Aquarius (2016) Script

Part 1: Clara's Hair.


I brought this song.

And I think you'll like it.

What is it?

Let me play it, man. You're so curious.

Let's see how good your stereo is.

I'm playing it loud, alright? Go ahead, play it loud.

It will be loud.

Hold on there, Martin and Isabela.

That sounds good.

I like it.

What about this brother of mine?

Well, he's good-looking, smart, funny, good in bed...

What more could I want?

OK, then!

You two make a great couple.

So far so good.

We should go.

Antonio, let's go!

Oh God, there's Adalberto, uptight as always.

How'd it go? It was so cool.

We went down to the beach--

Yeah, but listen.

You took your time, some people want to leave already.

Alright, I'll go get the kids and...

I'll take Seu Ze a little dish. Alright.

Go ahead.


Carry on.


Some goodies from the party. Thank you.

Come by later on, OK? Will do.

Fernando, Fernando, Luiz Fernando and Julia, let's go!

Come sing Happy Birthday, come on.

But we're in the middle of the game! You can continue later, let's go.

Let's go.

Aunt Lucia,

it's not everyday that someone turns 70.

I don't know if you feel your age or if you're the way we think you are: a 70-year-old girl.

I'm twelve and I remember you taking us, your great-nieces and nephews, still young, to the Jaqueira amusement park to have ice cream at the FriSabor, and to the Sao Luiz cinema.

You are the best aunt we could ever have.

Aunt Lucia was a f-firecracker, is a fire-, is a firecracker.

She was volleyball and ping-pong champion at the Portuguese Club.

She played guitar, piano, and violin when she was young, and pertormed many times at the St. lzabel Theater.

She begins her life as a university student at 18, where she got into the law program at the Pernambuco Federal, in the year 1931, kicking off a victorious career which made her name synonomous with determination in her field in our state at a time when few women would attend higher education, and where few would work in the field of law and letters.

No, there's more.

After living and studying in Sao Paulo in the 40s, Aunt Lucia came back to Pernambuco.

She went to work in the countryside, in the 60s, a difficult time for her, for her family, and for the country.

She was persectued and even went to prison, We are very proud of your journey, Aunt Lucia.

Aunt Lucia's life could fill a book, a film or a song, and here we wish you health, happiness, and propose a toast to you.

To our dear Aunt Lucia!

Go Aunt Lucia!

You forgot or skipped the sexual revolution.

Just kidding.

I'm very touched. Really. Truly.

But now I want to say something that was left out, that you didn't say, but I'm going to.

You mentioned a number of things I did, and which were part of my life.

But you forgot to mention Augusto.

Augusto was my partner.

I really liked him. It was true love.

Augusto passed away, oh six years now.

He was my partner for more than 30 years.

He was a very good man.

We never got married because.

I think some of you know, he was already married.

Well, what are you gonna do? Nobody's pertect.

And today, which is my birthday, I'd like to propose a toast to Augusto.

Thank you all very much.

It's hard to top Aunt Lucia's sensational words.

But I'm going to say something. It's quick, but I'm going to say it.

I'm not a religious man, but I want to say thank you anyway.

You all know 1979 was not an easy year here at home.

We went through some really tough times with Clara's illness.

This woman I love so much.

I can say they were the toughest months in my life, taking my wife to hospitals,

watching her deal with such a harsh treatment,

getting Martin, Ana and Rodrigo together telling the truth, without telling all,

trying to get on with life, go to work, keeping the house in order, trying to keep some kind of peace.

And today Clara's here with us,

with her Elis Regina hair style, which I find sexy, I really do.

Recovered, and healthy.

Clara's fine, and we're still together, getting our lives back on track.

I just wanted to say, I understand why some people were absent from this process, that life doesn't give us a manual to deal with these situations, right?

Say that I was deeply touched by the presence of those that were here with us, but this is to give thanks that I have my love here with me.

Long live Clara!

Long live Aunt Lucia!

We cherish this great day in which we celebrate.

May the house you live in be the home of joy refuge from the storm.

Happy birthday.


Ladjane! Yes!

Hey! Hey!

What's for lunch?

I was making.

What an annoying door!

I was making chicken.

Ah, OK. And do we have any veggies? Yeah, I'll make some.

I'm off to the beach.

All right, people, let's go.

This is the HA-HA now, let it out.

Keep the rhythm!

Speed it up!

Speed it up a little, speed it up.

Let it out, Paulo.

That's it!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Laugh it up, Paulo.

Laughing is serious business.

Hey, Thiago, let it out.

That's it!

Bring it down a little.



That's it!

Energy, people, energy!

C'mon, Clara, let's laugh, Clara.


Make yourself at home, there's room for everyone.

Respect, everyone, keep it up!

Respect, seriousness...

Bezerra, where you at?


Bring the boat over to the Aquarius.

Is Dona Clara going in?


Affirmative. Copy. I'm on my way.


Hey, Roberval! Don't you think that's a bit much?

No way, Clara. Look at the sea, look.

Nobody's in the water.

Go on, take your dip, and come on out. Go on.

We've talked about this.

It's because you're important. Who told you to be important?

Would you hold this for me, please?


Waist line!

41 years old. Plays perfectly.

Well, I'd like to...

Start by asking you, ma'am... sorry.

You're writing a new book, and I see a lot of physical media here, right?

Viny, records, tapes.

At a time when digital media is taking over everything, do you only listen to music the old-fashioned way?

No, I listen to music the old-fashioned way.

Let's, let's do something, shall we?

Can we cut this short, so we don't waste my time, or yours?

I'll explain the way I think, generally speaking.

I like everything, alright?

Mp3s, streaming, if it's got music, it's good, it's important.

And this whole new technology thing.

Can I tell you a story? Sure.

There you go. Did you get it?

Well, then..

This record, I bought in Porto Alegre, at a used record store.

I leant mine to someone and never saw it again.

Until one day, a quiet day, a Sunday, I opened the record to look Look what I found inside, this article from the Los Angeles Times. That's awesome.

This article is from November, 1980, right?

This album, Double Fantasy, was released in December 1980.

So, this article came out weeks before Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980.

And I was born on December 21, 1980.

That's amazing. Check it out.

This article here, published weeks before Lennon was murdered and before you were born, says the following:

"John Lennon's plans for the future."

This record, this record I'm holding in my hands, becomes a special object...

You see?

And you don't know who owned it before?

Didn't I tell you I bought it down in Porto Alegre... a used record store. I don't know who owned it, all I know is it was bought in Los Angeles and ended up in Porto Alegre.

I mean, I'm not even sure it was bought in Los Angeles, actually, and it ended up here.

Cool. So, digital media it's fine with you?

This here is like a message in a bottle.

Good afternoon, Ms. Clara. Seu Geraldo, good afternoon.

How are you? Fine.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon.

Ms. Clara, would you let us have a word with you?

It depends.

If you're here to discuss my proposal...

...for the acquisition of the flat upstairs...

I did send you that proposal, but I never heard from you, what a busy man you are...

Is this the reason of your visit, Seu Geraldo?

We are here to talk to you...

...a good, eye to eye conversation, which is the best thing there is.

We have brought you a counter-proposal.

That's wonderful! This is about the upstairs flat, right?

No, this is about that conversation we had before...

About acquiring your apartment.

About selling this apartment? Exactly.

I'm not selling, Seu Geraldo, you already know that.

Ms. Carla, this proposal. Clara.

Ms. Clara.

Where were you? I was downstairs sweeping.

Ms. Clara?

It's a very generous offer.

It's over the market value for this type and size of apartment, but we've made this proposal especially for you.

Let's just get this over with.

Let's just get this over with, Geraldo.

My apartment is not for sale, I'm not selling.

I appreciate your visiting, but I must go.

Ms. Clara.

First of all, congratulations, I can see from out here that you've remodeled the apartment, it looks beautiful. Yes, very interesting.

Thank you. It's in very good taste, congratulations.

My name is Diego, I'm head of this project at our company, which is, by the way, my first project, and I'm really proud of it, and I think it's safe to say that I have great news.


And I'm going to tell you why.

First of all, the project is now called "Aquarius."

Is he your son? Son-in-law? No, no. This is my grandson, Diego.

He's been doing a good job at the construction company.

Thank you, grandpa.

Did you say "Aquarius?"

It's "The New Aquarius".

The idea is to keep the name of the building that used to exist in this spot.

"Used to exist?" Yeah, it's a way of preserving the memory

...of the original building. This is a new idea.

...but now with the new offer, another piece of good news we bring you.

The building exists.

You're standing there, leaning on it.

Wrong way to express myself.

I see...

Now, before I go in and close the door, tell me something.

What was the name of the original project, before this "New Aquarius?"

The original project was the "Atlantic Plaza Residence."

Yes, that'd be a good name, it sounds good, doesn't it?

We much prefer "Aquarius"...

Well, thank you so much for this...

We'd like to point out that we are always open to dialogue.

OK, thank you. Excuse me. See you later.

In case you want to read it later, on your own, the project.

Thank you, Clara.

I'll go get some water because I know you're upset, OK?

Part 2: Clara's Love.


Where are my songs?

Here on the flash drive.

On the pen drive?

But you'll transfer them to my cell phone later?

Sure, I'll do that. Will you?

Yeah, we'll do that later. OK. Did everything fit?

Yeah, that list you sent me fit.

I put some new stuff I think you'll like. Yeah? That's great.

So that's how it is now, huh? You Suggesting stuff.

Let me just put it on here, just a second, there it is. Listen to this.

You don't know me.

I have to shout this, because you're deaf and won't listen to me Seduction enslaves you At the end of it all, you remain with me, trapped in what I created That's funny.

What is it?

Oh, I'm just kinda happy today.

Yeah? Why?

This girl I know's arriving from Rio. On Thursday.

Oh yeah? She's arriving? What's the deal?

Oh, we met on Facebook.

She's a friend of Marcelo's. Remember him? Yeah. I remember Marcelo.

So we met through him, we chatted for a while, we liked each other, and now she's on her way!

Cool, and where's she staying?

At my place.

Do your parents know? Yeah, they know.

So, delivery style, huh?

"Delivery," aunt, I don't know, we'll see.

I think she's great. We'll see where things go.

Love it.

Does this beauty have a name? She does. It's Julia.

Julia. Beautiful name. I love it.


Do this, play Maria Bethania for her.

Show her you're intense.

All right, I will.

Good evening. Hey, how are you?

Fine, fine. Beautiful as always.

Thank you, dear.

I missed you. Son, how are you?

And what is their proposal?

Oh, I don't know, I tore up the envelope.

You tore it up?

You weren't even curious to know what it was?

That's my sister.

You're abolutely right.

Aren't there any legal maneuvers to make these people leave me alone?

But they came, knocked on your door, asked to speak to you. There's, there's nothing illegal there.

Are the other apartments all empty, or anyone renting?

All empty.

They bought them all. So it's up to them, if they sell them, rent them, whatever.

Clara, I didn't want to say anything, but I must.

I just think about one thing your quality of life.

That's the only thing I worry about.

The rest is just the rest.

Yeah... well.

You know what I want to do this week?

I want to go out dancing. Oh, that's great.

Come with me, Fatima. Oh yeah, I'll come!

Let's go! Yeah! Antonio please let me go.

Oh, I guess I'm not going.

Did I hear that, "Antonio please let me go"?

Yeah, he has to let me.

I thought I was going.

Well, well, well. No shortage of male dancers there.

How do you know so much gossip?

And you share it like it's all true. Amazing.

Girl, the headquarters of Pernambuco gossip?

The swimming pool at the German club.

That's why you're all so tan.

The dark skin. The tongues, but the poison now. Oh my God!

When I arrived in Recife 10 years ago I practically married the whole Jewish community.

No, honey, no-no-no-no, you fucked the whole Jewish community.


She's truly generous.

I'm a good person!

I felt sorry for them. That's exactly why!

Check it out.

Take a look over there, Leandro. Who?

A retired lawyer from CHESF.

He was married to Ana Lucia, who died some 10 years ago. Horrible. "The Big C" in her uterus.

Enough with this disease talk.

This is a party. Let's talk about happy stuff?

She took everything out, poor thing.

And Bento, having an affair with Silvia? They are trying to be discreet.

They're dancing. Don't stare. Be discreet.

But I see what's going on.

This Silvia is the one who went to our bookstore to buy three meters of books because her interior decorator told her to!

Three meters? God!

With brains like that you should've asked, "open or closed?"

This party sucks.

You told me there'd be good looking men here. I have yet to see one!

Except for that waiter.

There are good-looking men. Yes, yes there are.

You're the one who needs glasses.

Yes, there are. Where, Clara?

Yes, there are. Who, Clara?

I don't know. I'm not giving, I'm not giving...

Clara, you've got your eye on the guy from Espirito Santo back there, right?

Who? Which one?

Don't look, people!

And he's got his eye on you, I saw itl I heard he's a widower.

He's, 60, 65.

He's not my type. He's not your type.

What, people? He still looks good. What?

Tell me do you remember why we came here tonight? Do you?

I came to drink.

No, that thing we came here to talk about.

Leticia, we need to talk to you. Oh, come on, people!

No, we just really, truly want to know, you know?

If everything's OK and how your professional help is going.

I have enjoyed it responsibly.

You want his phone?

I already have a phone, thank you.

No, the it's the boy's.

I don't have the guts to get his number.

I don't know, never say never.

Lucrecia, you wanna know something?

I always figured that if any of us had the guts, it'd be you.

Me? Yeah, with your wholesome face.

What's the big deal? It's just a man to play with you a young man, professional hot... That's good. Professional is good.

I like that. Hot is good.

Oh, then I'll give you his number. No, thank you very much.

Guys, I'm missing the joke, this side can't hear!

Don't put off what you can do right now.

What is this, a gigolo commercial?

Like those fridge magnets, you know? Do it now while you still have.

Like those thingies you stick to the...

Do it now while you're still healthy.

Would you like to dance?


What a surprise.

Anybody wanna hold on to my phone?

We will keep your phone.

I've been living in Fortaleza.

You talk real quiet, don't you?

Are you here visiting?

I came to spend a few months with my daughter.

She lives here, so I'm here.

And your wife?

Well, I'm a widower. It's been five years.

I'm also a widow.


How long?

17 years.

Had you ever come to Clube das Pas?

It's great, really great.

What great memories!

Am I going too far?

I had surgery.



You're, you're great.

But, I need to to take you home.

I'll get a taxi. No, no, I insist. I'll take you home.

Thanks, mister.

Good night! You can go.

I'm here every day, I know what I'm talking about, Clara.

You're fear mongering.

It's good to be a little afraid, isn't it?

I mean, I'm not a big fan of this whole fear thing either.

I think there's enough fear going around.

But in my line of work, we deal with that, right?

How many times have me and my colleagues saved people who weren't afraid enough?

People who forgot to be afraid?

Clara, look discretely to my right.

A kid's riding up on a bike.

Give me a hint, what's he wearing? Grey t-shirt, black shorts.

He's a drug dealer.

Does he sell weed?

They say it's the good stuff, but he only sells to the rich kids.

Expensive bike White boy.

He comes in every Monday and Wednesday, mornings.

Afternoons, on fridays.

Do you collaborate with the police?

Nope. We're too exposed.

This beach is rough.

His office is behind the kiosks.


Good morning.

Daniel. Daniel?

Son of Jorge, your old neighbors.

Hi, Daniel, how have you been? How's your father?

Dad passed away, two years now.

I hadn't heard my condolences. Thank you.

I was passing by and thought I'd come over to ask you to solve this apartment situation.

It's hurting so many people.

Dad made the deal 6 years ago, he died and so far, nothing.

I don't understand. Yes you do.

You understand fine. You are not stupid.

Everyone moved out of the building, except you.

If you really think about it, you're being selfish.

Daniel, I've known you since you were a child.

You used to surf on this very beach with my kids.

Yeah, you knew me when I was a kid, but you don't know me as an adult.

Have a good day, Clara.

What are those mattresses for?

I don't know.


Come over here, I want to show you something.


We hail this great day that you commemorate today May the house you live in


She remembered! Today's your birthday!

Happy birthday, you hear? Thanks.

You know you can count on me, don't you? I know, I know.

Good morning, Clara.

Good afternoon. How are you?

What's your name again? Josimar.

Josimar, good afternoon. And you, what's your name?

Rivanildo. Rivanildo.

Good afternoon, Rivanildo.

And your name Diogo, right? Diego.

Diego, you brought some mattresses over to the building.

Could I possibly know what for, why?

Clara, the apartments may be vacant, but they belong to the construction company.

We can bring whatever's necessary for the job.


Makes sense.

Could you please move this car? I'm leaving.

Now? Now.

Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Clara.

I wrote some things down, you know?

For you.

It's easier.

It goes like this: I have no color, I have no shape, I have no smell and I am weigthless.

When I'm strong, they call me wind.

When I stink, they call me fart.

Lookie here. He was awake.

I didn't wake anybody up! He was already awake.

So good to have you here.

I missed you, did you know that?

We could set up something at our place, huh? Everybody.

What about Marcio?

He's in Brasiilia.

Marcio is the one I haven't even met yet?

It's on you, Rodrigo.

The rush, you know, Mom. I just haven't had time yet.

And you don't have a photo, you don't carry a picture of him in your wallet?

Anything? To show me?

I got one here.

Mom wants to give her blessing.

You've got to get her blessing, Rodrigo.

Tell me something while your brother looks for a picture he can show me.

What's this Marcio like?

Marcio's a nice guy, laid back, from Minas.

It's working out, isn't it?

It is.

Let me see. Wait, let me find one.

Oops, now I saw one I didn't want to.

This is Marcio. He's from Belo Horizonte.

Oh, that's nice.

I like him. Look at that friendly face!

You hadn't met him either?

I had seen pictures. Not even pictures for me.

Now you've seen him, you've been introduced.

Thank you.

Son, please, come by more, come visit me more often.

And don't just send messages.

Call me. I want to hear your voice, alright?

And bring Marcio here, I want to meet Marcio.

I'm alive, you know?

Mom, how are you dealing with this situation?

Well, I'm pissed, right?

Don't you think you're stressed out about all this?

No. I said I'm pissed. You're the ones getting stressed out.

Well, you tell us what's going on, and we get worried, that's all.

What about those stickers on the doors?

Stickers? What stickers?

On the doors.

What doors?

Construction company stickers. On the apartment doors.

The company logo's on every door, Mom.

Except yours.

We thought you had seen them.

No, the stickers are there, but I hadn't seen them.

Something new every day, one day one thing, the next it's stickers.

They must have gone up today.

Did you come up this way? The front door.

Are there stickers on that end? Yep.

Front doors and the back doors.

I'll repeat myself and say something nobody wants to say to you.

I think you need to sell this place. You'll be saving yourself problems.

What problems?

Mother, it's just that.

The three of us worry about you, alone in a ghost building.

A what building? A "ghost building"?

You have no limits, do you?

Your, shall we say, sensibilities Mother.

Your world vision. Mom, I'm saying I worry about you.

You're living in a building that's uncomfortable, old, unsafe, and empty.

So when you like it, it's "vintage", when you don't like it, it's old. Is that right?

You know what? Let's move to the living room. And I should say something:

Before you leave, you'll do the dishes. Ladjane's not here today.

Let's go. Let's go.

Changing rooms is not going to solve the problem.

He who cooked doesn't wash, OK?

Well, since I'm playing the witch today anyway, let me just ask you something?

Have you at least considered their offer?

Because what they're offering is not the standard market price.

The standard is to offer new apartment space.

They're offering cash.

That's like an offer you can't refuse.

And how do you know all this?

Did they get to you guys?

Not me, no. I don't even live here, Mom.

Yes, yes, I even told the boys, they came to talk to me.

Did they come talk to you, or did you go look for them?

Yes, Mom, I went. I have every right to try to understand what's going on.

I went to try by the way, the young man seemed to be extremely nice.

So, Ana, what is their offer?

They're offering almost two million reais.

For this apartment.

Ana Paula... I think it's low.

The issue isn't the money, is it, Martin?

What do you mean by "this", a pause, "apartment"?

Mom, I meant it's that much money, for this apartment. That's all I meant.

Well, then, this apartment, the apartment where you all grew up.

This apartment is on Boa Viagem beach.

Can't you see that by going to talk to them, you go over my head, you disrespect me, yes, you set me up as the "crazy lady from the Aquarius".

But that's what happens. You talk to these people, it sets me up as a nutjob, you know?

You guys don't know what it's like to feel crazy without being crazy, you feel like you're going crazy. You know what that's like, son.

You know what that's like, knowing you're not going crazy, and that the madness is out there, don't you?

You all remember.

Another thing that's really crazy around here is that we're talking about money.

I can help you guys any time you want.

We don't need help, Mom. Well, listen, maybe Ana does.

I've already said, is it you that needs money, Ana Paula?

Look, Mom, you're probably the person in this room that knows best how tough it's been for me since my separation, now what I'm telling you is that this is not just about money.

I can help any of you at any time, I've got my pension, I have five apartments, and there's a legacy that was built by me and your father, that's yours.

Oh, please, Mom, it wasn't built by your writing career.

Don't say that, for God's sake.

What does Dad have to do with this, Ana Paula?

Dad's not around anymore? Why are we talking about Dad anyway?

Paulinho da Viola.

"There are people with nerves of steel, with no blood in their veins, and with no heart.

But sometimes, going through what I go through, Lupiscinio."

Are you singing for me?

Ana, daughter...

Your dad's widow here is me, not you, you hear?

It's hard, isn't it?

So hard.

But, that's life! And you'll just have to get used to it.

Now, what you said about my work, that's something you're going to have to learn to deal with.

That's up to you, it's got nothing to do with me.

You know? I am who I am.

And that's how I raised you. Me and your father, together.

Now, everything you're saying, and the way you're saying it, Makes you sound like... like an idiot.

Hey, Mom, no need for that.

Yeah, an imbecile, crazy, because nobody remembers when you spent two years away and Dad raised us by himself.

But you'd send us those cute postcards, didn't you, Mom?

Ana, you have no right to say that, OK?

You're talking too much.

She just called me an imbecile and you didn't say a thing, did you?

Cause sometimes you do get kinda silly.

ALL THE SONGS WE CAN'T SEE An essay on Heitor Villa-Lobos.

"To Martin, Ana Paula and Rodrigo. For the hours of leisure that were taken from you."

I'm sorry, Mother.

I'm sorry, Mother.

Come over here.

You're so stubborn. You're like an old lady and a child.

That's because I am an old lady and a child.

All together.


Yeah, it's me.

You don't know me, my name is Clara.

I'm a friend of Leticia's, she gave me your number.

How are you, Clara? Yeah, she told me about you.

So, are you available, Paulo?

Right now?

Yeah, right now.

Quite a party upstairs. Yes, it is.

Nice place. Thank you.

LP collection.

You want to drink? I'm trying to finish off that bottle of wine.

No thanks, I'm driving.

Please, sit down.

Leticia told me about you.

You really are beautiful.

I want you to leave.

What's that?

You want me to leave?

I want you to fuck me.

No need.

Not here...

This one? Here.

Hey! Come on!

Get out, get out!

Up here!

She's getting out.

Roberval, I wanted to ask you something, I don't even know if you can, but do you have a number I could call, in case of an emergency?


OK, but, do you need any help? Any kind of trouble?

Just in case, really.


But, like, what? A bodyguard? A life guard?

No, Roberval, it's... it's nothing like that.

Roberval, don't listen to anything I say today.

You know what it is? I've got one of those hangovers.

That hurts right here, you know?

It's because there was this party at my building yesterday.

Yeah, hangovers suck, all right. They sure do.

Was the party good?

It was good.

Clara, don't take this the wrong way, but,

are you hitting on me?

Roberval, I think you're a handsome man.

But, you know, there's so much going on in my head this week... no, no, I'm not hitting on you Ah, OK.

It's all good, Clara. It's just it's good to ask, right?

Where do you live in Rio?

I live in Humaita, Largo dos Leoes.

I know it, love Largo dos Leoes! Yeah? lt is nice.

I know it quite well, Largo dos Leoes.

You know I have a friend, I mean, I had a friend, she passed away.

She lived right there. I love that part of Rio de Janeiro.

I like it too. I live on Mario Pederneiras. Little villeage.

I know it.

Not even the wretched cariocas have destroyed my love for Rio.

Why? You're not into cariocas?

She's pulling your leg, Julia. I am joking.

Silly, would you imagine? I get it.

You know what, Julia?

It's just that I really like this kid, you know? He's precious to me.

I think he likes you a lot too.

Because he's told me all about you.

Sometimes I think I was pregnant with Tomas and don't remember.

Then, there are those pictures of his mother in the maternity ward with that little baby in her arms.

It just wrecks my dream.

Aunt, would you debrief the tourist, please?

Explain to her All right.

Have you played her Maria Bethania?

Maria Bethania?

Why haven't you played?

Weren't you going to play her Maria Bethania? No, that was her idea.

Tomas, Show her how intense you are. Check it out, aunt.

Explain to her where we're headed.

Very well. Here well, here's the divide. Over there is Pina.

And here's kinda the divide. You know how in Rio there's Leme and Copacabana, right?

It's kinda the same thing. And where's the divide?

It's right here.

This sewage pipe, the outfall, this pipe is the divide.

On this side of the pipe, they say it's the rich part, and on that side, the poor part.

In other words, this way, Pina, that way, Brasília Teimosa.

I get it. Got it?

And Brasilia Teimosa is where we're headed right now.

We're gonna go say hi to Ladjane.

She's worked with me for nineteen years.

And last year she lost her son in a motorcycle accident. He was coming home from work, and a drunk driver and nothing came of it!

What do you think? Drunk driver runs him over, and nothing happens.

That's fucked up.

Happy birthday!

I need to talk to you, OK? You look great!

Happy birthday. Thank you!

Tomas's friend, huh?

From Rio? Yep.

She's good-looking.

Those Rio girls have really got it going!

Lara, that's so you. That's right, though!

Lara is Ladjane's sister.

Lara works for Leticia, who is my friend, and Ladjane works for me.

Say it woman!

Did Paulo tell you about last night?

No, last night?

Did you call him?

He came over last night.

That's funny. I really wanted you to be with him...

But, I'm actually jealous now.

Well, it's too late now, the deed is done, huh?

Was it good?

Yeah, yeah, it was good, but you know, I'm still processing it.

It was too good.

Was it good? Was it not good?

Just tell me...

It was good.

So, aside from the party, your night was good.

I think it was.

Happy Birthday...

You were gorgeous, you hear?

Honey, with that wind.

They had to make a lacquer helmet on me!

You noticed, huh? Not one loose strand!

But you were gorgeous. My coffee.

Good morning, Clara. Gonna get me some water, OK?

We're starting up front. All right.

I bought all that paint you asked for, it's all in the car, OK?

Good. Expensive, huh?

Good paint.

Good, but expensive. The job's gonna look good, though.

Come back for coffee later! All right, I will.

The men from the construction company are here.

They're washing the stairs.

Good morning, Josimar. Good morning, Rivanildo.

Good morning, Ms. Clara.

There was a lot of shit upstairs. Have you cleaned it?

You've already cleaned all that shit upstairs?

Yes, Ms. Clara. Don't worry about it.

Hold on, man.

Tomas and Julia are still asleep.

Let 'em sleep in.

I sure miss my son.

Filipe, look, I think here there are lots of pictures of you when you were little birthday parties, that sort of thing, naked when you were a baby. Butt naked, right?

That's right, yeah.

Good times, huh?

Mr. Herculano.



Beautiful! Pregnant. Cool!

Gorgeous. Look at your mom!

This one looks great too.

Like those pictures you see in old picture frames.

Antonio this woman here, you remember?

What was her name?

She made the most wondertul food. Everybody loved her, remember?

Turns out she was a cunt who stole our jewelry.

Stole jewelry from Mom, remember? From Grandma.

This one took off to Ceara, no one ever saw her since.

Yeah, well, it's inevitable, isn't it?

We exploit them.

They steal from us, here and there.

And so it goes, huh?

You're right.

Tom, what was her name?

What? Darlene.

Not Darlene!

Darlene Gloria. Where'd you pull that from, Darlene?

So how's the long weekend?

How are you? Everything all right?

The records you didn't get to yesterday are over there.

Right. Over there, see?

We could go check them out now. Yeah, let's.

And do you want sorry?

My future inheritance. Really? Pull up a chair.

Clara. Yeah?

Hey, Ladjane.

Hey, girl!

So lots of stuff...

These from this series in Maria Farinha.


What's with people posing with cars?

I see so many people here taking pictures with cars.

Cars lost their charm.

Now it's just a car.

I've seen people and cars on Facebook.

Like in the past?

People posing as if they were family members?

Yeah. It's different.

Her name was Juvenita. Juvenita.

Good thing you remembered.

How long have you known me, Antonio?

Sixty one years.

If I didn't remember, I'd go mad all day.

Juvenita, Juvenita. Good thing I remembered.

I think we have enough photos for the wedding video.

That's all? Well, we still have my own pictures, in my mother's house. Oh, I see.

Isn't this Arnaldo? Adalberto's cousin? That is Arnaldo indeed.

The funniest person I have ever met.

Please, let me see.

Did you ever meet Arnaldo? This one?

He looks so serious.

Yeah, but that day he was graduating from law school.

He graduated in law.

That was for you, Filipe.

What's with the lawyer joke? Just a silly joke.

I don't get it...

Forget about it.

You better learn how it works around here.

I might lose a nephew but I won't miss a joke.

I love you too, Aunt.

I love you too.

That's Aunt Lucia.

The amazing Aunt Lucia.

They don't make 'em like her anymore.

Anybody, more wine? Yep, I want some.

More wine? Just a little.

No, thanks.

I'd like to show you the photo of my son I carry in my wallet.

He's handsome, Ladjane. Thank you.

Aunt, we'd like to play a song that Ju chose.

Is that OK?

You have a lot of stuff here. I could listen to all of it.

Anyway, this record, I'm really into it...

...and this isn't even one of his most popular songs...

...but I think it's really beautiful.

You probably know it.

Put it on, let's hear itl.

Play it, Tomas.

Part 3: Clara's Cancer.

Hi, Mr. Pedro! Hello, Mr. Pedro! What's the matter?

Wow, it's hot in here. Ladjane!

Look who's here! Mommy'll be right back.

What's the matter?

Mom, it was awful I had to send Cidinha away.

You sent Cidinha away.

Mom, she was great.

The Super, the Supernanny, loves Pedro.

You sent her away, now you don't have a nanny?

I've got my eye on someone else, it'll be better for everybody.

Mom, I'm, I'm really in a hurry.

Honey, did you talk to Armando about this?

Mom, Armando's not part of Pedro's daily life.

Heck, he probably won't even notice the nanny changed, you know?

Mom, here you've got diapers, you've got his food, his book, everything.

Just hand it over to Ladjane, OK?

Cover this one for me, OK? Call me if you need me!

Of course, I'll call, but what's the point? Bye.

Where's the ocean, Pedro?

Good morning. Good morning.

I'm the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf.

Three little pigs.

No, right? Walls come crumbling down no.

Lookie here! Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood, Pedro, the wolf devours grandma.

Edilene went to the market. When she gets back, I'll have her give it to me.

I can't do that stuff. Yes.

But when she gets back, I'll have her do it.

Right, now you're... Sorry!

Hey, mister, what gives? You trying to kill me?

Make way for the baby carriage to come through.

Good morning. Good morning.

God is beautiful! He is marvelous to us.

God is soverein.

What is going on?

I don't know what to say.

Did you see what it's like in the garage? Come see!

Ms. Clara?

There's something I wanted to tell you.

It may be nothing, but I don't think so.

Yesterday, after you left to take Pedro for his walk, Yesterday?

If it happened yesterday, why are you only telling me now?

Please tell me what this is.

Are you insane? Stay out of it.

How can you do this in the middle of Boa Viagem?

How are you, Clara?

Fine, Diego.

Fixin' to get better. What happened?

Diego, did you have some mattresses burned out here in the yard?

In the middle of Boa Viagem?

No, I didn't. Over there?

They burnt em. I saw it!

I don't know.

The remains over there?

Look, I'll find out who did this and chew them out.

You're absolutely right. This is not right.

You know there was a party here in the building.

And the mattresses must have gotten really dirty.

I know about the party, but I was not aware of any dirty mattresses.

Yes, there were dirty mattresses.

There was even shit on the stairs.

Why are you laughing? Didn't you have the stairs washed?

The shit on the stairs? I don't know.

No, but it's OK, I'm not judging.

That's not why I'm here talking to you. Here's the thing:

You have so many apartments in this building, right?

You could have had a party in any one of your apartments.

But no, you had to throw a party exactly in apartment 8, which is right above mine, and didn't even let me know.

I'm sorry, you're right, that's my I had a lot on my mind, I wound up forgetting.

I promise you that any parties I throw or allow here in the building, from now on, I'll let you know beforehand. I'm sorry.

Now, Clara, I see you're painting the facade without discussing that with the construction company?

We're also part of the condominium.

I think we can improve our communication skills.

Diego, you play that passive-aggressive type.

What's that?


No, Clara, I play the focused type.

The determined type. You don't know me.

I just got back from the US.

I graduated there, I studied business for three years, and now I'm back, ready to fight.

This is under my responsibility and I'm going to do whatever it takes to reach my goal.

That visit we paid to your house, that was very social, wasn't it?

You know, "let's get close to Clara, let's make contact."

And that didn't happen.

Because, you know, you didn't let us in, we were in the hall.

Nobody offered us coffee, water, tea...

I wish I had given you a more realistic take about all this.

This building's empty, Clara.

The building's not empty, I'm here, I live here.

It's not empty. Yes, but the building's empty.

The building's empty and I, everyone at the company is worried about someone, pardon me, your age.

I wouldn't let my grandmother live alone here.

In Brazil--

Where does grandmother live?

They live in a place you should live.

They've got infrastructure, support. Look, I'm not-- even going to say what I'm thinking, because that leads me to wonder where does your mother live?

You'll excuse me.

I'm a polite person, but you really get me going.

Right. I don't think living here is sustainable any longer.

I just think an educated person like yourself needs to be in a safe building.

With cameras around the clock, with quality, with security.

This isn't working any more, Clara.

I confess I walk in here, I don't even see this building any more.

All I can think of is the number of bricklayers, workers, family members who call me everyday to ask if Ms. Clara has finally made the right decision so they can make it to the end of the month a little better off, that's all.

Has it crossed your mind that, this project of yours, the new Aquarius, will only see the light of day when you're 50, 60 years old?

That's possible. Maybe.

Now there's people that don't think like that.

Yeah, your kids--

Don't you talk about my family! Any of them!

Shut your mouth!

Do not talk about my kids!

I'm gonna tell you something.

I'm standing here wasting my time talking to you, but I'm thinking of something, you know?

It's impressive, what people say about the lack of education and they always refer to poor people.

But the lack of manners isn't in poor people.

It's in rich, well educated people like you, you know?

The elite, who think they're elite, who think they're privileged, who don't stand in line, you know?

People like you who took a "business" course, but lack basic human decency.

Who have no character, you know? No character.

No, you do have character, your character is money.

Therefore, honey, you have no character.

All you've got is your shit-eating smile, that's what you've got.

I'm gonna tell you something.

I've told you once, I'll tell you again.

I'm not kidding.

I will only leave here dead!

You don't know me, Clara.

But you're right, I would rather listen and respect you because from where I'm looking, I can tell you come from a family that fought hard to get to where they did.

Right, Clara?

A darker-skinned family, right?

That had to sweat a lot to get what they got.

I respect you.

You'll excuse me, sir.

But you cannot treat her this way.

Good that you came. I'm here.

Long time no see. That was a great cinema.


Have you seen this?

It finally came out.

Right here.

I love MP3s. You must have said that.

Bad title, horrible photo.

It's been ages since we went to Leite's.

Do you know anything about these people?

What I know, Clara... is their advertising budget at the paper.

In advertising, honey, they're behind only the state government, City Hall, and their competitors, Pinto Engineering.

They're powerful people.

Yeah, but we know that already, don't we?

Diego, the grandson. What do you know about him?

Him. Almost everyone knows about him, because he's vain.

He likes being in the papers, he's got a press agent.

He's always in the paper. Haven't you been reading the paper?

No, I don't read the paper any more.

You are joking. You don't read our paper anymore?

No, I don't read the paper.

So you know, this kid...

he's involved in a church.

A church?

Diego is my brother Ricardo's godson. The architect, you know.

Diego is family.

You're being sarcastic.

There's something else, Ricardo...

Ricardo has done several projects for the construction company.

He's an architect, it's only natural, Clara.

It's natural and logical.

The extension of family ties to friendly, social circles.

Isn't it, Ronaldo? This is so Pernambuco.

This is so Brazil.

Isn't it, Ronaldo Cavalcanti?

If you're not Cavalcanti, you are a Caval can't.

I want to ask you something...

That girl who came to interview me. ls she family?

Ana Paula?

She's my niece. She's with us at the newspaper.

Let's not discuss family, because... you're little brother's involved in some ugly stuff, politically. You see?

Yes, Ronaldo, if they can prove all the accusations, he's in a lot of trouble.

I'm sorry.

Sorry, I shouldn't even have brought it up.

How do you put up with it?

I think I'm still in media all these years, because... a lot of people know I know about too many things.

I've seen a lot of things.

I have sifted through too much information.

I have a feeling you're about to help me.

Very discretely.

There are some papers

that, if they were to come to light, not in my paper, obviously, but, if they were to come to light it would be bad for them.

Now, you like it.

All right.

Good morning, Mrs. Cleide?

That's me, Mrs. Cleide, this is my client Clara.

Nice to meet you. Benedito.

Thanks for seeing us, Benedito.

The information I was given is that it's in Allotment 307-D.

I may look lost because...

That's what I am.

This is paper sewage.

Unfortunately it's there, in that mess over there.

I figured it couldn't be that easy.

You're bleeding, ma'am.

Look who's here. Where's Pedro?

Pedro where are you, Pedro?

Where's Pedro's football?

Here's the football, Pedro.

And how's your mother doing, Pedro?

Fine, Mother. You're fine?

Hi, Ladjane.

Getting better, with your help.

I was handed this envelope, downstairs. Had to sign for it.

What does it say?


"Absolutely prohibited to paint the building's facade."

Did you paint the facade?

She never noticed I had the facade painted.

Mother, I got out of the car, Pedro, bags, in a hurry I didn't.

I'll take a look now, when I leave.

"Designated for arbitration."

Isn't Cleide your lawyer?

Yeah, she is my lawyer.

Give her a call.

This probably won't go anywhere, but give her a call.

I gotta go.

Look, just another week and things'll be back to normal.

No problem.

Thank you.

Everything's gonna be fine. No problem.

Ms. Clara!

I don't know if you remember us, ma'am.

I remember. You're Josimar, from the construction company.

My name is Josimar, but I'm not with the construction company.

We left. We don't work for the construction company any more.

I thought I should come here and talk to you.

All right, go ahead.

I wanted to tell you...

I really admire you, I think you're very decent...

...and a beautiful woman.

Josimar, you're drunk.

I did have a little bit to drink a little bit.

But I didn't drink, and what we're trying to do here is help you, ma'am.

I know you're scared.

We came to say something for your own good.

Some three, four months ago.

You were away.

You were away...

And they had us do a job here, at your building.

And it wasn't just us, it was everybody from the company.

All the workers who were working on the building.

They had us bring some material, and we were on this crew, weren't we?

And what material was this, Josimar?

You need to open up the upstairs apartments.

Over in Block B, that area where the electricity's out.

No electricty. Ten. Apartment ten.

Apartments ten and twelve.

But what exactly happened?

We've told you everything we could.

Now you go up to those apartments, open them up, and you'll see.

Open up those apartments, look inside.

We're leaving now, OK?

What did you bring, what'd they deliver, and where?

You're going to tell me right now.

Tell her.


Kick it, kick the ball, there's Grandma!


C'mon, Pedro, let's go find Mother.

Ms. Clara. Hello, Roberval.

Thanks for coming, really. It's nothing. I'm here to help.

I think we should start around here, there's no power.

Now, Ms. Clara, do you have some kind of warrant, some document?

I'm Clara's lawyer, I take full responsibility.

Well, then let's get to it.

I'm not going. I'm not going up there. No way.

Is this the one?

Is it this one, Ms. Clara?

That's the one.

Would you all move back a bit, please?

This will be easy.

Holy shit.

Ms. Clara, I think it's better if you didn't come in here.

I'm going in.

You with me?

The termites were brought here from some demolition.

Would you look at that Bastards...

Holy shit.

This one's got more.

Yep, it's got more.

Ms. Clara, this one's even worse.

They brought a whole colony of termites, look.

You want me to talk, or would you rather do it yourself?

I'll speak.

Make yourselves comfortable, they'll be with you soon.

Good morning, good morning. Good morning.

Good morning. Fixing to travel?

To what do we owe the honor?

This is my brother Antonio, Nice to meet you, Antonio.

My nephew Tomas, How are you?

And this is Cleide, friend and lawyer.

Shall we sit?

Will be brief this is about these documents that Cleide and I found, and which may be of interest to you.

Can I see, Grampa? Where did you find these, Ms. Clara?

I-- Let me tell you something.

I just wanted to say-- No, just wait a minute.

Would you tell me-- You only need to know one thing.

Would you like to tell me what is the meaning of this?

Because I'm a well-mannered person, but if I wasn't, I'd kick you out right now.

What, over this? Exactly.

Take a look!

I have the originals.

Can I see, Grampa?

Ms. Clara, I wasn't even born when this happened.

This won't go anywhere.

There are things that don't go anywhere, but if it causes you one single headache when I publish these documents I'll be happy.

Ms. Clara, I don't know if it's in your interests, or your lawyer's, to tangle with our legal department.

Well, based on the size of your table, your legal department must be huge.

You people are complete bastards.

What is this, kid? You losing your sense of decency?

You think this is, what? You're not at home.

Respect me, or I'll lose respect for you.

Calm down, Mr. Geraldo. Calm down my ass!

You're being disrespectful in my own house.

Say it!

The second thing.

I survived cancer. More than 30 years ago, you know?

And these days, I've been thinking about something.

I'd rather give you cancer than having it myself.

Antonio, help me here.

What is this, Clara?

Turn off that camera! Take it easy.

Go ahead, you can film this. Turn off that camera now!

Tomas, keep shooting, Tomas.