Arbitrage (2012) Script

Woman: But you took a huge bet on the housing crisis in the middle of the biggest boom in housing anybody has ever seen. Why?

Man: I'm a child of the '50s.

My father welded steel for the Navy and my mother worked at the V.A.

They lived through the Depression, Pearl Harbor, and the Bomb.

They didn't think that bad things might happen.

They knew that bad things would happen.

Woman: Is that what's happening now? When I was a kid, my favorite teacher was Mr. James.

Mr. James said, "World events all revolve around five things.


This is freshman econ?

It was fifth grade econ, but this is something we've seen over and over again.

Time and time again, the competition for this limited amount of dollars out there can make the best of us manic.

So it's not surprising that we have these asset bubbles, but when reality sets in, of course they burst.

TV anchor: ...economic growth here at home and geopolitical turmoil weighed on the broad averages. Commodities continue the historic run-up in price. Man: Here you go.

Take a look at the dramatic move in copper prices, for example, as that once-quiet market has become a hotbed of activity.

Man: You're disappointed.


Derivative structures? I mean, what was that about?

It makes no sense.

That's what you said last time.

Why'd we go down there?

To sign. To sign.

Did we sign? No.

No. We did not.

Instead, I flew 2,000 miles for a marketing meeting.

Where was Mayfield?

What was this emergency? What was that about?

You speak to the auditors?


What if we don't sign this week?

See you. Bye.

- -

Look who's here.

What a minute.

How'd you know I had something there?

Woman: No fighting, no fighting. Easy, easy, easy.

We had to start. The kids were starving. No, no. That's okay.

Dad, it's your birthday. You are spoiling them rotten...

It's my job. God. You guys turned out fine. Debatable.

How are you doing, son? How'd it go?

Where's my drink? This is mine? Here?

All: Happy birthday! -

Oh-oh, wow.

Hey, kids. Come on, come on. I need some help.

I can't do these by myself.

First of all, you have to make a wish. Make a really good wish.

I need you to help me out. Wish and then we go on three.

Got a wish? Woman: What are you going to wish for?

1... 2... 3.

Awesome. -

Excellent. Man: Speech.

That was really... thank you, thank you. -

Thank you all very much. It's such a surprise.

I didn't even know it was my birthday.

What did Mark Twain say about... he said, "Old age is clearly a case of mind over matter.

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

- I've done a lot of things in my life.

I've worked very hard, but being here, looking around... at all these shining, radiant faces, I know that my best work is right here in this room, right now.

I'm deeply proud of all of you, and that's the best gift your mom and I could ever hope for. So thank you.

And to have sold the company to Standard this morning.

Hey, hey, hey. Yes, that's true, All right, not now.

But no business tonight. No business.

Although your one-pointed mind assures me that you have not only your mom's genes, you got mine, too.

I know it's very uncharacteristic of me, but I just want you to know that it's probably taken me 60 years for me to really understand what's truly important, and that's you guys. So I love you all very much.

Woman: Aww. Man: Hear, hear.

Love you. -

I'll take a big piece.

You can wait. You can wait a little while longer.

Woman: I don't know about me as a mom. No, no, no. You should have.

I want more kids, everywhere. I want more "yous" around.

It's all about you, is it?

Four and 19. All right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yah.

So what was that all about? What?

The last time you gave a speech like that, we lost the bid to Firestone.

Yeah, well, I don't know.

I just wanted it to be about the family tonight.

Did you see this? Yeah.

You know how I feel about that. Trash can.

Peter has a copy pinned up in the conference room.

Well, are you going to keep skirtin' around it?

Why sell our company?

We make a great return. -

We give money to the causes we believe in, that we know are important. We love what we do.

My darling, you are still in your 20s. I'm 60.

That is a huge difference of point of view.

Dad. Yes?

You are not old.

Last year was our best year... Yeah, yeah, yeah. It catches up, all right?

Maybe there's some other things I'd like to do.

Maybe I would like to spend a little more time with you guys outside the office.

What? I'm just trying to imagine what we would do.

Where are you going?

The office. Now?

Yeah, I've got to finish up that thing.

Aww, but...

I haven't given you your birthday present yet.

Then I'll come back as soon as I can.

Just keep it.

Yeah, Gavin. It's me. When you get this... could you call Chris Vogler at Fremaut?

Tell him that I need to talk to him right away. Thanks.


What's wrong?

All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late.

I'm always late. You know that. I'm sorry.

And I'm always saying I'm sorry, but...

it doesn't mean I wouldn't rather be here with you.

The show's gonna be beautiful.

You gonna be there? I will be there.

Oh, wow. That's great.

I made this for you. You made this?

This is amazing.

One candle. Thank you very much.

I want you.

Woman: He's waiting.

Thank you, Diane.

So... I'm here.

Guess what's not.

Jeffrey, I told you. I'm working on it. You're working on it. Yeah.

I'm working on it. Well, while you're doing that, let me tell you what's not working. Okay.

What's not working is my $412 million that's sitting in your account so you can pass your audit.

The $412 million you needed, you said, for two weeks.

And which has been languishing now for 32 days while it could be elsewhere invested, earning an actual return instead of couching this absurd lie that you're spinning.

What do you want me to say? That you're going to get a signature from Mayfield and that my hostage money and my fee are going to be sent to me promptly, say, eh, by tomorrow?

I'm solving the problem.

I'm going to get your money and your fee.

You will have it very shortly. When?

As soon as they sign the fucking contract.

You know, I'm not the one with the liability.

I just made a loan.

You're looking at 1,000 years' jail time for fraudulent conveyance... Stop it! You don't have to talk to me like that, Jeff.

I didn't get you into this mess.

Remember when you asked me if it was a good idea... Would a friend...

You were a friend of mine... convert half your liquid assets into a fucking copper mine? What did I tell you?

Are we done? I think we're done here.

Friday morning I take my money back.

You can't do that. The fuck I can't.

It's in an escrow bill with one big... I need that money in there until they sign, Jeffrey!

What if they check again? What am I supposed to do?

It's not my problem, is it?

Not your fucking problem.

Let's go.

TV anchor: well, especially Russia, where fears of further nationalization appear to be scaring away international investors. -

The Dow off to a strong start this morning on a bevy of news firmly pointing to an economy picking up steam.

Including a surprisingly strong number... -

What? Gavin: 7:30 this evening, the Four Seasons.

We'll get it straight with Mayfield then. Good, good. Very good.

Is this too blue? That's the third one you've tried on.

Will you just relax? It looks fabulous.

What's going on?

Ay yi yi, I look old.

You look regal and wise and, granted, a little worried.

What is going on? Are you afraid of this meeting?

They haven't signed the papers.

Oh, I thought that's why you went down there. Yeah, so did I.

For some reason, they're stalling... and I didn't sleep on the plane. Aww.

Well, it's all going to be fine. It always is. Just follow the plan.

And what is that plan? Confidence equals contract.

You sound like a fortune cookie. They are your words, actually.

Then you married an idiot. Okay, but I was thinking, idiot, that maybe after the deal is done, which it definitely will be, maybe we could just take off. What do you say?

Let's have an adventure.

Pete's in the best place he's ever been, your daughter, as always, is brilliant.

Yeah. Right?

So I want to have some fun.

I want to have fun with you. Let's go to Rovella. The house there.

We haven't been there forever. I just haven't had time.

We have to make time. We could take a year.

Let's take a year and get fat and have fun and go on an adventure.

I mean, seriously, how much money do we need?

Do you want to be the richest guy in the cemetery?

I don't want to be in the cemetery. Oh, by the way, Mary called from St. Victor's Hospital again.

She hasn't gotten the check. Yeah, I'm taking care of that.

The gala is Friday. Should I be selling my ring?

What's going on? I've had to move a lot of things around for this merger.

It hasn't been easy. It's very complicated.

It's only two million. Only two million?

Yeah. You remember Riccio's?

Yeah. Four meals, two bucks.

All you can eat, three bucks.

I do remember, but I do not remember you being this sentimental, unless you're trying to change the subject.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- Yup.

Hello, how are you?

Good evening, Mr. Miller. Nice to see you. Julian.

Your table has been waiting and your guests are here.


Enjoy your dinner. Thank you.

Where the hell is Mayfield? I don't know.

Mr. Miller. Thank you so much for coming. Hello. No, no, no, no.

Good to see you again. Yeah, yeah.

We were just getting acquainted with Peter and Brooke here.

I hope they didn't beat you up too much. No, no. They've been terrific.

Dad, we've been talking about operations.

Tim thinks once we consolidate, - we can save about... 50% on our back office costs.

Yeah, I'd like to hear more about that, but, eh, I had thought that Mr. Mayfield planned to meet us here tonight.

Yeah, Jim should be here in about 20 minutes.

He suggested that we get right into details.

I was just saying to Brooke, now that we can market your quants track records, we have access to a host of new capital.

And we've got something very special, something we're thrilled about.

New capital is exciting.

That's why we're here. Brooke: Talk to us a bit about oversight.

I mean, obviously we've been very successful at what we do because...

We hope that it spreads across... oh, thank you.

Assuming we shed debt through some small liquidations, we're looking at a significant uptake in ROI.

I don't want to pin a number on it, but they... significant in the first quarter alone.

I'm sorry, gentlemen. We've been here almost two hours now. Where is Mr. Mayfield?

He just texted me.

He's very sorry, but he's been detained.

Detained? Where?

All right. I think I can trust you with my family.

Oh, yeah. Of course. Mr. Miller, again, it was a privilege.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Dad, Dad? Excuse me.

This is the bullshit way you try to close a deal?

Port. Would you like some... to have some port?

Dad. Did you get my message? Yeah?

No, what's up? We need to sit down.

What is it?

I can't talk about it here. Brooke, I...

I found some strange entries in the Old Hill books.

What kind of entries? I don't know yet, but something is definitely off.

All right, all right.

Come by around 11:00 tomorrow. We'll look at it then. Okay?

And, Brooke?

See if you can find out what happened with Mayfield. All right?

- -

Excuse me. Thanks.

Good evening, Mr. Miller. Hey.

So how are they doing? Great. Everyone loves them.

How are they doing? So-so.

Where's Julie? She's in the back.



I've seen you've met already. It's Victor Rodriguez.

Isn't it amazing? Woman: He's extraordinary.

Great show. Oh, this is Robert Miller.

One of our collectors.

This is Alex Stanton and their daughter Ava. Alex.

She's a talented young artist. Really? Painter?

Drawing. Drawing? That's great.

So, eh, I like the size of the paintings.

I want to talk to you about them in a second.

Why are you doing this? Go away.

Emma, let me see the list.

I will take these two. Okay.

What's the Rubik's Cube in the back there? Right there. Number seven.

All right. Great. Don't tell her it was me.

No problem. I mean it.

You got it.

Excuse me.

Who is this? Robert: It's me.

What do you want? I'm here.

Where? I'm in your bedroom.

Came in the back. Can you get those people out of here?

Are you serious? Look at your bedroom door. Do you see me?

Yeah, I see you. I'm serious.

Excuse me, guys.

I'm sorry. I know, I know.

You just come in and out whenever you want?

I thought we should talk.

One damn night in a month.

I told you it was important to me. I was working.

You understand that? -

I have obligations.

I don't want to hear... I'm under a lot of pressure right now.

I don't want to hear about your obligations! I could use a little help.

If you cared, you would have been there.

I was there. I was there!

I was late, but I was there. And I'm here now.

No, no, no. You're here when it's convenient for you to be here.

Love means you fucking show up.


Why did you buy those paintings? Because I liked them.

Okay. Thank you for helping me to get started, but if I'm going to fail, then let me fail.

Julie, you won't fail. Why would you fail?

You know, I'm not the kind of guy that wants to throw money away.

You want to start a business, you have to project a certain image.

What image? Success.

The market is a disaster right now.

For everybody. No one's moving anything.

So that's why you've got to show sales.

People look at you then and they say, "Wow, how did she do that?"

That's what they remember. Always.

You're never going to leave her.

Come away with me.

Let's take your car and go.


It's a place I'm staying.

Beautiful, on the water.

We could wake up there, together, just you and me.

I'd like that. Me, too.

# Just one more chance #

# To prove it's you alone I care for #

# Each night I say a little prayer for #

# Just one more chance #

# Just one more night. #


Jul... Julie?






Yes, I want to make it collect. Your name, sir?

Lawrence Grant. -

Man: Who the fuck is this?

Jimmy, it's me.


I want you to listen to me very, very closely.

Dispatch: Vehicle is 1978, brown Mercedes, registered to a Julie Cote. Douche.

5-1-1-20 40th street. Subject is a French national.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

Catching Detective wants us to rule before he calls it.

We've been having the same fucking argument for 20 years.

He can't handle one drunk motorist who kills herself?

You know what? I'm not so sure about this.

If the car rolled on multiple impacts, but she was here and her feet were down here.

So who kicked out the door?

Let's go.

You want to tell me what this is?

Better you don't ask.

So all you're saying is you need a ride somewhere.

That's correct. Because I'm going to be very clear about this. All right?

You called me up for a ride. I showed up, I gave you a ride.

No, you didn't. We're not here.

Then where the fuck are we?

We're both asleep right now, at home.

Which is where you left your phone, right? Right.

Yeah, 'cause if anyone checks... Why is anybody going to check?

Well, they're not. As long as we're not here.

Anybody know you're here? No.

Somebody knows you're here? No.

Somebody knows you're not there? My girl, but...

Ah, Jimmy! Jesus Christ! You call me up at 2:00 a.m.!

What the fuck you want? I fucking told you!

She asked me where I was going. All right?

All right, what did you say?

I told her I had to run out a minute.

You trust her? Is this the kind of shit you used to do to my dad?

Do you trust her? Yes, I fucking trust her!

I fucking trust her. All right, all right. Good.

Good. You're at home and I'm at home. Jesus.

My wife gets up at 5:00 a.m. for Pilates.

I'll be there next to her. That's where I've been all night long.

You do the same with yours. I don't know, man.

This is some pretty fucked-up shit. Seriously. Jimmy, just fucking do it.

Don't think about it... No, fuck that, man!

I don't hear from you since the fucking funeral, you call me up out of the blue, using my father's name?

What is it? Do you want money? Is that what you want?

I'll give you money, all right?

I will give you $5,000... I will give you $10,000...

$20,000. I'll give you whatever you fucking...

You want to talk to me like this?! You can get the fuck out of my car and you can walk. You want that?

You want to fucking walk home? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm not myself right now.

You came and you picked me up. I need your help, you helped me.

I need your help. I'm sorry.

You all right?

Jesus, man! What the fuck happened to you?

We got to get you to a hospital. Right now. No, no.

I just got to get home. Rob, it looks like you're bleeding inside, man.

I'll deal with it in a couple of hours.

What if you don't make it a couple of hours?

Then I don't make it.

- Call me, all right?

Let me know everything is okay.

Yeah, it's best we don't talk for a while.

Hey, yo!

So that's it?

You get in a bind and just call up the only nigga you know?


I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

Go on home. Yeah, all right.

Just go. You take care of that.


Man: Everything okay, sir?

No, I'm fine, Glen. Go back to bed.

Ellen: Where did you go? What?

I woke up and you weren't here.

I just went to get some ice cream. Mm. Was it good?

Yes. Good.

Don't forget to take your Lipitor in the morning.

Ellen. Hmm?

Do you still love me? Of course I do.

Hypothetically, the situation you're describing would be involuntary manslaughter.

Such a person... Would be in a lot of trouble.

Especially if that person were closing a merger with a large public bank where any publicity or arrest could delay or derail the transaction, but that's only if there were some evidence that could link him to the crime.

Fingerprints? DNA? Very hard to collect after an explosion.

Real world is different from television.

What about cell phone records?

Did this person make any calls from the area? Not from a cell phone. No.

Then they won't be able to place him there.

What would you advise such a person to do?

To confess immediately.

Failing which? To put as much distance between himself and the event as possible. If possible.

But let me tell you something.

And I'm speaking to you as a friend now.

There's about 50 things that person wouldn't have thought of.

And the more time that passes, the more lies that are told, the worse it gets for him.

Robert? Yeah?

They're going to come to you. I know.

An accident is not the worst trouble.

If we talk to them now, we can probably work it out.

Now you tell me what happens if the Standard deal does not close.

I got to tell my investors about our real losses. Nothing good.

What did you say about the Justice Department?

Depending on what they decide to arrest me on?

Fraud conviction gets me 20 years? I did.

What choice do I really have?

Man: Now, you're aware Congress plans to extend the audit requirements for private funds?

Robert: Of course I am aware.

I gave testimony to the committee.

You know this. I know, but anyway, Standard wants to prepare for it now.

So I was asked to go through every one of your trading books and reconfirm the assets. No, no. Absolutely not. It's impossible.

Don't worry, I gave different books to the team and I kept Old Hill for myself.

Anyway, I'm here to tell you... I cleared it.

The audit's cleared? The report will be issued today.

Actually, I'm calling it my "swan song."

You're leaving? Yeah, on Friday. You know, it's a five-year clock.

And why? To prevent exactly what we're doing, but honestly...

- ...there is nothing left to worry about. It's great.

Get out. Okay.

What? Gavin: How was it?

What? The show.

What the fuck are you talking about?

The show. Julie's show.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, it was fine.

Mayfield's here. He's here? Where?

Sherry-Netherland. He checked in about an hour ago.

He called? No. Brooke has a friend on the executive committee who said he's taking meetings in his room.

I don't know. Maybe he's settling in.

You think we're dealing with a fucking idiot?

I spoke to legal. They said that Standard will sign once they get the audit report.

Yeah, it's being issued now. How do you know that?

Never mind that. Just find out why Mayfield hasn't called us.

How am I supposed to... Do I have to do every goddamn thing myself?

Just find out, will you? Please?

Thank you.

Brooke: I really can't reconcile this. Reconcile what?

The Old Hill fund.

Dad, are you listening to me?

Yeah, of course I'm listening.

Okay, those trades are in the special book.

They don't get audited here on the same balance sheet.

Wait, but look at the sheet. There's a $400 million hole here.

I mean, that can't be right.

Evening. May I help you?

Detective Bryer.

I was hoping to see Mr. Miller. Is he expecting you?


Brooke: I really have no idea what's going on, but the way that this sheet reads... half of the fund's assets are missing. That's ridiculous.

I mean, it can't be right. Right. It's ridiculous and yet that's what... Okay, okay, look.

I... I'll look into this. I promise you. -

I'll look into it.

Yeah. There's a Detective Bryer here to see you.

Eh, give me a minute, then send him in. Okay.

Thanks. Is everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just... my next meeting came here a little early. That's all.

We're going to have to pick this up later.

Mom is looking for the hospital check.

Brooke, we'll pick it up later.

Detective Bryer? Hi, I'm Cindy.

Mr. Miller's personal assistant. Right this way.

Yeah, sorry to keep you waiting. You can sit there.

We just heard about it. Really terrible.

Bryer: Okay, so you're an investor in the gallery? Correct.

How did you meet her? Eh... through... I think it was a charity function.

My wife and I have a foundation. Okay.

When did you last see her? Last night. At the gallery.

You stayed till the doors closed? No, I...

I was only there a couple of minutes. I think I left around 10.

Where did you go? Home.

You go straight home? Yeah, yeah.

You stayed home? Yeah.

Your wife home? Yes.

Okay. Okay, so now back to the gallery.

Did you see her with anyone? See her... what do you mean?

I mean, like, boyfriend. Someone she might of left with?

Not that I noticed. No, no.

The reason I ask is we haven't located the driver.

The driver? Yeah, the driver.

Someone else was driving. So... sometimes the driver will go for help and he'll die tryin'... you know, so... This is awful.

Yeah. This is truly awful.

We're searching the area right now.

So no boyfriend, no... that you know of?

Actually, we didn't talk about personal matters.

She was just an employee, right? She... well, not an employee.

I was an investor. Why did you invest?

Why did I invest? Yeah, why did you invest?

She had a great eye. She... actually, she found me these Brice Mardens here.

They went up in value very quickly, and it was on the basis of that that I agreed to fund some of the gallery.

All right. Do you mind if we search her apartment?

Why would I mind? Well, it's in your company's name. So...

Right. Oh, yeah. Of course.

Yeah. Sure. Go ahead.

Now, Mr. Miller. Mm-hmm.

Why would you lease an apartment for Miss Cote?

I mean, is that something that you would normally do for an employee?

Well, actually, I said that she wasn't an employee.

But she... I think she'd just come over from Paris, if I remember, and she needed a place to entertain buyers.

So you leased her an apartment?

Well, it was through the holding company.

You are a little confused by all this, aren't you?

I am, I am, but I'll get there. Give me time. All right.

Now I don't mean to be indelicate, but...

But you're going to be indelicate.

From what I can gather, she wasn't exactly an art star.

She worked for a couple of dealers in Paris, but...

Okay, I get it. So why would I invest in her and help her find a place?

Something like that, yeah. It's very simple, Detective.

I invest in people I believe in.

I thought she'd do well. I backed her, she did.

It's as simple as that. Well, that seems to make sense.

Yeah. We all good with the apartment, then, right?

Yeah, yeah. That's fine. Go ahead. Thanks.

What happened to your head? What?

Your head. What happened to your head? That's a nasty cut.

I've been looking at that for the last five minutes.

Does it hurt you? No, no, no. I just...

I hit it on the medicine cabinet. Last night?

This morning. Hate when that happens.

Me, too. Yeah. Well, thanks for the chat.

No problem.

- Ellen Miller's office.

And it transformed them. Seriously.

There's a Detective Bryer in the lobby.

And thanks again for your generosity.

All right. I'll see you then. Bye-bye.

Sorry, what? A Detective Bryer.

What does he want? I don't know.

Well, I'm late, so I just can't deal with it right now.

Okay. What about these? Send them a thank-you note.

Zappos has been so generous. Thanks. Bye, guys. Okay. No problem.

Mrs. Miller? Yes.

Detective Bryer. Did you just call my office?

Yeah, I was hoping to talk to you. I don't have time right now.

Sorry. It will just take a couple of seconds.

This is about your husband. Well, fine, but make an appointment. aHruaia

How'd it go? Well, the wife blew me off.

Which was interesting.

He didn't admit to the affair, but then he wouldn't, would he?

Why didn't you pick him out? He's a very rich man.

Anything? Yeah, about 10 million prints.

What happened with the pay phones? Got about 15 calls in a three-mile... two of them look a little strange.

Got an incoming, which is probably a local drug deal.

And the one we care about? Collect call. About a minute and a half.

Made from the Chevron station on Westlake Road. Who'd he call?

Cell phone in Harlem. Still waiting on the address.

So you're at the crash site.

All right, and you make it out of the car.

Now you're smart enough not to use your own cell phone.

So you get to a pay phone and you're a billionaire.

Right? You're a billionaire.

So what do you do?

You call someone in Harlem?


I just heard about Julie. I'm so sorry.

Her gallery called. Her mom's flying in today.

Her mom.

Service here? Tomorrow. 9:00 a.m.

Wow. We should pick up the expenses for that.

Whatever she wants.

You take care of that personally for me?

Of course. Thanks.

You all right? Did you get ahold of Mayfield?

No. Not yet, but we'll get him. -

Robert? I... Thanks.

I appreciate your concern.

Mills: Let's flash him, let's flash him.

- Hold on, you gonna go...

Wait, right here. Mr. Grant? Yes.

NYPD Homicide. Do you mind stepping in the car, please?

What's this about? Just get in the car, Jimmy.

Am I under arrest? Do you want to be?

So let's do this again. Man, for what? My answers ain't going to change.

So you're asleep... Right. and the phone rings... Right.

And it's a wrong number.

Why do you accept the charges on a collect call from a wrong number?

I don't think I want to answer any more questions.

And then... you stay on the phone for a minute and a half with a wrong number.

What the fuck do you talk about? Area codes?

I want to talk to my lawyer. Mills: Listen, big man.

We know you went down there.

We ID'd your photo with your neighbor, who saw you get into your truck 10 minutes after the call was made.

If you got all that, what the fuck do you need me for, Officer?

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation here, Jimmy.

This is a homicide. Lawyer.

You're going to sign him out? I called in Earl Monroe.

The basketball player? Civil rights attorney.

Remember Crown Heights? He's the best?

He's the best above 96th Street.

That doesn't make him any cheaper.

You got to get Jimmy out of this.

Might not be that easy.

If he doesn't cooperate, they're likely to indict him on obstruction.

What would he be looking at? Hard to say.

With his prior, five years. Maybe 10.



This is not going to go away.

Okay. I'm going to call you tomorrow if there's any news.

Don't you worry about anything here.

Don't talk to anyone else. Take care.

Come on. Get in.

All you said was you needed a fucking ride. You didn't tell me you killed that girl.

Jimmy, I didn't... I'm trying to put my life back together.

Okay. I appreciate you helped us, but now you're taking it too far.

It's going to be okay, Jimmy. Like it was your ass sitting there.

Like you know a fucking thing about how it's going to be.

We got you the best criminal lawyer in the city.

Don't you got your own son for this?

Why the hell you didn't call him? Because he would have fucked it up, all right? Okay. Well, I'm sorry your son is a fucking idiot, but that ain't my fault. This isn't productive.

Oh, okay, then, Syd.

Tell us, what happens now? We meet with Earl and we go from there.

I understand right now they don't have enough to charge you with anything.

You're under suspicion. Under suspicion?

Motherfucker, I'm black! I am aware of that.

And what exactly would you like me to do about it?

Gentlemen, my driver will take you where you want to go, but I cannot be a party to this conversation.

So this is where I get out.

Why couldn't you have just stayed? I couldn't.

Why not? Because I have responsibilities.

If I stayed there, a lot of people would have gotten hurt.

Well, somebody was hurt. Other people, Jimmy.

I got business troubles, you understand?

People rely on me.

Listen, I want to talk to you a second. Come here.

I want to show you something.

Just for a second. Come here.

Now, you know your father asked me to look after you. Yeah.

Yeah. I know, I know. I messed up. I'm sorry.

But I do want to help you. You know that.

So I've been able to set up a situation for you.

What's that? This is a trust.

In your name, assets of $2 million.

Take a look at that. Are you serious?

You think money is going to fix this?

Huh? What else is there?

What are you doing? Yo, man. Pull over.

What are you doing?

What are you going to do? Do I look like a fucking snitch to you?

I don't know, Jimmy. I don't know. Are you?

Wait, wait, wait. Look, sorry.

Just read it. Just take it home and read it.

It's not going to hurt you.

Yeah? I've got Chris Vogler from Fremaut Accounting.

You asked me to interrupt you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Put him through.

Chris? Robert, I've run into some problems.

Look, we're doing a non-recommend. What?

They got compliance involved, I'm sorry. Whoa, wait, wait, wait.

Chris? Chris? Chris! I've got to go.

Chris! Ch... God damn it, Chris!

Oh, Peter. Listen. I'm looking at some statements right now.

How much did you book last quarter? Why?

Eh, what do you care? Peter, I'm really just asking you.

All right, eh, 35. 35 million for your whole group?

Yes. 35 million for my entire group.

You sure it wasn't 68? What? 35 million isn't a big enough number for you?

I know that it's a big number. Well, what the fuck are you...

No... Peter, I'll call you later. What do you want?

What are you doing in my office?

Eh, hello?

Can you explain these? Explain what?

Old Hill. All the numbers you falsified?

You don't know what you're saying.

Get out of my way. Brooke.

You're hurting my arm. Can't you just leave it alone?

You're fired, Ben. You can't fire me.

Oh, I just did. Who do you think asked me to make those changes?

You tell me.

Mills: He was doing a little dealing a while back. Looks like he stopped.

Man: Any family? Eh, they're all dead.

Kid's a good student. Magnet school. Whatever.

Then his mom dies and he gets popped for gun possession.

Even so, how come he got probation? He had an excellent lawyer.

How the fuck could this kid afford Felder & Chos?

Well, we pulled his parents' tax returns.

Guess where his father worked for 20 years.

Miller Capital?

He was the fucking driver?

Oh, wow.

Oh, this guy's good.

Where are you at with the kid? So far, he won't budge.

Well, he's a convicted felon.

We'll get a warrant.

Put him in front of a grand jury.

Let's see how long he holds out when he realizes he's looking at 10 years off the prior.

I'm sorry. Mr. Miller, as I explained from downstairs, he's on a call right... Mr. Miller! Whoa.

Robert, what the fuck... Tell me what is going on.

I can't. Tell me what the fuck is going on!

I can't, I can't! This is my life!

I know. It's not me! Okay. The audit...

What? The audit passed. It passed a week ago, like I said.

Okay. Everything is fine. Money's confirmed. It's all straight and done.

It really is. Why did you tell me that it didn't?

Because they asked me to hold it. Okay? Who's they?

Who is they?! Mayfield.



They're negotiating. He wants a better price.


Yes. James Mayfield, please.

Mr. Mayfield. Uh-huh.

I think it's time we had a talk.

It's not going to hold. The warrant doesn't need to hold.

It just needs to scare him into giving up Miller.

What is it, Mike? You stalled that big career, so you're reaching for a high note?

Who gives a fuck?

This is about Judge Rittenband, right?

This is 'cause he's running again? You want to cost the judge his seat on a profiling claim... against Earl Monroe?

I'm getting a new piece of evidence that's going to seal it 100%.

Good. Bring it back to me when you got it.

You can have it in your hand before you go in the jury room.

Look, Ray.

We like this kid. I don't want to lose him.

Think about it. If we flip him, you get Robert Miller, and what's that worth to Rittenband?

Or to you for that matter?

20 fucking years.

Ray, 20 years we've watched these guys. They out-lawyer us, they out-buy us.

I'm fucking sick of it. Where's the consequence? The guy did it.

He does not get to walk just because he's on CNBC.

Give me the warrant.

You better not fuck me.

Yeah. I need a serious fucking favor.

Brooke's waiting for you. We had a meeting?

No, but she looked upset.

Robert: Sweetie, you okay?

What's wrong?

You want to sit? I'll stand.

Didn't you think I'd find out? I did.

Why didn't you tell me? Because I hoped you wouldn't.

Oh, come on.

You tell me the truth now or I am done.

I made a bad bet. No, you committed fraud.

That's a dangerous word. What would you prefer?

That you cheated?

That you stole money from people who trust you?

That you lied... that you lied right to my face?!

Why? Because we were going broke.

Everything was finished.

We'd have nothing. How? How does that happen?


You remember Alexandrov?

He came to see me one day last year.

He said, "Robert, you got a great opportunity.

There's a copper mine in Russia. It's under-exploited, there's billions under the ground.

To get it out, all we need is a couple hundred million.

You put in 100, we'll put in 100.

We'll triple it in six months."

I was skeptical, so I go check it out.

Geological survey's right. Friendly government.

And to lock it in, you hedge it.

Right? We sell the copper ahead.

Commodities exchange and it all works. It's fine.

We're making a fortune.

And then there's something that I hadn't accounted for.

A variation margin.

And that friendly Russian government... not so friendly anymore.

They're blocking the exported copper.

So I got to pony up. I got to put the cash in to cover the hedge.

But I'm not worried about it because it's still springing money.

There's so much money coming out of this ground, you can't believe it. You can't... you can't stop it.

Yes. I'm the oracle.

I have done housing. I've arb'd credit swaps. I have done it all.

Yes. I know it's outside the charter, but it is fucking minting money.

It is... it's a license to print money for everybody.

Forever! It is God.

Until? Until it's not.

The money's trapped. I can't get it out.

I probably never will.

It's like a plane crash. It just happens.

It does not just happen. It just happened, honey.

You are so naive sometimes. You're young, but you're not that young.

It happens.

And like any father, I pray that it doesn't happen to you.

Happily, because of me, it won't happen to you. Thanks to you, we all may be arrested. No one's getting arrested.

That's why I borrowed the money from Jeffrey.

Plugged the hole.

They see that the books are fine.

Transfer the company, I pay back Jeffrey with interest.

I make all our investors whole and what's left, we keep.

At least we get to keep the house.

Everybody wins. Yes.

If we sell the company. It'll sell.

If I lie for you. You don't have to lie.

You didn't know about it. That's why I didn't tell you.

I'm the chief investment officer of this company.

What do you think they're going to say at the deposition? "She didn't know"?

They'll take away my brokerage license.

Failure to supervise you.

My name in every paper and blog while I visit your ass in jail!

What do you want me to do? Did you want to let our investors go bankrupt?

Is that what you wanted? You wanted people to get really hurt?!

What gives you the audacity to think that you.. You want those lives...

...can make others... Because it's my job!

Job? It's illegal. Yes.

It's illegal and I am your partner.

You are not my partner. You work for me.

That's right. You work for me.

Everybody works for me.

Come here. Brooke. Please.

Please. Come here. Just... just for a second. Sit down.

There's something I want to tell you.

Whatever you decide, I won't blame you.

I'm on my own path.

It's up to you to move with it or against it.

But I'm the patriarch. That's my role.

I have to play it.

For a moment there, I thought you were going to say you're sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey, Jimmy.

Come on, man. What? Take a ride with me.

Where? Back to the station? No, man. Just get in the car.

What if I say no? I'm not threatening you.

I'm just asking you. Take a ride with me.

Wasting my time, Detective. What?

Well, it's pretty fucking simple.

I know you went to pick him up.

So that's what you want to talk about?

I told you, I ain't making no more statements. And I know why.

Somebody cares? Here. Take a look at this.

Take it.

I got his phone calls. I got his text messages.

I got his relationship with the girl.

They were fucking, by the way.

And then I got you.

I got the time log from the pay phone.

I got a fucking tollbooth photograph of you driving your car through the Triborough.

Where you got that?

That's bullshit 'cause I ain't do it. It's impossible.


Look, you lied to me.

You lied to the police. You obstructed justice.

Talk to Earl, Detective. Fuck Earl. You see this?

This means that tomorrow, grand jury hears your case in court.

And tomorrow in court, I'm going to ask for a felony obstruction indictment.

With your prior, you're going to prison for 15 fucking years.

You might get out in 10, but then you'll be, what? 33?

With no job. No girl. No life.

Look. I know you think Miller's your friend.

Who's Miller? I know about your father.

You don't know a goddamn thing about my father.

I know that Miller paid his bills while he was dying.

I know he got Syd Felder to get you out of trouble on your gun charge.

That doesn't add up to this. You done?

Okay. He's driving... he crashes, he runs away.

Who's he call? He calls you. Why do you think that is?

Because you're disposable.

You're the one person he can call that just doesn't fucking matter.

You're a... you're a... throwaway. Yeah.

You're just another part of his transaction.

Will you open the door? So what? You're his new nigga now?

Open... open the fucking door!

I'm not fucking playin' with you, man. Open the door.

You didn't kill that girl.

He did. Will you open the door?

He's using you.

I know it. You know it.

Do the right thing.

Now get out of my fucking car.

Robert: What do you think? Felder: He's going to walk.

You're certain?

Courts aren't for certainty, but he says he was at home. Why shouldn't he be?

Phone call doesn't make him a liar.

It's not great. What's baffling to me, though, despite your sentimental history together, is why you would put your family's future in this kid's hands.

He's not like us.

Is that a good thing?

I don't know.

How's Ellen? She's good. Fine. Same.

Why? I heard something.

Yes? She met with Gil Deustchman.

The estate lawyer? Yeah.

Has she mentioned anything?

Not to me.

Deferlito: That was the early morning of April 11th.

Yes. You received a phone call?

Yes. Who called you?

It was a wrong number. That's a lie. Isn't it, Mr. Grant?


You were on the phone one and a half minutes.

Isn't it the case you know exactly who called you and exactly why?

Why are you lying to this grand jury? I'm not lying.

I'm going to introduce into evidence People's A.

This is a tollbooth photograph taken in the northbound ninth lane of Triborough... excuse me, the RFK Bridge.

Mr. Grant, directing your attention to the photograph.

Would you please read the date and time stamp indicated on the upper right-hand corner.

This is crazy. You've got to answer.

Mr. Grant, please answer the question.

April 11th, 2:33 a.m.

Again, directing your attention to the same photograph.

Would you please read the license plate of the vehicle passing through the toll?


This is People's B.

A printout from the Department of Motor Vehicles plate registry.

Mr. Grant, directing your attention to that printout.

Are the numbers on the toll photograph the same ones that are on your own license plate?

Mr. Grant? Yes.

Yes, the numbers are the same? Yes.

How do you explain that? I can't.

But that is... your car in this photograph. Isn't it?

No. No, that is not your car?

Answer the question, Mr. Grant.

This is not my car in this picture.

I don't know how y'all did that, but this isn't my car.

You expect this grand jury to believe that, that is not your car, when there is a printout from the Department of Motor Vehicles?

That's asked and answered, Mr. Deferlito. Mr. Monroe, you are aware that you're not permitted to go on record?


Jimmy, Jimmy, wait. What?

What was that? They're lying.

Okay. Now here's... You can halt the decision.

Detective, we need a minute, please.

How about you, Jimmy? You need a minute?

Because if you do... Get the fuck out of my face. How about that?

So you want to keep playing games or are you ready to tell me something?

Detective, I need to speak with my client.

So now if you would just please...

How... how are y'all just going to lie like that? Huh?

How are y'all just gonna lie? We didn't lie. You lied.

That wasn't my car. Jimmy, don't say anything else.

Sure, it wasn't.

And it was a telemarketer called you from the pay phone who stopped at the Chevron to make a late-night sale.

That picture was some bullshit. Jimmy, stop.

Detective, what's going on?

Well, tell him. Go ahead, Jimmy. Tell him.

See how your boss will like this one.

Last chance.

Wait here.

Mr. Miller?

I would like to introduce you to Julie's mom.


I'm so, so sorry.

I want to thank you for everything you did for my daughter.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

You believed in her. You gave her a chance.

She was happy. I know she was happy.

It's not fair, is it? Not fair.

It shouldn't have happened.

...rail thin. She's a blonde.

I would have known who she was if she didn't come up and introduce herself to me.

She looked totally different. -

She's living in Miami and...

You're going straight to level six?

Don't you think you better pace yourself a little bit?

I'm good. I want to run.

Something the matter?

You and Tom all right?

We're fine.

You worried about the deal closing?

No. Do you want me to guess?

Come on, Brooke. Don't be silly.

Tell me what's going on. You know, I can't stay for breakfast today.

I have to just... I got to get into work. I don't know what I was thinking.

Did you finish the deal with the hospital?

Uh, no.

Did he write the check? No.

Why not? Issues related to the closing.

We don't lie to each other, Brooke. I'm not lying to you.

It's complicated. You wouldn't understand.

You know, I know that the... that the police came to the office.

Do you know what that's about?

I honestly have no idea. How about your father's head?

Where he cut his head and the pain that he's hiding in his stomach and the fact that he hasn't slept?

And now, for some reason, it's way too complicated for me to understand?

There's no money for a routine gift?

Does that seem a little strange?

Of course it's strange. So tell me what's happening.

What do you want me to say?

He's my dad.

I have to trust him. No.

You have to do what's right for you.

Not him. Not me. Not anyone.

This is your life.

I love you. I've got to go.

Mr. Mayfield.

You keep sending people to my office to do business. They're just getting acquainted.

Yeah. The intricacies of my operation, so that you cannot buy it?

Just coffee, thanks.

You remember what it was like on our side of the fence.

Everything just moves a little slower.

Plus, this whole audit mess doesn't help. You know, clearing that all up.

Fuck you. Excuse me?

Fuck you. I am the oracle of Gracie Square.

You came to me. I did not come to you.

Robert, I think we're getting off on the wrong foot. No, no, no. Forget it.

Forget the deal. I don't even care about the deal.

No, I run a very comfortable... no, excuse me.

I run a thriving business.

It has returned, year to date, 15.4%.

Approximately $583 million from an operation that you don't have and we both know you need.

Which is why you called me in the first place.

You, on the other hand, you take a salary of $18 million.

And what are you doing with it?

Falling stock price... no, negative 16?

Is that what it is?

You've also lost approximately 3.5 billion to your investors.

Tell me, why the fuck do I need you?

Let's just calm down. You know what we're gonna do?

We're gonna put out a press release. Immediately. Today.

We're gonna say there's no deal. There never was a deal.

You're not going to be buying Old Hill.

You're not going to be buying Quantum.

You're not going to be buying anything.

You? You're just a browser.

Me? I'm going to continue to enjoy my earnings.

And while I soar on princely wings to my next winning enterprise, your shares are going to drop another couple of bucks based on a failed acquisition attempt.

Bodes well for your tenure, doesn't it?

Your price is too high.

You have a nice day, James.


550. 450.

525. That's it. Yes or no.

And if it's no, that's any further communications goes right into my trash can. It's a deal.

One other thing.

Six months, I'm going to be gone. I'm out of here.

My daughter's going to take it over.

You know her, you trust her.

All right. And you're going to have to make my son a VP.

Robert. No, no. He doesn't have to do anything.

He just gets a salary. He gets the office.

Five-year employment contract for both of them.

My lawyers draft them. Yes or no?

Yes. Okay.

What are you doing? I'm writing the deal.

You're not serious. Yeah. I'm serious. Very serious.

Sign it.

I'll send over a draft of the press release.

- You all right?

Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.

Before I leave, what would you have paid?

600. And you would have taken?


So we made a good deal. Yeah.

Actually, I lied. I would have taken 400.

Robert: Anyway, I will be seeing most of you at the gala tomorrow night.

Since the sale is official, as of this afternoon, you're free to talk about it now.

More questions? Will we get new business cards?

Yes. Everyone but you.

All right. Thank you all very, very much.

You're going to be proud of this. It's a good day.

Your hard work made it happen.

Thank you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So how did you get Mayfield to come around?

I met his price. Took it out of your share.

Hey, Robert? Yeah?

Nice job. Well, thank you.

Now go get me that fucking hospital check.

Yeah? Felder: It's not good.


You want something to drink?

What do you got? Not much.

Got any milk? Nope.

I'll take a water.

Where are you going? What?

Boxes. Was planning on Virginia.

Looks like I'm not going anymore.

What? You waiting on me to say something?

I told you not to take the toll. Yeah, you did.

I said listen carefully.

Follow my directions. Do exactly what I tell you to do.

You said all that. But you took the toll anyway.

No, I did not. Don't fucking lie to me.

I'm not lying. I took 95 the whole goddamn way there.

I did what you said. I didn't stop. I didn't take the Triborough.

I followed all your fucking instructions.

Then where did they get the photograph from? You tell me.

You're saying it's a fake? How did you get so fucking rich again?

Don't be such a wise-ass. This is my fucking life, man.

Earl's telling me it could be 10 years! 10 fucking years!

How much is 10 years worth, Robert?

Look, man. I told you, I ain't no fucking snitch.

But this is bad. This is real bad.

Me and Reina got a whole plan we about to make happen next week.

What plan? I got money saved up.

Buying a business.

What business? I bought an Applebee's.

What's an Applebee's? It's a fucking restaurant.

It's a chain restaurant. You bought an Applebee's in Virginia?

Is this really what you came here to talk about?

What are you gonna do? It's not really that simple, Jimmy.

I'm in a situation now. What situation?

I told you. Right now, if I were to speak, a lot of people would get hurt.

Jobs. Families.

A lot of innocent people. Do you think you can understand that?

Yeah, but what about me? What about my situation?

They showed me the pictures. That's fucked up what you did.

And I know all the people counting on you. Whatever. It was an accident.

But you told me Earl was gonna make this right.

Robert, you know I care about you.

All the things you did for us and for my father.

But Earl said they'll offer me a deal.

No charges at all. I walk away.

They just want to know who I went to pick up.

Why are you putting me in this situation, man?

Why are you putting me in this position?

Can you just hang tight?

Can you do that? Just a little longer.

All right, but Earl said the deal is on the table for 24 hours.

After that, they're going to file a case.

Earl says we're going to lose.

All right.

Just hang with me a little bit.

You got to give him up.

You said take the money.

Yeah. That was to keep quiet, not to go away.

What's he offering you now?

What can he offer me?

Felder: We went to the toll authority and they said they gave the tape to the cops.

I requested our investigator go examine it at the evidence room, but honestly, what's the point?

He says he didn't take the toll. And you believe him?

Does Standard have claw-back? What? What do you mean?

Let's just say I decide to go in. Have you lost your mind?

Wait a minute. Just listen. Listen to me.

If I were to surrender now... could they roll back the deal? No. What's done is done.

There's no intention of fraud, you haven't warranted any behavior.

So it's just money. Four years, you think?

I don't know.

At this point, they're not going to make it easy.

I really suggest you think about this.

Call the D.A. Get it started.

Robert: Yeah, Glen. Mrs. Miller say where she was going tonight?

Ah. No, I'll try her her cell. Thank you.

Voicemail: Hi, this is Ellen Miller. I'm not available right now.

Syd? Yeah, yeah. Did you make that call to the D.A. yet?

Thank God. No, no, no, no, no.

Listen to me. Call Earl.

Tell him to get his car.

Tell him to meet us over here at my house in 20 minutes.

Yeah, and Syd? Bring a notary.

I'm going to need a receipt, please.

Thank you. You have a good night now.

Hi. I'm Brent Owens. Night Supervisor. How can I help you?

Hello, Brent. I'm Earl Monroe.

I'm issuing a criminal evidence request.

I'm going to need to have a look at one of your lane tapes.

I don't understand. This says you want to look at a tape that was made ten minutes ago?

Wait, wait. Just wait.

Okay. They won't release tape without a court order, but they did give me a printout.

The same kind they used at Jimmy's indictment.

Your car? With plates. Yes.

Okay. You got Jimmy's?


Son of a bitch. -

Man: They look a little different to me, too.

Is there a reason why you haven't allowed Mr. Monroe's investigator to conduct his own analysis?

We've had some issues regarding chain of custody.

Now you don't have them anymore.

You're to meet with him, with the evidence, in the next hour.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

Where is the tape?

Am I not speaking loud enough?

Your Honor? Yes?

There seems to be... Let him tell me.

We don't know where it is. Come again?

It's not in the evidence locker. Where is it?

We don't know. I'll ask you one more time, Detective.

Where is the tape?

We lost it. Monroe: Mm.

In light of these developments... and I would think you should be very happy to hear this.

With Mr. Monroe's approval, I'm going to offer Mr. Deferlito the opportunity to voluntarily dismiss the indictment to save us all a bunch of embarrassment.

I don't feel comfortable with that, Your Honor. Further, I'm going to put all charges against Mr. Grant under seal.

This case is dismissed with prejudice and not to be refiled.

Hold on, Detective.

If you have another suspect in the automobile death, then you are to present him.

But Mr. Grant is free from any further inquiry.

This is over. Do I have your understanding? Thank you.

Close the door, Detective. Please.

You finessed this. Didn't you?

I'm sorry? You finessed it.

I know it and you know it.

I know who you're after.

I saw all the evidence. Not just a toll photo.

You got to get him the right way. Oh.


So let me get this straight.

What you're telling me is I'm supposed to sit around with my thumb up my ass and my fingers crossed, hoping that one of these fucking days, somewhere down the line, one of these rich assholes is gonna say the wrong thing loud enough so that we can't choose to ignore him anymore?

Get the fuck out of my office.

Yes, Your Honor.

Well, when do you expect her? Hey.

When do you expect her? What's going on?

So I don't have to call you a ninth time, can you take down what I'm saying?

Word for word. Exactly.

Okay. You got a pencil?

All right. Are you ready?

Okay. Here goes.

Mrs. Miller, exactly how fucking stupid do you really think I am?

He didn't hurt anybody.

He helped a lot of people.

This piece of paper makes everything okay? No.

It makes it easier.

You heard him say something.


Robert, look. You asked me to come meet you and I'm here.

But I came because I want to get something straight between us.

We're even.

Okay. We're even.

Just for the record, though, what you did, way beyond the money.

Nothing beyond money for you, Robert. We both know that.

Thanks a lot. If I take this... what does that say about me?

Fuck it. I'm going to take your money.

I'm going to do something good with it.

Hey, sweetie.

What time do you want to get there?

I don't want to get there too soon.

How late do you think it will go?

You okay? What is it?

You spoke to Brooke? She told you that?

No, she didn't have to. -

Yeah, I explained to Brooke... You explained?

Did you tell her everything? Yeah. Yes.


Lift up your shirt. What?

Lift up your shirt.

Did you tell her about this?

Ellen, I don't know what you think you know. Don't treat me like an idiot.

You've been sneaking off to see her for months. You don't think I know?

What do you think you know? I never cared, really, about your secretaries, your gallerists, your whores, whatever you want to call them.

I cared about our home.

Now you brought this to our door. I did what was necessary.

No, you did what was necessary for you, Robert, for your interests.

For my interests? Yes.

Everything I do is for us. For this family.

Now you're telling me how to run my business? This isn't about business!

This is our life! Where do you think we're going tonight?

What do you think I've tolerated all of this for so long?

You tolerated? Wow.

I'm glad you find that funny. What about me?

What about me? What about the complaints?

The unhappiness? The drinking?

The shopping? The trainers? Everything!

But, yes, the charities. The wonderful, sainted charities.

You know, all the wonderful things that you do.

How do you think I pay for them?

I didn't ask you because I didn't want you to lie.

Because you didn't want to give them up. I thought that we had an understanding, and you broke that understanding when you brought Brooke into it.

No, I kept her out. When you made Brooke complicit.

When you risked her future, and I'm done. I kept her out.

What is this? Read it.

All ownership and voting rights transfer to the Miller Charitable Foundation to be administered by Brooke Miller.

You really expect me to sign this thing? You're not following.

Apparently not. No, no. Okay.

Um, the police have been trying to talk to me.

I assume because they want to know where you were that night.

I'm not going to lie for you.

Not unless you sign that. Yeah.

This leaves me with nothing.

I think you'll find a way to manage.

I'm sure you have all kinds of things offshore for a rainy day.

This is fucking crazy. If you sign it, then I will tell your lie.

I will say that I was with you that night. All night, here.

And you will be free and clear.

And the people that need our money will get it. That's my price.

You are out of your mind. I am not signing this.

I will not sign that!

Well, then, I will have to tell them that you came home at 4:30... bruised and bleeding. Why would you tell them?

That's fucking ridiculous. What...

You trying to blackmail me? I think we call it negotiating.

You're not going to win that one. There's no fucking way.

Then you know what? It will cause just enough trouble, the kind of trouble that you don't want.

Apparently, according to my lawyer, it's enough... Fucking lawyer... give them probable cause. Fuck!

Then they can subpoena your DNA and your cell phone and... Fuck the DNA!

I'm sick of this shit! So, really, Robert. What you have is a choice.

You can either be in court and the tabloids for the next three years, or you can be at your business.

You won't do this. You won't do it.

You wouldn't do it to the kids. Just try me.

You broke our little girl's heart.

It's how it all works, Ellen.

You know that. I know.

But she didn't. She'll be better for it.

The world is cold.

Then you're going to need a warm coat.

There's one more thing. I hate to mention it now... but I just received it. Speak, John.

I had Stern Marling do a secondary audit on the Miller financials.

Who authorized this? I did.

What did you conclude? It's in front of you.

I didn't ask you what the paper said, John.

I asked you what you thought.

What do you think?

I think...

I think I don't see anything wrong here.

Brooke: And to receive this prestigious award...

I invite now to the stage the man who led this generous effort and whose financial trading firm, Miller Capital, was just this morning acquired by Standard Bank & Trust.

A dedicated businessman, a family man, philanthropist, and all-around humanitarian.

A man I am very lucky to call my mentor, my friend, and my father.

Mr. Robert Miller.

# I see #

# Who you are #

# Behind the skin #

# And the muscles #

# I see #

# Who you are now #

# And when #

# You get older later #

# I will see the same girl #

# The same soul #

# Lioness, fire heart #

# Passionate lover #

# And afterwards #

# Later this century #

# When you and I #

# Have become corpses #

# Let's celebrate now #

# All this flesh on our bones #

# Let me push you #

# Up against me tightly #

# And enjoy #

# Every bit of you #

# Let's celebrate now #

# All this flesh on our bones #

# Let me push you #

# Up against me tightly #

# Let's celebrate now #

# All this flesh on our bones #

# And enjoy #

# Every bit of you #

# I see #

# Who you are now #

# I see. #