Arkansas (2020) Script

[man over TV] Palmer, Alaska has luxury homes with million-dollar views. [man chuckling]

[man over TV] Cole and Amanda have saved up and are ready to spend the big bucks.

This log house has surprises around every turn.

[Cole] Now, that's nice.

Wow! [Kyle] I've always suspected that I didn't want the desirable things in life as much as I should.

Women, cars, houses, movies, bands.

These things were how people chiseled out a tidy philosophy of life.

[Cole] This can't be for real. [Amanda] It's really serene.

[Kyle] I never needed a philosophy of life.

[Cole] And one more thing. This is awesome.

[Kyle] It's only people who wanted things, felt guilty about getting things and frustrated about not getting things that needed a philosophy.

[Amanda] It might be my favorite part of the house.

[man over TV] The garage of Cole's dreams, a party shower and a sunroom. What will it all cost?

[Kyle] I was just as pleased to get drunk or drink a bunch and not get drunk.

[Cole] The main thing is the grass for me.

There's just so much of it. [Amanda] Yeah.

[knocking on door] [Kyle] Hmm?

[lock clicking]

[Kyle grunting] [man groaning]

Give me your weapon.

I don't got one. [groans]

Someone that fights like you should have a weapon.

Trespassin' is a lot different than armed robbery, smart guy.

[Kyle] Mm-hmm.

You talk too much. [man mumbling]

[knocking on door]

[Colin] Kyle, you here? It's Colin.

Tell me you still got it, man.


Ooh! That's what I'm talking about.

Hey, that's what I'm talking about.

[exhales] You may wanna step out for a while.

Why's that?

Well, there's a gentleman may stop by.

If so, I got to shoot him.

Colin, you one crazy son of a bitch.


[TV audience cheering]

I got a guy in my closet.

I don't know if it's the same one you're thinking of.

Curly headed? Yeah, that's the one.

And he's alive?

So far.

Pack your shit.

Did I just get promoted? [Colin] Yep.

You goin' to Arkansas.

[Kyle] I'm a drug dealer.

I'm near the bottom rung of an outfit run by a man named Frog.

A man I've never met before.

To be honest, I'm not sure he even exists.

What a lot of people don't know about organized crime in the south is that it's not that organized.

The term Dixie Mafia has always been too generous, implied too grand a scale.

There's a handful of big-time operators that run everything regionally, but... it's nothing like the Italians or the Mexicans, no families.

Just a loose affiliation of deadbeats and scumbags.

No code of honor.

No philosophy of life.

It's mostly boring solitary work, but that suits me just fine.

Relying on other people is the fastest way to end up dead in this business.

You Kyle? [Kyle] You Swin?

Welcome aboard. I'll be your co-pilot this evening.

Colin didn't mention I'd be captaining a highway barge.

Yeah, well, you're moving wholesale now, the big leagues.

[Kyle] What's with the cones?

I thought the randomness of it might throw off a cop.

Well, I guess that's smart.

[Swin] I'm somethin' of a criminal mastermind.

Oh, you're one of those witty people?

I've been called worse.

You kinda remind me of a game show host.

You know what, Kyle?

It strikes me that if you wanna be the strong silent type, you really gotta keep yourself from commenting on every little thing.

It won't be right away, but at some point soon I'm gonna knock you on your ass.

[Swin chuckles]

I suggest you keep the bullshit to a minimum.

Look at you.

No, you act tough now, but we'll be friends.

Everybody who meets me wants to be my friend.

Yeah, I find that hard to believe.

I mean, what's not to like?

What kinda name is Swin anyway?

Your mother's. Get in.

If we go 83 the rest of the way we won't be late.

Getting pulled over with drugs makes you really late.

There I go learnin' again.

You don't get this smart on accident.

That's nice to see.


You're sad. No.

It's just most women don't breastfeed anymore, which is a shame, you know?

'Cause breastfed babies get fewer syndromes.

I was a formula baby.

Your big ass I'm guessin' had a mouthful of the real deal.

No idea. [Swin] Oh, I bet ya did.

Bet you had a titty in your mouth from day one.

Let's call your mother and ask.

She's dead.

I wouldn't care if all my sisters died.

You're fuckin' stupid. [laughs]

[tarp rustling] Ah, shit.

God damn it.

Really? Duct tape, MacGyver?

You see any rope in there?

I'm improvising 'cause your damn cover job was so shoddy.

[Swin] Shit. [Kyle] Fuck.

Uh, let me do the talkin'.

Hey now. I'm Mike, how's your day going?

Uh, first aid kit's in the console.

Pat Bright, Park Ranger. You boys heading far?

Corpus Christie.

[Pat] I noticed your rig needs some help.

[Swin laughing] Well, not sure I agree with that 100 percent, but I guess everything gives out in time, doesn't it?

If you're patient.

You gotta get more rope, go corner to corner.

Yeah, I know it.

Uh, we were just in a rush this morning.

Still are.

What's the haul?


Yep, some, uh, computer tycoon, you know?

Used to be oil, now it's computers.

There are no faucets in Corpus?

[chuckles] That's what I said, but he said he's gotta have that adobe-marble core.

[Pat] Mm-hmm, well let me take a look how you got this stacked.

I'm a safety expert in this state.

I appreciate... I appreciate it, sir, but the thing is, we really gotta haul ass.

We're already pretty far. Hey, enough questions.


What's the cones for?

You boys are carrying a load of faucets, stuffed with bags of powder and plug.

You left from Little Rock and you got a map of each state in your glove box.

I'm with Frog. I've been ordered to intervene.

So, you boys not gonna have a lot of choice about your immediate futures.

You gonna work under me at the state park.

Frog's got a whole new loop of clients and I'm running those deals, so try not to look like deer in the headlights.

Try to look angry or bored or something.

So you know Frog, personally? I've known Frogman for years.

Ever since a truck of his got lost in my park.

You boys gonna ride with me.

What about the flatbed?

[Pat] Uh, Colin here will take it the rest away.

[Colin chuckles]

What's up, Kyle?

I don't think you gonna need that.

I about blew you away.

You trying to convince someone? No.

No, I hate guns.

They say it ain't smart to fuck around with someone you don't know.

Your name is Kyle Ribb.

You never killed a man and your name is Swin Horn.

You never killed a man.

You're dependable.

You're a project.

[car door closes]

[Pat] So, here's how this is all gonna shake out.

You two boys get to live in trailers on the park grounds.

Don't worry, I'm not playing favorites.

They're identical.

You'll have nine to five covers as park peons.

Maintainin' the grounds, directin' lost SUVs.

You are here, you're gonna make a right and a left all the way to the end.

[Pat] Your cover names are Robert Suarez and Ed Mollar.

These are my rules.

I'm only gonna say 'em once, so listen the fuck up.

I am the boss.

You may never refuse an order and you may never quit.

If you decide to run off, I will hunt you down and I will kill you, no matter how much I've grown to like you.

Do not socialize with the locals.

Do not bring girls around.

Do not draw attention to yourself.

In time you two might take over the operation, cutting me in for a humble percentage.

Why, just think. One day this could all be yours.


[Swin pants] [vacuum whirring]

[Swin] Where's the boss?

Vacuumin' his Corvette.

Goin' on two hours. He's obsessed with it.

More of a German car guy myself.

You think there's any chance Bright is Frog?


It's fresh thinkin' though.

Where do you think Frog lives, on a ranch somewhere?

I think that we will have to work at this company for a long time before we ever found out anything true about the Frogman.

I heard he has a pool shaped like a lily pad.

Yep, there you go.

For a long time it's just gonna be shit like that.

Inconsequential falsehoods.

[Pat] Sleep well? All nested in?

Would either of you boys like to call me sir?

You can if you want.

I won't think it's corny.

We're gonna go traffic drugs across state lines, sir!

[Swin] You see that?

Place like that's where my sisters are gonna end up.

How many of those you got anyway, like, ten?

They don't have their real father.

Their stepdad is overly strict.

He ran me off, so I'm not there to protect 'em.

Sounds like a stripper recipe to me.


Well, you never can tell.

One of 'em's already named Cinnamon.

[woman over PA] I need a price check on register five.

Price check on register five.


Excuse me, ma'am?

Do you happen to know where the radishes are?

I don't know, with the vegetables.

That's an educated guess. [chuckles]

New in town, name's Swin.

Oh, your name's about as dumb as mine.

Johnna. Pleasure.

Really no tellin' how long I'll be in the area.

Yeah, I'm a freelance government auditor.

Let's get this courtship underway.

I'm on shift tonight. What about tomorrow night?

Church. I'm actually working...

Did you say church?

Yeah, you should try it sometime.

I have. We all have.

Well, try again. Maybe it'll stick.


Can I help you with something? What about Saturday?

This is creepy.

The radishes and then the following me out to my car.

You're... You're just creepy.

Do you like creepy? [sighs]

I'll tell you what.

You can't so much as kiss me for five dates.

And then what? Then you can.

[Kyle] What the fuck? You can't date a local girl.

Bright told us to keep a low profile.

It's no big deal.

I'm not teachin' her our secret handshake.

You tell Bright? No, and I apparently shouldn't have told you.

Yeah, you might be right.

Evening, ma'am.

Oh, those are the pitiful-lest things I've ever seen.

You carry that?

[Swin grunts]

I got it. Are you sure?

[Swin] Yep. [grunts]

[man] I'm barbecuing some shrimp, making dinner for breakfast.

Y'all hungry? [Swin] No, thanks.

[man over radio] So far it's been a very tight game.

A hundred.

Does it run?

Oh, no, you don't ride it.

The thing's a curiosity. So it don't run?

So you turn a profit just selling books and socks?

Oh, I don't have to turn a profit.

It's a great business model. [man] Mm-hmm.

Um, sir, this scooter is a piece of America.

I don't see why you wouldn't wanna buy it.

Oh, I don't care about America. [Swin laughing]

I care about listening to the St. Louis Cardinals on the radio.

[man over radio] Calvin is now one, one with...

There he goes. Where is he...

[man over radio] Pitcher throws the fifth.

He's kind of a neat guy.

All he does is cook breakfast and listen to the damn radio.

That's all he does all day. What's wrong with that?

He's just mean.

He won't give you ten bucks for a Rolex.

I wouldn't give you ten bucks for this thing.

[thunder rumbling]

Well, this could go on all night.

Flood the trails, a real gully washer.

You boys better start out now if you wanna get back home.

Otherwise you'll be stuck with me all night.

[rain pattering]

I'll wait it out. [Swin sighs]

Yeah, me too.

[rain pattering] [thunder rumbling]

I'll fix it.

[remote clattering]

There, that's better.

Then as the English say, boys, let us press on through till the dawn.


You can hit the sack if you like, Abigail.

You can sleep in my bed if you want.

I just don't really drink. I'm not trying to be a dick.

I have a feeling that's your line.

My line is... may you dream of offered tits.

I say that, ah, once in a while.

Splash, splash, down the hatch.

[Swin groans]

They say I have the feet of Christ.

Gentlemen, I would now like to say a few words about boredom.

♪ Oh boredom is a beautiful thing ♪ No, because a bored criminal is a good criminal.

So if you boys ever catch yourselves startin' to complain about boredom, just remember it's better to have to look for something to do than have something to do look for you.

[Swin] Mm-hmm. [telephone ringing]

[Pat] Hmm. [telephone ringing]

[telephone beeps] Hello.

[Her] The bake sale is a go. [Pat] Got it.

[telephone beeps]

That was our new orders.

That was Frog? [Pat] That was Her.

She calls herself Her.

She is a black lady.

Lives on a houseboat other side of the lake.

She always calls with orders.

Why does she call herself Her?

Well, this is pure conjecture, but I imagine that if our organization was infiltrated or somebody wearing a wire or tappin' phones, what have you, then all they'd hear is Her this and Her that and...


Her could be any woman at all.

So we're gonna hand deliver the drugs and receive cash.

That's new. It means Frog trusts us.

Yeah, like a promotion really. Where we going?

Castor, Louisiana.

Uh, here is good.

You see, in my country it's rude not to... study something you buy.

You like um, Sunny D?


We buy bulk. We're sick of it.

Who's we? My... My grandson.

Nick, bring, uh, juice pouch this minute.

[man over TV speaking foreign language]

[Old Greek sighs]

[Old Greek speaking foreign language]

Hey, easy!

Oh, gosh how... Look how rude, I... I...

I wave this thing.

Nick, show manners.


And let them see you or they get nervous.

They don't know how weak you are. [chuckles]

Don't worry so much about being rude.

Check the balls and bring out the money.

His, um, poor father... very strange egg as you American's say.

As a child he paid another boy to partake of the sex act with a dog.

[man over TV speaking foreign language]

A small dog.

Dogs actually enjoy sex with humans, you know?

It'd be like you having sex with a super-hot alien.

[Nick sighs]

Uh, what, uh, county of Arkansas are you from?

Huh? Tell him to bring in the money.

Very sorry, it's, uh, a rude question.

Don't say the word rude again.

It's in my power to pull this deal.

Nick! Bring the bag.

My plight is, um, horrible one.

I'm no longer noble.

Now I'm threatened by men in my own home.

I had a life, now I have shit.

Hey, could be worse.

If you don't bring that bag out here in a hurry it could be worse. Nick, come! Bring the bag!

We're good.

No hard feelings.

No feelings at all.

["He Stopped Loving Her Today" playing]

♪ He said I'll love you Till I die ♪

♪ She told him you'll forget In time ♪

♪ As the years ran slowly by ♪

♪ She still preyed upon His mind ♪

♪ He kept her picture On the wall ♪

♪ Went half-crazy now and then ♪

♪ He still loved her Through it all ♪

♪ Hopin' she'd come back again ♪

♪ Kept some letters by his bed ♪

♪ Dated 1962 ♪

♪ He had underlined in red ♪

♪ Every single I love you ♪

♪ I went to see him just today ♪

♪ Oh I didn't see no tears ♪

♪ All dressed up to go away ♪

♪ First time I'd seen him smile In years ♪

♪ He stopped lovin' her today ♪

[Nick] Put your fucking hands up.

[singer] ♪ They placed a wreath Upon his door ♪ I don't mean to die before I get those water spots off the Vette.

♪ He stopped loving her today ♪

♪ I know she came To see him one last time ♪

♪ Oh we all wondered If she would ♪

My God, where are you from, son?

At least tell me that.

[Nick] Uh...

Castor. Of course.

Fuckin' Castor, Louisiana?

[Nick] Mm-hmm. I followed them boys in the van.

You followed them? Uh-huh.

Uh-huh, who was driving?

[Nick sighs]

That short little piece of shit in the glasses.

And you and him worked something out.

No, they ain't know nothing about this.

Don't bullshit me.

Swin could never face me for the dirty work.

Mm, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. You're wrong.

This is my doin's. All mine.

Where's the money? [Pat groans]

What is the state of things... [coughing]

...when a person like me can be disgusted?

God damn it! Where's the money? [Pat groans]

[Johnna clears throat]

Do you wanna come inside?

Right now?

Tonight was our fifth date.

I know you got a fucking stash in this place and you're gonna give it to me! Why?

So you can waste it on community college?

You wouldn't know what to do with my stash. [groans]

You fuck! You see this? [Pat spitting]

[screams] You're not bluffing!

You figure that out?

I've never been tortured before, please!

It's in the attic.

[Pat groans]


Uh... [coughs]

[grunts] Just need my one hand for it.

[Nick] What for? So I can fish it outta there.

Don't worry, I'm in no condition to cause anybody harm.

[Pat exhales]

So, that's the duct.

Just move those boxes and that pot outta the way.

Oh. [sighs]

[Pat groans] [Nick] What's this thing?

It's a eight track player.

Who raised you, son? Critters and things?

Shut the fuck up.

How's it work?

You press the tape all the way in, push down on the plunger and you got music.

[button clicks] ["Lookin' For Love" playing]


[Nick] I don't understand it. [Pat] Son?

It's not gonna end well for you.

It's your last chance to do the smart thing.

[Nick sighs] Yeah.

Well, it's your last chance to do anything.


Go on, get it.

All right.

You're just gonna have to help me up.

I can't get up on my own.

♪ And tellin' those sweet lies ♪

[Pat] Ow! ♪ And losin' again ♪

[Pat groans] ♪ I was lookin' for love ♪

[gunshot] ♪ In all the wrong places ♪

♪ Lookin' for love In too many faces ♪

♪ Searching their eyes And lookin' for traces ♪

♪ Of what I'm dreamin' of ♪ [grunting]

♪ Hopin' to find a friend And a lover ♪

♪ I'll bless day When I discover ♪

♪ Another heart Lookin' for love ♪

Tell me somethin' about yourself... that nobody else knows.

♪ And I did everything I could To get me through the night ♪ I can't see my sisters.

My stepfather's brainwashed them.

Where are they?

Doesn't matter. Might as well be the moon.

Do you have pictures?

No, I didn't want pictures.

Pictures are pretty good.

Especially with writing on the back.

♪ All the wrong places ♪

♪ Lookin' for love In too many faces ♪

♪ Searchin' their eyes And lookin' for traces ♪

♪ Of what I'm dreamin' of ♪ [Nick gasps]

I always thought I would die outside.

I don't why.

It's just a feelin'.

No, we... We ain't dead yet.

I know. No, we're fine.

♪ Then you came a knockin' At my heart's door ♪

♪ You're everything I've been lookin' for ♪ That was just the rest of your life talking.

It's fine.

May... Maybe...

May... [grunts] What... What?

May you dream of offered tits.

[Nick grunts]

Bright, you home?

Must have got in the ol' whisky cabinet.

Nothin' in the sink but a coffee cup.

Is that blood?

[breathes shakily]

He followed us?

It's not as bad as it looks. It's just a busy day.

You're gonna go to the hardware store, buy some new insulations, plastic sheets, clean up the blood, wipe down all the door handles.

All right? [gasps] What?

What are you... What are you doing?

What are you doing?

[Kyle] Don't let anyone near the house.

Where you going? Where you going? Fucking...

[singer vocalizing]

[Kyle] Hey. I didn't wanna be rude, so I brought your grandson's gun back.

[Old Greek] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

[gunshots] [Old Greek groans]


[Kyle] I'll bury the Greek kid somewhere else.

Distance ourselves from him and the grandfather.

[Swin] Why don't we just bury 'em both here?

[Kyle] We're not buryin' Bright's killer in his park.

[Swin] Why are we covering this up?

We didn't kill 'em. [Kyle] It buys us some time.

You know six feet's only a custom, right?

Custom we're gonna follow. [crickets chirping]

I should've checked to see if anybody was following us.

I know that and I... I accept responsibility for that.

I already know it was your fault.

You don't have to tell me that. You don't have to be a dick.

I'm apologizing, okay?

That's what people do. It's not what I do.

It's got nothin' to do with payin' attention.

You should've felt someone following you.

Yeah, so called gut feelings come from your brain and I was thinkin' about somethin' else.

I got distracted. Thinkin' about what?

I don't know now. I think about shit all the time.

I spent years training my brain to race.

I can't just fuckin' turn it off like a switch.

That's why you're so good at this shit.

Your brain's managing.


You were thinkin' about that fuckin' girl.

[train horn blaring]

Why didn't we run as soon as we found him dead?

In whose car?

Bright's? With Frog's money?

Headed where? Back to Athens and Vanderbilt?

I don't know, we didn't even consider it.

I did.

You ever consider that if we run off it looks like we planned this?

It looks like we have a reason to run.

Frog will hunt us down and kill us if we run.

Running's a death sentence.

I'll try to get in touch with Colin.

We better tell the story ourselves than have it tricklin' up that chain of command.

Things trickle down, not up.

Sorry. I'm sorry.

It's not me, it's my brain. My brain's a real asshole.

It'll work out.

We just gotta get ahold of Colin.

That's how we stay alive.

Even so, don't you think maybe it's time to get a gun?

Bringin' in guns doesn't settle the situation down.

What if just you had one? You trust yourself, right?

The answer is no. Do you think it makes you a fuckin' tough guy to be unarmed?

Which one of us recently shot someone?


If Frog wanted us to have guns we'd have guns.

["A Country Boy Can Survive" playing]

♪ The preacher man says It's the end of time ♪

♪ And the Mississippi river She's a going dry ♪

♪ The interest is up And the stock market's down ♪

♪ And you only get mugged If you go downtown ♪

[man] Listen, Testament.

I got a couple boxes in the back.

I'll go fetch one.

That way you can bring all your crap in here at once, instead of comin' in here everyday and depositing it piece by piece.

♪ I got a shotgun ♪ I'm not a cop.

Okay. ♪ Country boy can survive ♪ I got somethin' you can move.

Bootlegged cassette tapes.

I can handle that.

♪ I can plow a field All day long ♪

♪ I can catch catfish From dusk till dawn ♪

♪ Make our own whiskey ♪ Come again.

♪ And our own smoke too ♪

♪ Ain't too many things Those boys can't do ♪ The tapes are over.

Well, it lasted longer than I expected.

You headed somewhere?

I'm goin' to Illinois, but the bag's not.

♪ Can survive ♪ Peter Pan, PCP.

Do I look like a drug dealer to ya?

This is Button's number.

He'll pay shit, but he won't kill you.

♪ We say grace And we say Ma'am ♪

♪ If you ain't into that We don't give a damn ♪

[man] Testament gave me a suit.

If it turns out it doesn't fit...

[Buttons] Meet me a block north of Frayzer High in three hours.

♪ We can skin a buck We can run trot line ♪

♪ And a country boy Can survive ♪

♪ Country folks can survive ♪

♪ I had a good friend In New York City ♪

♪ He never called me By my name just hillbilly ♪

♪ My grandpa taught me How to live off the land ♪

♪ And his taught him To be a businessman ♪

♪ He used to send me pictures Of the Broadway Nights ♪

♪ And I would send him Some homemade wine ♪

♪ But he was killed by a man With a switchblade knife ♪

♪ For 43 dollars my friend Lost his life ♪

Love you, baby. ♪ I'd love to spit ♪

♪ Some beechnut In that dude's eye ♪ Sure you do.

♪ And shoot him with my ol' 45 ♪

♪ 'Cause a country boy Can survive ♪

♪ Country folks can survive ♪ [man whistling]

[gun cocks] Get in.

Give me your gun.

Ain't got one.

Don't fuck with me.

Take it out slow, put it on the floorboard.

[woman over radio] A couple months ago.

I miss him so much.

[man over radio] I'm sorry to hear that.

I am so sorry to hear that, but you know what?

[woman over radio] What? [man] Bright must need the money back. That shit you sold him was bunk.

[man 2] How do I know he ain't lying?

[man] Probably is. That's between the two of y'all.

[indistinct chatter on radio]

You want some?

I'm on a strict diet. Hennessy and ass.

How'd you find me?

I followed you since you left the shop, you dumb shit.

[woman over radio] JJ.

[man over radio] All right. JJ, you heard that.

I'll give you 5,000 to let me go.

[man over radio] Want you back. Come on, now.

Get your mind right. [man] Shh.

[man screaming]

[tires screeching]


[man] I wasn't gonna kill you. I'll let you go.

I swear, man.

Come on, man.

[gun cocks] [man screams]


[man] I gotta get the fuck outta Memphis.

[man 2] I got a friend in Pine Bluff named Almond.

What's his name?

[man] Almond, motherfucker. Like the nut.

All right. [man] I'll set you up.

Appreciate you.

[shop bell rings]


What can I do for ya?

[man] Well, I think the question is what can I do for you? My name's Frog.

I got a friend from Memphis who said you are, uh, looking for new employees.

Did he, now? [Frog] Mm.

Mm. [indistinct chatter on radio]

You know this world we livin' in?

It's becomin' morally atrocious.

Individuals with low, low quality just over runnin' the whole goddamn planet.

What kinda individual are you, Mr... Frog?

I'm an individual who's had to talk his way out of a lot of hardships.

[Almond] Hmm.

Made me quite the salesman. [chuckles]


Salesman, huh? [Frog] Yep.

All right, you give me just one minute.

[telephone dialing]

[Almond chuckles] [phone ringing]

Last call.

[gun cocks]

Oh, man.

[Almond exhales]

[phone ringing]

[gun cocks]

[man] Hello. You still alive?

[man] Fat like Thanksgiving. My boy there?

Yeah, he here.

[man] You set him up with your sister yet?

[chuckles] Fat chance.

[puts phone down]

I only got one friend in Memphis.

Lucky for me he's mutual.

[sighs] You got one week to turn that into a franchise.

Oh, and if anybody raises or as much as furrows a brow... you tell 'em you with Almond.

[Almond] Wasn't expecting you back so soon.

I guess I was better than you expected.

[chuckles] Or dumber.

Oh. And about gettin' more inventory, the answer's gonna be no. No?

It's Friday night.

I could sell two, three times that this weekend.

You sell to those assholes at that rate, what's gonna happen?

They gonna end up either broke or dead in a couple of months and then what?

Now, look, when I give you a week's supply, you make it last. That's the rule.

Are there anymore rules I should know?

Yeah, a shit load and if you stretch one the rest are useless.

[engine revving]

[man] That's him, Shelton.

[Shelton] Hey?

Sorry, fellas, I'm dry.

[Frog groans, coughs]

I'm with Almond. I know.

[Frog groans]

[shop bell rings] [gun cocks]

Look like you had a rough weekend.

That caveman, Shelton, put it on me pretty good.

Was that on your call? That fuckin' Shelton.

Get that thing outta my face and come on.

So Shelton's not with you? [Almond] He used to be.

He used to be my brother-in-law.

There any other relatives I need to worry about?

Yeah, my sister.

[man over TV] You and I will march straight to the cops.

So what? He's in business on his own now?

As much as he's capable of.

That motherfucker's so dumb, couldn't even think of a different front.

Why don't you just kill him? And then what?

Go to jail for killing that fool?

Uh-uh. Who would take care of my sister, you? [chuckles]

I'll deal with Shelton when the time is right.

When the rewards outweigh the repercussion. You dig?

What, you ain't ever hear cost benefit analysis?

[sighs] Come on.

Come on.

Now, remember, you keep your mouth shut unless he asks you a question, got it?

Does meeting your middleman make me your number two already?

If numbers make you feel better.

I guess it ain't everyday you meet a nice white man you can groom into something.


Who's this honky?

Oh, that's my driver. [door closes]

I'd have left him in the car, but I figured a dude sittin' in the driveway for two hours is a little suspicious, so I brought him on in.

Wait here.

[speaking Spanish] Who's the gringo?

Be right back.

Sit down.

[clock ticking]

Move and I'll cut your damn head off.

Got it.

[music playing on TV]

That was fast.

Thank you for your hospitality, senorita.

[Almond] Sit down.

[sighs] We ain't goin' nowhere.

We're about to watch a movie. The Toxic Avenger.

[fist thudding] [man groaning]

Socializing part of the deal?

[men groaning]

Well, he don't like people pullin' into his driveway and pullin' right back out, so no ticky, no washy.

[all laughing]

He's on his ass. He fell right on his ass.

Might as well be selling ice cream.

[laughs] [man laughing]

Can't be helped.

Fuck it.

Between 9:30 and 10:30 a red Cadillac with several bricks of cocaine in its trunk is gonna come cruisin' down Stringer Avenue and turn left on Bethel Road.


I got nothin' to say to you.

Well, it was gonna be somebody. [chuckles]

Isn't part of you glad it was me?

Why couldn't you just kill me?

Because I respect you, Almond. I learned a lot from you.

You respect me, huh?

Well, you're gonna take care of all my responsibilities... as a man.

Let's hear it. [Almond] First thing... you take care of my sister. Put her in the Rissler House.

Best fuckin' suite they got.

All right.

[Almond] And if you haven't already...

you kill Shelton.

One condition.

I want the middleman.

I want him in good fuckin' standing.

You thought of everything, didn't ya?

You can have him.

You have him... and be cursed.

[puts phone down]

[laughs] This fucking idiot.

Every time, man, look at him.

He come up, he don't know what he gonna end up with.

[indistinct sports commentary]

I ain't seen this one yet.

So, I'm going through some lifestyle changes.

I need to cash out.

I wanna sell you my wholesaler.

How much? Hundred thousand.

I'll give ya 60.

♪ All the gold ♪

♪ In California ♪

♪ Is in our bank in the middle Of Beverly Hills ♪

♪ In somebody else's name So if you're dreamin' ♪

♪ About California ♪

♪ It don't matter at all When you played before ♪

♪ California's A brand-new game ♪

♪ Trying to be a hero ♪

♪ Windin' up a zero ♪

♪ Can scar a man forever ♪

♪ Right down to your soul ♪ It was my fault this shit happened, but that doesn't mean I'm taking a demotion.

I'll let you be leader, but I wanna be consulted on everything.

Ah, don't worry. I don't wanna be anyone's boss.

♪ 'Cause everything That glitters ♪

♪ Is not gold ♪


[bones clattering]

Ah, shit.

[Swin] Look what I found.

Are those bones? Mm-hmm.

Human bones? Who the hell's this?

It was a fluke Bright died.

He was a bad ass.

You might be one of those. Little old you.

What you got?

Forty-four thousand dollars.

That was here in the house? In the drier.

Set to permanent press.

[sighs] Well, what do we do with it?

Nothin'. Put it back in the dryer.

Someone will come for it.

Forty-four grand doesn't just get lost in the shuffle.

Tomorrow we'll reopen the park, make sure everything's spotless and then wait.

Okay, what are we gonna tell Her?

Ah, fuck.

I forgot about Her.

She sent us to Castor. For all we know she set us up.

Okay, we'll tell her Bright's on a trip.

[chuckling] That lie has a pretty short shelf life.

Well, I'm sorry I don't have a ten-year fucking plan mapped out for us. All right, all right.

[clears throat] Let's just get the lie straight, okay?

We're gonna say that Bright went to Oklahoma... with an Indian.

That's it? That's it.

You throw in a couple details, but you don't worry about if the listener believes the story or not.

It's the apathy of authority.

Okay. Oklahoma with an Indian. Oklahoma with an Indian.

And don't name the Indian. Like Shits Where He Eats.

You're a fuckin' idiot. [Swin sighs]

A live idiot.

This fella here is a dead wise man.

In today's top story, a man from Castor, Louisiana, was found dead in a suspected gang style execution.

There are no suspects...

What? ...but Castor Police are asking the public... No.

...for any information that could help their investigation.

[Swin sighs] [turns TV off]

Did you ever get ahold of anybody in the company?

No, I tried Colin, but he didn't pick up.

Fuckin' try him again. He never leaves his shop.

[telephone keypad beeping]

[phone ringing, beeping]

[automated voice] We're sorry. Ah, shit!

You have reached a number... What?

...that has been disconnected or is no...

It's disconnected.

Fuck! [Swin] Do you have another number for Colin or, um, maybe we could try that guy, the guy with the ear thing.

Um, fuckin' Rock Pile.


I mean, I used to know... the guy that I met Colin through.

Fuckin', um, Dennis or... Or Denny. Uh...

[telephone ringing]

Answer the fuckin' phone. [Kyle] Yeah.

Yeah? [Her] The bake sale is a go.

[Kyle] Okay.

[telephone beeps] Who's that?

That was Her.

I think.

She said, "The bake sale is a go."

Go on and stare for ten seconds. Go on.

I was doin' my treatment. I got a disorder.

Makes my hands and feet sensitive.

Doctors never could diagnose it. Said it was all in my head.

My mother said, "Well, fix that then."

I read that very little pain is in the mind.

I can't wait to die.

Be a lot simpler if I could kill myself, but that's a sin and I ain't goin' to hell.

I'm waitin' on the Lord to strike me down.


Yes. Father, your will, your way.

Take me, Father.

Yes, Father.

So, the packet? Don't be rude.

Don't be rude.

There's a way to treat a lady. Thank you.

Where's the ranger?

He went to Oklahoma with an Indian.

What kinda car did the Indian drive?

I think it might've been a Kia.

Could've been a Hyundai.

Just say how the fuck should I know?

[chuckles] I like boys like y'all... that don't get hung up on having a long life.

Say thank you.

[Kyle] Thank you. [Swin] Thank you.


Should we go or...

Yeah. [Her] Yeah.


[indistinct TV chatter] Hey, dude.

What the fuck are you doin' in here?

[Swin] I got the flu. I came over here to rest.

Those trailers are so uncomfortable.

We shouldn't hang out here except when it's necessary.

Could look weird. I'm not. It's one day, relax.

[knocking on door]

You expectin' somebody?

It's just Johnna, she's bringing me some soup.

You better not be letting her in on anything, I mean it.

It's soup. Would you fuckin' chill?

[Johnna] Hey, Kyle. Hey. He's in there.

[groans] [Johnna] I knew you'd be sick, because I was sick two days ago. I brought you chicken broth.

Just broth, no soup?

Trust me. You're the doctor.

[Johnna] I'm a nurse actually. [Swin chuckles]

Whoa, this is a nice house.

This is the nicest house I've ever been in.

I mean, it could use some touches, but, wow.

[woman over TV] You have a bigger guest bath...

Who all lives here? [Kyle] Our boss.

We can use it, but not sleep in it.

[woman over TV] If you were willing to do that...

[Johnna] Why? Who else works at this park?

See? I knew this would happen. I knew you'd become intrigued of me and my glamorous lifestyle.

We work for a private firm that's been hired to evaluate the state park system.

Head ranger here was deemed unfit, so he got sent to an Indian reservation in Oklahoma.

We're just stayin' on to put things right until he's replaced.

What exactly are you puttin' right?

[sighs] Mostly just, uh, book keepin', you know?

But if the house is empty, why...

No, can't use it. It's a conflict of interest.

I mean, nobody'd really know if we did.

We only come here for meals, okay?

In fact we're about to leave, so we should probably just... [pounding on door]

You invite somebody else?


[pounding on door]

Mornin'. Uh, don't be disturbed.

I'm, uh, here lookin' for a Patrick Bright.

Uh, head ranger.

Well, we're not disturbed.

Ranger Bright isn't available right now.

Maybe I should start over.


I'm Barry.

I'm a good friend of...

Well, my dad was a good friend of Ranger Bright's.

Guys started a tree service together years ago.

Yeah, so, anyway, he passed away, so I'm drivin' across the country and visiting all of his old pals, you know? Trying to...

Anyway. Uh, he always said Ranger Bright was one of the good guys, so... here we are.

He is indeed, but unfortunately he's not here right now.

We're the juniors rangers. I'm Mollar, that's Suarez.

Junior rangers? That's what I said.

[chuckles] Sorry you came all this way.

Bright's at a convention in Tulsa.

Somethin' about Native American's.

[Barry] Oh, is he? When's he gonna be back?

They don't tell us. How about I take your number?

I'd like to get her number.

We don't want any trouble. [Swin] No, no, no trouble.

Oh... you two?

Well, I wouldn't wanna break up such a lovely couple.

[Swin] No danger of that, Barry.

I'm smarter than you and younger.

Are you? [Swin] Mm-hmm.

Well, I'm rich. I'm not a junior anything.

Barry, I could buy that pretty little truck out from under you with 100-dollar bills.

Could you? [Swin] Mm-hmm.

Man, it'd take a lot them... Okay, fun's over, man.

...100-dollar bills, buddy. See you soon.

Hey, if you... Hey!

Hey, where'd you get all them 100-dollar bills, huh, little man?


Is that true about the hundreds?

[Barry] I'll see you soon.

Mostly. It's complicated.

[woman on TV] All the storage you need and...

[Johnna] Junior rangers... right?

And I thought Bright was at remedial training?

No he... He is. It's, um...

It's... Yeah. It's just all... It's all complicated.

It's boring.

You don't wanna... you don't even wanna...

What are we gonna do with the money we got from this run?

Put it in the dryer with the rest.

Frog will probably be impressed we held onto it this long, you know?

Probably already counted it as just lost.

How much you think he knows?

Uh, maybe only that something's not right.

Maybe he knows about every piss we take.

Maybe Barry works for Frog too. Holy shit. [chuckles]

Also a possibility.

[Kyle] You know, you might be right.

Maybe we should get a gun.

I actually might know a pawn shop we could check out.


[Frog] It's not Halloween.

What are these kids doing at my door?

[Swin] Oh, Halloween's for Baptists.

[indistinct chatter on radio] [Frog] I suppose that's true.

Come on in.

[Swin] Thank you.

You remember me? [Frog] Well...

I didn't forget ya.

This is my buddy, Ed. [groans]

Hello, Ed. Hey.

We need guns. A gun, singular.

For what?

Well, we work over at the park and we got our vacation coming up.

We like to shoot targets to relax, but all we have is these shitty rifles.

Our boss said we should try here for handguns.

Ranger Bright said you should try to get a gun from me?

[Swin] Oh, yeah.

He really respects you. Said nothing mystifies you.


Shit. Hang on.

It's the seventh inning here. Boys are down.

[commentator] ...Freeman did and just like that...

[Frog] All righty. ...there's one out...

[Frog] Yeah, we get that game going here.

[commentator] He tried to get a little fancy there and it didn't work out. [Frog] Sorry about that.

[commentator] He really took that lead and...

Where were we? Guns.

[radio continues indistinctly]

That's right.

Well, I ain't got no guns, but, uh, you can go to Little Rock and get ya a gun.

Well, we got a real problem with city guns.

We want somethin' from out in the sticks that someone's dead daddy owned.

What's the plan for you two?

You know, in life?

Excuse me?

Well... [lighter clinking]'s not too late to get on a raft and float downstream... because bad things can happen to those that don't pay the community fees.

You're a little nutty.

[lighter clinking] I love it.

It's fair to say that you traffic in some underground goods.

What's the going rate for a set of human bones?

[commentator] That ball swung on.

There's a high ride into right center field and boy, this is gonna hurt us.

Depends on the person. [chuckles]

You gonna sell us a gun or not?

No, I am not...

because in your line of work... guns is as likely to get you killed as it is to protect ya.

And what line of work is that?



What's your line of work?

Guess I'm a ranger, too.

Guess we all are.



Thanks for the smoke.

Where's Swin? [Johnna] Joggin'.

Said the increased oxygen flow helps his brain.

[Kyle] Hmm.

Can I help you with somethin'?

[sighs] I need to know how long you're stayin'... and don't say to ask Swin.

It's impossible to tell right now and that's the truth.

[Johnna] He doesn't tell me a thing.

He won't even tell me where his family lives. [chuckles]

Well, at this moment we have no plans to leave.


You don't need to tell me anything exact, but... how bad is it?

What you two do?

I mean, if you got caught, how long a sentence are we talking?

Rangers in trainin'?

Park auditors? I'm not stupid.

I should check you for a wire.


I like you, Johnna, but the truth is I don't know you.

Where would I hide a wire? [chuckles]

Oh, okay.

Yeah, okay.

Well, it's hard to say about jail sentences.

I mean, rapists get off, pot heads go to prison.

Depends what kinda evidence they got or who rats you out.

Sometimes you can buy a way out.

What is all this? Are you all right?

I'm pregnant.

I'm pregnant.

And I'm tryin' to figure out how to tell Swin.

I mean, I...

I could always make somethin' up and dump him.

No. No, you can't do that.

[sighs] You can if you want, but...

I think you should face...

Look, I don't know what I'm trying to say.

Should you be eating all that candy?

I just wanna know where I stand.


A lot of people think that parenting is impossible, because their own parents were lousy.

Yeah, I don't know anyone who had good parents.

[Johnna] I didn't...

and I turned out all right.

We're drug runners.

Like wholesale.

We make runs all through the south down to Florida... and Park Ranger Bright, he was our boss.

A few weeks ago a guy followed us back from a run and killed Bright.

We didn't know what to do or who to tell, so...

we buried Bright's body in the park and I went back and I killed the guy's grandfather.

Now we're flyin' blind.

Sittin' on all this cash. We don't know what to do with it or who to give it to, we just...

We keep takin' assignments as they come and doin' our best.

If we were gonna run away we'd have done it already... as soon as we found the bodies.


[Kyle sighs]

Who am I kiddin'?

These trailers are pieces of shit.

We might as well live up at Bright's house.

[Johnna] We need to go shopping this weekend.

This weekend.

We need to get a stroller, crib, that kinda thing.

The list is long.

I can't this weekend, we got work.

Okay. Where are you goin'?


I would love to tell you every little thing that we do, but it's better for you if I don't.

You sound stupid when you say stuff like that.

You don't think it's kinda sexy?

I never thought anything was sexy in my life.

[chuckles] [door opens]

I don't. [chuckling]

Why did you get a soda? We got that here.

[Kyle] Value meal. [car approaching]

That old frat boy came back.

[car door opens, closes]

He is determined.

[Barry] Hey, sweetheart, where you goin'?

You ain't gonna say hi?

Oh, you never called.

I didn't wanna torture you.

Hey, Barry. Is your daddy still dead?

Yep. I take it, uh, Mr. Bright ain't available?

Afraid not.

Bright actually got transferred to Oklahoma.



Come on, where is he? Barry, what makes you think that I'd give a flying fuck if you talk to Bright or not?

[clears throat]

Anybody thirsty?

[clears throat] Barry, I think it'd be best if we made you that lemonade to go and got you on your way.

We should do that.

Why would I bother myself tryin' to figure all this out anyway, you know?

[Barry laughs]

You know what's funny?

Every time I come over here... you boys are here, just hangin' out.

Nothin' to do, hmm?

Seem a bit suspicious to you?


How about you? You know where Mr. Bright is?

[pitcher shatters]

Oh, my God. Babe, don't look, don't look.

Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me.

Hey, look at me. Don't look at him.

You're okay. You're okay. You're okay.

[Kyle] It's okay.

You're one of us now.

[Johnna sighs]

[Swin grunting]

[Swin] You know, this time a year ago I was in grad school.

[Kyle] Keep goin'.

[Swin] Ah, fuck!

♪ Tryin' to be a hero ♪

♪ Windin' up a with zero ♪

♪ Can scar a man forever ♪

♪ Right down to your soul ♪

♪ Livin' on the spotlight ♪

♪ Can kill a man outright ♪

♪ 'Cause everything ♪

♪ That glitters ♪

♪ Is not gold ♪ Come on back with the Gatlin's.

♪ All the gold in California ♪

♪ Is in the bank in the middle Of Beverly ♪


[Tim] Go on. All right, ready? [coughs]

Check it out.

Mm. Not bad. This you boys' station?

We're full in our rights to use it.

How much for an oil change?

No charge. Well, it has to cost somethin'.

We don't need money. We live with our aunt.

Bring it over.

I'm Tim, he's Thomas.

How long you been outta school?

We can read. And then some.

What does your aunt think you do all day?

Our aunt don't really care what we do all day.

She believes what we tell her.

What if you told her y'all went off to college?

Well, she'd think we was off to college.

How do you like being mechanics?

We think it ain't gonna work out.

Well, it happens, I'm in the black market game.

Happens I'm lookin' for some help.

[indistinct chatter on radio]

So what do you say?

You guys wanna try workin' for me?

What's the title?

Oh, uh...

Senior Distribution Executive.

It's a good position for two corn fed white boys.

I'm only gonna say this one time, so listen the fuck up.

Y'all listenin'?

[Thomas] Yep. [Tim] We're listenin'.

I'm the boss.

You may never refuse an order and you may never quit.

If you decide to run off...

I will hunt ya down and I'll kill ya, no matter how much I've grown to like ya.

You're not allowed to bring girls around, and you will not show out and make a fool outta me.

Tim, you'll no longer wear that earring.

You take the damn thing out right now.

Yes, sir. In time... you two might take over the operations, cutting me in for a percentage.

You're different people now.

You're drug dealers. [chuckles]

[engine starts]

[shop bell rings] [Frog] Tim, Thomas?

Mornin', boss.

What are you kiddies up to? Just makin' doughnuts.

Asleep at the wheel of the American dream.

[chuckling] [shop bell rings]

The ovens are busted, ain't got no doughnuts.

Only thing for sale is this painting of Tim and Thomas.

And, uh, this right here... for the right price. [chuckling]

I'm not lookin' for doughnuts. Well, good for you.

[Pony Tail] Let's cut the bullshit.

Come again? Knoxville wants to buy everything you can get your hands on in the next ten days.

You mean Conway from Knoxville? I said Knoxville, didn't I?

Well, I'm not sure what I can get my hands on.

Find out.


[shop bell rings]


[Frog] It's everything. We talked about that.

[Tim] We cleaned everyone out.

I bet there ain't no spec of coke in the whole god dang state.

You sure you want us to leave?

Yeah, I don't want Knoxville getting nervous at the sight of you two.

Don't worry, this ain't my first rodeo.

Go on, get. [Thomas] Yes, sir.

♪ Till Stoneman's calvary came And tore up the tracks again ♪

♪ In the winter of '65 We were hungry ♪

♪ Just barely alive ♪

♪ By May the tenth Richmond fell ♪

♪ It was a time I'll remember ♪ You know, if you think you're good enough to outdo a man... that's what you do.

♪ The night they drove Old Dixie down ♪

♪ And all the bells Were ringin' ♪

♪ They went Na, la, la, la, na, na ♪

♪ La, la, na, na, La, la, la, la, la ♪

[men grunting]

If you're wrong... you pay the price.

[Pony Tail] Hey, um...

[Tim] Attitude. I don't know anything.

That's just the way things play out in this kinda life.

I try not to take it personally.

♪ There goes the Robert E. Lee ♪

♪ Now I don't mind Choppin' wood ♪ Am I gonna die?

♪ I don't care If the money's no good ♪

♪ But they should never ♪ I don't...

♪ Have taken the very best ♪ Most likely.

♪ The night they drove Old Dixie down ♪

[Pony Tail choking]

♪ And all the people Were singin' ♪

♪ They went Na, la, la, la, na, na ♪

♪ La, la, na, na, la, la, la, la, la ♪ Seven-fifty in cash, half a million in assets.

This is what you call next level.

We got buyin' power now.

We need to expand.

Well, gang bangers are taking more streets day by day.

We're gonna have to set up some high-end exclusives.

What do you think, Frog?

I think you can grow the business any damn way you wanna grow the business.

It's your business now. You do what you want with it.

I trust you.

[Thomas] You feeling all right, boss?

[Tim] Maybe you took too many hits to the head.

The only mistake my mentor ever made, was not knowin' when to step aside and...

I don't want it to be like that with us.

It's time I handed it over.

You boys are ready.

[Frog] Semi-retirement has a luxurious tone to it, don't you think?

It does to me.

I'll find me a small place out in the country, maybe over by Bright's park.

I'll open up a little curio shop.

Sleep late, go to bed early, sell people shit they don't need in between.

We wanna have as much good debt as possible.

One day we're gonna be level six investors.

[Thomas] Right. Like true capitalists...

[Frog] I'll be like those mob bosses in movies... sittin' around in pizza joints, gettin' fat.

It's a privilege I owe to you.

You boys have made this possible... and unless there are people stupid enough to provoke me... stupid enough to create a threat to us or our business, be it through youth or cockiness or ignorance... or whatever brand of idiocy it would require...

I'll gladly lie dormant in my little shell... while you two run the show.

Sorry about that.

Where were we?

[Kyle] My actions don't seem to have any consequence.

[pounding on door]

Someone might still come to kill us, but it seems less likely with each passing day.

Near as I can tell, Bright's death was my promotion.

I guess as long as his operation is runnin', Frog don't care who's runnin' it.

[Johnna] Cornelius. Beautiful.

Beautiful. Like Planet of the Apes.

Oh, yeah. [Kyle] I'd like to meet Frog.

[Swin] It's a good movie though.

[Kyle] I'd like to know what he thinks of me, as much for curiosity's sake as self-preservation.

[fireworks exploding]

I'd like to look him in the eye...

and see if it looks like a mirror.

Packets on hold until I talk to Ranger Bright.

[Her] What? Oh!

Y'all interrupting my exercise time.


Why would you be exercising if you wanna die as soon as possible?

I wonder what your rude friend wants to do if I don't have a packet, hmm?

I intend to kill you by strangulation.

Now, it'll be suicide, 'cause I'm giving you a fuckin' warning.

Why not just shoot me?

All I brought are my big strong hands.

What, do you roll the ball around in a circle 500 times?

Shut your ass up.

[Kyle] Is this an order from Frog?

Frog said no more packets until he finds out what's happenin' over here?

That's right.

He wants to know what happened to Ranger Bright.

Right, and we're probably supposed to tell you so you can tell him.

Right. Bull fuckin' shit.

Are you the boss of this whole thing?

Don't be an idiot. [Swin] Wait a minute.

Are you the Frogman? [Her chuckling]

You have no intuition.

Intuition is for women.

You don't need to worry about intuition right now.

What you need to worry about is the fact that you're an unnecessary middleman and we've been thinking about streamlining.

Frog will be impressed if we can make this operation more efficient.

You are superfluous.

What the fuck does that mean? You can't do that.

You can't streamline.

We do a whole bunch of shit we're not supposed to do.

Frog don't seem to mind. You don't understand.

I'm a buffer. I'm a vital layer of insolation.


[Kyle] Hmm.

I'm convinced you have a packet in here and I refuse to tear the place up.

Now, you're gonna hobble right over and get it for me.

[Swin] How does one practice intuition?

Do you pray? [Swin] Mm-hmm.

Most prayers sound hollow in your head.

But every once in awhile one echoes.

That's the same as intuition.

I'll pray for you if you pray for me.

The packet!

It's stuffed in the ball you asshole.

What the fuck? Why would you hide it from us?

'Cause I was scared, just like y'all are.

Now, I wanna know what happened to Ranger Bright.

He was my friend.

Your friend? [Her] Yes.

You think that distributing a manila envelope every two weeks constitutes a friendship?

To me and the ranger it did. [exhales]

[Kyle] Oh.

We're not scared.

You said we're scared, same as you, but that's wrong.

We're not.

Consider that your baby shower.

I'm sorry.

You're right.

"Sandra Bullock is the happiest she's ever been.

She views her divorce and its fall out as a blessing and something she grew from."

I'm sorry, but those magazines are the canary and the coal mine of Western civilization.

Stop it. They're fun. It's materialism run rampant.

All that celebrity worship and trash culture.

It's drivin' everybody crazy and they don't even realize it.

Keep talking, Professor.

What do you think all these zombie movies and post-apocalyptic stories are about the last few years?

What? All these children's novels about over throwin' the government and fighting each other to death. What are you talkin' about?

It's mass projection.

Everybody wants the world to end, because if that's what's passing for the American dream these days they all wanna opt out.

Of what? Of everything, fuckin' society.

Is that what you picture you did? Opt out?


[Johnna giggles] You wanna know the big reveal?

Hmm? You can't opt out.

You can't, I tried. I thought I had done it.

But look at me.

Here I am. Still ended up with a boss, a job, and a wacky coworker and a baby on the way.

[Johnna] It's a boy.

[chuckles] Is that a fact?

It is.

Boy? [Johnna] Yeah.

[exhales, chuckles]

I'd like to get the baby some savings bonds for, you know, save up for college.

Or clown school?

Or open a gun range. [chuckles]

Why won't you marry me?

I don't not want to get married, but...

[tuts] ...we're still in the infatuation stage.

Even though we're having a kid together there's no denying that we're infatuated.

That would be hard to deny.

We should wait until after we're not attracted to each other anymore to make a decision about marriage.

It just doesn't make sense. What if that never happens?

Just give it time.

[Swin chuckles]

[Frog] Colin was killed.

Cops busted into his shop and shot him... lookin' for information about a car and a dead kid they pulled outta the swamp.

Ranger Bright's body hasn't been found, but...

I'm pretty sure he's been killed too.

I sent Barry over there to investigate.

Now he's missing.

They come here and scare you half to death.

Then they stop by my shop, ask me if I wanted to... purchase a set of human bones.

These two are supposed to be workin' for me.

They're about the worst enemies I've ever had.

I never had anybody kill my associates or steal my money.

Whether they have a plan... or they're just lost in a maze of their own fuck ups, it don't matter now.

They're stupid.

That's what makes them dangerous.

They'll be caught soon.

And whatever happens after they've been caught... well...

whatever would've happened after they've been caught ain't never gonna happen.

You're gonna give 'em one last package.

One last trip.

Somethin' to make them feel comfortable.

Make it close to Hot Springs.

They're feelin' lucky like, uh... [chuckles]

...something's goin' right for 'em.

Nothing's ever gonna go right for them again.

Love you, baby.

Sure you do.

We shouldn't be here.

[gun cocks]

Gray Cyprus, Kentucky. Tell Johnna, Gray Cyprus.

[Thomas] What'd you say? That's your sisters?

[Swin] Mm-hmm. Don't be talkin' in code.

Is he your brother or your husband?

[chuckles] He's funny.

Frisk 'em.

[Swin grunts]

They're clean. Get in the tub.

You, come on.

Let's go. Get.

Let's go.

Let's go. Let's go, move.

[Swin] Oh, you act tough now, but we'll be friends.

Everybody that meets me wants to be my friend.

We work for you, don't we?


So what were we supposed to do, hmm?

What would you have done if you were us?

[Tim] Well...

we both know you ain't gotta do anything to get in this spot... and I ain't you.

Not by a long shot.

Nah, you're a fat fuckin' slob.


What about the pawn shop guy that doesn't sell anything?

What do you think?

I was starting to think he was Frog.

He was right there the whole time.


So this outfit's based in Little Rock?

It ain't based anywhere.

Why so secretive?

You're planning to kill me, right?

Oh, it's way passed the planning stages.

First we need that cash... location of the bodies, the girl.

You should question Swin.

I'm not bothered by torture.

Well, if I was gonna question Swin, I'd have to hurry, 'cause he gonna be dead in a minute... and if you keep being such a pain, well, we'll just go ahead and shoot you in the head too.

We don't need the money that bad, and we can find the girl on our own.

The girl doesn't know shit. Apparently not... hangin' out with you two losers.

If I was you...

I'd go ahead and speed the plan up.

Keepin' me alive is only gonna end badly for you.

Don't embarrass yourself trying to scare me.

Of course, your brother's the only one allowed to have a gun, so we'll have to wait.

Why don't you just go ahead and shut the fuck up right now?



[Kyle] Why do people keep doin' stuff?

Wipin' counters down... takin' pictures, cheatin', offendin' things?

What the fuck is the point?

It's evolved.

[both grunt]

Many schools of thought, but, in layman's terms, being the most sophisticated monkey also makes you the most confused monkey.

So takin' action, any action at all... is a way to alleviate that confusion.

What's your line of work?

Guess I'm a ranger, too.

Guess we all are.

[both grunt]

[Tim groans]

[Tim sobs]


[Kyle knocks]

Jesus, just go ahead and tell me.


Swin was never scared.

He never begged or tried to sell me out.

He was just...

He was exactly Swin to the last.

You got ten minutes to pack up and leave Arkansas for good.

Here's the money for you and the baby.

You go to Kentucky and you find a town called Gray Cyprus.

That's where Swin's family lives.


Swin's got, like, 40 sisters.

Little guy will have more attention than he knows what to do with.

[Johnna groans]

[sighs] The baby knows something's happening.

His real last name's Horn.

I know.


You could come with me.

No, I couldn't. It wouldn't be safe for ya.

I know, I just wanted to at least have said it.

Where... Where are you gonna go?

[Kyle] I don't know.

I liked it here...

and I liked livin' with you and Swin.

I don't know what...

[Frog] Kyle's gone.

You got a choice to make, Thomas.

You can spend your whole life lookin' for revenge.

Go crazy... and ruin yourself...

or you can get passed it... run the business.

You hear me?

[Tim] One day we're gonna be level six investors.

[Thomas] Right, like, true capitalists, you know?

We're gonna own everything together.

You know, like a team, like... [Tim] Like a team.

Yeah, yeah. Like, but like us, you know what I'm sayin'?

You want some of this? [Tim] Yes, please.

So it's all just gone?

That's it?

I'm broke?

Thomas sold everything. He cashed out all the accounts.

Stocks, bonds, you name it.

He said, "Time is of the essence."

Thomas said, "Time if of the essence?"

Well... he said, "Hurry the hell up" is what he said.


This is the danger of a joint account.

Even if someone's like family, hell, is family... we can never really be sure what goes on in another human's mind.

Ain't that right?

[Frog] Mm-hmm.

[fire crackling]

[man] Yeah, who's this? Froggy from Memphis.

[man] Who? Colin's boss.

[man] I thought Colin's bosses were two big twins.

Yeah, I was their boss. I had to let 'em all go.

[man] Frog? Frog? [chuckling]

Okay, I know who you are. Figured you'd be retired by now.

I tried, but, uh, you know, it didn't suit me.

I'm gettin' my hand back in.

What I need... is a weekly shipment to Oklahoma City.

[man] Can't do it.

In Oklahoma it's all meth and the meth is all local.

Oklahoma's a bad choice.

These days it's nothin' but scumbags in the business.

Well, there's always been scumbags.

I'm a scumbag.

[man] I'll tell you what, take this number down.

Anybody who can get you started it's CQ.

You got a pen? Come on with it.

[man] 947-5583.

Got ya.

[man] Like I said, Oklahoma is no good.

Don't say I didn't warn ya.

[dial tone]

[clock ticking]



[Frog] Oklahoma's whatever I say it is.

If Arkansas is what I say it is...

Oklahoma's what I say it is.

I'll start with nothin'.

Maybe I'll get me some new boys.

Maybe I won't.

Maybe I'll work for somebody else. [chuckles]

That'd be a fuckin' hoot.

One day my story will come to light.

It'll be pieced together... passed down... exaggerated, doubted...

insisted upon.

I will have a grand final act.

Looks like Thomas found ya.


He's dead.

And then some.

[Frog] I'm a killer.

You're not.

I'm smart... you're not. I'm the boss.

You may never refuse an order and you may never quit.

[chuckles] Now, I never asked for my life to become a great story... but that's what's happenin' here...

and now it's happenin' to you, too.

You're different people now.

You're drug dealers. [chuckles]

[Kyle] I'm a drug dealer.

No one knows they're a drug dealer until they become one.

Once they do... there's no resignin' the post.

["In the Arms of Cocaine" playing]

♪ Some ladies love diamonds ♪

♪ Fast cars and freedom ♪

♪ Trips to the island ♪

♪ Castles in Spain ♪

♪ Las Vegas card sharks ♪

♪ Blues men that blow French harps ♪

♪ But no strings to her heart ♪

♪ Just the arms of cocaine ♪

♪ Yeah, she likes to run ♪

♪ With us high riding cowboys ♪

♪ She says she feels A whole lot ♪

♪ More at home on the range ♪

♪ She can handle her feelings ♪

♪ In most all situations ♪

♪ She just cannot handle ♪

♪ The arms of cocaine ♪

♪ Hey, I'm just a rhymer ♪

♪ Writing down new phrases ♪

♪ Looking for ladies ♪

♪ Who know I'm subject To change ♪

♪ Content to believing ♪

♪ The songs I am singing ♪

♪ Help her find her feelings ♪

♪ Help her break the chains Of cocaine ♪

♪ Oh my lady is special ♪

♪ She's into my kind of music ♪

♪ She likes Jim Beam and water ♪

♪ Instead of champagne ♪

♪ I like Levi's and leathers ♪

♪ Making love together ♪

♪ No more stormy weather ♪

♪ Since she broke the chains Of cocaine ♪

♪ No more stormy weather ♪

♪ Since she broke the chains Of cocaine ♪