As It Is in Heaven (2004) Script

As it is in Heaven.

My dear, sweet, Daniel...

You never have to be afraid of those boys, ever again.

We won't go on living here. I'll find you another school.

Pappa would have supported me in this, if he had been alive.

Everything is for the best.

Just believe that, and all will be fine.

When I grow up I'm going to marry you, mommy.

Ever since I was a little boy I had a dream to create music-

-that would open people's hearts.

That was my dream.

At 14, I was to compete at the Junior Soloist World Championships.

A day I will always remember.

Please! Make way, please!

One thing was new...

For the first time in my life my calendar was completely empty.

The doctor said it was a heart attack.

It wasn't fatal, but he didn't give me much hope.

He said: "Your heart's completely worn out."

Jump, Daniel! Jump!

I don't know why I returned to the village of my childhood.

Sometimes you do things without knowing why.

I reckoned that no one in the village would know that I'd once lived here.

My agent had given me a new name when I was 15.


"Remember to let the tap run before drinking."

"The water comes from our own well."

I heard... you'd bought the old school here.

I thought I'd drop by.

I'm Stig Berggren, the village Pastor.

I wanted to be the first to welcome you.

It's my little custom to give each newcomer a Bible.

In the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you.

I arrived 25 years ago and we ended up staying, my wife and I.

Just think, Daniel Darйus here in our old school.

But one can only wonder, what will you do here?

I shall listen. I see...

My wife Inger and I wonder if you'd care to come to our home for dinner.

Thank you, but I prefer to be alone.

Perhaps he could hold a concert here in the village.

I've stopped performing!

Though the church is really very beautiful.

There's Conny from the garage with my gun.

I saw your car, and thought...

Here's your gun. I've checked it out, it works fine now.

I welded the barrel. Thank you so much.

Was that you in the taxi? That was me who skidded past in the truck.

It's a she... Bulls-eye, right up her ass.

My Christmas hare for the church. Thank you!

He's a conductor. World famous. Daniel Darйus.

One of those artist types, huh?

Has Olga laughed today? What?

Isn't your hearing aid on?

Has Olga laughed today? What have you got today, Lena?

This Norwegian and a Swede are watching a funeral procession.

The Swede asks: "Who's the dead one?"

"Don't know", says the Norwegian, "but I think that's him in the coffin."

I'll put down the 65 crowns. Fine. Bye.

Are you the one who bought the old school?


I knew you'd come in here. Everyone has to eat.

Would you listen to this? See if it's good enough.

Want a Bingo lottery ticket?

Everyone plays "bingolotto" around here. We had a winner once.

This is for you.

Sure, we can handle just about anything. See ya!

He wanted a bottle of Jamaican, only thing that turns his girl on.

Check it out. 24 speeds. Only 5,800 crowns. A lot of bike for your buck.

Nothing wrong with buying a bike in the winter. Don't let that...

Eeh... nothing with fewer gears? C'mon, don't be cheap with yourself.

People around here can be a bit narrow minded.

I've always driven Yank cars.

I love the purr of an old V8, the smooth ride.

Folks get pretty bent out of shape over those wheels.

But you can't let it get to you. Come spring thaw, out for a drive!

5,200, huh? Well?

Listen, I'd like to show you something you could really help me out with.

Now this is very dear to me. We've got a choir in the village- that meets every Thursday in the congregation hall.

We do a spring concert and you're just the man to come and...

No, no, I'm too impatient. Just to brush us up a little.

Offer some good advice. You aren't cheap in that way?

4,600. I just came here to listen...

Great! Come on Thursday, to listen. Just to listen.

4,200 and a sweatsuit thrown in. See you on Thursday.

Prepare! The Lord is coming Hills, sink! And valleys, rise!

But I'm the one who runs this choir! Siv, he's only coming to listen.

What's his name? Daniel Darйus.

Typical Arne, giving out orders. I'm in charge of the choir.

He's only going to listen. We're rehearsing any way.

You're only in charge, Siv because we don't have a cantor.

Does Stig know about this? The Pastor has nothing to do with it!

It's all Arne's delusions of grandeur! What's the problem?

He's just going to listen and give a little advice.

Musicians aren't cheap in that way... Arne, simmer down.

Well, if he's coming, of course we should sing!

I'm not going to sing, neither is Olga.

Olga's old enough to make her own decisions.

Siv, come on. You need a fella. Maybe he's something for you.

As far as I know, he's single.

Oh, stop it!

No, don't worry.

I'll be there when you get home.

Yes, dinner's ready.

But you said I could go. I'll be home when you get there.


I'm Gabriella.

Come on in.

Glories stream from heaven afar Heavenly host sing Alleluia Christ the savior is born

I was passing by and heard singing.

Much of it is very nice.

We are not pros. But we could be much better.

Well, within our limitations. I dreamt he would come.

I just wanted... I was passing by and... Thank you so much.

He said "much of it is very nice". Did he say "much of it"?

Those very words? Yes! "Much of it is very nice."

Did you hear that, Olga? "Much of it is very nice", he said.


Have you listened to the cassette?

It's me, Lena... The Bingo lottery ticket.

Carry on. I'll be right there. Over there.

But your ticket didn't win. I've checked. This is my boyfriend.

Hi. Hello.

You've got to listen to it.

Bye. See you. You need warmer clothes, Daniel.

No you fucking don't.

I told you! You're not going anywhere!

Fucking slut!

Stop it, stop it! For God's sake, stop it!

Well, if it isn't the little artist. Get your hands off her!

Your kind don't belong here!

I'm warning you! No, Conny!

Let go! Mind your own business!

Conny. It's him.

I confess, oh righteous God- that I have sinned in thought, word and deed.

I have not loved Thee above all else nor my neighbor as myself.

Through my sins I am guilty of more than I understand- and contribute to the world's negligence of Thee.

I beseech Thee, help me cease my sins.

Forgive me, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

This is a surprise. A simple position as cantor.

Mass, weddings, christenings, funerals. Is it worth it?

Music is all I know.

But the church is cold and the salary meager.

The pay is dreadful. Take my advice, don't do it.

My mind's made up. A new cantor. How nice. Welcome!

This is my wife, Inger. It's up to the church council, so it'll take a while.

I'd like to begin immediately.

Do you realize the job entails running the choir?

But they can't possibly meet your demands.

Everything begins with listening.

When do you finish? I'll call you later.

Imagine that all music already exists.

It's up here, all around, vibrating, ready to be taken down.

It's all a matter of listening, of being ready to take it down.

You understand?

Get it, Fatso? Yes.

Each person has their own unique tone, their own individual tone.

And we're going to find it.

Arne here. Yes. Yes... yes.

Don't you want that with a built-in DVD, yeah...

It's got PAL, NTSC and...

No, no! Just human voices.

Yes. Some advice, please, on what to do.

How should I begin?



Yes. Balance...

Yes, exactly. The torso.

And the stomach. Right.

We know where our stomachs are. Let's massage them to wake them up.

And pat them...

...and massage them. Good!

Put your hands here...

And twist, backwards, then forwards.

Push away...

...making a large circle. Good.

Your fingers...

Then shake them out.


Listen, and give it back.

Let's hope no one walks in on us. Is the door locked?

Each person has his own individual tone.

Try and find yours.

Begin, slowly... to sound...

Find the harmony.

I started to think of the Pastor.

Music is about listening.

You're so eager, Arne! The singing will come, later.

He's worked with the great vocalists. And we have fun, too.

I haven't felt so happy in a very long time!

Of course you must come, you must.

See you on Thursday as usual. Bye.

Don't you sing? No, not yet. Later, says Daniel.

Why must you defend him? I'm not defending him.

I enjoy doing something new. It's good he takes things gently.

Don't deny you were defending him. He's trying to get to know us.

All hold hands.

Now we'll find the source. The core.

Let me be clear. Either you participate, or you leave, please.

I'm just here to listen. If you sit here it affects me.

I'm doing something here that's entirely new to me.

And what, may I ask, are you doing? New faces, new sounds...

Okay, Maestro.

There's a great difference between people here and in the big wide world.

One must observe certain limits. As cantor many eyes are upon you.

What a grump! I'm glad it's just us now.

Where were we? Arms out. We are going to the source...

Excuse me.

Hello? Yes. Hi there!

No, I don't do renovations.

Is it a Cadillac? I know a guy.

He's really good. He sold one for 700,000 to a Norwegian last week.

I'll call you in an hour or so. Okay? Bye.

Yep... we were going to the source, right?

Coffee break. Come along. Coffee? Now?

Haven't you understood a single thing?

This is about us! About who we are! About our lives!

All music comes from within! Concentration!

Without concentration, nothing can emerge! Nothing!

Here. Have some water.

Daniel, you know... this is all so new to us. We aren't used to...

Coffee's important, too.

I knew it. Hell, I knew it. Here we go!


Lena. Olga.



In on one, see? Now find your unique voice...

...vibrating inside you. Find your tone.

I'll take care of this. Tore... Hello, Tore.

Arne, take it easy. It's only Tore.

Give him a cookie. Tore, we're not locking up yet.

Sit over here, Tore. Tore, here! Cookie?

I wan... join in.

Tore, be a good boy now. Here's a bun, with sugar on top.

He says he wants to join. Well, you see, he can't read or write.

He's cuckoo. I want to join!

It'll just cause problems. I know. We must have some criterion.

I think Tore should join us. Isn't he your cousin, Arne?

For Christ's sake! I've got plans for this choir! Don't you see?

I'm working very hard for us!

At the spring concert, is Tore to be up there- next to fatso Holmfrid?

Smoking outside, Arne. Oh for God's sake!

We can't just let everything slide! All this newfangled...

Arne, wait!

Arne is so dedicated.


An A. Erik.


Now we've got two basses!

It pisses me off! "Isn't he your cousin" and "smoking outside".

Calm down Arne.

Are we running some kind of kindergarten?

Hiya. Hang on!

Could I come an hour earlier next time?

I'd like you to help me.

So I can find my tone.

Just you and I? Yes.

I've got to run. It's my new boyfriend. See you! An hour earlier.


Stig, I've been wondering about your voice.

Why do you sound so ceremonious doing weddings?

'Will you take this...?'

Marriage involves a major decision. But it can make people nervous.

"Will you take..." People might get second thoughts, Stig.

You do use different voices in church.

At christenings it's one voice. At funerals, a different one.

'Dust to dust; ashes to ashes.' Are you making fun of me?

Stig, will you take this woman? That'll do now.

I'm being serious, Stig.

Will you take this woman?

Can I see your shoes?

You'll have to change shoes, or get them reheeled, for the right balance.

Straighten your back. Walk up and down a bit, and sing.

Take off your sweater. We'll find your balance.

I know it's there. It just needs to be set free.

Open your throat, open your chest.

Release your sound.

I want to...

Is there something stopping you? It scares me.

It's all so much, I'm not sure I dare.

I'd like to tell you about something.

Once, during a concert there was a power failure.

Everything went black. But the musicians continued to play.

They couldn't see their music, nor me. I leave it all up to the orchestra.

They all listen to each other. No one sees me.

That's when I experienced it for the first time. 58 seconds.

All minds were joined.

58 seconds... That's a pretty long time.

Prague '82. I was 19.

So you mean that...? It's all there.

This is the great secret.

When everyone knows that... That's when we can take down the music.

I ask myself, what is he after?

Something's happening to people there.

We haven't rehearsed anything, not once.

Not even for the services? Nothing at all.

He's up to something. I'm sure of it.

What do you mean, Siv?

It feels like he's using us for his own purposes.

I'd like you to keep attending, please.

Hurrah! Listen everybody, listen!

Daniel has said yes! He can judge if we're ready.

'Are we really going to charge?' Someone asked. Of course we are!

The village hall costs, all venues cost.

So a concert should cost. I thought: Tickets, 100 crowns each.

It increases the product value.

Six weeks to go, to the concert.

The only valid excuse for absence is your own funeral.

Great, Arne!

I'm finished. Now let's rehearse.

'Glorious is all on earth.' Harmony.

Glorious is all on earth

There you are! You came here even though...

I told you to stay at home! Don't think I don't know!

Wait, wait...

Careful now, for Christ's sake!

He's drunk. That's why he comes. He's dragged her away a few times.

But he beats her! And everyone knows it.

I've tried talking to her so many times. It's like talking to a wall.

Why doesn't she leave him? He could do anything to her.

She doesn't dare, she's terrified.

Look at Tore there. Now we're in the shit. God, it stinks!

What did I tell you! Shut up, Arne.

Arne does have a point, Lena. God damn it Siv! Are you starting?!

Haven't you ever shit your pants? I'm beginning to wonder!

Come along, Tore.

Say my name, Lena.

Tore. Say the other thing, too.

What is it you want me to say? The three words.

The three words? Yes, say the three words.

I love you, Tore.

Hello! Hello.

What are you doing?

Nothing special.

Going for a bike ride?


Shall we ride together?

Lena, I don't know how.

You can't learn to ride a bike on your own. Someone's got to hold on.

Don't pedal yet, I'll push. Just try and keep your balance.

This is interesting. Interesting?

Yes. You're the one always talking about balance.

Right. Climb on. Now, hold on.

Are you holding on? Yes.

You're holding on? You've got to. Yes! I am holding on. I am!

Eyes ahead... Don't look back!

You weren't holding on!

You weren't holding on.

Six meters, Daniel. Not bad for first time.

There's no harmony. Sit down.

Is there anyone here who needs to get something off their chest?

I've something I'd like to bring up. Oh for God's sake.

But we're going to have a party. Go on, Siv.

I've always thought that Lena has a way, that's not good for this choir.

And it concerns all of us. Lena?!

"A way that's not good for the choir?" Arne, Daniel's asked us to be open.

So I really want to be honest.

Don't we have a responsibility to each other here in the choir?

Lena and I sing the same part, and we're to harmonize, aren't we?

Are we to just stand by and ignore the kind of life she leads?

Why doesn't anyone ever object?

Damn it! Pull yourself together, Siv! Arne...

It's not the Christian faith to party on Saturday night...

...and then...

You know what I mean...

Then to stand in church and sing on Sunday morning.

Inger, is this any type of example for the young girls in the congregation?

Seeing Lena hop in and out of all these different cars.

In and out of different cars?

It happens right in front of our eyes. You know as well as I do.

The young girls might think it has something to do with love.

That that's the way for a woman to behave.

There, I've said what I have to say. Right.

Admit it, Siv you're just jealous of Lena.

You ought to be ashamed, laughing at someone who dares be honest!

Try being honest yourself!

Tore's pacing. Where's the corkscrew?

I'll go out and get Siv. Party time!


Lips are silent Eyes are speaking Love me, do Violins and bows play waltzes Love me, do

This one's for you, Arne!

Sin in the congregation hall, Stig. Go-go girls - like Sodom and Gomorrah.

I know it all! You know it all?

Yes! Nothing's happened.

You expose your breasts in the congregation hall and this is nothing?

I was a bit tipsy, dancing...

Sin has descended... Stop it!

Inger, you have sinned! On church premises!

Now I'm going to say something I've wanted to say for a long time.

Something that's plagued me for 20 years. There is no sin.

All this damn talk about sin! It only exists in your head.

What! There is no sin.

"There is no sin?" Think of what you're saying!

I have thought. The church invented sin.

Handing out guilt with one hand then offering redemption with the other.

It's all a lie, hot air, to suppress people, to gain power.

Silence! Ask for God's forgiveness!

God doesn't forgive, don't you get that!

Because he's never condemned.

Silence! Try to be humble, Stig.

I am humble!

You think I didn't know about it?

For years I've known you've had your pictures here.

You've come out here before we've made love...

To have a look... Black stockings, high boots, bottoms...

To get stimulated. It's all right, Stig. But don't condemn others.

Inger, God hears you.

He hears and he smiles, you can bet on it.

The church has made a sin of sexuality. God hasn't.

You've had a need, you haven't hurt anyone by it.

There have been a few times in bed we've enjoyed...

Even if we've never reached Heaven together, not yet.

Stop it...


I love you.

I always have.

I've kept everything inside.

But not anymore.

I've kept my mouth shut, repressed everything I've felt...

...and seen, and heard and thought.


Come, Stig...

Jesus Christ, forgive me my sins...

Inger, what happened last night between us...

I've longed for, for so long. Inger... It never happened.

What? It never happened...

I repeat: What happened between us last night never happened.

The kindly green leaves of spring have adorned the meadows and valleys

We've got three new members in the choir today, young people.

How nice.

The sunlight and whispering leaves Proclaim the arrival of summer Good! Very good! That's how it should sound!

Right? Yes!

One more thing, some good news: Ticket sales are going well.

We're getting a bit famous, see? We should be sold out!


Let's add to our repertoire. A new song?

Yes, brand new! Exciting.

In time for the concert? Of course.

This song is for you. It's your song, Gabriella.

At the concert, I want you to sing this. The solo is yours.

I can't.


We can try it now. We have time before mass.

But why me?

When you say, "I can't" I find it hard to believe.

I've composed it for you. I've listened to you, Gabriella.

Could I ask you something?

Why are you here, when you could...

Ever since I was a little boy, I've had a dream:

To create music that opens people's hearts. It's still my dream.

That's no small dream. What stopped me was...

I found it hard to love people.

Don't think I don't like you. That's not what I think.

You're strange.

Everyone here's in love with you. You must have noticed.

Inger, she's crazy about you and...

Lena loves you and...

I, you know, I... I record everything you say.

Then I sit at home in the garage and listen to you.

Conny says he's going to shoot you. You should beware of him. Take care.

Once again!

Swoosh! Heavens, you do go on!

I'm exhausted.

Hold on to me. Hold on tight, here. Nice and tight...

What are you up to? How do you mean?

Many in the congregation are very concerned.

What are you talking about?

How nice with a fiddler! I'm not stupid, you know!

I can understand how the ladies in the choir could take a fancy to you.

What are you talking about?

A cantor must never manipulate parishioners.

A cantor must not exploit his office for the purpose of intimate relations.

I've said my piece. I trust I've made myself clear.

Confront me when you have one single example of misconduct. One!

Not too fast. You know where the brakes are, don't you? Daniel!

Good balance! Let's try a turn, and no ditch like the last time.


Daniel can ride a bike!

This is fun, it is!

Now we've known each other for 145 days.

Are you counting the days? Yes.

Now everyone knows. Knows what?

That I like you.

I'm not doing it. Show Conny that you can do it.

Wait now, Arne. She's not doing it for Conny.

Show him what she's made of. Arne! Please wait.

I'm not doing it. We're sold out... every ticket!

Now we can show them what we're worth.

How can you know what's best for Gabriella? So, straight out: Shut up!

She could at least make an effort.

But of course she's afraid of how Conny will react.

Look at Holmfrid! Fatso's at it, sucking up.

Christ all-mighty!

You damned bastard... what have you done, you!

I've had enough of you! Fatso this, Fatso that!

You bastard!


You cowardly bastards!

You've laughed along... For 35 years he's been at it.

Every day at school... School was one long hell.

You were always at it, Arne.

"Fatty-Fatso Sausage-boy."

You never quit, Arne...

All those years at school. "Fatty-Fatso Holmfrid."

It is now that my life is mine I've got this short time on earth and my longing has brought me here all I lacked and all I gained

And yet it's the way that I chose My trust was far beyond words That has shown me a little bit Of the heaven I've never found I want to feel I'm alive All my living days I will live as I desire I want to feel I'm alive Knowing I was good enough

I have never lost who I was I have only left it sleeping Maybe I never had a choice Just the will to stay alive All I want is to be happy Being who I am To be strong and to be free To see day arise from night I am here And my life is only mine And the heaven I thought was there I'll discover it there somewhere

I want to feel That I've lived my life

Ten new applicants to the choir! Ten!

Darling gorgeous Gabriella can't you be my Cinderella?

I feel so proud. It's great when people recognize you.

Two people came up to me and said I was good. It makes your eyes water.


I've got something... I'd like to say.

And it's about you, Florence.

What I want to say, I've never said to anyone before.

But... I want you to know, Florence- that, ever since we were at elementary school, I have loved you.

I saw the looks you gave him.

It's not true, Conny. And you lie, too. Eh?

You lie. Why didn't you come straight home?


I said okay to the concert. But afterwards!

Why didn't you come straight home?!

You fucking slut! Please, Conny, just let me be...

There you are. Okay? How lovely!

Through all the glorious Kingdoms on earth We come to Paradise in song

Coffee break!

Hello, hello, hello! Your attention, please!

What are you up to now, Arne? Here it is in black and white.

It came in today's mail. German, but I'll translate:

"Ljusеker Church Choir has been registered to compete"-

- "in the Let the People Sing choir contest"-

"which is to take place in the native country of Mozart and music."

We compete, on stage, 28 July at 11 a. M.

Have you entered us into a choir competition?

Yes. In Austria. We'll all be going there.

And me... I've never been abroad before!

You don't know what you're getting yourselves into.

What is it? Does it scare you?

I'm not scared! You can't compete in singing.

I agree with Daniel. But... it'll be fun and exciting.

We're ready for this now. Right!

Quiet! Daniel's trying to say something!

He's already had his say. You've no idea...

You can't compete in music. The idea's insane! It's against all my beliefs!

You have no idea. I've been there, under all the pressure. I know!

I've done it! It's not good for you.

I agree entirely.

I just thought that...

Daniel, how do you know it's not good for us to go to Austria?

Yes, how can you tell, Daniel?

Okay. If we are meant to do this- then we will do something truly different...

They're gonna hear music unlike anything they've ever heard before.

That's it, Daniel!

I just want to say that I'm leaving the choir.

Leaving? You can't leave now, Siv! I've had enough, Arne.

I thought this was a church choir. You mustn't... no one's to leave.


What's happened? I don't understand. You've made your choice, a slut.

You won't be here for long!

Siv, Siv, come back!

Siv, stop! Come back!

Let's have a swim! No! It's too cold.

Well I'm going for a swim.

First dip of the year.

Can't you swim? Sure, I can swim.


I want to tell you something.

Not long ago...

I was really in love with a man.

My greatest wish was to share my life with him.

He worked as a doctor here.

For two years, we were together.

But he was married, with a wife and children in Stockholm.

He lied to me, all that time.

No one's ever going to do that again.

It hurt so terribly, see?

What is it?


At the Church Council meeting of 24 June... yesterday... it was decided- that Daniel Darйus be dismissed from his position as cantor.

There have been reports, from several people. Extremely serious accusations.

For example? I'm unable to discuss it.

The Council is conducting an enquiry.

Things have transpired which oblige me...

I am taking the choir away from you.

Now, please hand in your keys to the church and congregation hall.

We have nothing more to say to one other. No more.

I pity you, Stig. You've no idea what he's done.

Rubbish! You're such a coward.

Firing him because the choir outnumbers your church-goers!

My husband... firing Daniel. You don't know what you're talk...

I know all right!

You fire him because he reminds you of everything that you daren't show.

It hurts you to see a man who shows you just how small you really are.

You're not angry at him, but at what he evokes in you.

Look at yourself, for god's sake, Stig. Take it back, please!

It's already been decided by the Church Council.

Oh, my God... I pity you, Stig. Giving sermons on the crucifixion...

Then crucifying Daniel yourself! Don't you see?

Dear, dear Stig... take it back!

It's all over. Daniel's accepted and handed in his keys.


He's accepted... This circus is over!

Where's Inger? Not feeling well.

Attention, please.

The Church Council has dismissed Daniel effective immediately.

There will be an investigation. Serious allegations have been filed.

He has abused his position for personal gain. He has gone too far...

The investigation will explain all.

What "personal gain"?

Stig, no one here understands what you mean.

Has anyone here changed their mind? No!

We go on rehearsing? Yes!

Austria's still on? Yes!

Next question: What shall we sing? Daniel, what shall we sing?

Is it too much to ask what's going on?

How have you abused your position? Lay off, Lena!

Keep quiet! Quiet! Come on...

Have you slept with anyone here? What did Stig mean?

Shut up, Arne! You know what that means?

If you lie to me, Daniel, then I'll walk straight out that door.

Just so you know. So answer me.

I want to know. Have you slept with anyone here?

Answer! I don't want to be fooled again.

Haven't you gotten over your doctor? You're out of your mind, Arne!

I am over him! But I'm not over the fact that...

...none of you ever said anything! Why didn't anyone tell me?

You all knew.

You knew, Arne. That he was married... had a family, children.

For two years! Don't you see?

You were in on it, and said nothing! Why didn't you say anything?

The hell with all of it! Go to Austria without me.


Daniel! Go after her! Hurry!


Lena, please!

Lena, wait!

Get your hands off me! I got the message!

Christ, how stupid I've been!

I fell for it again.

You're here for a while, then you move on...

I knew it! Lena, can I ask you one thing?

How do you know that you're sure?

What do you mean? If you don't like someone...

How can you be sure you don't?

What are you talking about? Who is it you don't like?

Is it me? No, no... No!

It was just an example.

Why don't you turn it round...

"If you like someone, how can you be really sure?"

You feel happy when you see her.

Correct! You think about her.


You're driving me crazy! What kind of a nut case are you?

How old are you?

You look like a lost lumberjack. Lena...

I haven't slept with anyone here, or tricked anyone, not you, not anyone!

Shall we go inside?

You are strange...

Let's give it a try.

Answer me, Inger.


Give me a sign that you hear me.

Wake up!

What are you looking at?

Come back to me.

Hello! Hello!

Hi! Hiya!

I was just passing.

I thought you'd need a map, now that you're biking so far.

To find my way home?

My grandpa painted the angels.

Really? He's fantastic, my grandpa.

When I was about to start school, he just had to paint in an extra angel.

That's me.

Down in the corner.

I often see them.

Sometimes I just hear the wind...

Do you believe in angels?

If I squint I sometimes see their wings.

I saw wings on Olga and on Arne, in the last song.

I've seen them on Tore.

I've seen them on you.

You're ready when you see them on everyone.

You can if you practice.


I've known the whole time.

Known what? That you're scared.

You needn't be scared, Daniel.

There is no death.

Ever since my parents died when I was small, I've known.

There is no death.

I can see them on you, Daniel.

It's the first time I've made a bed for someone else.

It'll do fine. I just need to be on my own.

Mass is cancelled.

Wait here, my sweethearts. Mamma just has to say something.

I've left Conny.

I'm so frightened. I don't know where we can go.

You can stay with us. We've got lots of room.

I'll be damned! She's not supposed to be here!

I'm taking her home now.

You're going to regret this.

Let's keep our departure time secret, so nothing happens.

Bus, as we planned. It looks as though we'll all fit into one bus.

Gabriella will have her children with her. It's all arranged.

Any questions?

How old can a bird get?

I'll pick you up personally, Tore.

It's for you, Daniel. It's the Pastor.

Stop there. Sit down.

You can't imagine that a pastor could sit here, wanting to kill?

Two cartridges... one for you and one for me.

I was somebody, here.

People looked up to me.

You've taken everything away from me.


I can't show my face around here now!

Where's Inger gone to?

Where is she?

Why did you come here?

Why come here!

Why come here?

There now, there now...

You've been screwing her, you bastard!

Who the fuck do you think you are!

We were at school together, Conny. It's me, Daniel with the fiddle...

Water, water... - Daniel!

Oh, my God!

We two...

...won't be living together any more.

Make use of your time here.

Ask for help so you can see our children again someday.

I don't wish you ill, Conny.

I know you've done your best.

It's strange. We all do that.

When I was seven, we moved. Mamma took me away from here.

That's what happened. And then, I'd like to say that-

I've never felt like this before. You...

Welcome back home.

Hello, Tore!

And you... jump up. We're in a bit of a hurry.

I've packed the things you asked for.

I also packed your favorite walking shoes.

Thank you. That was thoughtful of you.

All aboard - we need to be off.

I've got to go now. Inger...

Do you think we could...?

I don't know, Stig.


It's me, Daniel.

I don't want to talk to you right now.

There's something you told me that I have to say to you.

It's really important. I've have to say it right now.


When you like someone... How do you know you love them?

You're happy when you see them.

What else?

You think about him.

What else?

When you love someone you feel happy, being with him.

You feel happy, being... with her.

Lena, I can say it now.

Say it then.

I love you.

Now we've known each other for...

Now we've known each other for... 184 days.

You know what, Daniel...?

A happy thing...

I think grandpa must go to school and paint in another little angel.

This way, everybody.

Move in there, and fill in here.

Good. Holmfrid, up in the corner.

Where's your conductor?

He's on his way. It's Daniel Darйus.

No, no, no...

Stay put.

Stay put. He'll be here.

Subtitles: Matthew Allen and Carin Pollak