Ange et Gabrielle (2015) Script



Sorry. I have a bit of a bad back.

It's best if I do it.

Good morning! There you are.

Sign the St Maur plans right now.

When's Joubert? At 10. In 15 minutes.

The foundation called. And you have a visitor.


Ange Pagani?

I know you? Do you?

I'm asking you.

Gabrielle Meyer. We need to talk.

I'm leaving for a meeting. See my assistant.

It's about my daughter.

Her name's Claire.


She's 17.

She's pregnant.

Sorry, I don't know a Claire aged 17 so I don't see...

Your son got her pregnant and left her.

Understand the problem?

The only problem is I don't have a son.

I'm sorry for your daughter and for you, but I have a busy day.

No, wait...

You're not Simon's father?

I don't know Simon.

You're not Simon Cami's father?

Who said I was? His mother.

I slept with her twice!

Three times, tops! I wasn't the only one.

Two years later, she called me to say I was her son's father.

I set things straight with her.

I'm astounded to be hassled like this 20 years on!

Why did she tell me?

I need to say it in another language?

Spare me. I just want a father for my grandchild.

You want but he doesn't!

What can I do?

Make Simon man up. If a girl's pregnant, you don't...

Ask his mother. I did.

She couldn't care less.

She said he was over age then hung up on me.

For once, she was right.

Right, it's time to go.

I have a lot of work on. This way.

Hold on.

What now? I feel dizzy.

Can I have some water?

Sit down.

Thank you.

It's so hot here. Is it gas-heated?


That's why.

It's good, I hear.

Feeling better?

I don't want to cause trouble.

But imagine being pregnant at 17.

How is it possible by accident these days?

You're young, miss your pill and find out too late to...

This time, I really have to go.

I'm sorry about this, but it's not my problem.

You're pleasant and charming, but you must go.


Not until you promise to call Simon.


Wait! I have his cell number.

If you called him now to establish contact, that'd be terrific.

Does your daughter know you're here?

I want hard facts first. Here's one.

Expect nothing from Ange Pagani.

Have a good day.


Simon's blocked because of you!

Tell him you have regrets and advise him not to do the same.

May I get into my car?


Get out of that car! No!

Let go of the door! No.

Let go! No!

Get out! Get out!

Stop the car!

No, no, no!


Lunatic! Mad cow!



You're sure it's lumbago?

It's getting worse.

What else could it be?

I don't know. A slipped disc.

Muscular dystrophy.

A crushed popliteus.

It's in the leg, but it can paralyze you.

First off, take anti-inflammatories for ten days.

Second, stop surfing the Net.

Three, slow down your physical activity, Mr. Pagani.

You're not 20 anymore.

Anything else?

A boil, a splinter, swollen glands?

Cancer isn't possible?

It's me.

Ok, sweetheart? Fine.

Look what I bought.

I'll buy something every month.

That way, he'll have his things when he's born.

I'm going to manage, you know.

Even at 17.

Good morning!

Oh, no!

You have hemorrhoids?

I'm a pharmacist.

A thick layer of ointment, then eat a lot of fiber. Do you drink enough?

What are you here for?

Let me show you something.

Where are they?

What's this?

Simon, with Claire.

I don't care.


Easter, in Corsica.

Before... Was it sunny?

Claire, taken by Simon.

And this is Simon.

Handsome, isn't he? How old?


He looks 13.

I don't agree. Look how well-built he is.

Very slim, very slender.

And his eyes... Without sunglasses.

So what?

So, if you take a close look, he resembles you a little.

Look, here...

His smile.

You think I'm stupid.

No, the smile struck me.

It's not just that. There's the presence, the charm...

Just think, if he's your son...

All that lost time.

You don't get it.

I don't have and don't want a son.

You should.

Simon is brilliant and brave.

He works nights in a club to fund his studies.

The Barouf. Know it?


You could meet and talk.

Here's his number.

Maybe you could mention my daughter.

Is business good?


Let's stop beating about the bush.

How much money do you want?

"Is business good?" I'm not a total idiot.

15,000 euros.

Will 15,000 do?

I'm warning you: take this money and don't ever let me see you again.

Get the hell out!

This is my place here!


Enough is enough!

No work to do?

Is it normal to hear a hissing sound?

Tried not listening?

It worries me.

Buy him a coffee. Coffee isn't a commitment.

No way.

After coffee, I'll be paying his rent. I know how it goes.

It's not the money.

If he needs it...

Do nothing, she'll be back, armed, and pick us off like rabbits, one by one.

She could do it.

She's mad.

You do have the same smile.



Mr. Pagani? Yes.

That's us. Follow me.



Is this Simon Cami?

Ange Pagani?

I was leaving.

Shall I sit down anyway?

Sit down, but I don't have much time.

What'll you have?

Fruit juice, lemonade?


Two coffees, please.

Thank you.

How's it going?


What are you studying?

A masters in Economics. Really?

Any prospects?


Where do you live?

In the 14th. Mom bought an apartment.

You have a place. Good.

Thank you. Thank you.

Nice motorbike.

Two wheelers are handy.

But so dangerous.

I know a guy, a talented photographer, caught between a refuse truck and a bus shelter.

His leg was crushed from top to bottom.

Now he spends all day in a specialized unit.

He has pins everywhere.

I went to visit once. It haunted me for a week.

That's why we're meeting?

I hope you're careful, that's all.

Especially now you're having a child.

Did Claire send you?

Her mother.

She says you don't want the child because of me.

I explained our situation.

What did you tell her? Nothing.

I never mentioned you.

In any case, things are clear between your mom and me.

She told you, I hope? Yes, very clear.

You think I'm in no position to talk, but maybe I could be.

I may not be your father, but apparently you...

Stop me if I'm wrong, but you really are this child's father.

That changes everything, pal.

I understand wanting to be free at your age, to travel the world, to live without ties... I'm not like that.

You must want to go out and have fun now and then.

Not particularly.

You're a serious kid.

At your age, I...

You're going?

I knew this was a bad idea.

Why did you come?

I don't know.

To see your face.

I'm doing this to help out!

I don't care if Claire's knocked up.

She isn't "knocked up".

She quit the pill and didn't tell me.

It's not an accident?

Find out more before lecturing to me.

Hello, sir.


Can I have a word?

I'm busy.

I won't be long. OK.

I saw Simon.

Now get off my back.

He's Simon's father. Can you...?

How did it go? Badly.

But I talked to him.

I'm warning you. If you come back...

You got his back up!

You manipulated me.

Saying it was an accident, so I'd lecture Simon.

She didn't forget on purpose. She did.

Find out more before lecturing me.

I don't believe it. You're disappointed.

You're not alone.

Between you and me, Simon isn't as great as you claimed.

He's arrogant, offhand...

She's better off without him. Impossible!

At least I'm sure now he's not my son.

He's bow-legged, from his motorbike, with a cast in his eye he doesn't get from me.

We're not all Apollos, but our eyes are normal.

Anyhow, I did as you asked, so I'm out of it now.

Give your daughter a piece of your mind.

Frankly, she's a real shit-stirrer.

I said it's not possible!

Two slaps now.

There won't be a third one!

Everything ok? Fine.


Have you got a minute?

Hello, ma'am. Hi, Charlotte.

What is it?

You quit the pill?

You saw Simon?

His father. Answer me.

His father?

I don't believe it. You called him?

Tell me!

What difference does it make?

I don't believe it.

Know what this is called?

A dirty trick!

Everyone's watching. Why did you do it?

I don't know!

I wanted a little baby all of my own.

Of your own?

What time's the scan tomorrow? Nine o'clock.

What's wrong?

The baby has a problem.

A serious one? I don't know...

IUGR, they said.

Intra-uterine growth retardation or something.

And the doctor?

He said I needed to do further tests.

He'll call you to explain.

Should we worry?

No, not at all.

He's just so cute with his little hands...

Can I come in?

No. And I'm warning you, touch me and I'll call the cops.

You were right about Claire.

It wasn't an accident.

Ah! I told you!

Sorry about the slap.

The slaps.

You deserved the first one. But...

Please forgive me.


I forgive you.

Even if I suffer after-effects.

It's ok, it's just a whistling sound.

The baby has a problem.


Suspected IUGR.

What's that?

Growth retardation.

At 14 weeks, the fetus measures 11 cm.

Is that big or not?

No, it's not big, it's far too small.

Come in and sit down.

Have a seat.

Maybe it's not so bad. What causes it?

It could be a malfunctioning placenta.

But it can also be... an infection or a malformation and that...

In the first case, it won't be viable.

It'd suit everyone.

Come on, don't say that.

Besides, he'll pull through.

Babies are tough. I was 10 days premature.

You can't tell, right?

Come on, chin up.

I blame myself.

You didn't make her have the baby. Right?

No, but I raised her alone.


It really was an accident with me.

Maybe she's subconsciously copying me.


We're not responsible for what Claire and Simon do.

Plus he's not my son.

The baby's health is what matters now.

Now, tell Claire... to keep well.

She has to eat and sleep properly.

Sleep is vital for growth.

Thank you.

And stop worrying.


You look good without glasses. You look lost, fragile.

Feeling better?

Goodbye. Goodbye.


This is Gabrielle Meyer.

Leave me a message.

Hello, it's Ange Pagani.

I checked out IUGR.

Apparently, there's a 70% chance of it being caused by a psychological problem.

So I reckon that's what it is.

Have a good day. Goodbye.

Ms. Meyer?

Gabrielle Meyer. Leave me a message.

Ange Pagani again.

I have contacts in the medical profession.

So if you want Claire to be in good hands, give me a call.



Just the person! Can you lend me a hand?

I left you five messages. Did you get them?

Listen for the click.


Did you get them?

Yes, but there's no news.

You could've texted me... to thank me for my messages and that you'll keep me posted.

Are you listening?

It does you good.

You're used to results when you want.

We aren't at your beck and call.

I ask about your daughter and get yelled at?

Claire's fine and the baby too.

The baby's caught up on its growth.

There. It was just a matter of time.

There's no rush to grow, right?

That's my bus.

Thanks for the messages.

How about dinner?

To celebrate.


How about tomorrow?

Good evening. Good evening.

No glasses tonight.

I don't always wear them.


All right.


A bottle of champagne, please. Yes, Mr. Pagani.

A regular?

I like the place.

Women like it. The lighting is...


How about you?


Just asking.

You have someone?

I've had relationships in the past.

A lot, in fact.

A normal amount.

But now you're single?

Yes, but I'm fine on my own.

And I have my daughter.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Thank you.

Ever been married?

No. And you?

No, never married.

No kids, never married but a lot of women?

Simon's mom said that?

No, it's obvious, looking at you.


Ever analyzed your rejection of paternity?

Did your father beat you?

Not at all. My father was great.

Too much so maybe.

You're scared of falling short and being an average father.

Not at all. I have no reproductive urge.

Probably because my urge for freedom is too strong.

Switching women is more like selfishness.

Having children isn't selfish?

You have kids for yourself.

That's such a cliché!

You're not free but riddled with principles.

My principles now?

Yes, I have principles.

And rejecting fatherhood is not cowardice.

It's the opposite.

Really? Yes.

I'm interested.

It's easy at first... but afterwards, as the years go by, as friends start families, and you're still alone, without a wife and kids, by choice, it's tough to keep resisting temptation.

At Christmas, over the summer... on birthdays... you feel like dumping all your principles to pick up the phone and say...


You think of Simon's birthdays?

I meant mine.

It's no fun blowing out your candles alone.

Sorry, I don't know why I came.

You're not going to leave now!



Kiss me.

No! You think you're that irresistible?

I feel the attraction. No...

Careful... No...

Stop it! I can't.

Why not?


You know why not.


Goodbye then.



Keep me posted for the birth.

What's up?

I'm off to Biarritz with Charlotte.


To her grandmother's.

Have you got my ID card?

You could give birth any time.

I have two weeks to go.

This is madness.

Give me my card.


Give it back to me. No.

Give it back. No.


Well? It's a girl!

Are you ok?

Want me to let Simon know?


Hello, it's Gabrielle Meyer. Is this a bad time?

No, no.

She's here.


I'm calling too early.

No, it's not a problem. Did it all go well?

Yes, very well. A little girl.

That's good, a girl.

She weighs 3.2 kg and measures 51 cm.

Is that fat, 51 cm?

Yes, very big.

Her name's Louise. I can send you a photo.

I'd like that.

Well then...

See you.

Ok. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Thank you.

Not at all, she looks normal.

Look at her face, Guillaume!

I'm sure she has a problem.

Which way up is she?

Newborns are like that.

They're all crumpled.

Ugly at birth, pretty later.

So she'll be gorgeous. Hello.

Hello, Marie.

Reminds me of my nephews.

I looked after them so much as babies.

Uncle Guitoune, they call me.

Why don't you have kids? You love them.

I'd need to find the father.

It's not easy.

You, you have sex and you're all set.

Already? It's ok, I'll see to her.

Yes, just a second.


What's going on?

Already hungry, are you?

We're rushed off our feet.

Everyone has stomach flu or straight flu.

What's that? They're for you.

I put them out there, they smell so strong.




Shall I take them in?

No, leave them out here. They're ugly.

This looks like fun.

It is.

I see a friend!

OK. I'll be at the bar.

What are you doing here?

A friend brought me.

How about you?

I work here three times a week.

What'll you have?

Champagne. Two glasses.

Isn't working at night bad for your studies?

Are your grades good? Yes.

How's the baby?

She sleeps through the night?

When was she born?

A few days go. No one told you?

Hold on, I'll show you.

They could've called you. It's not my job.

Here, look.

Apparently it's normal she looks like that.

I was a hideous baby.


To Louise. Please go, I'm busy.

Can't you be friendly?

Each time, you...

Piss off, dammit!

What the hell's wrong with you?

Please excuse us, sir.

It's ok!

Sorry, sir.

What's your problem?


Aren't you staying?

I'll call you.


I'm going.

Is she asleep?

It's nine, she'll wake soon.

What do you recommend?

I recommend sleep.

You're up three times a night.

Were you able to revise today? Not much.

She kept crying.

I can take over now.

Mom, forget my exams.

I'm useless in math, haven't started physics...

I'm not into it anyway.

I'll sit them again next year.

No, you have to sit them this year.

It's silly to give up now.

It's just a year.

You need to prepare your future life.

What'll you do without a job?

How'll you both live if I'm not around?

Thought of that?

What's wrong with you?

I'm not indestructible or immortal.

No one made you have the baby.

Do you realize the shit you're in?

Thanks a lot. Sorry.

MOM What are you doing?

What's this piece of paper doing here?

I'm off to Biarritz for two weeks to revise with Charlotte, even if I hate to leave Louise.

P.S. She's had her six o'clock feed.

Hi, you've reached Claire.


Still no answer.

After what you said, that's no surprise.

I don't care about her exams.

Above all, she needs to look after her baby.

Watch it.

I'm going to get her.

She can forget her exams, but her baby needs her here.

You're taking the baby. No.

Someone can mind her.

Not me, the pharmacy's enough!

Don't worry.

I know who I'll ask.

Come on, move it!

He's alone!

Wake up, guys!


I don't believe it... Come on!

Come on!


Why're you here?

Your roommate sent me.

What do you want?

I have to fetch Claire. We'll be back tomorrow.

Someone has to mind the baby.

I know you're not interested, but I only have two hands.

We all have to chip in.

Her name's Louise.

Are you ok, Simon?

It's nothing.

Are you ok?

Why are you here with a baby? To talk to Simon.

Not now. I'm nearly done.

Get the hell out of here!

Are you ok? Carry on.

Let's get back to it!

Here we go.

All the bedrooms are on garden level.

That's good.

Three weeks' work.

Hold on a second. Hello?

Hello! Yes!

Yes, fine, and you?


And the baby?


You're welcome.

I'm glad you liked them.

Right now? Nothing in particular.

I'd like that.


Yes. Where?


I'm writing it down. "25, Rue de la Tannée."

All right.

See you there.

This is excellent.


See you tomorrow.

Good evening. Good evening.

You shouldn't have.

Out of the question!

I don't know how babies work!

She's tiny.

I fell for your dinner invitation.

You've got a nerve.

I should have suspected something.

I've made dinner. It's under foil on the table.

Under foil?

Just heat it up.

I'm outta here.


The list of medication and the feed times, the number of spoonfuls...

It's all noted. How kind.

Level spoonfuls. Use your finger.

The burp you can do.

If you say so.

One last thing...

When you change her, remember to clean between the folds. She can get a rash.

What folds?

Forget the folds.

Change her after each feed.

The next is in an hour, you can...


I really have to go.


You're an angel.

Back tomorrow morning!

Pain in the ass...


This is Guillaume Robin. Please leave a message.

It's Ange, come straight over to 25, Rue de la Tannée.

It's an emergency. Second floor, left-hand door.

Don't cry...

No, no, no... No!

Don't move.

That's enough now.

I'll get angry.

OK. Come here...

What is it?

Hold on.

Why are you here?

I'm babysitting. And you?

Me too. Come in.

What's she yelling for?

No idea. I just got here.

She's howling like a banshee.

Maybe she's hungry.

No, her next feed's in an hour.

I won't last an hour.

Here. Hold her five minutes.

What's that smell?

Don't move. It's not too hot?

I can't get it off. It's like she's eaten glue.

Scrub her with soap.

The dish soap there.

Go on, rub her now.

It's all right.


Look what you're doing!

I am looking!

Uncle Guitoune.


Uncle who?

We're nice and beautiful, nice and clean now.

Let's put our pajamas on.

Pay close attention for the pajamas.

I only do this once.

Give me your little hand.

And then a little foot.


The little feet are in, so now it's the little buttons.

Let's do the little buttons.

There, just like that.

Talk, they love that. In that tone?

Yes, of course. We don't like loud voices.

We don't like loud voices at all.

Coming now?

There, come with me.

Here we go.

Who's taking her?

You're going? I have a dinner date.

Together, you should be able to manage. Here.

Bye-bye, little girl.

Show some guts, guys.

She won't eat you.

What do we do now?

Her feed.

Time for her feed.

She's not cold?

I don't think so.

Are you hungry? Yes.

Chicken and veg or pizza?



I didn't do the menu.

I'll wait until she wakes, now she's quiet.

A growing boy has to eat.

A little bit for mommy.

A little bit for daddy.


Isn't it odd Claire went and left the baby?

Good job her dad's here.

I hope she's the maternal type.

Fancy a beer?


Yes... Very hungry.

Come on.

Let's go eat.

What do you want?

Chicken and veg or pizza?

All right.

It's ok, it's my turn. I'll do it.

Rest. I'll go after this one.

I'd rather see to it.

That way, it's done right.

You didn't burp her last time.

I didn't burp her?

She spat it all up in her bed.

Maybe I don't burp her right, but you change her any old how.

At one in the morning, her pajamas were soaked.

Ok, thanks for coming.

You can go now.

All right.

It's a pity you're reacting like this.

I'm happy to be here and get to know you.

We'll be meeting again?

Maybe. If we find some affinities.

What affinities?

We clash every time we meet.

Just go now.

Leave me with my daughter.


I'll be going.

I'll see you out.

He'll spoil it all that way.

She's being stubborn.

She won't just forgive him.

It's getting heated. Yes.

It's looking bad.

This time I'm going.


See how pretty the sea is?

Look, it's beautiful.

Mom and Dad are here now.

Hi. Hello.

You slept well?


How about you?

Did you sleep well?

How's it going, Louise?

You look like you slept well.

Let me have her?

Let's see the sea.

Coming to see the sea?

Let's see the sea with Daddy.

Did you sleep well, kitten?

She's growing.

I've been thinking.

I could swap rooms with her.

Once she starts walking, she'll need room to play.

Simon and I are moving in together.

With Louise?

Of course.

She'll go to a crèche and I'll go back to school.

Simon's found a restaurant job, so if you help us out a little, we should manage.

Of course.

I'm happy for you, dear.

Here comes Mommy.

Is it cold? A little.

See you. I'm going.

I'll see you out.

So where are you going? Sardinia.

I met a guy, two kids, an actor...

He does the Nespresso ad. Seriously?

Yes, you see him making coffee behind Clooney.

You're not going away?

I don't feel like it this year.

All right then.

Enjoy your vacation. Thanks.

You'll call me. Yes, Mom.

Talk to you later.

See you soon.

Bye, sweetheart.

Bye-bye, darling.


Bye-bye, Louise.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm tired.

Very tired.

I don't sleep well... and struggle to stay awake all day.

Everything bores me.

My work, my friends, going out...

I stay in now.

The worst part is...

I want to cry all the time.

For no reason.

See, I'm on the verge of it now.


I must need iron or magnesium... or maybe a dose of mineral salts.

Perhaps a vitamin cocktail would be enough.

Give me what you like. You're the expert.



Are you ill?

No, it's nothing much.

How are you?

Very well.

And the girls?

In great shape.

They moved in together.


You must be pleased.


How's Simon doing with the baby?

You should see them.

He loves her, he's always taking care of her.

He's a great father.

Well done, after the father he had. I mean... didn't have.

What is it?

What's wrong with me?


I'm depressed?

Don't worry. I'm not going to give in.

I'll pull through.

Me too.

I'm on it too.


What's wrong?

Nothing serious.

Just life.

I heard it's tough when they leave, but until you go through it...

We'd always been together. Now she's left...

And Louise.

You grow fond of them.

I only saw her once, but I still remember it.

And life passes by.

You're going to get old... and ugly.

You'll end up alone, like a piece of shit.

More or less.

And you?

Same here.

I don't know if it's this place and all these meds, but I feel better already.

It does me good to see you too.

Got a minute? Tomorrow!

Excuse me!

See you tomorrow!

What's all this? I'm cooking tonight.

For how many?

Just you and me. Why?

Leave it.

I told Claire about us.

You did?


She was surprised, but happy for me.

And Simon?

She's waiting for the moment. The moment?

I wish her luck.

With his temperament...

Give him time.

Let me finish this.

Excuse me.

When did you forget?

A month ago.

I'd finished the last one and thought it'd be ok.

It wasn't deliberate?

No, for God's sake.

I mean...

Ange will think it's a family tradition.

I'll explain.

And if he really doesn't want...

Time's up.

And the screed? Next week.

No, this week.

It needs time to dry. Right.

Your phone.

When do you do it? Hello?

How's it going?

I'm fine. Can you talk?

I have something to tell you.

I'm listening.

I'm pregnant.

What did you say?

I'm pregnant.

They can do the screed Friday.

No obligations.

- If you want, I can... -Ange?

All right.

We'll do that.


All right.

I can't hear you.

I'll see you later.

Lots of love.

Hello, I'd like to see Dr. Gaget, please.

Today, if possible.

It's very urgent.

Yes, I'll hold.

I'll be back when I can.


I couldn't wait until tonight.

I'm on my way to the doctor's. Already?

It's best not to wait.

OK. Let me drive you.

I'd rather walk, it's not far.


Maybe you shouldn't come.

Why not?

It won't be much fun.

I'm taking it seriously.

I'd rather go alone.

I want to be there every step of the way.

I want to make sure everything's done properly.

"Done properly"?



What's wrong?

What's going on?

Is it the baby?

You don't want it?

Of course I do. It was you who...

Who what?

I've been over the moon all day.

It's all I can think about.

You'll see, with this baby, I'll be there every night, every day, every Christmas, every birthday.

I'll read him stories, I'll tell him about life...

I'll teach him soccer.

Are we early?

Five minutes.

We should let them arrive first.

What did Claire say exactly?

No, her exact words.

That Simon had reacted well.

He'll be tense, but if you're calm and tactful...

Of course I will be.

I know what I'll say. Don't worry.

Let's go. We'll be late.

I was thinking, the baby... will only be 18 months younger than Louise.

They'll play together. You're right.

That'll be...

What'll he be? Louise's uncle?

Her aunt if it's a girl.

Her half-aunt, as she'll be your half-sister.

She'll be her half-aunt twice, as Simon's half-sister.

Two half-aunts make one aunt.


To be my half-sister, we'd need the same mother.

Or the same father.

As everyone knows, I don't have a father.

I was thinking that this birth might be an opportunity for me... to recognize you.

You too.

Thank you.

But, actually, that may not be a good idea.

We'd need to do a DNA test first.

To be sure.

I won't be the son of the first guy along.

Once we do that, if it's positive, then I'll need to think.

Do I really want to be your son?

This may be a bad time to talk about it.

I thought he'd be pleased.

It's supposed to be a gift?

For whom? For me?

Simon, please.

Maybe you could talk it over together.

Right, Simon?

What made you decide all of a sudden?

What is it, old age approaching?


Or just to clean up your image before the baby arrives?

Stop it.

Tough playing the great dad with a secret son somewhere.

People can change. Really?

We'll see after he dumps you and the kid.

That's enough. Apologize.

I'm not offended.

Really I'm not...


I'm not offended, ok.

If she's not offended...

What'll you do?

Spank me?

Slap your face.


Stop, Simon!


Leave me alone!

Calm down. Are you ok?


He's crazy.

Little moron.

Old fart.

Sorry? Old fart.


Thanks for dinner.

I'll see you around.


Come and sit.

I have something to say.

Try to listen without getting on your high horse.

I don't know if you're my son and I don't care.

I don't give a damn.


I don't need at DNA test to know I like you.

You have flaws.

You're hotheaded, resentful...

But, for some reason, I like you.

So, if you feel like it one day, I can try to be a father.

Not your father.

But, I don't know... a partner.

Someone to talk to.

A friend.

Think it over.


It's ok.

That suits me.

Let's have a drink?


Let's put your pants on.

They itch.

They don't. Look, like this...

There you go.

The shirt now. A white one like Daddy's.


Slip your arm in.

Who's dressed like Daddy now? Look, exactly the same.

Let's sit down here.

You look... wonderful.


Look how smart you are.

Let's comb your hair. Let me see.

I'll be the most handsome one.

Give me a kiss now.

We're ready!

Us too.

Beautiful, princess!

Where are they? No idea, they're late.

Here they are. Hurry!

Quickly now.

We said half-past! You know how it is.


Where are they?

About time too!


Hello. Hello.

Mr. Mayor.

All right, now everyone is here, I'd like to say that I'm very touched to welcome Guillaume Robin and Xavier Colinet who have decided to marry.

Get into position for the photo, please! This is no good!

Line up properly.

Nice ceremony.

Yes, very moving.

What do you think of marriage?

Gay marriage?

No, the old-fashioned traditional thing. A man, a woman...

It's tacky, isn't it?


All right, let's do it.

A big smile for the photo!