Anveshanam (2020) Script

'O tender flower, you are my world... forever'

'Without withering away, you are within me... everywhere'

'Protecting you from the summer every day'

'Didn't your father stand as a shade for you?'

'Grow up... gradually.. in front of my eyes'

'Rise up from my lap, to climb on my shoulder'

'When paths far away disappeared'

'Didn't your father come with eyes to guide you?

'Doesn't matter if it's scorching hot'

'Doesn't matter if it's raining'

'I will always be there to protect you'

'If a thorn pricks your feet'

'If your tender heart is in pain'

'Your father is here to cry for you'

'My dear, you should see the world you are living in'

'Even little things should impart knowledge to you'

'Mistakes at every stage, would be endless lessons for you'

'Your father will teach you. Won't you listen?'

'Even if you fly away, searching for a new sky'

'You should always come back to me as my child'

'There's a fire in my heart always, as I see you'

'Won't you remember that without your father reminding you?'

'Doesn't matter if it's scorching hot'

'Doesn't matter if it's raining'

'I will always be there to protect you'

'If a thorn pricks your feet'

'If your tender heart is in pain'

'Your father is here to cry for you'

'To live by the sky'

'You should fly every day, without falling'

'Remember that the world you see and live in, is under the sky'

'Going far far away'

'Even when time falls behind us'

'Even when we are covered by storms and clouds'

'If we stand together, whatever may come'

'We can face it with the same strength, forever'

Sir. The rushes are ready.

Okay. I'll come. Sir...

And... Aravind is quite frustrated.

It would be good if you speak to him.

What can I speak to him about that?

He needs to think only about his programme. Is it like that for me?

I have to look at the whole picture, you know?

So I may have to be a little harsh while talking.

What you're saying is true, sir.

But Aravind is a valuable asset of our company.

In case, he puts his paper, competitors will snatch him away.

I don't get any kind of positive vibes from him.

And.. I've been appointed in a position to which he should have been promoted, right?

So obviously... he'll have an issue regarding that.

It's good if things don't escalate.

It would be good if you talk to him, sir.

Is Aravind in his cabin? No. He just went out now.

He was really angry when he left.




This is Kavitha.

What's happening? Been long since I heard your voice.

Nothing new here, dear. There were workers here since morning.

They left only now.

Now I have to take a bath, have food, and then go to sleep. What else?

What's special tonight?

What we had for lunch only! What else would be special?

How are the kids? They are doing good, right?

They are fine!

Has Aravind reached?

No, Dad. He said he will be late today.

I had seen his programme last week.

His questions are not sharp at all.

Shouldn't he do some homework while interviewing a prominent scientist?

You should tell that to him, dear.

Why don't you say it directly to your son?

If I say something, he will get angry.

But I never get him when I call!

Whenever I call him, he is always busy!

Who is it? It's her.

I'll pass the phone to Mom.

I thought you would come last week itself.

Yeah, Mom. We also had planned it like that.

But Aravind had to go to Chennai suddenly.

Now some new project chief has joined, right?

So he's really busy these days.

Moreover, you can come here, right Mom?

It's really strenuous, dear.

It's really difficult to travel for 3-4 hours, bending my knees.

Is Gautham coming? - Deepu is getting married next month, right?

We will be coming then.

Panicker has brought a proposal for him.

It's a good family. If he is also coming, we can go and see the girl.

I don't know if Gautham would be coming.

Then what can we do!

Leave all that. Where are the kids?

He has gone downstairs to play.

Michu is here. She is really helpful, right?

What is she doing?

Someone has rung the bell. I'll call you back.

Okay, dear.

I am leaving.



He is calling you!

Alby, you be the wicket-keeper.

Hey! You... leg-side!

You stand under that tree!

Hey! You better catch properly. Don't drop it.

Throw at the stumps. He will be out.

Ashwin, we should win at least this match.

Run as soon as you hit.

Abhi! Abhi!

Keeper, move back. Ready? Come, let's play.


I'm not out. Give it. Let me play now.


I'm not out.

I'm not out. That was a trial ball.

I'm not out. That was a trial ball.

Sheesh! You are out. Get going!

First ball is always a trial ball. It's not!

It was a trial ball!

You are out. Stop your foul play & get going.

Give it, dude. Let me bat next. Give it.

Learn to play well first. Don't speak too much. Get going.

Don't mock me. The highest score at this ground is mine.

You are the one who's always duck out when we play here.

I'm leaving!

Get going, man! Go home and do your home work.

Learn to play first. Get lost.

He won't budge if he gets out.

He doesn't know to play!

I told you, right?

Prakash, she asked for a divorce. I gave it.

I'm not ready for any compromise about the kids. One minute.

Veena, speed up the scan report of the kids who were in the accident.

Prakash, I'm getting a call. I'll call you back.

Hi Gautham. Hi Doctor. This is Dr. Gautham.

Doctor... - Tell me. I need your help.

My friend's son fell from the stairs. He hit his head.

I'm just bringing him to the hospital. Bring him fast.

Okay Doctor.

Careful with his head's position. Okay Doctor.

Okay. How's the child now? Any bleeding? No. No bleeding.

Is he conscious? Actually, no.

Okay. I'll make arrangements. Thanks Doctor.

Okay. Come fast.

Veena, get ready for an emergency.


Sister, this is Greeshma.

Tell me, Doctor.

Dr. Gautham is bringing a patient.

And Dr. Ashok wants you in the emergency.

Okay. I'll be there.

Good evening, Ma'am.

Careful, please.

What's this, man? You've been at it for long! - It will be done now, sir.

What did you tie? Move.

Did you tie the fuse? - Yes. Give it to me. Hold this.

Don't point it at my feet. Point it here.

He's holding the fuse after tying it.

What is this, man? You came to repair a fan & ruined all the fuses here!

The wiring is old, right sir?

Old wiring! Don't get me talking!

Why are you getting up every time? Sit down.

What's so funny here? Nothing.

Nothing, sir.

Tell me what it is.

We were laughing about Sharath's marriage.

Did you meet a girl today as well? I met a girl today, sir.

That won't happen. Why?

This uniform is the problem.

That's your misconception.

Girls used to be like that earlier. Not now.

And.. if you demand assets worth One Crore, a Benz car and a girl who looks like Katrina Kaif, it won't happen.

Not so much, sir.

Don't leave them. Leave them tomorrow morning. Let them sit there.

What about the accident case? We went to the site.

Two people are in trouble there.

One guy is seriously injured in the bike accident.

He wasn't wearing a helmet.


ACP Madam.

When you were late, I thought you wouldn't be coming, Madam.

A case at Thammanam station. Got a little late there.

What is this? The fan is faulty.

Isn't the CI here? He is on leave. Please come.

And Madam, I've updated the file of that colony case.

Witness statements? - What's the status? I've added it, sir.

Sit down, Alphonse. Thank you, Madam.

Keep it in the car, when I leave. Okay Madam.

I'll be at Kasaba the whole day tomorrow.

It's been 3 days since I went there.

Madam, we got a phone call sometime back.

It was from Asia Wellcare Hospital....

... saying that a child abuse case has been admitted.

Before we could talk further, the call got cut.

And? Didn't you call the hospital?

No. We didn't call back, because it was a lady who called us.

She said something else as well.

That the hospital staff is trying to cover up this incident.

So I thought it would be better if we got there & enquire directly.

Because, if this becomes a problem tomorrow, the media would come after us!

Anyway, don't go wearing uniforms.

Take two lady officers too.

Sheeba is on sick leave.

Sameera just left after duty. We can call her back.

No. Don't call them back now.

It's only a matter of half an hour, right? I'll come.

You needn't come, Madam. We will go.

It's okay. I just have to drop by at home on the way.

That's all. Okay.


Kumar sir is calling you.

Madam, this is the list of people who were admitted today.

Thank you.

Madam, would you like to have some coffee or juice?

No, thanks.

Yes, come in.

Madam, this is Soni Cherian. Nursing superintendent.

Soni, was any child abuse case reported today?


I had checked the list.

But I thought I'll cross check once more. That's all.


Were any children admitted after 5 PM?

4 kids were admitted in a school bus accident case.

Other than that, there were no admissions.

It was a lady who called the station.

Maybe a prank call.

Other than that, there are no such chances.. - What?

No one would call from here. Sir...

Shall I go?

There's an emergency OT case. Okay.

It's not from here, sir.

There aren't any chances for that.

Pupils are unequal.

Make IV axis.

Plantar is extensor.

Shift the patient for CT. Sir.


Send blood parameters. Okay sir.


This doesn't seem like an accident.

Someone has beaten this child. See!

This can happen even if he falls from the stairs, right?

No, Doctor. Someone has hit this child.

I know it when I see it.

Is that the priority?

Let us treat him first.

The ones who make anonymous calls should be arrested, Madam.

Wasting our time in vain!

But I'm still confused.

Why would anyone report a child abuse case, just for fun?

Alphonse, shall we go? Madam, just a minute.

Didn't they say that no one else was admitted...

... apart from the 4 kids from the school bus accident case?

What about this then?

Those 4 children were admitted at 5 PM.

This alone was at 7.45 PM.

When did that call come to our station?

When was it? - After 8 o'clock.

Why didn't you tell us about this patient?

That child fell down from the steps, Madam.

And he was referred by our in-house Doctor.

That's why I...

Just get me the case sheet now.

We don't have any objection in giving the case sheet, Madam.

But there are some formalities for that. You know that? - Sir..

We don't need the case sheet as of now. We can talk to those doctors, right?

The Doctor who referred him? What's his name?

Doctor Gautham... Right Soni?

I want to meet him.

What's the condition of the child now?

Sister, there's a huge rush at the casualty. Go there.

It's all my responsibility.

That is Dr. Gautham.

The guy who's sitting alone?

Yes, sir.

Shall I leave then? Okay.


He is the CCTV of this place.

Shall I go and instigate him?


Hey! Wait! Madam!

I had seen him today. Some time back.

At that accident spot.

Sharath, go and check.

Move it! Move this vehicle.

Chetta, pull over.

To that side. Come on!

Take it away! Come on!

Where are you barging in?

Can't you see that it's a block?

Sir, we need to go to the hospital urgently.

It's a traffic block here. You can't go this way! Go back.

It's an emergency situation. I'm a doctor.

What happened? - Sir, it's an accident case. Please understand.

A child fell down, sir. I have no time to talk! Please, please!

Sir, it's a hospital case.

It's an emergency. Let them go.

Move this auto to the side.

Move it forward.

But I felt something fishy back then itself.

A spelling mistake.

You're quite close to this family, right Doctor?


I've known Aravind since childhood.

Actually, we are school mates.

We live in the same apartment.

They are from Palakkad.

Are you married, Doctor?


Aren't you the one who brought the child here?


How did the child fall?

I had to attend a friend's bachelor's party.

So I left early from the hospital.

Achu.. Achu!!

Achu.. Dear! I think he slipped & fell!

Achu! Achu!



Kavitha, you come behind.

Come here.

Careful! I've held him.

Tell me. I need your help.

My friend's son fell down from the stairs.

He hit his head. I'm bringing him to the hospital.

Is he conscious?

Actually, no. Okay.

I'll make arrangements. Come fast. Thanks, Doctor.

We'll reach in ten minutes.

Could you get Aravind?

No. His phone is switched off.


What do I tell Aravind when he asks me, Gautham!

Vitals are not satisfactory.

The child hasn't gained consciousness yet.

I have suggested some blood tests.

And we'll do a CT scan also.

Let the results come. Don't be tensed.

Doctor is examining him.

Don't worry. He's the best in town.

No point sitting here. Let's go to my room.

I'll bring her.


I need a favour.

She is my friend's daughter. Mishka.

Her brother is admitted here.

Hello! Say Hi.

She hasn't eaten anything.

Can you take her to the canteen and get her something? - Yeah, sure!


This is Dr. Ashok's case, right? Yes.

You'll have to take care of her for a while.

I'll come to the canteen.

Why not!

Go dear. Go with her.

We'll have a blast!

Right, dear? What do you want?

What does she eat?

She.. No. It's okay. I'll handle it. - Thanks.


Sure, sir.

I'll call you if anything is required.

It's the association secretary from the apartment.

Asking if we need any help.

What did the Doctor say?

He is okay. He has been taken for a CT scan.

He will be shifted to a room after that. You can see him then.

I couldn't get through to Aravind.

I also tried many times. His phone is switched off.

Don't worry. I've informed the channel.

These are the insurance papers.

It's okay even if you sign it, Kavitha. Just a formality.

Where's my daughter? She's in the canteen.

She's fine. A nurse is with her.

Isn't it better to inform your family?

They should also know, right?

It's Aravind... Take it.



When did Aravind reach?

I think around 8.30 PM.

Excuse me. Where's the emergency section? This way.

I've sent him for CT.

Let the results come. We'll see.

It may take some time.

Gautham. Doctor, give me a while.


He... He is fine, right? Dude...

He fell down.

That's all?

When she called, I got scared.

He has a slight head injury. He hasn't gained consciousness yet.

He's not conscious yet?

He just fell down, right?


He is fine.

Kids fall, right?

Don't cry. He is fine.

I spoke to Gautham.

He has been sent for scanning.

Where were you when this incident happened, Aravind?

I was in my office.

Where are you working?

I am the creative head of Media 10.

Do you go to the office wearing slippers?

I'm coming after going home from the office.

Where were you when you heard this?

I saw Kavitha's messages only when I switched on my mobile after getting home.

That's when...

So your phone was switched off?

Why so?

Some issues in the office.

And my mobile didn't have charge too.

What issues in the office?

I am doing a programme there. 'Meet the Legend'.

What about the 3rd cam?

That will be good. Prathap one minute.

Watch it.

What happened?

Prathap, it's not the first time this is happening.

When you change the timing of my programme which was being aired at prime time, shouldn't you discuss it with me, at least?


Such intellectual programmes don't have ratings now.

Not just that...

It's such a boring name!

'Meet the Legend'. Sheesh!

Didn't you think so?

I'm the one who named almost all the programmes here.

No one had any problem then.

Did it become a problem after you came? Hey!

Come on! Prathap!

Actually, am I the issue, or my programme?

Hey! For that, this is not my channel!


The people who spend money will have their own decisions, right?

Shouldn't we acknowledge them?

Not just that... At certain times...

... years of experience might become a burden.

Many new kids are coming.

I was just saying.

Your boss? Prathap?

Give me his number.

It's 85890...

85? 890....

One sec...

Sorry. Tell me.

I've got the details.

I need a copy of the child's clinical examination report.

Just enquire about that. Okay.

Sharath... Yes, Ma'am.

Make it fast.

Are you drunk, Aravind?

I had gone to the club from the office.

Do you booze daily?

No. Only once in a while.

Yeah, I can understand.

The pressure in your office.

And family issues... right?

Family issues?

What family issues?

Sorry Aravind. It's because the case is such.

I'm sorry.

Can I go now?

So that's why Dr. Janardanan left from here?

Of course! Everything is driven by money here, sir.

Doctors can go to other hospitals, if their salary is reduced.

Nurses can go on strike. What about us?

No progress at all, sir.

This is the state of the people in uniforms like us. It's futile to talk about it.

Give me a cigarette. No, sir. I don't smoke.

Don't lie to policemen. I saw it in your pocket. Give me one!

Sorry. No matchbox?

But your eyes would reach each and every corner here, right Davis?

Nothing happens here without my knowledge, sir.

How is Dr. Gautham?

He is an innocent chap, sir.

But he does play around a bit.

He can do all that only at this age, right?

Come, sit down. No, sir. I'll stand here.

Sit down, man!

Where is your house, Davis?

At Kozhikode, sir.

I could sense that from your accent. Where in Kozhikode?

Kozhikode West Hill.

I know West Hill. Where?

Behind the post office.

How is this Sister Soni?

She's a mystery, sir. She's not married yet. It's a long story.

I also felt so.

Didn't you see today how she complicated that child's case?

You also heard that? Everyone here came to know.

How did you know that, Davis?

When I was coming out of the bathroom, I heard Doctor and Sister talking about this.

This is not the first time I'm seeing this.

This is definitely child abuse.

They won't do it, Soni.

I've known Aravind & Kavitha for years.

They're not the type who would hit their children. Please understand.

This is exactly my doubt. All of you will bury this.

Soni, please. Please understand the situation.

Did you see this? My Papa did this.

I didn't bother telling it to anyone, sir.

That's good.

Yeah. Soni also shared the same concern with me.

Did you also feel so, Doctor? it was difficult to confirm it then.

Because, the same wounds can be caused by falling from the stairs.

And the concern then.. was not this. It was saving the child's life, right?

So... you didn't do anything about it?

No, I did.

How do you know this child's parents?

Aravind is my childhood friend.

The family is very close to me.

What happened, Doctor?

No! Nothing!

Any issue?

Then, tell me.

Soni had a doubt.

Whether there's a possibilty of child abuse.

When I saw the marks on the body of the child, even I also got confused for a moment.

No way, Doctor.

I know this family really well.

We are very close friends.

I go to Aravind's house almost every day.

I've never seen such a situation.

As a matter of fact, all of us say that Aravind has really pampered his children.

Anyway, you check it with them. You guys are friends, right?

Ashwin might need a surgery.

Initiate the insurance formalities, if any.

The child's father? He is on his way.

When Dr. Gautham was so confident, I didn't take it seriously.

Doctor, there's a call for you.

Who is it? Advocate Prakash.

Tell him that I'll call him later.

Didn't you talk to that child's parents about this?

I wanted to talk to them.. But I had back to back surgeries....

So when did this actually happen?

I was in the OT.

It was Soni who informed me.

Sister... Something happened to Achu...

Come fast, please!


You carry on!

Doctor! Wait!


What's the condition?

Sir, seizures are not controlled. Okay.

Check the probs.

Sister, do the suction.

IV Midaz.

Sir, it's status epilepticus.

Start Phenytoin infusion.

Saturation is 50.

Sir, patient is turning to VT. Make DC ready. - Okay.

Three... Two.. One. All clear!



6... 7.. Load adrenalin.



Doctor, saturation is still dropping.


Gautham... Achu?

Go in.

Achu.. I'll take her.



Kicha, call him.


Kicha, please!

You are fine, son!

Kicha, call him!

Can't you do anything?


No! They can!

S... Son!!

Son, wake up!



What do you think, Doctor?

Is there any possibility of child abuse?

If you ask me so...

I'm not sure.

Leave me.

What's the condition of that child?

Madam, we got a phone call some time back.

It was from Asia Wellcare Hospital, to report that a child abuse case has been admitted.

But I felt something fishy even back then.

Are you married, Doctor?

But he does play around a bit.

I don't have any objection in giving the case sheet, Madam.

But there are some formalities for that. Do you know that?

We live in the same apartment.

Some issues in the office.

That child fell down from the steps, Madam.

Don't put it in a cover. It needs to be taken now.

Where's the water? Over there.

I'll get it. No, sir.

That child's mother is still unconscious.

What do you think?

Is there a case in hand?

Yeah. I smell something fishy.

But I need to get some more clarity.

Do one thing. Call Dr. Fariz.

Let him have a look.

We can plan the next step according to his observation.

Okay sir. Do you want me to call him?

No, sir. I'll call him.

And yeah... if the media comes to know, it will be complicated.

So you need to conclude it soon.

I understand, sir.

Okay? Okay, sir.


You know the police surgeon, Dr. Fariz? Ask him to come here.

And tell him it's urgent.

You have his number, right? I'll collect it, Ma'am.

Media shouldn't know about this incident at any cost.

Give strict instructions to the hospital authorities.

I've already told them, Madam.

Shouldn't we inform the child helpline?

Wait. Let's see what Dr. Fariz's findings are, first.

Mr. Prathap...

This is ACP Latha Siddharth.

I need a help from you.

Are you in the office?

Okay, good. My team will be there soon.

Who's on night patrolling today? SI Shinto, Madam.

Yes, Ma'am.

I am on patrolling at Ernakulam South.

Okay, Ma'am.

I'll go right away.

Send it on WhatsApp.

I'll enquire, Ma'am.


Madam, I called Fariz sir.

He will reach in half an hour.

Okay, good. Before he reaches, the hospital formalities should be completed.

Okay, Ma'am. I'll talk to Kumar sir.

Madam, what I don't understand is that...

Sister Soni knew that this was a child abuse case.

But she didn't tell that to us.

Sir, it must have been her who called our station.

That's for sure!

She is hiding something.

Shall we interrogate her rather roughly?

Why did you lie to us, Soni?


Wasn't it you who called the station?

Give me your mobile phone.


Tell me now.

Why did you lie to us?

Come on!


When I saw the marks on the patient's body, I felt that it was child abuse.

That's why I called the police.

But later when I spoke to Dr. Ashok and Dr. Gautham, I realized that I was mistaken.

Why didn't you say this to us earlier?

Because you were with Kumar sir then...

How much did they offer you to cover up this case?

Oh no! Madam, there's nothing like that!

I had a doubt. I called the police.

That's all!

Please believe me!

You're not really good at lying, right?

Sir, I was checking Dr. Gautham's punching details.

When did Doctor go home? At 5.30 PM.

So it's matching with his statement, right?

Yes, sir. But there's a problem.

For 2 hours during the afternoon, that is, from 2.30 PM to 4.30 PM, he had gone out from the hospital, and came back.

That's okay.

The incident might have happened after 6.30 PM.

Anyway, you do one thing. Get his details of one week.

Okay, sir. I'll get it. We'll check it later if required.

After that, try talking to Sister Soni tactfully.

What if we get some lead?

I'll talk to her, sir. Okay. - I'll call you, sir.

I want the punching details of Dr. Gautham, for the past one week.

Come, brother... Shouldn't we play with our toys?

Come, brother!

Should I call the Doctor?

See, I know it's the wrong time.

But still... I would like to speak to you, Kavitha.


Achu! Son...

Hey! Achu!

Open your eyes!

Oh God!

Nothing to worry!

Don't be scared.


Michu, come fast.

Don't worry.

You are fine!

Gautham! What is it, Kavitha?

He fell down. He's not responding.

Come, dear. Let's take him to the hospital.


Make it fast, please.

Gautham, fast! Yeah! Don't worry!

So you saw Gautham at the parking lot?

Are you sure?


But Gautham said that...

He must be mistaken... right?

What did Gautham say?


You take rest.


One among these two people, is lying.

And... that Gautham is not such a decent person.

This is just a thought in my police mind.

What if there's something going on between Gautham and Kavitha?

Maybe... Maybe not...

But one thing is clear.

Somebody is trying to protect someone.

Shall we check the CCTV footage of their apartment?

We might get a clarity.

Exactly. Collect the footage, first thing in the morning.

And... get the call details of the parents and Gautham.


Hello! Hello!

Yes, Shinto. One second. Okay, Ma'am.

I need Soni's call details too. Okay.

Tell me.

Yes, Ma'am.

That's right.


Okay, Shinto. Thanks.

I think we got him. Is it?

We need to question Aravind once more. Okay.

But... not here. Then?

At a place where he wouldn't be comfortable at all.

Okay Madam.

Just give me ten minutes.

Didn't you say that you were in the office, when Ashwin fell down?


That's not what the staff in your office said.

Didn't you get a call this afternoon?

You left from the office as soon as you got that call.

The Principal called me from my son's school.

What was that call about?

My son fought with another boy during the lunch break.

She called me to talk about that.

And you went to his school?


Now I will connect the dots for you.

This is not the first time we're getting complaints about Ashwin.

Just that I didn't inform you earlier.

But this time... is the limit.

Who will take responsibility if something happens to my son's eye?

We cannot tolerate such behaviour!

In that case, it would be better that you find some other school for your son.

It's a complete failure of your parenting.

What are you going to class for?

What are you going to class for?


You know what he did? What are you doing, Kicha?

He pushed his classmate from the stairs. Leave him.

That boy has six stitches now. Let me ask him.

He won't do all that.

Do you go to class for this? Kicha!

Please, Kicha. He's a child, Kicha.

What did you do to him?

He hit me at my back, Dad. So?

You will push him from the stairs? Kicha, please.

Kicha, don't hit him.

You're spoilt because I don't hit you. Oh no!

I'll show you now. Achu!






What all are you saying?

Are you saying that I killed my own son?

Calm down, Aravind.

I am his father, Madam.

A father can never do all this.

You'll realize that in some time, Madam.

Okay, Aravind.

Now you tell me.

What happened at school today?

I had gone to meet the Principal.

But what happened there, was not like what you said!

We had warned Ashwin many times earlier.

We had even written it down on his diary.

Off late, his attitude changed a lot.

It's not enough if we alone pay attention.

I'll make him understand.

Okay. He's a child, right?

What he did is wrong.

He won't repeat such a mistake again.

I'll talk to those parents. You must.

Really sorry, Ma'am.

Mr. Jackie Chan?

What.. Excuse me, sir.


Why did you push that boy down?

He called me a bad word.

If he calls you a bad word? Can't you say that to your teacher?

Should you push him down?

It just happened, Dad!

It just happened?

You shouldn't do that, okay?

You'll become a bad boy then!

Aren't you eating anything? You don't have any weight.

It was when I came back to office, that the issue I told you earlier, happened.

My mood was really spoiled.

I went to the club from there.




Madam, he is still hiding something.

Look Aravind... The police surgeon will reach here soon.

If he examines the child, all your lies would be uncovered.

Write everything that happened, in detail.

If you say the truth now, maybe I can help you.

Think about your family...

... and do the right thing.

Alphonse, what do you think?

You are quite soft, Madam.

Leave him to me for 10 minutes. I'll whack him...

Don't do all that here.

This is a hospital. Sharath!

Madam... Did Soni say anything after that?

I spoke to her, Madam.

She is a little tough. If Sir could talk to her in his style...

That's what I also said.

What about the call list? I'll get it in one hour, sir.

Okay, good.

Dr. Gautham, Kavitha, Soni.

I need written statements from the three of them.

If we get the mismatch between their statements, in their own handwriting, that will make the case stronger.

I think he's breaking down.

We just need the confession of one person.

We will close this case tonight itself.

Do you want to go to jail for strangers, dear?

You are intelligent, right?

Think about it.


Achu... Don't touch him.

I was told that he is fine.

Then why isn't he responding?

It will take some time.


Your husband hit him, right?


Don't be scared. Just say the truth when the police comes.

You'll be safe. I'll support you.



Achu fell down from the stairs.

Why are you lying like this?

I have seen many mothers like you.

To save your husband...

My mother was also like this.

Do you know how all this will affect this child's life?

Nurse, what are you saying?

When this happened, Aravind wasn't even at home.

It was because of me.

Hello... Police station.

Sister.. Something happened to Achu!

Please come fast.

Make IV axis.

Saturation is fifty.



Hey! He's gone!

Hello... Police station.

This is from Asia Wellcare Hospital.

I had called earlier.

Why did you hang up without giving any details?


It's all right. Madam has left from here.

It's not that. Hello!


We must inform...

Sit down.


There's a problem.

What problem?


Someone has reported to the police that Ashwin's is a child abuse case.

Child abuse?

Who reported it?

I don't know.

You should listen to me patiently.

If the police have a doubt that Ashwin didn't fall from the stairs, they might arrest Kavitha.


What all are you saying?

Do one thing.

Can you tell them that I did it? This is not the time to think like that.

We have to tackle the situation.


We are humans, right?

Don't we make mistakes?

Won't they understand that?

Who's going to understand? It's the police who's coming!

Think about Mishka.

You know, right?

What will happen if the police and media know about such an issue?

You guys will be the headlines tomorrow.


What are you trying to say? I don't understand anything.

What should I do now?

We should convince the police that Ashwin fell down from the stairs.



There should be marks on Ashwin's body, like he fell down from the stairs.

We have to create it.


After all this?

Are you even human?

I'll handle the police.

Doctor... Police is on the way.


The body is becoming stiff.



I am sorry.

I said that because we don't have any other option.

Trust me!

Do what I'm saying.

If there is a case, things will go out of our hand!

This is my family as well, right?

Achu was like a son for me!

We already have a disaster in our family. We can't handle more.

Hey! We don't have much choice!

Don't be so weak.

Trust me!

Trust me!

Trust me!

Trust me!

Achu is gone!

Doesn't she need the both of you now?


Let's do it.

Don't start the cleaning of the child in the ventilator room now.

The parents are there now. I'll tell you. Okay Madam.

The easiest way to go to the top floor, is the lift on C block.


You're sure that there are no cameras there, right?

I am sure. Construction is going on over there.

You go a little early. I'll come after a bit with Aravind.






His CT scan has already been done.

Nothing should happen to his head.



Lift Achu up.

Doctor, this is not enough.

He must be thrown with some more force.

What are you talking, Soni?

He will have to do it once more.

There's no other way.


Whatever happens, I will face it.

I can't hurt him anymore.


Leave him.

Leave him.

Where is our daughter?

She slept.

Don't get up. Lie down.

Aren't you angry at me?

Say something, Kicha!

Don't be silent like this, please.

Police will come.

They might ask you questions.

I will say everything that happened.

Let them take me.

Shouldn't we think about our daughter then?

We must think about her.

She needs both of us!

Nothing has happened.

He fell down while playing.

Just say that.

You should only say that.

I have told her.

She will say that...

Achu fell down from the steps while playing.


Kavitha should never know what we did.

Soni Madam... Kumar sir is calling you.

Excuse me.


The reports are here, sir.

Soni, this is Dr. Fariz. He is the Police Surgeon.

Doctor wants to examine the child's body. Go with him.

Please come.

Give me the case sheet.

Soni... you are Dr. Cherian's daughter, right?

Kumar had told me.

I had come to the hospital when Doctor had the stroke.

I didn't see you then.

What's the reason for your doubt in this case, Soni?

Sir, that's not possible.

We had checked everything.

I'll call you.

Give me the CT scan.


A confession that no father in this world should write...

I am trying to write that now.

The one who is responsible for my son's death....

... is me.

Me alone.



I have nothing to say.

I know one thing.

I am the one who's responsible for his death.

Me alone.

It is only when a child is born... that a mother and father are born.

My son...

... died some time back.

That moment...

I also died somewhere.

See this only as the dying declaration of someone who was born to be responsible for his death.

The answer to all your questions...

... is lying in that room.

It's me.

I am the only one responsible for all this.


I have already told everything to sir.

You know, right?

Now again... Let the report come.

I examined the child.

There has been...

... a cover-up.

I need to meet the doctor who treated the child.

Okay sir.

There was an Infarct in the child's brain.

So I gave antiplatelets to make it lyse quickly.

I can see that in the report.

Well, Doctor...

Where did you see a clot in this?

According to this scanning report, there was no clot in the child's brain.

If you give antiplatelets to such patients, their blood flow would increase.

So... the death might have happened due to that.


Either, you went wrong in your treatment in this case, Doctor.

Otherwise, you checked the wrong CT scan.

I can only see these two possibilities, in this case.

Sir, I spoke to him.

Doctor checked the wrong CT scan.

No, sir.

There was a slight confusion between the ID's of the patients.

No. I'll see to it that there are no problems.

Sir... You will come soon, right?

Thank you, sir.

Did the police confirm that it is not child abuse?

Yes, they did.

Did you tell them that you checked the wrong CT?

No. I haven't told them. Okay, good.

Don't say anything more.

I'll deal the rest.

So my son could have been saved, is it?


Our son could have been saved! Our son!

Where are you going? I want to see him. - Listen to me.

Listen to me!

They will charge a case against that doctor.

There will be a postmortem.

For that, they need your consent. So?

So you want to tear my son apart again?

Aravind.. Kicha, no!

Let's take our Achu home.

I know what to do.


Madam, our Chairman will come now.

We can discuss, sir. What should we discuss?

A child's life has been lost because of him!

Sir, we don't know what happened, right?

You don't know? I'll let you know!

We will find that.

People like him spoil the dignity of this profession!

Then go file a case!

Hey Doctor, please! We'll see in court!

Can't he talk decently, Kumar?

I am a senior surgeon. I am here, sacrificing my own family. - I know.

I do 36 surgeries in a day!

What is he saying? - We should understand the situation, Doctor.

You are just making calls here. Listen to me.

What does he know?

Ashok, please. I am going crazy here.

Please. The child's father is here.




So all of you are together?

What do you want now?

You want to question us?

You want to hang us?

Do whatever you want.

But... can you give my son back to me?

Can you give me?

You killed my son, right?

Not you!

It was me.

It wasn't me either.

It was her.


So everyone killed my son!

But I won't allow anyone to tear apart my son now.

I won't allow anyone!

I won't allow anyone to do that!

Where is my daughter?

Did all of you kill her too?

Aravind! Hey!

Don't stay there. Come with me.

What do we tell her now?

Even if we tear him apart now, we're not going to get him back.

There's no point in fighting a case.

We don't want another family to shed tears, because of us.

Let it be, dude.

How is your health?

Fine, Doctor.

Then what's wrong?

No, Doctor. I have a gut feeling.

That we're missing out something.

As you said... that child would have died due to medical negligence indeed.

We don't have any evidence to prove that it's child abuse, either.

I mean, conclusive evidence.

But I still feel, they are hiding something from us.

Alphonse, what do you think?

Shall we question the parents of that child again?

Leave it.

Why should you go behind this case now?

Even if they have done something wrong, will they get a bigger punishment than losing their own son?

We can charge a case against that Doctor if we want to.

What's the point?

Those parents will have to do the rounds at courts for a long time.

Is that necessary?

What sir said is right, Madam.

We saw the condition of that family, right?

Let's forget it.

And we still have many other cases to solve, right?


I am sure. Your Commissioner would also have the same opinion.


Michu, don't you want to see the fish?

Put your head in the water.

If you don't put it quickly, I'll push your head in.

No. I'll see it from here.

Leave me, brother. Leave me!

Listen to me. It's a great feeling.

Look, Michu!

Stay down for some more time.


What are you doing there, Achu?


What are you doing?

She's a little child, right?

Don't worry, dear.

How many times have I told you not to play in water?

If something had happened to her, suffocating in water?

It's nothing, dear.

Nothing, dear.

What is this?

What is this?

Why did you hit me, mom?

I was showing her the fish.

What? You and your damn fish!!




Hey! I told you not to take that.

I'll hit you really hard if you draw on the walls.

If you be naughty, you'll get it from me!

You'll get it from me!

Kukku, get up only after eating all this.

Enough of playing. Go and study!