Aquaman (2018) Script

Jules Verne once wrote, "Put two ships in the open sea

"without wind or tide, they will come together."

That's how my parents met. Like two ships destined for each other.

We are something else. Try Arthur Treacher...

It's okay.

Easy. You weren't breathing.

They were from different worlds.

But life, like the sea, has a way of bringing people together.


I was gonna make you some eggs.

Just don't eat my dog, okay?

It's okay.

I made tea.

Go on, try it.

It'll make you better.

So, uh, who are you?


Queen of Atlantis.


I'm Tom. Keeper of lighthouse.

She had fled an arranged marriage.

Left her whole world behind.

But in my father's lighthouse, she found something unexpected.

And my father found the love of his life.

Category 4 Hurricane Arthur is due to make landfall sometime after 2:00 p.m.

How about Arthur?

After the hurricane?

After a legend. He's a king, isn't he?

He's more than that.

He's living proof our people can coexist.

He could unite our worlds one day.

And the trident could only be wielded by the strongest Atlantean.

And it gave King Atlan mastery over the seven seas.

It made him so powerful that the ocean itself became jealous and sent a terrible earthquake to destroy Atlantis.

Down it fell, to the bottom of the ocean.

But, legend has it that one day a new king will come who will use the power of the trident to put Atlantis back together again.

Take him!

Queen Atlanna, by the authority of King Orvax, you are ordered to return to Atlantis.


But Atlantis' memory is long...

And its king refused to let her go.

Atlanna! Tom!

My weapon! Here!

Their two worlds were never meant to meet, and I was a product of a love that never should've been.

You don't have to do this, Atlanna. Please.

No. They will always find me.

Next time, they'll send an army.

I have to go back. It is the only way to save him.

Save you.

Where I come from...

The sea carries our tears away.

Not here.

Here you feel them.

I will return to you. When it's safe.

One day.

Right here, at sunrise.

We'll be together again.

You stay strong, my little prince.

I'll always be with you.

Don't let him forget me. Hmm?

All life came from the sea, so if we want to understand ourselves, we must journey to where we began.

Now, today, we have better maps of Mars than we do of our own sea floor.

Come on, closer. Come on, fishy.

Come on. Come over here. Boys!

Stop that. Come on.

Come along.

Bye, fishy. Bye.

My name's Arthur. What's yours?

You guys hungry? Me, too. Check it out.

Arthur is talking to the fish.

Such a freak, Arthur.

Stop! What are you gonna do about it, freak?

Stop it! Don't!

Let me go!

Who are you?

Come on, let's go. Move it.

Come on. Hurry up.

Sir, we've secured the captain.

Distress signal's disabled.

We're running dark again.

But they heard it. You can count on it.

I'll make you a deal. I won't tell you how to captain...

And you don't tell me how to pirate.

Where's the rest of the crew?

Decided discretion was the better part of valor and sealed themselves up in the torpedo bay.

Our reputation precedes us.

Your reputation.

This is your win.


Can't take that piece of junk.

It's the love of your life.

I never told you the story behind it.

This was your grandfather's.

He was one of the Navy's first frogmen during World War II.

He was so stealthy in the water, his unit nicknamed him Manta.

But after the war, his country forgot about him.

So, he went back to the sea, scavenging and surviving with his wit...

And this knife.

He gave it to me when I was your age.

And now it's yours, son.

Did we just hit something?

No. Something hit us.

Sir, there's something out there.

Another submarine?

Uh... No. I think it's a man.

That's not a man.

Alpha, to the right. Bravo team, sweep the passageway.

Permission to come aboard?


I've waited a long time for this.

Am I supposed to know who you are?

I scavenge the high seas.

You're the Aquaman.

We were bound to meet at some point.

Let's not make it a habit.




Dad? Ow.

That's your kid?

Shame on you.

Boys got yourselves into this mess.

Get yourselves out of it.





Help me! He's trapped!

You can't leave him like this!


You killed innocent people. You ask the sea for mercy.

Get outta here! I got this!

Shut up, I'm not leaving you!

You need to live, so you can kill that son of a bitch!

Now, go! No!

Go! Shut up!



Damn you!


I always know where to find you.

Old habits.

Come on, I'll buy you breakfast. All right!

You want me to have them put that in a sippy cup for you?

How is it that I can breathe underwater, but you can still drink me under the table?

That's my superpower.

A Russian submarine hijacked late last night by high-tech pirates.

The same pirates who are suspected in connection with the disappearance of the Navy's highly classified prototype stealth submarine.

And a further development, we now have unconfirmed reports that the metahuman dubbed by social media as "The Aquaman" was responsible for this daring rescue.

That's not me.

Bullshit. You're doing it, aren't you? Huh?

What Vulko trained you to do.

I knew you couldn't stand on the sidelines forever.

Your mother always knew you were special.

Don't even start.

She believed you'd be the one to unite our two worlds.

Just stop.

Whatever Atlantis' problems are, you're bigger than them.

Atlantis murdered my mother.

You don't know that for sure.

Yes, I do.

They killed her. For loving you and having me.

And you know it.

Son, one day you're gonna have to stop blaming yourself.

Hey, buddy.

You that fish boy from the TV?

Oh, great.

It's "fish man." What do you want?

I'll tell you what I want.

Could we get a picture with you?

You're like our local hero, man.

It would mean a lot. Just a quick...


All right. Let's do this. Don't touch me.

Right, that's exactly right. I'm gonna go down here.

There we go. Everybody smile.

He understands the significance of this meeting.

He'll hear you out.

King Orm. King Nereus.

You picked a meeting place too close to the surface for my liking.

You don't recognize the Council of the Kings?

In Atlan's time, when the Seven Kingdoms were one, our ancestors gathered here.

Atlantis sat here at the head of the table.

Xebel, as always, by his side.

Brine. Fishermen.

The Deserters and the Trench had not yet fallen.

The Lost Nation had not yet vanished.

Together, they were the greatest empire the world had ever seen.

But now, I sit on Atlan's throne, shackled by archaic laws and politics.

While the threat above us grows undeniably...

Violence has always plagued the surface.

They will destroy themselves.

Not before destroying us first.

We have been hiding long enough.

The time has come for Atlantis to rise again.

We honor you, King Nereus, by inviting Xebel to be the first kingdom to join King Orm's alliance.

As if you had a choice, Vulko.

By law, you need four of the Seven Kingdoms to ascend and attack.

The Lost Nation and the Deserters have long perished.

The Trench are nothing but animals.

The Brine will never join you, and the Fishermen are cowards.

Without me and my army to convince them, your plans are stillborn.

But I know what you really want.

Once you've obtained the pledge of the four kingdoms, you will be ordained Ocean Master.

That is merely a title.

I'm no fool, King Orm.

As Ocean Master, you'll be commander of the greatest military might on this planet.

I am the natural choice to lead it.

Are you?

What about the rumors that there's another?

An Atlantean, living among the surface.

One of royal blood.

You may sit on the throne of Atlantis, but your claim to it is weak.

How can you possibly hope to unite the empire?

My mother's bastard has never even been to Atlantis.

His loyalty is to the surface.

Surface-dwellers! To arms!

Your king is injured!

I'm not trying to start a war.

The war has already begun.

Then it's time we send them a message they'll hear.

I'm good. Stop.

Here're the keys. Thank you.

Let's go home and work on your ta moko. Huh?

If your grandpops was still alive, he'd be banging our heads for not finishing it.

Yes, he would, but there is plenty of time for that.

We gotta get you to bed.

Got it?

I've been looking for you.

Oh, no, no, no...

I need you to come with me to Atlantis.

Listen, I'm gonna tell you the same thing that I told that rusty starfish Vulko.

Except nicer, because you're a lady.

No, thank you. I'm not interested.

You defeated Steppenwolf and saved Atlantis.

That had nothing to do with Atlantis.

Your half-brother King Orm is about to declare war upon the surface world.

Billions will die.

Your people and mine.

We must stop him.

And how do you propose we do that?

You are the firstborn son of Queen Atlanna.

The throne is yours by birthright.

The only way to stop this war and save both worlds is for you to take your rightful place as king.

You think if I just show up, Orm's gonna give up the throne?

I'm the bastard son of the queen your people executed.

Trust me. I am no king.

I agree.

That's awesome. Cool.

But, Vulko seems to believe in you for some reason, and that's why I'm here.

Vulko has learned of the location of the Lost Trident of Atlan.

Ooh, fairy tales. It's a myth.

It's not a myth.

With the Sacred Trident, the people will listen to you.

You can then claim your birthright and dethrone Orm.

My birthright? It died with my mother.

But I promise you this. If Orm attacks, I will treat him exactly the same way your people treated her.

With no mercy.

That submarine was barely operational, but it served its purpose.

One of your kind intervened.

He is not one of us.

He killed my father.

Our transaction has ended.

Keep the money. I want Aquaman.






Come on, Pops.

Come on! He's not breathing.

Move! Let me help.

Come on, Pops.

Come on.

I don't even know your name.

It's Princess Y'Mera Xebella Challa.

You may call me Mera.

Thank you, Mera.

Dear God.

This was Orm's doing.

The worst is yet to come.

There's a flash flood warning here that was just extended for a couple hours.

Unprecedented sights from all over the world today.

We are seeing warships and trash washed up by massive waves.

These extraordinary scenes of coastlines deluged with waste and garbage are taking place all over the world.

Decades of pollution has been thrown back onto land.

Many are asking the question, "Was this a natural disaster or something else?"

No. This was no natural disaster.

They threw out our garbage and our warships.

This was our first contact with the people of Atlantis.

There you go again with your insane Atlantean theory.

You have absolutely no proof, Dr. Shin.

Open your eyes.

We already have an Atlantean living among us, and his name is Aquaman.

What is it?

This is the exact spot that Vulko gave me my first swimming lesson.

You have to forget all the teaching of the surface world and go deeper to uncover your Atlantean instincts.

But I already know how to swim.

Not even close.

Just so we're clear, I'll help you stop this war.

But then, I'm done.

Maybe that's for the best.

The ocean is more than our life source, Arthur.

It is who we are.

Wait, you can talk underwater?

I can talk underwater, too!

This is awesome!

Oh, we can do more than just talk.

Being Atlantean means more than just being able to breathe water.

Your body is equipped to survive the extreme cold and pressure, and your eyes adjust to see in the dark.

This is awesome!

So, Vulko, when can I meet my mother?

Soon, my young prince.

When you're ready, I'll take you to Atlantis to meet the queen.

I hid my ship in here.

Listen, I'm not getting in that thing.

Well, to get where we're going, you're gonna have to.

Your fish ship has been marinating in chum butter.

I'm gonna come out smelling like swamp butt.

That'd be an improvement.

Yup. Okay.

What's the point in having a bridge underwater?

The Gateway Bridge is a remnant of the Old World.

It's also the only way in or out of the Capital.

Why can't they just go over the walls?

Security is impenetrable.

Even if they did manage to evade the guards, they'd never get past the hydro-cannons.

People try to sneak in all the time.

Yeah, right.

What is this?

Customs and border control.

Don't worry. I have diplomatic clearance.

Welcome home.

There's a safe house down in the Old City.

The Highborns never venture to the sea floor.

We're here.

What is this?

We use this air pocket as an extra layer of precaution.

Only the Highborns can breathe water as well as air.

Plus, it keeps the animals out.

They get kind of messy.

Vulko. Here I am, old man.

After all these years, you finally get what you wanted.

Arthur, I wish it was under better circumstances.

I can't believe Orm attacked.

It wasn't an attack.

Legally, he's not allowed to yet.

What he did to your surface warships was merely a warning.

What provoked it?

King Orm and your father were ambushed by the surface.

By the surface? I don't think so.

They still think Atlantis is a fairy tale.

I was there.

A surface warship fired at us.

Now, Xebel sides with Atlantis, giving Orm a fleet big enough to force the other two kingdoms to join him.

If we're going to prevent this war, you must dethrone him now.

How many times do I have to tell you? I don't wanna be king.

You don't understand.

Once he is named Ocean Master, it'll be too late.

The power at his disposal will be unlike anything you have ever seen.

I'm from the surface. No one is gonna take me seriously.

Okay? I don't even know where to begin.

By winning the hearts and minds of the people by proving to them that you're worthy, and retrieving this.


I already got one of those.

Not like this one, you don't.

This is the Lost Trident of Atlan.

Oh, I know the story.

It's more than a story. It's real.

It was forged by the greatest weapon masters in history.

Crafted from Poseidon's steel for King Atlan, the first ruler of Atlantis.

Legend says the trident was imbued with the power to command the sea.

So what happened to it?

To know that is to go back to the time before the Great Fall, when King Atlan ruled over all that was, when the kingdoms of Atlantis were one.

It was a time of great prosperity and technological advancement.

We had unlocked the secret of unlimited energy at a time when the rest of the world still thought the earth was flat.

But we became too ambitious, too hungry for power.

The ocean swallowed us, and Atlantis sank.

But the very power that collapsed our civilization also paved the way to our future.

It gave us the ability to breathe underwater.

And so, we evolved.

Others regressed, became savage.

And the king lived out the remainder of his days in self-imposed exile.

Neither he nor the trident were ever seen again.

One of our archeological teams uncovered this a few months ago.

It's an ancient recording dating back to the First Dynasty.

I believe it contains Atlan's final message to his people and the whereabouts of the Sacred Trident.

So, what does it say?

We don't know. The technology's too old.

The cylinder bears the markings of the Deserter Kingdom.

You must take it there and retrieve the message.

The clue to Atlan's final resting place is inside of this.

Border Defense. You are under arrest for illegal entry.


You mustn't be seen here!

I don't suppose you want to talk about this, do you?

Neither do I.

In the name of His Highness, King Orm, I place you under arrest.

Welcome to Atlantis...


I can't believe you're finally here.

I've heard so many stories about you.

All these years, I've been ashamed of my mother for defiling herself with a surface-dweller.

Ashamed of the fact that I have a half-breed brother whose heart I wanted to run my trident through.

But now that you're finally here before me, I must admit...

I am conflicted.

You want conflict, why don't you take these chains off, little brother?

And we'll see who gets run through.

Yes, I see you've brought our mother's weapon.

Is that why you've come here after all this time?

To kill me?

I came here to stop a maniac from destroying the world.

I see.

And how do you plan to stop the atrocities that the surface continues to commit?

Because for a century, they have polluted our waters and poisoned our children.

And now, their skies burn and our oceans boil.

And you've come all this way to take sides against your own people?

There are no sides in a war like this.

You have clearly chosen a side and come here to challenge the throne.

If that's what it takes to stop your war.

Are you invoking the Combat of the Kings?

Call it whatever you want. I call it an ass-whooping.

Well then, perhaps that's how we'll proceed.

Your Majesty! Orm, please.

Don't you see?

If I defeat the firstborn son of Atlanna in a formal challenge in front of everyone, then all Seven Kingdoms will have to concede that I am the one true king.

Your Majesty, there is no victory in defeating the ignorant.

Your brother is clearly an imbecile.

Your Highness, he doesn't know our ways.

Then he's about to get an education.

Are you officially challenging me?

Hell yes, I challenge you. And when I win...

If you win, I will cease all immediate action. The war is over.

But if I win...

You're over.

Let's do it.

So be it.

Challenge has been made, and I accept.

Prepare him for the Ring of Fire.

Wait. The ring of what?

How could you be so foolish to let Orm bait you into a fight?

It seems to me like I just solved all of our problems.

I beat him in a battle, war's over, I get to go home.

You're a formidable fighter on land, but here you're out of your element, literally.

Orm has spent his entire life underwater, training to be a warrior, training to be the best.

You taught me how to fight, Cobra Kai.

Let's see if you remember anything.

So, what's with the big fork?

It's a trident. Now, defend yourself.

What the hell is this?

I'll teach you this move when you've mastered the trident.

It's not fair.

This thing is so big and awkward. Why can't I use a sword?

That's your mother's trident. A traditional weapon of royalty.

You'll never be a king until you've mastered it.

Why has she never come to see me, huh?

I told you, when you're ready...

Stop lying to me! I've done everything you ever asked.

And every time I pass a test, you make up another one.

When am I gonna be good enough?

Does she not love me?

Your mother loved you more than anything in the world.

But she had to return to Atlantis to keep you safe.

Her marriage to King Orvax was arranged a long time ago, so she had to marry him...

And bear him a son, Prince Orm.

When Orvax eventually found out about you, he became overwhelmed with jealousy and sacrificed her to the creatures of the Trench.

Are you saying they executed her?

Because she had me?

I remember...


I have something for you.

It belonged to my mother.

Tell me...

Do you think she would have enjoyed watching her sons murder each other?

I understand your fear and your reluctance, Mera.

I truly do. I don't want war...

Don't patronize me!

I know you.

What you're doing flies in the face of everything that your mother taught us when we were children.

If she were here...

But she's not here, is she?

1What my mother taught us was treason.

Don't follow in her wake.

All right! So, this is the big, old ring of fire, huh?

How's it work? I just kick your ass right here?


Will you escort my betrothed to the royal box?

Let's go, Lady Mera.

Down here, we have a legend about the Karathen, an ancient sea monster so powerful that even King Atlan himself feared it.

So, he imprisoned it in the depths of the ocean.

And in that abyss, the creature bides its time waiting to rise again.

Atlantis has been lying in wait...

And now, the beast has awakened.

There was a time when I wanted to meet you more than anything.

Get to know my little brother.

Let him know that he wasn't alone, that we were in it together.

If only I had known what a dick you would turn out to be.

You were the reason our mother was executed.

And I've hated you for it ever since.

But I do not want to kill you, Arthur.

I'm going to give you one chance.

Go home.

Do not ever come back to Atlantis.

You are not going to win this.

A war is coming to the surface whether you like it or not.

And I am bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me.

You know I can't let that happen.

I know.

What the hell is that?

The Ring of Fire.




People of Atlantis, hear me!

My brother has come from the surface to challenge me for the throne.

Let us settle his claim in the ancient way.

By bloodshed do the gods make known their will!



You'll never be king!

Never thought I'd see the day when my own father would bow before the king of Atlantis.

The surface-dwellers drew first blood. What would you have us do?

Beg them for mercy?

I detest the surface as much as you do.

But don't you find the timing of all of this a bit convenient?

But you wouldn't be that gullible, would you?

You want this war too, don't you?

It is past time the surface-dwellers learned their place in the world.

If this is how it must be done, then so be it.

You have our mother's trident.

Powerful, but flawed like her.

I wield my father's.

And it has never known defeat!

I promised Atlanna I'd protect him.

This isn't a competition. It's an execution.

I am the one true king!

You waiting for an invitation? Get in!


Oh, yeah. So, what's the plan?

The plan was to recover Atlan's trident, then challenge Orm.

Okay, so we're doing things a little out of order.

Shit happens.

Heads up! We got a bogey on our six!

What does that even mean? Bad guys behind us.

Then just say that! Bad guys behind us!

Whoa, whoa, wait, you said we couldn't go over these walls.

I did! You said there were hydro-cannons!

I did, now shut up!

Oh, shit!



We're not dead yet! But I'm hoping he'll think we are.


Here, hold this.

What are you doing?

Listen, it worked for Pinocchio. Who?

Never mind. Come here, get in. Come on.

Great. So we're getting eaten.

How are you even doing this, anyway?

I don't know.

I can hear them sometimes, and they can hear me.

Right. Because you're both big, dumb animals.

Hey, I just saved your life. I saved yours first!

She said, "Coast is clear."

So, where to now?

To the ocean of sand your people call the Sahara.

All right.

I don't usually take charters, but I don't usually get paid in pirate treasure.

Thanks for the ride, buddy.

Oh, man.

Are you okay?

I've never been so high up before.

Or so far from home.

But at least you have a home.

Not anymore.

I can never go back.

I betrayed everything when I saved you from the coliseum.

Yeah, but you're engaged to the king. They have to take you back.

Atlantis is many wonderful things.

But forgiving, it is not.

Yeah, but you're royalty.

So was your mother.

If I went back now, I'd be sacrificed to the Trench.

Even my own father wouldn't take me back.

Look on the bright side, now you don't have to marry some tool bag that you're not in love with.

My obligation isn't to love.

It is to my family and my nation, and I've turned my back on both.

Sometimes, you have to do what's right, even if your heart aches against it.

Your Highness.

The tracker places Princess Mera here, in the Deserter Kingdom.

You said she was dead.

Apparently not.

Then your brother still lives as well?

Not for long.

Captain Murk, assemble a strike force immediately.

No! Mera is to be arrested and safely returned to me.

She betrayed the throne.

She is a daughter of Xebel.

If any harm befalls her, our coalition is over.

Your Highness, we are now entering the waters of the Fishermen Kingdom.

Securing the alliance of the other two kingdoms should be our immediate concern.

My vizier is correct. As usual.

Arrest them and bring back King Nereus' daughter unharmed.

We're here!


Is there anything nearby?

Nothing but desert for hundreds of K's, mate!

Nothing but desert. He's wrong.

Hey! What are you doing? Wait! No! Oh...

She just jumped! She didn't have a parachute!

Redheads! You gotta love 'em.


Oh, you're crazier than I thought!


This way.

You were defeated the last time because your surface weapons failed you.

Ours will not.

It's prototype armor for the next generation Atlantean soldier.

Revenge is something we Atlanteans understand.

You will lead my finest commandos as your personal army to hunt down the half-breed abomination.

I cannot touch them, but you can. He's fled to your world.

Kill him and the woman he's with, and you will be rewarded.

Killing him is my reward.

The crown jewel. Still experimental.

Converts water into beams of energized plasma.


I think I'm gonna need a bigger helmet.

One of the tribes of Atlantis broke off and settled here when this region was still an inland sea.

When the water dried up, they perished along with it.

Perished? Yeah, that's terrific.

We're getting close now.

Oh, yeah? Close to what? Dying of thirst?

Close to getting punched in the face!

Look, Fight Club, I know you're new to how things work up here.

Why don't you look around? We are lost.

You see that over there? Hey, what is that?

Nada. This place is a wasteland.

You're the one who calls this wasteland a home.

This isn't my home!

It's not like the whole surface looks like this!

Oh, no, of course not.

You've also got disgusting cities whose sewers empty out into our ocean and whole mountains made out of trash.

And, oh, you've got great factories that do nothing but belch out filth and melt ice caps.

Okay. Point taken. Listen.

Yeah, we got some idiots running the show, but we've got some good things too, all right?

We got green forests and big mountains and beautiful lakes.

You'd love 'em. They're like little baby oceans.

Are you trying to provoke me?

I'm just saying you cannot judge a place before you've even seen it.

You've judged Atlantis on far less.

No. Would you just stop it with that? No.

Your stupid Atlantean GPS just told you to jump out of an airplane over the middle of the desert, and now we are stranded.

If you're the next true king, we're doomed.

That was awesome.

Oh. Look what I found.

What you found?


Check this place out.

This is badass!

This is the Hall of Armory.

Where the legends say Atlan's trident was forged.

I don't think they're legends anymore.

Vulko was right.

It's real.



Of course it's not working.

It's been sitting here collecting dust since before the Sahara was a desert.


"Since before the Sahara was a desert."

Thank you for repeating what I just said.

It's completely dried out.

Let's just say you do your best thinking when you're not thinking at all.

All right, now hold still.

Hey. What are you doing?

We need water, and you're the closest source.

Now, hold still.



I could have just peed on it.

King Atlan.

In this trident resides the power of Atlantis.

In the wrong hands, it would bring destruction.

But in the hands of the true heir, it would unite all our kingdoms above and below.

If you seek my power, you must prove your worth.

Journey beyond the edge of the world to the Hidden Sea.

Look inside the bottle for the charted path.

Only in the hands of the true king can he truly see.


We can't let Orm find this.

Hey! Wait!


Shouldn't we have written it down first?

I memorized it. Didn't you?

Oh, yeah. Totally.

What'd he just say?

"Something something trident."

"Look inside the bottle for the charted path."

It's our next stop.

I'm starting to think you actually like these surface-dwellers.

It would be wrong to judge a place I've never seen before.

I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.

Well, apparently, it's just right up on the hill. A big old castle.

And I just learned something very interesting.

You risked our lives based on something you read in a children's book?

Wait, it's a book? How about that?


I got it from the movie.

King Nereus, I had hoped our people had evolved beyond that ancient notion that war with the surface is inevitable.

It is the position of the Fishermen that when the time comes to make ourselves known to the landsmen, it should be to educate them, not to destroy them.

I admire your lofty aspirations, King Ricou.

But I suspect they are but clouds of ink hiding the heart of a coward.

How dare you!

Please. I implore you.

You're a kingdom of bloated philosophers and flaccid poets whose waters have grown stagnant, and it sickens me.

My King!

The king is dead! Long live his heir.


Prepare your armies, Your Highness.

We move against the Brine Kingdom at once.

What did the recording say, again?

"Journey beyond the edge of the world to the Hidden Sea.

"Look in the bottle for the charted path.

"Only in the hands of the true king can he truly see."

"Look in the bottle for the charted path."


Oh, man.


Wow. That's awesome.

Let me see.

Wow. But how do you know where to point it?

Here, let me see.

What was the last line?

"Only in the hands of the true king can he truly see."

"Only in the hands of the true..."

Marcus Agrippa.

He was a great general, but he wasn't a king.

Neither was Scipio.

How do you know all this stuff?

Because of my pops. He made sure I knew my history.

None of these guys are kings, except this guy. Romulus.

First king of Rome.

"Only in the hands of the true king can he truly see."

There it is. That's our heading.

What? Let me see.

We did it!


That's not bad for an imbecile, huh?

Not bad at all.


"Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, "and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men."

Get back!


I order you to stand down!

Princess Mera, you've been charged with high treason.

Who the hell are you?

Maybe this will jog your memory.

You're the guy from the sub.

That's right.

But now I have Atlantean steel.

Call me "Black Manta."

You thought you could walk away?

I thought I told you not to make this a habit.

You can't run.

You owe me blood!

How'd you find me?

Your lady friend has people who like to keep tabs on her.


Come on.

Everybody, inside. Get inside.

I'll show you the same mercy you showed my father.

And gut you like the fish you are!


Mera, they're tracking you.


They're tracking you.

Arthur, stay with me.

Arthur, wake up! Arthur.


Did you steal a boat?

Are the boats at the marina not for public use?

No, those belong to people.


Those were Orm's elite commandos.

But the one who led them, he wasn't Atlantean.

I've never seen him before.

Yeah, I have.

He and his father were pirates.

And he blames me for his father's death.

They picked a dangerous line of trade. It's not your fault.

That's not how it feels.

It was up to me, and I let him die.

I could've saved him, but I didn't.

And now, I made an enemy, and he could have hurt you.

And that would have been my fault.

Well, he's behind us now.

It's what lies ahead that should concern us.

The charted path leads to the Kingdom of the Trench.

Are those the same creatures that killed my mother?


She was taken there and sacrificed to them.

It's become a place of death.

We know next to nothing about what's down there.

We should turn back.

We can still warn the surface. Try and prepare them for what's coming.

Turn back?

Look, I learned from a young age not to show weakness.

Okay? I solve my problems with my anger and my fists.

I'm a blunt instrument, and I'm damn good at it.

But I've done nothing but get my ass kicked this whole trip.

I'm no leader. I'm not a king.

I do not work or play well with others.

And I can't let you die trying to turn me into something that I'm not.

You think you're unworthy to lead because you're of two different worlds.

But that is exactly why you are worthy.

You are the bridge between land and sea.

The only question is...

Can you?

The tracking on Lady Mera is still dark, Your Highness.


My trusted vizier who has stood by the throne since my father sat upon it.

Have you any advice for me as this war begins?

I have already given it, My King.

But I will stand by your decision, as always.

My decision.

To protect it.

While you betray it.

You think I do not know of your treachery?

That you have remained loyal to my mother's bastard son.

That you have spent years training him to take the throne from me.

Do not deny it.

I do not.


I am the pureblood.

I have devoted my life to Atlantis.

He wanted nothing to do with it. You swore to serve the throne!

I do serve it.

Arthur may only be half-Atlantean, but he's already twice the king you'll ever be.

Take him.

But make sure he has a view.

What the hell are these things?

The Trench! We're here!

There are too many of them! Come on, inside!

They're from the depths.

They're scared of the light. Here!

Come on!

You ready to jump?

Over there!

That thing will tear us apart.

We don't have a choice!









King Orvax sacrificed me to the Trench, but I survived.

I fought my way through as you did, and I ended up here.

You've been here alone for 20 years?


Come. Sit here.

You must forgive me.

Forgive me for everything.

This happened because you had me.

Not for having you. None of this is your fault.

I made a choice. I had to leave...

To save you, to save your father.

Tell me. Tell me about him.

Is he...

He still walks to the end of that dock.

Every morning.

Every day.

Waiting for you.

Why didn't you ever come back?

Because the portal that brought you here won't let us return.

The trident is the only way back.

But it is guarded by the Karathen.

The creature from our legends, it's real.

It lies beyond the waterfall.

We'll go with you. We can fight it together.


It's too powerful.

I've tried many times over the years.

The creature will only allow the true king to pass.

You're afraid.



You're ready.

Atlantis has always had a king.

Now, it needs something more.

But what could be greater than a king?

A hero.

A king fights only for his nation.

You fight for everyone.

You do not belong here.

I have guarded the trident against false kings since the beginning.

And for a thousand years I have seen the greatest champions try and fail.

But never have I sensed one as unworthy as you.

You dare come here with your tainted mongrel blood to claim Atlantis' greatest treasure?

So be it...


You thought yourself worthy?

You thought yourself a king?

You dishonor this place with your presence.


You're right. I am a half-breed mongrel.

But I did not come here because I thought I was worthy.

I know I'm not.

You understand me?

I do.

No mortal has conversed with me since King Atlan.

Who are you?

I'm nobody.

I came because I had no choice.

I came to save my home and the people that I love.

I came because the trident is their only hope.

And if that's not good enough...

Then screw you.

No man has ever freed the trident from Atlan's grip.

Should he deem you unworthy...

Well, I haven't feasted in eons, and I am famished.

The one true king.

Remember, the Brine are powerful, savage brutes, but a swift assault aimed directly at their leadership will turn the tide.

Defeat the Brine King, and you will command the greatest military might on this planet.

Today, we unite our kingdoms.

Tomorrow, we scorch the surface!

Rise, Atlantis!

Death to the Atlantean hagfish!

We will not bow to Atlantis.

We're gonna give them a fight that they will never forget!

No! We need him!

Join me or die.

You expect me to address you as Your Highness?

Not Your Highness.

Call me...

Ocean Master.

You can take my army, you soft-bellied slug.

But you will never have my allegiance!

So be it!

What the...

The king has risen.


There are too many casualties. We have to stop the fighting now.

I'll find my father. But you must defeat Orm.

And what if I can't?

Last time, he was in his element.

This time, make him fight in yours.


What was the plan, again? The plan is to not get killed.

Yeah, good plan. Don't get killed.

The Trench! He commands the Trench!


Stand down! Let her pass.

Please, Father, he has the trident.

I know you think this war is necessary, but Arthur is king by our most sacred law.

And if you turn your back on that now, then the Atlantis you're fighting for is already dead.

It's true! The half-breed wields King Atlan's trident.

He commands the sea!

Then that half-breed is your king.

Vulko! Come on, he needs our help!

We can't! Look.

The people must bear witness.

That trident doesn't change what you are.

A half-breed bastard.

Atlantis will never accept you as its king.

Well, then by bloodshed...

Do the gods make known their will.

Yield the throne. Yield it!

Finish it.

Yield the throne.

Mercy is not our way.

Maybe you haven't noticed, brother...

But I'm not one of you.

Do it!

Kill me! No!

That is enough killing.


Oh, my son.

It's a long story.

I'll tell ya later.

Come on!

I don't understand. We thought...

I know.

Arthur saved me.

You're with him? I am.

You're both my children, and I love you so much.

But you have been misguided.

Your father taught you that there were two worlds.

He was wrong.

The land and the sea are one.

My queen.


Take him.

But make sure he has a view.

When you're ready,

let's talk.

People of Atlantis, today began in bloodshed, but let it end in joy.

I give you King Arthur of Atlantis.

Hail to the king!

Hail to the king! Hail to the king!

So, what do I do now?

Be their king.


This is gonna be fun.

You came back. You're back.

Yes. Yes.

My father was a lighthouse keeper.

My mother was a queen.

They were never meant to meet...

But their love saved the world.

They made me what I am.

A son of the land, and a king of the seas.

I am the protector of the deep.

I am...



I spent 15 years at the United States Institute of Marine Science...

Weren't you fired? ...studying oceanic phenomenon, and this is the most conclusive evidence we have to date.

Deep-sea seismographs have recorded explosions on the ocean floor.

We have satellite imagery of debris from Atlantean warships floating on the surface...

Dr. Shin! Will you please let me finish?

Here we go again. Atlantean?

Yes. The government does not want us to know about the threat that exists right here...

Yeah, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

This is Atlantean technology, isn't it?

Can you tell me how you got this?

Sure. But first, you gotta tell me how to find him.