Ardor (2002) Script

Original Story by JEON Kyeong-lin KIM, Yun-jin

LEE, Jong-won GYE, Sung-yong


My name is Lee Mi-heun I married a senior classmate the year I graduated from college We had a daughter and spent eight happy years together I devoted myself to my house and family My husband loved this about me This was how we planned to grow old together Not finished yet?

Let's wrap it up and go to bed Leaving this unfolded can bring bad luck tomorrow December 24th, 2000 Even on the night she came over I believed my life would always be this peaceful Hello?

Yes, it is Yes. Go ahead

I bought some beer. I didn't want to come empty handed I thought I should see Mr. Kim before I leave

I owe him quite a lot

I wanted to stop by earlier Anyway, we had a party around here He's the only one who didn't show It's not that I had to be there I'm leaving early tomorrow Are you going far away?


You know what a foster home is?

It's for abandoned children I'll be living there with them

Sounds like a difficult job

Nice apartment How big is it?

Oh, there's a flag in the house

My daughter drew it in pre-school Something is wrong with it But what?

Isn't it upside down?

Right, it is!

I knew something was wrong with it

How silly! It's drawn upside down

Sweetie She doesn't know anything What the? What are you doing?

Can't you stay with me tonight?

Miss Jung, stop it. Are you drunk?

But I'm really leaving tomorrow!

Aren't you sad at all?

Don't do this, get off me No, I want to stay with you Can I sleep here with you?

Sweetie, huh?

Young-woo Can I sleep here with you?

I haven't slept in days. Let me stay, sweetie Don't you miss me, honey? Smell me I know you love me, huh?

You two, if you need to talk, go outside No, Mi-heun, that's not it Let go She's just drunk, that's all Let go

You crazy girl This house

This house not here! Don't you know that?

Get out! Get out, now!


How disgusting

Was it fun fooling around?


Get out It's over now. Stop it Let go!

What the?

Want to know what he said to me?

He said I pull him in all the way He said he'll never forget how I squeeze him tight inside me

We weren't just fooling around I even got pregnant Last month, I had an abortion, and he Your husband, I mean He waited outside the operating room afraid I'd get hurt He worried I wouldn't wake up and he'd never see me again!

We loved each other like more than you could ever dream of And you want me to leave?

You got to be kidding I've got as much right to be here as you!


I didn't know there was a knife!

I didn't know, sweetie Daddy?

Su-jin! Go back to your room Mi-heun, open your eyes!

What the hell did you hit her with?

Mi-heun! Mi-heun! Open your eyes!

6 months later She just moved here from Seoul and doesn't know her way around So help her adjust The countryside's best for kids We had a bus for them until last year But the school funds have depleted I see

The head wound is fully healed There shouldn't be any problems Nothing will stop your headaches I'll prescribe a tranquilizer You know what a drug addict is?

Snap out of it, Mi-heun, please?

Ma'am? We're at Butterfly Ville This is where you get off

Get on No, you go first Oh! It's you! Hello Coming from somewhere?

You're getting around well I went to the school Taking off Oh, mister! I'm coming on

Honey? I picked Su-jin up from school

Daddy, what's this? Oh, that's a TV If you press here, we can watch TV Cool, huh?

Mommy, look! Daddy came to school in this!

You bought a car? Oh, you're up Well, you'll need a car too, to get to the hospital You can use the other car. On weekends, we'll go around in this How's that sound, Su-jin? Great!


Hello? Yes, professor, this is Hyo-kyung I'm here for good

I handed over the publishing company to Chang and took over the bookstore over from Dae No, nothing like that Well, with my wife's health No, it's nothing serious She just needs clean air and rest Yes, I think so I'll come by sometime Take care, professor. Bye, sir

Hi, Mommy!

I couldn't quit, no matter what Even after getting lung cancer

Rest stop

A bottle of water, please

Hey! Yeah?

You put a novel under Reference!

Ah-huh Don't sit around doing nothing Go clean the windows

Fuck the nice weather today


Are you the owner of this car?

There's something wrong with it What's the problem?

I'm not sure, it just stopped

When's the last time you put gas in the car?


Didn't even know that it's out of gas

15,000 won, please What about the gas can? Excuse me?

You have to return it, but You're not from around here, huh?

Just visiting? No, I live here

3000 won more for the can What?

You know doc, but I don't know you I ain't never seen you 3,000 won!

How's country life so far?

You moved into the house downhill?

Didn't change your car plates yet?

I didn't know you lived uphill I was surprised to see you come out of that house It's famous around here. Did you know when you went in?

That does it

Seems like your thoughts are always somewhere else

Are you okay?

Live here for a month, you'll see. It'll bore you to death No mall, no theatres It's an hour from the city If you sit around doing nothing, you'll just go crazy Doesn't the Mrs. have a job?

You must have made a lot of money

You should come out more People are saying you're sick since you don't come out Rumors!

Oh, I didn't know that Don't be offended It's different from Seoul around here Anyway, did you meet him? Up the hill?

When they moved in, it was worse than here Wondering why a young, handsome doctor would think of coming here Do you know the bamboo house? On the way to So-Jung li?

What about it?

I heard something happened there The village was turned upside down last year A stabbing!

A woman killed her father-in-law in broad daylight

The son was such a nice man I'm telling you. The wife ruined him completely She had some nerve being butt naked with her lover in broad daylight!

When the old man caught them she grabbed the sickle from him and Gives me chills just thinking about it


Wasn't it fun today? Yeah, science class was best Mommy! This is Oh Mi-sook. She sits left, right, up from me She takes the bus a long way Can we give her a ride?

Where do you live?

Seven stops on bus #2 My house is right there

Bye See ya Take care, Mi-sook Bye You!

I told you never to get in a stranger's car!

You brat! Go inside, now!

Wow! She's scary No, she's not Greet her politely next time Okay

Can I play at Dong-wook's house?

Okay, but be back before dinner Yes

Did you have fun at his house? Uh-huh

What are you doing? Let's eat Daddy, I already ate Did you eat, Hon?

Mommy's sick again You said you ate, right? Ah-huh Let's get ready for school tomorrow Okay


Why are you crying?

What's the matter now?

These people can die doing that. Why would they do it?

It's so stupid What?

Maybe you should've died before she came over Then I might've died along with you No, it would've been better if I died first Then I wouldn't have found out. That would've been nice

I can't do it I can't go back to the way we were But why am I here, in this house, still sleeping next to you?

Life, It feels so empty so boring that I'll go crazy Nothing's worth living for everything's a waste Just stop it!

How many times do I have to tell you?

It was just an accident I apologized over and over!

I gave up everything to be stuck here running a tiny bookstore!

For what? I dedicated my life to you and Su-jin!

Frankly speaking you always lay around like a corpse but did I ever complain about you?

You're really something, Mi-heun! Really something

You're not going to sit here wasting away your life, are you?

The weather's too nice for that Would you like some coffee?

Su-jin, turn down the volume! Mommy's head hurts Yes, Mommy

Su-jin, let's go Kim Su-Jin, quickly Where are we going? Mommy has to go into town Quick, go to Dong-wook's place Okay Let's go

What's the problem?

My head it hurts so much I can't do anything Let me take a look


All right

That's fine

Does it hurt like this often? Yes Since when?

Since last December 24th

Were you hurt?

Did a specialist look at it?

Yes It's nothing serious But your head still hurts? Yes

Let's check your blood pressure

I was treated by a neuro-psychiatrist. They're vascular headaches Please just write the prescription. It's Xanax and Diazepam

Write it, please

All right Let me just see your health insurance card

Lee Mi-heun?

I'm Choi In-kyu What do you do most of the time?


Your head hurts because you stay in sleeping

I really have to get going Uh, yes, that's right You shouldn't take too much Diazepam or Barium Thank you

Ah, Mi-heun?

Want to play a little game with me?

Having fun is the best medicine for headaches For four months, until summer's end let's pretend we're lovers We'll have fun together and have sex Sound intriguing?

But there's one rule If one of us tells the other "I love you", then it's over We can never meet again

So I'm not proposing a relationship, just a game

Why would anyone play such a game?

Life's full of changes I don't like being tied down Or, maybe it's because I know I'll never lose

And mostly, because I find you attractive

Do you play this game often?

Not often, but once in awhile

Why can't there be love?

Confessions of love, marriage Typical steps before sex

I hate it, it's like insurance I'm not a person who can fall in love So how about it?

You look bored, too

I know you'll play it. You have nothing else to do

They have the best mushrooms here. Let's get some Mushrooms, please

Your mom's not out waiting today


See you tomorrow, Mi-sook Bye Mommy!


Mommy! You bitch! Come here!

Mi-sook! Mommy!

Come here, quickly Hold on You bitch! Come here! You fucking bitch!

Hey, get over here!

Get back here!


He's my husband

I met him working at a bar the first customer I slept with

He'd drink and then beat me Went in and out of jail

No matter how far I try to run

he somehow ends up finding me

Crazy, ain't it?

Looks like it will rain

It's the typhoon coming there's always one around now


Hi, Mom I called because of the typhoon Is your place okay?

It's okay If you're fine, then bye for now Wait, Mom? What?

How's Dad? The same as always I see Then, I'll see you soon. Bye

Each time you played, have you always won?

There's no winner in this game just a loser Have you ever lost?

Only once to the woman who first proposed it to me

What happened then?

I asked her to live with me and to get a divorce Threats, stalking I turned worse than scum

Who would play such a game?

Bored women?

Ruined women?

There are women who want to be ruined

Like you

Open your eyes

Don't look at it No, yours is so beautiful

What do we say now?

Anything Anything you want

How many kids do you have?

Nothing like that

Was I any good?

You don't know how seductive you really are So you look so normal You're really fantastic I thought my whole body would be sucked into you

Does your wife know about your lifestyle?

As long as she doesn't see it, she's okay with it She knew about this before we married I've always been like this Even before I ran away from Seoul

Why did you leave Seoul?

Why did you spend 2 weeks in the hospital for a head wound?

That's not fair One advantage of living up the hill

Tricky, aren't I? As much as me?

You got me there