Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard (2009) Script

The Sun!

Wake Up!

Come on, come on, let's go!

Hurry, come on.

Over here!

This way!

Okay, go, go, go!

Jump, very fast!



Okay, let's go.

More, more, stop!

Alright, move it out!

Grapes, berries...

Nuts, I don't have any nuts.



Let's look at this one here.

Quick, the Sun is coming!

Calm down, boy. The sun will have to wait.

The radial and the meridian lines cross and intersect at the point of force, which is... right here!



Ma, what do you call that? I want fresh fruit!

Barely kissed by da morning dew! I'm not making jello here!

It's for zee gala dinner! Da Royal Full Moon Dinner!

I wanna da best, da best, da best!


Yes, the best! Sorry, chef.

Give dat to da ants!

Ma che fai?

Hide da pistils before a bee sees them!

Mamma mia!

Move it, everybody out!

Everybody out! Get up there, hurry!

Okay, here we go.

Get ready Twenty degrees, right.


Twenty degrees, left.

We're losing too much time. Andiamo!

Not that way!

God rest your soul.

I got you, you little flying nuisance.

Not quite so buzzy-buzzy now, are you?

Honey, it worked! My honey trap worked! Check this out!

Where are you? I can't see you, honey.

Over here! I'm here!

Is the dog okay? Did he get stung?

No, you stepped on his tail. He'll live. Check this out.

Look at its furry little legs and that ugly bug-eyed head.

You scared me! Me?

You look like an alien. Will you take that ridiculous mask off?

The bee can't sting you now. I have everything under control.

Poor little thing!

It must be suffocating in there, without any air!

Right! I'll put it out of its misery. Get the spray.

Nature feeds you every day.

One day, you will feed nature.

I've grown, but I'm still a lot smaller than you.

Today is a great day because it marks the end of your initiation.

First, you passed the tree test.

You overcame the boredom of the first few hours.

You managed to open up your senses one by one, and then your heart, until you were able to hear the tree's heartbeat.

You heard it breathe.

You heard it laugh.

You became one with the tree.

You even fooled the bird.

The second test was harder, for you had to gain the acceptance of the mineral world.

Once more, patience was the mother of wisdom.

You persevered until the stone revealed its memory to you, which is vast for it has been on Earth since the dawn of time.

That rock saw the birth of mankind.

It saw humanity grow from a worm and begin to crawl.

The third and final test was the most important because it meant reconnecting with the animal kingdom.

Learning simple actions. Vital actions.

Actions that unite all these families, who are so different, but who have shared the same home since the dawn of time.

You passed the tests. You are like the Moon, full and whole, bright and bold.

You are reconciled with nature. Protect her and she will protect you.

I will.

I think he's trying to tell you something.

I think you're right!

Got it!


There's one left!

I didn't see it. Honey.

You know I like animals and... insects.

It breaks my heart to kill this bee.

But you heard the Doc!

Arthur is allergic to bees. The teensiest little sting could be fatal.

Do you want me to risk our little angel being stung?

No. My baby! I love him so much!

Believe me, this gives me no pleasure, but it's the only way.

It's the bee or Arthur.

Don't worry, little friend.

I'll get you out.

I'm sorry about this.

I'll make sure it never happens again.

Go, go!

Come on, hurry. Look alive! Let's go.

No, no, you first.

Go ahead! Lift up the glass!

It's gone. The bee disappeared.

Unless this one's called Houdini, it's not about to get out of that glass.

Armand, I swear! Come look for yourself! It's gone!

I don't believe it!

How did it do that?

Well... They say that honey gives you energy.

Maybe the bee ate so much that it raised the glass and...

Rose, please. If I ate a ton of honey, do you think I could lift the house over my head?

There has to be a logical explanation.

Maybe there's a hole in the glass... No.

Or maybe he had outside help.

Fingerprints... Bullseye!

Hello, angel! Hi, Granny!

Somebody needs a bath. Make that two somebodies.

What have you two been doing?

I was being decorated by the Bogo-Matassalai.

I can see that! Looks like I have some laundry to do!

Will you help Grandpa? Yes, Ma'am.

Well? How did it go?

Arthur, I am so proud of you.

You truly are my grandson.

Heart to heart, and soul to soul.

You passed the tests too? Well, that was a long time ago.

I was already a grown man.

Being initiated at such a young age is quite a feat!

Thanks, Grandpa.

So did you hug a tree? For 8 hours!

A red bunting thought I was part of the tree. It was so cool!

Wonderful! And which stones did you choose?

The granite boulders near the little lake!

Excellent choice.

And did you find the beaver's hut to take a nap in?

No, I couldn't find a beaver, so I picked a bear.

A bear?

You slept with a bear?

That deserves a real reward!

It's the Presidential car. It's beautiful!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go try it out!

A bear!

Hi, Honey! Hi, Mom.

How much longer do I have to lie here with this compress on my head?

Another 5 minutes, honey. That's what it says on the box! Relax!

Oh, God. How can I relax with these burns on my face?

At least you know the spray works!

I'm going to Mrs. Kerman's store and buying her entire stock.

As soon as I'm back on my feet, I'll take care of every creepy-crawly for miles around!

Go away!

It's dangerous for you here!

What did you say?

Nothing, honey!

I was just thinking out loud. About... About that bee!

It must be awfully smart to escape from your trap.

Smart? I don't think so!

Their brains are the size of a pin head, they're lighter than a feather.

And you expect them to be able to think?

The human brain weighs over two pounds. Think about it!

It takes one heck of a brain to invent... the telephone, for example, or the television.

Even if we don't have one!

And the automobile! Did a spider invent the automobile?

Did bees paint the Sixtine Chapel?

Did mosquitoes sculpt Rodin's Thinker? I think not!

And poetry and music? You think any beetle ever wrote music?

No, of course not!

Not to mention architecture! The Empire State Building...

The Golden Gate Bridge! You think a bunch of ants could build a bridge?

First class passengers... All aboard!

Platform number one! The train is about to depart!

Stand clear, please!

Hey, Mom.

What's up?

You tell me. Nothing.

Just playing. Really?

Grandpa gave me a new train. Let me see!

What are you doing? Checking for illegal immigrants.

Like I have something to hide!

I know you let the bee go free. You're allergic to it, remember?

I know, Mom, but if you were caught in a trap like that, I'd rescue you.

That's very sweet of you, honey.

But that bee stung your father.

A sting won't kill him. Hopefully not.

Come mon. Time to take a shower.

Bright as a new penny.

Don't go rolling in the dirt now.

Got you now.

You think honey is sweet?

Have you ever tasted revenge?

Just right.

You scared me!

Could you move to one side a little? You're in the line of fire.

This tree is 200 years old. It saw your grandfather come into the world.

If it offers refuge to a beehive, it must have its reasons for doing so.

I'm sorry, but there isn't a tree in the world that has authority over me.

I own this tree. It's on my land.

So get out of my way.

My land. My tree. My rock.

No. That is my rock.

Your rock...

Well... Maybe so.

But those bees have it coming to them. I will be back.

Look at that! You still have paint on your face.

I don't want you to playing any more war games. War isn't nice.

It's not warpaint, Mom.

These are the eternal codes of nature.

I was accepted into the great circle today. Tonight there's a big party.

That's nice, dear.

It's the tenth moon. The Minimoys are preparing a feast in my honor.

The Mini... Mini what?

The Minimoys.

They'll all be there and I'll get to see Selenia again.

Where exactly is this party?

In the garden.

As long as you stay in the garden, you can go wherever you want.


Fire department, please.

You scared me!

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I got stung by a bee!

He must be using steroids. You look like you've been stung 100 times.

It got me once. In the rear.

Call you back.

My face... That was your daughter with the spray.

Is the bee still alive? Unfortunately, yes.

It escaped death this once.

But not for long. I found the hive in the forest.

My dear Armand, even though my home is your home, it is still my home.

And when I say my home, I mean this house and the magnificient gardens.

That includes the trees and plants that are kind enough to grow here, and all the animals and insects that honor us with their presence.

Including the bees.


And one more thing, Arthur.

Who is this Selenia?

She's a princess. Really?

What's this princess like?

She's brave, she's smart and she's never scared.

Except of water.

What does she look like?

She has brown eyes and red hair, like a setting sun.

And when she smiles... she looks like... an angel.

Any chance you might have a teensy weensy crush on her?

No, Mom, don't be silly. She's way too old for me.

She's over a thousand years old!

Oh, God, you're right! That is too old for you!

I don't think you should see anyone over five hundred!

Honey, pack your bags, we're leaving tonight.

But, Dad! We're supposed to be leaving tomorrow.

Change of plans. It will be easier tonight. Less traffic. And cooler.

We can't leave tonight!

Oh, and why's that? Because...

Because it's the tenth moon!

And what happens on the tenth moon? You turn into a werewolf?

Do not say things like that! You know how superstitious I am!

God! Arthur, you've been gazing at the moon for the past two months.

It's time you come down to Earth.

If my maths are as good as yours, you're starting school in two days.

Mom, please! I'll do whatever you want for the whole year.

I'll be the best son in the whole wide world.

I've been waiting for this moment for months. I can't leave now.

Just a few hours! A few minutes. I have to see her.


Armand, honey? It is a bit rushed.

Besides, it would be rude to leave now.

My mother spent all day cooking our dinner. And my father...

Don't get me started on your father! He thinks...

He thinks his precious garden is more important than his grandson's life!

Arthur, come on! Get dressed and pack your bags.

I'll be waiting in the car.

I'm sorry.

I packed it all up for you. You just have to heat it up in the oven.

And some fresh eggs. Thank you.

I'm sorry, Mom. You know how Armand is.

He's always in a rush.

I know. Can I get you anything else? Yes.

A handkerchief, maybe?

Of course. Here you go

I'll miss you too, Alfred.

I'll be back at Christmas.

If there's snow we can play Eskimos. You can be White Fang! How about it?

Alfred? I can't play with you right now.

Don't you understand?

I'm leaving!

What is it? What do you see?

Is that why you were barking?

It's just a spider... that's carrying something?


A grain of rice... with some sort of inscription on it.

Oh my God.

Grandpa! I've received a message. The Minimoys are in danger!

Calm down, Arthur! What message?

Here, on this grain of rice! A spider gave it to me.

Usually, the Minimoys send messages on leaves they drop from trees.

I know, but... Read it, Grandpa! Please!

Sorry, yes, of course...

Hurry up, son! It's late and we have a long drive ahead of us.

I was just... saying goodbye to Grandpa.


The message on the grain of rice reads...


Are you sure?


But I can't do anything. Only you can save them now!

That won't be very easy. But I'll see what I can do.

Okay, Arthur, I think that's enough good-byes, don't you?

Let's see if we can make it back faster than we came.

Take it easy.

Leave him. He'll be back. He's scared of the dark.

It's not the dog I'm worried about.

You see?

Arthur was right!

That boy has an overdeveloped imagination.

He'd do anything to see his Princess, even if it means making up a story about a message on a grain of rice.

Wasn't it you who told me that Minimoys only communicate by leaves?

Yes, but this is an emergency.

They had to find something smaller so a spider could carry it.

You two make a fine pair!

Remind me again, which one of you is 12 years old?


This is no laughing matter. Maybe the Minimoys are in real danger!

And I can't just sit around twiddling my thumbs. I have to help them!

The Minimoys are thousands of years old.

They have survived countless catastrophes.

I'm not a thousand years old. I'm not gonna live forever.

And I don't want to lose you again.

Did you hear that?

Shit! It's gonna pour!

I think we should stop at a gas station.

We should stay ahead of the storm.

I need to stop! I don't have any bags left in case Arthur doesn't feel well.

Oh, alright. I see.

I'll pull over. Five minutes, okay? No more.

Might as well check the oil.

I need to use your bathroom, thank you.

It's alright, we don't need any gas, thank you!

It feels good to have everything under control again.

You've just saved my life and I'll be eternally grateful!

Everything alright, Rose?


I feel much better.

Look at that! He fell asleep.

Good, it won't seem such a long drive for him then!

Oh my God!

Arthur was right.

Arthur? What are you doing here? Did you have an accident?

I ran away! You ran away?

You can't do that! Where are your parents? Where's anybody?

There's not a minute to lose! The Bogos are ready.

I need the telescope. The telescope?

The telescope, of course!

Three quarter-turns to the left for the body.

Three quarter-turns to the right for the mind.

And one whole turn for the soul.

Not now! Please.

I don't believe it!

Arthur, I'm so sorry, but the sky has decided.

Now the Minimoys will have to deal with this on their own.

Do you think they'd call for help if they could handle it on their own?

They're in huge danger, Grandpa! They need us!

Is the lightbeam the only way to join them? Is there any another way?

You know, for emergencies?

There are the vines... Perfect! What do I have to do?

Arthur, the vines are a terribly dangerous way of passing through.

It's the method our ancestors used before the telescope was invented.

A lot of them died trying it.

If something happens to Selenia, I'll die anyway!

Of a broken heart!

I have to find a way to make it through! I'm their only hope!

I know, Arthur, but you're still such a young boy.


Have faith in me, Grandpa.

I'll make it back.

I'm ready.

Once you're in the vines, there's no going back.

You'll have to see it through, however painful it gets.

Don't worry about me.

Look after Grandma.

I will.

Nature belongs to you, you belong to nature.

Now! Pull!

And pull!

Hurry, harder!


Please, stop! We can't stop now!

Granpa! Stop!

Pull harder!

Again, harder!

It hurts!

Pull harder! Pull!

We have to get all the water out of his body!

And pull again!


We're almost there! Pull again!


Did he make it?

Yes, I think so. It's up to him now.

How will he make it back?

Tomorrow the light beam will open the passage back this way.

He must not miss it. And if he does?

If he does, he will have to wait ten moons.

Rose! What's the matter? What are you screaming about?

There! Look! Arthur! He turned into a wolf. You see?

I told you not to joke about that!

Rose, it's Alfred!

Of course.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault. I shouldn't have told you all those werewolf stories.

I feel so silly now. Thinking Arthur could turn into a...

Oh my God! That was some fall!


I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you.

Please, wait!

Who have we got here? The little prince got itchy feet again?

You shoulda called ahead, I'd have put you on the list.

That way, you coulda came in through the door!

Jack! Fill 'em up. This one's on me!

Hi, Jack.


Here's to your dazzling return!

Max, I don't have time for drinks.

I received a message. The Minimoys are in danger.

Tell me something I don't know. Life ain't easy when you're 2 mm tall.

Life isn't easy when you're 5 foot tall, believe me.

So, let's drink to now and may it last forever and ever!

I have to get to the Minimoy's village as fast as I can, and I need your help!

Can't you just come into my club, kick back, chill out, have a drink and shake your booty like everybody else?

Max! Selenia is in danger! Please! Help me!

Lordy Lord! You and your princess!

C'mon, follow me!

There have been big changes round here since you left.

There's a new head honcho. His name's Kröb.

He's such a nasty piece of work, he makes people nostalgic for Maltazard.


Maybe he's threatening the village?

And that's why the Minimoys called me.

I don't think so. Kröb's a woodlouse!

He's a couch potato, he never leaves his hole!

He has an army of unicorns working for him, keeping everything tight.

What do you mean?

The seventh kingdom is locked down, dude. It's a full-on ghetto.

Nobody gets in or out without his permission.

I don't have time for bureaucracy. We'll have to find another way.

Chill, cuz.

First, we'll head into town, find out what's going down.

If the Minimoys are in any kind of danger, we'll soon know.

But in town they won't stop us?

The unicorns are everywhere but they leave us alone.

How come? The Koolomassai put on all the shows and keep the whole place going.

Ain't no business like show business!

That's wassup. Cool!


I shouldn't have been tough on him. You were just trying to protect him.

Honey, slow down. I don't feel too good.

I should have listened to him, taken his feelings into account.

I feel nauseous. Honey, slow down. We have to get back there fast!

Weird things can happen when there's a full moon.

My little boy!

I love him so much! You know how much I love him, don't you?

Of course, honey. But slow down or we're going to have an accident.

An accident? Oh my gosh.

If anything were to happen to him, I'd never forgive myself!

What are they doing out so late? They should be asleep!

Honey, hit the brakes. What?

Hit the brakes!

He's not budging!

So sorry! I was going too fast.

It's all my fault.


See? I told you!

Yo, man.

Yeah, nice. My hood.


Cool out. We're safe now. I'm the king here!

All you gotta do is look chill. How come?

Best way not to get noticed round here is to make sure everybody notices you.

That's a weird concept. Sure!

We call it cruising.

Go slow, arm out the window, look like you're miles away and just laugh.

Okay. What are you laughing at?

That's not the point. So long as everybody thinks they missed the joke.

Dig? Not really.

Well, check this!

What's he laughing at? Dunno.

Anybody get the joke? No.


You, try!

What's he laughing at? I got something on my face?

Let's see... you got a big horn right in the middle of your forehead.


I never thought so much was going on right under the house.

Last year it was just a backwater for retired beetles.

And then there was the great harvest and everybody got stupid rich.

So the Koolomassai opened a couple of bars to attract some artsy types and a smooth operator started a glow-worm business.

In nothin' flat, this sleazy hole became a city of lights open 24/7, where you can find anything you need.

I love this town!

Let's roll.

What can we do for you? Well, I actually...

Some advice, perhaps?

To tell the truth...

I can read your future in the lines of your hand.

Tell me what you want to hear. I don't know...

Beat it, all of you!

Don't listen to this bunch of phonies and roaches!

I am not a roach! I'm a weather mantis and I can predict the temperature to the nearest degree.

We got to find my cousin, Replay. He's the only guy I totally trust.


Hey, buddy, you dropped your wallet.

No, thank me!

But you better be careful round here because...

Hey, cuz! Hey!

Guys, can we cut it short?

Your chandelier got all broke up. I know.

I know a silkworm who'll fix it for you in 24 hours.

I know.

That little guy to your left, that's Arthur, king of the 1st kingdom.

I know.

You know he got decorated this morning?

How 'bout you tell me something I don't know?

You name it. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

I got it all. Who's dating who even. Tell me about the 1st kingdom.

What's going down? You heard anything? Nothing to report.

I received a message from the Minimoys saying they were in danger.

Do you know anything about it?

Now that you mention it, I did hear something.

I heard that a major personality with links to the Palace was in trouble.

Trouble? What kind of trouble? At the Palace? The Princess?

More like the young Prince.

Betameche? Affirmative.

Betameche is in trouble? What happened?

I'm out of cash. I'll owe it to you. No, no.

No cash, no juice.

Give me the juice, or I'll put the word out you wear a wig!

Max! Please! Don't do that!

People'll be so busy laughing, I won't get the juice no more.

Okay. So tell me everything you know.

Betameche was arrested by the unicorns for some reason.

The way they're headed, looks like they're taking him to Kröb's palace.

The way they're headed?

You crook! You made me pay for somethin' you seen behind me!

I'll take care of him.

Max, let's take care of Betameche first!

Create a diversion and I'll try to free him.

Wait, wait.

Create a diversion?

Bracelets, bracelets! Pretty wormy bracelets, ladies!

Hey! Snow! What?

Whaddup! My man! Hey, Max!

How's tricks?

Hey, cuz! Long time no see!

I know, right? funnykiddy rip for

You look good.

Thank you.

You take 'em? No, thank you.


Everybody needs glasses!

And your sister? Where's she at now? She's pregnant way up to here!

Again? Sure, it'll be her 20th!

No kidding! You know, I don't think I ever saw your sister... un-pregnant!

Hey, you two! Break it up! Get out of the street!

And your Mom? She doing good, she's at home.

Beta! Arthur?

Hey, you.

Hayfever. Makes me sneeze.

Arthur, hurry.

It's locked.

Use my knife.

Careful, careful.

Okay, now hit the second button to the left of the big one.

Very pretty, but this isn't the time or the place.


Perfect! Now put them to work on the creeper.

Hey, how about you? How's your brother doing?

Oh, he cool, he out there doing that blueberry thing.

Man, he makin' a whole lotta money, too.

It's beautiful, man.

Break it up! Get out of the street, go take your hellos somewhere else!

You're new round here, ain't ya?

Yeah. That's right.

You know, when you tip into someplace new, you gotta invest.

Gotta take time and know wassup. Also, you dig?

Hey, I'm in Kröb's army. I don't have to know what's up! You dig?

I know that, but out here you're far away from your little hole.

This is our hood.

So, if you're attached to that horn of yours, you better stay polite.

Y'know what I'm saying, brother?

Yeah, I think I do.


Now, Snow here is gonna teach you how to say hello, 'cos it looks like your Mama never taught you that!

Okay, cool. So, first you put one hand out like this.

That shows we think we're of equal strength.

Then, one flat across like this, which means strength ain't an issue.

What about something sharp?

Okay, try the button just beneath it.

What are you doing with that?

Nothing! I found it on the ground.

Give it to me! Okay.

Hey, what's this?

Get lost. Okay.

What happened to your?

Find me that prisoner!

Come here.

Let's go!

Let's pretend we're tourists.

Yeah, right. I feel more like a local.


No, this way! Okay.

You know how to drive this thing?

It can't be more difficult than flying a mosquito!


Let's try the other way. Yeah.


Hurry. Arthur, hurry!

Good luck.

You know where you're going?

This is the basement of the house. I saw the plans on Grandpa's desk.

So that's nice to know.

Now what are we going to do?

Give me a second to think!

Time's up! Let's lose them one by one.

What was that? A rat trap.

What's a rat look like? Like that!


Are are you sure about this? No.


Close your eyes.

One, two, three.

Home at last!

Not just yet.

Beta, any idea to get rid of these parasites?


What was that?

The rat trap principle, but with a frog!

We're not losing them! Can't you go any faster?

Speed isn't the problem. It's the lights.

We need to lose the glow worms before we can lose the Unicorns!

Leave it to me!

Sorry, sorry.

Arthur! I'm not watching!

Oh, great!

Your turn. Okay.


Hold on!

No, no. Not me, please!


Great, Arthur, we did it!

Only trouble is flying without headlights!


I had this terrible nightmare!

I dreamt that Arthur was being chased by these giant insects.


Oh, sweetheart! What a surprise! You're not asleep?

What's going on?

Where's Arthur?

He's... in the garden.

You let him go back?

Oh my God!

This really is a nightmare!


The Minimoys are in real danger and Arthur is the only one that can help.

I offered to go instead, but he refused.

He wanted me to stay and look after you.

He's an angel.

What about his parents? Where are they?

Rose! Armand! What happened?

Armand wanted to take a shortcut. We had an accident.

We hit a goat. We hit a ram.

No, it was a little goat. It was an animal.

Was the animal hurt?

The animal was fine! My car is ruined!

Armand, it's just a car. At least no one was hurt.

Yes, you're right.

There is something that bothers me, though...

What? None of you asked where Arthur is.

At first, we thought he'd turned into a wolf, but actually, he's disappeared!

I'll let you take that one.

Rose, let's get you cleaned up.

Can you fix this? Sure I can.

Armand, let's have a little talk.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Listen, I don't know where Arthur is exactly.

But he knows every inch of that land and he wouldn't have gotten lost.

I know I can be hard on him.

I'm just trying to protect him.

He's better prepared for survival than most young kids.

Well, I know he's clever and...

I trust him, but...


He's still so... little!

Well, don't worry.

Tomorrow... he will be bigger!

Let's go find your car.

Beta? Huh? What?

Do you have any idea where we are?

A cocoon.

Right. And how do we get out of a cocoon?

Don't worry, as soon it feels the sun, it'll wake up.

And then? Then, it'll open up and we'll...

Fall out!!

I hate being thrown out of bed like that, and you have to start the day without even a proper breakfast.

The house!

Yeah, but let's try getting back to mine, ok?

This is wonderful!

And absolutely impossible to steer!

It goes wherever it feels like, which is not my village!

How do we get off a butterfly?

We have two alternatives. One, you wait for it to land.

And two, we...


It's so sticky!

Take it easy! Don't move around or you're gonna get even more stuck.

Beta! Look.

Are you deaf or something? I said take a chill pill! Calm down!

Beta! Behind you!

No sweat!

That was amazing! It's nothing really.

When I was little, I worked on a spider farm.

They act so big and tough, but they're softer than dewdrops!

Come on.

Hop on!

Don't tell me you're scared of spiders!

Usually, no! But I've never seen one so big!

Oh, don't worry. It's only my wife.

She must have seen a spider. Like every other morning.

In the bed! It was huge and it was hairy!

And it was staring at me with big fat red eyes!

Calm down, honey! You're the one with the red eyes.

Didn't you sleep well last night?

How am I supposed to get any sleep with all of these creepy-crawlies around?

I'll just have a look. Careful...

- Hi. I called because...

You have called the Police Department.

Please hold the /ine.

I was riding along on my gamullus when this Unicorn patrol cut right in front of me from the left side. I had the right of way.

That was when the village got worried about your disappearance and sent me a message asking for help?

No! I left the village just that morning.

No one would have been worried about me til the nightime, at least.

In fact, they were all so excited about the banquet in your honor, I don't think anyone even noticed I was gone.

That's the message I got. So, if you weren't in danger, who is?

I don't know. I think we're gonna find out.

Yes? What do you want?

I want to get home. Betameche? The Prince? The Palace? Ring any bells?

Beta! What are you doing outside? I didn't even see you leave!

See that? Nobody cares about me in this kingdom!

Here. Thanks for the ride. Now, go on, beat it!

Come mon.



Lucky for you, Betameche, you weren't here!

You missed a real drama! What kind of a drama?

The banquet was canceled! Arthur never showed up. Just think!

Your father was in such a state! Forget about Selenia!

She really believed in him.

I know he's changed a lot since the last time I saw him, but...

Arthur? It looks like him!

Holy bumblebee! It's a miracle!

What? Arthur's here? Oh my Goodness! Quick!

Come on, Mogoth! Up we go!

Will you come on! Now let's go, let's go.

My ceremonial robes!

Our guest has arrived!

Off we go!

What kinda time to arrive is this? My buffet looks terrible now!

The flowers have all wilted and the dewdrops have almost evaporated!

Prosciutto, stop complaining!

All that matters is that Arthur is here, safe and sound!

Never mind the banquet, whip us up a quick little snack!

I don't do fast-food, sire! I make the culinary masterpieces!

Fine! Whip us up a culinary masterpiece! You have 5 minutes!

Picolo? Go see if the stores have anything edible.

Mamma mia!

Pleased to see you, little fella! I'm pleased to see all of you, too!

Yeah, we were worried! I'm sorry.

We prayed to the Goddess of the Forest for you.

Okay, that's enough. Come mon, let's go!


My boy! What joy to see you again!

Arthur! Here you are at last!

Let me shake your hand! Miro, leave him alone!

My young friend! What in heavens name happened to you?

Late yesterday, I received an SOS message carved on a grain of rice, so I thought you must be in danger.

A message? On a grain of rice?

Now, that is a funny idea!

My young friend! If you had read the great book more attentively, you would know that Minimoys only communicate by leaf!

I know, sir, but...

And there's a leaf for every occasion. Oak leaves for the great laws.

Birch leaves for labor regulations.

Cabbage leaves for birth announcements.

And wild oat leaves for intimate correspondence.

My father has a box full of... Enough, Betameche! Quiet!

Had we wanted to send you a message of distress, we wouldn't have carved it on a grain of rice but on a pine needle.

Why, yes! So much easier to carry!

But continue with your story.

I was about to use the telescope when a cloud passed across the Moon.

So, I had to use the creeper technique!

And I fell in on Max's bar.

Then I met Betameche, who had been captured by the Unicorns.

My son? What did you do this time?

Refuse to yield the right of way.

I put that bracelet on your wrist so you'd know your right from your left.

I know! I just keep forgetting which wrist you put it on.

Never mind. What then?

After that we caught a spider all the way here.

Marvelous! All's well that ends well!

Let the festivities begin!


Prosciutto? Allow me to introduce you to the one-and-only Arthur...


It's wonderful!

I just knocked it off! It looks pretty good but actually it tastes like...


Young Prince! The honor is yours!

What would you like?

It's very kind of you, but, Sire, what I'd really like is to be able to share this occasion with the Princess.

Of course! Silly me!

Selenia? Daughter?

Where's she gone to now?

She was so disappointed that she locked herself in her room.

Miro? Show him the way!

Thank you, Sire

Selenia doesn't live in the Palace?

Ever since she met you, emancipation has been the keyword!

The young lady insists on her independence!

That's the way it is with girls these days!

I have a surprise for you!

Where has she gone to now?

Maybe she sent me the message?

Maybe she's in danger somewhere?

No! I saw her only a few hours ago.

Or maybe she simply forgot that I was coming to see her.

Selenia? Forget you? Now, that is funny!

Let me tell you how she spent the day preparing for your arrival after waiting for so many moons.

Yesterday morning, the Sun had barely caressed her face, she was already up!

As she does every morning, she washed, then gobbled down her breakfast of raspberry purée and fresh hazelnut.

After that, she hurried to her singing lesson.

She wants to become a singer? No, not at all!

Selenia likes pretty words but won't allow them to escare her royal lips without total control. If you want my opinion, she has something important to tell you and she doesn't want her voice to let her down.

I missed you so much!

The nightingale is acclaimed as the best singing teacher in the kingdom, but he's a mean old bird and Selenia had real trouble persuading him to give her a lesson.

In return, she had to give him the address of a publicity-shy craftsman who breeds worms in apples.

When she got back from her lesson, her throat was so sore, I had to make her a violet infusion to soothe her vocal chords.

The pain soon went and she ended up falling asleep.

And she slept through till evening? No, my boy! Far from it!

She spent much of the day in the gym with Gambetto, her trainer.

Maestro Gambetto who is a scarabterus-philanthropis, a distant cousin of the praying mantis, even though he swears he's no relation to that particular maneater.

Selenia hardly ever takes class with him because his astonishing flexibility doesn't extend to his personality and his exercises are exceedingly difficult to follow.

But the Princess was determined to assert her control over every single one of her muscles.

Then, she slept til evening? Yes, but when it was time to go to the Transit Hall to greet your arrival, believe me, she was ready!

How do I look?


I know.

She looked magnificent!

She had chosen the beautiful little dress made of rose petals that she picked herself and stitched together.

And she was wearing a delicious vanilla scent!

She reached the Transit Hall over an hour early.

Which the Ferryman didn't fail to bring to her attention.

Selenia! What are you doing? It's way too early!

Then she settled down comfortably to wait for her Prince Charming.

What time is it, my good Miro?

Well past midnight, sire.

I think we can safely conclude that Arthur won't be coming this time.

Unfortunately, her Prince never came.

Selenia was so sad that I couldn't find a single word to console her.

She stayed there without moving for many hours until, suddenly, she jumped up and left the village, headed for the great plains.

What for?

Probably to whisper her woes to the breeze so that it would carry them far away.

That's the whole story. Or as much of it as I know.

So if it wasn't Selenia in danger, or Betameche or the village, who sent me the message?

I'm sure Selenia can help you figure that out.

Yes, if she ever comes back!

Selenia at the gate!

Selenia? Lf you want, you can go on ahead.

Open the gate.


Oh my goodness!

What a pleasure to see you again, young Arthur.

The pleasure isn't mutual.

I know, but don't hold it against me. The necklace you wear around your neck is a reminder that we are all part of nature's great circle, my dear cousin.

Perhaps, between cousins, we can reach an agreement.

I'll give you my life in exchange for Selenia's.

No! Silence!

Sorry, Arthur. Not so long ago, your little swap might have tempted me, but I have better plans now.

I'm tired of your little world. I want size.

I want scope. I want big!

You sent the SOS message!

You knew I'd come and that I'd have to open the passage to do so.

Which would leave the path open for you to take the return trip and grow to your full size.

Bravo! How perceptive of you!

If I had a hand free, I'd give you a round of applause.

I have never heard such a dastardly plot!

Thank you! It wasn't easy and it took all of my genius to bring my plan to fruition.

After the bitter defeat Arthur inflicted upon me, I wandered the lower levels for some time with one single idea in my mind.

I would find him and make him pay for his insolence.

The Bubble Smuggler had mentioned a good vantage point from which to observe the comings and goings of everybody in the house.

Smuggler was right. It didn't take long for me to get to know the wonderful Daisy.

She initiated me into all the wonders of your world.

That fabulous box that manufactures cold and the smaller one that generates heat.

And all that food that she brought in from who knows where.

But the most amazing thing about her was her constant good humor.

She seemed to do everything with love, which is a foreign concept to me.

Even when she had all of her tools of torture lined up on the counter, it was just to transform vulgar vegetables into works of art.

It was a fascinating spectacle and I could sit for hours just watching her.

And then I encountered your mother.

I have never met a specimen so unadapted to her environment!


Fortunately, your Grandfather, the gallant Archibald, was always around to keep things ticking over.

I was able to watch him repair the machine that made fire, the one that made sun and the one that made water.

My desire for conquest was reignited.

The warrior that I am had regained his appetite.

Nothing and no one could stop me now!

Not even your father and his ridiculous offensives.

I am so rotten inside that only effect his spray had was to rid me of a few parasites.

But your father did reveal to me my only weakness in this world...

My size!

And this is where you come in! All I had to do was be patient and wait for the day you'd visit the Minimoys, so I could take the lightbeam back, as you so shrewedly pointed out.

Finding out the date was not difficult because the kitchen was not only the nerve center which everybody visited at some point, but it was also the perfect spot to listen in on conversations upstairs.

These are the eternal codes of the nature.

I was accepted into the great circle and tonight there's a big party!

That's nice, dear! Yeah! It's the tenth moon.

The Minimoys are preparing a feast in my honor.

Everything was going smoothly.

All I had to do was to wait for your departure.

And then, suddenly, it was all catastrophe.

Honey, pack your bags. We're leaving tonight!

This last minute twist threatened to ruin my plot!

The idea of vegetating for another ten moons in this cabinet was unbearable.

I had to find a ploy to make Arthur disobey his father.

And what better than love to make a young man do something silly?

How could Arthur possibly resist a call to save his Princess from mortal danger?

So I found something to write on and carved the message into it myself.

This is absurd!

Everybody knows that the Minimoys write their messages on leaves!

And only a pine needle would have been appropriate in this case.

My apologies, but there weren't any pine needles in my cabinet.

All that was left was to win over a messenger and point him to your room for personal delivery.

Then, I returned to the seven kingdoms through secret passages that I alone am aware of, and I had the good fortune to encounter the charming Princess wandering the plains like a lost soul.

Now you know the full story, let me tell you what happens next.

What time is it, my good Miro?

Five to noon.

High time for us to head to the Transit Hall to say farewell!


What is it now?

I wish to make the trip through the telescope.

Another one? You people just can't stay in one place!

After me, you can rest in peace.

Say, aren't you little Maltazard?

It's been many moons since I last saw you! You've grown!

Yes, and I'm going to grow some more!

What's the big deal about growing!

You'd be better off getting some sleep!

Have you seen yourself in a mirror lately?

Hold your tongue, you old fool! Or your sleep will be eternal!

Yes, sir!

A quarter turn to the right for the body...

Distract him, I have an idea.

Give me something I can throw at him.


Too small.

Too big.

Three quarter turns to the left for the mind...

Too cute!

Beta, hurry! I'm coming!

Excuse me, Sir? You know you're heading for the humans world but having Selenia under your feet will only slow you down.

Don't worry, I have no intention of taking the little pest with me.

I'll find plenty more up there who'll be delighted to serve me.

And one whole turn for the soul!


I didn't touch anything. I was just looking. Is that your telescope?

Yes. Really?

Cause in your telescope there's little... with big...

Those are the Minimoys.

The Mini what? The Minimoys. They're our brothers.

Oh, your brothers. Really? How tall was your mother?

Our mother is nature. Your mother is nature. Right.

Well, that would explain why you're... and they're...

That must be the mechanic.

I'll be right back.

In position!

If his Highness would care to lift off...

With pleasure!

Beta! Quick! I'm coming!

Be still, be still!

Now! Here.

Did you hear that noise?

That's your transmission. No, it came from the forest.

So I figure this'll take me about a week.

I have to get my boy back to school, and I have to find a job.

Well, I could put a rush on it for ya, but it'll cost ya.

I need it tomorrow. I'll pay you whatever you want.

Whatever I want? Whatever you want.

You got a deal.

My Prince! You saved my life again!

That's what Princes are for.

What happened? Where's Arthur? I don't know.

Something shot out of the telescope, like a cannonball, but I don't think it was Arthur. It landed somewhere in the forest.

If it wasn't Arthur, what is it?

M... the evil M.

The only rock around for miles and I hit it?

You're not going to eat me, are you?


The first law of nature. Eat or be eaten.

The Evil M. Knew that if he sent an SOS message to Arthur, the boy would do everything to come to the aid of his friends and once the passage was open, it was easy to come the other way.

Now, he's out there somewhere. What about Arthur? Where is he?

He'll probably show up soon.

Oh my God!

The passage is broken.


Arthur, come on, I know you're hiding here somewhere.

Come on, don't hide!

Daddy's worried.

Arthur, I'm not angry with you! I promise.

You won't be punished.

Thank god I found you.

If you come out now, you'll get a big bag of marshmallows all to yourself.

What do you say?

A plump pack of sweet, juicy marshmallows that melt in your mouth.

I know where you are, come on out, now!

Who are these delicious marshmallows for?

For me.

I'll go get a full bag.

How will Arthur escape Maltazard's diabolical trap?

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