Arthur and the Haunted Tree House (2017) Script


♪ Every day when you're walking down the street ♪

♪ Everybody that you meet has an original point of view ♪


♪ And I say hey ♪ Hey!

♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪

♪ If we could learn to work and play ♪

♪ And get along with each other ♪

♪ You got to listen to your heart, listen to the beat ♪

♪ Listen to the rhythm, the rhythm of the street ♪

♪ Open up your eyes, open up your ears ♪

♪ Get together and make things better ♪

♪ By working together ♪

♪ It's a simple message, and it comes from the heart ♪

♪ Believe in yourself, for that's the place to start ♪

♪ And I say hey ♪ Hey!

♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪

♪ If we could learn to work and play ♪

♪ And get along with each other ♪ Hey!

♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪ Hey!

♪ What a wonderful kind of day ♪ Hey!

Hey, D.W.!




(kids chatting excitedly)

(wind blowing)

LADONNA: And they never found Doc.

Some say he's still out there.

Hiding in the swamps, living off frogs and leeches, his skin shriveled and yellow with an evil smile plastered on his face.

Like this!

(both scream)


Can we turn the lantern back on now?

Aw, come on, it wasn't that scary.

Wait, you don't really have a cousin named Doc, do you?

Sure, I do!

But he lives in Miami, not a swamp.

He's a nutritionist.


What are you supposed to be again?

Candy Boy.

Candy Boy get angry when he no get candy!


But don't worry.

Candy Boy is very happy this year.

He beat last Halloween's candy quota.

Oh, yeah!

(wind whistles)


Did you hear something?

LADONNA: Uh-oh, maybe it was angry villagers, Frankenstein.


I'm not Franken-stein, I'm Franken-tist.

That's a combination of Frankenstein and a dentist.

(eerie whistling)

There it is again!

That's just the wind.

You sure are jumpy.

You didn't mix the sour-gummied worms with the peanut clusters, did you?

That always makes me jumpy.


So, what's up?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Yes, I would.

Me too.

If it were me, I might not believe me.

But you?

Tell us.

It's this tree house.


It's haunted.


What? No way!

Come on, this old thing?

I'm serious.

There's a ghost here.

She's angry.

And I think she's coming for us.

Arthur and the Haunted Tree House: Part One.

(owl hooting)

LADONNA: Wait, back up.

What do you mean, there's a ghost here?

Did you really see it?

Kind of.

What did it look like?

Aw, man, you're so lucky!

I want to see a ghost.

No, you don't.

Anyway, I'm not sure I want to talk about it.

Oh, come on!

You can't just say you've seen a ghost and then not tell us about it.



I guess it all started about a week ago.

I had just told Mom I wanted to have a Halloween sleepover in the tree house.

I don't know, Arthur.

I'm not sure it's safe to sleep up there.

What if someone rolls over and...

We're going to put a crate up there to block the opening.

Okay, but how are you going to get your sleeping bags and stuff up there?

Already thought of that, too.

We hooked up a pulley.

It's really cool.

You could come out and see it later.

Did I hear someone say sleeping bags?

Are we going camping?

No, sweetie.

Arthur just wants to have a Halloween party at the tree house.

I want to come, too!

You can't, D.W.

It'd be too scary for you.

Here, looking for the cereal?

Too scary?


The only thing that scares me are octopodees, and they're only at the beach, so...



I rest my case.

That was a dirty rotten trick!



I was just trying to prepare her for Halloween.

So, Mom?


Can I have the sleepover?

Well, I have to check with your father, but I guess it's okay.


I wasn't really scared by that cereal snake.

I was just acting.

You'll have a much better time at home anyway.

Your father and I are going out that night, but Grandma will be here.

Why don't you invite Bud over?


But I'm ten times braver than you.

Sure you are.


Let's just see who's braver, Arthur Read.

ARTHUR: The next day after school, I went up to the attic to get some scary decorations for the tree house.

(switch clicking)

That's the first time I saw it.


Where on earth did this come from?


I thought that maybe the doll had belonged to Mom or Dad, or maybe even Grandma Thora.

It's really old and spooky.

If it's okay, I'd love to use it for my sleepover.


But it was just here a minute ago.

Maybe Pal ran off with it.

It'll turn up.

The next day, after school, I took the decorations over to the tree house.

VOICE: Arrrr-thurrrrr...

Who's there?

(wind whistling)

Just the wind.


It said, "This is MY tree house."

Right there.

Written in chalk.


I wiped it away.

Maybe it was just D.W., playing a trick on you.

She's not allowed to come up here alone.

And anyway, she can't write.

Well, neither can dolls.

Unless, of course, that doll isn't really a doll.

Oh, phony baloney.

You guys are jumping to conclusions.

Wait, it gets worse.

After I finished decorating, I didn't come back until earlier today.

I wanted to drop off some stuff before getting into costume and trick-or-treating.

I also thought someone might be playing a trick on me, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my sleepover.

If you're trying to scare me, it's not going to work, so you can just give up now.


She was sitting right there!

No way.

Come on.

You're making this up.

I'm not.

I swear.

What did you do?

I dug a hole and buried her over by that rock.

But what if she comes back?

Guys, relax.

I'm sure there's a rational explanation.

That's true.

Maybe Zelda's an alien.

That's a rational explanation?

Well, whatever it is, I'm starting to think that this sleepover was a really bad idea.


(all gasp)

VOICE: Ar...thur.



I knew this prom dress costume was scary.

Whew! It's just you.

Who were you expecting?

Muffy's not here yet?

Oh, man!

She's going to be so angry at me.


I was supposed to meet her at her place and then we were going to trick-or-treat at the fancy houses.

But I got stuck at this one apartment in our building.

It was actually kind of freaky.

Was there a doll there?

With a big head and one eye?

Huh? No.

It was even scarier than that.

FRANCINE: Every year, the tenants in our building put up a list of apartments you can trick-or-treat at.

I know them all by heart.

There's Mrs. Parizeau.

She always gives fruit.

Trick or treat!

There you go.

Prunes, sweetheart.

That's nature's candy.

Uh, thanks.

FRANCINE: There's Mr. Bellamy.

He always does the old hand-in-a-bowl-of-candy trick.

Trick or treat!

Ah, no...!

It's a live hand in a bowl of candy!

FRANCINE: And then Mr. Bellamy forgets that his hand is in the bowl.

Oh, you dropped some!



Then there are the Lancasters.

They always try to guess your costume, and fail.

You're a fairy godmother.

Uh, a fancy... lampshade.

Uh, Queen Isabella of Spain.

Oh, oh. The feudal system.

I'm a prom queen.


I only had one more apartment to hit.

Someone I had never met before.


Trick or treat!

Oh, is it Halloween already?

I completely forgot.

Come in, come in!

Excuse the mess.

I was just going through some old photos.

Sit, sit.

I have candy here somewhere.

What is that?

That, my dear, is a golem.

What's a golem?

A monster made from clay and then brought to life by a magic spell.


Oh? You don't believe me?

I took that picture myself.

But even without a photo, I would never forget the face of that hideous creature.

I'd tell you the story, but I shouldn't be frightening children like this.

I was a little girl, just about your age.

We lived in a small town called Mindelplatz, not far from Prague.

(trolley bell dinging)

There was a young man in the town who was a great violinist.

(playing fast notes)

His music was so beautiful!

It was said it could make dead plants grow.


Then one day, the violinist was in a terrible accident.

(trolley bell dinging)

He was hit by a trolley car, and all his fingers were broken.

They eventually healed, but he was no longer able to play the violin.

People rarely saw the violinist after that.

He stayed in his room, reading ancient books about magic.

(cat meowing)

(purrs and meows)

(camera clicks)

He grew bitter, angry at the world.

In one of his books, he learned how to make the golem.

(clay squishes)

And he brought him to life.

But the golem turned against him.

He couldn't control the creature.

(camera clicks)

No one could.

(crowd screaming)

(barrels crash)



(camera clicks)


That's some story!

How'd you escape?

Who's to say I did?


Anyway, look what I found for you.

It's marzipan, a delicious almond paste.

Happy Halloween, my dear.

Right after I left the apartment, I noticed that somehow, one of the woman's photographs had fallen into my Halloween bag.

So I went to return it.


But this time, a man answered the door.

Oh, hi!

You must be Mr. Saperstein.

Somehow, this fell in my bag.

That's my little sister.

She disappeared when we were children.


(Ladonna, Arthur, and Buster gasp)


That was her ghost?

I don't know.


Why does everyone get to see a ghost except for me?

No offense, but I think her story was scarier than both of yours.

It's not a competition.

Can I borrow your phone?

I have to call Muffy.

She'd already left by the time I got to her house.

(phone ringing)

I waited for 45 minutes!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I got held up at my building.

Well, where are you now?

The tree house.

Are you coming?

I'll be there in a little bit.

I still have to hit the MacNeil Mansion.

Well, hurry up.

I can't wait to tell you what happened to me.

You're never going to believe...

(dial tone, then a beep)


Francine, are you there?

(phone beeps)

Oh! I'm out of juice.

Bailey, can I borrow your phone?

Alas, I didn't bring mine, Miss Muffy.

It didn't feel appropriate that the Mad Hatter would be carrying one.

(loud pop)

Oh, dear.

What happened?

We seem to have blown a tire.

MUFFY: Can you fix it?


Do you have any chewing gum?

Chewing gum? Me?!

Really, Bailey, you know me better than that.

Mmm, I didn't think so.

Then I'm afraid we're in a bit of a pickle.

Well, we have to do something.

The MacNeils give out chocolate truffles and pralines.

It's the best house on my list.

Might I suggest walking, Miss Muffy?

Oh, I was afraid you were going to say that.

These shoes are very pinchy.


Well, if we're going to walk, we might as well take the shortcut.

You mean... through the cemetery?

Sure. Why not?

(gate creaks open)

Don't tell me you're afraid.

Bailey Carson Belvedere III, afraid?

I think not.

Good. Then we'll be there in a jiffy.

(raccoon chitters)

(Bailey screams)

MUFFY: And when we get to the MacNeils', we'll call a taxi.

(bird cries)

BAILEY: Egads! What was that?


Probably another raccoon.

You know, it's fine if you're scared.

(clears his throat)

Yes, well, thank you for your concern, Miss Muffy, but, as I said, I'm absolutely...

(owl shrieks)


That looked like a flying badger.


It's just an owl, Bailey.

Well, owls are very dangerous.

If you're a small rodent.


Perhaps I am a little edgy.

But why aren't you, Miss Muffy?

Last Halloween, before Francine and I went trick-or-treating, we dared each other to run through the cemetery.

(gate creaks open)

(wind blowing)

You sure you want to do this?

Crosswires never back down from a dare.

Well, neither do Frenskys.

(owl hooting)

MUFFY: We were both terrified.

But we made it all the way and, well, it was super exciting!

(panting and laughing)

Let's do it again!

After that, we did it four more times.

So now this place doesn't scare me anymore.

To tell you the truth, I actually miss being a little scared.

It made Halloween more fun.


Oh, no!

This dress is going to get ruined!

Now, that's scary.

Come on.



I can barely see where I'm going!

We best take shelter, Miss Muffy.

Over here.


(cat moaning and hissing)

My sentiments exactly.

This evening is ruined.

I beg your pardon, Miss Muffy, but...

I didn't say anything.

You didn't?

Then, who...?



(Bailey and Muffy scream)


Do you think we should go to my house?

Even if there aren't any ghosts, this roof can leak.

What? No, we have to stay.

I mean, just for a little bit longer?

At least until the rain lets up.

(someone panting outside)


Ahh! What's that?!

I bet it's the golem.


Hey. Sorry I'm late.

(all sigh with relief)

BUSTER: What a night!

What are you supposed to be?

A couch?

I'm Puffy McPuffmeister.

He's a professional wrestler.

He pins people with his squishy body.

You win!



Have I had a strange night!

You too?

We were just talking about all the spooky things that have happened tonight.

Nothing spooky happened to me.

Except someone gave me some Brussels sprouts.

Want some?

They're actually delicious.


Well, my story is the spookiest.

It all started when I went over to toilet-paper Mr. Ratburn's house.

You what?! You're in so much trouble!

Are you nuts?!

Calm down.

I didn't actually do it.

In fact, I never even wanted to do it.

BINKY: But the Tough Customers always do a prank on Halloween.

It's a tradition.

And I drew the short straw.

Aw, man!

Huh? Wow.

I mean...


BINKY: But when I got to his house, I knew I couldn't go through with it.

I was just about to turn around when...

VOICE: Nevermore!

Was that you?


Never more what?


If you say "nevermore" one more time, I'm going to pluck your feathers.


(door creaks open)


If you solve the puzzles within, countless treasures you shall win.

But if you enter and you fail, eternal doom shall prevail.

So, mortal, do you dare to enter Mr. Ratburn's terrible lair?

(cackling evilly)


BINKY: The doom part didn't sound so good.

But I did like the idea of "countless treasures."

Eh. It's worth a shot.

(door creaks shut)


(clock chimes)

Um, Mr. Ratburn?

That clock is wrong.

It's only 8:15.

BINKY: The note said to turn the lantern on.

So, that's what I did.

All of a sudden, I noticed this puppet in the corner, and it opened one eye.


Did this puppet have a baby's head?

Was it called Zelda?

Um, no.

It was some old guy.

And I didn't ask him his name.

But that creepy eye...

It was... really, really creepy!

And then, I heard this beating sound.

Like a heart.


It wouldn't stop.

And it kept getting louder, until finally...

That's it-- you can keep the treasure!

I'm outta here!

It was the scariest room I'd ever been in.

Except maybe for math class.

Wait a minute.

That scene you just described.

That's from "The Tell-tale Heart."

The wha...?

You know, the short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Binky, we've been studying them in class for the past two weeks.

Haven't you been paying attention?

Um... no comment.

I thought it might be fun to read one aloud tonight.

Hey, I bet the treasure was under a floorboard!

That's where the thump-thump was coming from in the story.

You mean I was standing on top of candy all that time?

Aw, man!

LADONNA: Well, look at it this way.

At least nothing actually scary was going on.

Yeah, I guess you're right.


What is it?

I left my backpack with the toilet paper in it at Mr. Ratburn's house.

Now he'll know what I was planning!

He could give me detention for life.

I gotta get it back.

You know, this is a very weird Halloween.

I'll say.

FRANCINE: But you know something?

I'm not afraid.

Ghosts, schmosts.

Neither am I.

If we all stick together, we'll be just fine.

Let's get into our sleeping bags.

(distant voice giggling)

Did you giggle?

I didn't giggle.



It wasn't me.

Maybe it was a frog.

Do frogs giggle?

I don't know.

(voice giggling)

Okay, that wasn't a frog!

VOICE: This treehouse is mine!

(voice echoes)

(kids scream)


BUSTER: I'm outta here!




Ah, the looks on their faces.


ARTHUR: And then we heard the voice!

BUSTER: It said, "This tree house is mine."

It was clear as day.

Are you sure it wasn't just the wind?

It was really howling a little while ago.

Uh-uh, it was Zelda.

I know it was.

Poor Arthur.

Afwaid of a wittle doll.

Was it shaking its scawy wattle?


D.W., this is serious.

You would have been terrified out there.

Would not.

Anyway, I guess we'll never know because you didn't invite me to your party.

You should be thanking me for not inviting you.

All right, all right, settle down, you two.

Why don't I make us all some nice hot cocoa?

Can I use your bathroom?

I got mud all over my prom dress.

I actually think it looks better now, but I borrowed it from Catherine.


Hey, where's Ladonna?

I thought she was right behind you.

She was.

You don't think that Zelda...

(rapid knocking)


Quick, quick.

Close the door.

W-What happened?

I went back to get my backpack.


That's crazy.

I know, but I had some of my favorite books with me.

I wasn't about to let that doll get them.

Which... she almost did.


No way!

When I went back to the tree house, I saw her sitting in the corner.

I snatched my bag and I ran towards your house.

Then I looked behind me, and she was limping after me.

Wow, she's got one eye and a limp?

Poor little doll.


Oh, you wouldn't be laughing if you'd seen her.

Anyway, that's when I tripped in the mud.

Could I borrow a sweatshirt or something?

Come on.

I'll find you one of Mom's.

You don't want to wear one of Arthur's smelly old things.


D.W.: Was Arthur really, really scared?

LADONNA: Oh, yeah.

When he heard that voice, he turned white as a powdered doughnut.

That's because I do such a good ghost impression.

"This tree house is mine!"


(Ladonna and D.W. laughing)

I may only have one eye, but Zelda sees everything.


Keep it down.

Someone will hear you.

I think I've shown Arthur who the scaredy-cat is now.

D.W.: Thanks for the help.


I've saved the best part for last.

Arthur buried the doll after the last time he saw her, so...

I dug her up!


She looks even worse than before.

I know, pretty cool, huh?

Oh. I also brought back the other walkie-talkie.

What do you say we pull one last trick?

I just saw Zelda.


In the house?!

In your Mom and Dad's bedroom, with her friends.

She has friends?

We're under attack!


Her friends happen to be Ladonna, Bud, and D.W.

They've been pranking us.

But, that voice.

How did...?

I saw Bud with a walkie-talkie.

I bet they planted the other one in the tree house.


He sure does a good creepy-baby-ghost doll.

Of all the rotten tricks!

I bet this was all D.W.'s idea.

I'll show her who's...

Wait, I've got a better plan.

Maybe it's time they got a taste of their own medicine.





Oh, it's just a cat.

It seems to have a collar.

It's probably lost.

Perhaps there's an address on its tag.

Careful, Bailey.

It looks very afraid.

Oh, not to worry, Miss Muffy.

I'm very good with cats.

Sometimes, I think they believe I'm one of them.

Here, little kitty.

BAILEY: Don't be afraid.

(cat growls)

BAILEY: Oh! Oh, dear!


No. Not the trousers!

I think that one believed you were its scratching post.


This really hasn't been my night.

Oh, poor Bailey.

Here, have some of my candy.

I'm sure the rain will let up soon.


Miss Muffy, watch out!

That crazed panther is advancing.

Shoo! Scat!

You're a mean butler-scratcher.


Oh, stop it!

You're getting hair all over my costume.


I give up.

I guess I'll just be Alice after she met the Cheshire Cat.


"My name is Inky Krueger.

I live at 1428 Elm Street."

That's not far from here.

But it's in the opposite direction of the MacNeil house.

Look! It stopped raining!

MUFFY: Maybe she'll just find her own way home?

(owl hoots)

BAILEY: Miss Muffy...

Do you really want to just leave her here?

(Inky meows)


We'll drop her off, but let's hurry.

The MacNeils turn off the chocolate fountain promptly at 9:00.

Can I have your hat?


Are these decorations, or is this house always like this?



Let's get out of here.

This place is weird.

Wait, come back!

Of course they're just decorations!

I don't actually live like this!

(door creaks open)


8:15 and I've only had one trick-or-treater.


Maybe I did go a bit too far this year.

Oh... oh, dear!

I'm caught!

(Mr. Ratburn struggling)

(both scream)



Okay, it's all set.

Did you put the doll someplace he'll see it?

It's right on top of his bed and I left the door open.

He can't miss it.

Wait for my signal, and then start moaning.

What kind of a moan should I do?

The "I got a stomach ache" moan?

Or the "I can't find my hat" moan?

I don't know.

Just do something spooky.

What are we watching?

The Curse of the Moomy.

ARTHUR: It's what those video games are based on.


I'm chilly.

Would you get me my blankie from upstairs?

I left it in your room.


Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?

There's one right here.

What did I miss?

The moomy's about to scare that archaeologist.

This one is too itchy!

Look, I'll give you some of my Halloween candy if you just get me my blanket from upstairs.

How much candy?

I'll do it!

No, it has to be Arthur.

After all, you're a guest.


But I want 12 pieces.

And I get to choose which ones.


Ahhhh.... choo!

LADONNA: Oh, excuse me.

I think I'm allergic to black-and-white movies.

(moaning spookily)

Shouldn't we have heard a scream by now?

Here you go.

Was everything all right up there?

ARTHUR: Uh-huh.

Are you sure?



These choco-clusters you got are delicious!

Here, Francine.

Buster, have some.

Excuse me!


I need a tissue.

Be right back.


Are you three up to something I should know about?

Us? No.


The gate appears to be locked.


They must have closed the cemetery while we were waiting out the rain.

What do we do?

BAILEY: It's not terribly high.

I'll just lift you over.

(Inky meows)

Do you need any help?

No, no.

In the Butler Academy I attended, we were trained for all sorts of...




Oh no, your shoe!


Your jacket!

Although I suppose it's impossible to prepare for a night like this.

Shall we...

...forge on, Miss Muffy?

I'll pick my shoe up in the morning.

If it hasn't been devoured by wild dogs.

(doorbell rings)

(guests chatting)

Now that's a great zombie costume.

WOMAN: Hmm, and what are you?

A magician?

Um... kind of.



I could have sworn I left it there.

You didn't see a backpack around here, did you?


That's not very helpful.

Mr. Ratburn must have found it already.

I'm doomed.

I wonder what the punishment is for planning to toilet paper a teacher's house.

All right, now, who can solve this problem?


(muffled grunting)

No, (grunting) is incorrect.

You get another F for class participation.



This is the worst Halloween ever.


VOICE: Solve the puzzles in Ratburn's lair, and perhaps your punishment he will spare!

No way.

You don't know Mr. Ratburn.

I'm doomed!


Know him well, I think I do...

MR. RATBURN (over speaker): Do what I say and he will be merciful to you.

I'm not so sure.

MR. RATBURN: Oh, just come inside already!


I'm telling you, I put her right there, facing the door so he couldn't miss her.

LADONNA: See? The other walkie-talkie is still there.

Do you think Arthur knows we're up to something?

Maybe it was my moan.

I should have done my "I don't want a bath" moan.

That one's the scariest.


Wait a second.

What's that?!

D.W.: They look like... little baby footprints.

Could they be Kate's?

Kate is downstairs with Grandma.

BUSTER: Hey, guys!

(all shout)

What's going on?

You're missing the movie.

Just looking for tissues.

Thought I left my hat here.

Now, where did I put my candy?

I'll be right down.

Just going to the bathroom.


(phone beeps)

That Mrs. Krueger is so nice.

She just lent me a charger for my phone.

And this is the most delightful punch I've ever had.


Chocolate-covered strawberries.

The goodies here are even better than the MacNeils'.

I never want to leave.

MRS. READ: Muffy!

Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Read.

What a great party.

I know, but what are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be at Arthur's sleepover in the tree house?

It's a long story, but I'm heading over there right after this.

We'll give you a lift.

We should be leaving soon anyway.

I love your costume, Mrs....

Saperstein, Ethel Saperstein.

And I love yours.

You can't go wrong with Alice in Wonderland.

What's he dressed as?

My husband?

He's a golem.

What's that?

Have a seat.

I'll tell you a little story.

I was a little girl, just about your age.

We lived in a small town called Mindelplatz, not far from Prague...

(clock chimes)

I know, I know, turn the lantern on.


Hmm, now, what did Buster say?

Oh yeah... under the floorboards.

MR. RATBURN (over speaker): Congratulations!

You have solved the first puzzle.

A book?

I was kinda hoping for some candy.

MR. RATBURN (over speaker): It's the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe, the annotated version.

A treat for the mind.

I prefer treats for the belly.

But this treat also contains clues for solving the other puzzles.

Proceed to the next room.

Well, nothing in here but a brick wall.


(man's voice moaning)


Mr. Ratburn has a really bad mouse problem.

VOICE: Alas, I am trapped in this wine cellar forever!

Just like poor Fortunato... in which classic Edgar Allan Poe story?

Oh! Uh...

"The Gold Bug"?




"The Pit and the Panda-loom."


And it's pronounced pendulum.

Have you read any of the stories I've assigned?


Is that you, Mr. Ratburn?

That toilet paper wasn't mine.

Okay, it was mine, but I wasn't going to toilet paper your house.

Okay, I was going to toilet paper your house, but I couldn't go through with it.


Don't give me detention for life!

(wall crashes)

I didn't do that either.

"The Cask of Amontillado."


That's the name of the story on which this room is based.

Had you answered correctly, you would have won a licorice skeleton.

Too bad.

That looks really good.

Oh, you can have some anyway.

I bought tons of candy and you were my only trick-or-treater.

Oh, thanks!


Kids don't know what they've missed.

This place is really cool.

You really think so?


In fact, it kind of makes me want to read all these stories.

Oh! I almost forgot.

(Binky gasps)

I really wasn't going to do it.

I swear.

I believe you, Binky.

But if you must do a prank, try to find something a little safer for the environment.

Now, let me show you the rest of the house.

I'm particularly proud of my "Fall of the House of Usher" room.

That wasn't very scary.

Yeah, the only scary part was when the big spider ate the guy's hat.

Huh? I don't remember that.


Oh wait, I think I dreamed that part.


I think someone might be ready for bed.

Yeah, I should take you home, Bud.

You can return the sweatshirt tomorrow.

Sorry things didn't work out at the tree house.


Oh, right.

I'm just glad that spooky doll didn't show up again.

Me too.

Well, get home safe.

Don't forget your backpack.

D.W.: Okay.

All clear.

And you promise you didn't see any little muddy footprints in my room, right?

No, dear. Why?

No reason.


Good night, Grandma.

Good night, D.W.

What about Zelda?

Where'd she go?

Mom'll be upset if she finds out she's missing.

We'll come back and look for her tomorrow.

I still don't understand how...

(voice cackling)

What's so funny?

I didn't laugh.

VOICE: I know what you did!

It's her-- it's Zelda!

She's come to life!

It was all D.W.'s idea, Zelda!

Calm down.

I think I know what's going on.

VOICE: You can't find me.

I'm everywhere!


(Buster and Francine laughing)

VOICE: D.W....

Who's there?

VOICE: Come play with me, D.W....


Who's "me"?

VOICE: I don't want to play with Arthur...

I want to play with you!

VOICE: I've missed you, D.W.!


(D.W. screaming)


D.W.: Mommy! Mommy!

Arthur put a creepy doll in my bed and scared me really bad!

ARTHUR: She's the one who started it.

She ruined my whole sleepover.

Hey, guys.

Why weren't you at the tree house?

I just came from there.

Ladonna, Bud, and D.W. pranked us and made us think the tree house was haunted.

We just pranked 'em back.

How was your Halloween?

Well, I never got to the MacNeils', but I did wind up at this other house where they were having a party and had great treats!

Here, I took some pictures.

There's Bailey.

He started dancing and wouldn't stop.

I've never seen him have so much fun.

Those are some kooky guests I met.

There are the Reads.

Wait, wait.

Go back.

That's the woman I was telling you about.

You mean, the one who...

Oh, you know the Sapersteins?

They're a hoot.

She told me they play this great trick on kids every Halloween.

Trick? What trick?

First, she tells this story about some monster called a golem, and then they pretend she's his little sister who vanished.

It's really elaborate.

It sure is!

Who would ever fall for that?

Hey, guys.

Mom and Dad said I have to cut the Halloween sleepover short.

I kind of scared D.W. a little too much.

So... truce?


All right.

Good night, you two.

What is it, D.W.?

I'm still scared.


That was a pretty complicated trick you played on me.

I'm still trying to figure out how you did all that.

It wasn't so hard.

After you scared me with that fake snake in the cereal box, I called Bud.

A fake snake in a cereal box?

Of all the rotten tricks!

Sure, I'll help you get him back.

D.W.: We paid Ladonna 13 cents, an old candy cane, and some monster stickers to help us.

But I think she really did it for kicks.

She was the one who had the idea to scare you with that beat-up old doll.


D.W.: I knew you would want to decorate the tree house for your party, so we put Zelda near the Halloween stuff.

That was the whole plan, just to scare you in the attic.

But when I saw that you had taken Zelda with you, I decided we should keep going.

We put one walkie-talkie in the tree house and Bud had the other one.

BUD: Arrrr-thurrrrr....

Who's there?!

(wind whistling)

Just the wind.

(stifling giggles)

And then Ladonna wrote on the wall of the tree house in chalk, and then she put the doll...

Okay, okay, I know the rest.

Well, this is one Halloween I'm sure going to remember.

Me too.

I would never let anything really scary happen to you.

I'd protect you.

You know that, right?


And I'd protect you, too.

(child laughs)


It wasn't me.

I swear!

(child laughs)



(Arthur and D.W. scream)


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