

Sergeant Hammond. Stones.

And this is?

Advanced Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Neuralnet Law Enforcement Droid I One.


I get it.

The mayor's very busy but he is concerned about his daughter.

So, the mayor has a daughter?

Yes, now this wasn't public knowledge until recently but when the quake devastated LA, the mayor sent his then infant daughter to Brazil to live with her mother.

He and his wife were estranged.

When she passed away, his daughter returned to Los Angeles.

So is she the one who is missing?

Not exactly.

Your domestics?

All androids like him. It's a full tissue for us.

Not as autonomous or as advanced, they work off a program scripts.


The mayor's daughter, Helen Jacobs.

Well, if she's not missing, who is?

Her body. She's connected to a telepresence port.

You're familiar with the concept.

Oh yes. Robots are androids remotely controlled to human brain waves.

Pioneered by ACI Corporation for dangerous military operations.

Working in environments that are not suitable for humans.

Yes, as you are aware, Detective Hammond, the success on the battlefields led to many applications.

They can give the wounded a new lease on life, a new mobility, and freedom from their mortal bodies.

So she is connected via telepresence robot right now.

An android. One so sophisticated it can pass through your eye.

So why don't we just wake her up and ask her where it is?

It's not so simple.

She suffered catasprophic injuries in her accident, and she went into a coma.

Now we were able to connect her to an android body, but here's the kicker.

She's not aware it is in her own body.

She is not aware of her telepresence.

Is that illegal?

I'm told that the shock of waking up and making such a discovery could be devastating to her. Could lead to a psychotic break.

As far as she is concerned, she had an accident and she made it out just fine.

How could she not know?

The conscious mind believes what it wants to believe, Detective.

And you cannot track her telepresence droid.

She's gone outside the Grid.

We believe she's gone into one of the deconstructed zones, that's where you come in.

You can go in there with no problems.

Well so, if I go in there and I find her, what then?

I mean she hasn't committed any crimes.

Secure her and bring her back here.

Now under no circumstances is she to be told what she is.

Now if Helen wakes up here, we'll handle that.

But otherwise, she is just a normal 24 year old woman.

Who happens to be an android.

Not 'be' one, 'existing' one. You know the difference?

This zone is off limits.

So what happened to her?

That's not relevant to this case and the mayor doesn't want that information out there.

Well, it might help us find her.

Trust me, it won't.

Is there something in her personality that will make you think she will be drawn to the Zones?

Listen. The mayor and his daughter don't always see eye to eye.

She's a bit of an activist.

When she got injured, we think she was in the zones under the guise of some crusade.

People being exploited are her pet causes.

Her father has enemies on all sides of the law.

If she went there under the guise of some idealogical crusade, she could have run into somebody that would hurt her just to get to her father.

Well, even if they did run into her, what could they do to her?

I mean, her real body is right here and the other one is an android.

No offence Andy, but you know what people do with androids.

Manual labour, soldiers, domestics, sex slaves.

The mayor's daughter, turned into a sex slave?

Look even if it's for your telepresence, that's something that we don't even want to imagine, Detective.

Find her, before they do.

We could check the underground markets.

That won't be necessary.

If she has been abducted, someone with her attributes could end up there.

And did you notice her attributes, oh it's not that, I know somebody that could help us find her.

Porter, Porter, Porter.

What is this? Official business?

Yes. Have you seen this woman?

What makes you think I can help you with that?

Don't bullshit me, Porter. I can make it worth your while.

I would not be in business if I turn people over to anyone offering me a buck.

You see, I'm not offering you a buck, partner. I'm offering you your freedom.

How can you offer me something I already got?

See my partner, here?

He's not like you and me.

See, he's an android.

That means, you take the empathy of a regular person, a normal person. And you divide that by that, say, 20,000.

And you still won't be able to touch his level of not giving a ground.

And you're telling me this, why?

Here's where I'm gonna help you, See, he doesn't give a damn about you.

See, he can look deep into your shit, if you know what I mean.

No, I don't.

Your business, Porter. He could look deep into it.

Andy, show him what I'm talking about.

I'm assessing his records.

I can find nothing that substantiates filing charges.

Woh, what about his bank records?

I'm sure embezzlement might offer up some numerical residue that we can sniff into.

This individual is clean. He pays his bills.

His deposits matches employer records.

I do show that he is expecting a tax refund.

Give us a minute. Absolutely.

Look. You need to go along with me on this, okay?

You know those text messages that you falsified?

I do not see how threatening this individual help our case.

Preferable tactic would be to get in his trust.

Well, you need to do a little in getting my trust.

Are you looking for results or are using this interaction as an outlet for suppressed aggression?

Results. Watch me.

Listen, asshole.

I know people like you provide guide services for people going in and out of the zone.

Oh yeah, that's ...

Damn! That is illegal. That violates the quarantine.

This woman has been in and out of this zone quite often.

Clearly, someone has helped her.

Not by me.

Is that right?


Then tell me, some other operators. Give me their names.

That's beyond my scope.

What are you doing?

This is not working.

Oh, okay. You're trying to play good cop, bad cop.

Good cop, bad cop.

Yeah, it's where one of us ... I'm familiar with the technique.

Oh, are you? Well, you're doing a good job at playing mediocre cop.

I tell you what. You need me, I'll be at the bar.

Please accept the apology of the Police Department for Officer Hammond.

He's experiencing difficulties.

Oh yeah. Well, that's no excuse for roughing somebody up.

Of course it isn't. Would you like to file charges?

That, ah, isn't necessary.

I'm equipped to accept verbal statements for filing charges.

Look, I .. I don't want to file charges.

Are you afraid he may retaliate?

No. No, no, no, no. See, it's not my way. Okay.

I don't file charges against cops. Uh, uh.

Are you at all afraid of the police?

Would you like to add that to your statement?

No. God damn it, man! What's ...

If you are threatened by the police at any time, we can offer protection.

I don't need protection.

Hey look, I'm sorry. He's malfunctioning.


All system scans are at acceptable levels.

No, there's something wrong. We need to get back to HQ. Let's go.

You're interfering with an ongoing investigation.

It is against departmental code.

We need to go.

You are pursuing unlawful behaviour.

Well then, write me up. File charges. Let's go.

You can leave. I'm continuing this investigation.

Well, I see how this is gonna go down.

You are in risk of bodily injury or destruction.

Jesus, you guys are nuts!

It's okay everybody. I got this all under control.

You accomplished a lot. Yes I did.

The adrenalin is affecting your reasoning and decision making.

Track his calls.

Who? Porter.

He's about to call her right now. Can you track it?

Affirmative. Go ahead.

You're not concerned about her being aware of our interest?


Safer this way we don't want to sneak up on her.

He's making a call. I've obtained the address.

Zone 12 is home to 7 major gangs, innumerous subgroups all fighting for control.

Is it wise we go it alone?

Don't worry. We going in the back way. No sirens, no lights. No ones expecting us.

We'll be out before they know we're there.

Sir, they're on the move.

Good. Good. Notify me when they reach the target.

Yes, sir.

Yeah. Put out the word. The ones who killed Dext will be in the Zone tonight.

Wait for my signal. Yeah.

Still have a lock on the location? It's an unregistered Paygo phone.

No guarantee it's hers.

Maybe it's Porter's dry cleaner.

There are no registered dry cleaners in this area.

They've entered the Zone.

Good. Soon as they make contact I need to know.

Are we still getting transmission? Yes, sir.

What about the manual override option?

You think you could switch them into manual override?

Of course. You want me to do it now?

No, no, no. Just wait for my signal.

Yes, sir.

I hear that Helen Jacobs is more than just a mere visitor to the Zone, she is a vigilante.

The thing about the Zone is, you can pretty much get anything you want.

It's outside the law, but it's a price you have to pay.

Stay there too long and you're affected by the radiation.

Criminals can come and go but the ... people, regular folks, get stuck there.

Knows the people she's fighting for.

Relax. Relax.

How's the operation going?

Like clockwork, sir. The officers are nearly at their target.

Tell me again, about this.

Well, it's always been our goal to rid this zone of gang lords.

Last week's raid was step 1, this is step 2.

Once Officer Hammond and his partner acquire their targets, they'll be 14 miles into the zone.

Due to the contamination, there's only one safe way out.

Fortunately for us, that safe way leads them pass each gang territory one by one, by one.

It'll be kill or be killed.

Now, the beauty of this, sir, is they'll be taking the gangs out for us, one by one.

And if they should be taken out, then we'll be justified in going in for retaliation.

It's a win-win, sir.

But what if they make it back?

There's no chance of that happening, sir.

That woman ... that they're after, that's not my daughter.

She is trying to destroy me.

Sir, no one is going to let that happen.

We have a manual override on the droid, so if it comes to that, he'll take 'em out.

But, why not we just let them do our dirty work for us.

Clean up the zones.

The city needs more men like you, Officer.

Thank you, sir.

Who are you guys?

You can just call us the future of law enforcement.

Then I think the city is in good hands.

We are within 500 m of the signal. Okay.

We go on foot from here.

We're on official police business. There is nothing to see here.

Return to your dwellings.

Why don't you just call the rest of them out?

It is better we make our presence known, than to surreptitiously advance.

We'll see about that.

Are we close to the signal?

Within 50 yards.

Call it. I'm sorry.

Call the phone. Calling.

Over there.


We need to get back to the vehicle. Plan B.

What is Plan B?

Can you call HQ?

And now you're considering calling for backup?

Look, just call it.

Something's interfering. Great.

A throw-away cellphone works, but a trillion dollar robot can't get through.

I am not a robot. Figure of speech.

Sorry for calling you the R word.

It appears that I'm having a block from the other side.

So why don't you just call 911?

Police services had been discontinued in this zone.

It was a joke. You should've asked the wizard for a sense of humour.

Look, let's just get to the car and call for backup.

Who is the wizard?

Stop! Stop! Get down.

Helen Jacobs. Yeah.

We're here to escort you in.

Thanks. But I think you're going to be the ones needing an escort.

How did you know about the bomb?

I've been down here long enough to know that when someone crawls under a parked car they're not a welcoming committee.

Thank you. Don't mention it.

We were told you maybe coerced into a sex ring.

That's tactful.

Yeah, and if I was, it probably would be more of a public relations issue than any concern to my personal welfare.

It was mentioned.

Damn it Andy, would you back off.

Listen, you need to come with us.

Am I under arrest? Well, no.

Have you committed any crime that may warrant an arrest?

Would you, would you shut..

Look, you need to come with us right now.

No, you need to come with me. Now.

That explosion is going to draw everything out of the woodwork.

I can't be responsible for what happens to you guys.

Is that the best video you got?

Yes, sir. That's the best we can do right now.

And we can't get audio? I'm working on it.

Halt! That's her. I'll take that as a positive ID.

Did we take out the vehicle? Negative, Sir. That wasn't us.

Oh, they're gonna have a fun night.

Hey, it's a go. Put out the word.

Dext's killer would be in Zone 12, Grid 16. Headed east on foot.

Now you do whatever you want with the girl.

But you make sure neither of them get out alive.

Okay. Okay, look. Nothing to see here.

That's not what I see.

Look, you're not our concern. Kindly step aside.

Oh, we will. As soon as we're finished with you.

I'm going to pretend I didn't even hear that.

Cause, I'm trying to be a nice guy, okay.

Now there are a couple of ways this is gonna go down, and none of them turn out so good for you.

You're interfering with police business.

Stand aside, or you will be subject to force.

Andy. Andy. I got this.

Look. We're not after you but we can be if you wanted to go down like that.

I could charge you all with obstructing justice.

Stand down or you will be subject to force.


You have a hammer. I have a hammer too.

Mine is better.

Oh yeah, oh yeah. You are one hell of a negotiator, aren't you?

That was a lethal weapon.

That was an axe. This is LA.

If I shot everybody that came at me with an axe, I'd never get through the paperwork.

Besides, the plan was to go in and out, under the radar, and not ring the damn dinner bell.

Your negotiations would have been with the same results.

Oh, you're so damn confident aren't you?

Confidence is outside of my parameters.

So this is outside your parameter.

And you. You're trying to kill all of us. You included.

If this isn't your territory, why are you here?

Okay. Come on.

Woh. That's okay. They're with me.

Come on.


That's okay, just ... show them, show them your baby.

My scan show that the child is completely normal.

Yeah, we can see that, but what does it mean?

If this environment were radioactive, you wouldn't be able to have babies without mutations.

You are correct.

Mutations resulting from radioactive fallout occur prior to birth.

So you're saying...

People are not getting sick because of radiation.

It's something else. It's something introduced into the environment.

Why, like poison? Why would anyone want to do that?

Land value.

Look at Los Angeles. We have, what, 30 million people, and no room to house them.

If someone reviewed the Zone, it would have more than enough room.

So, keeping this area off limits to development increases the value of whatever available land there is.

So who would benefit from that?

Whoever who owns their land.

And with the quarantine, I guess, nobody could come in here and see what's going on.

You need to leave.

All right buddy, I'm right here with you.

This place is a sanctuary. You can't stay here. They can't get caught here.

Pick on me. Psst.

The major shareholder of the properties would benefit most from a scheme like this.

Yeah, I know. My father.

We have to go.

Why would you help us?

I know you don't remember me, but...

I think you saved my life. At the boundary.

At Deorogan, you don't remember it?

You have to leave now.

Give me a minute.

Why would they want us to get her out?

Maybe they're afraid of what she might discover.

Couldn't they just disconnect her?

Cos her body back home know what she knows here?

You know that. They're connected.

That Helen is the same as this body.

We need to get her into protective custody.

I'll call Mills. He's solid. We'll get backup.

Just the two of us. I don't think we'll make it out alive.


Well, in your case, functional.

We need to call for an extraction.

We have to get on top of high ground, preferably a building would be ideal then he could contact the cell towers to line of sight.

Do you know any place like that?

I have an idea.

You're a long way from home.

You kill Dext, and we all forget.

Sergeant! The iron sky is picking up gunfire in Zone 12.

Oh. Oh. Well it's about time. Let's move out.

Williams. Yes, Sir.

I want you to notify me of any changes of their status or position.

Yes, Sir.

And I want officers at that medport standing by in case we need to go to Plan B.

Already in route, Sir.

Excellent. Well you sit back and enjoy the show, son.

Copy that.

That was the weak gang?

There. Pueblo Mueta.

Pueblo Mueta. Has a nice ring to it.

One thing's for sure. They heard us coming.

Are you sure we need to go up there? Affirmative.

You two may stay here. I will go alone.

Well, I don't get to go to Pueblo Mueta. What would I tell my kids?

You have kids? Well, not yet.

Okay. Let's ... let's do it.

Go. Go. Move.

Go. Go. Go.

Williams. Come in. This is Williams. Go ahead.

I need a status update.

We got more ground fire. Looks like the PM tower.

Sir, what do we do if they contact us?

You tell them to sit tight. Calvary's coming.

Yeah. Sit tight.

Well hello, Pueblo Mueta. We need to find a staircase.

Accessing blueprints.

This way.


You know what? We have to go through.


I guess not everybody exist on rats.

Uh, cannibals?

Dang, cannibals.

Bring me their guts.

You can get through us.

Hey policeman. Where are you going?

Andy, come on.

Andy, what are you doing?

Hey, what are you doing? Come on.

I'll handle this. Keep moving. What?



Hey, you!

Come on.

Let's go.

Can you connect to the cell tower? Working on it.


This is Officer One of Special Unit, requesting extraction.

Sending coordinates now.

Officer One.

We're discharge to the nearest secured unit to your location.

Please standby for estimated arrival.

The Commander will be here in 5 minutes.

I'm like him.

Williams. Stand by for my command.

If we need to go into manual override, I want to know my signal.

Copy that. I'll wait for your signal.

I mean like, not like him. Like ...

Yeah I, I suspected ... I mean ... the fragments, the memories.

Have you seen it? Me. The body have. Have you seen it?

Oh yes, we've seen you.

That. That's not me. This is me.

Yeah, we know. And we won't let anything happen to you.


Yeah. That's one of ours.



Out on a mission?

A lot of guys for just a simple extraction.

Ay, we were out on an exercise.

Helen, Hammond back away.

Your micro-expression reveal a hidden agenda, Sergeant.

My micro-expressions.

Hot damn, you think that is pretty friggin' awesome, aren't you?

Well I always get a kick out of spending some time with your kind.

Now was that a lie or not?

Hammond, take the girl and go.

Hammond, partner's gone batty. We might have to take him in for a overhaul.

Hey, you gonna end up on the scrap heap for that.

You won't shoot me. You were designed to protect and serve.

But you said, I may be malfunctioning.

Williams, we need that manual override.

Initiating manual override control. In 3, 2, 1.


What .. what are you doing?

I don't know. I'm not doing this.

Stop where you are or I will shoot you.

Helen, someone has overwritten his control.

What the hell are you talking about?

Helen. Shoot him.

What the hell is happening to me? Drop your weapon.

You're one of us, man. You're an android cop.

Shut up!

Williams, what's going on?

His protocols are deeper than I thought.

But the droid Hammond still ain't go.

Well, I don't care. You'd better fix it. Fix it, man.

Shoot him in the temporal lobe, on the side of the head.

I can't!

I am not an android!

You must do it. It is the only way to remove their control.

An android we can pass through your eye.

A little easier to defence, man and I've got a camera, Sarge.


You know what you sound like when you say you don't like machines.

You're dead!

The central nervous system is fine, but the spine has been severed.

He is paralyzed from the waist down.

When will he wake up?

Well, I wouldn't call it waking up exactly.

But if this works, he'll go right back to work in his old position.

I can't do it.

Hammond! Eliminate her.

I'm unarmed.

You gonna shoot me?

This is a direct order. That woman is a terrorist and an enemy of the state. I have Directive 109 to terminate her.

Hang on. We gonna take you out of here.

This zone is off limits.


Run! I ... Run now!

I said, leave now.

I'm gonna finish this. Get your back. Come on.

Back to land.

You need proof that the people here are being poisoned.

I've been taking blood samples of people all over the zones.

Whatever is poisoning them, it's in their blood.

I just don't know how they are administering the poison.

It's in the food. What?

It's in the food drops.

When I was at your house, I saw a picture of your father, the Mayor, receiving commendations for the food drops.

Whatever is poisoning all the people, is in the food.

We need to get the story out there.

I have a contact that will get this story out.

Believe me, he is no friend of your father's.

Take the floor!

Williams, come in. We need to go to Stage 2.

Plan B is now in effect.

Are you sure?

No, you're right. Maybe I should reconsider.

Yes, I'm sure. Don't ever question me again!

Something's wrong.

Hello Hammond.

Right now, I imagine you feeling kind a squeasy, well put us all in a start.

What have they done?

Your life support has been disconnected.

I'm afraid it was some kind of accident, at least that's the official report.

I don't know how long you have, your body can't function long without the machines.

It's ironic, isn't it.

But I'm ravelling, how long do you have, maybe 20 minutes.


Maam, I'm sorry to say that you will soon be experiencing the same thing, and I'd like to say it was tough convincing your father it was necessary, but let's say the Mayor was pragmatic. Now where were we?

Oh Hammond! Yes.

There is a solution.

Give up and we'll plug you and your father and your friends back in.

Whatever you think you know, whatever information you have, is not going to make a difference.

And you're both going to die.

Tick tock. We'll be waiting on you.

Andy. What is the fastest way to Media Centre?

No, we have to go to your house, where your body is being kept.

Helen Jacobs body is not at her house.

How do you know that?

They would have expected that. They have moved the body.

Do you know where?

I may be able to link it to the nurse's tracking device.

I logged on to it when I was at the hospital.

Yeah, I know you have a thing for it.

I have the location.

Good. We can have the media to meet us there.

What about you?

Forget about me.

I'm not going to let you die.


Look. You think those assholes are going to let me or any of us live after this?

Even if they do, they're probably put me back in a coma, or erase my memory.

No, we have to see this through. It's the only way for any of us.

Turn here.

Here. Affirmative.



Two hundred yards.

Hit them with everything.

Andy, they are doing something to her. Give me ... give her something.

I might be able to help her human body. But not her.

There's nothing I can do.

Andy. Contact Arnie Miller. At the union. Tell him to meet us at Metal Services.

Tell him to get every media hound in town, to meet us there.

Copy that.

She is to scare us out. They know we're ignoring.

Yeah. But they don't know how we're getting in.

I told you it's nasty, officers. But, sadly, this is where it ends.

By my calculations, you've got under 2 minutes of life, Officer Hammond.

Ms Jacobs, I'm not at liberty to comment on your status but your father has prepared a glowing press release honoring your services to the unfortunate in the zone.

Hammond, I never liked you, but I hate to see a fellow officer go down, even one as misguided as you.

So give up now. We can work this out.

You both don't have to die.

Last chance.

Hit them with everything!



I have a story for you.


I want to thank you for saving my daughter.

And my deepest condolences for your partner.

It is a shame though, as you may not have been aware of Helen's wishes.

Apparently and unbeknown to us,

she signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order.

We have been fighting the Courts to keep her going, but to no avail.

We received the verdict today.

We lost.

Helen is going to get her wishes.

She would have never wanted to exist like this.

We thought her android body could give her another live.

But now that's over, and thanks to you...

The Court order requires that we pull the plug.

Turn the machine off. Now.

You told me she wouldn't wake up. What did you do to her?

Your nurse has been keeping her sedated.

I don't know what's happening, Sir.

That's why ... Why did you do it, right?

Did you poison them?

Do something!

You told me she wouldn't wake up. What did you do to her?

Your nurse has been keeping her sedated.

I don't know what's happening, sir.

Do something.

Officer, go get 3 men. Get back here on the double. Go, go, go.

Shut that off.

Shut that off.

Shut if off.

Shut it off.

What is this?

Nobody move. Nobody moves. Nobody.

Mr Mayor, hand me the weapon.

No, no, no, no. Don't!

Now that your BIOS has been upgraded, Officer Hammond, I believe our partnership can operate on more equal terms.

What do you mean, equal terms?

You are now free to operate in machine mode, without human interference, or logic deficits.

Human interference.

Human interference?

Is that what you just said? I can't believe you even said that.

Something is amiss with your programming.

No, something is amiss with your programming.

Do you really think we're the same, huh?

Let me explain it to you.

My CPU's neural network was imprinted by my controller's, a human's neural framework.

That framework constitutes 70.236 of who I am.

And as you know, if you're one-eighth of a human then you are what?

In fact, a human.

What I am is a Humadroidican American. Get it straight.

I am sorry that your function will be hampered by that framework.

Hampered? See see. No. You're the one that is hampered.

Look at you. See you're basically a soda machine.

No, no. Strike that.

A soda machine is better because it dispenses soda.

Something useful.

But you, what do you dispense? Hot air. Logic.

You can't even think on your feet, you have no sense of humour, you're just...

We're getting a call.

Already got that. See.

Uh, responding.

Hammond, I need you to ...

Don't even have to say anything. Thank you.

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