Angel-A (2005) Script

My name is Andre. Andre moussa.

28 years old, single, U.S. citizen.

Paris is a wonderful city, although I don't really have the time to enjoy it.

Too much work.

I also do business in Argentina, Chile, a bit in China.

Almost nothing in the U.S., actually.

Just my penthouse in N.Y.C., right above central park.

Let's focus on Paris. I've made many friends here.

I used to think the French would be angry about the Iraq war, and this silly disagreement between our countries.

But it's not the case.

Maybe it's thanks to my behaviour. I'm nice, generous.

I'm not too bad in bed. Things are going well for me.

I think I can tell sincerely that I am a nice guy.

Here you go. That's all I can tell you about me.

Who I would like to be, would dream to be.

Because I'm lying.

To myself.

To everyone.

All day.

You really are an American piece of crap.

Do you believe we're going to believe that story?

I'm not American. I told you, I won my green card at the lottery.

They do that every year. I'm from Morocco.

I don't like arabs either!

Stop punching, dammit!

It's a misunderstanding. I didn't have the time to explain.

You have 10 seconds.

Here you go.

If it wasn't for that, I would have repaid you a long time ago.

And you don't have a credit card?

If I had a card, I would have gotten cash anywhere.

There's one of those banks with the squirrel, right here.

Shut up!

Shut your mouth! When you open it, it pisses me off even more.

No, you haven't understood.

Don't even say "okay". Shut your mouth 100%.

You understand "100%"?

Don't say a single word. Breathe. That's all.

Here you go. Good.

That must be tough.

For a fucking American like you. Shutting up.

You who always want to teach lessons to the world.

No comment. Just shut up. And quietly listen to what I have to say.

Mamou. Do you remember monsieur mamou?

You owe money to monsieur mamou.

40,000 Euros! Not shitty dollars, Euros!

And if you haven't returned them by tonight, I will find you, and break your fingers.

And if it's not enough, I'll break your arms.

And your legs. And your head.

I know that song. I like it.

You have until tonight. And tonight ends at midnight.

After that, it's tomorrow. And tomorrow, you'll be dead!

See you later.

Suddenly, two things had become very clear to me.

I really had to do something. And I definitely hated Paris.

Monsieur frank!

Please, monsieur frank.

I don't really understand, Andre.

I welcome you in my home, as a friend.

Introduce you to people. Lend you money when you're in need.

And what do I get in return? I can explain!

Not a word. Not a phone call.

And now you make me climb the fucking Eiffel Tower to find you.

Do you really think I have the time to be a tourist?

No, of course you're not a tourist, monsieur frank.

I can explain, please!

Go ahead, I'm listening.

Can you ask this gentleman to bring me back on the ground?

It would me more convenient.

I hear you just fine from here. Hurry up, I'm running late.

I've lost my identification, my passport and all my credit cards.

I went to the American express offices.

Let go of him, No, frank! Please! Don't let go!

Monsieur frank! Please!

Something to add? Tonight. I'm paying tonight.

On my mother's head! I'm paying tonight.

Why should I care? I don't know your mother.

I'm paying everything tonight. On the whoever's head you want.

And how do you intend to do that?

You're broke, and indebted to everybody in Paris.

I don't know. I don't know.

But I'm having a hard time thinking I'm my current position.

You're aware that I have men in every train station?

I know, monsieur frank.

So, don't try to run.

No. That would be a very bad idea.

I give you until midnight.

Thank you, monsieur frank.

You have no idea how glad I am to see you, monsieur.

Good morning, sir. Can I see your papers, please?

No, but don't worry, I'm American.

Did you block your credit cards?

Yes. All of them. And now I can't get cash anymore.

It makes things rather difficult. Life is so expensive in Paris.

I know.

But American express can make you a new card in 24 hours, can't they?

Yes, but for that I need to prove my identity.

And since I don't have my papers anymore, I can't prove my identity.

Yes, it's a vicious circle.

On top of that, it's Saturday.

All my friends have either gone to the country or on holidays.

Baldwin alley, it's in Manhattan?

No. Brooklyn. Number 720. 5th floor.

You want the phone number? No, it's okay. I have it already.

Really? You have this kind of data in the computer?

Yes. I also have your three condemnations.


Then it must have told you that it's ancient history. I was young.

The last one was three months ago.

You have this one too?

That computer is powerful.

Did it tell you it was a misunderstanding?

In the report, they call it a con job.

And you almost got three months for it.

Yes. It's true. And I intend to appeal when I return.

Monsieur moussa, there is not much we can do for you.

I suggest you go to the nearest police station and declare the theft they will give you temporary papers.

Listen, sir.

I am an American citizen.

I have rights, written in a constitution for which my great-grandparents have fought their entire lives.

I think I deserve my country's support. Especially in such a desperate situation.

Monsieur moussa, your grandparents lived in Algeria.

So, maybe they fought for independence but certainly not the U.S. independence.

Keep in mind that the green card you won at the lottery requires that you obey some rules.

Rules written at the back of the document that you obviously did not bother reading.

It is clearly written that the American administration can cancel your visa in case of severe or repeated offence.

And in your case, you ostensibly combine both criteria.

Now, let me give you a more personal piece of advice.

I think that the only person that can do anything for you is yourself.

Please exit the building quietly.

Or I am going to call the marines in charge of security.

Hey, Andre! Andre!

You've got my money, Andre?

Hey, Andre, come here! You fucker!


What are you here for?

Well, I was thinking that...

I was intending to...

I can't take it anymore. I'm at the end of the rope.

What's wrong, little fellow?

I fucked up. I have borrowed lots of money.

And my calculations were slightly wrong.

Now I can't return anything to these guys.

And if I don'tdo it they're going to shoot me.

And you want to report them?

No... reporting them...

If I do that they're going to shoot me even more.

What can I do for you, then?

I was thinking that... you...

Maybe you could put me in jail for a few days. Until I figure things out.

That's a joke for TV? Is that it?

No. It's not for TV.

Can't you see I'm about to crack? And you tell me about TV jokes!

I'm asking you to throw me in jail!

An arab without any ID papers. That shouldn't be a problem!

What "uh"?

You bastards!


What kind of police is that?

You only start reacting now, uh?

Well, it's too late!

I'm going to kill myself!

And it's your fault.

Nobody cares about me, is that it?

I'm going to do it.

Is that what you want?

Why are you giving up on me?

Why don't you ever answer my questions?

What are you doing here?

Well, the same as you.


Don't worry!

I'm coming. I'm here.

Don't worry. I'm here.

What the hell was that all about?

I can't even kill myself in peace. Even there, someone has to annoy me.

Don't I deserve a minute alone? So that I can leave with dignity?

You... what did you come here for? It's Sunday morning!

Couldn't you stay in bed, like everybody?

I couldn't sleep.

Then you should have chosen another bridge.

We have plenty of them in this fucking city!

Didn't you see that one was occupied?

We had the same idea. Isn't that funny?

Funny, yeah. Hysterical.

Can you tell me why you want to jump off that bridge so badly?

Probably because I have the same problems as you.

I don't think so. Why?

Because my problem is that I feel stupid, ugly, and totally useless.

And I don't think you have this kind of problem.

It's exactly the same: I'm stupid and ugly... on the inside.

At least you can hide I, with your looks.

I have nothing to hide.

I can see that, yeah.

Can you tell me, why a girl like you can feel so bad?

You're young. You're beautiful.

The world could be at your feet. You could ask for anything.

So? What do I want?

I don't know. I'm not a psychic.

To be rich, I guess, like everybody.

To spend your money around the world, to be attractive, to buy dresses, furs.

That's what makes women happy, if I understand correctly.

And you? What would make you happy?

To be left alone, at peace, to breathe. Here's what I need.

I need time to figure things out. Can't you see what I look like?

What matters is on the inside, no on the outside.

Easy for you. Don't you see how good you look?

Women think they're the ones to talk. Who would be dead if it wasn't for me?

And who would be dead if he didn't have someone to save?

Don't you have a smoke?

Listen, I'm not in the mood for psychological games.

Especially on a Sunday morning.

Yeah, you're right. What are we doing now?

Why "what are we doing"?

You saved my life. I suppose you intend to do something with it.

No. I didn't think. I jumped by chance.

People should not be left to die. It's not good.

I agree. So what do we do now?

Nothing! Just leave me alone.

Damn, men. You really are all the same.

You act without thinking, and then you throw us away.

That's enough. I'm not in the mood for an argument either.


What's your first name? Angela.

Listen, Angela. If I leave you like that, will you try it again?

Try what? Jumping off Bridges, obviously!

It's likely.

Can't you try changing your mind? Why?

What kind if question is that?

Because you...

Because you're beautiful.

And losing a pretty girl like you would be a waste.

And also because I never did anything good in my life.

So knowing that I saved someone, at least once.

That could help me.

If you could do that for me, I would appreciate it.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you. Don't mention it.

Bye. Goodbye.

Why don't you dedicate your life to a cause?

\what cause?

I don't know. Orphans in India? Kids with aids in Africa?

Why go so far? You're right.

Poverty is everywhere.

Why not help people in need, here in Paris?

People you could be a relief to.

People like you? Yes. No!

I'm fine. Yeah, you are so fine.

You merely tried jumping off a bridge. Five minutes ago.

If I gave you my life would you know what to do with it?

Give a carrot to a donkey, you'll see if he knows what to do with it.

Of course. Of course I'd know what to do with it.

Agreed. I am yours.

You got to be kidding! Not at all.

What you said makes a lot of sense.

You're right: You are a good cause.

I am yours.

You're making fun of me. Not at all.

Can we start by buying some smokes?

You mean you're going to stay next to me?

Yeah. I will do whatever you ask. Without arguing.

You really are making fun of me.

No. Try me. Kiss me.


No, that's good enough. I believe you.

So, are we going to get smokes”?

First, we need to dry ourselves.


All done. Now, give me your panties.

Come one, don't be shy. I have just dried mine.

I can tell you, it feels better now. Much warmer.

I just told you: I'm fine.

You know, it's the lady's room here. Yeah?

Yes, so can you tell this man to go wash somewhere else?

Who? Here! The man in that stall.

To whom you have handed a pair or pants.

Don't judge a book by its cover: It's a woman.

Yeah? With that kind of voice?

It's a women on the inside. The outside doesn't matter.

What's going on? Nothing, just chatting between women.

So”? What are we doing now?

Now, back to the business! Good!

Can we get some food on the way? I could die for some breakfast.

Avoid mentioning "dying". Lately, I...

Thank you.

I'm sorry, can you move away from me? I'm not used to that.

And can you stop replying "okay", whenever I ask you something?

You want a half? No, thanks. I'm not hungry.

Eat. You need strength, if you want to leave.

Look, this one is going to the south!

I love the south!

Me too.

Really. At one point I was dreaming of living over there. But I...

Why didn't you move”?

Someday, maybe. Why not today?

No. Today is not a good idea.

It is! Let's take the train right now. And go to the beach.


You know that song”? Entirely.

S07 are we going? Where?

To the south!

But we can't go to the south simply because you want to.

Anyway, I have some issues to take care of issues? Can I help you?

Yeah, maybe. Awesome! What should I do?

Nothing. Just stay next to me. That will be enough?

Yeah. That way they're going to believe that that we... that we're together.

And that's going to impress them.

They are going to start respecting me. See what I mean?

Not at all. That's normal.

First, monsieur frank, I thank you for seeing us.

I know you have better things to do. Cut the crap!


Listen. I know I owe you money.

For you, it's not much. But for me, it's an extraordinary amount.

I am waiting for some cash sometime soon, from my Argentina businesses, but... What kind of businesses?

Olive oil.

Olive oil?

It's winter over there. No olive oil before five months.

That's what you call "sometime soon"?

True. But I'm relying on stocks from this month.

But everything was stolen.

People are starving so badly, over there.

On the other hand, stealing olive oil it's ridiculous.

Who's that girl? Who? Her?

She's my associate. Speaking of which, Frankie, I got to tell you...

Frankie? Sorry.

Watch it.

I was thinking: You can't pay frank back. No need to hide it. You can't.

At least, offer him a share of the pie.

I swear, frank. It's a golden opportunity.

Whatever you're offering, I'm not interested.

Why? We used to have good deals.

You're a loser, Andre. Whatever you try, fails.

The few times when you made money that was just luck.

It's a wonder you managed to stay in one piece.

Look at yourself.

You look like a bum. You stink.

People wouldn't even give you a penny.

I'm sorry, frank. I didn't have the time to shave.

Yesterday, I spent my time struggling to find a solution.

I swear, when you hit rock bottom... Cut the theatrics, Andre!

It's your fault, if you're in that situation.

Well, then. I'm giving you six more hours to find my 30 grand.

If you fail, I'm sending two yugos on your ass. Is that clear?

Two yugos? Or two Bosnians, if you want.

I only have one condition.

Don't you have a little job”? Even a shitty one. I can take it.

I think I know what he wants.

Got a second, monsieur frank?

You were supposed to shut up during this meeting.

Are you trying to screw things up, or what?

As if you needed me to screw up. You're negotiating like a white chick.

I ike a white chick?

Why don't you give him what he wants? Don't beat around the bush.

Around the bush?

Listen, Angela. You shut up for a minute.

Let me sort this business out. I'm back in a sec.

What a "business"! Damn! Shut up! You shut up.

We were saying?

Monsieur frank!

Why don't you let your girlfriend talk? She seems smarter than you.

Well, then no problem.

If you want to chat with her. Since we're associates if you're talking to me, it's as if you were talking to her. There's no...

Angela, will you please discuss with my friend?

Where do you want to do it?

I've got a small lounge, right upstairs. We won't be disturbed.


You're unbelievable, you...

Angela! That guy is a killer. He's going to mess with your head.

Let me handle this. I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

Be nice.

Where have you been? I've been waiting for an hour!

It didn't take an hour. I stayed for five minutes.

It all went very well.

You don't realise, poor girl. That guy is a killer!

He could as well have killed you.

I guess I got lucky, then. Here. It's for you.

What is that? Paper. With pictures on it.

It is called "money".

And my debts?

You don't owe him anything anymore. He wiped your slate clean.

You're white as snow, now. You can breathe.

And take the time you need to feel better again.

Angela. What have you done? Did you sell your mother, or what?

Of course not. Wait. Tell me.

Why do you care? You had a problem and it's solved.

Now, look ahead of you. Move forwards, now.

Wait. I'm not moving anywhere. I don't want any dirty money.

What do you mean by "dirty money"?

If you did nasty stuff then I don't want it.

When you take money from an atm do you wonder where it comes from?

It's coming from the machine. And I'm fine with that.

Well, today I am the atm.

Take your money. And stop bitching about it.

Actually, it helps me a lot.

How much is there? Enough to repay the spaniard.

That's so great!

How do you know I owe money to the spaniard?

Everybody knows about your debts, my poor Andre.

I don't want it anymore! Why don't you?

Because I'm convinced you've done nasty things with frank.

I'm not a pimp. You hear me? Nonsense!

Yes, sense! Give me that.

Wait. Do you think I didn't see you dancing in front of him?

Dancing, me?

You kept showing him your panties. I saw it!

You have eyes behind your back?

I noticed he wasn't focused on what I was saying.

What you were saying wasn't really interesting.

I was talking business, okay?

Business has its code, its own language. It's mostly body language.

You got to look weak one moment, so as to catch your prey unaware!

But you're not fishing trout, Andre.

You're dealing with a crook. Behaving like a grade school student.

At least I have some pride left. A few principles.

Probably too much for you.

Then why didn't use your principles?

Frank was like a marshmallow, today.

You could have asked for 10 grand. Easy.


I considered it.

You know, brains are large. You can use more than this tiny piece.

You are so wrong, poor girl. I'm using all of it. All!

I think all the time.

Right now, I'm thinking you should leave me alone.

But you're thinking small. Paying small debts.

Buying a small plane ticket. To quickly go to New York.

So as to sell your Brooklyn apartment.

How come you know about my Brooklyn penthouse?

You call this hole a penthouse?

It was cheap when I bought it, but since then the price must have increased.

Who cares about your Brooklyn apartment?

It's not the problem. Your problem is that all you want is to run away.

All the time. Instead of taking a break.

Instead of breathing.

Letting oxygen climb up to your brain. Making it happy.

So that it helps you take the right decisions.

Now, breathe!



Good. Look. Come here.

Lift up your head.


There look.

Breathe! I ook. There.

The clouds.

The birds.

The city.

All around us.


Is it not the most beautiful city in the world?

So, how should I have handled frank?

By telling him the truth. That's all.

What truth?

The only one you don't want to hear.

The money I owe you is dirty. Coming mostly from sex and drugs.

I'll never return it because I don't want to be part of that shit.

Anyway, I'll never see your ugly face again.

I won't lose any more time with scum like you.

Bravo, Andre!

You really think I should have said that?

Isn't that what you were thinking?

We can't always say what we think, Angela.

Why not? Maybe life would be better that way.

And we'd have the time to enjoy Paris.

Do you think we can ride the tourist boats?

It's not the right time to ride the damned tourist boats.

And when is the right time? When you are free from stress.

Right now, I'm not free from any stress at all.

Come on, it's only five minutes. Stop that!

I can't swim, anyway.

Liar. You jumped off the bridge to save me.

It was different. I was not thinking.

Now that I'm thinking, I remember I can't swim.

Come on, please. To make me happy.

No, no, no! Do not insist.

When I say no, I mean it.

I've always dreamt of riding a tourist boat, like that, on the seine.

It's so romantic!

I'm feeling sick.

I'm happy, Andre. Right here, right now.

At this precise instant you're saving my life.

Making my dreams come true.

See? You can do good things.

Yes, but it only works on you.

We should come back at night too. It's so pretty at night.

No. This time, we won't.

The boats are lit up with these spotlights and when you see them from above, watching them winding upriver is so pretty.

They look like small balls of light, gliding over the water.

What do you mean "from above"? Above! From the sky.

Come on. Relax a little.

You're so tense. It gives you all these small wrinkles.

Here. You look like a turtle.

It's easy for you. You never had trouble with money.

No, I never had any.

Any what? Trouble or money?


Good for you, really. But I still have a problem with both.

But you have money, now. You can pay what you owe.

You seem to be misinformed. I owe much more than that to the spaniard.

No big deal. Let's go get more dough.

"Get more dough".

You think it's easy, getting more dough?

I made 20,000 Euros in five minutes.

It's not the same. Not at all.

Yes it is! How much do you need to be happy?

What are you talking about? Your debt. How much is it?

Total? Yes not broken down.

I have no idea. I swear, I don't know.

Thirty... thirty five...

With interest that must be around 50,000.

I'm so screwed. 50 is no big deal.

Come on, let's go. Where?

Where there is music. What for?

Because I like music when I'm working.

How're you doing? Fine.

Say, would you like to screw in the bathroom?

Wow, you're quite a straight chick. Can I know your name, first?

You won't need it. So?

How much are you willing to pay?

I see. Why should I pay?

What you don't pay has no value.

It's kind of true. So? How much?

600. 1,000! And you get the full monty.


Here you go: 1,000. What's that?

The girl, the tall blonde. She told me to give it to you.


Angela? What?

What are you doing? Guess!

Angela, you can't be doing this. I don't want...

I don't want you to do this for me!

I thought you needed money.

Yes... yes, I need it. But.

Listen, I still have some morality left. I don't want you to be doing this for me.

No way. I thank you very much for it.

I appreciate the gesture. But no. No way you're doing this at all.

Come on. It's all right. It's nothing.

Yes it's something! What are you talking about? Of course it's something!

Listen, Angela. Stop immediately, and come out right now!

Listen, let's say I'm doing it for myself. Okay?

I simply need you to keep the money, to prevent me from spending it all.

Listen. I'm not feeling well, Angela.

Please come out, and let's go away.

She's asking you to keep her dough.

Keep it and give us a break so that I can finish. Fuck!

Angela, really. I feel terrible, leaving you like that.

Andre, go to the bar. I don't want to spend the night here, okay?

I'm off to the bar, now. Go!

Thank you, sir.

Hey! That one was...

1 got 500. Is that okay? I's finished, it's over.

Come on, don't be cheap. Only five minutes!

I just told you it's over!

Isn't that your third time? No! Not at all!

Not a single time.

I've spent three hours waiting for my turn.

Come on, be nice! Here, have 1,000.

I don't give a fuck about your dough. I just told you the girl is tired.

Tired... tired... Everybody went on top of her.

One more is not going to make any difference.

Yes it will!

It's one too many. At last I understand.

Understand what? I don't want her to be sullied!

Especially if it's to make me happy.

I'm not worth it.

I really don't want to have anything to do with assholes like you.

Now get the fuck away, or I'm going to get really mad.

See what I get for telling the truth? You and your lousy advice.

You didn't have to be rude.

And the stuff about his mother was uncalled for.

It came naturally.

Good. There's some improvement.

You spoke your heart out.

If I get my ass kicked whenever I speak my mind, I'll be dead before tomorrow morning.

You're always complaining. Did you notice that?

Did you see the evening you had me go through, Angela?

Standing at the bar, playing the pimp. I'm ashamed.

Would you rather have been in my shoes?

No. Then shut up.

Anyway, I thought having your money would make you feel better.

It's in your pocket now.

What are you waiting for, before you smile?

I need to pay my debt first. I'll smile afterwards.


What're you looking at, bitch? Open!

You stay next to me. Just in case.

In case I have to pull you out of a tricky negotiation?

Why do you keep humiliating me? You don't need me for that.

See? You're doing it again! Stop treating me like that.

I'm treating you like you treat me. I should have let you drown.

What? Nothing!

No, no, no!

Don't start dancing again! I've had enough shame.

It's over. No more dancing.

Don't do it again.

I'm a big shot, here.

How many times do I have to tell you? Wash your hands before touching it.

It's worth a fortune. One month...


And it's already filthy. You want to ruin me, that's it?

Pedro! Que pasa, Pedro?

Como estas?

Quite ballsy, coming to my club like that. Have you forgotten?

And my mobile doesn't work over there.

What were you doing over there?

I have a small business. Didn't I tell you?

No. Well, I'm telling you.

Good. That way you can pay me back.

That's why I came back.

Wait, really? Yep!

This is amazing.

You want a drink? Well, it would be a pleasure.

What will you have? A quick vodka-tonic. It's going to...

What about your girlfriend? Should I answer, or bark?

Answer, that's all. The same thing, please.

Diego, please! Two vodka-tonic for my friends.

Say, your girlfriend, she's pretty. Yeah, I know.

We met in Argentina.

Really? She's rather blonde, for a latina.

Yeah. It's from her mother. She's from Sweden. That's why.


Should I answer in Spanish, or Swedish?

Answer! Any.


Short reckonings making long friends. How much do I owe you?

17,000? With interest that makes something like 20,000 Euros.

Agreed? Agreed!

Andre, you know, I'm removing all I ever said about you.

And god knows I said a lot!

You were right anyway, Pedro. I didn't behave properly.

I should have called you as soon as I knew I would be a little late.

Six months late? That's not what I call "a little"

a little.

But it's true. You should have called! Yes.

Isn't it true? Yes yes.

Because it's always good to have a friend on the phone.


How sweet of you!

Moreover, you seem in good shape!

I'm feeling better, yeah. You seem more stable.

Yes, it's true. Careful, careful.

Initially I was not feeling good. But now I'm better.

Good! I can tell you now. You were on a slippery slope.

Yes, I know. I know.

I even know some guys who got contracts for your head.

For real? I haven't told you anything, right?

Anyway, there's no point in getting contracts on my head.

I'd rather die than not paying my debts.

You're exaggerating, aren't you? I swear it!

Yesterday morning, I... I almost killed myself.

I went on a bridge. I stepped over the railing.

And I... l almost jumped.

Don't fool around with that, Andre.

You've got a girl, now. She needs you, to build something.

Don't give up on her.

No, I won't give her up. You can trust me.

Hey! Let me give you a tip, to get you started again.

I've got a horse running in Miami, in 20 minutes. The name's brutus.

His odds are 30 to 1.

I got a guy over there, who added bromide in the three favourite's grub.

They're going to drag themselves like donkeys.

My horse, on the other hand, is loaded with amphetamines.

He's going to kick their asses.

But what if they block the winnings and have a drug test?

They're all on my payroll.

Brutus, number 7 in the third race. 30 to 1. Can you smell the cash?

I can.

But be careful. It's just for you, Andy boy.

No problem.

Don't you cause the odds to drop right before it starts.

No, no, no! I swear, Pedro. Trust me.

Well, consider it my gift. Now that you're back in business.

Thank you. Thank you, Pedro. Really.

Brutus, number 7 in the third race. Have a blast, Andy boy!

Thank you.

Diego! All drinks from my friend Andre and his partner are on me.

Serorita did you see that? Like I said, when you're next to me, they are impressed.

Pepito gobbled it all!

What are we doing now?

Now, we're off to make shitloads of cash!

Miami in the third race. Everything on number 7. Brutus!

I have a feeling you're going to lose my money.

Trust me. I'm going to repay you three times the price, honey.


Come. I'm going to show you.

Miami? Yes.

Go, my horse! Go! Go! Go! Yes!

He's first! He's first! Hell yeah!

He was right. He's first!

Go, my horse! Yeah!

Yeah! He's first! Do you realise? The spaniard was right!

Keep up with the race! Keep it up! Yeah!

That's no big deal. He's slowing down, it's normal.

He's breathing before returning. Go, my horse, go!

What's going on? It's an American technique.

He's breathing. And then he's going to run for it!

He's going to run for it. Like lightning. I'm sure.

Give it alll come back! Go for it! Go!

Why is he slowing down?

He's slowing down too much.

Why is he walking?

They told us number 7.

The spaniard told me to bet everything on number 7.

I bet everything on number 7.

Number 1 won.

I've lost it all.

With that kind of name, you should have been careful.

How so?

Well, brutus. Caesar's son.

The one who murdered him, stabbed in the back.

Why didn't you tell me before?

You should have paid attention in school.

Of course.

Why do you keep smoking? Can you tell me?

Because where I live, we are not allowed to smoke.

Even secretly. So I'm catching up with it.

It's cancer that's going to catch up with you.

You won't see it coming. Give me that!

Are we going for breakfast?

Not a chance. I don't have any cash left.

No problem. I kept one bill for cases when business is bad.

Give me that!

This neighbourhood is not very safe.

Thank you.

"A gift now that you're back in business”, what a fucking joke!

I'm so surprised. Me too.

There are no croissants either, where you live?

Did didier ever make you a qift before?

Of course not.

So, why did you decide that he could make you one this time?

I don't know. I bought it. Because he flattered you.

Yeah. He flattered me and I fell for it. Satisfied?

Since you don't have much self esteem, whenever you are flattered, you dive.

I dive?

You were glad when I dived for you, last time.

You seemed less satisfied with yourself.

Why do you keep busting my balls since yesterday?

With your lousy moral.

Who are you anyway? How come you fell in my life?

I didn't fall in your life. I fell from the sky.

No, you fell from a bridge. I was there, remember?

I was there too, smarty-pants. I'm talking about before.

Before, I fell from the sky.

What do you mean "fell from the sky"?

From a plane? No, from the sky.

Up there.

That's where I live.

I'm an angel, if you prefer.

An angel?

Yes. A real one, coming from the sky. With great white wings and all that.


And where are your great white wings and all that?

You don't expect me to unfold them here, in the middle of the cafe.

A chain-smoking angel?

What do you care, if I smoke? I'm immortal.

Okay, then. You're an angel.

I'm open-minded. You're an angel. All right?

Fine. Start with this assumption. It can not hurt.

Agreed. So how are things going up there? What's up?

Nothing special. Business as usual.

But tell me! I'd like to understand how things happen over there.

You don't believe me, do you?

Angela, admit that a beautiful, 6 feet tall, blonde girl, smoking like a factory, is not the usual picture of an angel.

And you don't even want to show me your wings.

How am I supposed to believe you?

You're annoying. I told you I can't unfold them.

First, they're too large.

And second I only unfold them when I'm leaving.

When my mission is complete.

But you're so stupid the mission is far from complete.

You're so slow at figuring things out. I'm not going home anytime soon.

\what mission?

I have come to help you.

For now, you've only made things worse.

You're the one making things worse! Lying all the time, to everybody!

Especially to yourself.

Not even small lies here and there.

You're lying to yourself at a very deep level.

And you're afraid, of yourself, of everything, all the time.

You're airtight like an oyster who'd be afraid of the sea.

An oyster?

You came down from the sky to tell me I'm like an oyster?

Yes. I came to help you understand what's going on in here.

To help you figure out who you are. So that you accept it.

That's all? It's good enough.

And how's that different from a psychoanalyst?

I won't cost you 100 Euros.

Let's say you're an angel.

How does it go”? You're on your cloud, and they call you for an assignment?

Quite simplistic, but that's the idea, yes.

So they call, "Angela! Can you please handle case number 12,737?"

No, you don't get to choose your mission. It's imposed on you.

Actually that's a good thing because if each angel got to choose his assignment, the planning department would never manage it.

Yes, the planning department.

Planning is important. Right, and after that?

Well, after you got your mission, you go to the dressing room.

It's my favourite part.

And what outfit did you choose? Bitch!

Bitch fits you really well. Thanks!

I've already tried all the other styles.

I figured it would be fun to try something more weird.

You've been doing that job for long? 300 years. Approximately.

I'm still young.

Why are you laughing?

This story is so great!

I never heard a girl who had so much imagination.

You should write books, or encyclopaedias.

We would make so much money!

You still don't believe me, is that it? No.

Hey, Angela...

There nothing worse for an angel, than being rejected by its mate and returning from a mission without having completed it.

Please, don't be like that.

Understand me. I'm a loser, I'm in trouble and a bitch would be sent from the sky to help me?

Yes. What's the problem?

The problem is that, here on earth, we have a hard time believing in what we can't see.

I don't know when was your last visit, but this world has become very materialistic.

And there are satellites, science, TV...

People don't really believe in miracles.

They need proof. You understand?

Don't you have a small proof?

You men are all the same. Always needing proof.

Always needing to be reassured.

That's what you keep blaming me for: My lack of self-confidence.

At least, show me that I can trust you.

Maybe it'll help me trusting myself.

Don't tell anyone.

I don't want to be fired because of you.

I swear.

I promise.


How did you do that trick?

Fuck! You got to be kidding!

You asked for proof. I provided. And you don't believe me!

How did you do that trick? You really are a fool.

Opening your mind won't take a miracle, but a jackhammer.

How come?

I haven't seen it clearly. How you did the cigarette trick.

I wasn't focused. I wasn't looking and...

Angela. I'm asking nicely. Please, do it again.


It's the last time I'm asking you.

Garcon! Another coffee.

And a vodka tonic for this man, please.

Thank you.

Why me?

I don't know. I'm not from the planning department.

Probably because you're good inside and you haven't realised it yet.

I'm here to show it to you.

I'm your reflection.

Your image.

I am you.

I'm a 6 feet tall bitch? Yeah. A little, on the inside.

But I'm not a woman.

Yes you are. A half. Actually more feminine than masculine.

That's where you get your sensibility from.

Your humour, your wit, those are feminine traits.

Men are hunters.

But you're not really built for hunting.

From the masculine side you've only kept the bad traits.

Lies. Ambition. Fear of failure.

Fear of judgement. Fear of loving.

And you see all this in me? All of it.

And let me tell you that you're a real hottie inside.

It's the outside that troubles me.

Let's go outside, then.

Am I losing feathers?

Here. In the back. Am I losing feathers?

What? Feathers.

I have a calcium deficiency. I need to eat.

You need cheese, for calcium.

Double cheese, double ham, double salad, please.

Don't stare like that. You look like you're going to eat me.

Sorry. That's because I'm not used to have.

Someone next to me.

You'd better get used to it, then. I know.

But you know, in my life, a lot of bad shit happened to me.

And nobody ever helped me with it.


You're screwed, now. Why?

Because you don't have an excuse to stay in trouble anymore.

Thank you. Do you have any mustard, please?

On the counter. It's free. Thanks.

Can I take a napkin? Yep.

Hey! Mustard is free. The sandwich is 8 Euros.

I've just put a 10 Euros bill on the table.

There. No 10 Euros bill.

Wait. Look on the ground. It must have flown away.

You never put the 10 Euros.

Come on, don't pull that on me. We need money too.

Keep that trick for the tourists.

I'm from Paris, and I know too well how you...

Pay! Or else, you not leaving the park alive! Understand?

Can I finish the neg'?

Here you go. It's much better like that.

So, how much was it? It's on me.

Thank you.

Is that clear?

Hell! Your masculine side is quite in-your-face.

Why did you act like that, Andre? What did I do wrong?

What is this? Where did you get it?

Why didn't you give him his 10 Euros? Why did you care?

Can't we talk about that a bit further? Come.

Those 10 Euros weren't even yours. I gave them.

Exactly: That's all we have left. Let's go!

You spend your time finding ways not to communicate, Andre.

You're all over the place. Up to no good.

Sorry for interrupting. You! Shut up, okay?

And you remind me of those people who take a second serving of bread to finish their cheese.

And then they take more cheese, to finish the bread.

And if with the French, it's even more complicated.

They take more wine, to finish both.

Afterwards, they're surprised to still be around lunch at three in the afternoon.

What kind of lame example was that?

I don't like cheese. And I don't see your point anyway.

I'm in trouble and I'm trying to get out of it like I can.

But there's no way for you to understand that.

You can jump from a bridge, fuck whoever, smoke like a drunkard.

Nothing is a problem to you.

Belittling my credit won't make yours any greater.

You really are an annoyance, Angela.

Why do you always have to intellectualise everything?

She keeps doing that. It's irritating.

I'm just trying to show you the mechanism that causes you to always screw up.

She's got a point: You're screwed.

Listen, buddy. You're going to let me handle this, okay?

I'll be right back.

Damn, Angela. Why are you doing this to me?

You said you're here to help me. Why are you depressing me?

You were feeling better before?

Yeah, nothing exceptional, but I sure was far less confused.

Why did you want to jump from a bridge, then?


See? She's definitely messing with me.

What was the initial agreement? Don't you remember our agreement?

You were supposed to shut up and follow me. Remember?

Yes. You're right Well, here you go.

Shut up, then. Don't say anything, okay?

No! Don't even say "okay".

You shut 100% up.

Do you understand "100%"?

Are you done? Can we start doing serious business, now?

Angela. Can you play "Simon says"?

I love it!

Simon says, "beat the shit out of these three assholes."

I'm glad I'm rid of them. So? What are we doing now?

We don't say anything.

Now, we're going to go...

Going to go that way.

Angela, I'd like to know more about you, actually.

Your past. Back when you were on earth.

Yeah? Yes.

Really. I want to know you better. How were you, as a kid?

We were living in Paris. In the 13th district.

I'm the eldest of eight children.

I'm the one who took care of them.

My mother ran away when I was 15 and my father was drunk all day.

I would take the little ones to school.

Then I would work as a prostitute, so as to pay for their food.

I died of an ovarian tumour when I was 23.

Damn, poor thing. It's horrible.

What kind of life was that?

And I thought I was in trouble. I should stop complaining.

Why are you smiling?

Because you're so gullible. You believed that.

That wasn't true? No.

I'm a rich girl from New Jersey.

Daddy used to work for the u.N.

And mummy was working to bring people together by being humped by all the males she could find at cocktail parties.

On my 16th birthday, I got my first Ferrari and I smashed it in the first fall I met.

Just so that my father would notice me at least at my funeral.

I'm lost, now. Which was your life?

Which one makes your own easier to endure?

I don't know.

I can make up a thousand of lives. But yours will still be the same.

You'll have to accept it.

I see what you mean, Angela.

And I'm working on it.

But still I want to know you.

Who were you? Before.

I don't know who I am. How can't you know?

You come from the sky. You're in the best position to know.

We can't access our past. It's top secret data.


That got to suck.

Are my questions bothering you? No.

You're interested in me. That means you're getting interested in you.

I'm not really interesting. Of course you are!

You're good looking, smart... Stop making fun of me.

You are! I tell you!

It's all inside. But you don't see it. You can't pull it out.

I'm trying. I know.

But it's not easy.

Yes it's easy! Come, I'll show youl!

Look in the mirror! What do you see?

Look in the mirror. What do you see?

I see a wonderful girl.

Thank you. And next to her? What do you see?

I don't know. Good. You're improving.

You think so? Yes.

All you used to see was a pile of crap.

Now, you don't see anything anymore.

It means you've cleaned up the place.

Now, we need to fill that empty shell with something.

You can't leave it like that.

So, take a good look. In front of you.

Isn't there anything you like, in this beautiful face?

Not much, no.

Look carefully. In your eyes. What do you see?


Some kindness?

Yes, there is. A lot. What else?

They're not too bad?

Beauty. That's right.

They are beautiful.

What else?


Some sweetness?

Yes. I ots of it.

And love? Yeah.

Lots of love, yes.

Too much, maybe.

If there's too much, you need to get it out.

Tell me you love me. Come again?

Don't you love me? I do a lot I mean, I feel a kind of affection.

But maybe it's friendship, and...

Do you love me, or not?

Since the first day.

Since the first second.

Good. Say it, then.

It's hard to say.

Do you know why? No.

Because nobody ever told it to you. Right?

It's difficult to love yourself, when nobody shows you how.


I love you, Andre.

Here you go. You have received love.

Now you can give some away.

Go for it.

I love you, Angela.

Whatever your first name is?

You're right.

Say it again without my name.

I love you.


Now, look at yourself in the eye and say it.

I can't. Of course you can.

Look at your body. Bruised by the lack of love, of trust.

Don't you see it deserves your attention?

So, don't reject this wounded body.

It has put up with you for so long and never complained.

Tell him that he's important.

That he belongs here.

Give him what he deserves.

I love you... Andre.

I love you.

I am proud of you, Andre.

So? Can we get some food? I'm hungry.

You're obsessed with food, aren't you?

Do you have an emotional problem? Hey, that's my line!

You're right.

How are we going to pay the bill? We'll wash the dishes.

It only worked in the dark ages.

They're going to call the cops. And we'll end up in jail.

I have a 6 months suspended sentence. I know where I'm...

Stop complaining, now. Just enjoy.

The wine is good, isn't it? What kind is it?

Chateau cheval blanc.

Cheval blanc?

It's 1,000 Euros!

1,500. It was the most expensive.

It sucks. This place sucks.

Being the most expensive doesn't mean it's the best, Angela.

How would you know? You deal in olive oil.

Yes, but I know a thing or two. I I'm sure the menu has some good little wines, at very reasonable prices.

Look! Saint chignon '98. 100 Euros. I'm sure it's good.

Sommelier!/ yes? What are you doing?

Well, we're going to taste.

Can we have a Saint chignon '98, please?

Of course. It's almost at maturity right now.

It's a bit peppery, a little round.

It's a very good wine. A very good choice. It's my favourite.

Can we simply have half a bottle?

No, we only have litres, here.

You're crazy! I swear, you're totally crazy.

You've had a hard day. I'm trying to please you.

Is that your mission? Pleasing me?

No. I'm supposed to teach you the most things as quickly as possible.

So that you give up jumping from Bridges.

If you intend to pay the bill by doing dirty things in the restroom I won't wait for you at the bar. I'm warning you.

What dirty stuff? Don't act innocent.

I was there, behind the door. I've seen everything.

Have you seen... or heard?

Angela? What?

What are you doing? Guess!

I don't want... I don't want you to do this for me.

I thought you needed money.

Yes, I need it. Listen, I still have some morality left.

I thank you for it. I appreciate the gesture.

But no. No way you're doing this at all.

Come on. It's nothing. Yes it's something!

Listen. Stop immediately, and come out right now!

Keep it and give us a break so that I can finish. Fuck!

And what about frank, then?

In his office... What did you do?

You didn't do that! No. Just kidding.

\what a relief!

But how did you get the money?

You can't have done that! Which option would you rather have?

I'd rather go away.

For a single night, is that it? Yes.


All done.

Do you have any luggage?

Yes. One item. Right in front.

Feeling better?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are you coming to bed?

No, I'm looking at the city.

It'll still be there tomorrow. Come to bed.

Paris is beautiful.

I wasn't seeing anything.

I was blind like a bat.

Angela. What?

I think I love you.

No you don't. You're horny, that's all.

You're lacking affection so you're hanging on to the first one you run into, I. E. Me.

No, no. Really. You make me feel good.

I love how you shake me up.

Without ever judging me.

It makes me happy.

It's been a while since this happened to me.

It probably never did.

You want to fuck, that's all. No, I don't want to fuck.

Actually, I do, but that's not it.

It's stronger, warmer...

You're waxing sentimental. Come on, let's fuck!

No! Stop that! What are you doing?

Don't you like me?

Yes, yes I do. But I don't want to fuck.

I'd like to make love. But I'll only do it once I feel...


And what about me?

It won't take long.

Come on. Come to bed.

I can't sleep. And there's no point in brooding.

I'm not brooding. I'm enjoying the room.

It's incredible.

By the way, how are we going to pay for it?

I have an agreement with the head Porter.

How so? He bets on races so I gave him a tip.

A bad tip? No, he's going to make 10,000 Euros.

You know races results?

Any race. Anywhere in the world.

Are you kidding me? You let me bet on that rotten brutus.

I had warned you. But a few hours ago you wouldn't listen to me.

And anyway, I'm not allowed to give away that kind of information.

It's forbidden.

You're not allowed to give away that kind of information?

Why did you tell me that you're an angel, then?

I shouldn't have.

Why did you do it, then?

Hey! What are you doing, Angela?

I'm off to see your buddy frank.

What? In the middle of the night? What are you going to tell him?

I'm not the one who has things to tell him. You are!

So we're going to see him. And you'll tell him everything you need.

So that I can go back home.


So, what should I tell him?

You're doing it again.

I told you a hundred times! The truth! Nothing but the truth.

The truth. No problem.

If you don't do that, your pain will stay here, in a ball.

It's weaker, but it's still here, yeah.

You've got to get it out. Once for all!

If it's outside, it won't trouble you inside anymore.

No problem. I agree.

And after that?

After that? You'll be cleared, on the inside. You'll just have to fill up.

Angela, what if it's with you that I want to fill up?

Don't do that again. Angela, I'm in love with you.

You see everything. You feel everything.

How can't you see something this simple?

Focus, please. Right here.

What do you feel?

I feel something, but... I feel exactly the same thing.

And now I know how it's called.


Let's go meet frank. Things are getting really messy.

No. Things only start to looking clear now.

Like... Looking like the truth, for instance.

I'm tired, Angela. I swear.

I'm tired of screwing up all the time.

Tired of lies.

For the first time in my life, I want to be true.

I'll be able to say everything I feel.


Do you know what I'm feeling, Angela?

Shut up.

Miss! Miss!

Miss, please. Miss.

Now is really not the time to fuck with me.

Sorry for interrupting you like that in the middle of the night but Andre has something very important to tell you.

I can't take it anymore, and I want to go home so let's end this now!

Come again? Who's that girl?

You! Shut the hell up!

Andre! Come in! He's here in his bed.

What the fuck is this?

When you start breaking the rules, you really go for it.

The door, the bodyguard...

And you chose this place because vou knew that's where he would stay.

You're going to be fired.

That's not your business. It's mine.

Be nice, now.

And deal with him quickly so that we can get the hell away.


You're not going to do me in.

Your coffee isn't bad, frank.

Andre, I'm sorry.

I know I offended you and it really was stupid of me, buddy.

Buddy? No. Sorry about that.

I took advantage of your weakness, sir, and really I shouldn't have.

That was pathetic of me.

There's even some business we could do together.

If you want... That is, if you have the time.

But I beg you, Andy.

Do not kill me. Be nice, do not kill me.

I'm sorry I borrowed money from you, frank.

It's my fault. I'm the one to blame.

In the first place, I should never have set foot in your lousy club.

It cost me time and money instead of taking care of the business for which I came to Paris.

But there's no escaping it.

When you feel like shit, you're attracted by the other pieces of shit like you.

That's life.

That's why we used to get along fine, in the beginning, frank.

We could hate each other mutually. That wasn't a problem.

One day, an angel entered my life.

A wonderful woman, who opened my eyes.

It's so good to have the eyes opened, frank.

Now I can look at the sun, rising over Paris.

All these small light bulbs switching off, one by one.

I can see all this, frank.

And it's thanks to her.

Because she had the kindness never to judge me.

She loved me as I was.

Even though I wasn't much.

I am happy for you, Andre. Sincerely.

You're not going to do me in.


I'm going to feel sorry for you.

Did you see that, Angela” I did really good, for a first time!

Where are you? Angela?

Angela, what are you doing? Where are you going?

I'm going home.

You can't do this to me. It's impossible.

Angela, stop! I did all you asked me to do.

Look! I've emptied everything.

Now we can start over, together.

We'll be together, choosing the things that will fulfil me. Like we said.

You're big enough to choose on your own, now.

I don't want to choose on my own!

I want to do this with you, Angela.

Because I love you and I want to spend the time I have left to live at your side.

If you leave me, it's going to be horrible. I'll be falling back on my old habits.

As if I had gone this far for nothing.

Well, too bad. Destroy yourself if you want.

I took many chances for you.

I've got a 9/10 chance of being fired.

So please be helpful, Andre. Don't ruin it all.

And live the life you are meant to live.

What if the life I'm meant to live was the one where I'm staying with you?

No! I already know your life entirely.

In two months, vou will create your company.

In five years, it's going to be the leading olive oil business.

You're going to meet Catherine, a lovely 30 years old lawyer with whom you will have three beautiful children.

Do you want to know their names?

Do you want to know how they'll do in school?

I want to know why you're crying.

Because it's always like that when a mission is completed.

I'm made for meeting. Not for goodbyes.

Are you satisfied with this answer?

Listen to me.

What you've done for me was enormous.

You have my eternal appreciation.

"Eternal"? Please, don't use words you don't understand.

Angela, listen to me. I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

You've taught me what matters: To stop lying.

That's right. That's the most important thing.

So why don't you stop lying yourself!

Angela, stop! Listen to me.

Look at me. Look at me in the eye.

Stop! Look at me.

I eave me alone.

Let me tell you what I see in these eyes.

I see a woman who doesn't want to leave.

A woman who's tired of not knowing who she is.

Like me, nobody ever told you he loved you.

And if someone did, you don't remember.

Shut up. I love you, Angela!

Shut up. I love you.

Shut up!

I can't live without you. It's impossible!

What's the point of living with me?

What are you talking about?

I'd be an angel who burned her wings.

A fallen angel.

I don't care about that!

I love you the way you are.

I don't know...

Who I am!

I have no past.

Can you understand that? I know, I know.

How can I achieve anything...

I know.

If I don't know where I come from?

I don't know where I come from.

I know.

I know you don't have a past.

But at least, let me give you a future.

What am I doing?

My god.

What am I doing?

Can you leave god out of this decision, for once?

Angela, what's going on? What's wrong, Angela?

What's happening to you?

I have to go, Andre. It's time.

Don't go! I'm begging you. I love you.

I love you too, Andre.

I must go. No!

Angela, I love you!

My name is Andre. Andre moussa.

I'm 28 years old and I am. Free.