Anjaam Pathiraa (2020) Script

Smoking is injurious to health.

Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to health.

[BGM from Dulquer salman's Kali]

[indistinct chattering]

What do you want? sir I,am Anwar Hussain (Psycholigst)

Who do you want to see sir?

Upper Ravi.

Umm. Sir i'am Anwar Hussain. yes sir. We have heard about you.

What about your cell-phone?

Yeah. i have kept those in my car.

Anwar Sir, Greetings. How are your sir?

Okay sir shall i? yeah go ahead with him.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances and some political pressures we could'nt hang him in jail.

He murdered nearly 14 peoples, you know.

That's the reason we didnt allow much people like you to see him.

But he is wishing to speak with you sir.

Sir, why did you want to speak with him?

Some of our clients bit crazy with their mindset, you know.

When i came last 2-3 times i could'nt able to see him. yeah know i'am here. let me finish this.

Sir you wait in the room over here.

Let me bring him Sir. Yeah ok!

greetings, anwar sir. yeah, hello. Come sit here.

I will be overe here sir, if you need something else. let me know sir!

Sir, there is a bakery near the jail, i heard that sweets over there are so delicious.

Sir you came so many times to meet me. so before my last days let me full-fill a wish, that's the reason i want to meet you sir.

So. Ask me sir. Ask me anything as you want.

I need to know everything about RAVI.

Ravi's life. Ravi's sads and pain. EVERYTHING.

Recite everyting from the beginning. i don't want to send such a well-educated person with such a disppointment.

Sir you know? I don't have any kind off offence or pain when people call me with a name UPPER RAVI.


In english they call it as! mmm. EXCESSIVE.

When you kill people with hammer, you will get a feel like you're losing your head.

When such close peoples from your side fall into that kind of trap

mmm, say the remaining. we used live by my work sir, actually i used to work in a 'Car-tyre-shop'

After my mother's demise i left that too.

There are 3 childrens, including myself.

We used to have fun sir, my brother used to poke me, it will be such a fun.

During my 8th class, i stopped from further studies.

I have joined in a 'Chicken-shop' by working over there, i came to witness the pleasure of the death.

I took much more time than usual and i used to kill each 'Chicken' with such a pleasure.

I used to kill those chicken with such a gut.

After sometimes, the pleasure it starts to fall off, from there i have gone to another extreme.

BREATHE-IN BREATHE-OUT James, to calm ourself this is an emergency kind off technic.

Next time, before you collapse down with your panic attack Just control the breathe process like this.

Just keep these kind off cover always as with you, just breathe in through that and control yourself.

Heart rate used to come to the normal rate.

So we can easily avoid such panic attacks and we can control the anxiety.

It will be tough to maintain it at the beginning, but dont worry it will be sorted out.

Use of medicines is not necessary as of now.

Okay? Hmm Teacher said, manners it just lies and stops with in her name itself.

Teacher used to teach us some manners, and we have to follow those. That's the major rule.

That's the reason even you to call us with the name children (Makkale)

Mmm. Athey (Right) is'nt it? daughter.


have you noticer her tone? :)

Yes. Anit Etta (Brother) ?

We mill meet by tmrw mrng. Yes etta (Brother)

Good night Okay. Good night.


We should get the consulting criminologist list official as soon as possbile.

So that's the reason, department consider you to appoint in it.

Consider the peoples who have studied M.A Psychology as of now!

You have to get a master degree under criminology.

Considering your position, i'am not sure how you will get a job under this. and i'am also moving your name to further peoples to get a job as 'Consulting-Criminology-Psychologist' i'am not well aware of those right. Means. Sir you are there with me right?

Then. Insted and considering this diploma, i'am also interested in preparing for PHD.

For that, i need to know more about those, crime field experiences.

Definitely i will not exclude you, when such kind off things happen over here Then bring the materials regarding your PHD degree. We will see about it.

Instead of rotting over here, why dont you start a private detective agency?

Mmm.. I have to set-it-up later.

Then go home thing about this in deep and come to me again.

Okay? - Yes. So the job is sure right?

Stop when some shop is near. i have to smoke a cigarette.

Ahh. My wife is not allowing me to smoke inside the house. isn't right sir? When we smoke inside the home. Wife scolds us. When we smoke outside the home. Police beat us.

To smoke a cigarette we have to go thorugh such things.

But only the money for the cigarettes is definitely need for everyone, isn't right sir?


Aren't you the height of the mark ceaser?

Aahaan! you speak well in english That too from Julius Ceaser.

Do one thing. Here take and have some tea.


Sleep tightly tonight, ceaser.

If you failed to do so, you will lose your entire sleep.

Your sleepless nights are coming.

Instead of working for others, the time has arrived to work for yourselves.

Your sleepless nights are coming.

Anwar? hmm.

My dear anwar, some beggar said some useless things Why are you confusing yourself with those things?

It's not like that fathima.

He is not some usless beggar to speak such thing. I'am feeling that something strange gonna happen.

Hmm. let we see when such thing happen. If you keep saying like this, then i will conclude myself that you are hallucinating and you? you are'nt a ceaser. Hallucinating CEASER.

Right? haven't you thought about this earlier. You are our Next DySP sir.

From tmrw we will begin our usual works. Hey, stop saying these kind of thing! for drinks, they are charging nerly 3K+ rs from the future DySP. right. Don't say something like that to sister. She will definitely throw you out of house for asking money.

You are saying like your wife is welcoming you when you do such things. Then we can forgot everything about future DySP right?


[music intensifies]

Who is that?

Who the hell is that?

Are you a police?

Who is it?


EMERGENCY MESSAGE. DySP Abraham Kureshi is been missing since tonight.

Don't you think before unloading these loads. you have been working for the salary right?

My dear brother whatever you're saying are right. But please verify if they deducting from the salary.

If you don't need this job, just go to someother job. Ah. That's right? but what if don't get anther job?

Hey, what's over there?

Seems, someone is lying after some drinks. Let me see. Whether is he one among us.

Brother, don't get into such troubles. We are not sure what happened. We will call our manager.

Hey, Ganesha!

Your'e facing a common thing like what others facing as of now.

Have you ever though about why are you here? Why ? so that you can find some peace You are feeling so bad for no reason, as you said.

Then you clearly know that there is no such thing to worry about. isn't it ?

Just sleep peacefuly, there is nothing to worry about further.

To keep calm yourself, some technics are there! Let me say those..

[PHONE RINGS] Just a second..

Yeah. Say Anil Etta (Brother)

Who saw the body first? Me and himself and JCP operators, Sir.

You guys are the drivers right? Yes sir.

Eyes are completely taken off from Kureshi sir's body sir!

DySP - Abraham Kureshi. He is just 2-3 months away from his retirement.

He said he will arrive home later, after playing rummy in the club.

So his wife and his childre slept early before his arrival.

Till midnight he didn't show up!

Peoples in his house, got quite scared. He didn't respond proper for those phone calls from them too.

The milkman who used to come early in the morning, he saw the phone that it's been left on the road.

He gave the phone to his family, by seeing a family photo of them in the phone screensaver.

His wife immediatley phoned control room, and intimated about the incident.

Then, the workers who work over here found the body lying over there Then i thought it would be a good field experience, so i phoned you to make your presence over here.

Sir, The people who work here are some contract workers sir.

We have collected all the details.

Have you found any kind off evidence? by referring scene of the crime we couldn't able to find any kind off evidence sir.

We got some minor details about the crime, will let you know once the process are done in the lab sir.

Okay. Then proceed with that.

Despite them, even you too have some look about the crime.

Just look at it.

[flies buzzing]

He just covered the body with that Perfume smell.

That's the reason even dog squad not able to find any such thing.

And to dump the body over here, he must have a strong reason sir.

Peoples work over here are usual with thier works right?

Before finding who dumped the body over here? The killer who did this, he definitely have some negotiations with us.

ANJAAM PATHIRAA (The Fifth Midnight)

He died, around 6AM by today. Cause of death is due to heart failure.

But before removing the heart, he taken the eyes out of him. During this process, he was completely alive. So BRUTAL.

During this process, he tied him up with some strong ropes.

So he felt maximum pain during these process.

Above all this, he poured some perfume too. As of now this is our primary analysis.

Rest will say after veryfying him.

Anything internal? Commisioner requested us to provide a primary report on this.

Post the autopsy process, we will get the report from the forensic staffs, mam Who is this?

During this kind of the process, it would be good to have, such consulting criminoligist mam. ANWAR HUSSAIN Carry on doctor, make it fast.

Forensic thoroughly verifed the body.

We couldn't able to find any kind off finger prints or traces from him.

Anwar, What are your thoughts?

Mam, i have a feel that with a motive this is a crime of a passion Planned abduction, eyes and heart are taken out brutally Either he should have any hind of motive (revenge/vengeance) or he is doing this for crazy publicity With in the first stage of report, we can't come to an conclusion mam.

Even, i feel the same.

Okay. We have to look about the further investigations. Especially about his past, previous cases he deal with. Everything.

And Anil, you set up a team.

Let me discuss about this with the commissioner.

Apart from the motive, we couldn't able to get any kind off evidences from the body sir.

What about your team? ACP Anil Madhav and 3 additional inspectors is on board sir We have set a office too under the ACP block sir.

Catherine. The person who is murdered is an DySP. We need this to solve ASAP, then entire pressure is on us. So do whatever it takes Did you think that Abraham Kureshi have any enemies? No. Definitely not like that as i know.

shocking is in such a good place, there is no CCTV.

Peoples like Abraham kureshi can speak as easily in phone on midnight means. if in that case, either he is definitely abducted friendly in a vechicle Else someone over here would have noticed him..

But there is no necessary to leave the phone on ground right Pradeep!

What happened over there! Sir the neighbour are saying that they didnt see.

Similarly there is not even tire mark of such heavy vehicle, neither the traces of the vehicle is not found in main road.

Eventhough, the forensic report didn't have any traces, for the presence of chloroform in the body.

Choloforom. is it possible?

Those things are often happen in cinema sir.

To lose his consious either he shoukd resist in it or atleaset, 30 sec or 1 minute. If abraham resists that, The peoples around here would have notified that, he would have definitely made some sound.

So the one who knows a specific weakness of Abraham, he is the one who did it.

Something about this case is not right. i think this is the most high profiling case, that i'am handling right now.

Some one who is aware of him is doing such thing. You just handle this in your own way.

But don't confuse yourself. just have the drinks.

After a month just visit my home with your family, at that time you wont remeber as this things happened.

Inspecting and the details even about the internal organs is finished In Abraham Kureshi's internal organ, we have found a substance so called, ZOPEDEMIN Normally this will be giver for the people who can't sleep.

Abraham Kureshi couldn't able to sleep well in these recent days, while interrogating with her spouse she said about this.

She said that he is using this quite often.

Does her wife have any motive to kill him?

Possibilities are there.

She could have feed him without his consicence.

Though she can't guess when he fall off.

That depends on your headache, i'am present over here only for the report purpose.

Mam, we had a look on some tracking records, This is not like some deaths that happened recently, These kind of things used to happen so rarely.

So we could easily get that this has been done for an spefic motive.

Despite this common proofs, we are not having any kind off specific leads mam.

Then as pradeep said, we have to look on whether it's been done on any kind of personal vengence or motive if in such case!


Hello, Anwar! Brother, i have gut feel, hear it.

Peoples like them will be pressurized when we try to knock them down.

The Ecstacy that they get from that killing pleasure, so they will move on with next murder.

So possibilities are high, may be a another policeman can also fall under that target.

So brother, declare a red alert in the city My dear anwar, psycholigist like you have one common problem.

You see every men's view in deeper manner.

That's because the position that you are in right now.

So, Just hang up the phone and let me sleep please.

Sir he is my friend, If he didn't have proper papers just leave him. we are kerala police, not some other police right! just irritating at the night He just got married recently right? yes. that's the reason he is always on the phone I will come by tomorrow. We fill fix that, have you slept how is the climate? is it okay?

The power over here is gone, over there is it there?

#2 wait, i will call you back!

Who is it? Don't you have eyes?


Where is this man gone? Speaking on the phone has he gone far?

Just call him.

[PHONE RINGS} Hey that's his phone

Where does he go? leaving the phone behind MANO SIR!


Come on anil brief me, Mam, he is walking with the phone speaking with his wife suddenly he is gone missing leaving the phone behind over here.

Anil, Let's set a conference call with all the inspectors with in the city limit.

Officers should protect every important street and corner of the city. Both on-duty and off duty should participate in it.

And we should'nt allow the killer to dump the body by tonight. IMPORTANTLY. Vechicles with suspicious activity should be brought down.

We are dealing with a very dangerous criminal.

An common message has been passed across every station, to ensure that CCTV should work in proper manner. Officers should follow our orders.

Carry on.

It's all getting messed up anil. Madam, last night Anwar made a call for me.

He suggested to issue a red alert for the city, further he adds to knock-down the killer ASAP before his further apporoach. But i didn't consider those things seriously.

Who will come over here to dump the body? The DCP is ruining our peacefull sleep too.

What if someone appears like that sir? Sir there is vehicle approaching over there.

He stopped after seeing us! come let we see! control room we have notified a suspicous vehicle

Make sure about the vehicle! check it properly He is backing his vechicle! Hey, stop Open the damn door!

Sir the vehicle is loaded with pan-masala stuff, they are planning to export this somewhere illegally. OVER.

Sir, Tea? No, Thanks serve this to mam.

Mam, Tea. Mmmm!

Good job guys!

So far. We didn't allow the killer to dump the body, like he did before. If he attempts make now, we will catch him, until then officers should work under 24/7 next update in 2 hours.

Sir is there any common possibilities between, creativity and Pyschological Abnormaliy Yep. William Shakespeare and Abraham Lincoln Geniuses such as them, in smaller scale they have faced some problems.

But peoples with creative ability, it is difficult say the relation between psychological and emotional context.

For example, A person with no creativity, like me.

The mood swings for me is your questions. and the questions that also raised by my dear wife Fathima. so in such case it's diffcult to say the relation between the psycological and emotional context.

Good morning sir! Started early morning like collecting witness.

Like in this term, i would suggest a book like instead of foreign writers book, i would refer you too Indian writer and a Malayali like Dr.BENJAMIN LOUIS's books.

Because the case studys references included in this are localized, it can be easily relatable. so remember the name. Dr.Benjami Louis!

[cell rings] one sec Hello!

What happened?

Sorry guys i have to leave, A emergency situation Rest we will look it up in next session.

And you can get this book on online. Good day and Take Care.

What happened? Just bring the laptop and bag to home. Okay!

My driver Paulson has witnessed the body sir.

Even dog squad couldn't smell it sir, like previous the perfume was all over the body. when did they see? By early morning today sir.

Who saw this first? Driver Paulson sir Call him!

Mam, only the front portion of the office is guarded.

Even CCTV wasn't touched as of now mam.

I cross-checked that too mam.

Arun, proceed the body for further process. A person one among us is enough for that.

Rest the team should assemble in office. Get all the CCTV footages.

Anwar i think, you were right.


Particulary, a killer who is targeting the POLICE.

Madam forgot to say about this earlier. while checking the footage.

We faced a complication.

What complication? Continue playing it.

this footage doesn't have the disposal of the body.

Check the date again, preethi!

Time and date are synced in proper manner, mam. let me re-check again in CCTV Cloud server to.

What is it ? is that CCTV performing some kind of magic!

What's happening?

Like the childrens used to say, it feels like an ILUMINATI mam. isn't it?

Preethi. PAUSE IT.

Go back

3AM. morning 3AM.

Pause it. Pause it.

RAAVANAN Sorry couldn't get it?

it's a statue that they used to place it for some dramas. it's famous festival that occur in some places. it can't be brought by yesterday. they brought through over here to avoid some traffic and some public disturbances.

So? then!


This is the festival that happened around 2-3 days back. it has to be placed over there, But the footages we have been seeing right now is definitely from the footage that captured around 2-3 days back. what if they brought it back the statue after the festival?

NO Reason, Raavanan's death is the major one on the festival. so the statue will be destroyed at the festival itself. what dou you mean anwar?

I Think we have been hacked!

Someone tampered the CCTV and replaced those with old visuals.

Find the godammit expert! and preethi, make sure what he is saying is right? yes mam.

Madam! death follows the usual pattern like it had for earlier one.

Eyes and Heart were taken out. cause of death remains same.

Like otherthings, we couldn't able to find further evidences from it.

As usual, the scent of the body is sprayed with a perfume.

Further, in addition to that we got this statue. we couldn't able to find even a single fingerprint.

STRANGE these statued doesn't have any kind of name, or any kind of watermark of the designer.

A customized statue of Lady Justice (Neethi Devathai)

VERY STRANGE But for another reason,

Unfolded eyes, like normal statue it doesn't have any kind of black cloth around it's eyes. a statue which sees everything.

And the reference of the face is not the one from the Greek, in addition to that, it looks like a person who is one of us. if the killer proceeding his wishes with such a impact-full signature He is either affected by the police, or he is not served well by us. else, totally the let us know what happened kind-off move. then why this time ?

He had chanced for earlier time right?

Then these are happening for some other motives.


ANWAR is right with his words mam. The footages that we have seen are the one from the days back visuals mam

Preethi yes sir Photo no 5. Just show it on the big-screen ZOOM IT Around top left corner near that stone, there! isn't that similar statue like this one? oh god it was there! RAVI immediately pick that up

[music intensifies]

oh god! i was scared. what are you doing ANDREW? i'am just listening to the song. when your mom brought you to me for the counsiling purpose, to stop doing these kind off hacking, coding things. and son promised me somthing to this sir on that day. what is that?

HACKING SKILL are good but it should be used in efficient and in proper way. then son, are you following it?


Police will come to catch the childrens who dont obey the words, Police ? over there

Get in.

Sir peoples in my home will search for me. get in the car.

Andrews explain the things propery to mam.

Mam. this guy is very sophisticated. TECHIE.

To tamper a CCTV footage, you need the model number of the CCTV footage and the password.

Peoples like us can easily get the detials of user name using smarphones But. the video footage, to delete that and to replace it with something. you have to be really good. you know! the loopholes and the travel path between the video calls, creating a similar code for that, and adapting it with suitable software. we can hack it.

That's possible only by the people who in or on from the DARK NET. while doing such things, we used to leave some traces like phone numer, IP's etc. but he is well aware in masking that.

Like you know, he is always 2-3 steps ahead of you guys. if feels such a fun, while looking at your face right now. Anwar! pass the information the his home that he will be staying over here. Till the end of this case.

You make sure the police's internal websites are tampered or not. Got it?

Anil! yes mam Release the photograph of the smiliar like lady justice statue to the press. if we get any kind of clues or information through that, it will be really useful.

Yes mam. Alright.

This kind of lady justice statue, these are not common among here sir. by bringing 2-3 such sample pieces smilar like that to our store we have faced lot of loss in business. Even regaular is not ready to look at those statues.

Rest the status that reamins unsold so far are kept over there.

Sir when you look at that status, the eyes has to be foled out with black clothes. Though, it is not necessay to complete the eye portion of it.

But thet statue that you brought has well layered eyes, euther it has to be prepared based on a customer's needs. you just verify with other shops too peoples who make statue with old metals, plates are there you will get an answer over there.

Listening to what we have heard as of now, something about this case is not right. i didn't take this as serious at the begininning, but now, i did a big mistake.

For killer it feels like an thriller game, A lady justice statue which is witnessing everything with a open eyes. and police who are killed brutally by taking the eyes and heart out of the body.

Cases like this, i have even lose the brutality impact that i had in it.

Each day the case is getting quite stronger,

The killer, he is over here, in this kochi city. who planning a brilliant moves, playing HIDE and SEEK game!

Sir? i have came here to share some information about the lady justice statue, that i have recenlty seen in a news.

Lady statue? what is that sir is there superior officers here to whom i can speak wait!

Sir, There is one over there... have you seen my photo, how is it? nice! you can click photos in facebook?

It's not facebook, It's faceApp. You do one thing capture my picture and make me young. yeah we will do that right now. there is girl over there, who want to speak something about the lady justice statue. lady justice statue ? yes. The one that's been shared by us in our facebook page. what? that customized statue? yes you move away man!

Raj brother, where is that girl? she is over there.

Hey girl!

So you never seen that girl under this jurisdication. right? yes sir The CCTV camers over here, wont work? Yes sir.

Since we will be staying always over here, we didn't install that over here.

What kind of polices are you? when a girl came to share some informations about it, won't you collect the name and further information of her? IDIOT

Ahh, i thought you were sleep.

Nope, she is sleeping well in the sofa downstairs. When you behaving like this. how can i sleep peacefully? sleep will come. i'am thinking that i could torture some police officers, with my phone calls right now. have to find that man, but being there i feel like nothing useful. i couldn't able to break down the killer intention. mmmm!

Da Vinci Code.

What? have you read DaVinci's last chapter? mmm in that peoples used to think about a thigng deeply. in my opinion, the secrets lies within those things, makes interesting about the potrait art. i know.

So what? now, if in case those statues are not made by the killer the one created this statue, will always leave his signature in that statue.

The person who is so obsessed with his own motives, is meaning this statue like a DaVinci code If i'am in the place of that killer. i will definetely do like this. there is nothing that, we haven't found any kind of traces from it.


Then, it's STRANGE.

Good morning everyone. we have here discuss a importmant and a sensitive matter. Police who are under 'KOCHI' city jurisdication are over here First of all, switch off all your mobile phones.

The things that we were gonna discuss right now, it shouldn't discussed over phone calls or through emails.

ENDING COMMUNICATION should stay with in yourself. because, we are under a cyber attack. Two murders.

That too from far distance places in-and-around kochi. and the body dumped placed doesn't have any kind off connnection.

So we can't be sure that the killer is focussing only on kochi. But right now it can happen anywhere in kochi!

Considering this we gonna execute a plan on it. Tonight the kochi police should guard the city from various places.

You can guard each street, by combining one or two peoples with in yourself.

We should focus more on some public places, unknown places.

You all will be connected with a headphones, between yourselfes. you can't move more than 100 metre between your pair, And Arun please make sure that the staff who are in leave to make their presence in it. We need more people. and as i said earlier, it should be in secret manner. Two peoples from us are murdered. and we have to make sure, that we are safe with in ourself.

Just make sure that you carry on with some weapons, beacause, all our lives is lies with in ourselves. Good luck guys!

Paulson i will be walking in 100 metre distance from you, and you will be following me back in a vehicle, stay connected with me thorugh call.

Hey, i'am not welcoming this plan. when we asked whether we do have other plan to mam. she couldn't say a better plan this. Hey, you guys are making me to walk in midnight, what a better plan is this?

Hey don't mock me with your smile!

Even that too will under my head. mm mm

Paulson, YES mam.

Seems someone i following me.

Yes mam i able to see them. Shall i come closer to that vehicle mam? wait we haven't faced that time. BE ALERT.

Hey girl, come let we have some fun. rey. speed the vehicle Paulson, That's a false alarm.

Come in!





Leave the phone parts.


Knowing wearing that mask, why should he made his presence over the camera?

To make us to guess. it's his game. and the mask is very common one. Check the buyers, who have ordered in Amazon/Flipkart They can easily get it from there.


If we release this picture to media, we may get some leads mam.

I Can't believe this. Just a hello he uttered?

And a mask, paulson is gone, SIMPLE.

What is this anwar?

Catherine situation is getting out of control, so far we have lost nearly 3 officers from our side.

We initiated special investigation too, but what happened for that?

Now it leads to adcution of another officer too! with your carelessness we have lost another officers too, well you will not take any responsilities, i'am the one gonna face it from higher authorities

Police wireless devices haven't missed so far yet. but how could he?

Mam, it can be tampered out with similar like those devices, where it can be also over heard through anotther device. otherwise we can, if he need out secret frequency! which means if we are under crber attack! if any device,mobile phones gets hacked from that it can be done easily. it's just a piece of cake. from this video one thing is sure, he is not just one person.

The killer has an accompanace yeah, because he adducted those offiers either by showing some kind off weapon i'am not sure what kind off weapon was that! Regarding this lady justice statue case.. we have lost yet another one officer, last day.

DCP Catherine's driver, aka Paulson has beed abducted from that night. we are taking necessary steps to prevent futher process, regarding this case, if some one has any information about the lady justice statue or about the wolf mask, people should let us know. apart from that! - Excuse me sir. what kind off protection does people gonna get? when there is no safety measures even for the police? apart from our protection.. when police couldn't procedd down with futher investigation? how come they can catch the killer? regarding this safety measures, what kind of plans are currently rolled out so far? Paulson's wife is likely to deliver a baby in upcoming days. what i'am gonna say to them?

we can't get any kind off informations as of now. then mam, for the past 3-4 days police are working hard in this case.

24/7 without any further rests they are proceeding with it.. it seems rest of the offcers like us are enjoying a tour?

Till we get some clearence in it, the duty time remains same. no change in that!

Come on you bastard what is your play?

seems some one is here.. let me see who it is. Eat properly without spitting it.

is this Anwar Hussain's house? Yes it is.

There is a delivery form him! what kind of delivery is it? we are not sure about that mam, it looks like a refrigerator. refrigerator, we haven't ordered anything like that? is the given address is yours mam..

yes. Then sign this out man. Sometimes husband's used to give such surprises.

I have recieved a refridgerator from Amazon? Refridgertor? i have'nt ordered anything like that we already have one right? they must have delivered in wrong address check it.

Address is right! it seems you like surprise me. whay do you need a surprise? it's been over for over anniversary right? if it's not a surprise for us, then let me open it and see. #3

To scare me, my friend did this. Okay?

Seems killer took his motive too personal against us.

We're really sorry about this fathima. it's okay mam.

A vehicle with Amazon sticker arrives to deliver this, that's what my wife is saying as of now. they were wearing some kind off masks during this, we haven't expected anything like this right?

Be with family anwar, take some time.

Relax fathima, 2 police officers will stay over here for your protection.

Everything will be alright. we all are with you.

what happened to that post-mortem report?

Sir i have informed other officer to take care off.

Sreekanth sir is taking care it off. he will come with it.

Madam, Seems this too a well planned one, we have collected the footages of past 2 days from this CCTV that remains waste it seems a smaller vehicle approached to deliver this things.

It's not like that anil. it seems a temporary customized vehicle.. they can't use that again. It seems they are following us.

we got finger print only this morning sir. we have cross verifying it with police database and record. and we are awaiting for a match in it!

Not it's a matter of time! madam. we got a mail!

It's shameer. Cocaine shameer. but he is not over here at this time that's look scary dude. he is very dangerous mam, notorious. Let's locate him.

Shameer is the one who import cocaine (Drug) illegaly to this city. for the past days he is in jail, we have caught him in a club.

The officer who died recently, it seems now he involved in that case too.. he gone after serving 3 months of prison. he is quite danger, even it's difficult to handle him.

have you seend him? After i have released from prison i haven't heard anything from him sir.

If i got him in-and-around here... Sir you can verfiy it sir, i'am not protecting him Do you know shammir's new number? - No sir When did shammir came last time? - not sure about that is that any kind off people looking for him? around 5-6 months back.. he phone you last friday, right? no mam, he didn't make calls if you get any information inform it to us.

if the account gets activated in the social platform.. if our phots gets tagged in it. we can't easily interlink with some other pictures. see this? in this three photos, that girl is common to make her presence.

Who is she? Vicky Maria.

She is working in Kakinad MNC, No, she is a former employee.

Her number and details are so easy to get, it's because i used to with-hold such information through hacking..

Just for Trying purposes i used to get that sir, for us it's hacking, for this kind off purpose it will be called as social service.

Look at these numbers, she used nearly 7 number.

The active number is currently residing in between these buildings..

It's that room, 201. Are you sure? Yes. How do you know mam, do you like biryani? yes so? no sir, they ordered a biryani, for them.

Seems the food is here.

Vicky there are nearly 7 sim cards registered under your name.. in that, 4 remains in inactive state. 3 remains in active till yesterday. In that, who is using this number? to whom you gave this is is him?

Call the press people, we will arrest her under Narcotic charges. yes sir, i'am well aware of how i can get informations from her!

Stand up!

When shammir released.. he came to see me. i gave him a mobile phone and a sim.

But i haven't heard anything for past one month i even messaged him, but he never replied. i don't know anything mam, please leave me. Mam, this is the location of Shammir's current number... it's Chambakkar fishing area, right!

what happened!

seems someone is hacking us!

Andrew! Wait let me block that firewall.. he is really good, taking this to next level.

Mam. it's been many days since he dead.

I think it's decoy, he is distracting us with Shammir's lead.

Earlier today we found Shammir's body in decomposed state .

Police is verifying his link with this case, We can't say anything more than that! Nearly 4 murders are happened under your watch..

It seems lack of efficient officers leads to such crimes? Mind your words.. for the past some days police is really working hard 24/7 Media peoples like you are creating such panic and making it more complicated among public You just stay over there.. let we do out job.

Even your sleep to gone right?

Happy! No sir now i was quite interested. i have been creating a database, to keep track the footages that we got so far, with that we can get some informations.

But each time he is been keep swithching the vehicle right? with so much facilities that we got so far.. we can't locate him, or what he is ahead as of now.

Peoples like you can easily crack them down..

Andrew? - Yes sir Look at this

Kerala police....

LEAD CARBONATE Visible under such lights, he mixed that chemical with that metal.

SD! Fathima's - Da Vince CODE

Sir mam, is here.! Mam. we have traced 2-3 peoples with the information that we got from the statue Sudhakar Devalogam, is his name. he lives near Vadakancherry//

We kept two police officer to watch his move near his house, If we leave right now! we can talk to him by morning and we can get some informations


We have been since yesterday night mam, he didn't come out so far.

Police right?

I have noticed with the sound of those shoes. i know that you will be looking for me, regarding the case. and i'am well aware of those recent murders, that's been happening in kochi so far. i created those Similar like lady justice statue.

Around 6 months back, a person came to meet me. he is nearly around 45 years age... he requested me to design a statue similar like Lady justice but with unfolded eyes... he offered me some money too! eyes should be unfolded and it should be like a familiar face He made only one demand.. dont's ask me the purpose and reason for it.. that demand felt bit strange for me. then, in sculpting these kind of art each person have specific style i'am not convinced myself to put a watermark name in the statue.. so i placed a watermark into that art by mixing a lead carbonate chemical.

Then after some days he came back, he gave money for it, but buyed those arts from us.

Then i did'nt see him Can you able to identiy him? so that we can proceed with it, can you?

No, mam.

When he came to buy those arts, a person accompnied with him SUNDAR.

He had a sun-glass. while he leaving, he gave that sun-glass to me.

To not share some informations about them. they took my eyes too.. they poured some kind off substance in my eyes.

it's my daughter Mythili.

She is studying in coimbatore. she is the one who came to say the information to you, about the statue that she seen in the news.

Then why did you leave without saying anything?

Sir i have received a internet call on that day.

That scares me. they said we will kill you both, If we say anything about that statue.

Then i felt someone is following me, so i left the place. i saw the interview that mam gave recently.

Under this circumstances, we could'nt be helpfull on that day. We are Extremely sorry. but i can surely say one thing...

They ordered 5 pieces similar like that, 3 Peoples were killed! So we can expect anther 2 murders as of now.

Okay. Mr.Sudhakar.

Thank you for your time.

You don't worry about the security issues. We will make sure of that. if you get any information about them hereafter, just intimate us.

Okay mam, Then shall i leave? yes.

It's my card, in case if you need counsiling on PTSD just let me know.

We have make sure that he is really blind.. you just cross-check him with the local doctor, and inform to me ASAP.

This feels like an Dead-end, Anwar.

We badly need another plan. Mam, i have a idea.

Notifying the movement of those phone location, killer is disposing the body according to it.

Now we can get information, if any kind off phones from us gets switched off.

What we are using is smartphones, many sensors are commonly in build in it.

GPS, Magnotometer, Touch screen.. apart from that we use Accelerometer, Gyrsocope etc.

So we can easily track down some information from that.

The accleremeter has specific plug in, that plug-in has been deployed to Kerala Police's APP. so that the people whoever who use that APP, those phones can be notified over here. if we get any kind of unusual movements, from any phone... we can easily detect it.. then later we can be notified over here.. but it's impossibile to keep track everyones moves right?

No mam, only the peoples who use this app can be tracked.

We can give it a shot mam, let we see. DESPRITE TIMES. DESPRITE MEASURES.

Mmm send it!


Okay sir. App ready.

Now we will notified who ever use this app.

Shall i go to home sir?

Sir if i have rolled out this things to some other people. i would have atlease earned 4-5 lakshs as a salary sir..

But instead for them, it would be great for us. so for that you need to be here. Okay!


Hey son!

Check everyone properly..

Else we need to wander in and around every street.

Hey Ravi, look at that vehicle, i will be back after sometime.

Start the vehicle, and go ahead.

Police man is here... he gonna call us.

Chottu, come here. i said right, doesn't know what he is upto now had dinner, had some fun. Yes sir Okay give me what you have what is it?

Paan masala sir.. Rule has been passed right, saying not to use this. yes sir.. then why? sirr.. you know right? then why GO. sir the remaining, GO!

What a pervert he is!



You didn't leave that vehicle right?

No sir, he will definitely pass in-and around here. check there is a mobile going down.. sir call that numer...

he is not picking up.

Sir, it's from Kakinada.


I think he is in trouble.

Sharath Chandran from this station is found missing mam.

After his duty, he came to home to take some rest.

Andrew notified us, but we dealyed to the spot mam. he lives in Palakkad mam,

4th officer gone, i can't handle this. where are we going wrong? where are we headed?

but it doesn't seems like the regular pattern right? we have to look in to that.. he tried his best in defending him. becuase the things in his home are brokened, either he would have dragged him in to the van..

Neighbours didn't hear any noises while this happening? Any voices?

They were saying that they didn't see or hear anything, though the power is gone off. But they are scared, how many times we ask, they recite the same thing? don't you hear any noises?

just question them strongly. though the pattern is different this time.. and also he messed up with him.. got a fight with him.. we have to look into this perspective.


SIR SIR SIR The 4th officer who found missing days back, is found in the train on Aluva STATION.

Killers, placed him in a wheeling chair and they placed him inside the train as source says.. what is the use of seeing that? You just used to see only. The 4th person gone missing right. despite the post that you are in, you're not fit for anything. IDIOT. We will check in to that sir..

who is she?

How dare. seems this feels like an group.. they are making us fools mam, But one thing is sure mam They know that CCTV's will be there in train. that's the reason the merged up with public to despose the body, from now, the torubles and panic begins also with public too mam. where we couldn't help that too right! neither we dont have any leads right.

Arun release the photograph to press and for the police stations. we need to take a look in to every database that we have. mam, we can even try with face-recognization app..

See Anwar, this is no FBI..


We are allowed to do investigate with what we have, else we can cross-check using google apps like ANDREW said.

Nothing more than that.

Madam, extremely sorry, there is nothing new to say.

4th person murdered that too with same signature move. before the kidnapping proces he had some bruises. apart from that there is nothing. if i have to say something new, then the costume that he had while riding in that train. That's it mam.

see catherine.. this scenarion is getting worse, press is mocking us down. enough, i'am sorry. I'am shutting you down, sir please. for sometimes, i'am stopping this team to proceed with further process.

Catherine take some time, relax yourselves.

But sir, we have.. We have replacement for you.

Meet Mr.Prakash. he will be leading the time.

Pradeep, handover all the information and to praksh that you collected so far. and you clear out the office. ASAP. Pradeep, you alone come with me.

So you are well aware of this recent murder., in this lady justice case. we have lost out 4th officer.

To further proceed with the investigation process, we added one more another team, to complete this ASAP.

Despite the available evidences..

Anwar, come and have the dinner. Nope. Not right now.

I'am presenting you the new investigation team on this case fight now.

Mr.Prakash, he will lead the case further with available informations further updates will be given by him shortly. Thank you!

Hello, Pradeep, we got a information from last case. we have notified some other subastance in Sharath Chandran's body. in addition to that he was injected with ZOPEDEM, an additional substance into him.

Previously, he used to have Blood pressure, despite that, the substance that we got from his body. he is injected with some heavy dosage of it. i'am not sure whether is it relavant. but i thought that i could say this to you.

Okay- Then Good night,


Madam, Shock Induced Hypnosis. What? The breakthorugh that we had in this case The reason how clearly abducting the police without a word, yes the mystery is solved.

They were Hypnotized, for our consideration ZOPEDEM is not the drug that's been used for sleeping purpose for some rare cases, it's been used as an hypnotized drug come in.

They used to create with their starange appearence wearing that mask, post that, the drug within themselves will get activate (hypnotize) later they will be completely pushed down into that hyponotized situation, then they will lose thier consiousness.

But in Sharath Chandra case the drug has failed to activate, because he consumed an anti-drug, thus it leads him to avoid that hypnotize part.

This is not a noramal serial killer case, mam.

One who can manipulated peoples mind in well mannered, and a psychatric genius is the one we are dealing with. It may be the girl that we have seen in the trail, or whoever it is..

good deduction anwar. very good infact, but there is no use of it. we are off the case officialy.

despite that. you just think carefully, many peoples in this city are aware about a view on psychology.

Even somepeoples are practising around with some hypnotic skills, to find one among them, it' definitely not possible anwar.

But yeah it's a good peice of information. it feels new for me, when you discuss such things.

But i'am helpless

what madam said is right so many psychatric professions are there. and many peoples trying and practising with it right.

i'am not ignoring your findings. but instead of instincts we need some direct evidence on them.

Anil brother..

If the information provied by that sculptor true means, then yet another one police officer will be murdered. but that's not the only one problem. if we didn't stop that then we can't guve a assure if he try similar kind off killing in another state. we are trying what we can able to do right.. it's not a normal cases to hold some mythology facts... but luckily we haven't got anything like that so far.

Not like that, it's like this.. Give it. have you seen that? Hey child, check this out.. show me that.. like this.. spin it..

what have you got it, i'am looking at it anwar. so much documents are there if we able to locate exact case.. then check this out, cross-check whether they got any killer, similar like using this FIDGET-SPINNER one,

no anwars, there is no such thing over here.

wait, i have searched only in this area, what if it's in somewhere else?

there is file.

SIMON MANNURAN, F/o George Mannuran, Thiruvallar.

Simon Mannuran who reside in Thiruvallar, killed his parent George Mannuran

From childhood, a person who used to live on his own world. after completing CSE engineering from UK, returned to his hometown spent much time in a small room with his computer.

One time when his father noticed that , some amount has beed deducted from his bank account. later he got to know about that his son is viewing some brutal live-murder in dark net. what is this simon? what happend to you. i haven't seen you in chruch nowadays.

Parents tried their maximum efforts to convince him.

Days passed, Though his parent didn't make their in presnce for usual prayer.. they started to notified about it by making some phone calls. Police started to keep an eye on him, George Mannuran, right? yes sir.

Where is your parents? they went to Velakanni Temple sir, for how many days, - no idea sir have you ever phone him , - no sir they are busy over there.

So what do you do? i'am just staying over here, passing time. didn't get any job? i haven't tried it so far sir.

Does some other peoples live here.. as of now, it's me only sir.


I think it's him Scroll down, check the current status.

The accused was found guily and sentenced to death penaly by the HighCourt of Kearla, on Jan 14th, 2014. he was dead in a fire accident in central jail 3 years after ( 2015 dec 13th) -- ENQUIRY REPORT PENDING --

Anwar let me say one thing!

Already with your presence we couldn't crack it down anything.

Now it's my time. understand, Sir this Simon Mannuran is the one. ah, like you said, That person was dead. that was a dead end, what is the use of speaking about it.

Now you may please leave. Even i do have some work to do.


A person similar like SIMON MANNURAN who is expert in Dark net is the one who involved in this case right from the beginning. i'am not convinced that the death of him, will act as dead end for this case Sir you consider it in your own way. i don't have any needs to solve this on my own.

Hey Pradeep, just get all the information about that person ASAP.

Andrew, i'am sorry troubling you i'am the one who got you in this mess. sir, i'am in this case for past 2 months but now i feel that i should finish this.

He will definitely get caught in this CCTV Footage sir. if i get one clue, that's it sir. now i consider this as personal. sir we do have one another job.

you don't want waste your time with that.. Here, Simon Manuran, one of the killers.

He served some years in jail. but i don't believe, Sir, this! what

Sir isn't him?

it seems like a play from the film Truth, it wasn't seems like that.. they played like that..

Do one think, merge both the photos and mail me ASAP. SIR. Anwar you again? i came here to discuss something import, i was right.

Simom Mathew is alive, the girl we saw on that metro train is him.

Psycho was alive like 3 hours ago..

This case is almost closed. it happened tonight.

Dear police, the great games ends over here. The game is quite filled with suspense and secrets to offer some thrill..

In-case if the thrill of the game is spoiled, then we are not the reason for it.

This aravindan is the one, his crime partner. for many years they have misunderstandings between them The argument it gets overflowed today, and they shot themselves.

But people are not troubled with thier deaths.

But around 6 months back, simon rented a house behind him and lived over there. over there they got mingled up with some thugs, to get the weapons Post that. as our officers the evidences are matching well with them.

When they noticed that police is foloowing them, They stopped the game.

Okay anwar, then we will see. Have to preapare for PRESS meeting.

We have found the persons who involved in this Lady Justice Serial Killer case.

The one who have personal vengenace with us, Simon Mannurel and Aravinda Katha Two mentally disturbed peoples are the front runners for this case.

The prime suspect Simon Mannuran, years back he murderes his own parents with his own hands.

They served the prison sentence for the crime that he did.

So if in that case, he got all the appreciations from us and press peoples by solving it.

Then what about us madam?

NO SIR something is fishy about this conclusion!

The two person who involved in this. the most commong thing between them is, self-obsession They most thing that they love is themselves.

But misunderstanding between them? they would have gone from here, if we were on them.

Sir the details that's been provied by Anwar Hussain of Pyscho Mannuran is right? sir We will submit the complete report on this case to our higher authorities, then you will get what you ask for. let me tell you something anwar. you are so obsessed with this case. you don't expect that the case will end as you expected.

Come on it happens. yes i was obsessed. But every time i was right. EVERY DAMN TIME.


what happened to him? It's because he lost in this case, but we have left many case like this right?

Sorry Madam.

Let me ask you something, 14 MURDERS.

That too from various places in Kerala.

How could manage to escape from all this while commiting it?

After each Kill, i used to take quite a time between the next one. because i keep an eye on both police and press peoples.

UPPER RAVI's motive has to be observed from them.

The hunt peoples, i used to be a hunter on my own Casual view.

Police have concluded the case, culprits are..


What? I have heard that police have concluded the case.

That's the reason i didn't call them.

They may hear me but later they never consider about this, what i say.


The person came again.

The additional statue that i have kept, he took that 6th statue and left from here. i know the reason for those 5 statues that he bought from me on that day.

But now, i know his face.

D Dr Dr.

Dr.B Dr.BE Dr.BEN Dr.BENJ Dr.BENJA Dr.BENJAM Dr.BENJAMI Dr.BENJAMIN Dr.BENJAMIN L Dr.BENJAMIN LO Dr.BENJAMIN LOU Dr.BENJAMIN LOUI Dr. BENJAMIN LOUIS To know about Benjamin Louis, It happened some year back, to be frank it happend at my village, For a crime that he haved commited for a 9th standard girl, his own uncle LOUIS has got arrested by police on that day.

He is his son.

When did this happen? Earlier today.

While seeing his face and his position, i couldn't left him alone on that situation.

Hey, you go and prepare some TEA.

On that night, benjaming said everything that happened for him Father it's enough. Farmer worker Louis, without expecting any help from others, he is just raising his two childs on his own. Importantly. he never allows his kids to let them think about their mother.

Have some good food. What about you father? i'am not sure about that, will do what i have.

That's it, it will be done.

You kids gonna study well right, Eat.

Teacher, then i leave.


Louis, your kids are coming.

Hey come here. Stop Stop! Aaan!

You studied today right? have you learned daughter Brother, Two Chayaa (Tea)

Here have it.

Want snacks right? yes Eat well. Louis, offer some more for rebecca to.

You go man, My daughter is studying, she will eat until she says enough.

Pasted it right? NO Why sticking with rice? what happened to glue. The shop near us doesnt have glue.

Father, why dont rice? rice is only to eat Father just went to church, prayed and bought alll the groceries. But forgot to buy Soap. Really? - Yes When their leaves were movine smoothly, One day Rebeccas fell down losing his consiousness. What happened? what my dear?

She fell down in class, losing his consiousnes. What happened?

Doctor is calling you


Condition is quite sensitive, hear it clearly.

What is it doctor? Rebecca is pregnant. For the past few days, Considering her current condition, it feels positive.

What are you saying doctor?

My daughter?

She is my small child right?

Doctor check her properly.

Rebeccas didn't say who is the reason for it.


Have some food. Time is already late. But infront of his father's love, rebecca is lost. She said the name of the person. (Father BENNET FRANGO)

Father. BENNET is one of the member in church, he deals with peoples needs and goods.

Despite that, he deals with some internal dealings and prospects. Church dealings and this one differs you know.. Paying money right?

But this is usual, not a charity right i will look into this and will let you know about it.

But father Bennet has yet another face that no one is aware off.


Louis, though daugther is minor, we have to handle this carefully.

And the one that lodged complaint on him is not a normal person you know.

We have to look in to this seriously.

While arresting him, your daughter life may fall in stake.

While doing this, we have to consider some other things too right? but regarding on your daughter, Then let me think about this further.

Louis now go home, and be with your daughter.

Sir, Trusting you i'am leaving sir.

I'am sure that you will help me in it.

Then one thing.

This should be with in us.

Right? okay, then let me leave sir You well aware off what we have dealing with. But it costs much.

Before doing such things, just think twice before you do.

Then you keep thinking with in yourself. Let me come back leter. Anil ?


won't you accept for what we saying.

Everything is because of her, right? Sir, please leave my kids.

We will do as you say sir.

For my kids, i will do whatever it takes sir. But please leave my kids sir.

Disheartend Louis, considering his children's future, he accepted for the mistake that he didn't commit.

Consider Rebacca's future and life.. with help of some peoples Bennet moved her from this village to some other place, Later, no one is heard about her.

Family with such troubles and shame, even others refused to help them.

Son, You have to learn well.

you should bring her back to our home.


For my son there is no one there look after him.

Please take care of him sir, Louis lost his Daughter and his life couldn't able to bear what others utters.. disheartened louis.. he passed away while serving the sentence in prison.

In such small time, benjamin lost his father, sister and Justice.

Benjamin was pushed into to face some hard days of his life,

He came back to his normal life, after some counselling He scored well in his pre-degree course with the help of some good peoples, he further lead his studios in Abroad. for some festivals he used to visit the village asusual, but later he stopped that too.

On that day i was scared, and i didn't disclose this to anyone.

Even we could'nt able file a case. with this, for whom i should scare sir.

Right now, if benjamin is doing this as you said, then there must be a reason behind this They must be dead, for the sins that they have committed.


I'am just leaving from this Kodumani village, WHAT? It all started from Father Bennet, CI Sharath and from you!

But you behaving like no such things as happened.

You just come to our ground.

We will discuss about this over there


Andrew, i have messaged you a number. Trace it now. FAST

Sir i have traced the number, It's Arvinda Kharta's mobile right now it's switched but the last location is around that ground

Anil brother!


forward to next shot, how many shots are there, around 5-6 sir What is happening?


You just send me this to my whatsapp, Hey andrews, ACP anil was abducted by them i have sent you a video, you just trace the VAN right now.

Sir video's resulotion is low, though it is arial shot these trees, I THINK WE LOST HIM

Sir we have noticed from a cam, that a van is passing, A sticker named handshake is sticket in it Sir it falls under a name owned by Aravind Kharta, i will send you the location right now sir. you got caught man

Hey, Anil You know why i have abducted you at last?

Because i have to make sure about your death properly.

Reason, you are the one who let father Bennet on his own, so i should act clearly in your death..

It should be brutal on my aspect, just not like others.

That's the vehicle i think!

right now you are in pig-farm you know i will serve the flesh of yours to those pigs. i will kill you till i reach my satisfaction.

It's benjamin you know! benjamin.. Dr. Benjamin Louis, I know remove those ropes from my hand. REMOVE IT [WHISTLES]

Please stop this madness, i know what happened to your family. What?


Police arrested the person who is behind all this, they lodged a complaint and they got a remand for 2 days Benjamin Louis, a psycholigist is the one who is behind all this. We have remanded him as of now, sir killer's motive, it's to early to comment on it.

FATHIMA. Samaskrithi, how are you? - i'am okay thank you Anwar, are you okay?

FATHIMA, just 2 minites i have to discuss something official.

Hey anwar, If we have to do it in that way, we have let them do it.

While consider the other police, it shouldn't be left for the sake of them too.

This is just like that, you just leave that.

Then this shoud lie withi-in ourselves BENJAMIN You haven't said anything about him You will not speak about futher too You know right, there is another world out there He murdere some police officers too, BENJAMIN lost his family, you guys the reason for what he is right now.

That leads him to murder some police officers too

you don't want to pin-point right and wrong facts of this case. if you act like that, you will appointed as permanent consulting crimologist in Kochi city. what? The things we are about to discuss will lie with in ourselves sir Reason, he is not involved neither with us or them.

The deal that coaine shamir is dealing with not our matter as of now, But with the help of such dark net things, they are exporting some illegal drugs in to the kochi city.

Like BENJAMIN, Psycho Simon he did several crimes by switching bodies and burned it down inside the prison.

To help him, an another person is also he deals with him He is none other than, Aravind Kharta Torture is the only thing that they served it to him Planning it in well manner, the setup-ed a farm shed at the outskirts of the kochi city. A pig-farm filled with manu Pigs like them. and the vehicle they are using is been functioning across the city, to collect food wastage from the restaurants.

So they can use this vehicle to dispose the body for any time, there will be no doubt raise against them.

A Torcher room is also there, in this pig-farm A well designed room, to torture others When some misunderstandings happens between them, and knowing that police is ahead of them, He Killed Simon, Shamir and Arvind This is our brief sir. what is the reason for his murders, that too only on those police officers?

There is no such motive or revenge sir.

As i said earlier, it is just a primary analyis.

Benjamin, it's been hours, co-operate with us, and say the reason for it. you know it at some point. you can say the truth Madam,

isn't it such a good place? Wonder full

Anwar Hussain.

I thought you were dead.

But i didn't die.

Not yet.

You have my respect man, catching a small lead, like that fidget spinner leading it over here you will definetely make a hell of a investigation in future. and your plan was interesting!

5 police officers has been murdered in total In that only 2 peoples are your targets, rest 3 peoples are random officers.

No one couldn't able to find the common connections between them, because There is no such connection, Finally. Thank you!

But the police offiers, and the law will helo you with what it have It's about Father Bennet you know.

Father Bennet is missing for quite some days right? Psycho simon replaced the body in prison.. replacing the half burned body, and it was brought outside during the fire was bennet.

Doctor, just confess the motive for what you have did, right know your life is in danger.

After murdering those police officers, So confess.

Who is reason behing this everything..

We will drag him under this justice, we will procedd him with the LAW.

I'am not usual celebrity psychopath, like the press quoting about ie each and everyone in day-to-days life.

what i have did so far, is fall under my own consiouness.

Anyhow doctor. i'am not sure what you're up to.

But ACP Anil is still alive..

Then, a lady justice statue is still pending right.. yes, there is a pending..

The police is presenting the killer in-front of the court for the heinous crime that he have commited so far. For the past 2 days Benjamin is interrogated by police officers, Killer has to be presented in front of the court around 10am today, but it's been 12 the killer is not presented in court as of now..

The dealsy, it's creating quite a panic between the police officers and public.

The killer said, the Heinous crime that he have commited are under his own will, and he doesn't have any motive/vengeance behind this.

is it ACP anil sir's house? yes, i'am