Asako I & II (2018) Script

You light it.

Quick. Watch out!

It's not lit.

It's coming! Whoa!

Let's do another one.

It won't ignite. Keep trying!

Shigeo Gocho Photo Exhibition

What's your name?


Asako Izumiya.

"Morning" is the character for "asa"?


Nice name.

What's yours?

I'm Baku.


What's the character... how we met.

No way!

Nobody meets like that.

But it's true, right?

And I realized you two attend the same university.

Really? What's your major?

So you must be Baku.

I sure am.


Oh, a beer. OK.

A beet at table 10.

Focus on eating dreams and leave her alone.

Asako, he's just like I expected.


Good-looking, sure, but he's bad news.

Hey, Haruyo.

Okazaki. Why are you here?

I'm older. Show some respect.

Okazaki is your name. Change it if you don't want to be called that.

So why are you here?

He was introducing me to his girlfriend.

How do you know each other?

Well, I'm basically like his landlord.

His landlord? Yeah.

He's just a distant relative and lives upstairs.

You know her?

We were in the same club.

It was a partying club so I quit.

Hey, don't make me look bad.

And you're also Asako's friend?

Not just any friend. Best friends.

Right? Yeah.

Wow. So this is fate.

It's fate.

Don't you think?

Here's your beer. Thanks.

Well then, cheers! Cheers!

You're not dancing? I don't know how.

No problem. Just dance however you feel like.

Hey, you.


Asako, you shoudn't be with him.

He's a heartbraker.


I just know he'll make you cry.

The kanji character for Baku is "wheat".

His sister's name is Mai.

The character for that is "rice".

Their parents must love carbs.

His father is a cerealist in Hokkaido.

Isn't it a nice name? Baku, meaning wheat.

I thought... that it's a really nice name.

Guys don't fall for girls like Asako at first sight.

That's why I don't trust him.

Come on, Asako is really pretty.

What? So you go for looks, too?

Is it ready? Yes.


Here, leek takoyaki, 350 yen. Thanks.


I knew it.

Hang it like this and it won't get wrinkled.


Stop flirting, you two!

Work! Make amends, dumbass!

But it's amazing you both didn't get hurt.

It could have been a lot worse.

It couldn't get any worse, Mom.

My motorcycle was totaled!

Nobu, if you can't be glad they're OK, it's no wonder you're single.

That's not the reason.


She's here!


Come on.

What are you doing?

How clumsy.

Hold on, you have two. I'm doing that, too!

User the brighter ones. Over here.

We'll use them all up.


Oh, Baku. Thanks.

Don't blush because he called you by name. Gross.

What are you saying? I'm a woman too, you know.

Any woman would blush if a cute guy calls her name.

Stop that.

That's what happened to you, right, Asako?

How nice. Brings back memories.

In my younger days, I took the bullet train to Tokyo just to have breakfast with my man.

Wow, that's so passionate!

It was a tiny apartment in Asagaya. I ate quickly and went home.

It was enough to make me happy.

Love does that to you.

Stop it. I don't care how you and Dad fell in love.

You're a mama's boy.

We only have each other. I can't help it!

So you admit it.

- And in Tokyo again? Yes.

Something similar happened recently in Akihabara.

Yes, there was a tragic incident.

Also in Osaka a few years ago...

Baku, where are you going?

Oh, I'm going to buy some bread.

You just ate.

For tomorrow morning.

Cream buns. Want some, Asako?

Some that's not sweet.

I don't get him.

Baku is cute.

That's so nice.

Yes. It sure is.

Well then...


Oh, you're up.

What time is it?

A bit past 6, I think.

Where's Baku?

If he's not downstairs, then he's not home yet.

No need to worry. He'll be fine.

But he went to buy bread. It's weird.

No, it's not. It's normal for him to be gone for weeks at a time.

It is?

Maybe he wants to be alone. With his dad in critical condition and all.

What? You didn't know?



Sorry. I bought bread, then found an old public bath and went in.

I made friends with an old guy and went to his house to drink and fell asleep...


Sorry, I gave the bread to that guy.

That's not what this is about!

It's okay. I'll come back even if I'm late so don't worry.


I'll come back to you, Asako...

I promise.

Six months later, Baku said he was going to buy shoes and never came back.


2 years and a bit later This sake was reproduced from a 300-year-old recipe from the Edo era.

"Benikin Sake"

Sorry to make you do this alone. No problem.

You just got here from Osaka. Sorry.

No, I'm a newcomer so I'll do anything.

That pot's from the coffee shop next door. Someone will come get it.

Try some if there's any left. It's good.



Who are you?

I'm from Unimiracle.


Uni... what did you say?

The coffee shop next door.

Oh, the pot.


The coffee was good.

The water is special, isn't it?

Water is important to sake so I can tell.

It's nice having a place that serves good coffee nearby.

We appreciate your service.




Oh, the zoo?

I see, so that's a zoo after all.

But can you see baku, tapirs, from here?

Is this your first time in Tokyo?

I've been on business but it's my first time living here.

Where are you from?


I moved to Osaka for college.

So where's the tapir... Any siblings?

I'm an only child. Is this some kind of questionnaire?

What's your name?

Ryohei Maruko.

You're Baku.

What, me?

Are you saying I look like baku, tapirs?

Mom, I appreciate it but could you send the rice later?

I don't have time to cook now.

Sorry, but work is still taking up too much time.

Yeah, see you.

I don't look like it at all!

Baku (tapir) Image

What the heck?

You've got some nerve!

Just let it go.

He told us to say whatever we wanted at the meeting, so I did.

So what's his problem?

Well, alphabetizing the company logo affects corporate identity.

That's why they suck. They don't really intend to go global.

Well, who cares, anyway?

I want to go back to Osaka. Go back, then.

It's not that easy, Kushihashi. I just got transferred.

You can go back if you quit. Easy.

Come on. You're overreacting.

You're not afraid of me, are you?


What the... Now you're scaring me.


Sorry, sorry! Let's go in!

Um... friends?

No. No.


Sorry, the rehearsal dragged out. It's OK.

Let's go in.

Sorry, but we're done for today.

But you still have 20 minutes.

Doors closed 10 minutes ago.

But there are people still inside.

We're sorry, but it's past closing time.

Then your fliers are misleading... Please!

Let us in! We came all the way from Kyoto just to see this exhibit.

We would have come sooner but intercity buses get delayed.

So we just got here by taxi. Ask her nicely, you two.

Yeah, the bus hit a deer. Never mind that! Come on!

Please. Please.

Why deer? Deer are in Nara, not Kyoto. I'm sorry!

I tried to do my best to keep up with you and panicked.

That's the best you could do?

So Maya, you're an actress? I just do re-enactments on TV.

Even so, not everyone gets to do that.

You're being chosen. That's amazing.

OK, maybe. Thank you.

But you're more of a professional theater actor?

Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm professional, but I feel I can express myself better on stage.

Wow, I'd love to see that. Really?

Please come anytime.

But actually, I don't know anything about art.

It's not that artistic, anyway.

I didn't get what's so great about today's photos at all.

But you like them, don't you?

The flyer was in a stack I had and she said she wanted to go.

She rarely says such things so I figured it must be good. Right?

I see. So what did you think?


Thank you for today. Oh, no problem. Relax.


I have to go.

Excuse me.

What's her problem?

Being roommates, don't you ever argue?

We're not alike so we get along.

Don't you end up doing all the emotional labor?

I mean, it was obvious you were being nice to me because you wanted to ease up that tense situation.


I wonder if your friend Asako understands that though.

Well, I'm taking the subway.


Come visit us sometime.

Asako makes great okonomiyaki. It's all she can cook decently.

What are you saying all of a sudden?

She should thank you like a proper adult.

I'm pretty sure she won't like that.

Then bring a friend. Let's say you're introducing me to him.

I don't have any friends here yet.

Use this opportunity to make one.

Think about it.

See you.


You're wrong about one thing. What?

I wasn't just trying to be nice. I really did enjoy myself.

Looks like rain. What?

See, it's raining.


Do you like okonomiyaki.

No, not at all.

Then, would you like to meet an actress who's on TV?

It seems to me that a man must at least have faith, or else his life will be empty, empty...

Why would one live and not try to understand?

Why do cranes fly?

Why are babies born?

Why do stars shine in the sky?

What do we live for?

I want to know.

Otherwise, life will lose all meaning, like dust in the wind!

Huh? Hey!

Why, Maya? It was a good scene!

No, it's embarrassing. Not worth your time.

The drinks are ready, so take a seat.

Wow, you're a good actress.

Like a different person.

No way. But thank you.

Right, Kushihashi? Amazing, huh?

What's wrong?

I'm really sorry, but I have to go.

What? Why?

Well, I have a stomachache.

Did something bother you?

Not really.

Sorry, it's nothing like that.

You're the one who wanted to see it.

So I said I'm sorry.

If you want to say something, say it.

It was mediocre.

What are you doing this for?

The audience.

The audience. Did they enjoy it?

I think so.

How do you know that?

Your friends who bought tickets came and said, "You were amazing today, Maya!"

They gave you flowers and said, "I cried!" and "I could never do that!" Stuff like that?

What's wrong with you?

If you didn't like it, why not just say so?

"I had no hope of getting ahead."

"That won't change even though I'm no longer a soldier."


"I've decided to work."

"For just once in my life,"

"I want to work until I'm exhausted."

"To come home,"

"fall into bed and go to sleep at once."

"I suppose workmen must sleep so soundly!"

When you play Chekhov, don't over-interpret the lines.

It looks so cheap. The actors are just being narcissistic.

You're just using the guests to be the center of attention.

But that's...

Everyone is like that.


People do this to be praised. Then this...

But I'm willing to put in the effort, since being praised isn't easy! Then this...

This isn't how you do it! It won't move anyone.

Bye. No.

Maya's effort isn't off the mark.

I brought flowers backstage and I cried.

"Wow, I could never do that!"

I really did say that.

But it wasn't a lie.

I was moved by her performance.

I think it's amazing the way she pursues a single calling.

I always think that I could never do it.

I respect her.

Kushihashi, don't go. Move.

This will haunt you if you go now.

You'll never be able to face Maya again if you leave.

And every time you see her on TV in the future, you'll feel embarrassed to death no matter what.

I can see it happening. You don't want that, do you?

I apologize.

I shouldn't have said it.

It's OK, if you really meant it. No, that's not...

If you didn't mean it, then I deserve to be angry.

I think I envied you.

I saw someone continuing to do something I gave up, and that person looked radiant.

That's why I said it.

I'm very sorry.

So, then... you do really think that my acting is cheap and narcissistic?

But I didn't see enough to... Oh, just never mind!

It's good to have someone criticize me.

But I'd appreciate it if you'd choose your words more carefully!

Hear that, Kushihashi?

So... how's the okonomiyaki?

Yeah, how this mood will change depends on your okonomiyaki.

What? Me?

I'm fussy about okonomiyaki, by the way.

And Kushihashi hates it.

No, I don't hate it. But you said so.

I don't hate it. I didn't say I hate it.

Why are you saying that now?

Don't worry, your impression can't get any worse today.

You were hiding your talent.

Oh, English? I don't want to work any more than necessary.

You're such a...

The pot? Over there.

And I'm going to the john.

Thanks for the coffee.

Thank you.



Why do you always run away from me?

I apologize if it's just in my mind, but...

You're interested in me, aren't you?

You sensed something when we first met.


I always think about you.

I look for you at the coffee shop every morning.

I think I've fallen for you.

I wish I could have taken things slower, but you always avoid me.

I'm not the kind of guy you think I am.

I'm neither a scary guy nor a bad guy.

Please look at me.

I like you.

You're fast.

- Wow! Oh, man!


Your turn.

What's that flyer?

Maya's next performance.


Maya, I want to see this.

Really? Yeah, I'll buy a ticket.

No, I'll invite you that Friday. Matinee or night show?

Oh, thanks.

I can't go during the day on weekdays, so night.

What about him?

No, I'll make him buy a weekend ticket.


You said you could come Friday.

Oh, really?

Maya, I'll go to the matinee.

Oh, OK. Then I'll give you the tickets now. Here.

Thanks. Hey!

You people...

Were you watching me? Yeah, sure.

You're next!




It's Asako. Were you asleep? I'm sorry.

No, not yet.

Thanks for calling. How unusual.

What's up?

I'm sorry.

I can't handle it anymore.


I can't see you anymore. Please forget about me.

Hey. Why, all of a sudden?

I'm sorry.

I can't take your call right now. Leave a message...

Asako, please meet me.

I want to talk to you.

If I've made you angry, I want to apologize.

Meet me if you're not angry. I miss you.

Ibsen: The Wild Duck

Thank you.

Excuse me. May I use this ticket to see the matinee?

We have seats available today.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

Dressing Rooms Excuse me, only authorized people are allowed here.

Um, I'm Maya's friend.

The play's about to begin. Is this urgent?

No, not really...



Wow, you look perfect!

Ryohei, did you come here expecting to see Asako?

Yeah. I took the afternoon off.

I see.

Asako switched to tomorrow.

She also mentioned that she's quitting the coffee shop.

Did something happen?

It's like I'm back to square one.

I don't understand why.

Will you go back to work?

No way.

I'll see it, of course. I appreciate your invitation.

Then enjoy the show.

Though it's not a fun play.

I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.

Please refrain from using your phones.

If you have alarm clocks or devices that emit sound, please turn them off.

There will be no intermission.

The show will begin shortly.

We hope you enjoy the performance.

Is it shaking?


You're right.

It's a big one.

This is serious.

Oh my god!

What the hell?

Turn on the lights!

Still shaking.

I'm scared.

Don't worry.

It's still shaking.

Please stay clear of the stage.

Please watch your step.

The front doors are open, too. Please walk slowly.

The trains have stopped.

We'll keep the foyer open so you can wait here.

Today's show is cancelled.


It's still shaking. I'll return to the office.

By foot?

You should stay put. Yeah, but I'm going.

March, 2011

The trains have stopped.

The trains aren't moving.

The trains have stopped.


I'm telling you the trains have stopped!

Listen to me, damn it!

All of them?

Yeah, all of them.

Thank you.

Take care, man.

You too.

Are you all right?

Oh, sorry. I'm fine.

Thank you.


Take care.


Please don't panic.

Watch your step and proceed slowly.

Please don't panic. Try to stay calm.

Watch your step and proceed slowly.



5 years later



This curry tastes better today.


It's ratatouille, though.



Tastes good.

I'm glad. I'll try that sometime, too.

Our new sake will be served at the party commemorating the 150th anniversary of Japan-Italy diplomatic relations.

Again, a big hand for the chief director of this project, Mr. Ryohei Maruko.

Here. Thanks.

It was good. Thanks.

Forgot my wallet.

Thanks for lunch! Hey!

Thanks as always. Sure.


Thanks. Sure. See you.

See you. See you.

Drive safely.

See you, then. Drive safely.

Yuriage Port Market

Welcome! 300 yen, please.

Tohoku Reconstruction Festival What else is in season?

Scallops or sea urchin.

Sea urchin sounds good.

We'll take two, then.

OK. Two sea urchins. OK!

Here, two sea urchins.

Step right up!

There's a good catch at the beach


Try this too, Ryohei.

This is so rich!

Told you so. So good.

You were hesitant at first but now you eat everything.

Asako, he'll be so horny tonight, he won't stop until morning!

There he goes again.


Here, have an oyster.

Put a bit of grated radish with chili pepper on it, then some vinegar...

Looks good.

Just slurp it up.

Suck on it.


What, Asako?

It's good!


What was that for?


Don't scare me.

Asako. Asako.

Mr. Hirakawa.

Here, take these too.

No, no. We can't accept so much.

It's all right.

People who come should be rewarded or nobody will ever come again.

Thank you so much. Eat, eat.

We'll come again next month. Yeah.

You won't be able to eat such good food if you don't.

Thank you.

We're off the highway? Yeah.

It's OK. Go back to sleep.


Here, Jintan. Sorry.

Could you put the rest in the freezer? Sure.

Is it OK if I return the car tomorrow?

Yes, of course.

They're filthy. No.

Thanks for always doing this.

Feels good.

Even though you have work tomorrow.

Thank you.

That's no problem.

I'm the one who should be thankful to you.

I get to eat and bring home plenty of good food.


I love you, Ryohei.

What, all of a sudden?

I love you so much.

I can't handle just how much...

I've fallen for you.

That's the thing about you...


...that keeps me going.



Wow, Asako?

Oh my gosh, is it really you?

Long time no see! How are you?

Yeah. But why...

Asako, what's going on?

She's my friend from Osaka, Haruyo Shima.

This is Ryohei Maruko.

Ryohei Maruko.

Hi, I'm Maruko. The name sounds Italian, but I'm Japanese.

I'm Haruyo Shima. Nice to meet you.

You haven't changed at all, Asako.

I knew it was you right away. Really?

What was she like before?

She seems dainty but can show real determination.

Then she hasn't changed much.

Yeah, she hasn't changed at all.

Haruyo, you look prettier somehow.

Oh, this? It's plastic surgery.

Nothing drastic! It's pretty common over there.

I made my eyes a bit bigger, see?


And also got a slight nose job.

Yeah, I can tell. Looks nice.


And thankfully, I've gotten married!

I didn't know at all!

International marriage. He's Singaporean.

She's amazing!

So I'm actually Haruyo Bondiackallahnam now. Hilarious, huh?

No, I can't laugh. I can't keep up with you.

That's right, Asako. The times are changing without you knowing.


But you live in Japan now?

Yes, I lived in Singapore for 2 years, but my husband got a new job in Tokyo.

Then let's get together again.

Yes, thank you.

Please come visit us. I'd love to.

So, I have to go now.

Your wisdom tooth. Poor you. Take care.


Asako, stay out late if you like.

It's been so long, after all.

See you. Yes.


I know what you're about to say, Haruyo.

But it's not like that.

Let's hear it.

I love Ryohei now.

It has nothing to do with Baku.

I love Ryohei.

I'm glad.

Asako, I was so worried about you.


You went off to Tokyo all of a sudden. We lost contact.


It's OK. I'm glad you're doing well, and that I ran into you.

Me too. I'm glad to see you again.

Really? Why? Really, I'm glad.

Baku lives in a completely different world now.

Different world? I've no idea where he is or what he's doing.

Asako, you don't know?

Know what?

What? Are you serious?

What are you talking about?

I mean... Oh.

Look over there.

He's been modeling for a while, and got a good role in a recent TV series.

He only appeared for 2 weeks, but he became really popular with the ladies.

Weekly magazines features him.

He's going to star in an upcoming movie.

Oh, that's fine. It's all gone? OK.

Haruyo, give a toast.

I'm not used to Tokyo and felt uneasy, so I'm glad to meet you thanks to Asako.

Thank you for welcoming me.

Cheers! Cheers!


Cheers! Cheers!

What? The paella.

The paella?

I was thinking it'd be better to have kids in Japan.

Wow, what a broad perspective.

Japan is great. After all, it's safe, and the cost of living is cheaper.

That means the nation is on the decline.

Kushihashi, got any cigarettes? You think I would?

Oh, right. You quit. Can I go get some?

I'll tag along. Why the fake Osaka accent?

Ryohei, don't give him any.

She sees through you.

We men have things to discuss in private. Later, then.

I wish Ryohei hadn't said that.

So your guy quit smoking.

Of course. Aren't you worried about Ryohei?

Holding back on what you like might be unhealthier.

Smoking is an addiction, not a preference.

I hate that smell when you kiss. It gags me.

Oh. But that's something I can get used to.

Wow, did you hear that, Maya?

You say things like that so naturally.

Guys probably fall for that.

You said it first.

I know you both so it's graphic.

Isn't that so sweet. You sound like a granny.

But they get along so well. Ryohei is crazy about her.

I love him too. How nice.

I really like the way Ryohei looks at Asako when she's facing the other way.

Hey, you shouldn't be liking him.

No, no. I can tell he's still so in love with her.

It's amazing he feels that way after 5 years.

Then you should be good to him, Asako.

I'm so grateful to him.


This guy, Baku Torii! Look!

Several years ago...

I set out for Siberia to see permafrost.


I got sick in Shanghai and was lying by the roadside.

A photographer...

This guy looks so much like Ryohei.

I guess they're the same type. Especiall after the haircut.

I saw the northern lights.

The sky was like the sea.

Discover a new you.

Epoch Card. He's... not suited for showbiz.

That sounds condescending.

No, Baku and I are friends.

What's the connection?

Same hometown.


So Baku Torii's from the west, huh? Who knew?

Wait, then... I...

I used to go out with him.

With Baku Torii.

He was my boyfriend back in Osaka.

Asako, why confess? I was trying to cover for you.

Thanks. But it's OK.

You used to date Baku Torii before you got together with Ryohei?

When I first met Ryohei, I thought he was Baku.

It's true.

Do you mean you wouldn't have loved Ryohei if they didn't look the same?



I don't know.

Does Ryohei know about this? Of course he doesn't.

You're not ever going to tell him?

I will tell him.

No, nobody will benefit from that.

Don't worry, Asako. There's no way he'll find out.

You're back! Let me sniff you!

You could trust me more. Blame your everyday behavior.

Yesterday at work...

I was told to return to the Osaka office.

Are you going?

I want to.

I prefer working closer to the brewers there to begin with.


Then I think you should go.

Will you come with me?

Will you marry me?

I'd be happy to.


But there's something I haven't told you.

And I have to tell you about it first.


When I first met you, I was shocked.

Because you... looked like someone I used to love a long time ago.

You looked the same.

Oh, that.

I don't care. What's past is past.

You knew? Yeah.

Since when? Well...

About 2 years ago, maybe?

When he began modeling in magazines.

That Baku Torii guy.

I was told I looked like him and suddenly everything fell into place.

Doesn't it bother you?

I've thought about it, but basically it just means that I could date you because I look like him.

In that sense, I thought maybe I was actually really lucky.

That's how I see it.

Hey, that hurts.


So you've decided.

Tell me your address this time.



It's OK.

We're going to check out our new house.

I'll miss you. We were just reunited. Sorry.

Is Baku Torii really here? Yeah, look!

What? It's too blurry! I can't tell from that!

Is he still here? Yeah, he is!

Let's go!


Hey, Asako!

Don't, Asako.

You're going to Osaka with Ryohei.

Yeah, don't worry.

Asako, if we meet him, I'm taking a picture with him.

Do what you want but give me that much.

No, don't. The car is leaving.

No pictures.

Don't take pictures.

Stop taking pictures!

Step back!

Put them away! No photos!

Don't take pictures.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

I'm Mr. Torii's friend, Haruyo Shima. Could you tell him?

If you're his friend, contact him directly.

Put away your cameras!

What are you doing?

I was working so hard for you!

Baku! Bye-bye!

Let's go.

Are you sure?


You can see the Amano River from here. The Amano River?

It's a branch of the Yodo River. I see.

The school nearby is a bit noisy, but it's a nice area if you ever have kids.

I'll check the breaker.

Let me check.

That river could flood us out.


I want to work.

I want to find a job here. Is it OK?

No need to ask. What do you want to do?

I don't know yet. What the heck?

Be whatever you want. A doctor, a lawyer.

A teacher, a flight attendant.

Flight attendant? Anything.

An owner of a cat cafe, maybe?

I like it here.

I'm sure I'll like it even more. I hope so.

Got the Kushihashis. Haruyo's coming later. Be back in 10 min.



Asako, I'm sorry.

I made you wait so long.

Come with me. I want to take you with me.

I saw you waving.

You were calling my name.

Don't come!

Don't come!

Hello. Hi.


I broke a plate.

Be careful.

Oh no, not this one.

Need a hand? No, thanks.

I'm sorry.

Relax, these things happen. You hurt?


I'm OK.

Things break eventually.

So where do we begin?

We're here!


Nothing is packed! Will you make it?

That's why you're here. That's true.

Thanks, man.

What shall I do? Well... No, you stay seated.

Come here again if you liked it. No, I'm moving tomorrow.

What? Oh yeah, I forgot!

You liar!

Osaka, huh?


It'll be harder to get to the Tohoku region from there.

Yeah, it'll be difficult.

You two volunteered so many times. You're awesome.


Not at all.

Ryohei always drove, so he's awesome.

Why only me?

No, it's admirable. I never thought you'd do such a thing.

I'm not admirable.

I wanted to do something that wasn't wrong.

Very much, at the time.

Then I'm the awesome one, OK? What the heck?

No, you're not paying.

This is on us. No way.

It's a celebration. Congratulations.

She's right. Congratulations.

Thank you.

Thank you.


So you were waiting for me.


Why now?

Because I promised that I'd come back to you.


Asako! Go.

Why don't you answer?

It's OK. I've already said my piece.

They want to tell you something.

Others will take my place. It's OK.

Where are we going?

Way up north. My father's childhood home.

Nobody lives there.

How could you? But I'm not surprised.

Gratitude isn't love. You're awful but also kind of cool.

Hope we can laugh about it someday.



Asako, where you you?

I'm sorry.

Please come back.

I don't want to see Ryohei like that.

Please come back.

Apologize to Ryohei.

Maya, please tell Ryohei:

"Take Jintan with you to Osaka tomorrow."

"I'm not coming back."

"Throw away all my stuff."

All right.

I'll tell him.

Thank you.

Don't show up in front of us ever again.

Don't even contact us.




I missed you.

I called Okazaki to find out where you lived now.

He's been sick lately.

Eiko answered my call, and told me your address from a postcard.

The northern lights.

Did you really see it like you said in the commercial?

Yeah, I did.

Did the sky look like the sea?


It did.

It felt like I was dreaming.

I see.

I feel like I'm dreaming right now.


Everything up until now feels more like a long dream.

It was a really happy dream.

I felt like I'd matured.

But now I'm awake, and I...

haven't changed at all.

Asako, get some sleep.

Good morning.

You awake now?

Where are we?

Still a bit before Sendai.

You got off the highway?

I got hungry and sleepy.

I wanted to see the ocean so I got off.

But I can't see it at all.

It's amazing.

Is the sea really on the other side?

You didn't know?


Can't even hear the waves.

Let's go to the top.


I'm sorry.

I can't go with you any further.

I have to go back.

Where to?

Back to Ryohei.

I see.

You... aren't Ryohei.

I... didn't fully understand that.

I'm sorry.

Got it.

I'm sorry.

No need to apologize.

I'll take you. Hop in. No.

I'm OK here.

Then want to take this car?

I don't have a license.

Baku, you don't have to worry about me anymore.

Then, bye-bye.

Thank you.


What brings you here so early?

Mr. Hirakawa, I'm sorry. Please lend me some money.

Please help me.

You're such a fool.


Guys find... a woman who had another guy's dick in her unbearable.

I know.

Mr. Hirakawa, I have to go.

Thank you so much.

You won't be forgiven. You fool.

I promise to come pay you back the money.

Maruko So you can't take the cat?

Sorry, but we can't take living things.

I guess not.

We're off to Osaka, then. Yes.

He'll handle things there.

Thanks. Thank you.


Take care.

Sorry we can't accompany you.



OK, door closing.


Maya! Ryohei!


Are you nuts?




Go away.


How dare you come here?

I won't ask what happened.

But I'm not that trusting.


I know.

I got rid of the cat.


But you abandoned her first. Don't blame me.


I can't handle taking care of her on my own.

I just can't.

Every time she meows, I...


I'll look for her.


I love you, Ryohei.

I came to tell you that. You're out of your mind.


I no longer have the power to trust you.

I always had a feeling this would happen.

I was always afraid.

But that was the worst. What you did was horrible.

That guy with the same face keeps haunting me.

Ryohei. Go away!

Don't come again.





We'll give it to you straight at times. OK then, on to this week's e-mail.

Nobu, what a surprise. It's Asako.

I'll raise you, OK?

A, I, U, E, O.

O. O, huh?

A, I...

I, Ki, Shi, Chi... Chi.

A... A.

A, Ka, Sa, Ta, Na, Ha, Ma, Ya... Ya? Oh!

"Ocha", tea! You don't have to tell me that!

It's called ALS.

He can't speak but he understands what we're saying.

So talk to him.

I'll bring tea, so give me a sec.

Okazaki, long time no see.

I'm sorry I fell out of touch.

I heard about you from Baku.

It's good to see you again.

I'm doing OK...

...well, not really.

How nice, Nobu.

A pretty young lady is crying for you.

It's not that.

Even at a time like this, I only care about myself.

I'm so sorry.

Did you get to see Baku?


because of that...

I hurt the person I care about the most.

I see.

You never know what's right.

I'm sorry.

But I'm actually envious.

Treat him well if you care about him.

It's the only thing you can do anyway.


How nice.

I travelled to Tokyo just to eat breakfast when I was young.

In a tiny apartment.

Ate and came home...

Oh, he's telling me not to go on about this again.

Playing the straight man like a true Osakan.

Eiko. What?

It's raining.

It is!

Thanks, Asako.

Asako. That story just now, it's not about my husband.

Don't tell Nobu.


I have to go.


I'll come again.




What are you doing?

Ryohei. You're wasting your time!

Go away!

Go away!







Please don't go. Just listen.

I want to apologize. But... no amount of apologies would be enough for what I did.

So I won't apologize.

I don't think I can be forgiven.

I just want to be with you.

That's why I'm here.

I want to see your face. I want to hear your voice.



Maya... had her baby.

Prematurely, though.

It's a girl.

I see.

That's great.


You're sweet.


I'll stop leaning on you.

I'll probably never trust you ever again.


I know.

The river's rising.


What a filthy river.

But... it's beautiful.

Masahiro Higashide as Baku/Ryohei

Erika Karata as Asako

Koji Seto as Kushihashi Rio Yamashita as Maya Sairi Itoh as Haruyo Daichi Watanabe as Okazaki

Koji Nakamoto as Hirakawa Misako Tanaka as Okazaki's mother

Producers: Yuji Sadai Teruhisa Yamamoto Yasuhiko Hattori Based on the novel by Tomoka Shibasaki Written by: Sachiko Tanaka Ryusuke Hamaguchi Music: tofubeats Cinematography: Yasuyuki Sasaki

Directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi