Arn: Tempelriddaren (2007) Script

Based on the book by Jan Guillou Arn - The Knight Templar

The Holy Land

The war raged between Christians and Muslims in a battle over the city that was sacred to them all: Jerusalem.

Assaults and robberies made it dangerous to travel in the inhospitable country.

In order to protect travellers, the church... sent their most-feared warriors:

The Knights Templar.

For some, they were God-blessed soldiers.

For others they were the devil and evil demons.

It is him.

The devil with the Red Cross. "Al Ghouti."

Why does he help us?

Al Ghouti.



Many years earlier, in the cold Nordic countries, Arn Magnusson grew up.

His fate would be decisive for many peoples' life and death.


Arn! Where are you?

It is not fun anymore.

Arn, come out now!

Yes, you are dead!

What are you doing out here alone? What?

This is no place for small boys.

Arn was born on the farm Arn s in West G taland (Gothia) in South Sweden, a small kingdom where three powerful dynasties competed for the crown.


Arns parents, who belonged to the Folkung dynasty, had long kept the peace with their neighbors.


Have you seen the boys? No, Sigrid, my wife.

Get Mr Magnus! His brother is here.

I found them north of the creek. Are you completely out of your mind?

What is it with you? How many times do I have to tell you?

Never go alone into the forest. Never! No.

In with you now!

Birger! Magnus!

What brings you here, brother? The King is on the way.

King Erik Jevardsson tried to strengthen their power against the most dangerous enemy: the Sverkers ("Swedes").

He had allowed construction of a church that now would bear his name:

I want to cement our long friendship in the Church's sacred land.

Do I have your support, Folkung-Clan?

Or do I have to leave your house as your enemy?

Knut, get your jinx out of here!

Choosing the right side was crucial: Knut knew from his father that those who fought for the crown could gain much, but they could also lose everything.

So you'll be king one day? Father says it's decided by God.

He says that my son will be king, and my grandson, and my grandson's son.

And your great-great- great-great-grandson.

Can I hold him? Mm.

Oops, sorry! He always comes back.

Folkung supported the king Erik, so that he could inaugurate the church.

A "God's house" (church) - but located on Sverker land.

How dare you attack God's house?


Listen to me, Folkungs!

Now there is only one legitimate king in West G taland (Gothia), and it's me, Karl Sverkersson.

Who is he?

Is that his son?

No, he is with me.

Knut is not safe here. I say we send him to his brothers in Norway.

The sword was from the sheath, and... the people turned around to God with fear.

Because only God knew what the future would bring and who would be friend or enemy.

On Monday the Arn s family prepared for uncertain times, and Arn would soon get to know God's intentions for him and his family.

Will there be war now? No, don't worry.

We have a new king. That's all.

So it is.

Where is Knut?

He is in Norway.

But should Knut not be king?

With God's help he will claim the throne one day.

We have to be patient. No, Ingmar! Those go to the forge.

Arn, come!

Look! It is Knut's bird.

No, Arn! You should not go up there.

Arn! Don't do that!



Mother! Mother!

Mother, come! Arn!



Arn, do you hear me? What happened?

I told him he was not allowed to go up there.


We must not give up hope, Magnus.


Good God, make Arn healthy again.

If you let him live, we promise to repay you.

We promise to let him do your sacred work.

He will be your servant on earth.

God, we give you our promise.

God, we give you our promise.

We give you our promise.

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie...


Our prayer has been answered.

Listen now, I've decided. You can't be serious.

He is just a child.

We promised, Magnus.

No, Sigrid, I will not send my boy to the monastery.

Do you think I want to do it?

I can no longer turn a blind eye for my sin.

He is just a child. We promised, Magnus.

If God let Arn live, we would give him to his holy church.

God has a task for Arn.

For something so large we should not stand in the way.

It is God's punishment, Magnus. We have betrayed him.

This is how he reminds us.

We must meet our promise.

I take him to Varnhem monastery.

Father Henri. My children.

Father, I need your help.

What is it, my child?

We have an extra blanket if it gets cold.

Where is mother?

We will do what we can for her.

The boy...

Brother Lucien has examined the mother.

The sores on her face are quite consistent with swine fever.

That we can cure. Her arm...

It is blood poisoning. There's only one cure for that.

It has to be removed?

The mother refuses.

She says it is the will of God.

She and her husband promised the child to God.

Thus the promise is a sacred trust.

We cannot oppose the will of God.

But I'm reluctant to raise a child to become a monk.

To become one of us must be a free choice.

Father Henri has promised that you are allowed to stay here.

It is God's will, Arn. Do you understand?

Will you stay here as well, mother?

Be obedient and do as you are told.

Promise me that.

Do you promise?

You want to try? Good.

Want to try?

How are you? There, take it.

Hold it tight.

And now... Aim.

And now try to hit the target.

Very good!

Good. Again.

Very good!


I told you, always look in my eye.

Voce. Voce.

Vocamus... scribo...

Scribis. Scribis.

Voco. Voce.

Voco. Voce.


Arn! Arn, wake up!


"Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse;

"thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, "with one chain of thy neck."

The song of Solomon is the most beautiful text... about love that has ever been written.

But how can you "ravish" (take) someone's heart?

It is meant figuratively, Arn.

"Legere est omnis scientiae fundamentum."

Now write it.

Reading is the foundation of all knowledge.


In which hand does it feel most comfortable?





You seem to be training him to be a warrior.

Is that entirely wise?

I am merely strengthening ... the skills that God has already given him.

You have a new friend. Look!

What a beautiful horse!

What kind of horse is that? Well...

He belongs to the noblest, the fastest and the most resilient breed there is.

They are war horses. Where is he from?

The Holy Land.

Can you speak to him? I can speak to desert horses.

I think he likes you.

Tell him that I like him, too.

What's his name?


Cham... siin.

It means "Desert Wind."

Do you want to ride him?

Good! Can you feel the strength of the horse?


Help me! I do not want to! There she is!

I beg you, help me! Come on, Gunnar, come!

Sinner! Where is she?! She's my bride.

No, let me! Let's do justice.

You wanted to take my bride? He is innocent!

Just as innocent as you are! You want to prevent my wedding?

Do what you have to, brother.

Calm down! He is only a young monk.

Take it, boy! Pick it up!

Pick it up!

Take it, now!

Do it, Gunnar!

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

I have committed the gravest of sins.

I have killed two men.

That is the end of your confession, my son?

All thy sins I thee forgive. Ego te absolvo.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.

I do not understand.


You killed those men in self-defense. They were sinners, trying to force that poor girl to marry against her will.

It might not have been a miracle as that simple-minded priest said, but who if not God was it that put them in your way?


It was your mother's will, and God's, that you'd be raised here in this monastery.

Well, and now that you're grown up, and must do the Lord's calling.

Brother Guilbert and I have discussed this.

And we have reached a decision.

The time has come for you to go home, Arn.

You must go back to your family.

"In this sign thou shall conquer."

Before I came here to this peaceful monastery...

...I served another order:

God's holy army.

The Knights Templar.

For twelve years I fought with this sword in the Holy Land.

With this sword, no one has ever defeated me.

You may never draw it in anger or use it for your own gain.

It has to serve God's good cause.

Ave Maria...


Gra-- Gracias...

You have let your animals graze on my land.

They must graze there. It is not your land.

You lie to me, straight in the face? The land has always belonged to us.

I am willing to swear an oath on that. We will see what you have to say.

See you, liar!

And who are you?




It's you...

I didn't recognize you.

I thought we had lost you to the monks.

I'm happy to have you back.

"When you pick bullshit instead", she says no!

Arn, my boy! Stand up!

You are a Folkung now. Wear it with pride.

Father, who was the man who was here?

Emund Ulvbane.

He is the bastard who killed King Erik.

Now he says that we have taken his land.

We'll present this dispute at the Ting meeting.

The Ting in Axevalla.

Quite a lot of things have changed.

Magnus! Eskil!

And Arn! I am pleased that you are back on Arn s.

Likewise glad to see you.

You've been a few years in monastery cells.

Have you learned how to read?

So you can really read now. Is Knut here?

No, he is staying in Norway. When the... time is right, he'll come back, but not yet.

We have to give Ulvbane silver, although we have... the right on our side. We need to buy time.

I intend to propose a settlement.

It worries me that Ulvbane and the Swerkers are so close.

A concerned King is an unpredictable king.

We have gathered here in Axevall to keep local governments.

We come in peace and we go in peace.

Anyone who violates the peace of the Ting... will be regarded as an outlaw.

Here and now this Ting is opened.

The next question concerns the dispute... between Magnus Folkesson and Emund Ulvbane.

Magnus Folkesson is willing to make an offer.

It is true. I am willing to pay Emund Ulvbane 30 silver coins.

It is more than what it's worth, for peace between neighbours is worth more than silver.

The settlement is adequate.

As the Ting has decided I have to be content with that.

But it is hard that silver is more valuable than honour and justice.

It is hard to reconcile with a man without honour.

You, Magnus Folkesson, you're not a man.

And your sons are not better: One is a nun, the second a beer barrel.

That was planned by Sverkersson.

The words were planted into Ulvbanes mouth.

He knew exactly what to say! Sverkersson wants to weaken us.

He knows that Knut can come back and that he could be the next king.

I wish that there was a loophole.

This insult can only be settled in an ordeal by battle.

Is there any other way?

There must be another way? I will meet him tomorrow.

May God be with me!

Don't worry about me!

I am not dead yet.

Let the combattants step forward!


Too late. He has taken up the challenge.

Do I really have to fight against a nun?

I didn't think that your father was a coward.

Death to Swerker! Kill him, Arn!

Kill! Kill!

Welcome, Magnus!

Your fame from Axevall has arrived before you.

Algot, thank you that we may rest here.


There we have a new face. It is Arn.

Last I saw you you where a toddler. Now everybody's talking about you.

You must be a proud father, Magnus.

You think I'm ugly. No.

Send my greetings to mother. Do not be sad, Katarina.

Soon it is my turn again.

Welcome home, Cecilia!

Katarina was so sad when she had to leave last time.

It's always like that when it is her turn to be here.

I promised that I would visit her. Cecilia, did you?


Cecilia. Yes, mother.

Arn, Algot P lsson is here. He has his daughter with him.

It is not Katarina. It is, of course, Cecilia.

Welcome, Algot! What brings you here?

We were in the neighborhood, so...

I just wanted to see how it looks.

It has been a long time since I was here.

Father does not like it when I ride out alone. That's why he's with us.

You met my sister. Katarina... well, you met her?

Yes, I did. What do you think of her?

You are not alike.

You are quite different. What do you mean?

What a beautiful horse you have!


Come and catch me if you can!

We almost got rid of him. Miss Cecilia!

Miss Cecilia! Meet me here at dawn.







You have--

What did you say?

What did you say?

"You have taken my heart, my sister, my bride;

"You have taken my heart with a single glance."

I think that you have taken mine, Arn Magnusson.

How are you?

I am fine, how are you?

It was my fault that you ended up in that monastery.


I thought you were in Norway. Yeah, it's me.

It is good to see you again, Arn.

This is Arn, the hero of Axevall.

Was it with this sword that...?

Let me have a look.

Let all the saints ensure... that we are always on the same side, Arn.

Are you coming to Arn s? Not this time.

I have a mission to accomplish.

But I'll see you soon again, I promise.


What happened? Knut has returned.

He has killed Emund Ulvbane.

I've heard that you're after Algot P lsson's youngest daughter.

Stay away away from her or people will start talking.

Everyone knows that you and Knut are best friends.

I have to get hold of him before he gets up to more devilry.

Algot can not give his daughter to one of the king's enemies.

I do not want some Swerker guy. I want to be yours, Arn.

The Holy Virgin is on our side.

Nothing can divide us.

Arn, you can't do that. Forget it.

Cecilia can never be yours as long as Karl of Sweden is in power.


They are looking everywhere for you. I'm going to Visings soon.

To the king's castle?

I will take back what is mine.


I can understand if you don't want to get involved, but...

...I can't stop thinking of Cecilia.

Cecilia Algots-daughter. She is promised to someone else.

I will be king.

If I can count on your support, you can count on me.

How do you know that he will come? He will, I am sure.

He will.

Tell your people that now Knut Eriksson is king of Western G taland (Gothia).


Where's mother? I wanted to talk to you alone.

I have something to tell you.

I am betrothed to Arn Magnusson.

What's wrong? I knew it.


Father cannot afford two weddings.

I will never get away from here. Don't say that! I will not leave you.

It will work out in the end. Arn is a friend of Knut.

When he becomes king, everything will be different.

Sorry, Cecilia.

I am glad for your sake. When will the wedding be?

It is not decided, but it must be soon.

You're the only one I can tell this. Promise not to tell anybody.

I bear his child.

Are you quite sure about that? Yes.

And this Arn Magnusson would be Knut Eriksson's best friend?

Yes, Mother Rikissa.

One more thing...

Before Arn met Cecilia, he had sex with me.

You do well understand that this will not stop here?

Have you lost your mind? Killing the king... before we know what kind of support we have!

Knut is a hothead, but you... Why?

You should keep him under control (arrest?).

Do you not want Knut on the throne?

But he is not ready yet!

In order to survive it is not enough to kill anyone who stands in your way.

You have to think as he and his brother is thinking!

He has the Erik-clan and the Folkung-clan behind him.

But the Sverkers (Swedes) still hold Visings .

They have the church behind them.

You have not yet killed the snake.

Honourable bishop, it is with a heavy heart I write these lines, when the sorrow of our beloved king's death... still weighs down our monastery.

But in these anxious times all Swerkers need to be faithful to each other.

This is why I have to write.

I have knowledge and written proof... which is of great importance for our brothers.

This is about the king's murderer's Knut best friend:

Arn Magnusson of the Folkungs.

Here in Skara is a young man whose face is angelic but whose heart is black and full of sin.

With fine words and false promises he has seduced a young maiden into having sinful sexual intercourse.

Good Lord, he impregnated her without being married.

But this is not the worst.

The young man had already have an atrocity on his conscience.

He had already been... in bed with the younger sister of the maiden.

To take two sisters of the same father is... against christian law and the work of the devil.

There is no excuse for this.

Arn Magnusson of Arn s farm and Cecilia Algotsdotter from P lsg rden are excommunicated from this day on.

None of the churches in West G taland (Gothia) may deal with them.

They are condemned to discipline and penance

in Varnhems and Gudhems monasteries for half their lives - 20 years.

Cecilia! Arn!


Whatever they say, I have never been with your sister.

I have never loved anyone else.

I swear that I will get you out of here.

We have to pray to the Holy Virgin. She will hear our prayers.

Don't take any monasterial vows, because they are irrevocable.

I'll wait for you.


Cecilia Algotsdotter!

No, I do not want to!


Take it.

Refusing to eat doesn't help.

Have you ever had doubts, Guilbert? About eating? No, never.

Doubting is one way in which God tries us.

When I killed two men I walked free.

But for love I am punished? How can that be the will of God?

What you're speaking of has nothing to do with God.

These are the plots and schemes of men.

Ora et labora.

Prayer and work, Cecilia. That's what you have ahead of you.

If you think that your life here will be just as comfortable as it was, you are badly mistaken.

You are now among Swerkers and to be chastised and do penance.

Look at me!

Look at me!

I will eventually subdue you, Cecilia Algotsdotter.

Folkung whore!

'Many are called, but few are chosen.'

Guilty or not, you have been convicted of an abomination.

No man can lift that sentence.

But you will not stay here at Varnhem.

I have written to the bishop, and he has agreed to our request.

Under the name of "Arn de Gothia" you will journey first to Rome and from there to the Holy Land.

Father, I... You will be a Knight Templar, Arn.

A soldier in the service of God.

Take good care of Chamsiin.

You sit here daydreaming again?

Do you still think that your lover will come to pick you up?

He will not. Arn Magnusson has been sent to the war in the Holy Land.

No, you are lying! You will never see him again.




We should be heading back now.

You saved our lives, Knight Templar.

You speak our language.

Then you will understand that I do not wish to be indebted to a Christian.

Allow me to repay you. You are very generous, but as a Knight Templar I can not accept your money.


Allez! (Go!)

Then at least share a meal with us.

At our camp.


I swear by Allah and his prophet, we mean you no harm.

If you give us the same assurance.

You have my word.

God truly moves in mysterious ways.

Only he knows why he sent an enemy to our rescue.

You could have killed us as easily as you killed the bandits.

Those bandits have robbed many pilgrims, and it's our mission to protect the pilgrims.

"Take no one else's life."

"Because each life is sacred in God's eyes."

"Only for a righteous cause."

You are familiar with the Holy Koran. I have been here many years.

Al Ghouti...

I have heard of you. You are a great warrior.

I am Youssouf. This is my brother Fahkr.

We are merchants on our way to Cairo.

Taking this way around the Dead Sea without an escort?

It is the shortest route. But not the safest.

We have sworn not to raise arms against each other.

So let us be honest. You are warriors, just like us.

Leave us alone.

I'll go and see to the horses.

Do you know who I am? You are Youssouf Sala ad-Din Ayyoubi.

The one we know as Saladin.

And you're not afraid? You have given me your word.

You are a man of honour. Not like your brothers.

It is a shame that you must lose this war.

I have sworn to win. So have I.

And we shall soon see which one of us is right.

Very soon.

De Gothia. Sir.

Back so soon? I trust you have completed your mission.

I have, grand master.

But I have bad news to report. Go on.

Saladin is here. What?

He could march on Jerusalem at any time.

This is not possible.

Saladins forces are scattered across the country.

Surely, we would have heard something if he had assembled an army.

Saladin is here, and he is sure of his victory.

I have just spoken to the King of Jerusalem.

His spies report that Saladin is in Damascus.

Not anymore.

Grand Master, I don't know what de Gothia... hopes to achieve by spreading these rumours.

Who told you this, de Gothia? An eye-witness.

Who told you?

A man I trust.


Now I understand... why you didn't want to reveal your sources.

But you kept your word as Knight Templar, and that's of the utmost importance.

Now, what did you learn?

He was heading south. That's where the attack will come from.

I will inform the king. We must prepare for a siege.

Tell me, de Gothia... What kind of man is he, our enemy?

He is like us. A man of his word.

I am glad that God has given me this chance to get to know my enemy.

You respect him.

You must know your enemy to defeat him.

And you are a most worthy opponent.

I have sworn my oath as a Knight Templar, but I have also sworn to return home when my time here is due.

Perhaps there is someone waiting for you?

Mother Rikissa has forbidden to open the prison cell.

How long has she been here? Several days and several nights.

Help her up, and get her out of here.

What is this? We have orders to punish her often.

I'm not chiding you. I come with reconciliation.

Cecilia! Cecilia!

No one is allowed to talk to her, and now she does not speak with anyone.

You can talk to me, Cecilia. There is no need to be defiant.

You have to reconcile yourself with your fate.

Mother Rikissa only wants your best.

This child is a child of sin.

Give me my child! Give me my child!


It's for her own good.

You've been leeching her? She was white as a sheet.

Your Eminence know how effective it is against the carnal desires.

She has been stubborn from the beginning.

You should not treat her so hard.

All the years of war have weakened our dynasty position.

We do not know how long we can hold our position... against Knut Eriksson and his followers.

Those damned blue coats! Now you listen to me, Rikissa!

If they are victorious, God forbid, it would hardly benefit the monastery if Cecilia Algotsdotter has been harmed.


You're not alone any more.

It has come to my attention that Cecilia deserves a punishment.

She has violated the talking rules.

Not you, Cecilia Algotsdotter. We have a new Cecilia among us.

Cecilia Blanka, come here!

This new Cecilia shall be called Blanka from now on.

On the first evening she spoke... with Cecilia Algotsdotter against the ban.



Come here!

Three whippings, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Who are you?

I am the future Queen. I am betrothed to Knut Eriksson.

He want me to stay here until the war is over.

He asked me to look after his best friend's fianc e.


Does someone know anything about him?

I have not heard anything about Arn, but little Magnus is well.

Magnus? Your son.

Hasn't she told you? You didn't know?

That ghastly Swerker hag!

His name is Magnus?

Thank you!

He lives.

Sir. Thank you, Armand.

Sir, how long can Jerusalem withstand a siege?

Are you afraid?

A Knight Templar is not allowed to be afraid, sir.

Nor is he allowed to lie.

No, sir...

I am afraid, but I will not let that stand in my way.

You'll become a great Knight Templar one day, Armand.

Who is it? Who sent you?

What are you doing here? I will speak only to Al Ghouti!

Al Ghouti? What do you want with him? I will speak only to Al Ghouti!

You filthy Saracen. Let's make him talk.

Al Ghouti!

My Lord has sent me. What does he want?

He wants to talk to you only. I will bring you to him.

You speak his language. Let him go.

How dare you? This man is to be interrogated.

As you wish. But the Grand Master won't be pleased. Be assured of that.

Very well. You'll make your little friend talk.

Release him.

Take me to your master.

So we meet again.

It is God's will.

My brother is waiting for you.

Wait here.

He will come here.

Do you love him? Knut?

I don't know.

I haven't seen him in a long time. He's all right, I guess.

He is the king.

Do you love Arn Magnusson?

More than anything else.

I know that it is a sin but I love him more than God.

You will certainly learn to love Knut.

What is going on here?!

Rikissa, I have come to get my betrothed wife.

Here in Gudhem, I am the abbess! I am under the bishop's protection.

Then I think we should get him here. Bishop Bengt disappeared when Knut won.

Rumor says he fled abroad. Get her.

My queen.

It was about time.

Birger Bros? Thank you for taking care of my boy.

His name is Magnus and he is a Folkung now.

Does he know that...? No, he shall not grow up in shame.

Cecilia, come here!

Rikissa! I keep an eye on you now.

If you do Cecilia any harm, you'll regret it.

Is that understood? Answer your future queen!

It is understood.

Cecilia. He will come back.

He will come back to you.

Welcome. Have a seat.

You will lose this war. You know that as well as I do.

But because you have saved my life, I will be merciful.

Leave Jerusalem without giving battle... and you and your brother Templars will have safe passage to wherever you wish.

My duty is to protect Jerusalem.

Even if the decision was mine to make, my answer would still be "no".

Then you will die.

It's all in the hands of God.

The king of Jerusalem sends his blessings.

The true cross.

Now we're safe. Thank you, de Ridefort.

We appreciate the king's kindness. is already on his way to Jerusalem.

Grand Master Torroja.

The battle for Jerusalem does not have to be fought in Jerusalem.

What do you mean?

Saladin's army is great, but that also means that it moves slowly.

Which gives us time to prepare for the siege.

Which gives us time to stop him before he reaches Jerusalem.

To save time, Saladin will take the way across Mount Gisard, There's a shortcut there that is used by the Beduin.

You know of the place.

A narrow pass through the mountains.

Saladin would never expect us to confront them there.

An ambush could do Saladin's army a great deal of harm.

Grand Master.

We have no evidence that Saladin will choose that way.

Unless of course, de Gothia has... intelligence from yet another secret source.

De Ridefort, this is not the time or place for personal fights.

De Turenne, what's your opinion? It's a wise strategy.

We could avoid a siege, if God be willing.

We should get a force out there at once. We have nothing to lose and all to win.

Arn de Gothia.

The encounters that you've had can't be... interpreted as anything other than the will of God.

You shall lead our brothers in this battle.

You will be in command.

I am honoured, Grand Master.

We'll wait in ambush here.

A sandstorm will soon be upon us. It would be madness to fight in this.

It is a godsend.

Saladin will be taken by surprise.






We have to bring in more troops!

Sound the retreat.

He lives.

Arn lives.

Is that true? Is that true? Yes.

You have fought well.

Thanks to you, we have defeated our greatest enemy and defended Jerusalem.

You have served our order faithfully and I want to make sure that you receive your rightful reward when the day comes.

De Gothia.

With great honour you can leave your service in the army of God and return to your former life.

When your time is due, this is your way out of here.

May God keep you until then.

Thank you. Thank you, Holy Mother of God.

Watch over him. Help him to return home.