Anti Matter (2016) Script


So we can have a record of it, so we can show papi.

It helps him to remember.

Now, are you ready?

Like we practiced, okay?

Like that?

Si, exactly like that.

Now don't stop, okay, Annie?

This should be take 11.

This Ana Carter, U.S. citizen, documenting proof for my student visa.

Phd chemical engineering at Oxford university.

Currently testing electrolyte for batteries exposed to varying electromagnetic pulse.

7.13, electromagnetic pulse managed by algorithm 13, running 13.

Hypothesis correct, atom again unaffected by varying pulse.

Electrolyte stable, 7.13 successful.

Test 7.14, electromagnetic pulse managed by algorithm 14.

And we're running 14.

Okay, hypothesis correct.

Atom unaffected by varying pulse, electrolyte stable.

7.14 successful.

Test 7 and 15.

Pulse managed by algorithm 15.

Running 15.

Hypothesis correct, atom unaffected by varying pulse.

Electrolyte stable, 7.15 successful.

Test 7.16, electromagnetic pulse managed by digital algorithm 16.

Running 16.

Hypothesis correct, atom unaffected by varying pulse.

Electrolyte stable, 16 successful.

Test 7.17, pulse managed by digital algorithm 17.

Running 17.



Hey, I'm gonna take my undergrads for a beer.

Do you want to come?

Yep, it happened again.


It doesn't make sense. Coffee?

I brought some good stuff.

Six times now, it's always the same.


So, it's not a mistake.

We're making this happen.


An atom disappeared. Just an electron.

Disappeared, so deconstruct.

An electron can't just vanish.

Theoretically, if it's destroyed, or moved, or hiding, it can.

We haven't destroyed anything.

If you had you would wiped out...

Okay, so you removed it or it's hidden.

But carbon wouldn't have bonded if the electron was just hiding. So you removed it.


I've just never seen it done like that before.

Where's it going and how?

The calculations are proportional to the subject volume.

For an atom this should be fine.

Where did you get it? The algorithm, I mean.

I was trying to show variance in pulse had no effect on the electrolyte.

Wait, but hang on a sec.

Where's this one from? Test 17 to effect an entire atom.

No hypothesis.

No hypothesis, running 17.

We're gonna need a bigger boat.

Okay, so these I recognize from my undergrad days.

This is just secondary school geometry.

But 17, it's quantum theory.

Except you've dicked around with it.

Why have you got pi in there?

I needed an endless string, non-repeating.

Yeah, but you can't use pi this way.

It doesn't make sense.

You're gonna crash the server.

We need help.

A molecule is something I can trace, but we need help recoding so we use less power.

If you're talking about that...

Can you ask her?

Fuck no, she's like...

Seriously, no.

Distributive computing, mostly it's charities that use it.

You sign your computer up to kill cancer in its spare time, your processor crunches numbers whilst you sleep.

This place runs a couple. Really?


Can we use them?

You've cut your hair, Nathan.

Sure, you register your project, give it a year, hope a dozen people log on.

I like it.

You look a little less faggy.

Distributive computing-- needs volunteers.

We need a lot.

How many? Our test crashed the server.

I heard, well done!

You hackers, you.

We need processing on the petaflop's range.

What are you doing up there? And this could pull that?

It's not legal, it won't happen like that.

But it is possible?

Tapping the school's easy, we're inside the firewall.

Likewise, a worm that will sign people up to the grid without their knowledge, piece of piss.

But how the worm spreads. or you could have half the planet donating spare capacity by Tuesday.

That would be nice.


Hello. Vivisection is murder.

Okay, scrufter.

And you can do this? Sure.

Tell me what you're doing.

I want in.

Ana, what she's suggesting is illegal.

Hacking, stealing servers.

Okay, let's do it.

And their packing, it's all-- it'll be fine.

It's just, it makes me sad.

Something nice?

Si, actually it's grilled chicken wrapped in parma ham stuffed with mozzarella and basil.

Si, I know.

I know.

Nathan, you're such a goddamn wet.

It's utterly untraceable.

It just worms along from email address book to address book feeding us power, and it's growing exponentially.

I'm monitoring Norton, mcafee, but so far we're clean.

God, this fucker's heavy.

Come watch.

Three, two, one.


Technically, we're not moving stuff, are we?

Moving involves locomotion.

We know we're not destroying. Or deconstituting.

There's no residue, no trace of the particle.

It means we're sending it somewhere.

Yeah, but where? we're creating a frame. And we have marble 42.

Again, i see what we're doing.

And these variables, Ana, this part of the equation?

And goodbye, marble.

Oh, yeah, feedback from the electrodes, current.

I had to account for it.

So a number comes back in fed into the equation from outside?

An electric oscillation, yes.

So, those are the electrodes?

And marble 44. An end can be-- negative.

And your electrodes, they were right angles.

Adios, marble 44.

Yeah, so?

Your electrodes create three axes.

In three dimensions.

I never noticed before because you have them pointing up.

But instead of like this, you define them like this.

Giving you an x, y, and a z axis.

Up and down, forward and back, left and right. we could mark a point anywhere.

Using the dimensions of the subjects to define the unit.

Test 17.108 to control the out node.

Running diagnostics.

So, if we wanted to send-- can we settle on something with a touch of panache?

Phase, teleport, zap?

You lack imagination.

Okay, we want to phase it here.

What's that?

40 centimeters on the positive x axis?

Yeah, put a little into the y, negative, so that we can see that these things will work.

So x is 40, call it eight units.

Negative one y, negative two on the z.

Hypothesis has the subject moving, phasing, to a location 40 centimeters away.

And landing with a bump.

And landing with a bump.

Running 17.108.

Whoa. Are you fucking joking?

Oh, my god, we did it. Not yet.

We still have a range more test to run, but you know what we've done. Funding.

Funding, funding, we need to raise-- the worm is giving us the capacity.

Everything will change.


Look at the implications, just think.

Look, my uncle is a fund manager, I could call him.

Everything, i mean, the obvious.

Can we make it stable?

Not subject to flying, but intrinsic?

It wouldn't stay open. Permanently, no.

The processor wouldn't handle it.

You're saying to create a space?

A sphere. It would be a sphere, there's no other way.

Everything will change, start with the obvious.

With a predetermined out node.

It's wormhole theory, we've...

Built a wormhole.

A wormhole.

We're teleporting shit?

People, we're going to be gods.

GPS will be up tomorrow.

Dad, can you call Lawrence?

We need solicitors. Start with the obvious.

Patents, patents, copyrights.

We need experts, yes.

But we need them soon.

And uncle Scott, tell them we'll have a demo.

In a month? In a week?

On Friday. Look, dad, I've got to go.

But what this is, is big.

So medicine.

Tumors out of the brain like that.

Think how agriculture will change.

From a wormhole on a farm, zap, into your fridge.

The way we feed the world will change.

Wormholes in the floodplains of Bangladesh and the Sahara If this works and it doesn't collapse all of reality.

We open wormholes to the earth's core, tap geothermal energy, run cables through wormholes to solar panels near the sun.

We'll need to check for cellular mutation or molecular decay.

We also need to discuss structure.

We need to set up a company, we need finance.

Minerals, we can pull minerals from anywhere, send products everywhere.

Liv, where's this one going?

Gods, we're gonna change the world.

Hello, ferny.

Oh my god! Oh my god!

Aw, your face.

What, what did I do?

Thank you.

You're chewing a toothpick.

It's what cool guys do.

Oh, so you're a cool guy now?

Yeah, I am, actually.

Wanna see a magic trick?


I can make matter disappear.

Oh, can you now? Mhmm.

You ready?


You watching?

Yeah. Good.

Ah, okay. One more time, okay?

Good. I'm watching you.

I know.


I think you should probably stick to the piano.

Oh, thank you.


Very good. I know.

But where did it go?

Up your sleeve.


You messed up the first two times on purpose, didn't you?

So the third time i wasn't paying attention and you picked it up with your other hand.

Show me.

Show me!

Yes, I'm a genius.

Six years since we were undergrads together.

Second year physics.

Long time.

It is.


Tests are perfect.

DNA, rna identical.


Looking good.

Yeah, I warned you i was a cool guy.

Come see, Liv's created a stable sphere.

It's only 30 centimeters across.

We can't process anything bigger, not yet.

Tempting, right?

It's so interesting.

It doesn't look like i thought it would.

No, it's doing...

You can see the numbers there.

It's doing things with light that...

Anyway, stand over there.


Phase attack! Get in.

That is something, though.

There's potential for it.

No one will attack anyone, hippie.

Retaliation would be too easy.

Like the atom bomb? Bingo.

Think how this will affect transport.

If we can phase live fauna.

Think. Cities will change.

People will live in the country, phase into the office.

All the social problems cities bring-- will change. Travel will change.

Phase to the mountains.

Phase to the beaches, to mom for tea.

To the moon.

To the vault of a bank, anywhere.

Now you're talking.


Such wit.

We're moving fast here.

You think we should-- no.

No, we need to get a test in before the university get involved.

Buying all the hardware to run this legally means serious product first.

Okay, stinky thing.

Prepare to make history.


Hello, granny, it's Liv.



Question, how's tinkles?

Yeah, the patents.

I need them processed.

I needed them processed yesterday and I need them done in Ana's name, okay?

All of them, they're all gonna want to see this.

I mean, dad, this is massive.

Your grandmother's cat, really?

Fuck, oh my god! Way bigger.

Dad, it's like inventing electricity.

It's sound science.

Granny will spot anything odd.

Nate, can you give us a hand here?

It's all possible, isn't it?

This is the single biggest thing that mankind-- little boy a hand.

Red suits you, and this thing with the hair?

No, really, I like it, honest.

It's not so dragon tattoo, hacker stock image.

It's a good move.


Olivia, darling.

Come in, come in!

Oh, it's cold out there.

Oh, come in, come on through.

Well you look lovely.

You've taken that horrible blue shit out of your hair.

Are you, um, here for tinkles again?

Hello to you too, granny.

We just wanted to see how he's doing, actually.

Well, he's doing wonderfully.

Hello there, I'm Brenda.

I'm Olivia's grandmother, and you are?

I'm Ana, hi.

This is Nathan.

I'm Nathan.

They're my assistants.

Although Ana is an immigrant, so feel free to call border patrol.

You're not being suspicious at all.

Any reason why he wouldn't be?

Oh, he fractured the space time continuum, visited the fourth dimension. Did he now?

Would you like some tea?

This place is nuts.

Tell me about it.

I knew she came from money, but this?

You're looking quite smart, actually?

Well, you know what?

I'm channeling my inner granny.

Yeah, I her grandfather is Earl somebody.

11th in line for the throne.


Check this.


What's up?

Do you want to go see a movie tonight?


We could all use the break, right?

I mean like, go see a movie, see a movie.

What are you...?

Fuck, forsaken cock fuckers, fuck!

Good grief, Olivia.

I cannot fucking believe this.

Can you fucking believe this?

I cannot fucking believe it.

I can't fucking believe it, either.

More tea?

Microsoft have a patch out.

A patch?

They're shutting the worm down.

Okay, so what does that give us?

A day Max.

The meeting is on Friday, the demo.

We'll get funding then.

Not enough to pull cycles on this scale.


We need to do a final test, a knock out.

You're not suggesting...

She is.

We need to be true revolutionaries right out of the gate.

She's right.

To guarantee investment on this scale, we'll need to have-- and we'd need to do it now.

Right now.

Okay, I'll do it.


The world doesn't work like that anymore, Lancelot.


Well, then.

All systems operational.

Temperature's dropping, holding.

Hydraulics one, up.

Hydraulics two, up.

Hydraulics three, Liv, higher, higher.


Diagnostics reading okay.

Still waiting for the numbers to plateau.

.272, .99.

Liv, the readings here, they're inconsistent.

Cable one's overheating.

Switch to two and three.

On my mark, engage phase two.

Ana, hold still.

Could this feel anymore ominous?

At all?

You don't have to do this, you know?

Yes, she does.

Now relax, exhale.

You're screwing with the readings.


For the record, I'm really, seriously scared.

Don't be.

This is all you. Picture the nobel.

What if I grow tentacles? Or testicles.

A great big, Harry pair of-- we phase matter.

We take matter and we pass it through a wormhole.

Unaltered, pass it unaltered.

Your point? The numbers really are dropping.

We should go. Just matter.

What if we're...


Nothing, no.

Good luck.


You owe me a movie, cool guy.

Good luck.

Okay, and on three, two, one.

Hi, I'm James. Do you have a moment? Sorry.

No, don't be.

No, I'm kidding.

They're using it for animal testing, you know that?

Not today, okay? Okay, no worries, maybe next time.

What's your name? Ana, yes.

Ana, that's a lovely name.

I used to have a pet rabbit called Ana.

Ana, you're in science, right?

We don't really use animals.

Oh, of course, of course.

But you do-- sorry, look.

I support what you're doing, I do.

Just not today.

Well, hello again.

How're you feeling?

I shouldn't drink so much.

Can't remember shit.

I hope I didn't...


So, we've pretty much lost all of our capacity.

We're back to atoms for the time being.


That was quick. Was it really?

Yeah, so basically that thing is mothballed for the moment.

We do have computer models. We have.


We have it modeled, yes.

So we can run analytic tests on the server.

Until we get funding.

Yes, until then.

Everything went okay though, right?


Yeah, of course.

Why do you ask?

Okay, so what do we do next?

What do we do?

Okay. So firstly, how are those tests?

Tests? You're the chemist.

You said you needed to take samples, run tests.

Memories, so many wonderful memories.

Do you remember the video we did from the photos of loredo?

I found it upstairs.

I will pack it as well. No, mom.

Ay, let me pack it!

You can throw out anything you don't want.

That doesn't make sense, it's more work for both of us.

Just throw it away, or give it to charity.

And the comic books?

Just put them in the trunk.

The trunk?

I told you, everything has to fit in a small trunk.

But there's so many things!

Well, that's the point of a small trunk.

You kept it, mom. Okay, don't get antsy.

How are thing otherwise?


Things are fine.

Just a bit of a cold, but I'm okay.

Don't work too hard.

I miss you.


Okay, okay then.

Just please, leave my stuff and go.

Please leave my work!

For fuck's sake!


Who are you?

I don't need to call the police, I just want my stuff.

It's just my work.

It's worthless to you.



Ana, are you okay?

Your voicemail had me worried.

It must be late there.

My voicemail?


My room's been broken into.

They took my laptop and some other stuff.

Did you lose much work?

Well, it's backed up at the lab.

It's also photos, memories.

I found something last night I'm going to send you.

It'll cheer you up.


I love you, baby.

Don't worry, mom, I'll call them.

I love you, too.

So I can't even report my card stolen, that's ridiculous!

I don't know! It's just...



My passport.

Can I take a name and a reference number?

Okay, Jim.

I'll do it tomorrow.



Thank you.

But why aren't you taking this seriously?

Someone stole our work.

Look, it's not like they'll make sense of anything.

And you don't remember what happened-- no, that's what I'm saying!

After the experiment, nothing!

I can't remember!

I mean, was I attacked on my way home?

'Cause my room is trashed, my head hurts all the time, and I've been-- hey, hey.

Don't worry.

I'm not worried.

I just want to know what happened.

No, something went wrong with the experiment.

Nothing went wrong.

You'll have forgotten all about it tomorrow.

Listen, it's really not such a big deal.

Nate, listen to yourself.

You're being weird.

My passport, bank cards, all my work.

Something's not right.

Ah, cock bollocks.

Here we go. So what's going on?

Check your email, we all got it. before you discuss with us, you mean?

Check your email. Someone stole my computer.

So they did.

Wow. Yeah.

Utterly untraceable were your exact words.

They've traced it to the university.

This is a big place.

Liv, we don't-- this is a big place.

Look, someone is gonna come and ask questions.

How well do you think that's gonna go, Olivia?

I'm the one who let her out.

Just saying. What's gchq, anyway?

What's wrong with you?

Government communications hq.

They deal with cyber terrorism.

How worried should we be? Cyber terrorism?

I don't see how it could be traced directly to us, unless we do something really stupid of course.

Nate, how many days have passed?

Since the experiment?

It's a simple question, i can go check for myself.

Will you stop that, it's getting on my nerves.

Two weeks, I think. You think.

Okay, thanks for your help.

What's that?

A notebook.

Did I tell you I'm not remembering things?

You were attack, mugged.

Thanks, I'll write that down.

It's good that you both seem so concerned.

We are. I really am.

Why do you think Why won't you let me help? Help?

Yes, that'd be great.

So, how're the tests?

What tests?

See, that's what I mean.

I can't remember.

You needed to take samples to see if the wormhole-- come on.

You're saying I didn't do that already?

Why is this locked?

Don't you have the keys? What keys?

I have been in this room all semester.

There are no keys. Okay, relax.

I'll ask maintenance.

You know, I dreamed about this room last night.

Someone must've locked it, I'll check.

Who else has been in here?

They have my laptop.

Maybe they're after the project-- we're here all the time.

Nobody's after our project, don't be paranoid.

My project.

Yes, Ana, your project.

Are you okay?

You didn't eat lunch.

Get some rest. and we'll go over them in the morning, okay?


Don't antagonize her, okay?

She winds me up.

She's fragile, but she's still smart.

We don't want her messing this up, alright?

Hey, where did you get that?

Where did you get that mask?

Where did you buy it? Let go of me, murderer.

Oh, hi, hello.

Sorry. Don't be.

Joining us today?

I need to go home.

Actually, those ape masks, who has-- Ana.

Ana, we know.

How do you know my name?

We know what you're doing in there, your experiment.

You have two options.

You do the right thing-- or what?

I'm sorry, are you threatening me?

Do you want me to call the police?

Be my guest.

Hey, hey!

They're leaving via the back window, three.

Any sign of them?

Negative, it's empty.

I'll head up a floor.



Ana, hi.

How're you feeling?

How do you know where I am? - Okay.

How would I know where you are?

You aren't at home?

I'm out, I'm not feeling so good.

Your head still hurting?

My head?

It's okay.

Something's not-- I know, that's why I called.

Look, I'm in London tomorrow with the team.

But you want to go grab dinner when I get back?

No, just you and me tomorrow at the Sushi place.

Nine, I'll say.

Ana, are you-- yes, I said yes.

Right it down, okay?

There's a pen by the mouse cage.

You should eat.

You look awful.

Not like that, but...

I don't understand why you're not eating.

What's happening?

What do you mean?

You know what I mean, Nate.

What's happening?

You tell me.

Don't do that.

Don't make this difficult for me.

Don't be weird.

Look, I'm not trying to make anything difficult for anyone.

Then what's happening?

And I want you to tell me.

What's wrong?

What've have you to be paranoid about?

It's not paranoia, Nate.

There's something faulty with my memory.

You were hit.

Then I should see a doctor.


It has to do with the wormhole.

You're seeing a doctor.

You've got an mri scan in two weeks.

Do I now?

See, that's what I mean.

I'm having trouble remembering things, recent things.

Well, we tested for that with the mice and with the cat.

I don't know what it is.

And you guys, I mean.

You're not helping. Ana.


You've told us this before, all of it.

Told us.

Look, Ana, I need you to stop investigating.

The detective stuff, it's dangerous.

I mean, with the government agency and the worm and...

They're sending someone to investigate.

Ana, I need you to trust me on this.

Do you remember two summers ago, we went climbing in the quarry with the ropes and stuff?

Remember how I got stuck?

Like, really stuck?

And I was scared.

I think I even cried a little.

You cried a lot, Nate.

I didn't know grown men could cry like that.

I was scared.

But you talked me through it, you got me down.

I trusted you.

And I trusted that you wouldn't tell anyone else, either.

I never did.

Except my mom.

You told your mom? Sure.

I mean, she's my mom.

She thinks you're cute.

So I need you to trust me.

Stop the investigation.

Okay, that's good.

But I need you to write it down.

Write it down.

Stop the investigation, trust Nate, trust Liv.

Ana, please.

If I ask you to kiss me right now, what would you do?

Why aren't you eating?

You really should eat.

I am exhausted. Yep.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, look, your silk worm is still alive.

I think he's trying to make a nest.

It's called a cocoon, Nathan.

Your only friend in the whole world.

You okay?

Looking for something?

Any idea what this means?

No idea.

What does is mean? You wrote it, sister.

It's a prime number, if that helps.

Where's my camcorder?

My place.

I took it to digitize the experiments.

Yep, you said he should take it.

Did I really? Mhmm.

Can you bring it back?

It'll help to see what we've been up to.


What are you working on?

I'm trying to streamline the code, Ana.


So we can operate the generator again without all those illegally acquired processors.


Why don't you call your mom?

How is she, anyway?

How did her move go? My mother?

Why, is she involved in this?

Oh, my god.

Look, you want me out of here.

I get it.

Why mention my mother?

What is going on?

I dream about this door, I dream about it!

Hey, you guys better come join us.

The vice chancellor's here.

So, as I was saying, it infected millions, hundreds of millions of computers.


And it's been traced to our university, to this department, ladies and gentlemen, from an ip address in this building.

Well done.

You've actually achieved something of significance.

This is Mr. stovington from gchq.

He'll be questioning everyone in the department.

Do cooperate.

And you're welcome to have a member of faculty present, should you wish.



Jesus, get a grip.

Okay, so this detective guy.

Tell me again just how we don't end up in jail.

She's not gonna stand up to questioning.

She'll be fine, won't you, Ana?

Where are the patents?

The what where?

The patents.

You're stealing my project.

Excuse me?

Where are the filing documents?

In whose name are they? They're in your name.

Then where are they? With my father's solicitor.

What did you do to me? I warned you.

Ana, Liv and i are trying to help.


What did we do to her? Yeah.

Ana. You said something about matter, about how the wormhole moving matter.

What was that about?

I don't remember. No, you do.

You said, "the wormhole, it just sends matter."

Yeah, but... Go home, just calm down.

But what if there's something else?

If we're more than just matter?

What if there's a part of me that doesn't have mass?

If I went through but...

But my soul was left behind.

Uh, I'm not sure i can take this.

Okay, look, you need to listen to yourself.

You just accused us of trying to steal your project, and now you're talking about your soul.

You're fucking crazy. Liv, shut up.


Look, Ana, we're trying to help.

We do care.

Ana, Ana!



Twice in one day, lucky me.

Everything okay? Hey.

Mom, look.

Have I been-- acting a bit strange?

Yes, you have.

Say again?

No, this morning.

Did we talk already today?

Ana, are you sure you're-- what password?

You said I shouldn't talk to you unless you say a password.

What was the password?

Ana. Mom.

Is that really you? Of course.

Mom, hey.

You said that you'd say a word, that I shouldn't trust you unless you say-- you're my mom.

I'm not giving you a password to talk to you.

Just don't listen to me if I talk to you about--


I have to go.

There's someone at the door.

Talk to me when you're feeling better.

Nate, look, I'm really sorry.

Oh, god, sorry.

I thought you were someone else. - No, it's okay.

Don't worry. Sorry.

What are you...?

Neurological damage, just doing some research.

Well, good luck. Thanks.

Excuse me, can i ask you something?

Yeah, I have a boyfriend.

Oh, god no, don't worry.

I'm just trying to work something out.

Does human memory have mass?

I mean, if you could wipe a person's memories, would their brain weigh less?

Weird one, I know.

It's just-- no, no.

Um, it's an interesting question.

You know, I have no idea.

Have you tried Google?

It just want to sell me USB sticks.

Well, how do they work?

Do they weigh more when they're full?

No, I wouldn't imagine, anyway.

I think the human memory works much the same.

It's electricity, ons and offs.

Like an empty battery has the same-- has the same mass as a full one.

I know about batteries.

So memory is electricity, but electricity is electrons and electrons have mass.


One last thing.

Do you think we're more than our memories?

I mean, we're born with none and die with a lifetime's worth.

So when we talk about the idea of a soul, maybe we're just talking about...

Sorry, you're busy.

Thanks, anyway.

Good luck with your work.

Thank you.

Someone with a key?

Yeah, I'll hold.

Oh, yeah. They're asking everyone.

Someone broke in over at the chemistry lab.

Probably some drugs, then.

These protestors are horrid.

They shouldn't allowed to harass people like that.

I know, right? This is Oxford.

Tracy said her rep said they'll be arresting someone today for the Internet thing.

Ana, hi. You um... Don't.

I don't trust you.

I don't believe you, so just don't, okay?

You heard about the break in?

I did, actually.

A protester, they think, a week ago.

Caught on cctv, though they can't make out the face.

Couldn't they? You muppet.

Why the hell are you breaking-- something's very wrong with me, you know this.

Yes, something is.

Because of that.

It's complicated.

I'm sure it is.

It's not what you think.

What do I think, Nate?

Tell me.

Look, I'm like a crazy person.

So whatever you did to me, well done.

It worked. Yeah.

Ana, there is something wrong with you, but we don't know how-- you're lying.

You want the project, but it's my project.

It's mine, and I'm closing it down.

Ana, what have you done?

Hello, somebody call maintenance?

Yes, we need the keys for the storage room.

Can you open it?



I gave you the key for this already.

You said you would bring it right back.

No, I don't think it was-- that's right, darlin'.

We were stood right here.

Not without the key and if you've lost the only one, I'll have to fetch a member of faculty.

That won't be necessary.

We'll find it.

What the hell are you doing?

Are you nuts?

We broke the law!

There's police everywhere, and you want to bring some, some pissant farm hand down here.

And what if he goes to the vc?

And the vc goes, gee, heck.

You know, all this kooky stuff and the government are investigating us because for some damn worm virus--

Liv! Fuck you, you know that I'm brain damaged and none of you have done anything to help!

You're not brain damaged, Ana. Did I not tell you to shut up?

Fuck you both.

Sir, she's here.

Hello, Ms. Carter.

Shouldn't i have a lawyer?

Am I being arrested?

Heavens, no.

No, we simply wish to ask you some questions.

I mean, you are perfectly entitled to have a lawyer present.

But in that case, well, then we'd have to travel all the way across town and fill in lots and lots of paper work, and so on, and so forth.

I mean, it really is quite dull.



Would you like a peanut?

I have this theory that you can always tell if a man-- oh, well in your case a woman, is guilty based on how they react when the interrogation officer offers them a peanut.

No, thank you.



Suit yourself.



So what do you think?

About what?

Well, do you think you passed my guilty peanut test or not?

I'm only messing.

I do apologize.

However, you would be amazed the amount of men I've had admit to murdering their own parents by offering them a peanut.

Would you like a peanut?

"Oh, I killed my mother!"

I mean, it's...

It's like a magic trick.


To business.

Look, mister.

I'm sorry, I'm really busy.

Yes, I know.

You're a hard one to pin down, keep very strange hours.

I mean, most students do, but you, you're-- can we do this another time?

I'm not really-- have a look at this.

Tell me if you recognize it.

What is this? I'll be honest with you.

We're not looking for the worm's author.

We know you wrote it, but what we don't know is what it does.

Come now.

What, you thought you'd get, oh, 800 million people to do your homework and it would stay a secret?

Look, I've been unwell, alright?

But I have no idea what I'm looking at.

You know I'm a chemist, not a programmer.

All we want to know is what it is, miss Carter.


Clogging up the system?

Are you a part of that? I have no idea.

Anarchy? Well, your friends-- they're not my friends, are they?

Why don't you ask them.

We have gathered here today for one reason, Over 18% of students are scientists.

We have murder on our hands if we let this stuff go ahead.


This is Ana we were telling you all about.

She's American. Is she?

She is. Well, that makes sense.

Decided not to join us in the end, then?

Clearly not, though we did give you every chance to.

We did, we tried. What is this?

So, what do we have here?

Half a dozen lab mice?

Only mice. Only mice.

Then rabbits.

But you've left this section blank, Ana.

What were you doing to them?

What are you doing to them, Ana, in there?

Witnesses said they saw you bring a cat in.

But where's the paperwork, Ana?

Where, indeed? A pet.

That's not legal, Ana.

That's not legal at all.

You should see what they built in there.

Listen. Should we?

Should we see her lab?


We have everything we need, Ana!

We're shutting you down.

Shut her down! Shut her down!

Shut her down! Shut her down!

Shut her down! Shut her down!

Shut her down! Shut her down! Aw!

We're only joking, Ana!


My notes.

What's wrong with me?

Hi, I think I left something here last time.

Oh, well come in, come in.

Would you like some tea?

I would love some tea.


Hey, look, are you okay? Peachy.

Where are you?

Can you come back to the lab?

All I wanted was for you to explain what was going on.

We explained it to you so many times.

Ana, you just keep forgetting.

Look, look, I'm sorry.

Can you just come back to the lab?

Ana? Goodbye, Nathan.


Yes, she does!

Now relax, exhale.

You're screwing with the readings.

Nate. We phase matter.

We take matter and we pass it through-- unaltered, pass it unaltered.

Your point?

Numbers really are dropping, we have to go!

Just matter, right?

We're... What?

Nothing, no.


You owe me a movie, cool guy.


And on three, two, one.

271 apparently successful.

Readings inconclusive, couldn't map the subsets.

The wormhole stays open too long.

Gravitational distortion, needs to close instantaneously to do a wormhole.

Guys, we have a problem.

Two, one.

Two, one.

Two, one.

Ana, what are you doing here?

I'm... I mean, what are you doing here?

It's my room.

How did you know I was here?

It's my room, i was coming home.

You were at the lab.

You were at the lab, how did you know I was here?

Ana, listen-- how did you know I was here?!

Jesus. Look, you told me.

You told me you were here.

You're sleeping with Liv, which I don't give a fuck about.

But Nate, you're not stupid.

You must know how much that hurts me.

I thought you and me, we had-- forget about Liv, please!

Look, and you're the one going through my underwear.

So just, enough.

We never realized how badly this was affecting you.

Affecting, Nate? Affecting?

I'm losing my mind!

I don't eat, I don't drink.

My dreams are insane.

I have no memories, I have to make notes all the time.

It's-- you can have them back.

I don't want them back!

I do things behind my own back and-- please, just put that down.

Come to the lab.

We can explain it there. Explain now.


No, you won't remember.

Come to the lab.

Liv has rewritten the algorithm.

What is happening to me, Nate?

What is that?

What is that?!

Why don't I eat?

Why don't I remember?

Answer it.

Don't threaten me.

I'm trying to help.

Answer the phone.

You want me to trust you?



No, no, I'm with her now.

Who is it?

Who is it? Who is it?

This is Ana Carter, U.S. citizen.

Ana Carter, Ana Carter, Ana Carter...

Something's not right.

Everything will change.

People, we're going to be gods.

It doesn't look like I thought it would.

It that really you?

Why don't you call your mom?

How is she, anyway?

How did her move go?

Want to see a magic trick?

Want to see a magic trick?

You thought you'd get 800 million people to help you do your homework and it would stay a secret?

I'm losing my mind!

Losing my mind!

Do you want to go see a movie tonight?

We'll go see a movie.

Said you needed to take samples, run tests.

I found something last night, it'll cheer you up.

Nobody's after our project.

To the moon, to the moon.

To the vault of a bank.


Ana, thank fuck. Where's Nate?

Come inside. I shot him.

I need help. What are you doing?

You didn't shoot anyone.

You need to help me, okay?

I've lost my soul.

Do I...

I did the peanut routine with you earlier, didn't I?

Sorry about that.

It's Carter, miss Carter. Yes, yes.

Look, I don't know why i do that shit, but, uh, let's get you cleaned up.

High as a kite. No, it's a wormhole.

And they slept together!

You in some sort of trouble? No trouble, officer.

She's fine, aren't you? I've lost my soul.

I saw it on the video. Okay, yep.

Come on, let's get you inside.


It was you!

You did this to me! You fucking muppet.

Come on. No!

Ana, I'm trying to help.



Your level of gratitude leaves a little something to be desired.

Nate, I found her in the crowd.

Christ, what did she do to you?

I've lost my mind.

You haven't.

Nate, I have.

I have.

I'm seeing things that cannot be real.

I've hurt myself.

We understand what happened. Did you see the video?

Mhmm. What was that?

Was that my soul? Don't, okay?

That's not science, and it doesn't help.

You remember the experiment.

Yes, I remember the experiment.

We needed readings.

So we could run it as a computer model.

But the wormhole was open too long, creating a vacuum.

Your generator creates wormholes.

Wormhole theory takes the fabric of space and time and it folds it creating a path here.

We, your machine, the algorithm, induces an event horizon at the out node.

A mathematical black hole pulling the subject through.

So it was open too long and...?

And the gravity field distorted the readings.

Our numbers were all over the chart.

You remember the first time you went through.

Afterwards, we decided, all of us, that we had to get those numbers.

The first time? We had to find a way to shut it off the nanosecond you were through.

We had to...

Yes, the worm's numbers were dropping.

So we had to make sure it snapped shut the moment my mass was through.

You used the scale sensor to automatically cut the generator the moment it had weight applied to it.

It was your idea.

So, we ran it again.

I went through a second time.

But then...

After that I can't...

What happened?

Three, two, one.

271 apparently successful. What?

Keep watching.

The wormhole stays open too long.

Guys, we have a problem.

Okay, so there's the out node with the scale sensor cutoff.

Okay, we ready?

It's fine, I'm fine, and we've done this once.

Yeah, and the cycles are dropping.

We have minutes, seconds, even.

It's really now or never.

Come on, we need this.

It's fine.

Okay, and on three, two, one.

Liv! Shit.

You alright?

What the fuck?

No, no, no, no, no.

What am I?

Ana. Am I a clone?

Tell me what that is? Okay, please, not again.

We can show you. What happened?

Relax, Ana!

Just listen to us, please! Tell me!

Every time!

Every time.

Jesus, you're not a clone! I am, I saw!

There were two of them!

You're a chemist, you dumb shit!

All those samples you took!

Liv, she doesn't remember. No.

Well, there's the microscope.

Show her.

Tell you girlfriend to write it down this time!

Jesus, you fucking shot at me.

Don't. You don't need to.

So? Increase the resolution.

It's not working properly. Oh, it is.

There's nothing here, there's no...

It's complicated. Woops, you're an anomaly.

A quantum fucking mistake.

Liv, don't make any harder than it is.


I am sick of her thinking I'm the bad guy.

I've hardly slept the last month trying to figure it out!

And the number of times, daily, that this retard comes in and shoots at me!

Where the hell did she get a gun from, anyway?

You're light, Ana.

When we fold space and we pull you across the event horizon, we're pulling you faster than the speed of light.

That's how a wormhole works.

You're the light that got left behind.

That's not possible.

I'm more than just a copy.

I think.

I mean, I'm thinking right now.

I have emotions.

I am.

We don't understand it, either.

You're light.

You have photonic weight.

You have a radiation signature.

You do exist.

I'm just not real.

Not in the normal sense.

It's why you're not making memories, or eating, or drinking.

It's why your dreams are so-- my dreams.

Like, like I'm looking through someone else's...

Tell me.

I know what happens next.


Sorry I pushed you in the alley.

That whole day was just...

I was so scared.

You don't remember though, do you?

And her?

Well, she has mass.


She exists.

She's the real Ana.


Bullshit, don't say that!

How can I not be?

This is really hard for me, too.

I feel hollow, like I'm missing something.

Yeah, like a soul?

Hey, I eat, I walk around everyday.

I remember what I do.

I remember what you do.

I was pulled through.

I'm real.

It'll be alright, and we're gonna be there.

I know.

Just don't be sad, okay?

This'll work out.

The algorithm's being rewritten, and I'll talk to her.

To me, you mean.

Just for the moment, can we not...?

So, what happened?

You two?

What, just like that?

Ana, I'm crazy about you.

I have been for so long.

Why not me? Because you're not real.

We can fix it.

We open up the wormhole again.

I've rewritten the code so that it's no longer defined by volume but by mass.

You have no mass, we can send you through.

Send me where?

You won't go anywhere.

Nowhere, essentially.


It's like smashing a mirror.

Your reflection doesn't go anywhere, it's just...


You want to kill me.

You're not alive to kill.

You're my reflection.

You'll open your eyes and be here.

I am real, I exist!

Oh, my god!

I exist, I don't want to die!

Mom? Hi, it's me.

I just got your-- mom, I love you so much.

I just don't tell you this enough.

Oh, baby, don't be silly.

I love you, too.

Are you okay?

Do you remember?

I remember.

Memories are wonderful.

Did you get my package?

Do you remember playing the piano with me?


How can I not be real if i remember these things?


So we can have a record of it, so we can show papi.

It helps him to remember.

Now, are you ready?

Like we practiced, okay?

Like that?

Si, exactly like that.

Now don't stop, okay, Annie?

Mom, sorry.

I'm just listening to it right now.

I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Love you.


Mommy, I love you!

I love you so much!


What about the things I've done?

What about my memories, the stuff that makes me me!

They're mine, not yours.

All those things you've done, they're here.

Can't I just stay here?

Please, I can sleep in there.

Just give me one last-- you won't remember this.

We kept you here at first. Seemed safe.

But you would forget everything.


It was horrible.

You hurt yourself.

You hurt us.

We couldn't get anything done.

It was easier with you out there.

It was just... Awful for you, I know.

I felt it everyday.

You okay?

No, not really.

I know.

Yeah, you probably do.

I'm scared.




Look at us, sitting here like two normal people.

I feel like I should say something profound.

You know, if i were in your place...

If I were you, I don't know if I could do this.

I don't think I could.

Yeah, you could.

Thank you.

You're an asshole and if i think that, so does she.

Go on, then.

Hit me.

Three, two, one.

And the project? We shut it down.

No, why? I'm with Ana, I mean-- how can we stop progress?

It's out there now, we know it's possible.

Someone else will discover it.

Even after what we just-- well, because of that, yes!

Do we outlaw cars because people crash?

Or electricity because it electrocutes?

I have the mri on Thursday, that'll give us some closure.

Then we press ahead.

It's called progress.

Did we really imagine there weren't gonna be any teething issues?

And the worm?

I can hack the blame onto anyone, I just need someone with a motive.

We still have a million more tests to run, true.

But we need to move forward.

And to move forward, we need money, funding.

Now you said that the meetings were back on.

Yeah, but-- good, good.

Now, then.

Do you remember all the cool shit we said we were gonna do?


Everything will change.

Guys, pay attention.

Can we get something to eat?

I'm starving.


Come on.

Wow, that was amazing.

Wasn't it?

What a clever sticks you are.

I did okay?

You were brilliant.

Now, this is the best part.

We can go back and listen to it again, and again if we want.

Can i give it to papi?

Sure you can.

When he comes back, you can do anything.

Now, press that to turn it off.