April Rain (2014) Script

science4me.net (Yeah, I'm doing awesome. In the best shape of my life.)

You've been taking your pills? Yeah, sure I'm taking 'em.

You seem kind of obsessed with your body, Jonny.

In the past it's been a sign you're off your meds.

Look, look, look. It's good, right?

Some guys take steroids. I don't. I don't need it.

I work it.

Feel that. No, thank you, Jonny.

Yeah, do it. Feel how hard I am.

I said no thank you, and you're making me uncomfortable.

No, no, no. Maya, wait, wait. Please, please don't go.

Just stay, here. I wanna show you something, all right?

Look how hard I can punch, right? I can protect people. I can protect you.

There's bad guys out there, and I'll kill 'em. No, wait, wait.

Maya, I don't want you to leave.

I know you don't, but I'm leaving.

Maya, just stay with me a little, OK?

You could read to me. Goodbye, Jonny.

Hey, Stella. Hey, Maya.

Sorry I missed your call. Everything OK?

I just left Jonny Franco's. He is way off his meds.

We need to get him back on injections, like, tomorrow.

And I'm gonna need backup.

I don't have extra staff tomorrow.

Stella, he's pretty volatile. I'm worried.

OK, I'll call Randy.

Thank you. See you tomorrow.

Bye, Maya.

Oh! We don't want you here.

Miss! Hey!

Hey! Miss!


Hel... hello?

Are you... are you OK?

♪ I got out of bed today

♪ Swear to God I couldn't see my face ♪

♪ I got out of bed today

♪ Staring at a ghost

♪ Oh, have you seen my ghost

♪ Seen my ghost, seen my ghost

♪ Oh, have you seen my ghost

♪ Staring at the ground?

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I got your text. What's the story?

A mental health worker was murdered last night on her rounds. Cause of death?

Single blow to the head. No weapons on scene, no witnesses. This nurse, what was her name?

Maya Henson.

Oh, my god, Maya?


You knew her? Give us a minute.

Leo, I'm sorry.

Was... was she...

No, there was no sign of sexual assault.

From what we can tell, she died instantly.

I mean, she was... Maya was one of the best.

So, you're thinking the killer was one of her clients?

She was case manager for a number of clients with a history of violence, so...

Her husband, Brendan. He know yet?

He called in when she didn't come home last night.

I have a detective doing the death notification now.

This is gonna rip him apart.

They've been together since high school, and I'm...

I was really good friends with both of them.

You wanna take a pass on this one?

No. I want to find out who did this.

Maya Henson, age 36.

Worked out of St. Stephen's.

Jogger found the body this morning.

And the head wound is the only injury?

Uh, yeah.

We know what did it? Preliminary assessment says the weapon had heft and a sharp point.

Thank you. All right, first thing we'll need is a list of her appointments yesterday.

I already asked her supervisor to send it over.

With the ones who live near here at the top of the list.

Which, of course, you've already done. Problem is, her last appointment is nowhere near here, nor is her house.

Strange. This is a hard street to find. Suburban maze.

So, Maya Henson didn't end up here by accident.

What about the neighbours? Have we started canvassing yet?

Yeah, uniforms are on it. All right.

We need our own eyes out there.

Someone's seen this girl. I'll help.

Never done it. Yeah, good, you go with Poppy.

Leo and I will work backward from her appointment book.

He's done her job; it'll be good to have him with me.

And away from here.

OK, we're just about done here.

I got guys going both directions. I'll call 'em, get you an update.

No, that's OK. Dr. Malone and I are gonna canvass this street again.

What, you don't think your dad's doing a good enough job?

Just trying to do my job, Dad.

Hey, how ya doin', sweetheart? What's up?

Listen, Ray, we missed this street. What?

I don't know how the hell it happened.

We're gonna have to start all over.

No, Ray, we've already done that one already, OK?

What we've got to do is this dead end over here; that's where we're gonna go next, all right?

That's OK. Dr. Malone and I got this covered.

We're doing it again. OK, then, fancy pants.

See you later.

What the hell's a doctor doing on a canvass?

She gonna take everybody's pulse?

Maya called about Jonny, but she seemed more concerned than upset. Should I have done something?

Jonny Franco didn't do it. He spent the night with his mother.

These are the rest of her clients.

Did Maya pay home visits to anyone potentially violent?

No. I mean, everyone's potentially violent.

Maya knew how to assess risk; She was the best with the volatile ones. How's Brendan?

Have you talked to him? He must be shattered.

No, I haven't yet.

How were things between Maya and her husband?

You know, the usual ups and downs.

What about her coworkers? Did she do much socializing?

I'm not sure what you're asking. I'm asking if Maya had any other relationships that we should know about.

Aidan, Maya wasn't like that.

Stella, was Maya seeing someone else?

Look, your friend is dead, Stella.

Please help us find who killed her.

She told me things weren't good with Brendan... hadn't been for a while.

I... I think she was seeing someone.

Do you know who, Stella? I mean, can you give us a name?

I don't know.

I don't like any of the clients for it. I mean, they're not all alibied, but I think this is about the affair.

All right, well, see what the husband knows.

Brendan Dersh. He's waiting for you.

And, Aidan, I want Leo to sit in on the interview.

He's not gonna like being used like that.

If putting Leo into the interview makes the husband think he's not a suspect, and gets us some answers, that's what we do.

You think it's about the affair? Get me some proof.

Where did it happen?

She was found in Mimico.

Mimico? Yeah.

Did Maya know anybody out that way? No.

So, what was she doing out there?

What are you not telling me?

Mr. Dersh, we think your wife was seeing someone, possibly near where she was killed. But we don't know that for a fact. Yes, you do.

Who was it?

Mr. Dersh, maybe for right now you could just start by telling us were you were last night.

I was at a bar.

Were you with someone? No.

Did you talk to anyone? No!

So, I guess that makes me a suspect too.

I went to bed early. I didn't hear anything, not until the police showed up this morning.

You said she isn't from around here?

Never mind! Have you got something to hide?!

Is there something that you're hiding in there?!

You get a warrant, or you leave me the hell alone.

Let me inside this house! You let me in!

I told you an hour ago, I don't want any cops in here.

I don't care what you want!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, excuse me...

Let go of me! Listen to me... Dad!

Dad! It's Poppy! Stop it!

Let's leave and go somewhere we can talk, OK?

Poppy, what are you doing here?

Is it your mother? Is there something wrong?

Mom's gone, Dad. Mom's gone. Come on.

You know, I... I...

Come on. Let's walk. Let's go. Come on.

I'm gonna take you home, all right?

Yeah. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Yeah. All right, watch your head.

Watch your foot.

He's just tired. I'm gonna take him home and come right back.

Whatever is going on with your father, a nap is not gonna fix it.

Hey, I appreciate your concern, but he's not your patient, all right?

He's just been pulling a lot of overtime.

Poppy. You know it's more than that. He needs to see a doctor.

No, he can't.

Please, if you report this, he will lose his job.

I have a friend - a specialist.

I'll see if she can do an assessment.




You still don't even know his name, the man Maya was... seeing?

No, we don't, and we're not even sure if he's responsible for her death.

Whoever he is, he isn't the first.

What do you mean?

Just before we got married, Maya changed.

I thought it was cold feet at first.

Looking back, I think there was something going on then too.

You were working with her back then.


Anything you want to tell me?

Say the words, Leo.

It was me.


Don't you...

Well, three down, not one a contender.

You really think you know Maya's taste in men?

You have your hunches, I have mine.

All right, next up, Timothy Lawton.

Oh, I remember him. He's kinda cute in a nerdy way.

Hello again.

Hi. I'm Detective Aidan Black.

You know Dr. Malone. Sorry to have to bother you again.

Oh, that's fine. You know, I just want things to get back to normal around here.

Do you mind if I ask what normal is for you, Mr. Lawton? Um, sure.

I work mostly from home.

I got an online business in antiques and collectibles. And Saturdays are my shopping days - estate and garage sales.

Early mornings. Are you married?

No. Seeing anyone?

No, I... I don't get out much.

What's that got to do with anything?

Well, we believe the victim, Maya Henson, was visiting somebody in this neighbourhood.

You know, people often think that the little things aren't worth mentioning, but if you saw anything, or heard anything out of the ordinary, it could help.

I really just mind my own business.

Is, uh, is there anything else, or...? Yeah, if you don't mind, we'd like you to provide us with a DNA sample.

You're asking everyone?

Of course. It's just to eliminate suspects.


I want to help.

But, uh, but with all the news of wrongful convictions, you know, I mean, what if the samples got mislabelled?

That won't happen. We'll cross you off the list and destroy the sample when we close the case.

Still, I think I should talk to a lawyer before I agree to that.

Completely understand. That's your right.

You have yourself a good afternoon. Thank you.

You didn't ask anyone else for a sample.

No one got me curious enough to see if they'd say no.

I'll have Poppy check him out.

Everything OK?

Yeah. I need you to drop me off at St. Stephen's.

There's something I gotta do.

Mr. Wisnefski, can you tell me which one of these is a tool?


OK. Now, which is a utensil?



This gets out, my father's 30-year career is over, thanks to you.

Poppy, your father is showing signs of advancing dementia.

If he makes a serious mistake on the job, if someone gets hurt, imagine the consequences.

Look, I know you were worried about him too.

I could see it on your face. No, I didn't know!

And this test doesn't mean anything. He's good at his job.

What the hell is going on here? Is this your doing?

She said he needed an assessment. What?

You're Vince's partner.

You must have known about his condition.

Look, all I know is the guy's got eight months to go before he can retire with his head held up high.

You take that away from him, you are gonna kill him.

He's a danger on the job. I have it under control!

From where I'm standing, no, you don't.

Are these the suspects from near the scene?

Yeah. Who do you like?

This guy. Tim Lawton.

We have any proof? He's single, he lives near where we found the body, but... mostly, I just don't like him.

Do we have enough for a warrant?

Not yet.

Mr. Dersh. How can I help you?

I have something to tell you.

What's this? Jewelry. Maya kept bringing home all this new stuff over the last few weeks... said she got it from an online collector. But the thing is, when I checked her credit card statement, there was only one purchase.

So, maybe you can tell me where she got the rest.

Where did she buy the first one from?

Lawton Antiquities.

Mr. Lawton, it's the police!

Mr. Lawton, I have a warrant to conduct a search of the premises!

OK, open it up.

I walked through the whole house. It's beyond neat, like he doesn't really live here.

These are the only signs of life, and they're all to sell to other people. No art of his own, no plants, no family photos.

You see his clothes? All identical.

This guy lives for control.

It's like he's playing a part, keeping up appearances.

All these curtains closed...

You think we spooked him before?

Has he run?

Maybe, but there's no sign that Maya was ever inside the house.

No sign of a murder weapon, no...

What? Look.

One's missing. The poker.

What was the prelim on the murder weapon?

Something with heft and a sharp point? So, where is it?

Good question.

Where does this second wire go?

This is interesting.


I don't have a good feeling about this.


What's your name?

Is it too bright?

Do you remember me?

I'm Dr. Malone.

Can you tell me your name?

I realize this must be overwhelming for you.

Are you frightened?

You're safe.

The man who locked you up can't get you here.

It's just to protect you.

Where is he?

We don't know where Tim Lawton is.

But we'll find him.

He's safe?

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Any progress with the name? Well, we know she's not a relative, so we're looking at missing girls to see if we can find a match.

She's malnourished, basically living in a prison cell.

Why does she even care about his safety? Stockholm Syndrome?

Possibly. Her survival, her identity, would all have been linked to Tim Lawton.

Yeah, like kids who were abused and still love the adults who were abusing them.

This girl couldn't risk alienating the only person she had in her life, so she formed an attachment that will be very hard to break.

How long does it take to create that kind of bond?

It can take as little as a few days, but this girl's body language and mistrust of others makes me think that she's been isolated much longer than that.

Might help with IDing her. Mm-hmm.

Well, I've narrowed it down to nine girls matching her general description, missing two to six years.

Six years...

All right, good news:

We have someone who may be able to identify the girl... the family's lawyer.

Isabelle Saunders, 19. Abducted on her way home from school in Brantford four years ago.

Her parents are understandably eager to see her.

What makes you so sure it's her? Left kneecap, shaped like a U.

It's in the description you've been circulating.

Even if this girl is who you say she is, she's a key individual in the investigation of Maya Henson's murder.

This girl has spent years in captivity.

God knows what kind of psychological and physical abuse she's suffered. Finally, the police stumble upon her... completely by accident, by the way - and now what?

Now you want to implicate her in a crime? We just want to talk to her.

What I hear from the hospital staff is she's half catatonic.

You want to talk to her, fine, but when she is ready and not before.

It's a little more complicated than that. Fire away. I love complicated.

The girl was found in possession of the murder weapon.

She'd drawn a picture of the body.

Oh. Oh, OK, I got it.

So, Isabelle somehow magically killed a woman from behind a locked door.

The point is, we don't know. And when we don't know, we act in the interest of protecting everyone.

Inspector Caligra, you really don't want headlines about how you're re-victimizing a traumatized girl.

We don't care about headlines. This is our call.

No, she's right, Aidan.

Holding her would look terrible.

All I want is to have Isabelle released to her family.

They've been waiting a long time to see their daughter again.

You can talk to her all you want, but first she has to go home.

All those years in that basement, the sensory overload alone must be crippling.

She's not ready for this. Neither are they.

The whole family is gonna need counselling.

But she's not diagnosably mentally ill, and her family wants her released, so, unless you want to arrest her...

I'll get 24-hour surveillance put on her house.

Hey, it's my little girl.

How was school today?

Relax, I'm just messing with you. I'm fine - for now.

Oh, yeah, that's hilarious. You're real funny, Dad.

Listen, I am doing everything I can to fix this. OK?

I don't think so. I...

I talked to the shrink. I know what I've got.

No, so, we'll find another doctor, right?

OK, look... look at you.

You are totally fine right now. So, you go to your sergeant, right, you ask for a desk job, you tell him you want a desk job, and you coast through the next eight months, no problem.

Poppy. Poppy.

No, we need to fight this, Dad. This is not right...


I've been fighting this, you know?

For a long time. Ray's been helping me.

I'm just not winning.


Like... like I...

I always tell the rookies, you know, if... if... if you can't do the job right, then just don't do it.

If I can accept this, so can you.



Tell me. OK.?

OK, dad.

That's my girl. That's my girl.

I love you, Dad.

Morningside and Ellesmere. Got it. Thanks.

Tim Lawton's car just showed up. Ident's going over it now.

I mean, Maya was smart. She worked with disturbed people all the time. Why didn't she see through this guy?

He had his act down. I mean, there was no reason for Maya to doubt that he was exactly who he said he was... an antique dealer who thought that she was attractive and interesting.

This was at the front for you.

Oh, juvenile psych records on Lawton.

But why go after Maya at all when he had a girl locked up in his basement?

Well, someone like Maya might help him feel normal.

Except he wasn't normal.

Father died when Lawton was 10, mother worked nights as a cleaner at a private school till it closed down in the '80s.

She was investigated for physical abuse and confinement of Tim, but committed suicide before it went to court.

Got some audio here.

Tell me about "the box," Tim.

Why did your mother put you in there?

Just, if I was bad.

I couldn't see if it was light or dark outside, so I don't know for how long. I still dream about it.

Do you think that will stop?

I'd like to help you make it stop.

Something tells me she didn't make it stop.

So, Tim Lawton was locked up, and abused physically and emotionally throughout his youth.

He can't have a relationship unless he's in total control.

It's not about sex; It's about power.

Now I see it.


She liked the broken ones - like Brendan. Always thought she could fix 'em. All right, so, now we've taken away Lawton's power. What'll that do to him?

He'll be under extreme stress. He'll need to regain control at any cost.

Which makes him more dangerous than ever.


Yeah, just follow at a safe distance and keep me posted.

Isabelle Saunders has just left her parents' house alone.

I think I know where she's going.


It's me, Dr. Malone.

All my stuff is gone.

It's evidence.

The police had to take it away.

What about your parents' house?

You still have things of your own there.

They're not my real family. Tim is my family.

Is that what he told you?

Tim called my parents, and they said they didn't want me anymore.

He even drove me over there, and I saw.

They were unloading groceries.

They weren't crying.

Tim said it proved they didn't care about me.

Isabelle, Tim is gone.

He left you here.

He is not coming back. You don't know anything about it.

He's always looking out for me. He only cares about me.

You said Tim drove you to your parents' house?

He took me on car rides when I was good.

Where else did he take you?

We looked at a school.

He said I could go to school someday.

Do you want to go to school?

Tim says I'm not... ready yet.

But I will be.

He told me I'm the fastest learner of all the girls he ever met.

There were other girls?

I was the only one he ever brought home.

With me, he doesn't need them anymore.

I take care of him so he doesn't have to hurt anyone else.

That's why I've stayed.

Isabelle, you stayed because you were a prisoner.

You don't understand.

What is it?


What aren't you telling me?

Tim didn't know about it at first.

I just wanted to feel the grass under my feet.

But he found out.

That was a bad day.

I only went out when it was dark and no people were around.

Were you out two nights ago?


Is that when you drew the picture of the lady on the ground?

Isabelle, what happened to her?

I told her to leave.

And then I hit her.

Where you headed?

To Barrie.

Your parents know you're hitchhiking?

I'm careful.

You're running away?

I've been a youth pastor for many years now, and I know the look.

I'm going to my grandmother's.

It's dangerous out there, you know?

OK, hop in. I'm going past Barrie.

I'll drop you off. You hungry?

There's a nice hamburger joint up there.

I can buy you some lunch, you can decide if I'm trustworthy.

Or are you one of those vegetarian kids?

No. I like hamburgers.


Put your seatbelt on.

Isabelle Saunders just confessed to the murder.

She's trying to protect Lawton. I don't believe she did it.

I don't either, but we're gonna hold her in custody.

What? Amber Alert.

Jenna Wahl, 16.

She went missing. They thought it was a classic teen runaway, but then a cashier reported seeing her at a burger joint.

That's from their security camera.

Oh, no. We've got to get Isabelle to talk. Every cop in the city's looking for this guy, and he takes another girl?

How crazy is he?

Extreme stress makes people act out... people with anger issues go into a rage, people with drinking problems drink to excess.

And deviant control freaks find new victims to abduct.

Mmhmm. Well, find this one.

I just gotta go into this place real quick.

I'll wait for you here. Are you kidding?

No way is it safe out here for you.

You got a lot to learn, Jenna.

Yeah, but I was thinking I should go home.

My parents will be looking for me. That's a good idea.

But first you should come in with me.

Real quick, just to be safe.

And then I'll take you back home. You got my word on that.

Ugh! Ugh!

You'll like me, you'll see. When you get to know me better.

No! Please. Please!

Please let me go!


Help me!

I don't want to talk to you anymore.

You want to hurt Tim.

And you want to protect him?

Can you tell me why?

You think I'm stupid.

You think he fooled me, but I KNOW he loves me.

Your parents love you.

You had friends who loved you, and you will have friends again when you go back home.

Tim says the only one who loves me is him.


that was a lie Tim told you.

He left you in that basement alone.

Because you scared him.

He wants you to take the blame for murdering that woman.

You think he misses you?

What if I told you that Tim has already taken another girl?

He wouldn't do that.

Isabelle, stop protecting someone who doesn't care about you.

He said he was gonna come back for me.

But he didn't come back.

Isabelle, you didn't hit anybody, did you?

I heard Tim talking to that lady on the phone a couple times.

She came over to see him, but I was outside.

I tried to make her go away. Are you OK?

I told you, we don't want you here!

But she followed me.

My name is Maya.

Tim came up.

He killed her.

So she wouldn't tell anyone about me.

You see what you m... what you made me do?

Are you proud of yourself?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Do you know where Tim could be now? Where he's taken this girl?

Where he took me first.

He took me to school.

Tim's mother, you said she was a cleaner at a school that closed down, right?

Everton College. Closed in 1987.

Still abandoned.

That's where he is.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What? Wait here. Watch the doors.

Any sign of Lawton or the girl, you just buzz us.

Aidan, I need to be a part of this.

You are a part of this, Leo, but I need level heads in there.

So, just watch the door and let us do our job.

If you're good, Jenna, I can be really nice to you. It's so much better if you're good, Jenna.

Please... Oh.

Please, please stop.

Stop it. I'll teach you how, OK? Please...

But you gotta be positive. Please.

Hey, you gotta believe in us. Please.

You gotta believe in us, OK?

You gotta believe in us.

Police! Don't move!

Drop the scissors, Lawton, and move away from the girl.

No, you... you got this wrong, officer. Do it now!

I found this girl, and she was trespassing, all right?

On private property. I was gonna call you guys.

This is your last warning.

If you think I won't pull this trigger, you're wrong.

I'll kill her.

Ow! Drop it!

You don't understand.

I understand.

Just give me an excuse to put you down right here and now.

Drop it!

Get down on your knees! You don't understand.

On your knees!

All the way down!

Hands behind your back!

Don't move. Don't move!

Tim Lawton, you're under arrest for the murder of Maya Henson, two counts of kidnapping and forcible confinement, aggravated assault, sexual assault, and a lot more coming.

♪ Once again it's begin

♪ I'm stuck and...

Just give me one minute with him.

Back off, Leo. One minute.

Hey! Back off.

It's a good thing you didn't let me go in there.

You were in love with Maya Henson, weren't you?

Yeah... years ago.

You should've told me, Leo.

♪ Through the same pale grin

♪ I gave

♪ Just breathe

♪ Just breathe

♪ And it goes from the gutter

♪ And flat on the floor

♪ There's no use riding waves

♪ Crash to the shore Let's go.

♪ Disaster paths, aftermaths

They never stopped looking for you.

OK? ♪ And I'm at best an island

♪ And you're an ocean

♪ You surround

♪ And you came in You OK?


You think Isabelle's gonna be OK?

Yeah. Yeah.

Family support and some time, I think she has a good chance.

I just... I can't stop thinking.

About what?

Who else is out there?

How many more Isabelles?

One less than yesterday.

♪ Just breathe