Arumi (2018) Script

Here she is.

Where are you going to hide now, Devil's child?

Just kill her.

What is this?

That’s just sap from the tree.

I have some on me too.

What is this?

Let’s just finish her now.

-Let's do it. -Let's go.





Yes, I’m coming.

Please buy two kilograms of meat and keep it in the fridge.

It's alright. Just clean all the room.

That's right.

Thank you.

Why did you order so much meat? Are you sure you're not overdo it?

It’s not that much.

I think that's just enough for five person.

Moreover, it’s cold over there and we will get hungry often.

Just in case we need it.

They don't have traditional market there?

It’s a bit far.

My dad’s villa is secluded in the middle of the forest.

We will have to walk a great distance.

We won’t have time to go to the market.

When was the last time you went there?

Around 15 years ago.

I was 6 or 7 years old at that time.

Where are Rino and Widi?

They should be outside with Dika.

Please check on them.

Why is this picture covered?

It’s my dad’s picture.

You’re still upset with him?

Until when?

Until the day I can prove what was exactly happened.

Do you believe what the media say about your father being the killer?

The evidence points that way.

I was there at the scene.

The cops found my mother and my sister died

with a gunshot wound to their head.

I was a child, but I still remember everything.

Why are we talking about this? Let's stop.

I’m sorry, Ras. I didn’t mean to bring it up.

It’s alright.

I brought some snacks for the road.

How fun!

What's with all these cans here?

I told you no alcohol on our trip.

Are you planning to get drunk?

Rasty, these are beers.

These won’t make you drunk, just to keep you warm.

We are going to the mountains region.

I’m tired of your excuses.

I don’t want any alcohol on this trip, period.

Leave it here.

Okay, fussy lady.


This is how woman should be. Very helpful.

Can you help carry the girl’s stuff?

All of them?


Are you planning to move?

Wait. My jacket.

-Let’s go, honey. -Yes.

Wait up.

So lovey dovey.

Are you still in love with Reno?

Of course not.

Sorry. I misspoke.

You did misspoke.

Is this the new camera?


Very nice.

Can this camera take picture of spiritual beings?

Spiritual beings?

What are you talking about?

I mean, take pictures of things that we can’t see with our eyes.

Stop talking about that.

-Dika? -Dik?

The bags!


He can’t hear you.

-Hey! -Hey!

Here are the bags.

-What? -Help us out.

-What? -Help me.

Come on, dude. Give them to me.

This is my guitar. Be careful.

What are you hiding?

What are you talking about?

I know those are beers, right?

Don't be a smarty pants.

You call me a smarty pants?

You haven’t changed at all.

Shut up. Just get in.

-That’s it? -Let's go.

-Everybody on board? -Yes.

-You’re not forgetting anything? -No.


I forgot something. Hold on.

What is it?

-Hurry up, Ras. -Alright.

-You got it? -Okay, Dik. Let’s go!


What’s wrong?

You should get a boyfriend.

Stop being single.

Eyes on the road, Dik. We don't want to crash.


Why did you stop?

I’m confused. Should we go straight or turn right?

Why don’t you ask Rasti?

She should know.

She’s sleeping.

Wake her up then.


Where are we?

That's what I want to know.

Should we go straight or turn right?

Turn right.


Keep going straight.

Is it still far?

Yes. At the next intersection, take a right.

And then?

The intersection is still far.

Wake me up when we get there. I'm so sleepy.

Still far?

Oh my God!

-Why are we stopping? -Oh my God.

-Are we there yet? -Sorry.

What’s wrong? Are you sleepy?

I’m not sleepy.

There was...

I just saw a little girl, crossing the road.

-Seriously? -Yes.

We are in the middle of nowhere, far from any settlement.

Why would a little girl wandering around this late at night?

No, Rasty.

I’m sure I saw her.


-Where are you going? -I want to make sure.

Are you sure it’s a little girl?

Yes, I’m sure.

Let me do it. You have to stand by in the car.

Rasty, wait. I’m coming with you.


-Be careful. -Alright.

Can you help and check the back?


Be careful.

I will.

Sorry, Rino.

Dika, reverse the car.

Thank you, No.

Rasty, point your flashlight there.

I knew it. That’s the girl Dika was talking about.

You are right.

What’s wrong?

Hold this for me.


I’m not going to hurt you.

Do you want to come with me?

Who is that with Rasty?

I think that’s the little girl I saw.

Hop in.


Why is she so dirty?

She attack me back there.

She only wants to be with Rasty.

Maybe she was just scared, Merry. Look at her. She’s terrified.

Rasty, did you ask her where she lives?

She doesn’t want to talk yet. Maybe she’s still in shock.

You can't find anyone else around?

It’s very deserted and dark.

-Get her! -Let's go!

-Get that kid! -Who are they?

-Get her! -What's all the ruckus?

-You Devil's child! -Rino!

-Open the door! -Open the door!

-Relax. Let me handle them. -Don't take that kid!

-Dika... -Get out!

-Please be careful, Dika. -I will.

I don’t think they are good people. They have sharp weapons with them.

Don't take that kid!


What do you want?

Give us that girl.


-How is it, Dika? -Guys...

They want the little girl.

-Hand that girl over! -Devil's child!

Do you know them?

They are bad people.

They want to kill Lily.

Let’s get out of here. Fast!

Dika, hurry up!

Where do we go now?

Just go straight.

This place is so dark.

I think we are safe now.

-Yes. -I guess so.

It’s safe now, Dika.

Did you guys notice the people around our car suddenly just disappeared?

It’s not normal.

I think this girl has black magic power.


Enough. Let’s just stay calm for now.

We will talk about it when we reach the villa.

I think we should go back to Jakarta.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Merry, if we go back, we have to pass that same road.

Is that what you want?

Can't we take another road?

This is the only road.

The point is we are closer to the villa than if we have to go back to Jakarta.

Rasty, are you sure you want to bring the little girl?

She needs us now.

Once we have some information about her, we can send her back to her family or the police.

There goes our vacation.

Reno, don't talk like that!

Stop fighting.

What should we do now?

Let’s take her to the villa.


What do you think, guys?


Alright then.

Let’s get down here.

Be careful.

Rasty, the villa is pretty big.

How many rooms are there?

Four rooms.

Three rooms upstair and one downstair.

Who take care of the villa?

This guy, Mr. Tatang, but he only come once a week to clean up the villa.

Let’s go in.

Excuse me.

Guys, there are 3 rooms.

Choose your own room. This one here and here.

I will use that room over there.


-Honey, I will take this room. -I’ll come with you.

Where are you going? You stay with me.

Come on in.

It’s getting cold.


Let's take a bath.

Look at your face, all dirty.

You look like you have wandering alone in the forest for months.

You look like Tarzan.

How did your clothes get so dirty and torn?

Let’s take them off.

Let me see.

How did this happen?

What happen to you?

Does it hurt?

Who did this to you?


Is it too cold?

What is this?

It’s a scar.

Who did this?



I fell from a tree, a very tall tree.

Do you like this dress?

This used to be mine when I was small.

I used to stay here before my parents died.

Do you like this red dress?

You like this one too?

Then, you can have both of them.

It’s getting late. Let’s go to sleep.

Come here.

Aren’t you sleepy?

I can only sleep when Arumi hugs me.

What if I hug you instead for now?

Do you feel better?

Your hug is warmer than Arumi's, but Arumi smells much nicer. Her scent is strange.

Her scent makes me sleepy as if I'm drifting.

Lily, where do you stay with Arumi?

In the jungle.

Where do you sleep in the jungle?

Up on the very tall tree.

Arumi always hugs me to keep me warm.












Remember, you can’t eat raw meat.

It got bloods on it.

There are many germs on it and can make you sick, okay?

Who taught you to eat raw meat?


You keep mentioning Arumi’s name.

Tell me, who is Arumi?

She’s your age.

She’s very beautiful, similar to the face I often see.

That’s why I call her Arumi.

Her eyes glows like a firefly at night, but don’t make her mad.

Her face changes and it’s scary.

She can do anything to vent her anger.

I didn’t know you were here.

This is my favorite spot since I was little.

I like to see the forest, especially when the fog comes.

I feel like I’m the only one in this forest.

I agree with you.

But then this place is so secluded.

Why did your father build a villa here?

It is surrounded by forest.

My dad likes to go hunting.

Right, Rasty.

Rino told me that your father killed your family in this villa.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that.

Where’s your little sister, Rasty?

Little sister?

I don't know she has a little sister.

I mean Lily.


She is so attached to you.

I think she’s still sleeping because she's so full.

Full? What did you feed her last night?

We haven't cook anything.

Hey, we haven't eat breakfast yet. You want to help me cook?

What should we cook?

I’m fine with anything. We're just helping.

There are a lot of vegetables. Maybe we can make some soup.

It will be great to eat something warm in this cold weather.


Sounds good.

Merry, can you get the meat from the fridge?

Hold on.

Where’s the pot?

It should be on the second or third cupboard.


The fridge is really messy.

There are also bite marks on the meat.

Who would make such a mess?

I forgot that I left my phone charging in my room. Let me get it.

What’s wrong, Mer?

Why does the meat look like that?

Dika, why do you look so tense?


Look at this.

There is a blood stain from last night.


You're right.

It’s congealed and stick there.

-Yes. -I will clean it up later.

-Let me get a bucket and soap. -Okay.

We go up to the top of mountain So high up in the sky I look around left and right

-Has Lily wake up? -Yes.

It's so cute. It's as if she learn to play guitar while singing with Rino.

With Rino?

I didn’t know he enjoys playing with kids.

He always said he hates them.

Anyone knows where to get bucket and soap?

Where is Dika?

He’s washing the car.

Weren’t you playing guitar with Lily in the bedroom?


No, I was outside with Dika.

Lily, what did you do to my guitar?

No, I didn’t break it.

Who did it, then? You were the only one in the room!

I didn’t do it.

It was Arumi.

Why are you lying to me?

Rino! Don’t be so harsh to a kid.

Can’t you see that she’s lying?

You want to talk about lying?

You hid beers under the car seat, right?

Isn’t that lying?

You don't have to mention that.

Why are you upset with me?

I don’t want to go with Arumi.

I want to stay with Rasty.


I'll take Lily back to my room.

Come, sweetheart.


There is a scratch.

Do you think Lily did this?

Rasty, are you sure you don’t want to come?

I’m sure. I would rather accompany Lily.

Are you sure?

I’m fine, but don’t take too long.

I'm all alone here.


Don’t go too far from the villa. It’s a jungle out there.

Well, it depends.

-Let’s go. -Bye

-Be careful -Bye.

Do you guys feel anything strange about Rasty's villa?

I'm sure this has something to do with that little girl, Lily.

Are you still upset because of your guitar?

What about that scratch and the bite mark?

Lily is not capable of doing that.

Let’s not talk about it.

You guys still remember? Why the locals were chasing Lily?

Someone also smash onto our car.

It's not making any sense.

Did Rasty ask Lily where she lives?

Also, why did she mention Arumi?

Who is Arumi?

Rasty did mention that Lily lost her memory.


She fell and hit her head.

There is a scar behind her head.

She also hallucinates and calls Arumi.

Is that so?


Stop playing on the stairs, you could fall.

Lily, listen to me.


Who’s running around upstairs?


She’s ask me to play hide and seek with her.

I can never win from her.

She always finds me wherever I hide.


Can you let Arumi know that I want to meet her?


Why are you so quiet?

Where are the others?

They are inside.

I had the same dream again.

The same nightmare?

The killings?

I can never forget that loud noise, gunshot sound in the living room.

I counted it.

The sound of gunshot.

Three times.

I was trapped inside the dark cupboard.

I can’t see anything.

I can only imagine what was happening outside, and then everything went quiet.

I finally mustered up courage to got out of the cupboard.

And then I saw the worst thing that ever happen in my life.

My mother and sister, died lying on the floor

with a gunshot wound to their head.

And then I saw my father leaning against the wall with a gun in his hand.

So, my mother and sister...

I also saw splatter of blood.

I kept staring at that splatter of blood

that suddenly turn into a scary girl.

She is the girl that keep coming back into my dream.


Be strong.

What happen with that?

It’s a scar.

A scar?

I once fell down from a very high tree.





Are you okay?

It’s done!


Take it easy.

Can you tell my girlfriend to get me a drink?

Wait up.

-Wid. -Yes?

Your boyfriend wants a drink.

Hold on.

Rasty, where’s the drink?

It’s in the fridge, along with the ice cube.


Where’s Merry?

Merry is outside with the others.

What are you doing?

Ras, I heard something weird before.

I told you not to wander too far from the villa at night.

I was just curious.

Let’s go back.

Take over!

You don't have to scream.

I’m not deaf.

You change your clothes so fast.

Did you change your perfume?

It smells very nice.


Rino, what’s wrong with you?

Why is your lips bleeding?


-What’s wrong with you? -I’m fine.

It’s bleeding.

It’s fine. The meat done yet?

All done.

I’m going back first.

Weird guy.

Wake up, Lily.

Did you wet the bed last night?

Why is the blanket wet then?

That’s not my pee.

That’s because Arumi was here last night, looking for you.

Why didn’t you wake me up?

You were in a deep sleep. I didn’t want to disturb you.

But she came to you and touched your shoulders.

Does it hurt?


Let me clean your blanket.

You look fresh!

-I’m going out for a while. -Okay.

I’m taking the car.


Rino, wait!

Who took the car?


I told you, only you can drive the car.

I’m sorry, Rasty.

He forced me. He took the keys from the table and left.

He said he will be back soon.

Where is Lily? Wasn’t she here before?


I don’t know where she is.






What’s wrong?

Did you see Lily? Is she inside?


She’s not there.

Where is Rino?

Rino took the car and left.

Maybe Rino took Lily with him.

I don’t think it's possible.

Why would he take her?

Who were the people that chase you?

Answer me, Lily.

Why were they after you?

Answer me!

Answer me, Lily!

Who slammed those people onto the car?

Answer me, Lily!

Who broke my guitar?

Answer me!

Answer me, Lily!

Also, who bit my lips?

Answer me!

Answer me, Lily!

Who is Arumi that you keep mentioning?

Who is Arumi?

Call her now!

Call her!

Call her!

Arumi wants all of you to die.

Lily, take that tissue.

Lily, take it!

Take it!

What are you guys doing outside?

Where did you go?

I wanted to go for a drive. Any problems?

You know you are not allowed to drive the car.


I just took it for a drive.

You don't have to be so worked up.

Where is Lily?

How do I know?

Have you been drinking?

Stop it.

Stay out of this.

What’s wrong with all of you?

You care more about that girl instead of me. I'm your friend!



This is the tissue box.

Rino, your wound is getting worse.

I don't understand.

Why won’t you tell me how you got that wound?

If you don’t take care of it, your lip will be infected.

I’m fine.

Rasty, do you have wound ointment or antiseptic?

For what?

Rino’s lip is getting worse.

I think there is one in my bedroom. Let me find it.

Merry, can you come with me?

Come on, bro.

Don't be so whiny.

What’s wrong, Rasty?

Someone has been taking pictures in your bedroom?


Oh my God!

This is my camera!

Calm down, Mer.

Let me talk to Lily.

Come here.

It’s broken.


Remember this.

Don't play with other people’s stuff without their permission.

Let alone, broke it.

No. I didn’t play with it.

Then who did? Arumi?

You were the only one in the room.

If it was Arumi, why would she do it?

She likes unsual things.

Things she saw for the first time, but she gets bored easily, and when she is bored, she breaks it.

This is an expensive camera.

I just bought it.

It’s broken now.

I have saved for years to buy this.

It’s still working, Merry.

It's useless if the lens is damaged.

That’s the most expensive part.

Merry, something is not right with this picture. Look at this.

I think Lily was not alone in this room.

It's as if someone took her picture.

Look at these photos.

Lily can’t take a selfie from somewhere that high.

It makes sense, and there is no ladder around.

So who was with Lily?

Did you feel like someone walked by?


What is that?

Let's get in.

I swear, this place is getting weirder.

Yes, do you realize it?

Each one of us is being terrorized.

I'm very courious about Arumi that Lily keep mentioning.

Is it possible that Arumi is...

A ghost?

Actually, I don’t believe in those things, but after what we have gone through, I’m starting to believe.

Wid, what if we leave this place as soon as possible?

I can’t stay here any longer.

I also want to get out of here as soon as possible.

I can’t stay here any longer too.

I thought I can have fun here, but it turned out to be like this.

Do you think Rino and Dika are sleeping? Let’s discuss this now.

Let’s discuss it tomorrow. They must be sleeping by now.

I’m too scared to go there anyway.

Mer, I’m really sorry about the camera.

I’m going to pay for all the damages.

Forget it, Rasty. It’s my fault too.

I forgot where I kept it.

I promise to watch Lily more closely.

Honestly, I want to find out more about her.

Last night, I checked Merry’s camera and found something weird.

Lily cannot take pictures of herself.

I'm worried that this Arumi she has been talking about is really exists.

I just remembered.

Lily told me that Arumi wants all of us to die.

Arumi, it’s your turn now.

It's your turn now, Arumi.

Are they perhaps playing right now?


They who?


-Lily... -Sister.

Oh God!

Oh my God!

Widi, I’m so sorry.



What is going on?



Guys, we have to leave now.


Follow me.

-Dika! -Dika!


What are you doing? What are you going to do to Lily?

I just want to prove something.

I was always suspicious of this kid.

All of our problems must have something to do with this girl.

Keep your knife down. You make all of us scared.

Rasty, what did the locals say?

She is the Devil’s child.

She is not human. She has slaughtered the locals.

I will prove that the devil does not bleed.

Give me your hand.


Are you satisfied?

Let’s pack up and leave for Jakarta now!

Wait, Ras!

Widi, you have to believe me. Merry, trust me.

Rino, you have to believe me. You saw it all!

Dik, you know I don’t like kids.

Yes, but you have to trust me!

I would never hurt them though!


Does it hurts?

Let me pack up, and we will leave immediately.

You will come with me.

-Sorry, Rino. Thank you. -Okay.

Why is it not starting?

What’s wrong with the car?

I don’t know.

Open the hood. Let me check.

What is it?

How did this happen?

What’s wrong with the car?

Ras, someone messed up our car.

Please don’t say that Lily did this.

What should we do now?

Let me ask Mr. Tatang.

-Mr. Tatang. -Yes, Ma'am.

We are going back to Jakarta now, but our car broke down.

Is there any mechanic that can help us now?

Let me try to find out. It could be tomorrow.

Can you do it early morning?

I will try my best.

-Thank you. -You are welcome.

How is it, Ras?

Earliest is tomorrow morning.

Should we leave tomorrow morning?

You mean we had to stay one more night?

We have no option.


Rasty, get in. Hide there.

Honey, listen to me.

Where is your mother and sister?

You don’t know?

Alright. You stay here. Don't go anywhere.








Where are you guys?




Rino? Andika?







Come out!

Where are you? Come out!

Come out!

No, Arumi.

Don’t kill Rasty.

I promise to come with you if you leave her alone.

Sister, can I have the doll?

I like the scent. It smells like you.

Whenever I miss you, I can smell the doll.