Arthur and the Invisibles (2006) Script

Arthur? where's he gone to this time?

And the dog's disappeared too!


Oh yes, you'll see, he be a great guard dog!

Alfred! I wonder what exactly it is he'll be guarding!

If you could at least answer when I call!



Help! An attack!

Men, come to my aid!

Calm down!

It's me! Granny!

Sorry! I was in Africa!

I can tell! Did you have a good trip?

Fantastic...! I was in a tribe with Granpa! Look!

Grandpa painted a canvas that he placed in a circle that way the animals pace round and round it but can't find us. It's like we're invisible.

Invisible, but not unsmelable! Did you have your bath this morning?

I was on my way when I found this book!

Hmm hmm!

It's incredible!

It's all the inventions Grandpa made for the isolated tribes.

Yes. He was more interested in African tribes than he was his own!

Look! He dug a super deep well and invented a whole irrigation system out of bamboo poles.

You know it wasn't Grandpa who invented that, it was the Romans.

They called them viaducts.

The Romans? I never heard of that tribe!

Oh, it's a very old tribe the leader was called Caesar.

Like the salad?

Yes, like the salad.

Put that book back where you got it we have to go shopping!

Granny, please can I drive on the way back?

I don't know, Arthur, we'll see.

Oh, please, Grandpa would always Grandpa's not here, and I'm in charge

Goody day, Mrs. Suchot!

Oh, officer, hello!

Always a pleasure to see you in town.

Thank you, Officer always a pleasure to see you too.

Good day, Officer!

Good day.

Arthur, um, here, here's the shopping list, and I'm, I'm just gonna run across the street for five minutes so I'll meet you at the checkout counter.

Can I buy some straws?

Yeah, as many as you like.

Did he follow you?

I don't think so Perfect! Perfect!

There! It's all there.

Perfect, this is wonderful thank you so much What do I owe you?

Are you crazy, nothing! Nothing at all!

Now, get going before he catches you.

I'm speechless, I don't know how thank you!

By letting me participate! Nothing could make me happier!

Now, get going!

Thanks so much.

I'm counting on you to let me know how it went?!

I will, I'll call you tomorrow!

Talk to you tomorrow Bye then.


Oh Arthur! Arthur, no no no it's fine.

You go off and play. Go off while it's still light...!



Thanks Granny!


Yes! Yes! World champion!


Watch carefully, Alfred!

You are about to witness the invention of the largest irrigation system in the county.

Bigger than Grandpa's better than Cesar's.

This is Arthur's invention!


By the grace of God!

Alfred, congratulations!

It's a remarkable invention that'll go down in history!

Believe me!

Arthur! Telephone!

You'll have to excuse me!

Probably the uh president calling to congratulate me.

Hey! I built an irrigation system like Cesar's!

Now the radishes will grow twice as fast!

Huh? Is this my honey pie? Who is this Seesher?

One of Grandpa's colleagues... but I followed Grandpa's blueprints and it works really well!

I hope you can get here before nighttime so you can see it... where are you now?

Um... well, we're still in the city, Arthur.

Huh?! Oh. Well... I guess you'll see it tomorrow morning then?

Um, No we're not going to able to make it Arthur but even though we can't be there, we wanted to tell you that we're thinking of you Because... today is... your birthday!

Happy Birthday son!

Thought we'd forgot, didn't you!

But ten years old is a big deal!

You're a big boy now, aren't you?

So how did you like the present?

We haven't gotten it yet, you idiot!


No, I fixed it with Granny.

Yes, you can go into town tomorrow and pick out whatever you like.

Not too expensive!

Just joking, son!

But we'll see you real soon and uh remember you have yourself a Happy birthday!

It wasn't the president.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday dear Arthur!

Happy birthday to you!

You know what? You're the best Granny in the world!

And you're the best grandson!

Go on, blow them out!

Presents first?

Oh, right. This is from Alfred.

I never had a new one before! Thank you Alfred!

No, ah! If you could wait till you're outside to throw it I'd consider that a favor Oh, yeah, you're right.

And this is from me.

It's beautiful!

How did you manage to bake a cake? I thought the oven was broken.

Mrs. Kerman from the hardware store actually made it!

Still like it?

It's fantastic. Just too big for three.

Don't be too hard on them Arthur! They try their best I spend my whole year in boarding school in England, and when I come back for vacation they're not even here!

Anyway I'm used to it now they're never here for my birthday.

Wait! Make a wish.

I wish that, for my next birthday Grandpa will be here to share it.

Better blow them out quick you don't wanna eat a wax cake!

Every night this magnificent sunset was all ours.

It's precisely into this landscape that your mother came into the world.

While I was having the baby your grandfather was painting this.

Who are they?


Your grandfather helped build an irrigation ditch for them and in return they gave him a big bag of rubies.


Really. Oh, I could tell you stories all night long Great! Tell me.

No, not tonight, Arthur, maybe tomorrow.

Come on!

No, I haven't even cleaned the kitchen.

Please, Granny. Just a little! It's my birthday!

Alright, just one minute.


The Bogo-Matassalai were very, very tall.

They say that nature always balances itself with its opposite and for centuries they searched for them, in order to find perfect harmony.

And did they find them?

Yes. It was another tribe living right next to them and they had this particular trait: they were small as a tooth...

They called them the Minimoys!

Wow! Did they get along?

Oh, wonderfully! Soon they were inseparable!

The one side very incredibly tall, the other incredibly small. And only together could they have a complete vision of the world.

Who's this?

This is the Princess Selenia. Daughter of the king of the Minimoys.

She's beautiful! I mean, this is incredible!

Yes and the king himself gave your grandfather the secret of how to find him anytime he wanted!

That's what your grandfather said; every time he was a little drunk.

I'd like to meet the Minimoys too.

Now, to sleep!

Sweet dreams.

We miss you Archibald. We really do.


How you doing, kid?

Nice shot.

Oh! Mr. Davido! You startled me!

I'm so sorry!'

Spring cleaning? Need a hand?

No, thank you. What do you want this time?

Here it is! Done! Signed sealed and delivered.

You didn't waste any time!

That was a coincidence really. I was in church, this morning You were in church? I've never seen you there.

Oh, I usually sit in the back. Modesty really.

You really should have been there.

You would have seen the Mayor, who confirmed the document which pronounces the expiration of your ownership of this property for lack of payment. The president of the bank, who transferred your debt to me. And as amazing as it may seem, you know who else was there?

The Notary and the Chief of Police who countersigned the order of eviction.

So you see there is not a single signature missing, and if your husband does not sign this paper within the next 48 hours, I will be under the obligation to evict you from this property whether your laundry is dry or not!

Ah! You should to hang him up to dry as well!

Are we gonna have to leave the house?

I'm afraid so I won't be able to hold off that vulture Davido much longer but what about the treasure?

The rubies that the Matassalais gave Grandpa?

Your grandpa hid them somewhere out there in the yard.

I dug for weeks!

And I... he hid them so well I haven't been able to find them.

Where are you going?

You think I'm gonna hang around twiddling my thumbs for forty eight hours?

I'm gonna find the treasure!

Just like his Grandpa!

You should go and find my car rather than sitting there watching me.

Can I help you?

Oh! Pardon me!

You came by our house once and left this.

You said if we ever wanted to get rid of any furniture or knick knacks Yes?

Well, I, I brought this... it's from my private collection I wondered if it was at all valuable.

Ah! What is this? A carnival mask?

No, this is an African mask.

This is... this belonged to the chief of the Bogo-Matassalai tribe.

Two bucks.

Two dollars? But this is... of inestimable value Alright alright, two fifty.

That's the best I can do!

This kind of exotic object just isn't selling any more.

People want practical concrete, modern stuff, you know.

I can't believe you'd have hidden the treasure in the yard without leaving some sort of clue, a note, something to help us find it!

Malthazar... the Evil... M

I hope I have the honor of meeting you one day, Princess! In the meantime Permit me to steal a kiss.


I knew it! to get to the land of the Minimoys put your trust in Shakespeare.

The house is here... south is that way.

The tree! The elf! The moon!

It's all there!

Alfred! We found it! Yes!


Hang on there, young man!

Arthur, how many times do I have to tell you?

I don't want you playing in this room.

Excuse me, please, go ahead!

Thank you Granny?!


Who are these guys?

This gentleman is going to evaluate some of your grandpa's things.



You're not gonna sell grandpa's things?!

I'm afraid I don't have any choice anymore!

Yes we do! Look! It's the map to get to the Minimoys!

What map?

They're here!

Grandpa brought them back from Africa with him!

If we can get to them, I'm sure they can lead us to the treasure!

Arthur you're a big boy now, right?

You don't really believe there are little elves running around the garden just waiting for you to visit so they can slap a bag of rubies in your hand!

Pardon me?

No, nothing... I... I was chatting with my grandson.

If you have jewels, we are interested Unfortunately, not a jewel on the horizon.

Go to your room, now

'some words may hide others' William. 'S' for Socrates?

Shakespeare. William Shakespeare.

Ah! Not too far off!

Yes. Better hurry and make your choice before I change my mind.

Come on let's go.

Granny Let's go Three hundred dollars.

It's not very much for thirty years of memories!

A down payment! If sell them well you'll have more thank you.

Mrs. Suchot?


Frederic De Saint-Clair.

Process server, Bailiff.

It seems I came at an opportune time.

I have a claim for debt collection which concerns you, for non-payment of services rendered by a certain Mr. Davido, Ernest, for the amount of two hundred fifty two dollars, now with the six percent late penalty surcharge, and procedural fees added, that comes to a total of two hundred ninety five dollars and five cents.

May I?

Here's your change.


Sweetie it's mom, is everything alright?


We're cleaning up today!

It's amazing how much old stuff just piles up around the place... but, thanks to Granny, we threw it all out!

Arthur! Don't upset your parents!

Did you hang up on your mother?

Of course not! It hung up by itself!

Well, she'll call back in a second!

Granny! They've cut the phone line!

Don't you see what's happening?

We've fallen into their trap, and it's closing in on us a little bit more every minute!

But as long as I live and breathe, they're not gonna get this house!

There you see? That's probably the repairman.

Good evening ma'am!

You came at just the right time!

Our phone's just been cut off and I really think you should warn people!

I agree, ma'am, but I'm not from the phone company, I'm from the electric company.

And I came to tell you that you're gonna be cut off soon for nonpayment.

Some words may hide others Grandpa help me When am I gonna get cut off?

That's what I call a clear answer...

Don't move, I'll get a candle.

Some words may hide others...! Of course!

My dear Arthur. I was sure I could count on you to find my riddle.

You must be at least ten to have become so clever.

I, on the other hand, have not been so clever, and if you are reading this I am probably dead.

Therefore, the heavy task of accomplishing my mission now falls to you.

If you accept it, that is.

I accept, Grandpa.

I knew you would. Bravo. To get to the land of the Minimoys, you must know on which day the next passage will fall.

There's only one per year.

Take the universal calendar from my desk. The night of the tenth moon, at precisely midnight the moonlight-passage will open If you follow my instructions, on the twentieth knock, you will have the world in your hands That's today!

Night brings good counsel Arthur. We'll sleep on it Tomorrow will bring a solution.

Good night, Granny.


The world in my hands... world in my hands.

On the right side of the chimney, there's a button Turn it all the way to the right, and then turn it back to the left.

Only twenty minutes before midnight. I've got to do something.


Ah! I thought you were in the shower!

No, I was in the living room looking for my sleeping drops...

And if you don't get back into bed this second I'm gonna make you drink the whole bottle!


Go on! Go on!

You know, I don't like to do this.

But I'm gonna lock you in.

I don't want you to do anything stupid tonight.



Alfred, what're you doing? Go to sleep. Is it the full moon or what?

Thank you, Alfred



Always keeps this key with you

The garden, the tree, the telescope Oh my god!

I need more light!

I've seen Granny do this a hundred times.

Oh, yeah, the brake...

Ah! Oh! No! No! No!


Sorry, old man!

Now for the dolls.

Ah! Alfred!


Uh, yeah.

Follow me!

Oh, okay


Time to go.

You're not coming?

Only one can pass through, and you seem to us to be the best choice to combat Evil M MALTHAZAR?


Never, never speak that name.

It brings bad luck.

OK, OK...

Your grandfather went off to defeat him, and now it's up to you to continue his fight Thanks for the honor, but... I think it might be better if I leave my place to one of you I mean, you're so much bigger and stronger than me...!

Your heart is the strongest of weapons.


The first ring, for the body three times to the right The second ring, for the mind three times to... the left.

And the third ring... one whole turn for the soul Ah!

There! The door is open!

You can introduce yourself!

Introduce myself?

Yes, and try to be convincing because you only have five minutes.

Alright! Be convincing! OK! OK!

Euh... There's a... with


No, no... No.

Introduce yourself!

I... I'm his grandson... My name is Arthur... and you are Saimono Matrodoy de Betameche Right...

But you can call me Beta...

Pleased to meet you, Beta I hope you have a good reason for using the beam like that, because the Council has strictly forbidden it Go on! Go on!

This is a matter of extreme urgency!

In just two days' time the garden will be destroyed What are you talking about, young man?

Are you a practical joker like your grandfather?

This is no joke, Mister Betameche...

A building contractor wants to flatten the land and build apartment blocks!

Ah...! What are apartment blocks?

Enormous houses built from concrete that will cover up all the gardens and stop the flowers from growing!

Ah! But what's awful!

The only way to prevent this is for me to find the treasure that my grandfather has hidden somewhere!

Then I'll be able to pay off the contractor and none of this will happen!

Well, that's a really good idea! All's well that ends well!

See ya!

No, no! To do that... I need to pass into your world so I can start looking for the treasure!

That's not possible! You can't make a journey just like that The council must first be assembled... then you must explain your problem to them, they will then deliberate and And in two days' time the land will be flattened and you'll all be dead!

This is an extreme emergency.

Yes, and we have to act now because the future of your people is in your hands!

Yes, you're right in my hands. This calls for action!

Ferryman! Ferryman! Wake-up it's an emergency!

You did well!

I hope it will be enough to convince him!

Betameche? You little good-for-nothing!

Don't you have anything better to do than go around waking up honest people?

My father sent me. It's for a trip!

What again!?

Why does everyone want to suddenly travel?!

The last one was three years ago...

Exactly, that's what I mean I was just starting to nod off Hurry up, the King is losing patience!

The King! The King!

First, the moon...! Is it full now?

Perfect, perfect!

Now for the rings So... three turns to the right for the body three turns to the left for the spirit. and now, one whole turn for the soul.

What's happening to me?!

You are going to join our brothers the Minimoys!

They will lead you to Help! the Seven Kingdoms.


You only have thirty-six hours!


At noon on the day after tomorrow, the gateway will close again for 1000 days!

Thirty six hours... I'll do my best!


Good luck, Arthur.


The key! You have the key!

The key?

Yeah I have the key!

OK. Now go over to the lock.

The lock...? That has to be it.

Good! Good! Now turn the key.

I'm gonna die!


No, no, no, no, no! Aaaaah!

Welcome to the Land of the Minimoys!

It's not funny! You really scared me!

I thought I was going to die in that

That's incredible!

What's incredible?

I dunno, just look at my clothes they've changed!

You can admire yourself later.

The council's waiting for you... Come on, follow me!

I think I'd like to take a little nap

How far've they got?!

You're joking, they've only just started.

Princess Selenia!

My little girl Father!

Sorry. Princess Selenia may the spirits of the Ancients guide you.




Where are you?

I'm over here!

My son!

You did that on purpose, didn't you?

Couldn't you have waited ten seconds before playing the clown?

I'm on a mission of great importance!

Aah? Because my mission isn't of great importance is that it?

You're far too arrogant to be able to free the sword!

You know you are!


Enough! Stop bickering, the two of you!


I hope you have good reason for daring to disrupt this important ceremony.

I do father! The Upperlands Light Beam was activated today.

Who would dare do this?

His name is Arthur.

He is the grandson of Archibald, and he says a great misfortune is about to befall us Our great misfortune has a name:

The Evil M.

And we have no need of this Arthur person.

As the Princess of royal blood, the task of protecting our People falls to me. Hmm!

It's moving! I have it, I have it! I feel it!


See, told you so. Way too arrogant.

In view of the circumstances, the Council agrees to hear this young man.

Cute huh?

Ordinary My humble respects, Princess Selenia.

Who told him my name?

My humble respects, Princess Selenia.

I'm sure it was you you're only one that knows this Arthur You can't keep a secret My humble respects, your Majesty.

Um... yes... my respects Oh Arthur, I am delighted to meet you...

I was a good friend of your grandfather Archibald!

Well, young man... we've all ears!

It's like this...

In just under two days some men are going to come and destroy my house, my garden, my world. And your world.

And you, all two and a half millimeters of you, you've come to save us, is that it?

The only way to stop these men is to pay them off!

This is why my grandfather came to you three years ago.

He was looking for a treasure and... I've come to complete his mission.

Your grandfather was a remarkable man He taught us so many things!

He was the one who showed Miro how to harness image and light.

Then one day he left, in search of this famous treasure.

And after wandering through the seven lands which make up our world, he finally found it Deep in the Forbidden Lands in the heart of the city of Necropolis, where he reigns supreme... the Evil M. And unfortunately, no one every returns from the Forbidden Lands So

Look out! To the central gate!

It's Gondolo, the Juggler of the Great River That's incredible we thought he was lost forever in the Forbidden Lands Stop!

What's wrong, Arthur?

Sire, look over there, it looks as if a piece is peeling off.

I think it's a trap.

That's a painted canvas, my grandfather used to do this in Africa to protect himself from wild animals Well, we're not wild animals and we're not going to leave this unhappy creature to die...

Here, make yourself useful!

Oh! Oh my god! Gondolo


Yes, take it easy, Gondolo.

It's a... trap!

Oh...! oh my god!


Clo... close the gate!


Come on!

Come on!

Ready to fire!

Watch out!

Follow me to the palace!

Hurry, father!

Yes, yes, I'm coming.

Hah! Oh, I am sorry, I'm so clumsy

Ahem, perfect timing... I rather fancied stretching my legs a little Father! Go and take cover, quickly!

Out of the question!

It's king's duty to face his destiny... and if only one person is left standing, I will be that person


Art... we have to go on fighting!

Sure, but with what?!

Take my weapon. I'll find another one!

This is not working.

Gentlemen, it's time to face up to reality.

Watch out... the walls are booby trapped... fly close to the roof... it's much safer I couldn't agree with you more Come on, my lovebirds!

This is your chance to prove you really love each other Here you go Okay, we'll let them have one final kiss

Okay, that's enough now!

When I blow my whistle, release your Romeo so he can get back to his Juliet OK!

Oh no!

Hi! Okay, here we go

Ah! Come on!

Right, this can't be more complicated than driving a car!


Beta! Look out!

Arthur, I'll never forget you!

No, you fool! It's not feeding time!

No... not the gap...! Not the gap! Oh! Oh!

Oh! oh! oh!

OK... here we go again...!

That's it, I've got it!

And one mosquito down!

That's better... now let's go for it!

How brave he is, how heroic!

It's amazing how much he's just like me!

He'd make a good partner!

Father, I'm old enough to look after myself now Forget it... Forget it

Oh! So who's next in line?

Oh no!

Oh yes!



Do something!

Hang on, Arthur, I'm coming!

What a gift he is!

Come to think of it, he does remind me of you.

You OK? Nothing broken?

I'm not sure. I can't feel anything on my butt!

Just one question... where did you learn to fly like that!

Umm, driving with my grandfather.

Oh, that makes sense.

Let's rise to the occasion.

Aaah... All's well that ends well.

Mogoth! Let's show them what we're made of!

Selenia... The Master wishes to see you.

Follow us and no harm will come to you!

Come and get me!

Right, go on, grab her!

Why me?

Well, who else?

Well, you for example!

Me? Why me?

Four of you attacking one woman!

Aren't you ashamed of yourselves?


Pick on someone your own size!

With pleasure... With pleasure!

Long live the king!

Oh, my daughter!

My daughter, my child, I must do something!

Cover me!

...thank you.

The sword of power.

It's Miracle!

OK, that's enough now.

Get on your knees and beg the Princess for forgiveness!


I said, on your knees!

And beg the princess!

Forgive us, Princess Selenia I don't think we heard that.

Our humblest apologies, Princess Selenia.

Pff, I'll think about it.

That's my daughter, just like her mother You fought like a prince!

Thanks... This sword seems so light it all seems so easy!

Of course!

It's magic sword.

It's been embedded in that rock for years and you're the one who released it Really?!

Oh yes, my friend... you're a hero now...

Arthur the hero! Arthur the hero! Arthur the hero!

Long live Arthur the hero!

Father! now that the sword has been freed from the stone, we must act fast.

I would like your permission to continue my mission.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, my child, but I must insist on one condition What condition is that?

Arthur is brave and his heart is pure... He will go with you.

If that is what you wish, father

I know you are going to make a fine team!

The way is clear Are you sure that you haven't forgotten anything?

I'm sure, go ahead... let go Father do we really have to take Betameche with us?

Even if your brother is still young one day he will be Arthur, if you should encounter a small mole wearing glasses who answers to the name of Mino on your travels... he is my son... he's been missing for some three months now You can count on me.

Alright, let's get going.

Thank you, Arthur!

Hey hero, let's go.

Hey... wait for me You could at least wait for me!

Oh... I do hope they won't fall into any traps.

I slept like a rock

Arthur, time to get up

Selenia, slow down a bit, can't you?

No way! It's your fault for loading yourself up like a gamallus!

I just packed a little bit of everything y'know, just in case Uh... What's a gamallus?

It's like a pachymollet, only much bigger.

And what does a pachymollet look like?

Like that!

Any chance you got something in your bag for dealing with pachymollets?

Don't worry! I've got my 300 function pocket knife here Double knife, multicrab clips, soap bubbles, music box and for when things get really hot... a fan!

Hey, that's pretty handy alright!

And then you've got all your classic functions: like your tulipan, matchet sunjink, whistler, gullybar Nothing in there to cut off tongue by any chance?

No, but that's you specialty, isn't it?

Stay right where you are!

run on my signal... now!

Here we are

Anybody home?

Not many people come through this way Once you've tried it, you'll understand why!

Anybody home?

Oh no! I... I'm sorry!

I mistook you for a bell.

Um, no, I mean I didn't realize you were actually... alive!

Hold on, ma que fa, stupido!

What do you think you're doing knocking out all o'my customers like that?

It's not as if I got so many to start with.

Hello. I am Princess Selenia.

I know that... and that is your stupido brother!

So who's the third comedian who comes around knocking out all the customers?

My name's Arthur! And I'm looking for my grandfather!

Ah...?! I transported a grandfather a few years ago An old eccentric madman who absolutely insisted on being transported deep inside Seides territory... to That's him! That's my grandfather!

And that's exactly where we wanna go!

Sold out!


Necropolis, sure, why not the moon as well

We didn't ask you for the moon, we asked for three tickets to Necropolis is that clear enough?


Arthur?! You break my door to steal the key?!

Answer me Arthur! Ah!


Oh, what a job. Right this way.

Come on, keep it moving while we're young.

Yes, that's a leaf. Let's go, dandelion.

Hey...! fasten your safety belts, please.


Arthur?! Arthur?!

The car...? What's the car doing there?

Necropolis, ohh. Oh, boy, here we go.

Ah, here it is!

Wow... That's cool I got another one just like it in pink... wanna see it?

Beta, we've got enough light already

Arthur Where exactly are we heading?

We are here... and we're going here!

Oh my gosh, I know where that is. That's right under the water tank.

A giant water tank in the hands of that unspeakable piece of.

Now I'm starting to understand Who are you talking about?

The most evil of evil Oh...! MALTHAZAR?!


Holy humpbacked gamallus!

Didn't anyone ever teach you to hold your tongue?!

I... I'm really sorry!



And... we're off!


How long is the flight?

It's pretty short as long as we can avoid any unpleasant encounters What do you mean by... unpleasant encounters?

Holy bumblebee!

He smashed the door in and now we're stuck Whoa!

What is that?

I have no idea, but I don't think we should hang around to find out!

Wh... what are you doing?

I'm getting out of here... oops

Hold on tight

I like it much better when it stops.

Somebody's going to get hurt with this I'll hang onto it... it'll be safer that way...


Do something, Arthur!? Get us out of this!

It looks like you two are going to have to get me out of this There's a hole in my boat!

Minimoys... can't swim!

I'm coming to get you, here I come Arthur! Arthur, please?!

I'm coming... I'm coming. I'm coming.

I know this river.

First there's a bend to the right, then, there's a sharp bend to the left

so to catch up with them, all I have to do is cut straight across as the crowflies Sorry, but as the crowflies is as the crowflies

You see. I didn't abandon you Oh, great! So instead of the two of us drowning, now all three of us can drown together!

No one's going to drown, Selenia!

Surely, you're not going to let a li'l ol' river frighten you, are you?

It's not the river I'm frightened of... It's that!

So, Mr. 'I'm here' got any good ideas before we drown?

Sure, course I have Beta, any chance there's a rope on that 300 function pocket knife of yours?

Erm, no, that's only on the smaller model I've got an idea!

Hey, just because we're going to die doesn't mean you can start taking liberties!

No, you've got it all wrong!

I need the lace to reach that tree, over there I'm not so sure about this idea of yours Well, I'm sure!

Arthur have you ever thrown a sword like that before?

No, but it can't be much more difficult than playing darts.

Betameche you go first! Selenia you next!

Yes, sir Your turn Selenia.

Betameche, hurry up!

I can't, I'm slipping!

Selenia, hold on with both hands!

Absolutely no way!

Whew, we're safe!

Not quite!

Come on, Arthur, hurry up we haven't got all day I'm coming.

Selenia, you gotta admit it the guy is pretty agile.

It's easy when you've got both hands free

Thanks Arthur, you were fantastic!

Right, maybe Mr. Fantastic can return my lace now?!

It's already so hard without my husband, I don't know how I'll survive without Arthur I'm sure he's just run away for a spell.

All of these events have probably upset him Yes...

I don't think he could have gotten far, and we've gonna do everything we can to find him, ma'am.

Okay. You can count on us. Bye.

What was that?

Humans. Really?

Yep, sometime it's like that all day long!

Aw, rats, this map's a total washout How are we ever going to find our way now?

We'll use the position of the sun to guide us when it comes up in the meantime, let's look for a place to sleep And make sure you find us something comfy Selenia, 'cause I ache all over Beta, if you complain once more you can go sleep under a bullmunch.

What's bullmunch?

It's like a gamallus, only much, much bigger.

Beta, I'm going to need your knife.

Coming right up...!

Ummm... Where did they put the METAGLUE?

Whoops... sorry!

Give that to me, Beta! Before you end up hurting somebody!

Just hang on, I haven't had it very long! I just got it for my birthday.

How old are you?

I'm three hundred years old... only another sixty years and I will be a grown-up How old's Selenia then?

Almost a thousand years old.

A thousand years old?

Oh, yes... the age of reason... It's her birthday in two days.

How is this working? Got it!


What's she up to?

She's making the bed.

Wooh, I'm exhausted Goodnight!

Well, he certainly doesn't having any trouble sleeping, does he?

It's normal, he's still young.

Three hundred years young! It's not bad!

Ah... so good.

What about you... are you really going to be a thousand years old in two days?

Aaah, yes... and in two days time I am to succeed my father and watch over the Minimoy people until it shall come to pass that my own children reach the age of one thousand and succeed me such is the tradition!

But to have children you need a... husband.

I know, but I'm not worried, I still have two whole days to find one... And now...

Goodnight... Arthur!

Goodnight, princess.


Come on, time to get up boys!

We've got a long journey ahead of us today!

Hello, I said, get up OK! This calls for a change of tactic!

Argh! Ow!

Come on now, shower time!

That's what I call a rude awakening!

Consider yourself lucky!

She's been waking me up like that every morning for the last three hundred years!

Mmm... these are even better than the other ones!

Here, try some!

Mmum... tastes good!

What is it exactly?

Dragonfly eggs Hey, come and take a look at this!

Oh...! that's awful!

I suppose... uh, seen from this angle... it is less attractive Anybody have an idea what this thing is for?!

It's an irrigation system... It transports water Water! More water!?

I'm... really sorry, I had absolutely no idea that Wait wait wait, wait a minute, you mean that you're the one who built this monstrosity?!

Yes... But I only wanted to water the radishes... Granny loves radishes You mean you actually eat those disgusting things?

Let's just hope that your invention doesn't fall into the hands of the Evil M otherwise... I have a pretty good idea of what he'll do with it.

My straws, they're stealing my straws!

As long as they're getting rid of those things, I'd say they're doing us a favor.

Try thinking before you talk, Betameche!

The Evil M. knows only too well that the Minimoys can't stand water, and your friend, Arthur here, just provided him with the means to transport water where do you suppose he'll send it to?

Oh...! our village!

Arthur, where are you going?

To repair the damage I've done.

I can't believe that guy humans are really crazy.

That may be, but I think Arthur's right they're bound to take the straws to Necropolis

...and us along with them I never get to decide anything!

It's really nice of you to come with me I'm just worried you're gonna do something stupid if I'm not around

Psst! Beta... hurry up!

Beta, your foot!

Oh no!

Here we go again.

Do you know at least where this waterway leads to?

No! But, in any case all rivers and waterways meet up at some point!

You always have such brilliant ideas don't you?!

Don't worry, I'll take care of it give me back your lace.

Absolutely NO WAY.

Hold on tight!

I hate public transportation!

He's coming this way... He's coming this way!

Hey-oh! Hey... what you playin' at down there?

Uh... if the Seides find us first we won't have a chance to tell you.

The Seides?

You got a problem?

Nope, it's nothin', I was just checkin' that the accordion part ain't damaged We don't need that part we're only interested in the stems!

Oh, yeah, the stems, sure thing Get a move on, the master is waiting Oh, yeah, the master, sure thing No problemo!

whatever you do don't move until I come back and get you, got it?

No problemo!

So where are these refugees of yours?

I've hidden them in a mega discreet place!

Pretty cool, huh?

Yup, and mega discreet like you said.

Jackfire all 'round!

Yes please! Yes yes yes! sure thanks Hey, Jack!? Fill 'em up, this one's on me!

oh good

Long live the Seven Kingdoms!


Aah! Just what I needed.

Oh, yep, that hits the spot! Ah sorry To the Seven Kingdoms!

That's refreshing stuff!

As long as you here with me there's really nothing to fear.

I'm the boss here. My name is Max.

Hiya Max!

And you, young lady, who might you be?

Selenia. Daughter of Emperor SIFRAT of MATRADOY, the fifteenth of that name governor of the First Kingdom.

Wow! Delighted to meet you, baby!

Jack, same again Hey, yo Easylow!

Yes boss? let's get this show on the road!

You got it!

May I have the honor of this dance, Princess?

Selenia? We ought to be making a move we've still got a long way to go!


Pff... she's too old for me anyway! She's a thousand, I'm only ten!

What would I want with an older woman?

What's a good lookin' kid like you doin' in front of an empty glass? well if wasn't empty you couldn't fill it up could you?

I like your sense of humor, kid... we're gonna get along just fine... Jack!

Hey hey hey, take it easy If you want to find a husband in two days then, there's no time to lose!

But, I can help you out if you like...

That's sweet of you, thanks.

I like to help out, besides which things are pretty tame right now.

I only have seven wives.

Wow! Seven wives? That a... must take a lot out of you!

I like hard work, I can work night and day seven days a week and I never get tired.

Ah, ah, ah, Wonderful So, where do I sign?

Anywhere you like kid it doesn't make any difference.

Excuse me, but... he's already signed up elsewhere.

Selenia, it's... are you really gonna be a thousand years old?

Yes, but we count the years in Selenielle blooms Selenielle's the royal flower.

Ah! OK, Selenielles. So, how old does that make me? about the same age as me!

Wow, that's amazing!

And uh... So, before were you a little girl like me? what? no, uh I mean, I'm a boy of course but were you a little girl like the other little girls in my neighborhood?

No, I was born as I am... and I've never set foot outside the Seven Kingdoms.

I'd really like to take you to my world one day.

That's Malthazar!?

No, lucky for you, it's only Darkos, his son.

Hey... Darkos this is an honor!

Hey... Great timing, there's quite a vibe going down here this evening.

I can see that."

Organizing parties without inviting our friends now are we?

No way, it wasn't planned Just a little something we improvised... to impress the newpunters, you know...

New faces?

Warn me if he comes this way Hey, Darkos... What's up?

Selenia... what's a princess of your rank doing in a place like this?

I just dropped in for a dance.

Ah, Well then... let's dance!

Darkos, sweetheart I would rather DIE than dance with you!

Your wish is my command, Princess! you will dance... for all eternity!

Easylow, get this place rockin GET THEM!

Arthur! Look out!

Hey, they're putting up a good fight Let's see if they've got the groove.

Huh-huh-hun-hun h... I think I'll go get some reinforcements

Hey, I like this kid Oh! Three against one, huh?

Then I'll just triple the power!

Oh how sweet!

So... You shouldn't have!

Really, it was nothing

Woooh, that's my girl

Holy gullybars! You scared me!

What are you doing here?

I lost my knife, I gotta find something else.

You find anything?

my knife!

Wooh, that's entertainment!

Easylow, closing time I think!



Got 'em! There they are!

I've got one, I got one!

Let go of me, you idiot!

Ow! One of them bit me!

Sorry, boss!

Somebody turn the lights on!

What's going on?

I'm just following your orders my Lord, ten o'clock curfew! and it's ten o'clock! (blows out the smoke)

Late opening authorization granted! cool, real cool!

Come on man, follow me!

Look, if you go this way, you'll travel safe!

Oh, great!

This is from Max! it will lead you right to M's quarters.

Oh, I'm sure glad me ain't goin' along!

Get out, move aside!

I... want... them!

What was that unearthly scream?

Oh, just Darkos throwing a little temper tantrum.

Do you think Max will be able to delay him for long?

Max is a real smooth talker I think we can count on him. Come on, let's go Oh yeah right, how can you even think about trusting a guy like that?

Don't start Betameche! Just keep walking and shut up, please Um...! Wh-w-what's that growling noise?!

What growling noise? I don't hear anything Cut it out, Selenia! I know you're just saying that to give me the creeps!

Come on, what was it?


It's growling because you woke him up.

Now he's gonna eat you.

The Yeti?! Really?!

Surprise Well this is... a... surprise Where's Arthur?

In the garden In the... In the garden?

This is it!

Thank you, Betameche! Without you, we'd be completely lost! Now, give me your knife!

Okay, but don't break it!

Come on, boys, let's go.

Mmmm, after you, Selenia!

Princesses first.

Men only act like gentlemen when it suits them, huh?

Hmm Well, uh... princes second

Guess it's my turn,

what do you mean he disappeared?

Every night I told him stories about his Grandpa's adventures in Africa.

And, last night I told him about the Minimoys The Mini what?

The Minimoys, and, um... he became convinced that they live in our garden.

In the garden?

These are just fairy tales and legends, Granny Of course, but then, since I made the mistake of letting him know about our money problems, he got it into his head to find the treasure that grandpa hid.

What treasure?

Honey, what's the use of finding the treasure if Arthur isn't here to enjoy it?

Don't worry, Granny. I'm sure Arthur will be right back.

He, he just took a little time off that's all... No, in the hole Sorry! ...not the face.


Shhh Selenia, it's crawling with Seides!

Huh... what do you think we're hiding for?

What are they doing?

They must be taking food to their Master... let's follow them

Do you think he's there? Yes.

Wh-wh-what are we gonna do. Selenia?

I'm gonna spoil his lunch oh... he's not going to like that!

But This is where our paths separate, Arthur I have to deal with this alone What do you mean? I thought we were a team?

Well, the team is about to split up! You're gonna go look for your treasure... and I'm gonna take care of M...

If I succeed, we'll meet back here If I should fail...

I bequeath all my powers to you What do you mean?

Be a good king...!

But, wait... we have to Sele-

Congratulations, Arthur it was a wonderful (wedding)..." really one of the loveliest weddings I've ever been to! Very moving, clear, concise and quick...!

Yeah... A little too quick.

Oh, no, you got the most important things," her hand and her heart... what more do you want?

Well, I don't know... maybe like a party or something?

If you would allow me the pleasure I would love to be the one to organize that party!

I spend entire days polishing that sword to perfection I'd recognize that sound anywhere...

And who else would have been able to draw the sword from the stone besides you, Selenia?

I am delighted to see you, Princess.

Likewise! This way I'll be able to kill you with my own two hands Why so much hatred?

Because you betrayed your own people," slaughtered entire populations and bound the rest into slavery... you're nothing but a monster!

Speak not of monsters...!

Nor of things which you are ignorant!

Back in the time when I was known as Malthazar the Good, Malthazar the Bountiful He who watches and protects I inspired such trust and confidence... that when the drought came one which lasted a thousand years...

I was the one they chose for the crusade with the task of bringing back water of course but also, all the riches I could reap Malthazar the Conqueror!

How they praised and applauded me when I left but I faced every hardship quit alone the hostile lands, the ferocious beasts the bloodthirsty tribes lurking in the depths of contaminated plateaus where even the humans dare not go But I survived all that.

And having accomplished my mission,"

I returned to my village... Malthazar the Hero! yet, it was not long before the diseases and bewitchments which I had encountered during my voyage began to disfigure my body Fear spread through the people... fear of contamination... people stopped speaking to me They crossed the street when I approached... and very soon I became Malthazar... the Evil M!

Uh, uh. The version recorded in history books is slightly different.

It is said that when you returned from your voyage you celebrated for months on end each day sinking a little further into drinking and debauchery until you began keeping company with the worst kinds of insects, even poisonous ones..." like a certain pretty, young... uh... weevil Silence!

You gave your powers to her she gave her powers to you!

That's enough, I tell you!

I was drunk!

Ah, well, if you can't hold your liquor you shouldn't indulge.

Yes, I know. I let myself go a bit and..." it's true, she stole a kiss from me.

One single kiss which has ruined my entire life.

Next time, try being a little more selective in your choice of partner.

Next time my partner will be the most beautiful of all she whom I have watched blossom like a delicate flower... and whom I have long dreamt of... picking Watch yourself... delicate flowers might have thorns!

Yes... and this lovely flower alone has the power to release me from the spell that binds me and make me look like my old self again.

Only the very first kiss of a princess has the power I know, and... if my information is correct... you are still unmarried Your information is a little out - of-date.

Master Who dares disturb me?!

I have news of the utmost urgency and importance Speak up!

Well, Selenia... you're more clever than I thought you were.

Thank you.

You could have saved my life but you chose not to Don't count on me to spare yours!

Don't worry, Selenia you won't die right away You'll just suffer a little first," as you watch the destruction of your people...

You're a monster, Malthazar!

I know, I get if from my wife Take her away!

Leave me alone, let me go!

I'm married five minutes, and I already feel like a widower, and a jailbird!

We gotta get out of here, Beta..." we gotta think of something.

I'm thinking, Arthur, I'm thinking...!

The powers... what about the powers she gave me when she kissed me?

I don't know!

What do you mean, you don't know!

Strangling him won't do you any good!

And besides, you'd better save your energy if you want to eat!

What do you mean?

If you want to eat down here," you'll have to teach them something new every day, otherwise you'll go hungry... and it makes sense... complete sense... knowledge is the one true source of wealth is it not?!

What kinds of things do they want to know?

Pfff... anything will do!

From the elementary laws of physics to the behavioral patterns of winkles... even how to cook garden peas. I taught them to write And to paint, especially huge canvasses..." and to harness light using mirrors And transport water from one place to another Yes... that's true, but how did you know all that?

Because the man who invented all those wonderful things is my grandfather!



Oh my grandson I'm so happy to see you again!"

Let me look at you... my, how you've grown!

It feels more like I've shrunk!

Yes, that's true. But how did you manage to get down here?

Well, I found your riddle Oh, yes, of course! My riddle oh, you are a true hero!

Hello, Archibald, remember me?

Betameche?! Is that really you?

Oh... I'm so happy to see you again..."

How is your father, that noble king?

Very well indeed, thank you. and your sister, the charming Princess Selenia?


I failed, Arthur... I'm sorry, all is lost!

No, as long as we're still alive" and love each other, nothing will ever be lost You are so full of hope!

You can never give up hope."

Look at me, only yesterday I was just a small, lonely kid, and today, well, I married a princess! a happy princess.

Because she's finally found her prince charming

W- W-Whoa! Time out!

I don't mean to be rude," but don't you think you should maybe respect the tradition...?

Hey, yes, he's right, what was I thinking?

Oh, hey, Archibald...! how are you?

Well, actually... not bad at all, Selenia," what a pleasure to see you again Likewise, likewise!

Selenia, what's this tradition business?

Once the first kiss has been exchanged, then you have to wait another thousand years, because then desire and faith have to be put to the test... that which is rare is always valued highly She has a point, you know And as a Princess," it is my duty to follow the teachings of the Great Book... besides, you ought to do the same, instead of trying to steal kisses from me!

Me? It wasn't me, you were the one Come along now, you two lovebirds it's showtime!

If you would care to Gate open, boss.

My God...

When I think that it was I that taught them all this and now they are going to use it against us!

And when I think that I was the one who gave them the straws...!

Look! It's Mino, Miro's son, he's still alive!

the treasure!

Ah, Archibald what a great pleasure it is to see you again...

The pleasure is all yours.

So, Archibald aren't you proud of the marvelous use"

I've made of your knowledge?

Looks like a fine structure...

A shame it's only purpose... is to flood the Minimoys!

Oh, no, not only that..." we are going to drown them, pulverize them, and destroy them forever.

They will die in agony with my name upon their lips Look... read my lips Mal-tha-zar You really are a monster!

Maybe... but I also know how to be noble!

You are free

See?! All you have to do is follow this tunnel and you'll be home in no time!

As soon as we're inside that tunnel you'll flood it My poor Selenia What a twisted mind you have! Come on hurry up, before I change my mind Sire?

What is it now?

May I ask You Highness to grant me one last favor before I die I like this kid! what is this favor?

I would like to leave my only valued possession, this bracelet, to my friend, Mino.


Your father sent me! I'll get you out of here But you need to signal your position at noon precisely!

Signal my position, but how?

Using your mirrors, Mino, mirrors...!

Oh? Yes! Mmm... mirrors!

That's enough!

Patience is the only thing for which I set myself a limit...!

At noon... high noon, on the dot!

I shall allow you a head start of... three minutes.

I hope the burns in hell!

He's already there, Selenia, hurry!


Yes, father?

Prepare to open the floodgates Is there nothing to nibble?

I do love something to nibble on during a good show I can't go on... and what's the point in running anyway?!

Grandpa... come on, hurry You go on! I'm staying here... to await my death... with a little dignity.

Come on, Grandpa! You can do it Arthur! What's the point? you must face up to it, son, we're done for.

Your Highness, a few tasty tidbits

Mmm, delicious! Bring me more!

There must be a solution! There's always a solution The only solution is to pray," my children... pray for a miracle The problem is,"

I've already asked the Great Goddess of the Forest for so many miracles...

I'm afraid she might get mad!

A miracle!

A miracle, where?!

Right here, Grandpa, you're sitting on it.


Come and give me a hand...!

Come on... push!

Oh What is this thing?

It's a car. It's a Ferrari 250 GTI 12-cylinder...!

It's a birthday present!

Don't tell me you know how to drive that thing?

Of course I do!

If the young lady would care to step this way Oh God, whatever!


Hurry, Arthur, please get in!

If we want make it the whole way," we have to wind it up as far as it will go.

Arthur, the water is coming!

Hurry, Arthur, please.

Got it! this is the first time I've ever taken a girl out for a drive, you know!

Well, let's just hope it won't be the last... Step on it!

We're off!


I just hope there aren't any speed cameras down here, or we've had it!

Hey, go to the left!

I'd appreciate a little more warning next time if that's OK with you?

OK, Turn right.

Which way do I go now, left or right?


Selenia... I... I don't feel so good!

Just hang in there, the road is smoother now.

Arthur Honey, do you hear that strange noise?"

It sounds like there's running water underneath.

Oh great, now you're hearing voice just like Joan of Arc did?"

Next thing you know you're gonna be seeing little angels and great big ghosts with spears and armor coming after you Wait wait, you might want to turn around," there's, there's large men with necklaces and feathers and I don't know... I...

What the...

What time is it?

The time?! sure!

According to our calculations," the water should hit the village in three balls time.

What time is it, my dear Miro?

Five to noon, my good king.

Only five minutes left and still... no news.

Have faith in them, my good king..."

I am sure that they will succeed.

May the Gods hear you Miro, may the gods hear you...

Look, there's the gate!

Yes We made it!

Arthur you're not going break down on us now?!

Sorry I guess we're gonna have to get out and... RUN!

What is that rumbling noise?

I have no idea, Sire but I have a terrible foreboding Father, it's me, Selenia!

My daughter... they have returned!

Open the gate!

Open the gate now!

Close the gate immediately!

Open it, close it, make up your mind All together now!

You did it daddy, you did it!"

You are now the uncontested Master of all the Kingdoms!

Heaven knows,"

I don't care about titles and honors, but I must admit that it does feel good to be Supreme Ruler.

Let us prepare ourselves.

The gate looks as if it will hold.

Not for long!

It will!

Oh, my children!



We missed you, Papa Oh, my children,"

Oh, my children, you're this old king's most prized possessions.

What's wrong?

No, the phone's cut off, it doesn't work.

What is wrong?!

AHHHH... Ou... out there!

What's out there?


Five what?


What are you talking about?

Huge! (panicky whispers, then, LOUD)

Where're you going?"

Don't leave me here, no Granny please!

it's noon!

In one minute!

Hurry now, you only have one minute.

We can only hold the water back for about an hour, but I know that I can depend on you.

After all, you're one of us now, and I hope you know that you're always welcome back here.

And a second turn of the wheel for the spirit.

Our lives are in your hands, my friend.

We're counting on you and your grandson.

Don't worry. Arthur has a plan, and I'm sure it's gonna work.

It's gonna be pretty dull around here without you.

Come back soon, huh?

At the tenth moon, that's promise.

Ten moons, that gives us plenty of time to put our desire to the test and respect the protocol!

To hell with the protocol! and a third turn of the wheel for the soul.

See you... ten moons!

Thank you! You okay? Yeah, thanks!


Mom...! Mom?

Honey, what, get out... what...

oh! Arthur! where have you been?

I was with the Minimoys The Min... Miniwhat?

The Minimoys!

Oooh... Ha, ha!


Oh Granpa!

Are you okay?

My brothers! Oh I'm so glad to see you again!

Grandpa! We've got no time left we gotta go!

You're right Noon on the dot! and no one in sight!

I'm afraid though it is a beautiful Sunday despite it being the day of our Lord... there seems to be no miracle! So You're right Davido it is a beautiful, beautiful Sunday!

I believe we have some papers to sign am I right?

Let's go in the living room, we'll be more comfortable!

While I try to buy time, you get busy finding the treasure OK!

Mino, Mino where are you? Mino!

This is not gonna be easy!


I promised you riches and power And Malthazar always keeps his promises. nothing can stop us now!

The Seven Kingdoms are... mine!

I mean, of course, ours


Excuse me, could you tell me what time it is, I'm kinda far-sighted NOON!

Thank you!

My fearless and faithful warriors!

...let the festivities begin.

Now if I do the exact opposite, the light which reflects downwards should then reflect... upwards!

Mino! You're the best.

But what is he doing? Darkos!?

That idiot will give our position away!

Make him cut that beam immediately!

Cut the beam!

Huh? Uh, sorry, because I'm far sighted, but I'm also hard of hearing!

You fool! You will be sorry that you defied Malthazar!

Oh, it's nothing, really!

Bring him here!

Watch out! I can get really nasty!

Sure you can... come on, show us!


I know, I know... Oh gracious Lord it's a kind of


Father! What shall I do? What about me, father?

As for you, my son...

I hereby solemnly appoint you Commander of the Imperial Forces!

Oh... thank you, father, that's nice but... you wouldn't have a place left on that mosquito of yours, would you?!

A Commander never deserts his post...!

Father... Daddy!?

Mino? Yes!

More coffee?

No! No more coffee! Thank you!

But what I would love is for you to sign the paper!

Of course, what did I do with my pen?

Oh what a lovely pen!

We have wasted enough time.


Of course.

And now... the money!

Hm? Oh the money, yes!

I'd like to see how you're going to pull one of your tricks now!


Bravo my boy!

So then... good accounts make for good friends isn't that right?

There you are, paid in full!

Sir, I must now be saying goodbye!

Good bye now.

Good bye!


Nobody move!

I said!

So that's why you had your sights set on this land?

Of course! The call of greed now and forever!

One night you had a few too many, and you told me about this treasure, and ever since I have not had a good night's sleep!

But now, it's mine!

Thanks kid! Nice job!

Well, I'll be saying my farewells, you won't be seeing me ever again!

Because, I am going far, far away!

You're coming with me! Com'on!

Get your hands off me. I know the governor!

I'll take that. I'll take that.

Next time, please, put your gift in a safer place.

That's a promise.

I'll take it. It's much safer with me.

Don't worry Mino, I'm gonna care of you.

They did it!

Yes, he made it, made it! My son!

Oh, my boy...

Howl would have loved my little Mino to see this!

I understand Miro, but our people are safe and sound... and that is something to be thankful for.

Of course. of course.

Wait, I think I know what it is

Hey, it's Mino!

Mino, my son!

Papa! Oh, my boy...

Well, there you go!

All's well that ends well!

Not quite...

May I?

I think it's ready... Excuse me...

Waited so long for this moment.

I propose a toast!

Here, here!

Here it comes!

What's that?

My favorite dish!

African giraffe's neck!


Honey! Honey! Rosie!

Wake up, honey!

Every time she gets a little excited over she goes!

Where's Arthur?

He, he just went to wash up.

He'll be back in a jiffy!

only ten more moons, Selenia

I will wait for you.