Apollo 18 (2011) Script

There's just a lot at stake here, you know?

We're talkin' nation versus nation, and the race is still on.

There's lots to discover out there, man.

I guess the call came in on a Friday.

Nate and I were at Ben's for a barbecue.

Um... Just a few beers, you know, maybe more than a few.

With Ben's cooking, you definitely need a few.

Nate took the call. It was Milton, and Milton said 18 was back on, but it was classified, DOD, top secret.

Asked, you know, "Are you OK with that?"

And he was like, "Are you kidding me?"

I come from a family of military pilots.

Duty can sometimes outbalance a private life.

Make choices, keep moving forward.

NASA already has something like 800 pounds of rocks.

So why we need more, I don't know, but, hey, if it means a trip to the moon...

Placing cameras. We got these Westinghouses all over the place.

Well, I think the way it's being explained is they're using a Saturn V to launch a classified DOD payload, uh, which is meant to be very large, very heavy, and, uh...

...apparently unmanned.


Placing these high-frequency transmitters.

Part of some early warning antimissile defense system against the Soviet Union.

These PSD5s are kind of like high-tech radar scanners, they should pick up and track anything we can't.

Gotta keep a little eye on the Russians, there.

Would've been nice to tell my wife.

Laura had been by my side the whole time, and, uh...

...she thinks I'm off doing a training exercise with the Japanese space agency.

Ryan, my boy, would've been nice to tell him his old man's goin' to the moon.

I would've loved to have brought him a souvenir.

Maybe a moon rock. I don't know. Maybe one day.

Ban was always first in class, and I was always right at his heels.

Yeah, I'll admit, I'm a little jealous that he'll be moon-walkin' with Nate while I'll be all by my lonesome, piloting the orbiter.

My job is, essentially, to make sure I bring us home safely.

Look, let's face it, these missions are result-oriented, and, uh, we can't afford to fail here, now can we?

Things can go wrong, things do go wrong, it happens, but you just gotta push that out of your mind.

It's just not an option.

I'm proud to do it for these guys.

And I'm proud to do it for my country.

T- minus ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three...

...two, one.

Apollo 18, you're looking good.

Christmas lights.

Bring any Christmas lights, Ben? Nope, not me.

You ever see anything like that before?

No, sir.

It's amazing.

Earth in all her glory.

That's a good-lookin' boy. You sure he's yours?

Watch it. He's a good kid.

He's got big shoes to fill now.

Big ol' moon boots.

So, Nate, you wait all this time to put your foot on the moon, and you get to be number 13. How you feel about that?

You gonna be OK with staying behind, John?

Oh, you know, it'd be nice to have some alone time.

It's gettin' crowded in here.

I'll keep a light on for you, boys. Don't stay out too late now.

See you in a couple of days, partner.

Roger that. See you in a couple days.

Houston, this is Freedom preparing to undock Liberty. Over.

OK, 18, you're go for undock in four minutes.

John, is the tunnel vented?

Roger that. Tunnel is vented.

OK, Liberty, we're ready to send you an updated state vector and REFSMMAT.

Roger, Houston. We're pooling data. Computer is all yours.

Wish you were comin' with us, John.

Now, you boys be careful down there.

You, too, buddy.

Got a good visual on you.

OK, 18, you are go for landing.

We're go for the moon!

Fourteen hundred feet.

Forty-four down, lookin' good.

Down to a thousand feet.

We're right on profile.

Fifty-four LPD. Dropping off Seven hundred feet. Down 20. Looking good.

Mission Elapsed Time: four days, six hours, 33 minutes.


Leveling off Take her down.

Gonna have to land long. Where?

Over that next crater. Twelve o'clock.

Next to the rim. It's a pretty rocky area. Mark it.

Four hundred and 30 feet. Down 15, 25 forward.

Houston, we have a program alarm. Twelve-oh-one.

You are go on the twelve-oh-one, Liberty.

Roger. Go twelve-oh-one.

Liberty, position vector mark one-eight.

Watch those suppression boosters.

You wanna think about revisiting that approach?

Negative, we'll miss our window.

Those boulders are some big mothers.

Sub boosters on my three, two, one, mark.

Liberty status? We're comin' in too fast.

Liberty, you stabilize.

Liberty to Houston, range is long. Going manual.

Contact light. Standby for T1 stay/no stay.

Engine arm off. Stay for T1, Liberty.

Houston, you give that man a cigar.

From up here, that looked very pretty.

Excellent touchdown.

Oh, are you talkin' to me or Nate?

Well, I'm talking to you both, Ben.

December 25th, 1974. four days, nine hours, 23 minutes.

Commander Nathan Walker. DOD Mission Report One-A.

We're day one of our two-day mission. Prepping for EVA-One and payload setup.

This is Thomas Young at Apollo Mission Control.

In addition to the Mauer 16-millimeter cameras, this mission will mark... Looks like five reels, 10,000 feet Kodachrome. The RCA module data acquisition cameras inside the lunar module record all facets of the mission.

Houston, we are prepped for EVA-One.

Copy, Liberty. You are go for cabin depress.

Button up good, boys. We don't want anyone catching cold.

Roger that.

Can you check me over?

It'd help if you were a little smaller.

Check my PLSS. Yup.


...we're taking our first steps on the south pole.

I prepared a speech, but no one but us would hear it anyway.

No words can describe how it feels to be here.

Rock formations everywhere.

The sun is low, on the horizon. it's amazing.

Freedom, do you read?

...do you read?

Freedom reads you loud and clear, Liberty. Over.

Yeah, yeah. Perfect. You call that a salute?

OK, let me get a shot of you with the LM in the background.

That looks like a Navy salute to me.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. I gotta get this.

Promised Laura and Ryan I'd spend Christmas with them.

This is all goin' back to the Department of Defense.

No one's ever gonna...

Completing Westinghouse setup.

Sounds good, Nate. Standing by.

Motion sensor is tracking you perfectly, Nate.

Captain Video says first round is on him when you get back.

I'm checking the payload in the MESA unit.


What was that?

Houston, can you track that power flux?

I'd like to get a fix on the interference.

Roger, Nate. Looks like you're ready to proceed to location one and initiate setup procedures. Copy. We're on our way.

Will you take a look at that?

It makes you think, doesn't it?

Damn, it's dusty.

I'm leaving the camera up here so you can get a better view, Tommy.

And for your information, we're about three hours and 20 minutes...

it's hard to believe the sun never shines in some of these places. Ever.

Careful, now, fellas. You drop into any of those craters, you'll get cold in a hurry.

PSD5 in place.

Roger. Proceed with startup.

Did you record the signal frequency on the PSD5 during training?

It was ALSEP, wasn't it? Thought it was.

I think they changed it.

Set astral coordinates, four-eight-point-three on the Z and eight-niner-point-eight on... Record.

Initiation sequence complete.

Houston, we're getting some noise on the high-gain again.

Collecting geological samples near what appears to be a... impact crater.

The sample feels...


it's great to get out of that gear. four days, 14 hours, 48 minutes.

Commander Nathan Walker. DOD Mission Report Three-Charlie.

Day one, EVA-One complete.

I am starving. What's on the menu tonight?

Carrots or peas?

I'll take carrots.

No. You get the peas. Perfect.

I'm mighty proud of you, boys.

You have a good time out there? You know it.

I'm gettin' a lot of noise on this frequency.

I'm gonna see if I can isolate it, maybe clean it up a bit.

Roger that.

Astronaut Ryan Anderson with his dad, flying through space.

Ryan, what are you doing? Just playing, Mom.

Don't play with your dad's stuff Baby, is that recording?

Sorry, Dad. Love you.

Beverly's in a panic because a hair appointment ran over.

Stan and Jean are already over and nothing's ready, so I offer to help cut all these jalapenos.

Couple of minutes later, I'm in the bathroom takin' a leak with all this jalapeno nonsense on my hands.

Next thing I know, my crotch is on fire.

So I'm in the bathroom, hollering in pain.

And they can hear you? Oh, oh, they heard me.

And Stan's wife's a nurse, so she sends me back into the bathroom with a cup of milk. Nate, I gotta stop you.

You're not about to tell me that you dipped your balls in a glass of milk?

Hey, don't knock it. It works. Jalapeno dick.

I can't believe you haven't heard that story.

Is Beverly back in Miami? Yeah. So I hear.

You realize she divorced you because you snore, right?

I don't snore. Yeah.

Every time.

You all right, Benny? Yeah, I'm good.

You bang your head? Again.

It's a big head.

Thanks for the housekeeping, guys. Great first day.

We'll miss you over at Marybelle's. Get some sleep.

Good night, JD.

Never should have told you that. You little prick.

Nate? Yeah, I hear it.

What can that be here?

Give me a second.

It should be on comm?

What's that?


You hear that? Yeah.

All right. Uh...

Sounds like it's coming from up here.

That doesn't sound right.

Can't find it down here.

Tommy, you think this interference could be coming from the PSD5 setup?

We don't see anything obvious. We'll double-check with DOD.

We'll look into it. Go get some sleep.

I'm up! You can turn off the noise.

Good morning, Liberty.

We took care of the interference a couple hours ago.

You guys should be OK. Let's get ready for EVA-Two, OK?

five days, eight hours, 34 minutes.

IMP Ben Anderson.

I gotta document this.

Now, Nate...

Nate says he never snores in his sleep.

Now I got proof.


Well, boys, I just wanna let you know that Freedom will be going around the corner to the backside.

No comm for a while. Roger that.

Hey, I made you breakfast.

What do I got today?

Scrambled eggs. Oh, again. What do you got?

I'm going with the delicious ham spread.

Hm. It's all yours.

Just like Mom makes.

Hey, did you remove one of my samples?


Look, one of my samples is on the floor.

What's that doing there, Ben?

I don't know.

I bagged and tagged everything.

Look, uh... It's gotta go back in.

Yeah, grab me the scoop.

I'm going to have to mark this one contaminated.

I don't understand. How did it get there?

I don't know. No, really, Ben, how'd that get there?

I don't know.

DOD is checking on the interference with the first payload setup.

Run a diagnostic...

Houston? Do you copy?

I think we lost them.

Probably got some comm blockage.

These are some big craters.

Five days, ten hours, 40 minutes since liftoff.

Commander Nathan Walker. We're on EVA-Two.

Initiating day two receiver setup.

Activating PSD5 transmission signal.

Houston, do you copy? This is Liberty, over.

Still down.

There is something with that frequency.

Comm shouldn't be cuttin' out like that, not for this length of time.

Where are you goin'?

What the hell?

Nate. What is it?



No, that's impossible.

These aren't ours.

five days, 11 hours, seven minutes.

IMP Anderson.

Tracks appear in single...

Houston, this is 18. Do you copy?

Houston, this is 18. Do you read?

John's on the backside. No comm from him, either.

Well, let's see where they lead.

Impact crater.

You feel that?

Yeah. Temperature dropped.

Look at the footprints.

It doesn't make sense.

I think he was just walking in circles.


Oxygen dep? I don't know.

They go off in this direction.

Get up here!

Holy shit.

it's Russian.

What the hell?

How could there be Russians on the moon and nobody knows about it?

We're on the moon and nobody knows about us.

Something's not right.

I'm gonna look inside.

Lights are off.

Somebody lost it in here.

This place is trashed.

Their systems aren't that different from ours.

Powers up. Oxygen reserves are good.

Can't tell if she's fully operational, though.

Where the hell did they go? I don't know.

I'm gonna take a look around.

But stay close.

Those Russians could be anywhere.

What the hell?

There's blood. A lot of it.

Somebody got hurt pretty bad.

I don't like this.

I think I see something inside the crater.

I'm goin' down.

Wait, Ben. The suits aren't ready for that kind of cold.

It's OK, the crater isn't so deep. it's so cold.

I just see rocks.

The ground, it's, uh... it's different.

It feels... softer.

Get out of there.

Oh, God...

So cold.

Get out of there! Ben!

OK, yeah, all right. I'm headin' back up.

Holy shit!

I found him! I got the cosmonaut! it's OK. I'm all right. I'm on my way up!

You all right? Yeah, I'm warmin' up.

Oh, Christ. What the hell happened here?

Maybe the other cosmonaut?

You think he killed him?

There's a rip.

What are you doing? Get your hand out of there.

Wait a minute, there's something...

Get away from him!

What the hell was that?

It was a rock.

Must have happened when I was dragging him out.

I don't know. Let's get out of here.

All right, we're almost at the point of no return, Ben.

If we don't go now, we'll end up just as dead.

I don't like this. Someone died up here...


This is a secure line.

I'm just talking to you, right, Tommy?

That's affirmative, Nate.

The Russians have been to the moon.

Say again?

The Russians have landed on the south pole.

We found their LK Proton Lander, but it didn't end well for the cosmonaut.

You find a crash site? They didn't crash.

We found his body in a crater.

You found a dead cosmonaut?

You tellin' me you didn't know this?

We land less than two clicks from a Soviet LK, and you expect me to believe you didn't know they were here?

You know they scrubbed their manned flight program in'69, That's the official word.

Did you know they were here?

Tommy? This is a DOD mission, Nate.

I'm just briefed in on what I need to know. That's all I can tell you.

You get that little prick from DOD to give me a call.

Get some rest. I'll get the DOD over here and we'll talk to you soon.

Tommy's a straight shooter. No.

I knew something was wrong from the beginning.

All right, what are you thinking?

DOD takin' over, lyin' to our families.

Then they're rushing us up here for what?

What, to set up some listening devices?

Yeah. Makes no sense.

Come on, think about Watergate, Nate. I mean, that was our president, for Christ sakes, and you don't think that DOD would just lie to us?

So, what are we doing up here then?

What are we really doing?

Well, it's kind of spooky, really.

Strange beauty on the backside.

I don't know if it's my mind playin' tricks on me, but every so often you look out these little windows and...

...get this sense that something might be lookin' back...

...back at you.

Nate, look at this.

What? Look at this!

The flag's gone.

No, this isn't right.

Houston, this is 18, over.

Houston, Liberty.

Did you see anything unusual on the Westinghouse last night?

Uh... We got some interference and dropouts.

Our flag is gone.

Say again?

Say again.

Maybe the other cosmonaut took it.

If there was another cosmonaut, he'd be away from his LK for, what, a minimum of ten, 12 hours?

What are you thinkin', John? There's no way.

He couldn't carry that kind of oxygen.

So how could he survive?

Maybe there is no he.

You saying the Soviets flew a one-man mission?

Wouldn't be the first time.

If there's one cosmonaut, who took the flag?

Who killed the other cosmonaut that we found?

We need to get DOD on the line. Now.

We suspected the Soviets might be there, but we had no confirmation.

Intelligence warned that they might be disguising missions as routine satellite launches. Why the hell didn't you tell us?

National security. We play our cards pretty close to the vest, Commander.

I'm sure you can understand.

Maybe a little too close.

We were concerned they might get their eye in the sky up there first.

It would be a national security disaster.

So where the hell's this other cosmonaut?

What, they're just gonna leave him here?

Our intelligence suggests there was only one cosmonaut.

Goddamn! Setup's complete.

It's time to get you boys home again.

So that's it?

Let's focus on getting home. We'll ask questions later.

Zero-four-seven, plus three.

Seven-seven-six-two. Your RCS feed is looking good.

...minus seven-six.

What the hell was that?

Let's get outta here.

Roger. DAP looks good.

Ten seconds.

Ten seconds. Ready on my mark. Ten, nine...

Time to go home. ...eight, seven, six...

Master alarm!

Shit! We are no go! We are no go!

Safe this damn thing. I'm trying!

I've got a major power glitch. We're losing the descent oxygen.

We got a leak somewhere! I'm gonna try and isolate the tanks and see if I can stop it. Houston, do you copy?

Repeat, Houston, do you copy? Engine arm off!

We've lost comm. Prop valves, closed.

No, no, no, no, no, no... What the hell is going on?

No. Houston, this is Liberty. Over.

We just lost communications.

How the hell did that happen? I don't know.

Impact on the LM, maybe a meteorite?

There's no way to tell without going EVA.

Give me a hand with the PLSS. You sure about this?

We need comm to get home. Can't just stay in here and wait.

Look, I can play with the omni... Suit up!

Leaving egress platform.

Stepping down the ladder.

six days...

...13 hours, 46 minutes.

Commander Walker is performing an unscheduled EVA to repair the S-Band antenna on the Rover.

We've experienced...

We've experienced some unexplained, uh... malfunctions.

Looks like the hull's insulation is damaged.

Could be debris from the impact, but I don't see any meteor residue.

This is ripped to pieces. Something hit us?

I can't tell.

We get that same feedback each time we use active comm.

Sounds like crossover chatter from another frequency.

I can't squelch it. I've never heard anything like it.

Wait, wait.

Nate, talk to me. What do you see?

Looks like tracks.

Footprints? Maybe there is another cosmonaut.


six days, 13 hours, 47 minutes.

Commander Nathan Walker.

We're witnessing what could be evidence...

...of extraterrestrial contact.

We're witnessing what could be evidence of extraterrestrial contact.

Do you know what you're saying?

These tracks are not human.

I found the flag.

It's shredded.

And the motion-sensor camera is gone.

S- Band looks OK, just got knocked.

I'm turning the Rover back up.

Connection looks good. Try to reach Houston or Freedom.

Freedom, copy.

Houston, do you copy?

Damn it. No, look, it's not working.

All right, let me try something.

Wait. Something's... Something's moving. Something's moving.

What? I don't see anything.

Something in... inside my suit!

It's in my helmet!

Nate, listen to me. Get back to the LM!

I can't get it out! Nate, come back to the LM, OK? Nate?

I can't get it out! There's nothing inside your suit.

Now, get back to the ship! it's in my helmet!

I can't take it out! Nate!

Oh, Christ.



Nate! You need oxygen!

Come on, Nate! You got to keep moving!

Come on, we're almost there.

Come on, Nate. Keep moving.

You're almost there. Come on.

Come on. We're almost there.

Come on. Pull yourself in.

Cabin's locked!

Cabin repress auto, point-five PSI.

Look, you're not getting enough oxygen.

Hang on. Breathe!

Breathe! PSI one.

Look at me. You're gonna be all right. Breathe. One-point-five.



Three! Cabin pressure is stable. It's OK. You're gonna be OK!

So... you OK?

I'm fine.

What happened out there?

You started screamin', I come out there, you're on your back.

Liberty, this is Freedom. Do you read me? Over.

Liberty this is Freedom. Do you read? Over

Uh, Houston, this is Freedom. Do you read me? Over.

We read you, John. Over. I can't raise Liberty, Tommy.

Copy that, Freedom. We're having the same issues down here.

Have you tried switching frequencies?

Well, we've got some sort of interference.

Could have something to do with those PSD5s.

Yeah, we've been assured the PSD5s aren't the source of the problem.

All right, well, why don't we try to shut down the receivers and see what happens? Uh, negative.

Well, why not? We got two men down there, Tommy. Come on.


Tommy, you there?

We're working on the problem, John. We'll keep you advised.

Oh, you're working on it. That's great. Great.

Goddamn it.

Liberty, this is Freedom. Do you copy?

six days, 16 hours, 12 minutes.

Post-EVA interview one-alpha with Commander Walker.

I already told you everything I remember.

Come on.

I was repairing the S-Band.

I thought I saw something...

I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I was wrong.

Then there was a shrieking noise.

It caught me off guard. Slipped.

Must have hit a rock.

That's it.

You said something was inside your helmet. You yelled it.

I don't remember that.

Christ, Nate, you're bleeding.

Look at your shirt. You're bleeding.

Jesus Christ! Hand me the first aid kit.

You said something was inside your suit, Nate.

The inside, you said.

You said inside your helmet.

I don't get it. How'd you get that wound?

Now, if there was something in your suit, then where the hell did it go?

Wait a second.

Nate... Look, I can feel it right... right here.

Oh, man, there's something inside.

What are you talkin' about? Right here, look.

It's hard, under the skin. Jesus.

I need to get that out, OK?

Yeah, OK, just make it quick.


It'll be all right. Hang in there.


Jesus, it's really in there. It's like it's moving.

Get it out. Get it out! I got it. I got it. it's coming!

Damn it, Ben! Get it out!

Hey, are you all right? You all right?

Hang on. Hang on.

Hang on.

Put something on it.

It looks like one of my samples.

You said you felt something moving in your helmet.

I don't understand. How the hell did this get in...?

Goddamn it, you contaminated the entire ship!

Liberty, do you copy?

Houston, we read you.

Liberty, can you hear us?

Yes, damn it! Houston, we read you!

...Ben? Do you copy?

They can't hear us.

Liberty, do you read me?

Those PSD5s...

What if they're not there for spying on the Russians?

What do you mean?

Look, they told us that the transmitters would pick up an ALSEP frequency, but they don't.

They're blocking our comm. They're emitting a signal.

All right.

But why would they be doing that?

No, keep filming. Keep filming. You need to document this.

To attract the things that made the tracks that you saw.

Whatever killed the cosmonaut.

All these cameras, Ben...

...they're watching it.

We're on our own.

We're guinea pigs.

That's why they sent us up here.

We gotta dismantle those transmitters.

PSD5's destroyed.

There's debris everywhere.

Look at these tracks.

Nate, they were here.

Let's check on the other sites.

Liberty, do you copy?

Liberty, do you copy?

Liberty, this is Houston. Do you copy?

Something's out here.

It's gone.

Nate, we're too late.

This was a bad idea.

You need to get your rest, Nate, OK? We're gonna get you back to the LM.

Oh, Jesus Christ, Nate.

It's entered your bloodstream.

Previous wound seems to... have become infected.

Eyes appear extremely bloodshot.

I don't know how to treat this.

Houston, this is Freedom. I haven't been able to reach Nate or Ben.

Comm is still down with Liberty.

We have no communication with the crew, but we are receiving data from the LM.

We're trying to restore comm now. Stand by, Freedom.

Liberty, this is Houston.

Looks like you can hear us, but we can't hear you.

We've lost the Westinghouse and your vitals, but we're still getting LM data.

We estimate 12 hours left on your LM life support, and the troops are sortin' out the engine problems.

We're doin' everything we can. We're gonna get you home.

We're gonna get you home.

They're lying.


No, they'll get us back.

They have to get us back. They want that footage.

What about the Russian ship? That poor Russian bastard.

He was infected, just like me.

I'm getting worse.


You gotta leave me here. No.

No one's leaving anyone. You'll have to.

We are not dying up here.

Fate has ordained...

...the men who went to the moon to explore in peace...

...remain on the moon to rest in peace.

What the hell are you talking about?

I feel my thoughts...


Like I'm being drawn to them.

I'm so tired, Ben.

six days, 22 hours, 23 minutes.

IMP Anderson. Delta reel.

No further communication from Houston.

Oxygen levels are running low.

Nate's been asleep for about an hour.

The sickness seems to have brought on fatigue.

We're not gonna make it here.

If Houston doesn't come up with a plan in the next couple of hours, we'll, uh...

We'll abandon Liberty, head towards the Russian LK.

Their comm and oxygen are our only hope.

I just pray to God...

Jesus Christ!

Oh, Jesus.

Partial laceration, upper left rib.

The infection's spreading.

Oh, goddamn it.

Must've been the same thing that happened to the Russian.

The rock... Christ, Nate! I'm not gonna let you kill me.

Nate, it's me. Listen to me. Look at me. it's me, OK?

I'm just trying to help you. You're gettin' worse.

Don't ever touch me.

Nate! Geez!

What the hell are you doing?

They're everywhere! Please, Nate, you'll kill us both!

Stop watching us! No, Nate!

They're not gonna watch me die!


What are you doing? Stop!

Stop! Come on, you're...!


Liberty, this is Freedom. Do you read me?

Liberty, this is Freedom.

I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm gonna be out of comm range soon.

Guys, we need to get you out of there ASAP. Do you copy?

Come on, guys. Don't make me leave you here.

Freedom, do you read me?


John, can you hear me?

Please, anyone, can you hear me?

Abandoning Liberty.

Come on! I had to do it.

Take the camera.

We're at 25 percent in the tank...

...20 minutes on reserve. It'll get us there.

I gotta grab the film.

The black box for DOD.

We gotta go now. It's clear.

Come on, Nate, let's go.

They're everywhere.

You can't help me. You're not supposed to be here.

Ben, it's OK.

It's gonna be OK.

We'll make it, OK? We're gonna make it.

They're waiting for me.

We're not safe here.

Get rid of me! Hang in there!

It's just me they want! It's just me!

What the hell are you doing? Let me off!

Just hang on!




Rover's been destroyed.

There's no sign of Commander Walker.

American astronaut Ben Anderson, Apollo 18.

Oxygen's getting low.


I'm gonna Search for the Russian lander...

...and Commander Walker.



Get away from me, Ben. This is where they're coming from.

There's nothing here, OK? You gotta come with me.

Goddamn it! We need to get moving!

Ben, listen to me.

We're runnin' out of time here, please.

You gotta find the LK. Their systems aren't that different from ours.

Save yourself.

No, Nate, I am not going. You're coming with me.

You have to leave me here. Just get to John.

I am not leaving here!

You can't help me, but you can save your...



Jesus, Nate! Can you hear me?

Nate, answer me!

Do you hear me? Say something, please!

Nate, where are you?

Oh, no, no! Oh, my God!

No! Christ!


Oh, no! John, Nate's gone! Repeat, Nate is gone!

Please! Can anybody hear me?

Oh, come on, come on! Come on, electricity!

Got it!

Come on!

Repress is almost complete.

This is American astronaut Ben Anderson.

Apollo 18. Do you copy?

This is Apollo 18. Do you copy?

Anyone, do you copy?

Anyone? Please, do you copy?

Please, anybody, do you copy?


Yes, this is Captain Ben Anderson of Apollo 18. Do you read me?

This is Ben Anderson. Copy? Anybody?

Anybody? Please, do you read me?

Captain Anderson, this is the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

What? DOD? Yes!

Yes, this is Captain Ben Anderson.

Communicating with the Russians and they are patching me through to you.

We're aware of your condition, and we've made a decision.

We can't bring you home. No.

No, no, no. No, listen to me, please.

Listen, Nate got a cut on his body, he got infected.

There's nothing on me. Please, you have to come get me.

We can't take the risk. We can't bring you back to Earth.

Please. Please, listen to me, listen to me. Um...

I have a family. I need my family, please.

We'll let your family know you died a hero.

I'm sorry, Ben.

You gotta get... You get out here! And you'll fuckin' pick me up right now!

I did my job! You do your job, you get me home!

Houston, please.

We'll stay on this channel with you, but this decision's final.

You've done a great service for your country, son, and for mankind.


...remote comm...

Astronaut Ryan Anderson, with his dad, flying through space.

Ryan, what are you doing? Just playing, Mom.

Don't play with your dad's stuff Baby, is that recording? Sorry, Dad. Love you.

Baby, is that recording?

Sorry, Dad. Love you.

Love you. Love you.

...Dad. Love you.

Love you.

This is Freedom, do you read me?

Liberty, this is Freedom.

Liberty, this is Freedom. Do you read me?

Liberty, this is Freedom. Yes, John, it's Ben. I hear you!

Ben, is that you? Do you copy?

Yes, John, this is Ben. I hear you, copy.

I got you on the VHF, partner. Where the hell are you?

I'm in the LK. Yes! Goddamn.

They left me, John. Left me here!

Where's Nate? How is he?

He got sick and he didn't make it.

There's something down here, John.

And they knew about it. You hear me? Those bastards knew about it!

Forget about the DOD, Ben.

Ben, I'm gonna get you outta there, OK? You think you can pilot that thing?

...Pilot that thing? I don't have much a choice, do I?

Pilot ails look good, and there's... there's plenty of fuel.

OK, buddy, you're not gonna be able to dock with the CSM, so you're gonna need to get into a synchronized orbit and you're gonna need to do a little spacewalk... step on board.

How does that sound to you, pal?

Sounds beautiful, Johnny.

Sounds really beautiful.

I don't mean to rush you, partner, but we are running out of time.

Tick-tock. You get that thing into orbit, we can rendezvous.

I got it!

I got it, John!

Seven... six...


Holy shit! Open this door.

Nate, you know I can't do that. Please, you'll kill us both!

I can't let you in. Then I'm comin' in.

No, no, no, no! Nate, you'll kill us both! Please!

What do you mean, Nate? Please! Nate!

What do you mean, Nate? Nate's dead! No! Stop!

Please! Stop! What's goin' on?!

Stop! What's going on?!

No, Nate, don't do it, please! Please!

Jesus Christ! No!


Nate. Oh, Christ. Nate!

No, no! No, no, no!

All right, Ben, if you can launch, you need to do it now.

Our window is almost gone. You need to launch!

Goddamn it, Ben, we are cuttin' it way too close.

Benny, we are goin' home!

Benny, listen to me now.

We're gonna go home.

You hear me? We're gonna go home.

I'm comin' home. I'm comin' home.

I have liftoff.

Freedom, do you read?

This is the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Ben has been contaminated. Do not try to rescue him.

Repeat, you will not recover him.

Contaminated by what? DOD?

What are you saying? Where's Tommy?

You will not recover Anderson. That is a direct order.

I'm on my way.

John, you are ordered to abort rescue immediately.

Captain Anderson is a high contamination threat.

You will not recover him.

You knew something was down there and you sent them anyway.

I'm comin' home.

I'm comin' home, Ryan. I'm comin' home.

DOD to Freedom, if you do not abort in T-minus 60 seconds, transmission will terminate.

You will not receive an updated state vector.

You will run out of life support package. You will not return home.

You have 45 seconds to abort this rescue.

John, we have no choice. We are begging you, do not do this.

Goddamn it, Benny!

We are goin' home!

Engine cutoff. I'm in orbit!

Ben! Ben!

Forget about me, John. Get outta here.

Ben, you're coming in too fast.

We're gonna impact! Slow it down!




We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

The voyage of Apollo dramatized its risk.

The men of Apollo epitomize the character that accepts danger and surmounts it.

Theirs is the spirit that built America.