Angel and the Badman (1947) Script

He couldn’t go on nor could you... are injured man. Let us take you into the house.

I gotta go on. to the Telegraph station.

We will take you. Penelope!

Sorry, closed down for the night.

I know, but this is urgent...

No. Come out of there, you!

Can’t go against the schedule. Closed down.

Can’t you make this one exception? No. get in here. What?

Bring a light with you.

You can’t do this to me. I won’t stand for it!

...the Union of Pacific won’t stand for it.

Night prowling round here, like this.

You got your ball busted my office.

Who do you think you are anyway? My keys closed down for tonight.

You can write it, but I won’t send it anyway.

Here let me!

Territorial Recorders office, Fort Ladsy.


...on plots 234... 235.

Chart it anytime, record my name...

...that’s all. How shall I sign?

Quirt Evans.

All sent, Mr. Evans.

Why! He ain't dead? Is he?

No just knocked out!

That’s Quirt Evans...

Look at his gun, see how many notches he has got in his gun?

Not any that I can see sure ain’t going to touch it to find out might wake up and take it in the wrong way. he was deputy of Wyatt Earp in Tombstone.

...the two of them shot it out the whole Clanton bunch.

That’s Quirt Evans...

...he is quite a man with the gals...

.it says he closed the eyes of many a man

...wouldn’t rise of many women.

Would you call my father please?

Yes! Mam...

Where are you taking him? To the wagon, taking him home.

Quirt Evans? Crazy!

I will have a black powder bomb in my house.

Heavy, ain’t he?

I know of a dozen men riding night and day catch Quirt Evans helpless like this.

I am worried about you people...

...I know you don’t believe in guns or anything like that, only doing good

...take my advice Stay pretty far away from Mr. Quirt Evans.

Thank you very much for your advice. Goodnight.

Good night.

So long, Quirt.

That Quirt Evans is surely something.

Quirt Evans? You know him?

Do I know Quirt Evans! Do I know Quirt Evans?

What a question!

No... No...

If that doesn’t quiet him... I don’t know what will?

...never get that bullet out of him kicking his arms like that.

I am afraid to give him any more sedative, he has already had enough.

Please be quiet... the doctor...

He can’t hear you.

What do you suppose that? delirious mind is searching for?

He must be in great pain Not that much with the amount of laud ram in him.

As if he was reaching for something. Something specific.

I don’t understand. By now he should be completely inert.


Thomas, how is the young man? Delirious.

A gun in this house, Thomas?

Please put these back in the gun belt...

Maybe we got to get him something to tie him down.

Are you crazy? Its empty.

That was it. A Gun. Its a pity.

It’s stupid! These wild ones I keep pulling bullets out of them

...and setting their bones, why?

It’s their destiny to wind up on boot hill.


I forgot! Never speak evil, Eh!

Well, get me some more hot water young lady.

Start patching him up for whatever is in store for him?

Come on, help me with his boot.

Mother... Yes?

Tell me again.

What Dear? Oh, about meeting father?

You have heard that a thousand times.

He was working on the Rail road union house.

...he fell off, and I picked him up out of the dust and held him in my arm.

He always said that I hugged him before I even knew his name.

And you both knew right away? Of course.

Of course I knew he was a peaceful man....

...a member of the society.

An evil man will seek a more profitable way of life

...than being a member of the "Friends".

Father, had a beard then, didn’t he? Yes.

I should think that would scratch...

I prefer a man clean shaved.

He is got the constitution of a mountain lion. He will pull through.

Barring blood poisoning.

These wild ones never seem to get blood poisoning...

...though it’s common enough among the Godly.

You so called Atheists. You always feel so compelled to stretch your Godlessness.

Wash him. The bullets out.

He is in no danger.

I bet he killed a lot of people. No, he didn’t.

How do you know? That’s enough, John...

...'friend' doesn’t speak of such things.

Mrs. Worth, get that man out of here.

But he is badly injured, doctor.

This isn’t civilized Pennsylvania...

...this is the raw frontier. You must take a realistic attitude.

This is the place where mayhem, theft and murder are the common place...

...instead of the unusual.

Would that justify leaving a wounded man to die?

Build a house on the side of a road and tend to a man.

He who believes.

I don’t mind your mocking you have been a good friend to us.

I am glad I have a logical mind. and a good heart: Goodnight, doctor.


Still having delirious spells. Keeps mumbling about his past.

...I am afraid he has had a very violent life.

Margaret you are a nuisance. Let’s call it off, Margaret.

I have got places to go and country to put behind.

Sure, sure, alright.

Lila, Lila,


Will you bring some hot coffee, Penny?

Here the doctor says that he is completely out of danger.

Just sleeping You know Doctor...

...Penny considers him her own personal patient. -Sit down.

Will you bring some milk dear?

And when you finish you can go up and watch him He doesn’t need watching. He has no temperature in the past few days.

...just a superlatively healthy animal.

...restoring his depleted strength with sleep. He is no longer delirious.

But of course, if you are determined to watch over him, Penny...

...perhaps you better take a pencil and paper with you.

...his first conscious words should be recorded. It may be of great interest to history.

And more possibly to the united states martial.

Who knows what violence is involved in his battered bruises and bullet holes.

Would you care foe a donut, doctor?

It is not as light as it should be. Listen Mrs. Worth... can carry this head in sand attitude just so far in the world of reality.

...let me get this man out of your house.

I can dump him in an establishment that passes for a hotel. this off times dubious community of ours.

In Madame sanitary halo? Then he will be off your hands.

But he is much better off here Of course he is.

Who cares what happens to him? We do I don’t know what to say?

Once when I was studying medicine in Europe...

...I had a friend, an artist.

...he drew portraits of people and made them resemble like animals that reminded him.

...he would have drawn this man as a coiled cobra.

Doctor, your analogies terribly imperfect and your naturalism faulted.

Cobras don’t coil Doctor, we are so fond of you and we respect you so greatly...

... We assure you that you will finally realize

...that realism untempered by sentiments of humanity really just a mean hard cold outlook on life.

...a frightened outlook.

I stand defeated.

And furthermore there are times in this house...

...that I am living in a never never land.

But don’t hesitate to call on me anytime you need help.


You are awake? Sure, I am awake.

What is all this? What?

Where am I?

Don’t you remember? Father and I drove young into town.

Is anything wrong? No.

The doctor says you will be alright in a week or two

You were delirious you know? Two days and two nights

Oh maybe that’s why I am so hungry

I can eat yearlings too...

...if I can catch one We will get you something.

Mother! You talked a lot in your deliria.

Mother, he is awake. How is he?

Hungry! If he is hungry, he is going to be alright.

Thanks a lot for housing. You are welcome.

Smoked sausages and eggs?

Sounds great. 2 eggs or would you like 3?

I would like 6. You shall have them.

Penny, get one of your fathers shirt here. And a razor.

I will get him some food...

So I talked a lot. Yes.

I listened only because I thought that you might say something about what happened to you. to notifying your wife for instance.

What did I say? If you had a wife.

What did I talk about?

You talked about Margaret, she...

...fell out of the red dress...

What else?

Oh, you mentioned someone named Lila.

Is that all?

If you have a wife We could notify her.

No wife.

That’s 12.

I haven’t been so flattered since my donuts won first prize back in Pennsylvania.

They must be smart in Pennsylvania.

Some of the members thought its an exhibition of pride to enter my donut.

But what harm can there be in a little donut...

...unless, one eats so many of them, they explode, which is likely to happen to you, young man.

...well its worth wise to check it out.

I will help you with the dishes. No, you stay and watch Quirt Evans.

I am curious to know the effect of 6 eggs and a pound of sausage and 12 donuts.

I will call you in the time of milking.

Do all you people from Pennsylvania Talk like that?

Like what?


We are 'friends'.

Friend of who? Of all.

The society of 'Friends'. Many people call us 'Quakers'.

Oh! It’s a religion. Its a belief.

That on the wall... each human being has an integrity that can be hurt only the act of the same human being. and not by the act of another human being.

Is that Quaker stuff?

You mean nobody can hurt you but yourself?

That’s what the 'Friends' believe.

Well suppose somebody whacks you over the head by a branding iron...

...will that hurt? Physically, of course.

But in reality, it will injure only the person doing the act of violence.

Only a door can be hurt by an evil or mean act.

Are there many of you Quakers? Very few.

Sort of figured that.

Good morning gentlemen. Good morning.

Carrot from our garden.

I found these down at the road. It belongs to a fella named Quirt Evans.

I understand you are a friend of his, maybe you can help us to give them back...

Leave it here. I will make sure that he gets them.

That Quirt, he will loose his shirt unless it is buttoned on.

...careless about everything.

I keep telling him, sooner or later.....

On second thoughts you can just tell me where he is, and..

I can take it back to him, myself. Where is Quirt Evans?

You mean where is he?

Ever notice how fella keep repeating the question, just when he is stalli8ng about answering.

Yeah! Maybe if I bend this gun over his head he will quit stalling.

But gentlemen, I hardly know Quirt Evans.

He lies too.

You have been bragging all over town of what good friends you two are.

You know, this fella hasn’t got any good qualities, has he?

Maybe that will help your memory I am asking about Quirt Evans.

Well all I know is...

Thanks for sewing my shirt...

...but I can’t find my pants.

Get back in bed.

Laziness is the necessary things that kept me here this long.

The doctor said that you are to stay in bed for 4 more days.

Oye, you are up.

That’s no way to speak to an older person, John.

We are pals... don’t expect pals to call me Mister, Would you?

See, doctor send me tell you that some men in town are looking for you.

..Said one of them is Mister Laredo Stevens.

Get my pants. But you are ill.

Johnny, get me my pants. No, John.

Will he get my pants?

Get the pants, John.

But you said,

What are you looking at? Thee.

What set him off?

The use of familiar speaking to. The what?

The Familiar, the plain language. 'Get me my pants, you said'

What about it?

Oh, among us, thee and the are used Only among the loved ones. all others, we use You, he, and they

...mother to children, husband to wife and children to...

Between lovers of course.

I am sorry. I am not.

What? I am not! I wished you would speak to me.


I knew right away. That night.

Supposed to be a kind of dull life.

I could take you at lot of places...

I go. What?

I would rather stay here with thee But if thee rather go someplace else, then I go someplace else.

I sound very bold?

Well, it’s just that...

...I didn’t think religious people were quite so, sudden and direct...

Well that’s the way I feel and it would be dishonest to say anything else.


I used to wonder about it, I suppose every girl does.

About what?

About love......

About whether or not you got to know someone whom you know a little by little

...or it happened at once...

You are shocked....

Well, I wouldn’t say shocked exactly.... sure get to the point. should I be different?

No, Penny, I like you just the way you are.

Who emptied this gun? Father Quirt, a gun is a symbol of force, evil. We never have one in our home.

It’s a concession that father allowed even an empty one.

It’s only because you couldn’t rest without.... Where are the cartridges?


Hey! Why don’t we just bust in?

Because busting through doors with Quirt Evans on the other side, ...ain’t my idea of a healthy past time.

Tell them to come in.

Come in.

You can stand right there.

...against the light.

Howdy, Quirt.

You sure ran a ring around me alright.

I don’t think it was right friendly of you to beat me locating that land after my boys found it.

I am willing to listen to your side, but I am a reasonable man.

Sure, Laredo is always reasonable That’s why he is the biggest man in the territory.

You are the biggest man in the territory, Laredo?

So a lot of people say. I hadn’t heard.

You nervous? No, Evans.

I can’t figure out, why you keep stepping on my toes all the time...

Well, that’s your business.

I am a good loser

...I like a good loser.

Course I like any kind of good loser better than a winner.


You know I had a chance to do a heap of thinking while I was following your trail across the territory.

I followed it by the string of ran out horses you left behind....

Well, I figured it out this way.

...Quirt, didn’t really want that land.

... Because working isn’t exactly in his line.

Is it in your line? No, of course not. I was getting it for another fella.

And well, I figured maybe you will sell.

I don’t hear anything jingle.

Is it alright to put my hand inside my shirt?

Why not?

5.000 in gold there.

I want 20.

Well okay, but I have to owe you 15, that’s all I got on me.

I have the deed in my pocket, here get it out.

Now, if the young lady could find something to sign this with.

Still Laredo's hired boy, eh, Hondo?

Thicking up after him carrying matches for his cigars.

You mind yourself. He will mind himself...

... Wont you Hondo? Miss...

..Would you mind taking this over to Mister Evans please?

Thank you.

You know, I am sure glad to see you up and around, Quirt...

...we heard you just got it in the back.

Sorry to disappoint you.

And you come on over and get the rest of that money anytime.

Anytime, that you feel you are able.

I will see you one of these days.

Well, so long, Quirt.

Saddle up my horse. Will you kid? Throw some bags.

What would have happened if they knew that the gun was empty?

It would have been Saturday night in sin city.

Tie on my slicker too.

Sorry. Oh, no, Quirt, no.

Kind of a bored you think I am.

You can’t do that. We would have tended any wounded human, and not for pay.

You don’t believe in force, so you cannot force me to take it back.

I am afraid you are outwitted, Thomas.

How long I have been here? Almost 3 weeks.

And I hate to get going.

But you can’t. Your leg! You are in no condition to travel.

Don’t worry; your cookies have grained me up and ready for market.

Adios, amigos.


Shall I pack my things?

Why? You would leave without me?

I got places to go...

Quirt, I don’t care, it doesn’t make any difference to me... or how far...

I know so little... I.....

...I didn’t know that it could happen to one and not the other.

..I thought it always happen to both.

It isn’t?

Well... So you do feel..?

Look, Penny...

...I am not that kind of guy who does things suddenly.

I gotta look before I leap.

You can ask anybody, they will tell you.

...Quirt Evans is a mighty cautious citizen.

Oh then, it’s just that you are not sure yet?

Yeah! Sorry.

Please stay.

It’s all saddled, Quirt.

Unsaddle it.

You gonna stay?

A double!

Well there is something that I rather have than this.

A favor. A big favor. Well, you got them both. What is it?

Could you ride past my schoolhouse with me?

Because a lot of boys will not believe that I know Quirt Evans.


Everybody says that you are the fastest man in the territory.

Well, there are those Who will say I am pretty slow.

A mans should be able to do a good days work after having breakfast like that.

I would see that he would do it...

Penny, where is the bucket?

I declare Penny, I don’t know whets happening to thee.

Funny thing about pan cakes

...I lose my appetite after the first couple of dozens.

They are not very good this morning, They are too heavy.

Wild Indian... put water on those vegetables this morning.

I always working round here.

Thee wanted to be a farmer didn’t thee?

Not any more, I don’t...

Surely you could walk to the barn without that.

What? The gun.

It balances me; one leg is longer than the other. know the weight. Thee are a liar.

Throw the cows some hay.

There is a pitch fork.

While I was 15, I learnt to hate those things.

...I swore I would leave flower and pitch forks to farmers.

I will do it.

No, I will do it. But it’s an occasion.

Thee... What?

Nothing... just... just thee.


Why you wanted hay, didn’t you? Didn’t Thee?


Better put this little one's in the box


Now get a bucket of water.

Water, water. All I do is carry water.

No force.

Say, wasn’t this place a little drained?

With all these flumes and ditches.

Frederick Carson turned the water off.

Frederick Carson?

He is the man who bought the ranch from friends who couldn’t make a go over We had built a community dam, but... It was on his property.

What did you do about it? Don’t tell me. You prayed.

Of course. get any water?

We didn’t pray for water. We prayed for Frederick Carson.

Carson turned off the water and you prayed for him?

Of course.

Can’t you see? By committing an evil act the poor man injured his soul?

Be glad there is a well.

Cause it sure gets thirsty around here

...if we had to wait for Carson. Gonna walk this pony.



You sure you haven’t left any slack on that cinch? Boss is sure going to howl...

This ain’t the first pony I ever saddled.

...he would squawk no matter How I done it.

He is sure getting mean these days.

You can take it as his natural born. that boil in his neck don’t help him none either.

Get out of my way.

You belong behind a plough.

Who is Carson?

Don’t get down. We ain’t taking no saddle tramps here.

Are you deaf? I said get moving.

Nice dam. Yeah, whets it up to you?

Take out the top two planks.

What did you say?

The top two. There are 16 inches of water over there.

Who says so? I do.

And who might you be when you are at home?

Quirt Evans.

Well anybody might ride up here and say he is Quirt Evans.

He is not known round here by sight.

Anybody can say that he is him.

Sure could.

There is a Q. E. stamp on his saddle.

Well take that top planks out of the gate you stupid idiots.

I don’t need that extra water.

Step up on that pony.

Why is that? I have done what you have told me.

You sure did. Step up on that pony.

Well, I am that kind of guy who tries to get along with everybody?

side me. wait a minute.

Sure can be taking off couple of more planks cause I have 10 times much water than I need.

That will do for now.

Well, if you ever need more, Mr. Evans, all you have to do is say so...

I figured that...

Hey! Mummy, water!

Water, water!

Mother, look at the flow. Mother all the ditches are full of water.

Water! Water! Wonderful!


Let’s start off from the scratch... got more water than you need.

You are right, Quirt, I mean Mr. Evans.

Do you mind if I call you Quirt?

Not a bit...

There is no skin off your marks if you let a little water over that ditch.

Absolutely no Mr. Evans... I mean, Quirt.

You are going to be neighborly or not? Well, sure I am, Quirt.

That’s the way to talk.


Frederick Carson. Howdy, Mrs. Worth.

We always knew that you will change your mind.

Yes Mam, I did.

Thank you Frederick, all of us here in the valley are grateful to you.

Well, it’s like just what I was saying, I ain’t got any use of that extra water...

Why shouldn’t let my neighbors use it?

I believe that neighbors should be friendly.

What have you got that on your neck? A boil?

Mrs. Worth, I have been with that burnt boil... have you tried putting soap into it.

No, Mam. I ain’t.

You get down for a minute and into the house and I will fix it for you.

You are going to hurt me? No...That’s a shame... it looks awful.

Well, looks like your prayer straightened everything out.

So you think your gun changed Frederick Carson?

Who says I pointed a gun?

I do. Well, I didn’t.

He gave in more easily than I expected.

Remember this quote: "The lord moves in mysterious manner... times using strange methods in our instruments."

Me? It would be odd.

I just got a good high after a good pie and truckload of...

Frederick Carson. yes Mam?

I want you to have some of these, They are awfully good with coffee in the morning.

Makes me to go home and shoot my Chinese cook.

You just come back for more, anytime you like There are always plenty.

Thanks. Goodbye.

Goodbye, Frederick. Goodbye.

I should see more of these neighbors.

Wonderful woman Mrs. Worth... She fixed my boil.


Excuse me. But I think father wants to give thanks...

You know, he already thanked me?

I know, but now, he wants to thank someone else.

Hold my pondering when I get aboard. Will you?

Mrs. Worth is going to keep me supplied with pies

... I ought to bring her a quarter of beef now and then.

Finally, come to an understanding with my neighbors.

You sure did.

Oh! You knew I was scare to death, when I made that speech to them people.

...I am glad you made me do it. Makes me feel good.

Adios, amigo.


How the dinner is going to be?

Roast vegetables and of course skimpy chicken.

With the pie and cake I will try to make out.

Chicken is innocent. Both. I feel real good.

Oh, you do?

New dress.

Oh! Its first day. You call it Sunday.

Quirt, do me a favor, hitch up the ponies for father.


Can you do me another favor?

Go for a ride with us. Where?

You are not to ask, It’s a surprise, a pleasant one.

Quirt, we gotta surprise for you.

He knows, I told him.

Though you aren’t allowed to work on Sundays.

Quirt, there is nothing with

...its just we don’t believe in doing what we know is wrong.

That makes it pretty much "Each fellas own guess".

Each fell knows, inside.

I wouldn’t wanna give lead

I didn’t mean to frighten you, miss.

Is a fella named Quirt Evans around here?

Yes, I will get him.

Never mind. I can do talking to you.

Is he been here long?

About 3 weeks I guess.

He didn’t disappear for say 2 days, during that time, did him?

No. Hola, you weather hang man...

Penny, this is Wistful Mclintock... the martial of the territory.

Hiya Miss!

Don’t let that grey hair fool you. He is curly wolf.

Hello, Quirt. I thought I had you butt home.

Tall fella. Fast with a gun held up the 'Backers' stage. Killed a couple.

Well, you are tall and some say you are a fast man.

..but I guess, I will have to take the little lady's word for it.

When you and Laredo Stevens are going to kill each other?


We water our horses out of the same traught...

Well, I am sure, they are looking forward to hang the survivor.

You know, I am a figuring man...

...sometimes I don’t know all the answers.... that fella 'Quirt Evans'...

...while he was acting as Wyatt Earp's deputy Over in Tombstone day turns in his badge and starts to build himself up a nice cattle spread.

Suddenly sells out and he goes out in a pry.

...why? That’s what I ain’t figured out yet.

Sometimes things connect.

About that time a fella, called 'Wall Ennis’...

...went down in front of Laredo Stevens...

...'Wall' was reaching his gun, some say a gambler standing there grabbed his hand....

...maybe that’s connected...

How do you stand with Wall?

I know him.

Two things connected?

I know a lot of people.

Well, I will figure it out...

...I usually do. I am patient.

Young lady, don’t be looking at him with your eyes bugged out as a cow barge.

...there ain’t any future on it. So long folks.

Quirt, please stay away from Laredo Stevens.

He owes me money. And don’t worry I might come out on top.

That will be even worse.

Worse! Will it be worse if he goes down than I go down?

Of course, don’t you see?

Oh, I will be a guy with a mud soul.

Don’t make it sound so crude, Quirt, you see why I couldn’t love you.

Alright I won’t lookup Laredo.

Its better this way

...every time he opens his door, every time he hears footsteps coming round the corner...

...Laredo starts sweating thinking its me.

...his food won’t set for the rest of his life.

Well alright, if I am going to be holy I gotta get some fun out of it.

You know I feel like such a It seems hardly a whole week since last Thursday.

Hey Quirt.

I thought it was you.

Well, well, well Hello.

Mister and Mrs. Worth, Randy McCall.

How do you do How do you do?

Just fine, thank you.

Well, well, well... You said that before.

We don’t want to keep you if you are in a hurry.

I have got no hurry. I have got no place to go. Well, we have.

Would you care you come along with us. Sure, where?

A meeting. To a meeting?

Yes, to a meeting. You don’t wanna go do you?

It would be nice if he could. Its nice to have any of Quirt's friends.

You would? Well that’s fine.

You know Mam... I am sure an old friend of Quirt.

I remember one time we were chasing cattle down the Lawanda river...

...herd stampeded, Quirt pulled me out from underneath it.

And there was another time remember? In Opus Palace, down at San Antonio.

We are late. I know, but...

Good bye.

If you can join us it is in the grope, just on the other side of the town.

Thank you Mam. Good day.

Get along. Good day.

He sayeth onto him "which?" And God said...

"Though shall not kill ...

...though shall not steal...

...though shall not bear false witness...

...honor thy father and thy mother...

And though shall treat the neighbors as though themselves.

Whets comes out of this thing that makes it worth all this work?

Frozen pudding.

Hello, Nelson. Hello, Penny.

Nelson, meet Quirt Evans.

How do you do? Howdy.

Nelson's our horse shoeer.

By the way I brought that maple sugar that you love so much.

Oh, excuse me, I will put it here. Thank you.

Isn’t this the Morgan baby? Yes, I am minding her.

She is sure a cute little fella.

Looks just like his father.

I will be coming up next week to see the horses.


I will get some water. Here, let me help you.

Hold this thing.

Frozen pudding.

Hold them a minute, I want some of those flowers.

Sick or something?

I don’t believe it.

It’s a baby. Yeah, I know.

Old enough to talk? Of course not.

I got something I think You would like to hear.

Laredo Stevens is planning a big play.

...he is going to jump up some guys that are moving a trail herd up from the north.

I figured, it may be you, me and couple of friends can sort of play copycat.

You heard me, didn’t you?

You can have my part of it.

What am I listening to?

You passing up a chance to blister Laredo?

That’s right.

What’s the matter with you Quirt? Is the farm life...

Oh, the gem....

Stick in your head into this butt and I will shut you up.

You are awful touchy lately... you never used to mind what I said.

Hello. Hey.

Come along with the water, Quirt.

Shut up.

Quirt, would you come over here?

Sit down.

May I have your attention?

Friends, we all know the purpose of this meeting is three fold. always we give thanks to the goodness bestowed upon us.

...and also to give thanks for particular that our fields are getting water.

... and the crops and the livestock’s thrive.

There is two marsh mellows right at the top of the valley.

...if you take a look from out there You can see a herd coming from 10 miles.

...Quirt Evans.


We are happy to present you with the token of our friendship for you.

This is 'Quirt Evans'.

We are happy to have him here with us, because he provided us another incident

...which reaffirms our belief...

...that all men are good if they are shown the light.

He persuaded 'Frederick Carson' to let down the water... showing him, that a man who is a friend of another friend... is a happy man himself.

May I shake your hands, Quirt Evans?

I want to talk to you.

This would sound like I am butting into your business and I am.

And you are going to give me a watch with gold case for doing it.

You dim witted nail binder! You marry that girl.

Marry her? Why sure you mind her telling She knows how I feel.

How would she know?

Stop yelling about shoeing horses that ain’t the way to talk to a girl.

Talk to her about her. And marry her. And do it quick.

Hey! come on.

Listen to this.....

Oh, brother this is good writing. Lets go.

What about the Bible?

You can’t throw it away, That would be bad luck.

Then keep it.

Alright. Its one book, I am sure going to read.

I would better take her to the Morgan's.

Why did Quirt leave so abruptly?

I don’t know...

Hey boss! Yeah?

They are right on time. Look behind you.

Let’s saddle up men.

Let’s get out of here.

Look! Coming down off the hill.

Come on...

Quirt, what does beget mean?

I think I hear them.

Yeah! Lets get suited up.

They don’t know how would I miss this book.

You know you not very pretty. But I like it just the same. Your plenty of head works.

Much nicer this way....

No! Anybody can just shoot these guys. think of an interesting way of doing it.

...and you know Quirt! I hate to shoot people.

Remember I shot a man once on Montana?

I dreamed about it, all the next night.

Well then of course, there were no witnesses. else you gotta shoot the witnesses.

Stop jabbering and let’s go. Okay, take it easy pal.

Again I figured you may change your mind about shooting Laredo along with these guys.

Step up on that horse. Okay, you got it.

Maybe you are just crowding Laredo into drawing in front of a lot of people.

Gonna saving him for the big night In town, eh!

Hey... look!

Let’s go.

Take it on the outside.

Start tearing, Laredo.

Let’s go.

Looks like the horse of Quirt Evans...

Yeah! It’s just what it is.

This time we face... Yeah! I know...

With those boots and see if you can run him down.

You know that champagne maybe lot more fancy than whisky.

..But sure it don’t give you quick action.

To tell you the truth. I don’t really like it. It’s very fashionable.

How do you like it? Tickles going down and its expensive. So I like it.

You sleepy Tommy? No.

25 hot one on the red.

Place tag on the blues.

‘There is something in your eyes...

..That look a little bit different.

Something that appeals to me.

I love the way they change up the angels Always full of mystery.

There is something in your smile that are a little bit different...

Something I have been looking for ...

If I can just be sure that you are on the level..

...I would never ask for more.

I thank for a little bit of feeling

...First time we met..

17 odd in black.

17, there goes the last button of my shirt.

Alright buddy, you wanna have another ride? Going on 17?

Cash me in.

Place your bets.

“Something that I never knew...” In every way. are just a little bit different...

That’s why I love you

Thanks you for the money, daddy.

I hope....

Bourbon large glass.

There are plenty of rooms on either side... But you had come bullying in between us ?

I didn’t see you...

You interrupted a very important discussion on serious matters regarding big things. and my brothers don’t like it.

Gentlemen, gentlemen... no trouble please.

We just put the place back together after the last difference in opinion..

...gentlemen, more over the breakage and the overhead. Mainly the breakage.

I had a dreadful time keeping body and soul together

What I think is going to happen... Happens...

Here is your trip.

What’s eating you Tall man? you had words with those Baker brothers?

Who? Those 4


Told around they are quarrelsome citizens.

Gentlemen, lets consider the incident closed. Watch out tempers.

Maybe I would go and apologies.

More whisky.

I will be right back, I hope.

Where have you been? well Randy always on a trip.

You don’t know what are you doing to me...

Please... I got a large family.

Hey, wait a minute it’s me.

Billy, get him.

That’s my old friend, Billy.

Come on get him... come on get hold of him.

Go on, you got him. You got him.


I must have hit the wrong man.

Hey Sorry, Quirt. How are you doing?

Don’t worry about me. Come on.

You wait outside. Check them and count them as we throw them out.

Its getting less.

Oh honey, I was so afraid You would get hurt.

Its wonderful. We have money, whisky and lovely ladies. and just had a beautiful fight.

...I tell you, we would really ought a be thankful You have been reading that bible again Yes.

That’s something I never thought I would see. What?

A Bible with your name on it.

Now where would you get a bible?


Penny, what is wrong with you?

Table cloths don’t belong in there.

Oh, I am sorry.


Unsaddle my horse. Will you kid ?


Wanna a boarder for a while?

Of course. You are always welcome Quirt!


I didn’t had a decent meal since I left here. Chocolate?

Not very good, the flour you know.

I will just stick around till you get it right.

I feed the chickens. So early, Penny?

Yes. Can you help me Quirt?

Does it take two to feed a few chickens, mother?

At times, Thomas, at times. remember?

You came back?



I don’t know exactly.

Why did you go away without saying anything ?

I don’t know exactly about tat either.

I think it’s because I frightened you.

I know that sounds strange that I could frighten you, but .....

...but I mean it You were frightened because I was stupid .... thought that living with me will be tiresome ..

..and dull after a while.

Tiresome and dull because....

...all I knew, raised since a baby.. here among the farmers I believe ..

...that people love, marry, and stay together for ever after that I am not such a fool not to know that in outside world there's people .. doesn’t have to follow that they marry and stay together for ever.

I know that sometimes they separate.

Are you ever going to run down and let me talk ?

No, Quirt, that’s what you were afraid of that I tie myself around your neck ..

...and when you get tired you couldn’t get rid of me ..

I made up my mind that if you come back I will tell you this.

...whatever you want, Quirt, you can be...

If I go away you go with me.

If I go away, Thee go away.

I used to be an Indian fighter.

See you cant help walking up soft on people..

Morning missy...

This young man doing any trouble since I was here last?

A fellow over Castleway lost a big herd of cattle a few days ago.

Well, missy... Cat got your tongue?

Why ask her? You know I have been traveling.

You look at my coral to see how my horse shaped up ..

I did just that... You sure covered a lot of country.

Its a rightly weary animal..

I just want to see with the young lady live for you.

I was going to..

You have been over to Castleway?

I have been to Rinrock and I got witnesses to prove it.

Witnesses! For instance ?

Randy McCall, Christine Taylor.

That’s what I call witnesses? Who else?

Lila Neal, I suppose She would make a good alibi witness for you.

Randy, Christine and Lila...

...there's three to draw to So Lila saw you there too?


Come here, junk head... You hay jumper...

Guess its a mystery here, Quirt.

...but I am patient..

...that’s what hangs all you fellows in the end.

...I am patient.


You talked about her when you were in delirious.

There is a sight I never thought I would see.

Quirt Evans behind a plough.

The pony walks as soft as you do.

I taught him Oh, I figured you should have heard him.

...except you have been thinking too hard.

Haven’t you got some real important business to attend to?

Some place else. Sure.

But I always liked to keep you tracking about your whereabouts.

You know, Quirt...

...I always figured I would use a noose rope hanging around you...

Kind of respected it.

You never took the best of things....

...and all your men went down looking at you. go on and mind your own business.

I usually do.

Its a shame that things don’t always turn out the way it should.

Now that little girl... she would marry some young fella ..

...who would know what to do with that plough...

Why don’t you kick up that horse and move on?

Some young fellas that can raise a lot of grain.

...the cows, sheep, the kids..

..kind of a fella that she would always know where he was..

Do I have to run you off?

Well now I tell you. I have never have been run off no place yet.

...where I aim to stay. it so happens that I gotta be gone.

No, Quirt... don’t rate a new rope with me.

look... there is a lot of fooling around non sense have to go with it

..I am not going to stand for a lot of dressed up and jabber up people

...looking at me, just because I am getting married?

Quirt, come along. oh, yes or no? come along.

Those are black berries?



Haven’t we have enough Quirt?

Never did like black berries... Now I know I was right.

..It’s too much work I will get some.

Look out there is a wasp on the petunia! don’t kill it.

Well its alright to for you to trust a wasp and people but

...he might have known that I don’t trust him and decide to take the first bite.

And incidentally that’s not petunia, that’s a daisy.

That’s a petunia.

Petunias, daisies, daisies, petunias.

Quirt Evans.

Oh nothing. I just like the sound of it.

Quirt. Where did you ever get such an odd name?

Fellow who raised me gave it to me.

He found me somewhere along a big cattle track.

Folks had been bushwhacked by the Indians, I guess..

He was a big fella. Cattleman.

...swang a wide loop in his younger days I think.

Wide loop?

He wasn’t too careful whose calf he threw his rope at..

Most of the old cattlemen were like that He raised me. Quite a guy. His name was Wall Ennis.

He was down in a gambling place...

...a fellow grabbed his gun-arm just as he drew. He was murdered.

Stop it.

Then what?

Well I just danced around place to place.

Quirt Evans.

I don’t see any gun. I know him, he has got a gun alright..

...I know him ..

Well, what are we waiting for?

Nothing I guess. let’s find a saloon.

You don’t have to be worry about Penny, mother.

Oh, I cant help worrying, Johnny.

Get that doctor, Burn out the robe both ways.


It’s amazing...

...the various uses to put man in alcohol.

Each different individual A stimulant, depressant or anodyne Just now I am using it for anodyne

Get to the point.

Practice of medicine... one of the most infuriating profession known to man.

It takes 30 years of experience to teach you...

...and then in the final analysis there is nothing to do but stand and watch.

She has her elusive moment You better speak to her

...I am not trying to argue you out of anything.

Maybe you would better stop and think.

She wouldn’t like this, Quirt!

...I am not arguing for or against her point of view.

...I know to her, the worlds worst tragedy would be if you should kill a man.

...of course you could argue logically That she wouldn’t know whether you killed him or not.

I think she would know.

Any discussion has to have at least two participants.

Of course you can refuse to answer me.

I felt cynical.... would be a good opportunity to observe what we are about to see

...a perfect example of 'An eye for an eye'.

Unfortunately I cant quote chapter and verse.

...I am too tired to be cynical.

Father, father, come upstairs!

Penny, you are very ill, you must not be moving about.

Mother, I got to go .. you must get back into bed. But he needs me.

This is insanity. I told you to keep her in bed You want to commit suicide? If you don’t stay under those covers young lady...

There is no fever.

You must do what the doctor says. mother, please.

I can’t understand it.

I can’t understand it at all.

There must be some logical scientific explanation I am too old to start believing in miracles.

You know if you two hadn’t had me covered I will never let them harm the Jeffrey pistol with me...

Wait till Quirt Evans hear about this...

...well, it was Dodge City 7 years back.

...when the Earps were gunning, where me and Quirt...

Come here. Yes, Mr. Evans.

Laredo Stevens?

He is in the Golden Eagle, and the pistol eating Hondo is with him.

Take him a message.

Hey, how the boys are doing? Celebrating?

Good, why not?

Sure you get that excited when you make a big win like this?

Why get excited... sometimes you win and sometimes you loose.

Don’t get excited, gentlemen.

I ain’t looking for trouble..

I am just a carrier of a message. Yeah? What is it?

He said you to come out in the street..

...he his waiting for you. Who says?

Quirt Evans.

What is this, a joke? Quirt Evans is...

Take a look out at the streets See, who it really is.

Jack, take a look at the street.

It’s a tall armed man with a black hat standing.....

...near the blacksmiths shop

Mind if I use the backdoor, Pitt? go on, Pitt.

Well, they say cats got nine lives.

He also said he was curious to know how much whiskey you need build up your nerves to come out.

You are fixing to get your ears pin back?

You need a pair of yours in the street if you wanna pin somebody’s ears back.

Hey, you drink this.

Sure, I don’t have to stand near you.

Come on.

I wonder whether that sharp shooting Martial is at town Oh, I saw him ride out of town an hour ago.

That’s good, we don’t want him around to spoil our play.

Yeah! I bet, that’s just exactly how you meant it.

Look out, there is going to be a shooting.



...step away from those women.

Why don’t you turn around, Quirt?

Nothing ever works out right.

Had them rise up, they got the bigger stage I figured out whets the rukkas.

You down them and I hang you....

...sort of...

..Sort of killing three hawks with one stone. to speak.

Nothing, nothing ever works out right.

I may have missed you, Quirt, but I am patient..’s only a matter of time, when I hang you.

Not me, mister.

From now on I am a farmer.

Hey Quirt might need that.

No, no man that carries a gun ever leaves one.

What are you going to do with it?

Hang it down on my wall at office with a new rope.