Around the Block (2013) Script

A philosopher once said.

One is not born a woman but chooses to become one.

I always wondered if the same freedom.

Come On.

Someone is really free?

It was you trying ... - You were?

Get out idiot. - Sorry.

Useless, useless that you are.

It is defense.

Shit, shit. Come on.

Shit. Attacks.

It does, it is open.

Gol. - Yes Gol..

Hey, how was it? - All Right.

Wow! ¿You filmed that? - Yes.

It's amazing. - What do you think?

Ah, sorry. - Okay.

They will upon termination. - Okay.

You are beautiful and this is amazing.

Thank you - Thank you, I must go.

Sí, and, and.

What does one do to get food here?

Have hands right? - Are you coming?

Where? - Around the block.

Hi Woody.

Hello, already know Jacob, and I'm Maureen.

Hi Jacob.

This is my brother. - Hi.

How is your father?

All right.

We'll see.

Tú. Hey.

Staye. - Hey.

Years 7 and 8th, English.

Drama group 10 °, English and three in 11th.

I think it'll be very busy.

You know some fish? - No.

Must be some kind of plant.

Technically ...

... In year 11 ° should be directing a play about a text.

Which this year I think it is ... - Tragedy of Revenge.

That's it. Look, the school may close before year end.

And guys may not reach far, so ...

... Do what you can and have fun.

Thought to act in the place, that they understood the story.

Well, do what you can.

If attending will not be a happy man.

These students are what the state calls, risk kids.

So not much is expected of them.

So if you have more questions I call the office and arrange everything.

Thank You Sir. - Bill, not the Lord.

Bill, I have taste in women.

What brings Redford? - Committed.

Ah, well.


Forward guys.

Those who are with me, taught English and Drama.


Thank you.

What happened to you? - The cops swept last night.

Wait, do you have some?

Professor, come on.

Who is that? - Liam Wood.

He and others should be in this class, but never come.


Yesterday I saw you dancing in the center right?

Today you missed a class. It's not right.

Bring it to class tomorrow.

There is a bundle of books for you. - Los bring them out of your way.

I do not mind.

I would say that is an interesting choice for a play.

The most celebrated writer. - Do not like Hamlet?

You know that most of the kids in this school are Aboriginal ...

... If I can be honest.

I am aware of the student population.

And 30% are Lebanese, Vietnamese ... and Caucasians.

It's in the files.

He says the captain.

A raid last night, in a remarkable book has resulted in three arrests.

It is said that there was a violent resistance as police, took the place known by locals as the block.

Two policemen are being questioned over the incident.

You hear that?


We're going? - Llámalo.


God, look at your eye.

How are you?

How are you? - All Right.

And your mom? - He's out, enter a time.

What will happen to you? - The police were on the block ...

... Last night

Are you okay? - Yes.


Your child is of wonders, with the bunnies.

Listen ... do not let the fuck. - What?

If you do everything I have told you will be in line for ...

... Be buried. - Is it serious?

His uncle still owes me.

I do not! - Hey, softly. Ok T

Is your cousin down the block. - Who?

Tomikas. - What curse, you say!

Slowly, quietly. Yes?

You will not do anything unless I say, you know?

Would I understand?

Understand? - Okay.

Change the subject when it arrives.


I thought she was going out with that.

Are you fucking stupid or what?

Hey, idiota.

Have you ever done Hamlet in school?

What the hell has that got to do with the idiot who killed Uncle Charlie.

They are twenty years.

Fifteen if you stay out of trouble.

Stay out of trouble.

Easy to say. - How will we live?

Stay on the block.

You can make getting a job. - No.

It is at school.

I do not know how we will do this? - Do you?

I am who tucked here, okay?

I can not see my kids, my family, or ...

Your girlfriend.

It's not that.

Listen ...

... Do not turn these kids against me.

I'm serious.

Come On.

Do not say anything.

For the new international manager.

Health. - Happiness Is.

Dana, Chris tells me you're teaching in Redford.

Yes, it is. - I'm surprised to school.

From there it is where I'm from. - What are you, what are you really?

Do what you said. - It's not something to brag about.

I think not many aboriginal in America.

In fact, I grew up near a reservation.

Dana. - God, Adam.

What are you doing here? Did you move? - Yes, a couple of months.

¿Has visto a Kate? No.

Is working on Queen Street, would like to see you.

Hey, B. Hey.

Hey, where have you been?

I have something to solve, I'll be away for a while.

No time for me? - It's a family business.

Come on. - Ok brother, come on.

We've been friends a long time.

Yes. - So I can trust you.


Someone screwed up my old man. - Who?

Barry Griffin. - Damn, I knew it was dangerous.

I need someone to help me fix it.

Someone you trust. - Sure, man.

I do not want anyone to know what until done.

Do not say it.

Let's drink.

Tobs. - How are you, brother?

Are you coming? - Yes.

Good beating. Did you go out last night?

No, I was not inside. - Really?

I'm thinking of auditioning for the school play.

You'll be a big movie star.

No, just the school. - I give you some advice.

That would be death.

Quiet, quiet.

Remove the feet of the seats.

Girls, some will have to Hamlet because, no boys. Do not worry, transvestism and much like in the days of Shakespeare.

Take a role and discuss the scene in the context of the work.

Just read high and discuss how they really feel.

Hamlet is for Ophelia, she likes.

Are you going to be?

Will you come? - Good.

No. - There you go, and I know all the lines.

He has not even mentioned your name.

What would I do with Oliver, but chickened out.

They're fine. - Yes, thank you. Come on.

I have yours gifts that have long wanted to return.

Please receive them now.

No, you never gave them.

Your line. Come on.

My lord, you know well that you did.

And they wrote such beautiful words.

You've done a little gifts wealth.

But now its beauty is durable.

Return them, for to the noble mind gifts are poor, are given as unkindly. There, my lord.

Are you honest? - My Sir?

Are you fair? - What do you mean, my Lord?

If you are honest and fair you ... but if you are, you're honest ...

This is bullshit.


Good work, guys.

I'll put a list in class tomorrow.

It will be for the roles of Gertrude, Hamlet, Claudius and Ophelia.

If you do not see your name does not mean it will not be in the works.

In addition, trials begin next week.

So tell me if they can not reach.

Your book. - What do you think?

All right.

I hated Shakespeare until I read Hamlet.

I was attracted by its darkness.

It's fucked up as the rest.

My uncle once did.

I always wanted to do Hamlet.

He said it was the best character written by a blank.

What's stopping you? - He's dead.

Oh, that this too will dissolve in the mouth meat, and it resolves itself.

Or the eternal earn enough to stop it.

You know, Griffin is living here.

Where? - Passing the subways.

You can not stay alive unless you want to be in a coffin.


Tell me, Roca is in a coma yet.


Do you have a cigarette?

Do not have classes this afternoon, or what?

Do you care what they think, right?

I did not think you'd be one of those. - I am not.

I read an article about your uncle, was part of the Black Theatre.

It must have been a wonderful time.

It was cast there was also to America.

He received a scholarship to the School of Acting Robert De Niro.

I think you should come this afternoon.

I dare you.

We will say no more marriages.

Those who already are will be those who continue to be.

The rest should be kept as is.

And un convento.

Thanks, Mathew, Lily.

Ok, the last for today.

Liam, do you need a minute to look at your script?

No, it's fine.

Ser o no ser:

behold the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of ​​troubles, And by opposing, end them perhaps.



No more, and I must say, we suffer the pain of a thousand knives meat is for ...

Thousand pain meat knives is to ...

Shit. - What are you feeling?

What do you feel?


Want to escape. - Escape from what?

Of all.

Of all.

It is sad.

Show me.

Show me the sadness.



Sleep: to dream:

For in that sleep of death more dreams may come, When we have we shed this mortal body, Should give us pause: there's the respect that makes calamity so long life;

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time.

We approach this time.

That's all for now.

Hi. - Hi.

It was good that.

I was embarrassed. - You should not be, you were right.

Thanks. - I thought it would be ...

... I do not know, easy. - I studied drama at my other school.

Who do you think is the best, Hamlet?

¿Mel Gibson, o Ethan Hawke? Denzel Washington.

I have to go.

And you, why are you so happy? - Nothing.

I have good news.

Guess who has a job interview tomorrow.

Do you? - You do not have to sound so surprised.

Come, sit, practice talking to me.

How come? - Just do me some questions.

What is your name? - Cristina Wood.

How old are you? - Thirty-six.

Who is your favorite singer? - No such questions.

It's for a job in sales.

Have you had experience in sales. - Next question.

Mom! - Next question.

Is Steve here? - No, why?

We needed to help us with some questions.

Have you been out for a long time?

I do not know, I just go home.

What is your name? - William.

¿William qué? Wood.

Have him contact the police when you get home.

Maintenance will be done to fix the damaged roof, next week.

And otherwise be checked with Marlow who has been disconnected.

As you know, this is the last Nata week before the merger.

What is that? - Is Aboriginal Day.

Thanks ... We have an opportunity to show, cultural activities to the community.

A preview of our honorable Minister of Education.

He likes to appear busy.

Brent, I guess you propose the city vs. game field.


Who secunda? - Every year we play for, celebrate at school.

Another proposal?

Dana. - And the work of the 11th?


Students would love to act in public.

But every year we play.

Exactly, so maybe it's time for a change.

Why would you change, the community loves him.

Well, we vote. Will those in favor of the game?

And why work?

You are the defining vote.

What? - It's work.

It's a fucking trap.

You sure you're ready for this?

I'm sure.

What guns, stick your paper, arrange it.

Come, look. There.

Do you need a fire? - No, I'm fine.

Better watch out, or you'll have more coming.

They did.

Do well with that teacher. - I'm embarrassed.

You're not what is in your blood, boy.

A long line.

Hello, Mike. - Who is that?

A seller, there are many who make money here.

Do you see that bastard? - It's a disaster.

See you later, man. - I see.

Hi ma'am. - Hi.

What are you doing? - I'm preparing something.


It's for my 11th class, students of drama.

We will present Hamlet next week.

What? - No, it's good.

It is great.

What you gonna say? - Nothing.

Just ... do not tell students were Aboriginal.

Yes, of Mauwi. - Of Course.

So as you're going to do Shakespeare.

What? - What?

Nena, hey, I'm not racist.

Only. - Except that?

Do not want you to be disappointed.

I want you right, baby.


Sometimes you're so Ozzy.

That's someone with bad vibes. - Yes, that's what it is.

I just read my book.

Ok, calm.


I have good news. - Can we watch movies all day?

No, would you like to act in the week Nata?

Really? - Yes.

Do you think that be good enough?

It will take a lot of work.

And we will have to rely on each.

So it's your decision, I am willing.

What do you think, what we do?


It is customary.

I do not know.

He is a man, but when you're born is normal.

Action to words, words.

Hey, return it.

Who can tell me what a subtext?

Darlock. - Search.

Subtext is the meaning behind the words.

It is the most important question that an actor should do.

What do these words mean?

What are you really trying to say this character?

For example, if I enter the room and I say ...

Good morning class.

The subtext determines how to say 'good morning'.

So if I say ... 'good ...'

What do I mean? - Are you sick?

Well. Or you do not want to be there.

And if I say ... Good class.

What is the subtext? - He's flying.

That's funny. Or I try to inspire them.

We use the subtext all the time.

Like the artists and musicians.

Who gives me an example of a musician who uses subtext?

Tupac. - Do you listen to Tupac?

Yes. - Well, Tupac is the perfect example.

In fact he was very like Shakespeare.

Yes, of course. - Seriously, think about it.

He used poetry to express double rhymed.

His rhymes were a social message, like those of Shakespeare.

Can you give me a rhyme of Tupac?

Maybe I ball hard side Somewhere in my childhood I missed the dark times Ok, Liam, read últumas two lines of the scene.

I I quiet myself so hard days or moving earth in the sight of man Jude. - When my mom asked me, change when I said yes, but clearly than ever, I will be the same until the end of time.

Still? - Do what you want.

Really you will not leave? - Not here.

Matter of respect. Jace.


Thank you.

Very good, thank you.

Next. Thank you.


Thank you. Next.


When we meet we will continue tomorrow.

Hi. - Hi.

Are you doing anything tonight? - No, why?

I can not wait until tomorrow, I wondered if ...

... We could go over some things.

Fortenblas has my dying vote So tell more or less be heard, the rest are songs

Do not shake the noble heart No trawling In fact, angels are moved by us

What happens now?

You're dead.

You're fine, right?

You're a freak.

It's rare when you remember when you were little.

What do you mean? - I used to listen to my uncle again and other-

Once when he made Hamlet. The trial was near.

All that stayed with you. - I had no choice.

What do you mean? - Yes, childish things.

I do not know if I would do the same for my dad.

Of course.

What? - Time frames.

It's not like blamed him back.

Besides he did not wanted to. - How do you know?

Because I know he loves me.

I found out where Griffin lives. - Yes?

In the suburbs, I'll make a visit.

I need you there.

To stop it when it arrives.

That opportunity is shown.

When we catch him ...


And Dad? - This is for Dad.

And Uncle Charlie. We nostrarle ...

... We are still in charge.

Why do you need me?

To handle, I've never been in the house.

I have no license. - Are we going to shoot that bastard, and are concerned about not having a license?

Jason may also come, but no one else knows.

You can not trust anyone.

No need license. You have black license, right?

Take out as bloody corpses Show more is typical of a battlefield this site And you, cause that greet with downloads the whole army.


What do we think the end of the play? - It stinks.

Absolutely, but that's what makes a tragedy.

What about the mental state of Hamlet?

They believe he was really mad, or outside if.

He pretends to be, so no one suspects.

Maybe, or maybe not have to take action.

It was only when Laher wanted to fight him responding.


In the 3rd act the king says, madness and greatness no must- go unnoticed. What is meant by?

There's a reason he's crazy. - And the king knows.

Why Shakespeare has lasted all these years.

Because it can be interpreted in so many ways.

As Delion Semians, the way to interpretation.

That's right, or any work of art.

It is through art that we can escape and experience freedom.

People use the arts to foster change.

Shakespeare used the theater to express his views on morality, beauty, politics. Other artists use music, the photograph, painting, even films.

Ok, today I want each type a letter- someone important in their lives.

Anyone who would like to invite you to view our work.

Ok, can be either a sports star, politicians, mom, dad.

I will write to the Minister of Education.

If you do not know the address, have two days to thank me, and I will send the invitations on Friday.

Dear Prime Minister, I am 16, I am of the tribes of Camileroy.

I am writing to invite you to the school production of Hamlet.

What will be the week of Nata. - Football game equipment Redford and I am your biggest fan.

I am writing to invite you to the school production of Hamlet.

Well, what do you have?

Dear Mom, I do not know where you are now.

But I would have you as special guest.

I miss you.

Dear Minister Johnson, I am a descendant of Darnicle clans, and Aronblock, I am a student at the Redford High School.

We are presenting a production of Hamlet, in the week of Nata and wanted him as my special guest.

Well, well.

Still looking for a house?

Yes, but we can not pay at Sydney.

It's much, so ... - We have to go with all those crios Redford.

Dana, you've been around, teach them skills in school.

How are you stopping to smell the pavement?

Shut Cris.

He's just kidding. - And that makes it okay?

Yes, I am tolerant as Aboriginal.

Yes, tolerant idiot.

Do not give more onion lady, I think you may be embittered.


Love, baby, why do you walk so fast, come on.

Forget it, Simon, just leave me alone.

Hey is Hammond did not mean it, okay?

Since when that is an excuse for being a racist idiot.

But he's my boss, so ... - And you can not have your opinion.

No, is not that. - You laughed.

Te traveled.

I do not can. I can not do this.

What are you talking about? Come on baby. What?

I do not want this, do not want this life.

Dana, let's love.

Can not be your lady and go to lunch and barbecues every Sunday.

I do not belong to your world.




Professor ... I was wondering if you guys could do the work.


Painting, help with the set.

Sure, come.

Your uncle also, if you want ...

Are not you going to get your Shakespeare Thing week Nata?

Why do you want that?

Do you know anything about the boys?

I do not know where shoes were, until recently.

Been in your shoes?

You know, I have to apologize for that, especially not you.

If I want to help these kids by offering another option.

What makes you think that you're helping?

What should I do?

¿Surrender, how you and the rest?

I can not say how many have come with the great vision of how to help.

And now Shapespeare? Some of these guys are on edge, and the fact that they come to school is a miracle.

I'm not the enemy. - Really?

So expect to do someday?

I guess Dad used to play ...

You do not habras it very much. - You nor your family.

Not much to talk about, it's a boring family.

Mom, dad and two and a half children.

My mom is pregnant.

Maybe it would be good if dad was not in each committee Aboriginal ever invented. - I did not know that.

You know what I mean?

See you tomorrow.


A copa de Witch.

Hello Miss. - First day

From where are you?

California. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Be Carful Unethical Scene In 10s)Be Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10sBe Carful Unethical Scene In 10s


I do not know as hicise, but it worked.

The Minister of Education will be honored to assist production Hamlet of Redford School in Nata week.

That's great!

Thanks, it's the best help.


I help you? - Okay.

Come on, it is not.

I fear that this no longer works. - Great!

I can fix it, if you like.

Take off your socks. - Sorry.

Trust me.

So what can you tell me why arremetiste against me?

You can not blame me for not having bad ideas.

The sack all before 3:00.

And you're the only savior.

I do not much, but it matters Redford.

Oh, thanks for having me in your land.

Not as much as mine.

Tell me, what is a Goba?

Goba, is a stranger, you and I are.

The way you said the other day, seemed like a bad word.

I guess it depends on who you tell.

So, what's your story? How did you end up here?

The first time I came for college.

The second by a type.

And how was that?

Complicated, guess I'm not the type who maintain relationships.

So you're going to be like the rest?

You should practice what you preach.

What do you know Liam Wood?


I tell you, her father is imprisoned for 30 years.

It's all I know ... the city will win a trial.

I guess that is what must face since Uncle Charlie died.

He was an actor, right? - Yes it was.

Never should have been there. - Do you really think it was suicide?

Two white cops and a dead black?

Who would you believe?

Try it on.

Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, Dad.

How is your mom? - Okay.

Gotta work. - A job?

All right.

I have to Griffin.

That thing will happen in the block tomorrow.

We'll wait until the police arrive.

Jack has acknowledged. - Hey.

What the fuck is going on? Who else knows about this?

Jason is reliable.

I'm going to the bathroom.

Hey, who else knows?

Only Jason and Liam.

Suspends that.

I can do this, Dad.

Trust me.

I'll show a little there.

We come to your home, it is the last.

A house, why?

Just to prove. - I need you to handle.


You heard me, it will happen, everything is arranged.

All you have to do is wait in the car, and when you see me Jason and me, we escape, we go.

We're going to hell.

How long have you been in place? - Not long ago?

Try to seem more interested when we visit the old, okay?



We are closing.



I was wondering if we could talk.

Yes, yes ... just ... segundo a lady.

Do you still do those crazy videos?

I am teaching drama in secondary Redford.

I think students have a world within.

We act tomorrow night, you should come.

What are you doing? - What?

Simon and I broke up.

What would you like to do? Avalanzarme your arms.


I just want you to know, that never stopped thinking about you.

Never mind.

It was so long ago.

No seriously think that ...

Dana, can not return. - I do not know what I thought, just ...

I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not.

What we had was real, now I know.

What we had was five years ago.

Tell me you do not feel it anymore.

And I'll go. - I chose to stop feeling it.

Are you ready?

You know what you do? - Yes, take cover.

And then, until it clicks, stop the engine.

Stop being so paranoid, right?

It is here.

Well, as we practiced before.

We went out the back. - Okay.




And, and.

Hi Barry.

Hi Steve.

Did you think you would find not in your cozy neighborhood?

You know why I'm here, right?

I have a vague idea. - A vague idea?

You messed with my family. - You do not have to do that, man.

I'm not your friend, damn. - Papi'm home.

Now give! - Steve wait!


Papi! - Come on, vánomos.


That's why Uncle Charlie.

No. - Dad!

We can not leave. - Get in the car.

What the fuck were you doing in there?

It was assumed that there was no one there.

We are shit. - This is bullshit, man.

What the fuck were you thinking?

Members of the Aboriginal community ...

The police have been called to Redford, because Fire in the Aboriginal community.

The fire station is on fire.

And continue the riots and disturbances while angry young continue throwing bricks, bottles and explosives.

Three officers have been injured so far.

We were looking for.

There is a blanket there.

Ready for the big night?

I hope that Hamlet has not been arrested.

Have not heard anything?

We supposed we saw an hour ago.

You're not thinking of going to the block?

Have you seen my keys?

Dana, do not know if is there.


A man was killed last night in the eastern suburbs.

The execution was witnessed by the victim's daughter six years, who is now under police protection.

The man is Barry Griffin, a key piece of the Underworld of Sydney.

The investigation is under ...


What are you doing here? - Are you okay?

What time is it? - Nearly nine.

Where is the man? - I do not know, just arrived.

Listen, do not worry about going to school late.

If you want to get ready, we can take you.

I'm not going back. - Liam.

I will not return to school or to work.

Quiet man. - Do not tell me what to do.

What the hell do you know?

Listen, just wanted to make sure you were okay.

The riots have nothing to do with school, or all the work you've put in the work.

Should I stay, my family needs me.

Where's Liam? - What have you done?

Steve, contéstame.

Where's Liam?

Steve, did you? - I'm leaving town for a while.

You killed him, right? Damn, you killed him.

Where's Liam? - It's just a boy.

It's just a boy. It's just a boy.

Where the hell you been? - Drop Me Off.

Jason is on the way, we're together now.

I do not go. - By God, Liam.

I do not have time for your shit.

I do not go. - I're completely crazy, right?

Whether it is in the news, yes. We saw.

I do not care, I'm not going anywhere.

You mad. - I'm not.

The cops will be here any minute.

You Coming?

What happened to my kids?

I'm here, Mom.

I'm here.



I'm sorry I yelled.

Okay, I've heard worse.

Thank you.

You know my dad. - A little.

You must miss him.

If it's worth, I lost my father when I was your age.

I want to do the work. - Okay.

You termné my letter, you help me to deliver?

Are you okay?

Would you like between you?

Do not let me see it unless you have someone waiting.


Are you okay? - All Right.

What the hell are you doing here? - I want to see you.

And Steve? - He was.

God should not be here.

Act in a play.

It's tonight.

The teacher says I'm very good.

¿Has leido Hamlet?

No. - Well, that's what I do.

It is an important, the main role.

The teacher told us to write a letter, to invite someone.

I wanted to invite you, but I knew you could not come. - You must read it to me.


Dear Dad, I want to invite a special guest to the production, My school Hamlet. The story is about a young prince, who wants to find the man who killed his father and revenge.

And also receive the acceptance of the princess.

I would like to come to see I want to do something, with my life.

I will not be like you.

I will not be like you.

Do Not Ever.

You should have said something.

I think you will not see for a while.

I love you, Dad.

I love you.

Hey ...

... You will not be like me.

You never will be.

What does it mean? - What?

The tattoo.

It means freedom, is something old.

Are you okay? - My uncle used to say, that with freedom comes responsibility.

Sounds that was an existentialist.

¿An existential, what? - Existentialist.

Means that believes in personal freedom.

We went our own way.

Sounds like my uncle.

What happened to your dad?


You said you lost your father at my age.

He lived his life according to the expectations of others.

He got tired of that, he could not see a way out.

So ...

... Just ended, was killed.

Sorry. - Okay, that was long ago.

Are you okay?

Do not you?

Program program.


Liam's mother.


Hi. - Hi.

I am the mother of Liam. - I'm Dana, Professor Liam.

I am delighted that you could come.

Thanks. - Let's go to have a good seat.

Hi Liam, that is to say good luck.

Thank you.

Do not bring anything.

Shut up.

Well, 10 minutes to the curtain.

Minister, distinguished guests.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would start recognizing people, traditional farm, land here in which we meet today.

Of course I'd like to welcome, this very special week Nata.

The work you are about to see is the most famous in English.

And many of the actors, cast are descendants of the oldest, continuous, and living tradition of actors on the planet.

So ladies and gentlemen, please clap together production the 11th year of the work of William Shakespeare, Hamlet.

Who's there?

The shadow, sleepless me to you God, god How heartbroken, finished and profitless I think this world Do not spend your doom grace Show me the heat and will consider

Ser o no ser:

behold the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of ​​troubles, And by opposing, end them perhaps.

To Pass Away


Sleep: for perhaps dreaming:

For in that sleep of death, more dreams may come When we have we shed this mortal body, Should give us pause: there's the respect that makes calamity so long life;

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time, I screwed up dad. - No, it's okay, buddy.

You're screwed.

How could you? - I do not know.

It was assumed that was not there.

Only, do not end here, okay?

Do not let them take you.

Oh! For me there is only because ...

... Eternal silence.

¡Alto! ¡Detente!

Lower your weapon.

Drop the gun.

Four of my captains take the mound body Hamlet With the insignia of a warrior Ah! If he had taken the throne, it certainly would have been a excellent monarch Military music resonates down which courtship and hágansele all the honors of war Take away, take away the corpses there Bloody spectacle is more like a battlefield from this place And you Do you greet with all the army downloads

You were great.

Thank you.

We choose to be born, but live.

Some we choose to love.

Liam, Liam.

And some, a few, choose to be free.


You return.

By The King Mohamed