Aradhana (1969) Script

In the eyes of the law there is no offence more heinous than murder.

And when a woman who gives birth to man, takes a life... it becomes even more outrageous.

So I ask the court not to be lenient... just because the accused is a woman.

She should be punished severely so that other people learn a lesson... and it will also serve to uphold the law.

Does the accused wish to say something in her defence?


After considering all the evidence the court concludes that... the accused, Vandana has committed this murder with intention.

Under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, therefore,... the accused is sentenced to life imprisonment.

"Princess of my dreams... when will you come to me?"

"It's the season of fun... when will you come to me?"

"Life's passing me by... when will you come to me?"

"Come to me"

"Love's Eden..."

"where budding flowers..."

"bloom into hues of love..."

"are asking..."

"when will you sing the song of love?"

"Princess of my dreams... when will you come to me?"

"It's the season of fun... when will you come to me?"

"Life's passing us by... when will you come to me?"

"Come to me"

"Let me hold you close to my heart like a blossoming flower"

"These fleeting glances..."

"are no solace"

"How long will you make me pine?"

"Princess of my dreams... when will you come to me?"

"It's the season of fun... when will you come to me?"

"Life's passing us by... when will you come to me?"

"Come to me"

"What trust...?"

"A romantic heart..."

"might flip for someone else"

"if the heart flips, you'll only regret it"

"Princess of my dreams... when will you come to me?"

"It's the season of fun... when will you come to me?"

"Life's passing me by... when will you come to me?"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

Father... My dear, you've arrived!

I hope you're fine. Yes, father.

Let's go.... Porter, fetch the bags.

You haven't sacked him as yet? I've fired him several times.

But I can't help it, because he keeps coming back in tears.

Tikaram! Coming, sir.

Come soon.

Welcome home.

Please hold this, sir.

What's this, Tikaram? I want your blessings, miss.

Before entering, place your hand on my head and bless me.

I want to be here till forever.

You've started apple-polishing me as soon as I have arrived?

Get up and fetch the bags from the car.

Let's go in, father.

Look at the state of this house. There's a nest here.

Father, why don't you say something to Tikaram?

He's coming here. Why don't you tell him?

Whose job is it to clean the place? Mine.

For how long have you not cleaned it? I do it everyday.

Why is there so much dust on this table?

I forgot.

Quietl... Father, send him away. All right.

I want a week off. I'll go to the village and see my mother.

There's no need to return. You can go for a holiday forever.

No, I won't go. I will never leave.

If I am fired, I'll go on a fast and lie at your doorstep.

I'll die but I won't leave this house.

All right. Fetch us some tea before you die.

I'll get it right away, miss.

Tikaram, go and fetch father.

Right now? Does the master ever return home before 11?

Now he will return. Tell him that dinner will be served at 9.

All right.


And tell the gardener to come to work from tomorrow.

All right.

One more thing. Yes, miss?

Tell the washerman to collect the clothes in the afternoon tomorrow.

What should I tell the master?

That dinner will be served at 9 at the clinic?

Fool! Not at the clinic, at the dining table.

I understand.

The washerman in the morning and the gardener in the evening, right?


The gardener in the morning and the washerman in the evening.

If you return, I'll...



I don't have a camera or else I would have got a lovely picture.

Well, I...

The water didn't hurt much, but if you throw the bucket...

Please forgive me. I made a mistake.

I mistook you for my servant. What!

I mean.... I was mad at my servant.

And you threw the water on me and that too in this cold weather.

Please come on in.

Have you cooled down? Please don't embarrass me.

Give me your clothes and I'll dry them.

Give me your shirt too. What!


I'll iron them. Excuse me.

Yes? Suppose I catch pneumonia?

You will be cured. This is the house of a doctor.

And you are... I am his daughter.

Can I have a cup of steaming hot tea? Tea! Sure!

Hello! Are you the doctor?

Yes. And who are you? I am a pilot in the Air Force. ls this the uniform of a pilot?

Actually... Your daughter took away my clothes.

My daughter? Yes.

My daughter is quite capable of doing that.

You've come, father? There's someone here to see you.

Yes. There's a pilot exercising in my towel.

Exercising? What do you mean?

What do you mean?! Why didn't you tell me about him before?

What's his name? Was he studying with you in college?

Who? I don't even know him.

This shirt? Why are you laughing?

I threw water on him by mistake.

So I thought that I'd dry his clothes and iron them.

That's all! I'll also give him a cup of tea.

I thought that you knew each other.

I thought that you liked him, so my problem would be solved.

What are you saying?

Your tea. Thank you.

I bothered you unnecessarily. No.

You had to make tea and iron my clothes.

Please tell the doctor to accompany me.

No. Father is tired. He won't go anywhere now.

What! We could land in trouble.

My friend and I left on a holiday without permission.

And my friend has taken ill suddenly. If he doesn't recover... before we reach the headquarters, we'll get into trouble.

What can I do?

Doctor, I would be obliged if... I've heard everything. Let's go.

Okay. Let's go. At least drink your tea.

Thank you for the tea and also for drying my clothes.

Let's go.

Sir, I've brought you your tea.

Make it. Yes, sir.

Has the other gentleman got up? He has already gone out.

He has gone out?! Where?

He has gone to visit the doctor. He has asked you to meet him there.

And his belongings? They are here.

He asked me to pack them and said that you'd take them along.

And also give me a tip. Scoundrel!

What! Nothing. ls my jeep there? Yes, it is outside.

Keep my things in the car.

You don't have a fever anymore. How could I, Ms Vandana?

My fever abated on taking your father's medicines yesterday.

And now it has gone completely after drinking the tea you made.

Who told you my name? Arun. ls your friend's name Arun? Yes. Didn't he tell you his name?

He's an ass!

Yuwve games . u My name is Madan Varma. We are Flight Lieutenants.

He's a year junior to me. Oh!

So that is why he is standing. Please take a seat.

No, thank you. We are in a hurry.

You must be feeling perfectly all right now.

Have a cup of tea. Yes. There's no need to hurry.

You won't get such lovely tea anywhere else.

So you want another cup.

If you don't consider him too shameless.

I'll get it.

Madan, why have you come here so early?

You are useless where girls are concerned.

I realised that your condition was serious when I saw you last night.

And so I came to see the girl. And now that you've seen her?

Should I be honest? She's worthy of being a sister-in-law.

Whose? Mine, of course.

Marry her immediately. Marry her? But I don't know her.

I'll help you out.

What about you?

I just drink two cups a day. Anything in excess is harmful.

Did you hear that? And you drink 4O cups everyday.

4O cups every day?

Yes. 4O cups of tea and 150 cigarettes a day.

Let me speak... If you tell him something, do you know what he says?

He says, "Even if I die young, there's no one to mourn my loss."

Don't you have anyone?


He would listen only if he had someone to call his own.

Someone who would reform him.

Let's go.

At least drink your tea. No. I'll heed your advice.

Let's go.

Good bye.

Mr. Arun, heed your friend's advice.

Too much tea and cigarettes are not good. Goodbye.

Who asked you to talk such nonsense?

It wasn't nonsense. I was making the runway for you.

So that you can make a perfect landing into her heart.

Give me your cigarette case.

You will need an excuse to come here again.

Come here looking for your cigarette case.

Hey! Where did this come from?

sir, Sir, your cigarette case!

Oh! He has gone.

Sir, your cigarette case!

Sir, your cigarette case!

Here's your runway.

Who is this weirdo? He's their servant. Tikaram.

Hello, Tikaram! Hello, sir!

You're a magician. You reached here before our jeep.

Sir, you came along winding lanes.

And I came straight along the beaten path.

Get into the car. Me?

You have returned our cigarette case.

We won't let you go without treating you to tea first. ls there an eatery close by?

The Lord's temple is there, half a mile down this road.

The Lord's temple? Yes. A goddess makes the tea.

I go there every Tuesday to drink tea in order to see her.

Tuesday! Today is Tuesday.

You can visit her today. All right.

Hop in. What's going on?

To walk into a house, you have to win over the servant first.

One for me, too. Sure.


Bhagwan (Lord), please send us three cups of tea.

All right.

Now Champa will come along with the tea.

Sir, your tea.

Why did you take the trouble of bringing the tea?

I can't help it. Champa has gone to graze the cows.

Where? In the forest near the field.

It's all right. These are officers. Salute them.

Salutations, sirs!

Me, too. Why?

I have brought these officers to your shop... and added grandeur to it.

Sir, I admit that my tea stall is small... but you won't find better tea anywhere else.

The tea is excellent. Thank you, sir.

Can I have some tea? Sure.

He didn't salute me.

His name is Bhagwan (Lord), but he is the devil.

He says that he will marry Champa to anyone who gives him Rs 1000.

It seems as though my wish will never be fulfilled.

Tikaram, you will get your wish. We will see that you get married.

Really? Absolutely.

But we will help you only if you help us.

Tell me what I have to do. I'll do everything.

Come with me.

Bhagwan, here are your glasses and your money.

Just tell us where your mistress goes and at what time.

I mean, her likes and dislikes. I understand, sir.

I'll tell you everything but you must proceed with great care.

Or else you might get into trouble.

Why? She is very hot tempered.

A hot tempered girl adds spice to love!

Miss, here are the apples.

How much do they cost? Shall we buy some?

How much for these oranges? They must be sour.

You! You! Hello!

Hello. Do you have a holiday today also?

I don't have a holiday. I just came to shop.

You don't get anything near the airport.

I have to come so far to buy apples.

My father used to say that you cannot reap fruit without hard work.

Absolutely right. Let's go, Tikaram.

What about the apples? They are not so good.

I'll take you to another stall and get you very good apples.

Goodbye. Let's go, Tikaram.

You, here?

Hello, doctor!

God bless you! I thought that the defence forces was full of atheists.

Each man has his own beliefs. One should worship ardently.

Yes, of course. Give him some offerings, my dear.

Since I have come to the Goddess, I must receive some offerings.

Today my prayers have been answered. I've received the fruits immediately.

Are you going home?

I have my jeep and we are going the same way.

All right, let's go.

Do you come here everyday?

I come here whenever I wish to pay homage to the Goddess.

I'm pleased to hear that. Are you going to drive in these clothes?

No. I'll be back in 5 minutes.


Please get in.

Get in, my dear.

I forgot to ask you your name the last time.

Miss Vandana is aware of it.

You didn't tell me. You didn't ask me, father.

Where are you from? Delhi.

Father had a business. After his death we have settled in Mathura.

Oh! Who is there in your house?

My paternal uncle and his wife.

And you have come so far.

My job in the Air Force requires it.

When we lived in Delhi I used to go home every Sunday.

After coming here I miss home.

I have no friends or family here.

Why do you say that?

When you have a holiday, consider our home as your own and come over.

I don't want to bother you unnecessarily.

It won't be a bother. You'll just have some tea.

I might be tempted to stay over for lunch.

That is Vandanefs department. Ask her.


Father, will an Air Force pilot like our simple food?

At least invite me. Come whenever you wish to.

Come over next Sunday.


I knew that you couldn't wait until Sunday.

I haven't come over to eat.

Have you come to meet father then?

I have come to have my wound dressed. Wound?

Do you call this small scratch a wound?

I had heard that the Air Force people were very brave.

You must have also heard that a small injury can become a deep wound.

And an acquaintance can become a life partner.

Please have a seat while I fetch the medicines.

Last night I had a dream. What did you dream of?

There was fire all round and great clouds of smoke.

The fire of machine guns and tanks. A deadly war is on.

I run and board my plane.

I take off.

When the speed touched 700, I saw the enemy airfield below.

Three bombs fall on the target and the airfield is wiped out.

What happened next? After that there was a loud noise.

My plane shakes. When I look behind... half the plane is missing. When I look down I lose my senses.

I take the name of the Lord, shut my eyes and jump.

I regain consciousness in a strange city in front of a strange house.

The door opens and a beautiful girl splashes a bucket of cold water on me.

And I opened my eyes. Thank goodness you opened your eyes!

I was afraid that your dream wouldn't come to an end.

End! My dream has just started.

I have bandaged your hand. Now...

You have bandaged the wrong hand.

Wrong hand?

Do you know what happened?


You were lost in my dream.

Will my dream come true?

How should I know? Then who would?


I was going to speak to father.

Are you listening?

So you approve of me, right? Which means that you do.

I'll get father's permission. He will never refuse me.

Are you listening?

Hello, doctor! Hello! What is it ?

Promise me that you won't refuse. I promise.

There's a function at our mess.

And I want both of you to come.

You will have to come. We'll surely come.

Shall I come to pick you up at 5? All right.

It' s fixed.

What are you thinking about?


Don't worry. When he comes to ask me, I'll agree right away.

I also approve of him.


Madan, take them inside. I'll just change and come.

Come soon. I'll be back soon.

Happy birthday, sir.

This is my guest, Ms Vandana and this is...

Officers should never give incomplete information.

I don't understand, sir. I'm sure that you've understood. ls she your guest or is she something more?


Sir, we love each other. Are they engaged?

Sir, they have met just recently.

So what? An Air Force Officer should always work with speed.

Every second is precious.

Where were you, my dear? I was looking all over for you.

This is my father.

For you are the father of a girl who should have been in the Air Force.

Why? I'll explain.

Air Force Officers need to have two qualities.

Sharp vision and good speed, which your daughter has.

I still don't understand. I'll explain again.

Amongst all these officers, your daughter has chosen our best officer.

This indicates a sharp vision.

And they fell in love within two days which indicates speed.

I thank you for coming here to celebrate my birthday.

To be frank, birthday greetings should be given... to those Air Force Officers... in whose lives everyday is a birthday.

Whose lives are in peril every moment of the day.

Those officers should be congratulated... who break the sound barrier piercing the sky like lightning... to go far above the earth in order to protect their country.

Be it war time or peace time.

Flight Lieutenant Arun would be able to explain it better.

Because he has recently gone through a tragic experience.

And that tragedy is Ms Vandana.

What happened? Nothing.

Why are your eyes shut? I'm dreaming of you.

Why is your heart racing? It is calling out to you.

Why are you taking quick breaths? To come closer to you.

To come near you.

Really? Yes.

I am very happy today.

You are mine and I am yours.

And... You are mine and I am yours.

When a man looks for a partner," he has the image of a girl... in whose eyes he can see love, sacrifice and dedication.

Suddenly you came into my life... and my dream came true.


Don't you believe me?

If you don't believe me ask these ice-capped mountains.

Ask the waves of these rivers and ask the spring.

Our hearts beat as one and the sound reverberates through the valleys.

"Like ink on virgin paper..."

"your name is etched on my heart"

"Like ink on virgin paper, your name is etched on my heart"

"Like hope in desolation..."

"you have filled my life with love"

"Like fear of broken dreams..."

"that make me dream day and night..."

"of your dark eyes... bewitching, seducing"

"Like beauty cast upon mirror..."

"you cast a shadow my heart"

"Like ink on virgin paper, your name is etched on my heart"

"l have lost my peace, I have lost my sleep"

" Nightlongs, I awake... begging..."

"must I tell you for what? It's love that I pine for"

"Like a treacherous foe..."

"my heart has betrayed me to you"

"Like ink on virgin paper, your name is etched on my heart"

"Before Eden blossomed..."

"Before our eyes met..."

"Were such words ever spoken?

"And such romance...? And nights like ours?"

"Like a falling star..."

"your heart illuminates mine"

"Like ink on virgin paper, your name is etched on my heart"

Isn't that right, Madan?

Arun, have you ever played billiards? Well...

Do you know what they call this shot?

This flattery can only mean that you want a favour or else...

I need special permission.

My fiancee has never seen a plane from close quarters.

Then show it to her.

Sir, she would like to see me flying the plane.

Then fly a plane and show her.

She wants to be beside me when I fly the plane.

You ought to know that no civilian can board an Air Force plane.

But Vandana is not a civilian. She is a girl.

I mean, she is my fiancee.

And you know all about a girl's determination, as you are experienced.

Absolutely not.

The experience was only once and I had to marry the second time.

Sir, suppose you make a promise to your wife... isn't it necessary to keep it? You have no choice.

Do you know the meaning of the word 'wife'?

My Army, Navy and Air Force is Vandana.

I have promised her a joyride, sir.

And you want me to break the Air Force regulations for your joyride?

I permit you.

But you must use the flying club aircraft.


You are going to get married and I have 2O years experience.

I have some advice for you.

The first is that you must always fulfil a promise made to your wife.

And the second?

Don't make a promise or you'll regret it.

I have never seen such clouds.

Vinu, we are in the sky, far above the clouds.

Just you and me.

It feels like a dream world.

It is my dream world. My life in the Air Force... where there is no limit to speed or flight.

The earth is ours and so is the sky.

The Air Force is a part of me.

And l?

You? You're part of every breath and heartbeat of mine

You have already reached a great height and your speed is also great.

Do we have to land back on the ground after reaching the skies?

Dear chief and my fellow brethren,... on this holy festival and with your blessing,"

I wish to announce the engagement of my daughter Champa.

And the man whom I have chosen to be my son-in-law is...


Really? Do you have the ability to give a thousand rupees?

Rs 1000. I don't even buy vegetables without bargaining first.

And this is a matter of my whole life.

Will you take Rs. 200? 200!

Manglu, you also want to marry her, right? Name your price.

Rs. 5...500.



Rs. 1000.

Sir, does a big officer like you wish to marry my daughter?

No. I don't want you to auction your daughter.

Let her marry Tikaram whom she loves.

Do you love this fool?

Yes, father.

Oh, fool's father-in-law. Yes.

Decide quickly, for if my master leaves in a huff... then you will be left with nothing.

What are you saying? The alliance is fixed.

Respected chief and my fellow brethren... today I fix my daughter's wedding with Tikaram.

Garland me quickly.

On this joyous occasion and according to our custom...

I ask everyone to celebrate with a drink.

Sir, please do the honours.

You fool! How can you give the gentleman our local stuff?

The gentleman drinks Scotch.

Your drink, sir.

Take this, sir.

Will you drink now? Miss, don't say anything today.

It is a matter of my life and death. It is a custom.

If sir doesn't drink, the villagers will be offended.

Yes, of course. Now I will have to drink.

Tikaram, give me the bottle too.

Praised be the Lord! Amen.

Praised be the Himalayas! Amen.

Praised be the Goddess! Amen.

Sir, you are drunk. Let me direct you to the jeep.

Where? To the jeep.

Come along, miss. Let's go.

Be careful, Arun. How will you walk?

I can fly... Here I come.

Fly away, sir. Even I shall fly to my Champa.

Will you fly? All right.

Stop the car! What happened?

If I knew you would get drunk, I'd never have come with you.

You're worrying unnecessarily. I'm absolutely sober.

Come closer, darling. Let me go. You're drunk.

I'm not intoxicated with alcohol, but with you and your eyes.

Don't touch me!

Vinu, listen to me.

Vinu, listen to me.

Stop! Come back or I'll jump off the mountain.

Jump to your death. I am not concerned about you.

Not concerned about me?

All right, I'm going. Don't regret it later.

Vinu, I'm going straight to heaven.

Praise be to God!

Arun, what have you done?

I was only joking.

Believe me. For the sake of God...

And for the sake of our love please come back.

Or else I shall jump.


It is a pity, you thought that I was so terrible.

You mistook tea for alcohol.

Drink it. It's water. It was Tikaram's idea.

You shouldn't have done this.

I was scared to death. You are my life.

Do you think that I would have died so easily?

My heart is still beating wildly.

Don't ever play such a prank again. I won't.

If I hadn't played this prank I wouldn't have seen this side of you.

And the fury whose flush causes every bud to bloom.

Stop teasing.

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at those deceitful bees, smiling at every blossom"

"Look, the blossoms are as shy are brides behind their veils"

"But those deceitful bees, smiling at every blossom?"

"Aren't the blossoms are as shy are brides behind their veils?"

"Oh what season is this...? There's mischief in the air"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at us... we're lost"

"This is the awakening of desires hidden within"

"Oh what season is this...? There's mischief in the air"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look, don't you try using that story of flowers to kiss me"

"Look, don't you try using that simile of bees to flirt with words"

"Oh what season is this...? There's mischief in the air"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

"Look at the bees humming... flitting from blossom to blossom"

Among all the various sights worth seeing, this lake is the best.

It is known as Lake Asha(wish). That's a very strange name.

It is believed, if you throw a coin and make a wish, it gets fulfilled.

That's amazing! We should wish right away.

What did you wish for?

I have got everything without wishing for it.


God bless you! May God bless your marriage.

We are not married as yet. So what?

This is Lord Shiva's temple.

If you take your vows and garland each other here... you will be united forever.

I'll be back, sir.

Give me two garlands.

Garland each other.

Sir, get your picture taken.

One copy in one minute for just one rupee.

Shall we?

Come... Gaze at each other lovingly.

Here. Take a look.

The photograph is excellent!

The photographer is also good.

I have 4O years experience but no one values it.

You are great! Take this.

Take this garland too.

We'll come to this temple again and take a picture with our child.

What! I mean, with our son.

Our first child will surely be a boy.

There's no need to feel shy.

Everyone gets married and has children.

First let the wedding get over. We're already married.

We have already garlanded each other in the temple.

And our hearts became one the first time we met.

Isn't that right?

Vandana, you are mine.

Aren't you?

Then reply.

Not like that. Say it aloud.


I am yours.

This is your room.

You will find everything here.

Let me know if you need anything. Good night.

A weird man. He was talking gibberish.

Are you feeling cold?

Remove this wet coat.

Wrap a blanket.

Change into it.

Go on. Change into it.

In your presence? I'll go out.

Then go! I'm going. Don't shout.

Be a little polite. ...Strange girl!

I'll light a fire. It will warm us as well as dry the clothes.

Why have you switched on the light? I don't like the darkness.

There is no darkness with you around.

It's been 3 days since we've come here... and your poems still haven't come to an end.

My poem has just started.

This lovely weather. The pitter patter of the rain.

And you in my arms.

I feel like reciting verse forever and ever.

"Your exotic beauty drives me crazy"

"How I wish we never did something wrong"

"Drunken ecstacy tonight..."

"makes for a revelry"

"Euphoria in the air... it makes me tipsy..."

"and your exotic beauty... driving me crazy..."

"making me wish we never did something wrong"

"Eyes meet eyes..."

"like turbulent waves on a stormy night..."

"lashing some shore..."

"with your exotic beauty... driving me crazy..."

"making me wish we never did something wrong"

"Modesty holds us back..."

"keeping us away from each other"

"But how to reason with our hearts?"

"Your exotic beauty drives me crazy"

"How I wish we never did something wrong"

Vinu, why are you so worried? What are you thinking about?

How will I face my father now?

Why? We haven't done anything wrong.

No, Arun. We lost control.

Whatever happened was wrong.

We should have controlled ourselves.

People are swept over by their feelings sometimes.

We were also swept away.

But we haven't done anything to be ashamed of.

We have been united before God. We are man and wife.

But... until we get married in everyone's presence...

We will.

I'll go to Mathura tomorrow and bring along my uncle and aunt.

And then we'll be married within the week.

Please smile now.

Let's go.

Vinu, it's a strange thing.

We didn't know each other until a few days ago.

And now we have become one.

And soon we shall become a trio.

Stop it.

What will you call him? I'll decide that when it happens.

How about the name Suraj? It's a good name for a boy.

Out firstborn will be a boy.

I'll take him for a ride in my plane.

So that he too becomes a pilot in the Indian Air Force.

A great pilot.

You will have to fulfil this dream. You will fulfil it, won't you?

And also fix your wedding date.

Because I can't bear to see the lost look and the restlessness.

And also get some ‘papads' from Delhi. My stock is over.

0K5‘! '

It's Vandana.

You stay put. I'll convey your greetings.

So that's how it is already.

Greetings, sir!

You! Why did you come this far so early?

You're going far. It's only for two days.

Today and tomorrow.

You surely return tomorrow, won't you? Yes.

And I'll bring uncle to your house right away.

What will I do for two days?

Until I return...

you can look at this. They are our wedding photos.

Shall I go now?

I'm getting late.

What should I do now? Nothing. Go and stand at the gate.

When you see them approaching come and inform me.

ls everything ready? Yes.

I am a little late.

Freshen up. They will be arriving shortly.

They have arrived. All right. Go and inform father.

Madan! Haven't they come along?

They couldn't make it. Why?

I have some bad news. Bad news?

What happened?

Arun's plane has crashed. He is seriously injured.

Where is he? He is at the hospital.

I have come to fetch you. Let's go.

When he regained consciousness he asked for you.

And so I can only permit you to see him.

The rest of you wait here. Come along, miss.

Vandana has come.

You have only 2 minutes.

Vinu, don't cry.

When my plane was descending...

I thought that I would never see you again.

I was facing death.

And I wanted to live.

For your sake and the sake of our child.

You remember my dream, don't you?

You will have to fulfil it.

You will have to make him a pilot. You will do it, won't you?

Don't speak. Rest quietly.

Our firstborn will be a boy.

But... I won't be able to see him.

What are you saying? You'll get well soon.

Whose shadow is this?

Yes, Arun.

Where is your father?

He is outside with Madan.

Call him in. Don't speak.

Vinu, I want to say something. You can say it later.

I don't have much time.

Don't say that. You will be fine.

I want to tell him that we are married.

In the temple, in the presence of God.

You can tell him later when you feel better.

Perhaps I won't get an opportunity later.

Go and call him. All right.


What happened, my dear?

What is it, son?

Yes, my son. What is it?



You're spoiling the memories of Arun by crying like this.

He was an Indian Air Force pilot whose life was constantly in danger.

Arun embraced death out of duty.

A person does not weep upon the death of such a man.

A tribute should be offered.

You are right, Madan.

I'll do my best to make sure that I don't cry.

Among all the various sights worth seeing, this lake is the best.

It is known as Lake Asha(wish). That's a very strange name.

It is believed, if you throw a coin and make a wish, it gets fulfilled.

That's wonderful! We should wish right away.

What did you wish for?

I have got everything without wishing for it.

Where did you go? I have been waiting for you.

You cannot lighten your grief by torturing yourself.

You have to try to forget.

I have something to tell you. Go on.

Tell me about it.

Why have you switched off the light?

I won't be able to say it in the light.

What is it?

I am pregnant.


Vandana, don't cry.

We'll leave for another place tomorrow.

Where? To another town.

This is the only solution to avoid dishonour.

Then we shall return after a month or two.

No one will know.

Vandana, forget your mistake forever.

No, father. I cannot call this a mistake.

I have to live for this child. What are you saying?

Society will never accept an unwed girl's child.

They will look upon the child with hatred.

And since you weren't married to Arun...

We got married in the temple.

But you did not marry publicly so society will never accept it.

You have to consider society and social customs.

My world is now a separate place where I do not fear society.

You are not in your senses.

When your child grows up people will taunt him.

They will malign you.

And then one day your son will ask you about his father.

What will you answer?

You cannot commit a wrong in order to stand by a wrong.

I have your best interests in mind. Tomorrow we shall leave...

No, father. I have made my decision.

As long as I live I shall always worship him.

And I shall face every problem and difficulty.

All right.

If you have such courage I pray that God help you always.



Are you Arun's uncle? Yes.

We have come from Bagdogra.

I am Gopal Tripathi and this is my daughter Vandana.

Please be seated. Have a seat, Vandana.

On the day of that fateful accident I received Arun's telegram... saying that he was coming.

And in the afternoon we received the news that he was no more.

Did Arun write to you about Vandana?


My daughter and he fell in love with each other.

And they got married.


And now she is bearing Arun's child.

It's surprising that Arun did not tell me anything.

He always took my advice.

How did he marry without informing me?

Excuse me, dear. Please come inside.

Please excuse me for a moment.

What is the matter? Come, I'll tell you.

What happened?

Get rid of that old man and his daughter.

What are you saying? I have heard everything.

After Arun's death we have inherited all his property.

My husband has fallen ill suddenly. You may leave.

Please don't say that. This is your daughter-in-law.

Daughter-in-law! Whose daughter-in-law?

My obedient nephew wouldn't even step out without asking us.

How could he marry without my permission?

When and where did this marriage take place and in whose presence?

In God's presence. Wonderful!

The marriage took place in God's presence.

And the man whom she married is no more.

No witnesses and no evidence!

I wonder whose sin she is imposing on us!

No. Please believe us. This is Arun's child.

My daughter and her child are your family.

Stop this nonsense!

The girls in our family don't bring along a child before marriage.

Take away this sinner from here.

I beg of you. Please have pity on her condition.

Where will she go if you don't accept her?

Anywhere. There are rivers and railway tracks.

And if you are her father why don't you poison her?

I'm sorry. Please don't say anything more.

When the Lord has not spared her...

I was wrong to expect sympathy from a human being.

I apologise for wasting your time.

God bless you!

Let's go, my dear.

Sit, my dear.

You go along, father. Leave me to my destiny.

You were insulted because of me.

It would have been better if I had died.

No, my dear. Why are you saying this?

Why did God keep me alive?

Why didn't I die along with Arun?

My child, you must fulfil his dream.

"Your despair will give way to hope, some day"

"Do not weep, come what may"

"Your devotion will bear fruit"

"Do not weep, come what may"

"Your devotion will bear fruit"

"Of the humble clay is moulded the prayer lamp"

"The tear stilled in your eyes is the pearl"

"That pearl is precious, do not waste it"

"Do not weep, come what may"

"Your devotion will bear fruit"

"Any storm, you can weather"

"Have fortitude, your heart is as vast as the seas"

"How naive of you..."

"to shed those tears"

"Why moisten your eyes?"

"Do not weep, come what may"

"Your devotion will bear fruit, some day"

"Do not weep"

"if sorrow now casts a shadow, then there will be the sunshine of joys"

"Good or bad, in whatever form it comes..."

"this is life"

"Of flowers and thorns..."

"was a garland woven"

"Do not weep, come what may"

"Your devotion will bear fruit, some day"

"Your devotion will bear fruit"

"Do not weep..."

You seem to be hiding some grief.

You can confide in me.

You will feel much better if you share your sorrows, my dear.

I might be able to help you.

No one can tell me but I'll tell you.

I'll tell you everything.


Why do you worfV?

You'll be separated from him only until the morning.

The office will open at 9 a.m. You can come and adopt him then.

Then your son will become yours legally... Come.


I would like to adopt a child.

You! Are you married?


Normally it is childless couples who adopt a child.

I have no one and I feel very lonely so...

I understand. Come along.

All the infants are in this room.

He is a year old.

I want this baby. But he's so small.

I like this child.

You will have great difficulty in raising such a small baby.

A mother always takes care of a small baby, doesn't she?

If you like him how can I object?

Give the baby to the nurse.

Come to my office.

Do you know what a baby needs? No.

I'll give you a list.

Here is a list of all the things that are required.

Buy these things. In the meanwhile I'll prepare the forms.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

I have brought more articles than those mentioned in the list.

This is known as a twist of fate.

The baby that you had selected is not destined to have all this.


A man came after you left.

His wife gave birth to a stillborn for the third time.

If she were told this, she wouldn't have survived.

The only way to save her life was to give her another child.

And so you gave him my baby?

You just wanted to adopt him. You will get another child.

But it was a matter of life and death for that woman.

Her need was greater than yours. No.

How can I explain? You've made a great blunder. What have you done?

You are worrying unnecessarily. Come and select another child.

No. I want that baby. Who has that baby?

They have legally adopted that baby. You cannot get him now.

Please give me their name and address.

All right.

You adopted a child yesterday, right? What!

I had already chosen that baby. He was given to you erroneously.

That's my baby. I want him back. Please...

Stop!... Come inside.



Now tell me slowly and calmly about who you are and what you want.

Aren't you Ram Prasad Saxena? Yes.

My name is Vandana and I want the baby that you adopted.


Because I am his mother. You?

If you are his mother how did he reach the orphanage?

I had kept him there. I had no choice.

His father died before his birth.

And we weren't married according to social norms.

I was forced to leave my son at the orphanage... so that I could adopt him legally the next day.

Believe me. It's true.

I can prove that I am his mother. I can fetch the nurse from the hospital That won't be necessary. I believe you.

Give me back my son. He is the only reason I am alive.

He is the last remembrance of my husband.

Let him grow up in our home. Never!

It's no use arguing. You are a single woman.

You will face problems at every stage while raising him.

But you won't be able to face them.

I am more aware than you are of how cruel this world is.

Does this mean that you won't give me my baby?

He will never lack anything in this home.

His every need will be taken care of.

He will have a father and not one but two mothers.

Now you decide whether or not it is better for your son to live here.

You are right but how will I live without him?

How can I stay away from him?

Perhaps you didn't hear correctly. He will have two mothers.

You will always be with us and your son will be close to you.

He'll be near... But what about your wife?

I will have to explain to her somehow.

I'll do that but I want you to promise me something.

No one should learn of the fact that he is your son.


You will have to make this promise for the sake of your son.

I promise... And I am grateful...

That' s not necessary.

Wipe away your tears and come with me.

Why is he crying? What is the matter with him?

I don't know. He won't stop crying.

Give him to me. No.

Who is she? She has been sent by the doctor.

You said that you were weak and needed a nurse to care for the baby.

I had asked for an old nurse and not someone like her.

Only a woman who has a baby knows how to care for one.

I know how to care for a baby.

Give me an opportunity and I will not give you cause for complaint.

The doctor said the same and he gave her a very good recommendation.

But, why are you in praises of her?

It is very difficult to get a qualified nurse.

She is hapless and she needs a job.

Give him to me. I'll quieten him.

Give him to her.

Be careful.

Do you see that? He's quiet now.

He is a darling boy. He won't cry.

What have you named him? I like the name Suraj.

Your name is Suraj (sun). Suraj, keep shining always.

Just in the day or else everyone will have to keep awake at night!

You rest now. I'll take him outside.

No, give him to me.

I don't want my son to be with the nurse always and forget his mother.

You may go now. I'll call you when I need you.

Come, I'll show you to your room.

My darling son.

In spite of being so close to your son I am so far away.

How will I fulfil your dream? lam alone. Who will help me?

Your son.

You've already given up?

You will always have to face hardships... for the sake of your son.

Keep him with you for a while.

Return him before my wife wakes up.

All right.

Do you recognise me? I am your mother.

You have to fulfil your father's dream.

You have to become a pilot. A great pilot.

Do you understand?

You will become a pilot, won't you?

Today you are alone with your mother after a year.

Call me mother at least once.

Call me mother.

You can't speak now.

You will say it when you grow big, won't you?

My darling son!

When you grow up you'll become the king of the sky, like your father.

Won't you?

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun..."

"you are the apple of my eye"

"l live only for you..."

"in you I find succour"

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun"

"For all your playfulness, you are my precious toy"

"For all my hopes are pinned on you, you are my most coveted dream"

"How little, how lovely... my lovable little son"

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun"

"The easterly brings hope, like the birds soaring in the sky"

"God willing, some day, you will fly with the clouds"

"And some day, I will be envied for having mothered you"

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun"

"You are the apple of my eye"

"l live only for you"

"In you, I find succour"

Hi, sister! shVam, it's you!

What a surprise!

Didn't you get my cable? No.

That's where this country lags behind! Nothing happens on time.

Anyway... I have come along instead of the telegram.

You've changed so much.

The whole world has changed but your house is still the same.

Now that I have come. I shall modernise the whole house.

Crazy man!

See what I have brought for you.

I have brought you hair spray and perfume.

And this is for the little one. Where is he?

I haven't seen my nephew. I'll call him.

Where did you take him? I had taken him to the park.

His uncle has come and he wants to meet him.

Yes, I have been waiting since a long time.

He has grown so big.

And quite good looking too. ls Suraj always with you? Yes.


I came to photograph the sunrise but the beautiful moon has risen.

Moon? Yes.

A beautiful girl like you is known as the moon.

You shouldn't speak like that.

This is where our country lags behind!

It's time to give Suraj his milk. You have misunderstood me.

I just wanted to take a picture of you.

My picture? Yes.

Stand in this position.

Wait. I'll be back in a moment.

Uncle will take a picture? Yes.

Take my picture with Suraj.

I thought that you had gone to change and apply some make up.

Please hurry up. All right.

When will I get the picture?

By tomorrow evening. Will you give me a copy?

Not just a copy, I'll give you anything you want.

Let's go. Listen... Oh, dear!

What are you doing in my room?

I have been waiting since long. For what?

Fear not, for I just came to show you the picture.

Thank you for the picture.

But, it is not right for you to be in my room at night.

Why not?

I am a servant and I am unworthy of speaking to you.

This is where our country lags behind!

In Europe there are no class distinctions.

There, anyone can fall in love with anybody.

You should be ashamed of speaking like that. lam just like you. Both of us are alone.

Go away!

Both of us are young. I beg of you.

It is give and take. Let go of me!

I have pleased you so you please me now.

Get out or I'll scream.

If you scream, sister will wake up and she'll throw you out.

And I don't want you to leave so soon.

I don't take offence when a girl slaps me.

I jot down her name in my diary.

And I settle my accounts with her someday.

I'm going out and I shall be a little late.

It's time for Suraj to return from school. Make some juice for him.

There's no one at home, so take care.

Oh, it's you!

Isn't sister at home?

No, she has gone out. out!

I telephoned sister and sent her out.

You?... Why?

Do you remember what I had told you the other day?

I don't take offence when a girl slaps me.

I jot down her name in my diary.

And then I settle my accounts someday.

That day has come.

Don't come closer. You have tormented me enough.

But I shall make you mine today.

I beg at your feet. Please leave me.

But I want to embrace you instead.

Stop being stubborn How much longer will you avoid me?

Leave me!

Let me go! Please!


Uncle, open the door!

Let go of the nurse!



Let go of her!

I won't let you go today. Let go of me!

Uncle, let go of her!


Don't worry, son. Nothing has happened.

You haven't seen anything. You don't know what happened.

Come with me.

Go to your room and change your clothes.

You don't know anything about this and don't tell anyone a word.

Do it for my sake. Go!

How did this glass break?

What has happened to Shyam? Oh God! He's bleeding.

Brother!... Blood!

What happened?

Who has killed my brother?

You! You have killed my brother.

You have killed my brother.

Ask her if she has killed my brother. Ask her.

Did you do it?

Yes. I have killed him.

How are you and how is sister? Everyone is fine.

Your son is also fine.

How did this happen?

I never thought that I would see you in this state.

You didn't even allow me to hire a lawyer for you.

Do you know that you could be sentenced to 14 years imprisonment?

I am aware of it.

I have committed murder and I deserve to be punished.

Look at me, Vandana.

A murderer cannot look into anyone's eyes like that.

His face doesn't show such dignity.

Vandana, I had only seen stone idols of Gods and Goddesses.

Nowl can see a living Goddess in the form of a human.

In the form of a mother.

What are you saying? Please don't embarrass me.

Any mother would have done the same to save her son.

That's fine but how are you going to spend 14 years in prison?

How will you stay away from you son?

I trust you.

I believe that you will raise him as your own son.

That you will spare no expenses for his education.

And someday he will become a great Air Force pilot.

14 years is not a long time. It will pass quickly.

When I am released my son will be 22 years old.

I'll forget all my troubles when I see him.

Besides making your son a good person and a good pilot...

I will teach him something else too.

What? I'll teach him to worship you.

No! Don't ever tell him that I am his mother.

He should never learn that his mother was in prison.

Otherwise he will not be able to hold his head high.

All right. I won't tell him.

Your time is up. She has to be taken to court.

Vandana, don't you want to see your son once?

No. I don't want you to bring him to the prison or to the court.


Come along.

Vandana, the Jailer has sent for you.

Come in.


Today you have completed 12 years of your sentence.

You have been released 2 years earlier for good behaviour.

Where do you want to go?

I don't know. I haven't thought about it.

I have gathered information about Mr Ram Prasad as you asked me to.

He is no more.


What about his wife and his son?

I couldn't trace them.

They don't live in that city anymore.

I tried to trace them but no one could help me.

That's why I wanted to know if you had any other relatives.

No, I have no one.

Where will you go?

Where will I go?

Can I be of any assistance?

If you could get me a job...

I forgot that I was a convict.

Who will give me a job?

No respectable person will even talk to me.

Will you live in an old jailer's house as his sister?

Pardon me.

I am retiring tomorrow.

Like you, I, too will be released from this prison tomorrow.

I have a small house in Delhi. My daughter lives there.

She studies in college.

The poor girl's mother is no more.

There's no one else to look after her.

I would be happy if you undertook her responsibility.

Will you give me such a great responsibility?

A woman who has been in prison for 12 years.

I have had the opportunity to know you better.

A jailer is a good judge of character.

I do not have a sister.

I'll consider myself lucky if you become my sister.

You are already doing a favour by helping a helpless woman like me.

Please don't embarrass me, brother.

I shall never forget your favour.

Greetings, sir!

Fetch the bags.

Come, Vandana.

This is your new house.

Greetings, sir!

How are you? I am fine, sir.

Come in, Vandana.

Where is Renu? She must be inside.

I'll call her.

Greetings, sir!

What's this?

As you have made the prison your home for 2O years...

I'm sure that you would want to make your home a prison.

So I have tried to create the prison atmosphere.

Silly gifl!

Change your clothes! All right.

Stop! Have you no shame?

Daddy, why should I fell shy of you?

She does as she likes.

Did you see that? My darling daughter. What do you think of her?

Very beautiful and very innocent.

Really?! Well, let's shake hands on that.

No! That won't do.

This is Vandana. I have made her my sister.

She will stay with us. Really!

Touch her feet.

God bless you, my dear!

If you are my father's sister, you're my aunt now.

Until nowl only lacked a mother.

After seeing you I feel that I shall no longer lack a mother.

There is some charisma on your face.

Mother! My dear, no one can take the place of a mother.

But I promise that you will never miss a mother.

First let me show you your home.

After that freshen up and go to sleep.

When you wake up I have lots to talk about.

You've forgotten your father after meeting your aunt.

You didn't ask me if I needed anything.

I know what you want.

A steaming cup of tea with ginger and black pepper.

Here it is.

Let's go.

Can I ask you something? Yes.

You won't be returning to prison anymore, will you?

What do you mean? I feel very bad, sir.

You come home for a few days and then return to prison again.

I won't be returning to prison anymore. Now go and prepare my bath.

Aunty, I'm leaving otherwise I shall get late.

I have to go to the airport to receive a friend.

What is your friend's name? Name? It's Kamla.

Oh! So Madhuri has now become Kamla.


It's very difficult for a nice girl like you to lie.

I shouldn't have lied to you. I'm sorry.

Actually he is a boy. He's very nice.

Does your father know? Not yet.

You will have to help me.

Come along to the airport and meet him.

And if you like him, make sure that father likes him too.

Suppose I don't like him?

Decide that after you have met him.

Aunty, please come along.

ls this the boy? No, aunty.

Prakash, hasn't he come?

Since I have come he will also follow.

First comes Prakash (light) and then comes Suraj (the sun).

Look, there's your Suraj.

Look! That's Suraj.

You've become so fat pining for me.

What are you doing? My aunty has come with me.

Aunty, this is Suraj.

I have seen you somewhere before.


But I have never seen you before.

It's strange! Your face is so familiar.

Do you know why I have brought aunty along?

If she likes you she will recommend you to father.

Which means that your fate lies in aunty's hand.

My fate? Aunty, your niece is my life.

And your decision is a matter of my life and death.

I'm sure that you want me to live.

Aunty, give us the verdict of your approval quickly.


Before giving your verdict put me in the place of your son.


I would have set your wedding date right away.

Wait here. I'll change and come. I'll be back soon.

Come inside, son. No, aunty. I'll come later.

Come in for short while. Come and have some tea.

Aunty, I have to report to my chief in half an hour.

I'll come later. All right.

Renu, your aunty is very nice.

She left us alone on purpose. What do you mean?

What chance?

Didn't you understand? No.

You'll understand.

Let me go! Suppose someone sees us?

When will it take place? What?

Our wedding.

Renu, I can't wait any longer.

I want to get married at once. At once?

Right now you have to report to your boss.

I forget everything when I see you.

There's only 15 minutes left. Say yes.

What are you still doing here? Bye.

Come along.

Daddy, I want you to meet...

I have heard about him. Sit down.

I'm meeting you for the first time and so I'd like to introduce...

I know all about you. Sir?

You know my daughter since 2 years and you want to marry her.

Anything else?

My father is no more and my mother wants...

Your mother wants you to marry my daughter immediately.

Come along.

I don't understand why you've brought me on the terrace... when there are so many spacious rooms in your house?

Since the time you've come we haven't been alone.

I thought that you might have something to say to me.

Yes, I've been waiting to do so. What is it?

I had a dream last night. What dream?

Butter me up first. Suraj, please tell me.

It was a strange dream. What was it?

War had started. There were clouds of smoke everywhere.

The fire of machine guns and tanks.

I run towards my plane and start it.

When I reach a great speed, I notice an enemy plane.

I aim and fire.

The enemy plane is destroyed.

I charge towards the radar and crash with my plane.

After that?

Aunty, you?

I came to hang the clothes. I'm leaving now.

We just came here for some fresh air. No, aunty. She's lying.

She brought me here to show me the moon.

And she said that the moon looks very beautiful amidst the palm trees.

It's a lie! Aunty, he's lying.

I know that, my son.

But it is a moonless night so it won't be visible.

But you'll be able to see it.

If it won't rise...

The moon that you wish to see is this.

The moon in the sky gets hidden sometimes.

But this moon will always shine brightly in your life.

Aunty, promise me one thing.


That you'll become my mother in the next life.

I am your mother now too.

Continue your conversation. I'll get the tea.

Your aunt is so nice. There's something about her.

Whenever she looks at me, something happens to me.

And when I look at you? When you look at me disaster strikes I am knocked out and I lose control.

Really? Just a glance is so effective?

Not just a glance but a loving gaze.

Love is something that drives people crazy.

Perhaps you are also going to go crazy. I would have gone crazy... if you didn't love me. Who told you that I loved you?

Haven't you said it? No.

Then say it right now. No.

I'll make you say it. Never.

So that's how it is! Then get ready.

Answer all my questions truthfully.

Tell me... ls it spring? What?

I asked if it is spring. Yes.

Are the buds in bloom? Yes.

So this means that you love me.


"Has Spring come to Eden? Yes"

"Are the buds in bloom? Yes"

"Then you're in love with me?"


"Don't twist my wrist..."

"I'm not falling for your words, darling"

"Didn't you call me 'darling' ?"

"So you agree? Yes"

"And yet, you refuse? Yes"

"So you're in love with me?"


"You swore, come a hundred sorrows, I will still hide in your heart"

"l still swear by it..."

"but I won't say what you're waiting to hear"

"I am"

"And you still fight...? I do"

"You're in love with me"


"Has Spring to Eden?"

"All right, let's get on with our story"

"Tell me, what is the sign of love?"

"It makes you pine like crazy"

"Say, do you pine? I do"

"Do you trust me? I do"

"And life is miserable? Yes, it is"

"Today's Monday...? Yes, it is"

"You're in love with me...? Yes... na!"

See, I made you say it!

Aunty, I invited Suraj to dinner without informing you about it.

If I knew that you'd make so many things I wouldn't have invited him.

You will soon learn what a pleasure it is for a mother to feed her son.

Why can't you come?! The dinner table has been set.

Aunty has made special dishes for you.

What did you say? You've been ordered to go to the front?

No, I won't be afraid and I won't cry.

When do you have to go?

Within an hour! Yes, I'm coming.

I heard everything.

If you don't mind, can I accompany you to the airport?

Yes, aunty.

Come, aunty.

Aunty, I'm going. I'll destroy everyone.

Bless me that I return and eat your cooking.

Go, my son. Return victorious.

Why are you crying? Say it with a smile.

Keep smiling until I return.

This is the All India Radio.

The recent reports inform us that... the Indian Air Force has shot down three of the enemy bombers.

And they have destroyed one enemy camp.

This is Prakash. I have bad news.

Suraj's plane hasn't returned as yet. There's still no news about him.


Please don't worry. The search is on.

His companions did not see his plane crash.

We believe that he is still alive. Then why hasn't he returned?

He must have fallen in the hands of the enemy.

We cannot be sure at this stage. No!

What is the matter? Was it news about Suraj?

His plane is lost. What will happen now, daddy?

Surafs plane is lost. I hope, nothing has happened to him.

No, don't say that.

Suraj is alive.

My blessings will save him from every peril.

Don't cry, my child.

I believe that he will return soon.

He has told me that he will return and eat what I have cooked.

You took away my husband.

I didn't say a word.

You took away my father and I didn't say a word.

You were unjust to me at every stage I never complained.


If anything happens to my son I will believe that you are not God.

That you are not the protector of the universe.

You are stone.

I have never asked you for anything, O Lord.

Today I ask for my son's life.

Please grant my son his life!

Please let my son live.

Take my life instead.

Renu, I have good news for you.


Where is Suraj? He is at a military hospital.


There's no cause for worry. He's perfectly all right.

A bullet hit his shoulder and now it's out.

He'll be dancing within a week.

I told you that nothing would happen to Suraj. God heard my prayers.

This means that our hero is perfectly all right.

He is no ordinary hero.

His plane caught fire and it crashed.

He landed with his parachute right in the midst of the enemy.

He was 2O miles away from our side... and he came back avoiding the shower of bullets.

Can we meet Suraj?

The visiting hours are from 4 to 6. You can meet him then.


Come, aunty.

This is Surafs room. You can go in.

Hello, aunty!

Are you all right? Perfect!

I'm sorry that I cannot touch your feet as my arm is wounded.

It's not necessary. Why not?

I had left with your blessings so I returned alive.

No, my son.

Even death fears men who sacrifice their life for their country.

What did aunty say?

I've got it.

Wonderful! Your words have strengthened my determination.

Do you know what my mother would have said?

What have you done, my son?

I told you not to join the defence services. You are my only son.

You were saved this time but, what will happen the next time?

And then she would start crying.

For the sake of her child a mother has to cry sometime.

Some shed tears and some swallow their tears.

What is the matter, aunty?


Aunty, can I ask you something?

Don't you have any children?

I had a son. He was just like you.

I lost him.

Your mother has come to see you. Please send her in, doctor.

I'll leave now. Why?

You must meet my mother. I'll meet her some other time.

Renu, you stay here.

What has happened to my son?

I've often told you not to join the Air Force.

God bless you!

Who is she?

The doctor has forbidden me to speak in excess.

You tell her.

I am Renu. My father is a retired jailer.

Oh! So you are Renu!

He had written to me about you.

But, whatever he had written was not sufficient.

Do you know what the doctor has said?

He said that unless we marry soon I won't get better.

Oh God! I'll go and fix the wedding date right away.

Yes, of course. I have selfish motives.

Once you are married you won't risk your life so readily.

Touch mother's feet again on my behalf.

Touch my feet when you are my daughter-in-law.



When I saw Suraj I realised that he was your son.

Arun's son.

But when he mentioned his father's name I kept silent.

He still doesn't know that I am his mother.

Promise me that you will never tell him the truth.

He won't learn from me.

But if there is a God he'll surely learn of his real parents someday.

Hello, mother! God bless you!

Come in.

Daddy, Surafs mother has come.

Hello! Please have a seat.

Sit, my dear.

I'm pleased to meet you. Renu, fetch some tea.

No, that won't be necessary. Sit beside me.

It is customary to offer something to a guest.

I have come to meet you as it is customary to do so.

You are the girl's father and I am the boy's mother.

Both of us should consent to this alliance.

Times have changed.

In these times the girl and the boy decide for themselves.

The parents just need to give their blessings.

Our happiness lies in their happiness.

For the sake of their happiness we should set the date immediately.

It is my wish too.

She's feeling shy. She's a child.

Vandana, Surafs mother has come.

She is my sister.


May I speak to your sister? Sure.

Don't hide your face. I recognised you as soon as I saw you.

My husband died 4 years ago.

I have been looking for you ever since in order to apologise to you.

To apologise to me? Yes.

He told me everything about you before his death.

So you know that... Suraj is your son.

And I also know the circumstances under which my brother died.

I am ashamed of myself.

I was very mean to you.

Forgive me if you can. What are you doing, sister?

Since the day I have learned the truth...

I have not considered Suraj my son but your safe keeping.

And I am waiting for the moment when I can give him to you.

Suraj must never learn the truth.

He is an excellent pilot.

He will soon marry Renu.

They have a bright future together.

If he learns that it is not you but I who am his mother,... a woman who has spent 12 years in prison for murder,... he will be shattered.

He won't be able to hold his head high.

His life will be destroyed.

Don't you care about your own life?

Won't you accept your son after going through so much pain?

Only you have the right to be called his mother.

You are responsible for what he is today.

But, Suraj is your son.

No, sister. I don't want to hear anything.

You will have to promise that you will not tell Suraj anything.

Why are you silent?

Promise me that you will not tell Suraj anything.

All right, Vandana. I'll do as you say.

I've got it!


What did you get? Did you find some treasure?

He is screaming as though he has found a treasure.

You'll dance for joy when you hear the news.

My name and my picture will be in the papers tomorrow.

At least tell us about it.

What is the matter?

Aunty, read this out to them.

Yes. With your blessings.

Let me also see it. Wait!

Oh, all right! Let her also read it.

Congratulations, Suraj! lam delighted.

My friends have thrown a party and I'd like to take Renu along.

Yes, of course. Go and get ready, my child.

Go and get ready, my child!

Which is your favourite colour? What!

I mean. Which colour sari should I wear?

Uh... pink.

Yes, I have a pink sari. But, it has big flowers.

The big flowers will look very nice. Now go!

Your daughter is very innocent.

Your dream has come true.

Miss, your airman has come!

Renu, are you all right?

What's happening? Nothing, sir.

Where is Renu? She is inside the house.

I am aware of that but, where is she? She's inside the house.

Are you all right?! Yes, sir.

Aunty, give me my clothes.

It's getting late. Suraj will be here soon.

I have arrived.

I thought that it was aunty. Get out from my room!

Come out. There's no need to feel shy.

Our wedding is also fixed. Shameless man!


Are you going or.... Get dressed quickly.

We are getting late for the function Give me something to wear. That's more like it.

A shoe?

So you won't listen? No.

What have you done?!

You have ruined my uniform. What will I wear to the function now?

What happened?

Aunty, see what this crazy girl has done.

She has wet my clothes. She threw water on me.

How can I go to the function in these clothes?

Your love and affection has spoilt....

What happened, aunty? Nothing Don't worry. I'll iron them out.


Hey fatso! Your clothes have come. Get ready soon.

Tut, tut! You shouldn't say that. Yes, you're right.

What is the function about?

They'll distribute awards and deliver lectures.


If it isn't too much of a bother could I have a cup of tea?

I'll get it.

Dear sister Vandana,...

Suraj has finished his Air Force training... and now he is an Indian Air Force pilot.

The responsibility that you delegated to me,... to fulfil Surafs father's dream,... has been fulfilled by me.

I am happy that I could fulfil my promise.

I won't survive for long.

I might not live until your release from prison.

But I pray that... you get back your son, Suraj.

From Ram Prasad Saxena.

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun..."

"you are the apple of my eye"

"The easterly brings hope, like the birds soaring in the sky"

"God willing, some day, you will fly with the clouds"

"And some day, I will be envied for having mothered you"

"You are my Moon. You are my Sun"

It's ready. Take it.

What are you looking at, son? Nothing.

I think that... you should come along with me. l? What will I do there?

This the happiest day of my life.

Won't you come along on this day?

Your mother and Renu will be accompanying you.

You will have to accompany me. I told you that I'm not coming.

All right. If you don't come along I won't go either.

You shouldn't fuss.

I'm ready. Let's go.

Renu, she is accompanying us.

I welcome you on behalf of the Delhi Citizens Committee.

And I request the chief guest to start the function.

In today's function we have gathered to congratulate... those brave young pilots...

...who have risked their lives for their country.

And in the process they have set such standards of bravery... that every citizen of India is proud of them.

The State has already honoured them and will continue to do so.

But I believe that there is no greater award... than the love and good wishes of the people.

The first name in the list of award winners is...

You're surprised because you've seen flight lieutenant Arun Varma.

You look like Arun Varma. lam his son.

Arun Varma died...

I shall tell you everything after the function.

But permit her presence here when I receive the medal.

You mean...

The person because of whom this day is a part of my life.

She's responsible for what I am and for the award that I'm receiving.

Please permit her to be a part of this happy moment of my life.

I would consider it the greatest honour.

I would also like to meet this person. Please call her.

Mother... Come here, mother.

Go, Vandana. Suraj is calling you.

Me? Yes, mother. lam calling you.

Did you tell Suraj everything?

No, a son has recognised his mother.


Come, mother.

Vandanam. Come.

Do you remember I had told you that... a day would come when your son would call you mother?


Perhaps you haven't recognised her, sir.

Do you recollect that she had come with Arun for your birthday party?

Yes, I have recognised her.

But I don't understand how...

Before marrying according to custom he...

And that is why she was unable to accept her son until today.

She bore her troubles alone... so that I could become a pilot in the Indian Air Force.

Because she had made a promise to my father.

There are some things that are greater than the limits of society.

You are one of them.

And I think that you should give your son his medal.


A woman who despite losing her husband in an air crash... has the courage to make her only son a pilot.

I believe that her son should receive the medal from her.

Vandana, your years of penance has borne fruit.

Take this.


My son!

Today I can hold my head up with pride and say... that I do not know how much penance I must have done... in order to become the son of a great mother like you.

"Your devotion will bear fruit"

"Do not weep..."