Arrhythmia (2017) Script

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with financial support from THE RUSSIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE

Why are you lying to us?

Oleg, she's lying. Her ECG is better than mine.

You're not a doctor. He's the doctor.

You're faking your symptoms.

I have heart attacks every day.

I gave you a shot. Did it work? Do you feel better?

I suppose... I can't tell.

Let the district doc deal with her.

I'm ready to go to the hospital. They won't admit you.

Alright, let's go.

But first, you'll have to write a statement saying you agree with the new regulations.

Then, we'll take you.


Here's the blank. Write this:

"I, Valentina Nikolaeva... Nikolaeva...

...affirm... ...affirm...

...and agree... ...and agree... have my head shaved." Date, and your signature.

Why is that?

Under the new regulations, there are new sanitary rules.

To prevent infections, all patients have their heads shaved.

Whoever thought of that? I'm not signing this.

You have to. They don't make any exceptions.

I'm not going anywhere then!

How's it going, guys? We're done here.

Next up, 37A Radishev St. Understood.

Oh, I don't feel well...

I guess I'll have to call the ambulance again.

Lady, please stop wasting our time.

You lazy slackers... I need medical attention.

Let them send somebody who will make me better.

Oh God... Oh Lord...

Actually, I have something for you. An amazing pill, made in Germany.

A state-of-the-art medicine. Ever heard of nanotechnology?

I heard about it, yes.

It treats every known condition.

I smuggled one for personal use, for my grandma, but seeing that you're very ill...


Here it is.

Suck on it for two weeks, and you'll be good as new.

It's an extended-release pill.

How curious...

Put it under your tongue. Go ahead.

There. Now lie down.

Wait, I don't get it... I'm walking through the park.

Wait, tell me what you see. Can you see the bag shop?

Wait, stop, don't go anywhere. Stay where you are.


I walked out of the park.

Oleg, you're parked across the street.

I'll cross over to you. No, stay there...

See? And you didn't believe me. It was obvious right away.

Hey... Did you drink?

And you were going to drive?

What did you expect?

Right... I'll drive.

Nice one.

And then what?

Did he recover?

Come on, you're bullshitting me.


Katya, let's stop somewhere. I've got to take a leak.

Stop by a store if you see one, ok?

Why? I'll get a drink for the road.

Can't you wait till we get there?

I've already been sober for 30 minutes.

There's a store. Should I stop? Yeah.

Hi, Mom... Yes... We're on our way.

We're on our way.

Mom, what can I do?

We'll be there in 20 minutes or so.

Mom, I can't talk right now, I'm driving. See you soon.

There wasn't a single situation, at least none that I can think of, when Mikhail backed down.

This man has so much mental strength...

Finally! What took you so long?

Katya, hi honey.

Colleagues, let me finish my toast...

Yes, yes, sorry... Sit over there, guys...

Come on, let me finish the toast, and then you can all greet each other.

So, where was I?

It's almost as if this person here, so talented and skilful, was born this way.

But it's not how it works.

I know how hard he had to work to achieve such amazing results.

Some say success comes easy to him, but that's nonsense.

In our profession you can't be lazy.

If you do, you won't last long. The profession will expel you.

To just stay at a certain level you have to deal with so much blood!

On a daily basis you see so much gore, so much shit...

Pardon my language, children, I'm just saying like it is.

And, to be honest, Mikhail, you're the most talented person I know.

In every way. I'm serious. Yes.

Thank you. I'll say one more thing.

It's hard to admit, but... Mikhail, I envied you. For many years.

Uncle Nick, what a revelation!

But then I realized that I just need to look up to, and learn from this person. Am I right? Let's all do it.

Let's all look up, get up...

Come on, up you get... and raise our glasses. Hip hip...


Wonderful words. You set the bar very high for me.

Happy birthday. Thanks.

Eat the starters, but leave room for BBQ skewers.

Katya, what took you guys so long?

Dad, you know how it is. Work, as usual.

At 6 p.m. you said you were leaving.

I was, but they brought in a patient with a stroke.

All the other doctors were busy, so I stayed and gave her urgent care.

Did Oleg also have a busy shift? Dad, we both had busy shifts, okay?

Here's more. Mmm, yum.

The food is delish. Pass it on.

Katya, want some white wine? I'm having red.

I'll have some red too then.

Actually, no.

Oleg, listen...

You've had enough booze. Have some tea, buddy.

I don't want any tea.

Dad, I have a toast. Great idea.

I love you very much, Daddy. I love you too. Thanks for coming.

Dad, we'd never miss your birthday. I can't be too sure about that.


Mikhail picked these mushrooms himself.

They're delicious.

Oleg, take a clean fork. I'll just wipe this one with a napkin.

Oleg, go get some rest.

I'm not tired.

There's a couch on the porch. Go have a lie-down.

Mikhail, calm down, leave him be.

I said, go lie down! Dad, stop it. Please.

I want what's best for him. He's unwell, so he should go...

Do you want both of us to leave?

We can leave. Stop it, please.

Alright, we're good.

Katya, your mom made a cake. No way! Really?

I did, can you believe that? Wow!

Oleg, we should...

Oleg, we should get divorced

I'm telling you, she drank calendula tea for half a year.

Her doctor was shocked at the results...

Old wives' tales?

The cake was great. I'm off to bed.

More tea, anyone? With lemon? Thank you.

Be careful with those miracles.

Calendula has both healing and killing properties.

Come on, it's just a herb...

Oleg, put some clothes on.

I'd rather you take your clothes off.

I'm just going to leave now.

Did you read my message?

I did. Why didn't you reply?

Was I supposed to? Well, yeah.

With a text message as well?

I expected an answer.

Katya, this is nonsense. This isn't nonsense.

Asking for divorce via text message? Don't yell. They'll hear us.

Let's talk in a whisper.

Katya, is it because I got drunk? It's not about that.

What is it about then? Why are you mad at me?

Oleg, do you love me?

That's a very dumb question. I love you.

Well, I don't think you do.

Here we go again...

Anyway, I made the decision.

Good for you.

You okay with that?

No, I'm not. So what?

So what? You made the decision, so go ahead and divorce me.

Let's decide about the apartment.

I'll move out tomorrow. Move where? Don't be silly.

You won't find a place right away.

Let's give it a week or so...

Find yourself a place, I'll find something else too.

For now, sleep in the kitchen, on an air mattress. Okay?

I don't care.

But let's not tell anyone about it.

We'll tell them later, after the divorce. Okay?

Is there an accident? Why aren't we moving?

Nick, turn on the siren.

Siren or no siren, what difference is it going to make?

If you'd rather be stuck here...

So, is the siren helping? Nick, take the sidewalk.

What, between the trees?

Tell her to go away. She won't listen to me.

Did you sleep okay?

No, I was in pain. It hurt right here, between my chest and my stomach.

And then I threw up... I think it's food poisoning.

Last night, what did you do?

We went to visit some friends, and ate lots of fatty food.

Did you drink? Well, yeah.

How many times did you throw up?

Just once, but I feel nauseous all the time.

I'm sure it's food poisoning.

We have a heart attack here.

Go straight to the central hospital.

Her district has no angiography equipment.

Any drug allergies? No.

Dmitry, give her nitroglycerin spray, aspirin 300 mg, clopidogrel 300 mg, and heparin 5,000 IU.

I can't go to the hospital and leave my child...

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.

Where's your phone?

Got a husband? Mom? Neighbors?

Is this your phone?

Can I stay at home?

Don't take my mommy away!

Don't cry, she'll be okay... Don't take my mommy away!

Enough of this circus!

Call a friend or a neighbor.

Until they arrive, the kid can watch some cartoons.

Katya, we have a heart attack. Get a cardiologist.

Room No. 2. I'll be two seconds.


See the 'sawtooth' pattern? Yes, but it's not very pronounced.

Don't you want to do a troponin test?

Aren't you a smartass? It's being done.

What's bothering you? My belly hurts a bit.

She's negative for troponin. That's normal at an early stage.

Does it hurt here? Yes.

Take her to the district hospital. It's pancreatitis.

What if it's not?

Oleg, stop over-diagnosing patients!

Your cardiographs are out of whack. We get false alarms all the time.

At 30, it can't be a heart attack. She had alcohol, right?

Last night, yes. I guess that's what made me sick.

Take her to the district hospital. Our surgeons have other work to do.

We have no room for cases like that.

Should I say more?

Are you completely stupid?

She has all the symptoms, the ECG, the pain...

Katya, take her for an ultrasound.

Ultrasound scans are for urgent cases only. Take the patient away.

So, what do I have?

A heart attack. She didn't believe it because you barfed.

But the doctor said, at 30 there's no way I could have a heart attack.

Is that true? I feel better already.

Let's go for a little ride then, since we have plenty of time.

Start a dopamine drip, just in case.

I knew it was a heart attack.

Why bring her here then? You know we don't do angiography...

Write down, "pancreatitis excluded". Wasn't it obvious?

Don't yell at me. I've been driving her around for 1.5 hours.

Just write down the diagnosis, and I'll take her back.

Katya, is that idiot still there? Tatiana or what's her face...

Put her on the phone.

Please put her on the phone.

Katya, put her on the phone.

Hello? This is Mironov speaking. I have a question for you.

How crucial is time elapsed from onset of symptoms for successful treatment of heart attack?

Prep the operating room. I'm bringing her back, with complications.

Don't you kill her with your 'expertise'.

So, magnesium, mexidol... Three and one.


No, everything else is in here... Wait, I used adrenaline.

See? Thought so.

I thought you two went on a call? We're back already. Hey.

Freeze! Oh hey, boss.

What did you give her? Give whom?

Granny Faker. She wrote two complaints.

Saying what?

Saying you gave her a banned pill from Holland that nearly killed her.

I gave her a plastic bullet, from a toy gun, to suck on.

I hoped it would distract her from calling us every day.

Want to pay another fine? Nah, not really.

Let this one be a bonus. Nah, boss, no need.

Hey guys. Everything alright? Hi, boss. All's good.


Is one pillow enough for you? It's a bit small.

It's great.

There's also the turtle cushion. Oh no, it smells of Grandma.

The mattress is dusty as hell. It's fine.

Close the door, okay?

Check it out. Is it comfy?

Super easy access to food. I'll try not to step on your face.

Need help with the sheets? It's ok, I'll manage.

Alright, I'm off to bed then.



Katya, where would I find tomato paste?

What paste?

I want to make tomato juice... Ah, think I found it... Okay, bye.

Oleg, what the hell? Get out. I'm running late for work.

Don't look at me.

I've seen your boobs before.

You won't see them again.

Katya, I can see your ass. Fuck off.

Take her passport, her insurance ID card, her medical documentation if you have any, and personal essentials. We're going to the hospital.

Can you explain what's wrong with her?

You mom has intestinal bleeding, We're admitting her to the ICU.

What for?

For monitoring and transfusion.

Blood transfusion?

Miss, we're wasting time.

No, we... don't do transfusions.

You won't have to donate blood. They have donors.

Mom, we're not going.

Give me a statement to sign, that we refuse.

Miss, I'm not trying to scare you, but your mom will die in two hours if she doesn't receive urgent care.

Let's go, dear.

Mom, calm down. You'll be fine. We'll call our own doctor now.

What's this idiocy? You want your Mom to die?

No, but we refuse blood transfusions.

Jehovah's Witnesses? Yes, we are.

Witnesses of what?

They have religious reasons.

Let's end this conversation.

Lady, listen to me. Margarita, can you hear me?


Can we hospitalize you in order to save your life?


No, Mom, we can't. Please step aside.

Let's carry her on the blanket. Sure.

Get your hands away from her! She's not going...

Stay away or I'll punch you in the face.


"Yesterday I called an ambulance for my mother.

The two doctors who arrived were very rude to us, didn't take their shoes off, acted arrogantly, and were drunk."

We weren't drunk.

"They blatantly ignored our beliefs, thus insulting our religious feelings.

We refused hospitalization, saying we would call our own family doctor instead.

Then, those so-called 'doctors' grabbed my mom, almost dropped her, and forcefully dragged her away, laughing.

When I tried to save my dear mom from those so-called 'doctors', I got punched in the face.

Then, the rudest of the two said that, if I approach my dear mom, he would break my nose.

He used obscene language, thus insulting my religious feelings for the second time.

Please fire them both for malpractice."

What are we going to do? What to do?

Write an explanation.

I did push her hard.

Why did you do that?

It had to be done.

So, everything in here is true? No, the rest isn't.

"...grabbed my mom and forcefully dragged her away."

Not true.

"...didn't take their shoes off." That's true, we didn't.

Write this:

"The patient agreed to hospitalization due to critical, life-threatening condition."

We won't mention you pushing her and not taking your shoes off.

We'll ignore that? Yes.

Think this will help?

I don't know. I'm here till Monday, so I'll try to get this settled by then.

But if the story drags on I won't be much help.

It'll be up to your new boss to handle it in his own way.


Oleg, wake up.

Oh hey. Come to bed.

Who's sleeping in the kitchen?

That's Igor from the trauma unit.

What the hell? Katya, go to sleep.

Get out of my bed.

Katya, calm down. I'm not going anywhere. Come get some sleep.

You bastards.




Katya, are you angry with me?

Why did you leap out of bed?

Come on, I haven't had sex for a whole week because of you.


What's gotten into you? This is silly.

Did I offend you that much?

No, Oleg, you didn't offend me.

I just have a feeling that you live in a different galaxy.

And I'm tired of trying to reach it.

I ran out of fuel, water, food supply, and desire.

And this galaxy doesn't give a shit whether I reach it or not.

And even if I do reach it, I doubt this galaxy will even notice.

I have no idea what you're saying.

Get out. I just want you to leave.

Hey, don't close your eyes. Look at me.

I can't breathe. That's not true. You can.

I need to get up! No you don't.

Let me go! Quiet. Don't move.

Can't you see I'm dying?

Keep quiet, lie still and just breathe little by little.

Like that, yes. Atta boy. And look at me. Wonderful.

I said, lie still and breathe. Your X-ray will be ready soon.

Keep quiet, and breathe bit by bit.

Like that, yes. And look at me. You're doing great.

Your surgery won't hurt a bit. You'll wake up brand new.

Oxygen saturation is dropping. Put the mask on him.

Oleg, don't block the door.

Katya, can we talk outside?

Get him into the OR.

Pneumothorax? Yes, from chest injury.

What's up? We need to talk.

I can't now. I have several car accident victims here.

I'll sit and wait then.

Is it that urgent? Urgent, yes.

I have a night shift today. I'll wait until you can talk.


Hush, hush, hush...

You only have a few scratches. They'll put you back together, and you'll leave on your own two feet... in a few weeks.

Oh God, this is unbearable... Hush, hush.

Hush, hush.

It hurts like hell...

Katya, you have any cigs left? Yes. There's only one in there.

I'll go get you some. Okay.

It hurts, it hurts...

Hey. What if I'm sleeping? Nah, I'm just walking around.

Where are you, guys?

Well, I could join you for about 40 minutes.

Yeah, I'll have to get back. It's important.

I'll be there in a bit.

...I'm telling you. Oh, Katya, hey!


Katya, I saved some tequila for you.

It's gone. You drank it?

So, no tequila, but there's cognac.

Hey, guys. Hey!

Hey, girl!

Guys, sorry, I'm exhausted. I'll have to miss the party.

I really want to sleep.

Come on!

Who's going to the store? Not me.

Katya, wait... I need to get some sleep.

Katya, I'm sorry. I wanted to wait for you, but then this happened...

Oleg, I really don't care.

You're mad at me. I'm an idiot. I mean, I'm drunk, not an idiot...

You're right to be mad at me. Go away, I don't want to talk to you.

I won't go away until you forgive me.

I forgive you. Okay?

No, you sounded very stern. I don't believe you.

Katya, please forgive me.

I forgive you.

Let's have a drink then.

I really want to sleep. So you lied...

Oleg, hear me out. I want to sleep. Please leave. I forgive you.

Don't be mad at me. I'm not mad.

Alright, I'm gone. Sleep all you like, no need to yell at me.

He already left? Dumbass forgot the money.

Get me some smokes!

Wait, I'll add some coins for ballast.

Promise to come back!

Clouds this summer, perhaps, will be particularly splendid

Clouds this summer, perhaps, will be particularly splendid

Being next to you at the right time is a known skill of the left-handed Clouds this summer, perhaps, will be particularly splendid

Did I scare you? I'm sorry.

Katya, I can't remember what happened last night.

Good for you. Let's talk.

We talked yesterday.

Let's talk again, I'm begging you. I can't remember our talk...

Oleg, I'm running late. I'm working night again.

I'll go with you.

I understand why you hate me so much.

Really. What can I give you?

You want me to make good money, but I'll never make good money.

I'll never have a career. You will. You'll climb the ladder.

Me, I'll always be a paramedic.

You're ashamed of me all the time in front of your parents.

And at work too, I don't know.

What can I do? I am who I am. I am a loser.

And you're right for hating me.

Maybe you're right. You shouldn't be with me.

Maybe you'll be better off...

...with someone who's smarter and more successful.

I can't take it! I can't! Katya, calm down!

Oleg, don't touch me! Don't touch me ever again!

You scum, do you really think I'm some materialistic bitch?

Katya, wait... Katya... I said, don't touch me!

Calm down...

Oleg! Get away from me. Don't touch me!

Katya... This is a nightmare...

Tell me, do you really think I'm like that? Oleg, are you stupid?

Katya, I'm just... I just love you, Katya. I swear...

Get out of the car. Fuck...

Katya, listen... Where are you going?

So, is everyone here now? Close the door, will you? Thanks.

So, hello everyone. Hello.

My name is Vitaly Golovko, I'm the new head of your EMA substation.

You'll introduce yourselves during the work process.

I'd like to outline some rules for our collaboration.

As you know, healthcare system is being reformed, so there'll be changes.

For the better? Of course. That's why I'm here.

Don't worry. We'll hone our processes and mechanisms, to keep the feds happy.

So, I'd like to start with...

I'd like to start with my favorite 'Rule of 20'.

It's simple. You get to a patient in under 20 minutes; give them medical aid in under 20 minutes; and, you will service no less than 20 calls per shift.

This rule isn't new, but it's unrealistic.

Try draining urine in 20 minutes...

We'll make it realistic.

In urgent care, the key word is "urgency". Meaning, speed.

Everyone who needs medical aid should get it, right?

But in practice it's impossible.

I don't like the word "impossible".

Anything is possible if you make an effort.

Moving on...

According to another new rule, you will now be required to report to the dispatcher while on call.

No improvisation is permitted. Is that clear?

Report while I'm with a patient?

That's right. While with a patient you report via radio to inform the dispatcher what you did, what medications you used, where you're off to, etc.

And, if the dispatcher tells you to do something, do as you're told.

From now on, you follow their instructions to a t.

Let the dispatchers do our job then. What do you need us for?

This system works in Moscow. We're not in Moscow...

Sorry, but we're not here to discuss the work of our Moscow colleagues.

Moving on. We will now have a clear classification of ambulance crews.

The dispatchers will assign calls to the crews according to their qualifications.

Should I expand on that? Yes, please explain.

Right now, a call is assigned to the nearest ambulance.

So, the ICU crew gets an alcoholic, pediatricians get a hobo, and NPs, who are totally useless, get a gunshot victim in a coma.

As a result, we get fatalities, which is unacceptable.

So, starting today, crews only go to their designated calls. Got that?

What if I'm passing by an accident? Pass and get to your assigned patient.

Meaning, we stop giving shit, right?

Okay, you get to the scene five minutes faster, at most.

What if you can't provide necessary care?

In such cases we usually request a second crew...

Now here's bad news: as part of downsizing strategy, a crew cannot request a second crew.

One crew per call. Otherwise, we'll be short-handed.

What if there are several victims? Take them to a hospital.

There will be lay-offs, too? Yes. That's not up to me.

Alright, we're done here. Have a good shift, my friends.

We've been waiting for you. Let's go.

Oleg, come back here.

Why? Come, I'll tell you.

Wait here.

They re-assigned us to a different call.

Why? No idea. I'm confused.

Give me the radio.

I'm sorry, we were sent here by mistake. The patient is a child?

Yes, our child is sick. Pediatricians are on their way.

But I'm already here. I re-assigned you. Go to Gavrilova St.

The relatives will lynch me.

It's the new rules.

There were no pediatricians available, but now there are.

This is bullshit.

You sons of bitches! We waited for you!

Do you have no heart? A child is sick, and you just turn around and leave?

Let's go. What floor? Fourth floor.

Oleg, we'll get in trouble. I don't give a shit.

Well said, doc.

When will you move out?

Are you looking for a place or blowing it off as you always do?

Why are you yelling? I'm not.

I'll be out of here tomorrow, okay?

You need to find a place first. Get out of my room, will you?

So, she had trouble breathing before? She used a sore throat spray for that.

Who prescribed the spray? A pharmacist recommended it.

Open the window wide.

Nina, lie down.

Let the doctor give recommendations. Nina, sit upright and lean on your knee.

Dmitry, prep a mask with moist oxygen.

Take the cat away from here. Into another room?

Lock it in the bathroom. Nina, try to steady your breathing.

Oleg, she's feeling worse.

Prednisolonum. Yep.

Dmitry, answer the radio.

Yes? Your time is up.

We're not done here. Give me the report.

Is this Marina? Yes.

Want a report? We're giving her shots and monitoring her condition.

Oleg, you have to get to the next call.

You're distracting me from work.

Wrap it up. I need more time here.


Will she get better?

Remove all carpets, plants, all allergens, especially the cat.

Mop the floors twice a day.

I'll tell your district doctor to give her a referral to the hospital.

Thank you.

Nina, look at me. Oh, good, there's a sparkle in your eyes.

Never use unprescribed medications. She used the spray every day.

And developed dependence to it.

The spray just masks the symptoms, but doesn't treat the cause.

Got it.

Nina, you're fine now. Want to keep the mask on a bit longer?

Alright. You did great.

You hear me? Yes.

What's up next? Thanks to you, a no-show.

Meaning? Go, you're the nearest to them.

What's there? A death for you to certify.


Hello. Hi. Come in.

Vladimir, calm down!

Murderers! Bastards!

Don't say that. Sit here, dear... Good Lord... Stay here.

Where is the deceased? In that room over there.

One of you, please come with me.

Only one of you please. Vera, you go. I'll stay here.

What took you so long? She might have still been alive...

I need her documents. They're on the table.

Her age? Seventy-four.

Reason for calling an ambulance?

She complained about her heart hurting all day.

Any chronic conditions?

She had a congenital heart disease.

Are you done? Can we take her away? Yes. I'll make copies of the records.

Let me get her properly dressed...

Don't worry, we'll cover her. I can give you her blouse...

Do you have a spare bed sheet? Yes, of course.

Vera, get dressed and go with her.

Stay here, you'll get a call.

Make arrangements for the funeral, then you can pick up the body.

Hey you, doctor Dolittle...

Is your mother still alive?

Yes, she's alive.

Pray to God, you son of a bitch, that she doesn't get doctors like you.

You killed my mother.

Who gave you the right?! Vladimir, dear, calm down...

Bring her back! I want her here! Get a hold of yourself...

Bring her back! Bring her here...

Let's go, Oleg.


You scared me...

What are you doing?

Looking for my passport. Found it.

You're working tomorrow. I'm leaving.

Sorry about that... I'm off.



Why don't you come upstairs?

Katya, listen...

Can I just say something without you getting angry? Can you hear me out?

I'm not angry.


Let's stop torturing each other at least for a few days.

I'm begging you.

I just can't take it.

Can we take a break from having to solve any issues?

Can we just calm down, have some rest...

Get some sleep... Yes, get some sleep.

Let's take a breather.

Can we do that, Katya?

We can.

Thank you.

Can I hug you? Just hug you. Can I?

May we come in?

Well, come on in then. Have a seat.

Anton, grab another chair from the reception room.

What can I do for you, colleagues?

I'll start, and the guys will continue.

Sounds great.

So, those rules of yours that we're busting our asses to follow...

We know you didn't write them... They're part of the healthcare reform.

We know that. So what's your point?

Those rules aren't reasonable. It's not even about the fines...

It is as well. Since 2010, I've been fined twice, all in the last week.

If I remember correctly, a grievance was filed against you, so your pay was suspended.

That's against the law...

Let's get back to our subject.

The thing is, we deal with patients, with people. Every case is different.

The 20-minute system is nefarious.

It excludes individual approach to patients.

The human factor. Precisely. It excludes that.

Your predecessor understood that, and was flexible about enforcing these rules.

You can't always follow instructions.

When saving lives, we must act according to the situation, and based on our knowledge and experience.

Also, dispatchers have never bothered us as much as they do now.

It's messing with my head.

I'm busy, the NP is applying a splint, and she's nagging for a report.

What's all this nonsense?

Basically, we want everything to be as it was before.

We're not robots, we're doctors.

Are you done?

I heard you.

Look, to be honest, what you said sounded like childish hysterics.

Your attitude toward the human factor seems very strange to me.

Want a good example of the human factor at work? Here it is.

This undisciplined doctor chose to ignore the dispatcher's orders and disabled the radio to make the "nagging" stop.

As a result of the no-show, a person died.

All because of the human factor.

I couldn't leave the patient.

Wrong answer, buddy. Did you administer euphyllinum?

I did, but it doesn't take effect right away.

So, the right answer is: you administer euphyllinum, wait until her condition begins to stabilize, immediately call her district doctor and hand the patient over to him.

Or, you take her to the hospital.

Instead, you wasted 1.5 hours on her, treating her from head to toe.

While another patient waited and died.

There's your human factor for you.

I'm sorry, but that's not right. Let's look at it from a different angle.

If he'd listened to the dispatcher and left the patient in the middle of an asthma attack, she could've died.

When I'm assigned to a call I take responsibility for that patient, and make sure they don't die from the condition I'm treating.


Make sure they don't die while you're there.

They can die on other doctors' watch.

Your task is to deliver a living person to a district doctor or a hospital.

Let them die there.

I see how it is...

Anybody called the cops yet? Yes.

Step aside!

Looks like a stab wound. Dmitry, get the stretcher and call Nick.

Nick, come help us here. Why?

There'll be lots of them. Coming.

Requesting intensive care unit. What do you have?

A mass murder scene. Send the mobile ICU!

They're on another call.

Send a second crew then! Not allowed.

Are you kidding me? I have multiple stab victims here!

I'll see what I can do. Is the fight over?

No, they're still fighting. The cops aren't here yet.

Take this one for now.

Hey, hey, get your hands off each other. I'm a doctor.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to you too.

Hey, put your hand away.

How's it going? Managed to put the catheter in.

Start a Ringer's solution drip. Yep.

We're doing just fine here.

Open your eyes.

His pulse rate is high because of atropine.

Is he gonna die?

Do you want him to die? I don't give a shit.

Is he high now? Yes, he's doing fine.

Oh, saturation 99%. He's in seventh heaven now.

Here's the mask. Got it.

Now you. Look at me.

Pupils wide, no photoreaction. What did you smoke? Pot? Meth?


I wonder what it was. You're in some parallel universe.

What are you doing? Sit back down!

You idiot.

What the...

Valery, we have stab-and-slash wounds here.

What did you do?

Gave him a Ringer's solution drip. There are two more, very drunk.

Go sit over there.

Sit down.

Oh, my boys are here.

Hello there.

You live a bloody fun life.

Why did you tie his hands? He was fighting us on the way here.

Having fun? You see anyone laughing?

Who put the catheter in? I did.

His veins are all messed up.

Ever catheterized an unruly patient in a fast-moving vehicle?

Boss, I know you want to see us in action, but you're in the way.

"A bad workman blames his tools".

Hey. No, I'm getting groceries, why?

Who's "everyone"?

Shit... No, it's okay, let them all come.

Alright, see you in the evening.

Who bought all this vegetable spread?

I did. There's never enough for everyone. One jar is for me.

Have it all. Nobody else likes it.


Wow, you guys are quick. Well, I'm quick too.

Who's going to do medical assistance tomorrow?

Lera, aren't you pouring too much? I'm off tomorrow. It's party time!

Katya, your nurses are wild. And energetic.

All of our nurses are cool, but all our doctors are dicks.

Our doctors hate on the nurses.

What about me? You're an exception.

They hired a lot of new nurses now.

We're so nice to them, "Hi, how are you?", but they're all snooty and totally dumb.

Oleg, how did you call Tatiana? When?

He's like, "Give the phone to what's-her-face..."

By now, in her head there's just tumbleweed rolling slowly.

Oleg, help me open the jar.

Boris, really?

They banned workplace romances in the hospital. Can you believe it?

That's stupid. How will they enforce that?

It's an administrative order.

Who came up with it? Did you have to sign anything?

That's not the point.

My concern is, how will I ever find a husband now?

Seriously, I'm always at work. Will I ever get married?

"Comrades!" Comrades...

You two lucky love birds met in med school 5 years ago.

Flirt with patients.

How do you flirt with patients?

They see you once, like a winged angel, and then they're taken into surgery.

Nah, flirting with patients is risky. You don't want to catch an infection...

Guys, I want to play a song from our puberty.

It's only three minutes long. The clock's already ticking.

These days, the wind is freezing, but remember those nights When you and I were kissing to the gentle rustle of the tide I know we can't bring back that summer's feelings, When I feel particularly sad, I turn to memories, revealing...

The yacht, the warm gust, the starry sky above us It's Yalta, it's August, and you and I are lovers The yacht, the warm gust, the starry sky above us It's Yalta, it's August, and you and I are lovers

Later, colleague. Bye.

Come on, the taxi is waiting.

Shhh, don't wake the neighbors.

Be quiet...

Want to have another drink? Okay.

Should we open a new bottle? Yeah.

This one's almost empty.

Katya... What?

Don't move right now. Why?

You're sitting on a knife.

You risk losing your buns.

You'll just sew them back on.

I don't know, Katya. You might look better with no ass.

You bastard... Sit still.

Katya, imagine you got pregnant right now.

I won't get pregnant.

Just imagine. Wouldn't that be cool?

You mean you want kids?

Well, yeah.

You've never told me.

But that's a given.

Married people usually have kids at some point. Right?

I guess so.

So, imagine you're pregnant... I'm not.

How do you know? I just know.

Are you on a pill or something?

I got an IUD half a year ago.

Anyway, there's no point in any of this.

She's over there.

A power line fell on her. She was playing by the fire...

We de-energized it already.

She fell right into the fire.

Clear the area and step away from her! Go home, everyone!

Out of the way! I said, leave, all of you!

I'm her mom. Great. Step away over there.

Let us do our job, no need to look. Go all the way to the gate!

No heartbeat, no breathing.

Let's try the CPR, buddy.

Give me that crate.

Let's get her in the vehicle maybe? No. We'll lose her on the way there.

Mironov's crew. Send the mobile ICU. They're stuck in traffic.

A child is dying. They're on their way.

I'm ready.

Catheter, adrenaline.

Step further away! Clear the area.

Adrenaline in.

No heartbeat.

Prep the defibrillator, 40 J.

Here you are.



Stay clear. Done.


We have heartbeat.


Where's the mobile ICU? Still stuck in traffic.

She can't breathe. Her clothes caught fire and scorched her chest.

You'll have to wait. She can't wait!

Will she live?

Doctor, save her! Oh God, this is horrible...

Dopamine in.


Will she live?

Stop asking stupid questions. Come here.

I'm going to make an incision on her chest. Skin-deep, nothing major.

She'll start breathing.

That's the only way she can make it to the hospital. Understand?

Now, step back.

Oleg, you can't do it here. Can't you see she's dying?

That's field surgery. Shut up, will you?

Are you crazy? Give me the scalpel.

Here you are.

We have breathing.

Blood pressure rising.

That's good, and it'll get even better.


Did you defibrillate her? Yes, with 40 J.

What's this? An incision. She couldn't breathe.

Who did it? I did.

Load her in, hook up the monitors. give her morphine and intubate.

Aren't you a goddamn hero now?

Thanks for leaving the dirty work for me!

Is the girl alive? She is. So shut up.

Let's go, guys.

Do you idiots realize the mess you got us into?

The ICU crew, me, your colleagues...

If the girl dies, her mom will sue us from here to eternity.

She won't. I want you to be quiet.

Keep your stupidity to yourself. Sit quietly like your partner here.

From now on, you won't make a single move without my approval.

Now write vacation request letters, go home and lay low, sober, ready to answer the phone and come in for interrogation.

Is that clear?

I repeat, is that clear?

I need to think what to do. Now get out of here.

Your shift is terminated.

Hi. Hello.

Are you here to see her?

She's been in surgery for an hour now.

Do you know what they're doing? They're not telling me anything.

They just say, "Don't worry, go home, get some sleep, come tomorrow."

They're keeping me in the dark.

Look, your daughter has bad burns.

They're removing the damaged tissues, the fabric that got stuck to her skin.

The problem is, she lost a lot of blood.

They wouldn't normally operate now, but they have to.

So it's complicated.

Remember I made an incision to get her to breathe?

That's why she lost so much blood.

Now is a very difficult time, the problems overlap.

I see.

A lot depends on her immune system. She's always been very healthy.

That's good.

I understand.

Finally, some answers...

She's transferred to the ICU. You should go home.

Can I see her? Not now.

For only a minute. Please...

Do you have a disposable gown? No...

Come with me, I'll give you one.

Been sitting here long?

I didn't expect you to be that stupid.


My name is Vitaly, I'm the head of the EMA substation.

What are the doctors saying?

It's terrible... She's lying there all pale...

But what are they saying?

That it's all bad, and I should be prepared for anything.

Still in critical condition?

I thought they'd know after this surgery, but they still don't.

She'll need more surgeries if she survives... Oh God...

This is a difficult situation indeed.

Can we talk? They're looking at all the documents now.

We all hope your daughter survives, but children's services might take her away.

Filing a complaint against the doctors won't help you at all.

All they know is, you left your child alone without supervision.

If I were you, I would not go to court.

There's no justice in the system. Agreed?

Don't do this. Go back to your seat.

No, really. Oleg, stay out of this.

Get lost.

Excuse us...

Where are you supposed to be now? Where did I tell you to go, moron?


Oh really?

This marks the end for you.


I found a new apartment.

You can stay here, it's up to you.

Or, you can find something cheaper.

I can't live like that, and I think you feel the same way.

Let's just go our separate ways and stop torturing each other.





Oleg, wait!


Oleg, please wait!


I really didn't think it could be so easy to...

That I could lose you... just like that.

I'm just... Shit... Nothing in this life is more important to me than you.

I can't lose you. I just can't.

I need you so bad...

Please don't be silent.

Did I already lose you?

Forgive me. I'm such an idiot...

Katya... I'm here with you.



I'm here, I'm with you. I will never let you go, ever.

Blood pressure 80 over 60. Stay awake! Where does it hurt?

It hurts to breathe... Inside your chest?


You'll feel better now. Take shallow breaths.

Morphine in.

Look at me.

Nick, why aren't we moving? The road's blocked up!

It's working...

I'll get out!

...Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Move to the right! Clear the way!

Everyone, move to the right!

Clear the way!

Everyone in the left lane, move to the right!

Clear the left lane for the ambulance!

Keep to the right!