Animal World (2018) Script

I have fought the good fight.

I have finished the race.

I have kept the faith.

I am crazy.


I'm really crazy.

There's no cure for it.

It can't be treated.

This illness is hopeless.

The cartoon on TV earlier is called Super Clown.

I don't really like this cartoon.

But that scene of the clown fighting has been imprinted on my mind since my eighth birthday.

Ever since that day, I've got this weird illness.

I always feel there's a clown living inside me.

Whenever I get emotional, this clown would jump out.

My brain would feel like it's drowning in Vodka.

It becomes paralyzed.

At this moment, the people in front of my eyes turn into all kinds of strange creatures and start to attack me.

The doctor says it's a psychological disorder.

I don't believe it.

I feel that my life must have some mysterious connection with clowns.

Because people say that I'm a clown in life too.

It doesn't matter.

What matters is you keep this in mind.

I am crazy.

Zheng Kai-si.

I'm telling you, if you don't want to do this, go tell the manager.

Stop daydreaming.


You won't get any bonus if you fail to achieve this month's goal.

Are you happy?

Little girl.

I have a small gift for you.

-Thank you. -Here's your phone.

Please give me a few seconds.

I didn't know you miss me so much.

Aren't you really excited to see me?

What are you doing here?

Get to the point.

I don't have time for bullshit.

Go Nicolas Town.

Ever heard of it?

It's in the downtown area.

Luxurious condos.

Private elevator. Great lighting and air circulation.

Did selling houses make you stupid?

What on earth makes you think that I could afford a house?

I have a suite that's worth 12 million.

The homeowner is badly in need of money.

He'll sell it for six million.

I haven't told anyone else.

Not even my boss.

But my client wants to be paid in full.

I mortgaged my apartment and got over two million.

I still need about three million more.

Regarding your apartment, who owns it?

Don't even think about it.

No way in hell.

It's been years since my dad passed away.

This apartment is the only thing he left us.

How can I sell it?

It's not selling.

You mortgage it.

Same thing to me.

If my mom wakes up and finds out that I sold the apartment, she's going to kick my ass.

Your mom has been in a coma for years.

She's not going to wake up.

What's your problem?

We'll make six million on this deal.

It's a really good deal.

Why did I tell you?

I'm looking out for you, buddy.

You've been taking care of a vegetable for many years.

Medical bills.

-Nursing fees. -Stop worrying about my mom.

Insurance covers half, and Liu Qing helps me with nursing.

You have to think about Liu Qing.

You don't even have money to marry her.

Let me tell you one more time.

We are not dating.

Then what are you guys?

We are friends, classmates, old neighbors.

Then why do you keep her photo?

You think you're too poor and don't want to drag her down.

Please go figure out your own life before coming here and talking about mine.

Ms. Liu, how are you feeling?

Much better.

You jerk.

Out of money again?

One thousand.

Didn't you just get paid on the third?

I was late for work a couple of times.

My pay was deducted.

Can you act like an adult?

Yes, I can.

Would you lend me some money?

The head nurse says if we don't pay up, Mom will be sleeping in the hallway.

Won't you feel sad if our mom is in the hallway?

Don't call her our mom all the time.

I'm not your wife.

Zheng Kai-si.

I have six patients waiting for drip infusion.

If you want to act like a jerk, please do it at another time.

Is Liu Qing there?

Yes, I'm here.

I need a Glycerine Enema.

Okay. Please wait for a second.


Take off your pants.

You help me.

Do you need it or not?

Of course.

Hurry up.

You hurry up.

Stop laughing.

Come out here.

What are you doing?

-Can't you see he's messing with you? -I know, so what?

This is my job.

Then you should quit.


Are you going to provide for me?




I'm waiting for you.

Be gentle.

Stop hitting him!

Stop hitting him!

Stop hitting him!

-Li. -Stop hitting him.

Li. What's wrong, Li?

Stop fighting. See, you've frightened Li.

What's wrong with him?



Where is the head nurse?

In her office.

Would you stay away from Kai-si?

He always gets into trouble.

Why don't you keep that in mind?

Your dad went to great lengths to get you transferred here.

It's not worth it if you get demoted because of him.

Ms. Chen.

Don't say that.

He wouldn't become this way if not for his mom.

He was the smartest kid in our neighborhood.

Are you still defending him?

Anyway, don't blame Zheng Kai-si for it.

You can deduct from my salary if anyone asks for compensation.

What if Mr. Li didn't make it today?

Can you take the blame?

Dr. Ma came back from France and brought you a bag.

Get it from my locker after your shift.

You keep it.

Listen, he bought it in France for you.

Why would I keep it?

Text him later and thank him.

Get to know each other.

Take this.

I'm not hungry.

I'll have some noodles.

Take it.

I just microwaved it.

It's getting cold.

I have to hand in my salaries to my dad now.

This is all I have.

Take it.

I don't need it.

I'll figure out tomorrow.

There was a mass food poisoning today.

Some are in a critical state.

That's why your mom is in the hallway.

But Ms. Chen said that it's only temporary.

Liu Qing.

If you meet someone right for you, just marry him.

I found him long ago.

But he won't marry me.


Is there an end to this?

You are always the tough one.

Now that you're lying here, how can you take it any longer?

Mom, ask your colleagues and friends what your son has become.

He can't even afford your medical bill.

I'm sorry, Mom.

Hello, this is Good Guys Real Estate.

I'm Li Jun, your property consultant.


It's under my mom's name.

Can it be mortgaged?

All done.

Give me the deed.

I'll have another look at the contract.

It's all in English.

Do you speak English?

Don't worry.

My lawyer has made sure that it's good.


Big Shrimp.

If you mess this up, I'll beat you up.

If I mess this up, my dad will kill me in no time.

A pack of cigarettes.

The yellow one.


Hey, girl.

Look at this.

I handmade these.

Please take one.

-No, thanks. -It's two yuan each.

-No. -What do you think?

It's pretty.

Have a look.

I handmade these.

It's two yuan each.

And five yuan for three.

-Please wait for your change. -Keep it.

HOSPITAL Hello, this is Good Guys Real Estate.

I'm Li Jun, your property consultant.

Sorry. The subscriber you dialed is unavailable. Please dial again later.


I'm so sorry, buddy.

I'll do anything to make it up if I have the chance.

I'm so sorry, buddy.

I'll do anything to make it up if I have the chance.

What's your relationship with Li Jun?

We are friends.

Here's the thing.

He was fired two months ago.

He stole the seal from finance, conned a client's down payment, then he vanished.

Our company--



You are in the wrong place.

Who is this?

Get up.

And go to the window on your left.


I want to talk to Li Jun.

Then why should I believe you?

I'm so sorry, buddy.

I'll do anything to make it up if I have the chance.

What kind of game is it?

What's the worst-case scenario?

Are you going to provide for me?

I found him long ago.


I'm going on a business trip.

Please take care of my mom.

This is my mom's medical history. Bankcard and--

What do you need your passport for?

I told you I'm going on a business trip.

Don't lie to me.

That arcade you work for, what business takes you overseas?

What kind of trouble did you get into?

Are you trying to flee?

I saw Li Jun the other day.

Who was that man in black?

Is he a mafia?

Why are you laughing?

This is for you.

It's cheap, but it's all I have.

I'm leaving my mom to you.

If I don't come back in a week, unhook her from the respirator.

Zheng Kai-si.

Can you stay?

If you need money, I'll see what I can do.

One week.

If I come back,

I will never leave you again.

If I don't come back, don't waste your time on me.

Just move on.

I can't move on.

If you're leaving, then I'll wait for you until the day I die.

Liu Qing!

-There's an emergency at bed 16! -I'm coming!

Hurry up!

Don't leave.

Stay here. We're not done.

Don't leave.

Leave everything else to us.

Just sleep.

When you wake up, you will be where you need to be.

This is an anesthetic we developed.

It will help you sleep better.


No! Leave me alone!

Stop hitting me! I don't want to die!

Leave me alone!

Chinese, right?

I'm Zhang Jing-kun.

Zheng Kai-si.

Do you know why there are so many cameras?

We are here playing rock, scissors, paper.

Meanwhile, a lot of rich guys are upstairs watching the live feed and betting on us.

Think about it.

They got us here from all over the world.

It must've cost a fortune to fly us here.

Guess how they make profit?

They need those rich guys.

This is not the first time I'm here.

And I'm telling you, many of the players are not rookies.

Everyone has his own purpose to be here.

Mine is to get my loan cleared and leave the ship in one piece.

This is far out of our depth.

We should get out as soon as possible.

Who doesn't want to get out?

I can leave if I give you all my cards.

Would you take them?

Don't forget it's a tie if we choose the same card.

By this rule, if we find the right partner, we can get off the ship alive for sure.

Unfortunately, most people are greedy.

It's human nature.

Get the cards in the same order as mine.

Scissors, rock and paper. Divide into four groups.

If you make up your mind, meet me at Table Six.

Play cards in this order.

Twelve draws. We will get it done in three minutes.


Sorry, buddy.

I accidentally messed up the order.

Don't worry.

Next round, you play rock and I'll play scissors.

You'll get the star back.

Come on.

You are cheating.

He cheated. Referee, he cheated!

Referee, he...

When that white guy explained the rules, did he say anything about no cheating?


You can buy the stars back when the game is over.

Just get your money ready.


You Westerner, are you even human?

I can't accept this.

I'm a human.

I won't let you butcher me.

My money!

Zheng Kai-si.

Zheng Kai-si.

Zheng Kai-si.

Zheng Kai-si.

Zheng Kai-si.

Zheng Kai-si.

Li Jun.

Why are you here?

Where else should I be?

You should go to hell.

You are a liar!

You're a big liar!

Give my deed back.

You have me as your guarantor.

Why did you end up here?

I want to try my luck.

If I'm lucky, I will win back your apartment.

If I knew what you drag me into, I should've pushed you off my balcony and let you die.

I won't complain if you kill me.

But I won't die without a fight if they try to kill me.

I don't think they dare to kill us.

Come one, buddy.

We are in international waters now.

If they toss our bodies off the ship, no one will know.

Who will pay back the money if they kill us?

Are they idiots?

See that mirror over there?

All the eliminated are locked behind it.

They call it the black room.

Everyone inside it will have a chance to get out during the last ten minutes.

If no one gets you out, you'll be taken to the bottom of the ship.

There's a medical lab.

And we'll pay the debt as lab rats.

Who told you that?

One of the guys in my cage.

He's been here three times.

How did you know them?

I went to Macau on a company trip.

I lost everything in the casino.

They came to me and lent me a loan without collaterals.

But the interest was calculated daily.

There was no other way, but selling my dad's apartment.

But I couldn't resign myself to it.

So, I took a client's down payment and went to Macau again.

I lost everything.

So, you decided to con me?

I thought it had to be my turn to win.

Where does your dad live now?

At a nursing home.

We have less than two hours.

We're not going to die here.

We each have one star left.

We can't keep going like this.

There's no room for error.

We need to find someone who possesses two stars with no card.

We'll use one of his two stars as a backup.

I saw one.

No way.

What if you trick me?

You don't have any cards left.

You have a better chance with us rather than doing nothing.

I have no cards left, but I can buy stars afterward.

Those people, all of them have the same plan.

Are you sure you'll have enough money?

Okay, then.

Show me all of your cards.

I'll trust you this time.

I'll trust you this time.


Thanks for your star.

You lied to us.

Stop crying!

You thief!

Damn it.


I'm begging you.

Please don't leave me here.


I only have one star now.

I don't want to be a slave.


If you lose, you are going to die.

No way.

I need to go home.

I have to get off this ship.

My daughter.

She's waiting for me at home.

See, this is my daughter.


Who's looking after her now?

My mom.

My mom has cataracts in both eyes.

She is almost blind. She can't even cook.

What's your name?

Meng Guo-xiang.

You can call me Fatty Meng.


Don't soften up.

He just stole our card. You're not going to believe him, right?


I didn't mean to steal your card.

I got tricked too many times.

Besides, you got four scissors and one paper.

Anyone would be suspicious.


It doesn't make sense.

Normally people would keep each type of cards balanced.

But you have almost all scissors.

What if someone saw it?

You'd become the targets.

He has a point.

-If you tell anyone, you're dead... -Shh!

Everyone has 12 cards.

One scissors, one rock and one paper in a group, divided into four groups.

Assuming that he plays his cards balanced, no matter in what order he plays out his first three cards, he'll play out one card for each type.

If next round he plays scissors and rock, and hopes to keep his cards balanced, for round three...

He'll surely play paper.

Not exactly.

If someone plays paper, scissors, paper, for his first three cards, and rock, scissors, rock, for next, his cards still remain balanced.

Buddy, you have a weird logic.

If he plays the way as you said, when he has three cards remaining, he'll only have two types of cards.


You lost me, but keep going.

I copied all your Math papers anyway.

You guys go find someone with nine cards left.

Keep an eye on him.

If he plays rock and scissors in the next two rounds, tell me immediately.

The order doesn't matter.

Go and find this guy.

I'll go get a loan and see if we can buy a star as our backup.

I need 500,000.

This much?

We need to be prepared.

We found the guy.

Fatty Meng is tailing him.

Which one?

That guy with a beard over there.

No time to buy another star.

We have to try our luck.

I'm telling you, Fatty, we share this loan equally.


Do you want to play?

Why not?

Yes, we got him!


Are you sure we're going to hell?

Dare to go for another round?

-Are you insane? -Stay out of it.

Are you game?

Kai-si, we don't have to play with him.

We can find other players with nine cards.

That's right, we should stop.

I accept.

This won't end well for us.

If we lose in the next two rounds, two of us will end up in the black room.

Can't you tell I'm putting on an act?

Think about it.

Why would he suddenly want to play three consecutive rounds without me changing cards when he saw I have three cards left?

I guess...


After the first win, I'm sure he's using the balance mind.

This conventional thinking makes him believe that the three cards in my hand must be balanced too, which are scissors, rock, and paper.

Just now I played out scissors.

So, he believes that the remaining cards are one rock and one paper.

As long as he plays paper twice, he'll win at least one star.

That's why he wants to play with me three times.

But he could never imagine that the cards we have are all scissors.

Whether you get it or not, don't nod or show any expression on your face.

And shut your mouth.


We are doomed.

They really dare kill people.

If we lose, we are going to die.

-What are we going to do? -Stop it.

You are talking too much.


There are fewer cards every minute.

It's now or never.


I think we should save the money for stars in the end.

We need four more stars to survive, but each person has an average of less than three stars now.

But if you buy cards with the money, which kind of cards will guarantee our survival?


Look at it.

Paper has the least left, scissors are the most.

Think of it this way.

When the game begins, all types of cards begin decreasing.

They are like three lit fuses.

Three hours later, the ratio of the cards looks like this.

If the cards decrease in the same speed, in the time remaining, papers will be the first to run out.

In this situation, if we only have rocks, we could never lose.

That's right.

We have the chance to win much more, let alone four stars.

We can't do it by ourselves.

No one will play with us if they find out.

We need to find players with three stars.

Ask them to buy rocks for us.

In return, we pay them and take all their remaining cards.

That way, they'll be safe to go to the second floor.

After they leave, no one here will know our plan to stock up rocks.

Hiring people to buy cards for us, is it against the rules?

It has been hours, haven't you noticed that there are no rules?

The referee is even blind to cheating, right?

The white guy only gave terms of elimination.

Anything not mentioned is allowed.

As long as when the game is over, we each have at least three stars and no card remaining in hand, then we'll get off the ship safely.

Thirty rocks.

Two scissors.

Four papers.

Do we need more scissors and papers?

Shall we buy more?


It's perfect.

What's wrong?

Scottish Black Sheep.

The last Math story my dad told me.


His dad was our Math teacher.

I've been thinking about it since we began buying cards.

What color is this Rubik's cube?


Three tourists went to Scotland together and saw a black sheep.

The first one said, "All the sheep in Scotland are black."

The second one said, "It only proves black sheep exist in Scotland."

The third one said, "None of you are accurate."

We should say right here right now, from our point of view, that the sheep has one black side.

When we are so sure about something, we ignore the whole picture.

That's how that dude lost to us earlier.

He's all by himself.

There are three of us.

At least three different points of view.

That's right.

Three heads are better than one.

Take it.

You keep it.

You have no objection, right, Fatty Meng?

No objection.

We have to trust each other

if we want to survive.

It's about time.

Fatty Meng, keep an eye on the card count.

When there are only two papers left, it will be our cue.

We have two stars as backup.

Every time I asked you what happened on your eighth birthday, you told me you forgot.

All I can remember is Scottish Black Sheep.

And scattered memories.

There was someone whistling.


It terrifies me whenever I think about it.

I have fought the good fight.

I have finished the race.

I have kept the faith.

Since then whenever I get emotional, I get crazy.

I can't get the clown out of my head.

To be honest, I can't tell if my memory is real or not.


Old man, we are running out of time.

You still have so many cards left.

You won't get out without my plan.

You need money for your son, right?

If you don't make it...

-Let's go somewhere else. -Okay.

Come on.

Something is wrong.

You guys need to check it out.

Papers haven't changed for a while.

Only scissors are decreasing.

It's not the same proportion.

Did you see that?

Scissors go down in pairs.

Scissors are dropping fast.

Too many tied games.

Each draw takes two scissors.

Why are there so many draws all of a sudden?

According to our theory, paper should be the first card type to run out.

We stocked up rocks, so rocks don't decrease.

The consumption of the other two cards should not be affected.

But now scissors are decreasing fast due to lots of draws.

There is only one possibility.

It could be that someone put out the paper fuse.


Someone stocked up the cards like we did.

They want to buy out the remaining papers.

Kai-si, what are we going to do? We have to do something.

There are only 46 scissors left.

If we keep waiting, the rocks we have will be useless.

We can't wait anymore.

I have to play now.

Me too.




What's up?

I'm Luca.

I need 500,000.

Those two guys behind him are the ones who won our stars.

It seems that we became prey.

Can you sell us your extra stars?

How much?


How about this?

We'll borrow more money, and you sell me your three extra stars?

Sell three to me, then I'll play three rounds with you.



One game for three stars.

Is this damn translation machine not working?

I told you I won't sell you three stars.

I never intended to buy your stars.

What I want is to bet our three stars on your extra star.

You are insane!

Have you lost your mind?

We don't have much time.

We need six more stars.

Any other choices?

I disagree.

I agree.

If it weren't for you, I would've already been conned into the black room.

My life depends on you.

Two stars.

Add mine.


Talk to them.

You've got to try no matter what.

What do you say?


The game can't be interrupted after you put down the card, right?

He doesn't feel right.

It proves that my deduction might be right.

When he took a card out of his pocket, I suddenly realized that the total number of cards they hold must be an odd number.

If it's even, they could use up all the cards by deliberating ties between them.

But if it's an odd number, they need one more opponent to use this extra card before they are safe.

When I stocked a certain type of cards, I also paid attention to the amount of other two types of cards.

I need to make sure that the total remains an even number, so I can get rid of them with draws.

Two scissors.

Four papers.

It's perfect.

But for the total number of cards I stocked, even or odd doesn't matter.

Because I don't know how many games I have to play in the future.

It might become an odd number easily.

For example, suppose you have 30 papers, and it becomes odd after three games, you'll need a fourth opponent to become an even number again.

When you've played four games and want to stop, but someone still wants to play with you, and you have a good chance of winning, you'll play again.

The total of cards will be an odd number again.

Surely you can use other types of cards allocating stars internally to make papers even, and other types odd.

But for you, you'd rather keep papers odd, especially when you're competing with someone who stocked up rocks.

Surely you'll use the card with better chances.

So, I guess this extra card you have is a paper you stocked.

Paper. And mine is scissors.


If you weren't crazy about money and kept pushing me.

This wouldn't have happened.


Sell me your extra cards.

You could've asked anyone for help to get rid of this annoying card.

But you're too arrogant.

You just wanted to gloat.

That's why you lost.

You really think so?

Look over there.

They sold all the cards to me.

Bastard! How dare you betray me!

Let's work together.

You should give me 100,000 dollars and I'll take all your cards.

Then I'll tell all of them what cards you have.

Whoever buys, becomes an easy target.

They seem to be eight papers and two scissors.

Your friends told me.

Nice working with you.

Screw you.

Go to hell!

Stocking up papers after rocks.


Too bad. It's not necessarily safe.

Those who did this before,

all failed.

I'll give you a star.

Let your stupid friends have the cards and you can get out with this star safely.

All right. Give it to me.

You have to give me five cards.

Three rocks, one scissors, and one paper.

I knew you are up to no good.

Rest assured.

These five cards will be used against others.


I will never abandon my friends.

Care to know what comes after elimination?

The first time I was on board, I was on the brink of elimination.

Then someone had a seizure.

I escaped from the scene in chaos.

That time, only five of us got off the ship.

One of them told me that there's a medical lab on the bottom deck.

They were doing genetic tests there.

I swear on my life.

I'm not lying this time.

If you can't get off the ship, you'll wish you were dead.


Loyalty means nothing in this animal world!


We have 69 cards in total.

We have 30 rocks, 34 papers and 5 scissors.

Besides us three, there are 38 people on this floor.

And 22 of them have no cards left.

They're waiting to buy stars.

Now there are only 16 people that can still play.

Besides the cards we have, there are nine rocks, nine scissors and five papers left.

We'll make our move when two more papers are recycled.

Let's go.

May I have your attention?

Please adjust your headsets to my channel.

Not many cards are left among us.

Your opponent probably already knows your cards.

Therefore, I propose we gather all the cards and reshuffle them!

This will expose our plan.

Some of you might think I'm bluffing.

All right then.

Let me prove it to you.

No. 57, the man wearing a hat over there, you have a scissors card left.

No. 7, the man with long hair, you have a rock left.

The man with blonde hair, you have a paper.

Am I right?


My card isn't scissors.

Stop lying to yourself.

Many of you bought cards from others.

Those who sold the cards to you, without any hesitation, would sell the information to others.

Many bought information from them, so all of you are easy targets.


-I'm in. -Me too.

-Me too. -Count me in.

-Me too. -I'm in.

-Me too. -Count me in.

-Me too. -Count me in.

-I'm in. -I'm in.

How come there are only a dozen cards?

The board shows there's more.

Some of you must be stocking cards.

That's why they're afraid and don't want to reshuffle cards.

How about this?

After reshuffle, we only play among ourselves.

This will lower the risks.

We're in too.


How many cards do you have?

Three scissors are missing.


You are offered another chance.

If you don't join us now, you'll be stuck with your cards.

No more waiting.

Hurry up and play.

You asked for it!

There are 32 rocks.

Three scissors.

And 34 papers.

We have all the papers.

Besides the cards we have, there are two rocks and five scissors.

There aren't that many scissors left.

No time for that.

Play the rocks.

The worst case is a draw.

Don't touch me.

Or I'll show you how bad I can be.

-Don't touch me. -Losing will only cost you a star, which you can buy afterward.

But if you don't use this card, you are dead for sure.

Don't push him if he doesn't want to play.

I'll play with you.

Play with me.

I'll give you two stars if you win.

If you lose, you can give me just one.

How about that?

Are you stupid?

He has 69 cards in his hand.

Surely he can figure out what card will win.

I've told you.

Stocking cards won't work.

How do you know that I won't lose?

My guess.

Why else would you bet two stars for one?

Are you sure?


That means you know I have 34 papers.

This is the only way I'll win this game.

What are you implying?

Since you're sure that I have all the papers, you must know a rock will guarantee a win.


He defeated my scissors with a rock just now.

-That was a coincidence. -That was not a coincidence.

This man, at the beginning of the games, won two stars of mine by cheating.

Then he tried to trade stars for my cards.

He has targeted his prey.

He won't lose as long as he has the right cards.

When I refused him, he suggested reshuffling the cards.

If I'm right, he cheated again while reshuffling the cards.

He gave me all the papers and saved the rocks to himself.

He gave the scissors to his prey.

Those who has only one card left.

Have some common sense.

I dealt the cards face down.

You all saw that, right?

Even if I could save rocks for myself, there's no way for me to know who has scissors.

What if you marked the cards?

Three scissors are missing.

No more waiting.

You have scissors, right?

Zheng Kai-si.

What the hell are you doing?

It's like we are playing with open cards now.

Nobody is willing to play anymore.

Then I'll play it blindly.

Now, I'm the only one who has all the three kinds of cards.

I'll mix up the order and put them on the table face down.

You can choose the card I play.

I won't touch them.

Once the result is revealed, you can flip the other two to confirm.

It's fair enough.


It all depends on luck. Is it to our disadvantage?


It's paper.

Do you want to get off the ship?

I won!

Who didn't participate in the reshuffling?

We have five minutes left.

It's almost showtime.

Five minutes!

It's not going to help if you hide in the crowd.

Step out and play the game with me.

If that person really wants to play, he'll play with me.

At least he still has a chance.

I can give you stars and make sure you get off safely!

-Just step out and play with me! -Stop yelling.

There's no such person.

Remember the guy who flushed his cards down the toilet?

Three scissors are missing.

And now, it seems like he flushed three scissors.

What a shame.

The board only counts recycled cards.

You've been fooled.

I found that out when you were reshuffling.

There aren't that many scissors left.

Winning or losing doesn't matter in a blind game.

The point is to consume the others' cards.

Now, I'm the only one who has the cards.

If you've made up your mind, find me at Table Six.

I'll be there waiting for you.

I'm safe. Goodbye.

I bet five stars.


You don't have the leverage to bargain with me.

I don't mind anyway.

I'll just drag the three of you down with me.

Totally worth it.

You are so familiar with the cards we have, then why don't you do the math?

We have 69 cards in total.

In the blind game just now, we used one scissors, one rock and one paper.

So now we have 66 cards.

An even number.

If you don't play with us, we could consume all the cards through draws among us.

You'll be the only one who'd end up in the black room.

As for us, we can still buy stars.

But we may get into trouble if you play with us.

If I win you with a paper, we'll have 65 cards left.

There will be an extra card, which will never be played.

One of us will go to the black room.

-Dude. -Don't worry.

I will go.

Big Shrimp.

You said there's one last chance of redemption.

It could just be hearsay.

What if--

This whole time, no decisions were risk-free for us.


to all the people you have cheated.

I'm sorry.

Slap yourself hard.

-We don't have time, Zheng Kai-si. -Hurry up!

Too soft. Do it again.

Not hard enough. Do it again.

Harder! Again!

Just get me out.


Do you still have the chance to get out?

Come here and sit.

This seat is for the VIP.

It's easy to point you out later.

Young man!

Did you see a man in a white suit outside?

You mean No. 29?


That's him. No. 29.

He should be upstairs long ago.

Am I right, old man?

You must have been tricked.

What happened?

He told me in here.

I can see their cards from behind.

He asked me to come in to give him signals.

When he has enough stars, he would get me out of here.

But he went to the bathroom halfway.

I can't find him anymore.

You helped him cheat?

Why are you so surprised?

My partner and I played this trick several times.

Those over there were sent here by us.

That man said that cheating is allowed.


So, I agreed to his plan.

But you came in with empty hands.

So did you.

You might not make it.

What do you mean?

You mean...

I wonder if I could skip the trade and use my extra stars to save my friend.

Did you see that?

He is my childhood pal.

-What the hell? -Move!

This is for saving my friend.

-For 200,000! -Shut up!

Shut up!

We have one extra star anyway.

Just sell it.

Let's rescue him first.

We can't get through without selling.


It's 500,000 for one star, any buyers?

-Me! -Sell it to me!

It's not for sale. It's for my friend!

-Big Shrimp. -I want to save him.

No. 72.

I disagree.

I don't want to save him.

Three stars worth at least 1.5 million dollars.

It can get even higher later on.

Meng Guo-xiang.

You're despicable.

I made up my name.

The wallet?

I stole it.

I don't have a daughter.

I have nothing except these three stars.

I don't know why you got on board, but don't you think that these three stars are our only hope?

Do you really want to give up a chance like this?

Big Shrimp!

Now I see who you really are.

If you listen to me right now...

Big Shrimp, don't listen to him!

Don't save him.

We can get off the ship with a fortune.

At least ten million.

Ten million.

If you rescue him, we could leave here alive.

But don't forget that the interest on the 500,000 we borrowed rolls by the minute.

Do you have any idea how big that number is?


Do the math.

Who can pay it off?

Who can?

If you are in, I'll give you a share.

If you want to rescue him, you can have this money.

Figure out how to save him on your own.

Big Shrimp.

Go get the stars back! My life depends on it!

Stars for sale!

Who wants to buy?

Follow me if you want to buy it.

Big Shrimp!

Big Shrimp!

Big Shrimp!

Big Shrimp!

Big Shrimp!

Big Shrimp.

People die for wealth.

It's the human nature.

I'm sorry, buddy.

From this day on,

your mom is my mom.

I'll take care of her for you.

Big Shrimp!

Li Jun!

Li Jun!

Coming in with empty hands, you can't even trust your blood brother.

You should've brought something valuable.

Otherwise, why would they redeem you?

You'll die here sooner or later if you're so naive.

In this animal world, there's only profit, no emotions.

There's a medical lab on the bottom deck.

They were doing genetic tests there.

And we'll pay the debt as lab rats.

If you can't get off the ship, you'll wish you were dead.

People die for wealth. It's the human nature.

You can't even trust your blood brother.

Young man.

Are you all right?

Three stars are worth at least 1.5 million.

It's 10,000 dollars per stack.

Thus, 1.5 million requires at least three bags like so.

The money in Scar Face's bag can only buy one star.

But they'll pay triple to get him out.

According to his theory, he must be worth much more.

Therefore, I'm sure he must carry something valuable.

My partner and I played this trick several times.

It's not the first time they've been on board.

They must know how to bring valuables up here and take it to the black room.

Tight bandage is bad for discharging fluids.

It limits new flesh to grow.

Airtight environment will form an anaerobic zone, which breeds anaerobes, causing tetanus eventually.

-Are you okay? -Yes.

My friend recited this every day when she was preparing for her exam.


To be more accurate, she is my girlfriend.

Show me the stuff.

Where's the bandage?

-This is all we have. -Redeem him.


Young man.

Young man.

Young man!


Send a message to my son.

Tell him to change the medications to cheaper ones so he will survive a few more months.

And please tell him that I've tried my best.

Just a call will do.

It's 17310511913.

Young man, please!


-I have fought -I have fought

-the good fight. -the good fight.

-I have finished -I have finished

-the race. -the race.

-I have kept the faith. -I have kept the faith.



No bottom line.

These things tried to turn me into an animal.

No way.

I'd rather be a clown who fights for himself his whole life than become a group of scums like you.

The game is yours.

But the rules will be set by me.

To hell with the Animal World.

I don't give a damn.

Give me the stars.

Give them to me!


Our years of friendship couldn't beat these bags of money.


I will redeem him.

I think it'll be better if you tell your son that in person.

I lost my dad when I was eight.

So, I understand how your son feels now.

He might not need expensive medications.

But he definitely needs you.

Young man.

Thank you.


Zheng Kai-si.

You should go to hell.

That's what I deserve.

But I only want to die in your arms.

I have fought the good fight.

I have finished the race.

I have kept the faith.

Life goes on.

And I'm still crazy.

I'm still the clown in their eyes.

I don't care.

Mr. Go to Hell.

Wake up.

Come get the medication.