Antonio Gaudi (1984) Script

It was Pedro falques who made those lamps and those complicated arches.

Originally, it wasn't like that.

You writing the dates down? Yes. Restorations in what years?

1883. Then there's another in '93. There were a lot of restorations.

The construction of the basilica de la sagrada familia was started by a man named bocabella, a bookseller.

He was very religious and wanted more than anything to build a church.

There were differences of opinions between the original architect and the construction committee.

Then gaudi was appointed as a successor.

If he hadn't taken over the construction, this would be one of the ordinary churches you see everywhere that have no impact on you at all.

Before he began designing the nativity facade, gaudi did what most others would never think of:

He went on a fast, following the example of Christ who fasted before he began preaching the gospel.

I believe one reason for this was that gaudi wanted to cleanse himself of the frivolous behavior of his youth.

When he was young, he enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle of fine dining and stylish clothing.

His fast lasted about 20 days.

He was so weakened that he could have died if we hadn't pulled him out of bed.

After gaudi passed away and the Spanish civil war broke out, the model he'd made was destroyed.

So we spent time and effort restoring his model as if piecing together a Jigsaw puzzle.

We did research for a long time fo figure out the best way to continue construction.

In its growth, a tree branches out in the form of a spiral.

His hope was that a pillar, even if only one, could be just like a natural tree, connected everywhere with no breaks or gaps.

Gaudi often used to say, 'it's impossible to build this church all by myself.

Another architect shall continue when I'm gone and add something of his own in the process.

That way this church will become something far richer.”

Everything comes from the great book of nature human attainments are an already printed book -gaudi