App (2013) Script

This cinema kindly asks you to turn off your phone ... turn on your phone This film uses 2nd screen technology

Start the "APP"

Turn off the sound Keep your microphone free

See you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.

You have 2 new messages Received today at 5:07 pm Liesbeth, it's mom.

It's terrible, what happened... but we'll just have to talk about it. Call me?

Received today at 6:22 pm Hi, it's me.

I really don't know how they found out about it, but call me back.

I love you.

To return a call...

Come on, Sophie.

What do you say, Sophie? Ready for your certification dive?

Anna, you did really well. Just a few more lessons.

Friday, 8 o'clock.

OK, and who else will be there?

You're the only one. Oh, well, that'll be fun.

I'll be there too, so... Then it'll be OK.

Yeah, and you'll be there too, right?

Whatever you want.

Well ladies, see you then.

What do you think, what's it like? What?

Sex under water?


OK, pancakes or Thai food?


I guess I'll have to go pick it up again. What?

Well, see ya!

Today we're going to talk about the psychology of secrets.

For an honest person, revealing a secret... can be more damaging than keeping it a secret.

A crush on your neighbour, fear of failure, clandestine homosexual activity... planning a surprise trip for your boyfriend or girlfriend...

Everyone has secrets, big ones and small ones.

Everyday secrets... Damn. or even shocking ones.

Would anyone here like to share a secret with us?


And why not?

Because we don't dare to reveal our inner selves.

In 1996 the American researcher Steve Cole discovered that...

HIV positive homosexual men who kept their sexuality a secret... contracted AIDS eighteen months to two years earlier... than men... who did not conceal their sexual orientation.

So, if you come out of the closet, you'll live longer, right?

If you feel you have to keep a big secret, then you create stress... which can lead to a physical conflict. That's what I was trying to say.

Well, OK then!

Everyone, I have something I want to tell you.

I'm gay.

Oh my, I said it! Very good.

Very courageous of you to finally share your big secret with us.

It was nothing, really.

OK, sit back down, you little pansy.

It's obvious and...


You know what that means. Yep...

No, no, no... 5 minutes. Go! Snacks! Now!

Snacks! Snacks! 4:58, 4:57, run.


4:57... 4:55...

Hey! There you are. That was quick, you're learning.

We're at 4:22 or so?

Impressive. Take one for yourself.

Great, OK, next time we're gonna have hotdogs. Catch.

Well done, Stijn!

The steps are stored in this rhythm.


Very good.

Very good, Stijn.

Very good.

Well done.

OK, come on. No, wait.

Yes, yes, yes...

Yes, fantastic!

You're gonna walk out of here, son. Mark my words.

That's what I keep saying!

I'm proud of your little brother.

I'll help you.

You shouldn't have.

It's one of those noise cancelling jobs.

That'll be handy for when Sophie stops by.

Thanks a million, I love it.

OK, come with me.

Well, I think we can put in the implant.

Really? When?

The procedure is pretty simple, it's subcutaneous.

The day after tomorrow, I suppose. OK. Good.

What are you talking about?

Stijn responds so well to electrostimulation... that we'd like to give him an internal stimulator connected to his spinal cord.

He'll be one of the first.

Why didn't you tell me? Forgot about it, I guess.

It's a minor procedure.

The implant is just like a pacemaker... right under the skin.

Will he be able to walk again?

We've developed an implant with intelligent software.

The implant learns from Stijn's movements... and anticipates when he wants to make the same movements again.

The more he practices with it, the better it becomes attuned to his movements.

Stijn is one of the first lucky ones.

This implant is going to be a major breakthrough.

One of the first? So this is still experimental?

Stijn will be the first to get the implant, yes.

But... Anna, knock it off!

Oh, OK, of course...

But? No, nothing, never mind.

I'm really happy for you.

Gotta go. It's time for physical therapy.


If you have any questions, you can call me anytime.

No, no questions, it's all right. Thank you.


OK, you do the dishes.

Give me a break! That's what your boyfriend is for.

Yeah, but he's even lazier than me.

That's impossible.

Come on, let's clean up.

Speak of the devil and his juicy farts!

Come here.

No, I'm too full for this.

I don't even have room for your tiny dick.

OK, then I guess I'll grab your roommate.

Yeah right, I can't wait for that.

By the way, that guy in number 23, the new guy, he's throwing a party... and you two are coming along.

No, sorry, I still need to memorize two chapters of psycholinguistics.


Yes, psycholinguistics.

Gimme that!

You'll only get it back if you come along. I can't.

That party starts at ten, so you've got plenty of time for your psycho-thingy.

Hey, nerd, are you coming? I have to go to work.

If you'd finally get around to finishing medical school, then you... wouldn't have to work in that stupid bar, pouring beers for drunken sluts.

I like drunken sluts.

Well then, you're out of luck here.


He'll be 'probing' one of the pledges later this evening.

That's the guy who's throwing the party.

That's my ex. Excuse me?

I gotta go. Hey, wait a minute.

How can you have an ex that I know nothing about?

High school.

But that's so long ago, you can't feel that anymore.

Sex with your ex, that's exciting and familiar... and it's far too long ago, come on.

Sophie... Hey, Tim.

Tim, Anna, have fun.

How's it going?

Really great.

No, sorry, let's do this again.

Tim, it's been a long time! How's it going?

Hey, Anna! I'm great, thanks. You want a drink?

Tequila, right? Let's go.

I really thought you would have sold some kind of brilliant invention... to a computer company years ago.

Touchy subject?

Touchy subject... I mean...

My inventions are always brilliant. So you're right on that point.

But the lawyers at that company... where I so stupidly opened my mouth without a signature... were just a teensy bit more brilliant than I was.

And then?

Then... let's talk about something else, OK?

What are you up to here? Mainly living and... seeing you.

Actually I came here to study.

Was computer science not enough?

I also studied physics in Groningen.

Well, well, not bad.

And now? Some vague and meaningless subject?

No, I'm enrolled in medical school, part-time for a semester.

Really? Why?

Well, first of all, because I'm blindingly intelligent... and second, I want to find scientific proof that tequila... does not damage the liver.

You've got plenty of test subjects here.

That's why I moved here. Actually, the guy who lives here... is on a study trip for six months, so I've rented his apartment.

Anyway, what have you been up to since you dumped me?

Come on, still not fully recovered?

Give me a break, it was six years ago. And by the way... you're not all that awesome. Cheers!



What do you want? Jeez, bad mood?

Sophie's not answering her phone.

She's probably still asleep.

Could you wake her up? Danny, she just went to bed.

Yeah, OK, great, thanks. Please wake her up.

She's sleeping, call back later.

OK, later.

"You were lots of fun as usual..."

Hi, this is Sophie's voicemail. You know what to do.

Call Daan, he's looking for you. Kiss.

Hello, I'm Iris, your personal assistant.

To start, please say your name Speak loudly and clearly.

Unknown. Say your name again.

Anna. Hello Anna, ask your question.

I feel like something the cat dragged in...

Cat: tomcat or housecat.

Felic Catus is one of the oldest domesticated animals.

The domesticated cat belongs to the family Felidae.

Next question.

Who was the founder of psychoanalysis?

The founder of psychoanalysis was Sigmund Freud.

And when was Freud born?

Sigmund Freud was born on May 6, 1856.

Oh, rats.

Ren? Descartes is particularly known for his method of doubt.

A way to find the truth... by systematically doubting everything.

By eliminating all beliefs or forms of knowledge... that could give rise to even a hint of doubt...

Descartes hoped to discover pure, indubitable truths.

Knowledge is primarily based on sensory perceptions.

But the senses are too unreliable...

"Hello Anna, do you have a question?"


I understand that there are more important things in life than Ren? Descartes... but not in this lecture. Were you able to follow along?

Yes. Then you will be able to share with us... what Descartes meant by...

Dubium Sapientiae Initium.

"Doubt is the origin of all wisdom."

Doubt is the origin of all wisdom.

That is correct, Miss...


Anna. Now please pay attention to the lecture.

According to Descartes, The first truth... to be proved by the method of doubt... was his famous saying Cogito Ergo Sum.

I think therefore I am.

Hello Anna, do you have a question?

Miss Anna, would you please turn in your phone?

But I... Otherwise I must ask you... to leave this lecture hall.

You can pick it up this afternoon.

The test of methodical doubt.

Come in.

Miss Anna...

So far you've had nothing but failing grades.

What's going on?

I'm having a bit of a difficult time. My brother...

Difficult time?

I graduated during the war.

On the morning of my final examination I heard that my sister and father... had been killed by the militia.

Nevertheless I graduated with honors.

So don't come to me with this nonsense about getting bad grades... because you're having a difficult time.

The more means of communication people have available to them... the less they communicate.

I don't want to see this thing in my lecture hall again, Miss Anna.

Have a good day. The same to you.

Come in.

"Smith & Wesson 686.357 Magnum designed 1988, weight 1.3kg, barrel 150mm."

Good morning, Anna.

Did you sleep well?

Ask your question.

Hey, gimme that.

Where is Sophie? Come on, move it.


Get out!

Let me see that.



It's Liesbeth...

Who is this? Please come.

Quick. I need to talk to you.

I don't want this...

Is this 112? Hello? Hello?

No, this is not 112.

Who is this?

Is this 112?

No, but I would like to know...

Jesus Christ, stop...

Hello Anna, do you have a question?

God, you are awful!

And none of this I'm-naked-so-I'm-innocent crap.

What are you talking about? Take a good look, because that's me... really hilarious.

How did you get that? You sent it to me.

No. Not only me, but all my friends... my family, all of my co-workers...

Why didn't you just post it on YouTube?

Sophie, I didn't send this. Why would I?

43 stupid comments. Shall I read them?

"A real teacher's pet."


Oh, and here's my personal favorite:

"One girl, one teacher."

Sorry, but this is not funny. I did not send that clip. Why would I?

You heard my voicemail, didn't you? I've been here lying to Daan for you.

Take a shower, you stink!



Son of a...

Can I help you?

I've got this app that I can't get off my phone.

May I have a look?

Which app is it? Iris.

I don't see any Iris.

Gijs, do you have a sec?

Could you wait just a minute?

I know who sent that clip.

This thing. Iris.


I have no idea who installed this thing on my phone.

Are we OK?

I have a class.

Descartes saw the human body as a mechanical system... in which perceptions are simply transmitted... to the brain.

The concept of 'being on time' is an example of such a perception.

The brain is an exceptionally complex organ... consisting of billions and billions of neurons.

Taken together, this system lets us think... feel... and it imbues us with consciousness.

Without a doubt, the human brain... is the most complex structure in the universe.

Who's the funny guy?



And can I count on good grades?

What did you have in mind?

Beautiful tie.

Which jerk is responsible for this?

This is what I meant.

Hello, Anna.

The procedure went well.

Do you think he'll be able to walk again?

His mobility will definitely improve.

But to what extent... we'll just have to wait and see.

Knowing Stijn, he'll probably want to be back on his motorcycle by tomorrow.

But who am I to talk? I kept riding, even after the accident.

If he's able to ride his bike again, then I'll buy him a new helmet.

Bye, Anna.

See you soon. Bye.

Hey, did you hear that?

Hey, give me your phone.


Look, you have it too. What do you mean, I have it too?

Look, this thing, that's what I mean...

I have a surprise for you!

Come watch.

Do you want to film something?

Come on, grab your phones.

OK, this is going to be something else.

Come on, grab your phones!

Is this 112? Hello? Hello?

I bought this here, I want to exchange it.

What's wrong with it? It's acting weird.

I just want a different one.

Do you have your receipt? It's less than a month old.

It's used.

Hmm, I'll give you 100 euros for it.

That's crazy.

It's fine.

Do you want another model? Yes.

You can have this one for 150 euros plus your old phone.

Does it have any apps?

No, it's new and unlocked.

Anna, it's a rip-off.

Switch your SIM card?

And another one for this one also.

Switch the SIM card.

That'll be 100 plus 150... including tax... 250 euros.



All of my pictures and contacts were on that phone.

Be glad. That thing was infected.


What the hell?

A severely traumatized refugee from Russia has just committed suicide... and we're talking about infected phones?

So you don't believe me. Oh, shut up already.

Did you witness that the telephone in question caused the explosion?


No, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here.

Then how can you be so sure?

OK, you can go.

If we have any questions, we'll get in touch with you.

Are you all right?

I guess I'll have to be, huh?

Do you know anyone else who could put up with you for this long?

OK, I'm going for my certification dive.

Are you coming?

Yes, but...

Suit yourself.

Sure, come on in...

Do you know anything about apps?

Yeah, something.

I've got this app on my phone that I can't get rid of.

Well, then it's probably a virus.

This is a brand new phone, totally clean. But she's on this one too.

Wait a second... She?


What the hell is this?

Did you try putting in a new SIM card?

You want a drink?


There's your problem, believe me. You just need to get a new number... or if you want to keep your number, then you'll need a new SIM card.

I don't get it. Iris was also on Professor Trovic's phone.

She embarrassed him... and I think that's why he killed himself.

And I keep getting people on the phone who say things that...

That what?

That they're going to say in the future.

Yeah, I heard about Trovic.

But if this is a really advanced app... then maybe it's using server-based data to collect the images.

What? Just like cookies.

Companies keep an eye on what you click on... and they use that information to send you ads.

You mean like those irritating pop-ups?

Yeah, but spyware is more sophisticated and dangerous.

And those voices that call me?

I don't know about that. You'll need to keep a log and have it analyzed.

But just go get a new SIM card.

This isn't working. Come on, again! Clear!

What's going on there?

We're losing him. Come on.

Where's my brother? He's in the ICU.


Miss, you can't just go in there.


His heart stopped.

How can that be?

Is there a problem with the implant?

The operation went very well, but the implant may be malfunctioning.

Malfunctioning? What do you mean?

The software is quite complicated, there might be a slight flaw.

Take it out.

He's too weak for an operation right now.

I'm sorry.

Sophie, I'm at... It's Liesbeth I need to talk to you.

This number is not in service. Check the number and try your call again... or check one of the...

"Call me asap."

"Profile inactive"

"Deceased: April 19, 2013"

Aquadive Dive Center, this is Sim.

Sim, it's Anna. Is...

Sim, list...

Damn it.

I hold you responsible.

When will the new lockers be installed? Put it there.

Go ahead and hop in the pool, I'll be right there.


Hold on, let me head outside, I'm not getting a signal in here.

I'm heading outside.

I'm on my way outside.

Hello, just a second.

Hello, this is Sim. Pizza Donna, did you order a pizza?

Pizza? Yes, where should we be?

I didn't order anything.

What the hell?

Son of a...




Sim! Hey Anna, what are you doing here?

Where's Sophie? She's inside.

What? I locked myself out.



Open the door.

Open the damn door! Calm down.

I'll call security, OK?


Hello, this is Sim.

It's Liesbeth... Liesbeth?

Please come. Quick...

I need to talk to you...



OK, this is all right.

Here's some water. Stay here and relax, I'll be right back.

"Bye bye Sophie!"

Why are you doing this?

Hello, I'm Iris. Ask your question.

What the hell do you want from me?

"You need to keep your mouth shut!"

"This is our secret."

Please, stop this.

Stop this!

Are you coming?

I'll drive you.

Are you OK?



Do you know Iris?

What? Who?


Drop me off over there.

I can take you home.

I want to be alone.



Why can't you keep a secret, Anna?

Do you want me to call 112 for you?

112, what is the nature of your emergency?

Fire, police or ambulance?

No, this is no fun!

Hey, gimme that.

Wow, where's Sophie? Come on, move it.



Hey, gimme that.

You jerk!

Did you put Iris on my phone? No, no...

She was on your phone at the party.

Son of a... Why?

Because I want to know what you're up to.

You're sick.


Calm the hell down, OK? Get some ice for my face, dammit.

Did you put that thing on my phone to spy on me?

Me? It's not all about you, Anna.

Screw you!

Hey, be careful with that.

Otherwise I can't remove it, see?

What's your password?

Wait a minute.

Ok, ok, ok...

Dammit dammit dammit dammit!

Iris is spyware that I downloaded from a hacker site.

I copied it to spy on Liesbeth. Are you satisfied now?

Liesbeth? My ex-girlfriend.

Is that the Liesbeth who I've had on the phone?

No, that's impossible. She's been dead for two years.

She was pregnant.

Her parents made her have an abortion, and then she jumped in front of a train.

Calm down, all right, then I'll remove Iris from your phone and we're done.

You think I want to negotiate? Yeah, I think so, yes.

You care about your brother, right?


What do you want?

Now give me that thing, OK?

Give me that thing and I'll remove Iris from your phone.

Stay where you are, jerk!

Damned whore!

Visiting hours are over. I have to see my brother.

You'll be the first in the morning.

Miss, you'll have to leave. Or should I call security?

Stijn, listen.

I'm sorry.

Have you gone completely crazy?

What's going on here?


He has to be disconnected from those machines. It's Iris.

She caused his heart to stop. Calm down, calm down...

That chip has to be removed.

Calm down! You're putting him in grave danger!

What the hell are you talking about? Iris?

Anna! Ok, ok, ok...

The implant could be affected by outside signals.

But that's very rare. No, I swear to you, It's that damn app.

It's everywhere, it's even on my phone.


Can I see?

Give me that.

And that other one.

Come on.

Come on.

Give it to me.

Give it to me.



Hey, freeze!

Don't move!

Hello Anna, where are you going?

Stop it.

You're not just going to leave him there?

Stop it.

Are you sure? Stop it!

Don't be angry, Anna.

There's no point.

Let me out.

You enjoy playing games, don't you?

You don't control me anymore.

Don't lie, Anna.

You have no more power.

OK, as you wish.

A free-fall from 60 meters... lasts 3.2 seconds.

Open the doors, stop.

What kept you? Look at my face, that witch. Anna!


Damn it, Anna!

We just want to talk to you.

Why can't you just listen for once?

Son of a... You haven't changed a bit, have you?

Just the same as always. Now give me that damn thing.

Yeah, that thing.

Do you want our help or not?

Stop fooling around and give me that damn phone.

I need Iris because that's where the source code is... otherwise I can't stop it. So give it here and stop messing around.

Give it here.

Don't come any closer, or I'll drop it.

Yeah right, drop it. Do you know what will happen then?

Maybe your brother will die. If he's not already dead.

Shut up!

You should have minded your own damn business.

If you hadn't interfered, then it might have succeeded.

Was I not enough? Why him?

You were just for fun. I did this for Stijn.

Without the Iris software that implant won't work.

Don't look so surprised. It collects data, it makes connections... it analyzes logarithms... it calculates choices and it reduces the risks.

There should have been fewer risks in Stijn's case, not more.

He agreed to it himself, you were there when he said so, dammit!

Anna, it was an experiment, nothing more. In the interest of science.

That thing has just not been perfected yet. Not perfected? It was too damn perfect.

How could I know that it was going to download all those backups?

Once we fix all the bugs, then we can...

Can what?

I'm not gonna let some crap company screw me over again.

Give me that thing. Tell me what to do.

God damn it. This slut is going to drive me insane.

Do it yourself, 2509966.

Dial it if you want to so badly, 2509966.

God, you're such an irritating woman, with all that bullshit about your brother.


What do you mean?

We're the only ones who know about this, and I'd like to keep it that way.

No. You can do it yourself, all right?

Just take a step back and gravity will do the rest.

Screw this, we'll build a new one. That thing has caused enough trouble.

Professor Barrabas, we're not going to get all tough here, OK?

When that boy down there walks again, we'll be swimming in money.

Tim, let her go, dammit.

This thing is not worth a human life, not another one.

What did you always try to teach me? At the end of the tunnel there is...


No, no, no!


I'm gonna make sure that all of this has been worth something.

Your brother will walk again.

Even though you won't be there to see it.

What now? Son of a...

Hello? Hey jerk, it's Liesbeth.

You can f*ck off. Liesbeth?

Hey, sis.

Do you have the tickets? Dammit...

Five days in Barcelona. Let's go!


Anna, look.

Sorry, it's gone.

Are you up for it? You bet.

Are you still in pain?

Not really, just in the mornings. Then it feels like...

Like you took a bad spill from your bike.

Yeah, that's exactly it, yeah.

Yeah, funny, that's hilarious.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of the captain and his crew...

I welcome you aboard this Boeing 737 aircraft to Barcelona.

Please fasten your seatbelt, close your tray-table... and put the backrest of your seat in the upright position.

Please switch off all electronic equipment during take-off.

Thank you for your attention, and enjoy the flight.