Ashanti (1979) Script

Where is everybody?

They're watching.

Would you've rather remained in England Doctor?

I would never miss England for what you're doing for some of your friends.

Don't pay any attention to them David. Just do your job.


They are asking permission from their ancestors to start the medical ceremony.

We have the permission of their ancestors.

We also have the permission of the people. All are in our favor. Great.

Isn't she pretty? Yes, Doctor.

Just thought I'd jiff into something more comfortable. You like it? Yes, Smashing.

The dance isn't bad either. It is Ashanti tribal dance.

I was sweltering. Care to come for a swim? There's a lake right over there.

I'd rather take photographs. I've never seen anything like this.

They are only Senufo.

My family came from the Ashanti tribe originally.

Much more interesting people.

Anansa, You know that you are the worst type of doctor imaginable? Why?

Typical tribal chauvinist!

You always say the nicest things. Be back in 10 minutes. Okay!

Bring her, Jamil!

Ansok! Help him!


Even at this very moment, my friend, Dr. Linderbi, the airport has been officially sealed I personally have instructed the border guards to inspect with whole attention all trucks crossing the frontier.


Commissioner ... Yes? Slavers.

What did you say? Slavers!

That's impossible ... There will be no slavery here!

I myself will not permit it!

I trust you to convey my authority to the United Nations.

24 Dollars. 24 Dollars, half with rain water? Pay him.

Sulleiman, I have a surprise for you.

Jamil, you heard? I hope that this time it is agreeable Bilvan.

You're great robbers, you know? All the way to the coast no other robbers like you.

I like you, but it is undeniable that you are robbing me.

I'll believe only when I see him.

Ansok ... up the boy, up....

20 Dollars. But look, you pay more for your petrol.

People have not gone up in prices like petrol. 30 Dollars maximum!

Look Sulleiman, any other Arab, would've paid me 200 Dollars or more!

Then deal with them. Ansok, let's go.

It's not a surprise, it's an insult! Sulleiman! please Wait!

Sulleiman! Give me 50 Dollars.

14 slaves in the truck have cost me less than your rain water gasoline!

Then go elsewhere! Give him 30 Dollars.

I said, fifty. 35 to this robber!

You the filthy Arabs are swelling everything! Bring the boy.

Well, increase the number of search parties then!

All right, Commissioner, Thank you anyway. Yes. You too, Goodbye.

David, this is an old friend Captain Bradford. How do you do.

I have a friend to the north of here.

I informed him about your problem, unofficially, of course.

The captain has informed the authorities in neighbouring states.

I do not understand. Haven't the borders being sealed? Come on, David.

There are only two main roads to the east. and 600 miles of unpatrolled savanna.

It is easy to cross the border anywhere. Commissioner knows it.

East? Why would someone travel to the East? This is the slave route.

Captain, let's be realistic. I'm being realistic, Dr. Linderbi.

The slave-routes are littered with corpses. Fresh ones, modern ones...

The slave trade is as old as Africa.

Since you are an Englishman, you would know.

When your organization sent out a questionnaire concerning the existence of the slave trade, over 14 nations did not even bother to reply.

All right, Captain, where is the slave route?

Come, I'll show you.

Traditional path is along the savannah to subsaharan countries then to cross the Sahara itself. To go where?

The Red Sea. From there, to disappear forever.

It is 3000 miles from here!

I'm leaving tonight.

David, why not wait a bit? Maybe Commissioner has found something ?

The doctor is correct, Marshal. He won't have a chance of finding them in the Sahara.

It is better to start now, before they reach the desert.

He does not know Africa! I'll learn.

Use the organisation to wire me of your plans.

Please stay in touch.

Everywhere you go will tell you that the slavery is a thing of the past.

Do not believe them.

Ansok ... he watches us from above.

Well. What an animal!

Leave him alone!

Ansok! But you promised!

Bring the woman!

If you can have the woman, why can not I have the boy?


Turn her.

Tilt her head.

You're an Ashanti? That's my heritage.

If you're talking about heritage, you must be an American.

I'm a doctor! A convent nurse.

I'm a medical doctor! I work for the United Nations!

You're in big trouble, aren't you?

How many languages do you speak? Four. Six.

Every country will look for me! Yes indeed.

So for you we have to find a special customer, a separate market.

A separate market?

Old you are, educated ... All that very bad.

We'll find a special market.

Like the United Nations. How much you're worth for them I wonder?

Fifty thousand, a hundred thousand dollars?

Do you think you're worth more than that?

Now if you let me go now, I promise that I will not say anything to anybody.

Thanks for the offer, but I prefer money for yourself.

Sure, thanks. Take her.

And the boy?

Boy? All right, all right ...

Ansok! I'm not in the habit of selling damaged goods! Be gentle!

They'll hunt you for the rest of your life! They'll never stop looking for me!

Excuse me ...

Doctor Linderbi?

Are you heading for the hotel? Yes ... I am.

It's quite close. Do you mind if I walk with you?

No. Suit yourself. Thanks.

I heard about your problem Is it?

Yes. I hear about kidnappings, disappearances, sale of slaves and so on.

Last year, about 5,000 people are missing.

Listen! I do not know who you are or what you sell, but I do not like it!

And, yes, sorry. I'm Brian Walker Anti slavery Society. What?

The Anti slavery Society.

You'll find our number listed in the London telephone directory.

Reports to the UN and so forth.

What can you do for me? Very little, very little.

We have to try to stop traders before heading to the Red Sea.

Thank you for your help. Nice to meet you.

However, there is a gentleman who could be of help.

I was free to make an appointment. How nice of you.

And where would I find this gentleman? In your hotel.

Doctor Linderbi, this is Jim Sandell.

Captain Sandel, if you wish.

Captain Sandel? You are a government adviser?

This government need advice, but do not ask for them or wants to pay for them.

Whiskey. Soda water with ice and lemon.

Doctor Linderbi has a problem. Explain.

This is my wife. Kidnapped by the slave traders.

This is your wife? Yes. You have objections?

No. I admire people who have the courage to defy the convictions.

It is now rare. In your profession. In any profession.

You need no courage nor conviction to be in love.

I would not know.

Sorry, I can not help you.

Then why did you come here? And what are you supposed to do for me anyway?

Jim is one of the best helicopter pilot in Africa.

So, still working for this government? No. I work for myself.

Soldier of fortune?

A mercenary ... A whore. But even whoring has its own rules.

I am expensive and I never get emotionally involved.

My meter keeps on ticking through second sin. Nothing against you personally, doctors, but I can not afford to work for an individual.

More important, individuals can't afford to hire me.

I hope that you will recover your wife.

You can shake hands later.

Be prepared to leave before dawn tomorrow.

What're you talking about? As far as the meeting goes, it was an unmitigated disaster.

It was a qualified success.

I do not want to pay a mercenary. It is immoral.

Would you find it immoral if you find your wife back?

Any way you're prepared to pay anyone. How can you say?

I know Jim rather better than I know you.

And franky, I find you more surprising, Dr. Linderbi.

You must learn to trust people whatever they do for a living.

I do not understand. What are you here for?

You are a friend in need.

Come on!

Put that on.

The saftey is on the top! I beg your pardon?

You've never handled one before?

The nearest I got was to bandage the wounds on an occasion!

Well, just switch the saftery over, point the gun and press the trigger. The gun itself will do the rest.

I'll work it out somehow. And you watch the road!

Incidentally, we haven't discussed the price yet!

I'll talk about it when you save your wife.

Then you can make a contribution to my favourite Swiss bank.

Brian Walker hinted to me ... If I were a Robin Hood?

Nice. I told you what I am.

You act like as though I have a moral duty to help you!

You probably have that attitude because you're a doctor.

Handling the wound of the mankind and that crap.

Or maybe it's just marriage.

It's generally accepted that the single people are the selfish ones!

Leaving someone to weep over you? Is not that little self indulgence?

This river is the border. They'll have to cross by a boat or raft.

Then we'll stop them.

There they are!

They are almost across! What can we do?

I can't land over there! Why not?

Because they broke diplomatic relations six months ago!

You want to start a new war? But who will see? There is no body there!

Let's go a little closer.

There she is! There!

Anansa! David!

Shoot, man!


For God's sake! Shoot!


Let's go.


David! No!

Don't lose our ammunition! Guide them. And stop screaming!

The men want me to kill you. They are superstitious.

And, frankly I must say, I did not have a slave who's given me so much trouble!

But you're lucky, I'm superstitious also.

This is my last trip and I want to make it a pleasent memory.

I've got a little money aside, I'll buy a car, nice things, Spend time with my grandchildren ... You can't talk like that!

You tried to kill my husband! The Pilot?

The other man. Ah the swimmer!

I admire his courage, but, believe me ...


I'm not going to kill the girl. I'm not even going to kill Jamil.

I'll merely ask him to leave our family.

If someone else wants to follow him into the wilderness, go ahead.

And that's without pay!

But I do not want to leave you! No? - No!

We shall see. First, return the money I gave you.

Why did you kneel? I have not asked for it.

Is it because you see in me ... father? Yes, yes ...

I've always been like a father? And forever I will always remain so.

Father! Father!

Now go and take care of slaves!

Thanks. Thank you.

Doctor! Wait!

Here, doctor!

Wait for me!

I want to talk to you! Come with me!

Doctor, please!

Room 17, please.

Thank you.

What are you doing here?

Your life is in danger. Close it please.

You're being followed. Obviously!

A man called Hassan, A paid cussword.

Paid by whom? Anyone who needs him.

The commissioner, the army, and sometimes a slaver called Sulleiman.

This is the man you're looking for Doctor. Sulleiman. If you say so.

What now? Do you have the money to buy her back?

How much is her market value?

Let's see ... Rolls Royce here costs about 75 thousand dollars.

I saw a photo of your wife ... Therefore, 50 thousand?

It would take at least a month to get this money.

They will cross the Red Sea by then.

What can I do?

There is another alternative, or be it, rather a long shot.

This whole proposition is nothing else so far!

Now one has to assume that Sulleiman has reached the desert.

And I think you need a "vulture" to find him, I happened to have a "vulture". Interested? Of course!

Very well.

Thank you for that, and do not leave the room.

And what about that fellow out there? I'm going to take care of him.

You know you have very little chance, But, with my "vulture", you'll have a slight edge. Who is he?


A year ago Malik's family was taken into slavery.

He tracked them almost to the Red Sea. Did he find them?

Found his wife near the fattening house of Zed Al Kabir.

She's been raped, Sodamized, had her throat cut Of the children, there was no trace.

Since then, Malik has lived apart from his tribe, in shame, waiting for the slaver who stole his family.

Who was it? Sulleiman. Your man.

Now you just need to stay here till dawn. Is there he usually shelter?

If he is curious enough.

Will he be curious? That you never know.

Cigarette? No, thanks.

Yes, of course, you are a doctor. Exactly.

Wait, wait!

My good Jamil ...

Come on!

Enough! Be put away!


Dongoro ... are you a witch doctor?

Doctor, we have company.


We have company.

Mr. Brian Walker ... Malik...

I brought a friend. He may be useful.

Has he news of Sulleiman? Yes.

Sulleiman has robbed him. It's not news.

Of his wife.

I followed Sulleiman all the way from West Africa. This is important news!

One year I waited news that Sulleiman is on the move.

Where is he now? I think he entered the Sahara.

I was left with only a thousand dollars. If you will help, take.

With that it is possible to catch him.

This is for the camel, this for food, this is for the weapon and ammunition.

But I travel alone.

I have not come all this way so that I let someone else finish it.

Either we go together or go alone, if I have to.

You ride a camel?

Know how to shoot a rifle? No.

Have you lived in the desert?


Mr. Walker, your friend is indeed a fool.

Yes ... Perhaps.

We leave tonight.

Thank you, Malik? I'll try not to mess ... Just stay alive!

Very nice of you, Malik! Very nice.

Stay here. I'm going to get the supplies.

Do you see this?

Get down. Get down ...

Get down!


Hold the reins, pull them down and say ...

And stay like that! Stay!

Up! Up!

Get up!

You have to say ...

Come on, children!

Welcome! We'll be happy to share refreshments with you.

We have our own refreshments. Make camp!

May your tribe prosper a 1000 years!

That young woman! Young woman ...

I have no reason to hate you, That's why I can't give you the young woman.

I want her!

You'll blame me if I agree to your request and you'll think ill of me! I want you to think well of me.

Sulleiman, give him the woman!

Shut up! Give me the gun.

Let him!

Every time you fire this rifle you'll bless the name of Sulleiman.

And I want her.

In that case give me back the rifle. You gave it to me. Be reasonable!

I can not afford to give every touring chief a present.

The desert is vast, but it's paths are few.

You fear me. That is why you give me presents.

Why don't you take the Senufo girl?

She is a virgin. She'll respond to your passion.

I want her! Sulleiman!

Why do you interrupt? Sulleiman, You've always been like a father, Give the woman away! She is evil! She had the evil eye!

Since she arrived, we have nothing but trouble!

The family is no longer the same! We argued, and we disobeyed ...

She is evil! Give the woman away! It is no longer as it used to be!

I have become forgetful, Jamil, my spiritual son, and deficient in wisdom ...

Unchain the woman!

Let her go to the chief with our curses! With your curses?

It's not yet too late. I told you that I have no reason to hate you.

Why would I have done such an injustice?

Give me the other woman and the rifle! So be it! So be it!

Wisesr tongue of yours have spoken! Unchain the Senufo girl.

May your tribe prosper for ... 2000 years.

Don the camels, children!

Are you tired? No.

Peace be unto you! I want to speak with your chief.

There are two strangers, chief.

Good day. Good day.

The white man's face shows that you've been travelling a great distance.

We are looking Sulleiman, the slave trader. He has taken the wife of my friend.

I have seen no slavers with a white woman.

This woman is your wife? Yes. Strange.


Anansa lady! She was with us!

She recognizes my wife and I know this girl.

I innoculated her in the village.

Must we all die for a Senufo girl?

It's nothing! May go!

I did not know she was your wife.

Instead Sulleiman gave me that stupid girl and a rifle, of whose peformance now I begin to have doubts.

Where are they now? They are going towards ... the north.

The Devil Vadi? What does the nomad know about the Devil Vadi?

I am Malik!

Would you like to have fresh accomplice?

Your offer is generous, but I would not.

Sulleiman has three guards. They are cowards, therfore dangerous.

You want to take some of my tribesmen? No, thanks.

Tell me my friend, is your wife as troublesoem as Sulleiman said? No.

She is magnificient. If she ever becomes a burden, I'll gladly purchase her.

You are an excellent judge of beauty, chief, but she is not for sale.

They stopped for the night under that dune. Let's rest.

In the morning, while they sleep, we will attack.

No Sulleiman!

This is not the caravan of Sulleiman!

Please, do not be afraid!

The key?

Which one has it?

That one?

What are you doing? I'm releasing them!

And, then? What do you mean? We take them back.

Back? Back to Where?

They are from Sudan, and Mali, Upper Volta!

How are you gonna get them back? by car? By aeroplane?

How are you gonna find their tribes? But we exactly can't leave them here!

Malik! You don't leave these children in the middle of the desert!

Suppose they were your kids!

Listen to me. In the ninght, you'll see three stars. Follow this one.

No. Take us with you. We can not take you with us!

Follow this star for two-nights. Two nights, and no more. Understand?

Then you will be safe. Come.

But we just came from there! Yes.

Malik! There is no village! But there are Thwarex.

Thwarex? They'll take them as slaves!

You do not understand! Then make me understand?

Justify! Tell me why you send these children into slavery?

At least Thwarex'll give them food! They'll give them work!

They will be a part of the family! You really believe that?

Then you take them back! I'm going to find Sulleiman!

I'm sorry. I can't take you with me.

No! Take us!

Stop it!

Stop it!

I can't take you with me! Don't you understand?

Jamil! I'm going to talk with Zed Al Kabir.

With God's willing, We'll be back before nightfall.

Ansok! You are now in charge. Jamil. You've to listen to him.

I want nobody to move until I get back, OK?

Tomorrow we'll take them all to the "Fattening house".

What about my wages?

If you behave well, I'll be generous, like a father

Jamil! Help me with rugs.

You're a doctor? Yes.

My medicine against yours.

Are we agreed?


What is it?



What was happening!

Hey! You and you! Bury him!

Now it's yours.

Of course. We should've travelled to the southeast.

Slaves we met were travelling directly to the port.

But Sulleiman must be travelling in that direction. There.

Why? What's there? "Fattening House"

Without a place to give the slaves food and drink, make them heavier and more attractive, Sulleiman receives a little money.

No, he would not go directly to the port. Not yet.

We'll travell for a day and a half. To the south.

Wait, wait ...




Where are they?

Where is the girl?




Stop it.

Jamil! Stupid Bastard!

Why did you leave the camp?

What happened to Ansok?

Move! Move!

It is enough!

Sulleiman ... she did it!

She is evil! I told you, you would not listen! It's your own fault!

Forced me to kill Faid. Killed Ansok! She's a witch!

Cheated on me with her body! Made me leave my slaves!

Here, now I am to kill her. You'll see, and I will kill her myself!

Jamil ...

Jamil, Jamil ...

Sulleiman, do not leave me! Please!

Do not leave me here!

Sulleiman! Do not ...

You must be very careful.

Wait here till I call.

Good day, Zed Al Kabir.

Good day ...

Move those rugs.

Remove them!

Yes, yes ...

She's not here.

Where is she?

Where is Sulleiman?

Speak! Where is Sulleiman?

Sulleiman came here yesterday ...

He promised he would bring a dozen slaves.

Are these his slaves?

No. Last night, when he returned, he came with only a woman. An African.

Where did they go? Sulleiman gave his camels for my truck.

Yes! Where did they go? The port!

Ther's a slave auction tomorrow at the Pearl Market!

Pearl Market? Sulleiman loves pearls. He collects them.

I'll give you my fastest camels! You'll arrive at the auction before dawn!

Give me the keys to the slaves.

But they are not mine! They are not my property!

Do not do it!

These camels ... Give them to the slaves!

I'm honorable? I'm honest! I do not steal beasts of other men!

Do as I say!

What you're doing is shameful! I am an honorable man They'll destroy you! And your children! And children of your children!

They have already been destroyed!

By Sulleiman and a filthy, greedy pig called Zed Al Kabir!

Take these camels! They're yours!

Take them and get yourselves some prvisions!

We must hurry, David.

Watch out!

I promise you, my friend, today you'll find a very good range.

Yes, but what can I do when I go back to Germany?

Two years ago I managed to sell three girls to a higher price than I purchased them.


I hope I can do even better than that.

Do not worry, but it is very important that you let me do the bidding. You understand?

Are these the only slaves today? For this week.

How much are they offered? Let's wait.

Sulleiman promised me an African girl. I haven't seen him.

Two thousand dollars! Is this an offer or a joke?

Gentlemen, let's be serious. This is a fine boy. Look at his body.


Let the woman be brought.

Your Highness, please.

This has been my last trip before I retire.

It is only fitting that the last journey should bring me the greatest reward.

Very good.

And you say that no man has touched her? Not one.

On your honor.

What man would be rash enough to stake his honor on a woman's virtue?

She seems to be drugged.

She's as lively as an unbroken coanut.

What price are you asking for her? Two hundred thousand dollars.

That's a high price, even for a virgin.

There is inflation your highness. Even for virgins.

I can not ... I can not stay awake.

She is very tired.

She speaks English? So, who does not speak English these days?

My husband is English. Her husband?

He's a doctor. We both are doctors.

Doctors? What the devil are your trying to set me?

Did you ever see such a desirable doctor in all of your life your Highness?

One who is capable of rendering not only infinite pleasures but also of curing numerous illnesses.

175 thousand dollars.

Where did you study medicine?

Boston ... Boston, Masachusets.

Boston...Masachusets You have indeed taken trouble on my behalf?

I work for ... You're work for what?

I work for ... United Nations.

Better and better.

So now our private negotiations are subjected to the features of great powers?

What possessed you to bring such a woman?

I'm always revolted by your presents, but I never thought of you as a fool before.

Understand me, Your Highness.

Look at her as though you have never seen her before.

Does she look to you like anything but a very beautiful virgin?

And does look like a doctor who works for the UN?

No, she doesn't.

I was misled as you were.

And by the time I found out, it was too late. 150 thousand.

You're getting older, Sulleiman, and then incompetent.

You should have drugged her up properly, so that I would not hear her speak.

I might have gone up to 300 thousand dollars. She is very beautiful.

Her beauty is not affected by my incompetence or my age.

Before she awakens, delever her to my yacht.

We sail in the afternoon.

I am grateful to you for your magnanimity O Prince.

All that remains is of course, more a matter of .. the price.

Twenty thousand dollars.

I can not sell it for 20 thousand!

Then find another buyer who will pay more for her.

With her qualifications, who knows, maybe you can sell to the World Health Organization.

It is being done all the time these days. It is called kidnapping!

What you say is very amusing Prince, under normal circumstances, I would laugh but I sacrificed all of my slaves, my truck, my camels.... my American rifle with telescopic sight ...

On this occasion Sulleiman, you have had bad luck. O Prince What is money to you...

This was supposed to be my last journey.

Money is nothing to me. But I still have slight regard for principles.

Yes, let's say that on this occasion you've had exceptionally bad luck.

If he has any money that's where he'll be.

Sulleiman must've sold her privately.

We'll try the Pearl Market now. Why there?

How much has Sulleiman offered you? I can not say.

I'll match his price ... I'll double it.

When Sulleiman bids, nod to me.

Let uss begin with an offer of 5000 Dollars.

They are yours.

We are looking Sulleiman. What room is he in?

There's no one in that name here. You must have the wrong place.

No, There's no mistake. He told us to meet him here.

We have a most important ... transaction to make.

Oh, yes, Sulleiman. It slipped my mind for a moment.

Through that door, second on the right.

Who is that?

A messenger from the Pearl Market Sir! It is most urgent!

Pearl Market? So I paid them before I left!

Where is Ashanti? What Ashanti?

God damn you, where is her? If you are robbers, take my everything Don't play games with us, Sulleimane! I am Malik!

You want to kill me! I have spent Whole my life with the expectation of death!

Death will never take me by surprise!

No, Malik, please!

Dead he's just another corpse. Alive he could lead me to my wife.

Perhaps, I may be allowed to say a word? If you allow me to live ...

I'm sorry it's so late. I'll lead you to her, if she is still there.

After all, whatever I have to lose? It was the last journey, I'm at the point of my retirement ... I have my grand children, They are so sweet. I love them.

Love? You slave running bastard!

You'll never find her on your own! Never!

Where's my wife?

Unless Malik swears not to kill me in his honor...

Do you think I've waited for so long that I let you live?

I can not give my word!

I will not give my word! Please, Malik!

Give your word, I beg you! Save my wife!

Your life is already destroyed! If you kill him, you destroy mine as well!


All right, Malik ... you win.

Kill him. Go ahead kill the bastard.

You have my word ...

And now ... where's my wife?

The Ashanti! She is on the yacht "Odalisque" belonging to Prince Hassan.

Has it sailed? This afternoon, I think.

I hope you're not too late.

Too late?

She is very beautiful. If I were not short of money, I would never have sold her.

You gave your word, Malik. I didn't.

The "Odalisque"?

Your Highness ...

Good afternoon. Please do sit down.

Would you like some tea?

Milk or lemon?

So, you were at Boston? Well ... Are you completely mad?

Or are you just some kind of criminal? Do you realise I have been kidnapped, cast into slavery and treated like a beast? I know Boston although I was at Harward myslef.

Please do let us talk quietly.

Unless I am released immediately ... Of course you will be.

In a year, perhaps sooner.

You have been kidnapped and slaved, as you say.

Deplorable, but it has happened and we have to accept it.

I agree that it is easier for me than for you, because, you are precisely what I'm looking for. Let me explain. Try to understand.

My father is very old.

He has a bad heart,but ... it is still young, do you know what I mean?

As a dutiful son, I love him dearly.

There's nothing I would give him to gladden his last few months of life.

As soon as I saw you ....

It is my dearest wish that he dies blissfully in your arms.

As you Americans would say: what a way to go.

You want me to be an old man's whore for my freedom?

There she is! In the stand! I can see her.

But there are must be thousands of women! -Oh, Millions, but you are something.

Believe me, I know my father.

He may be just a medieval old Arab, but his taste is impeccable.

Now, A sandwich? cucumber?

And when you let me go, what makes you think I won't talk?

I'll be paying you very handsomely to keep quiet.

And, if you did talk, who would believe you?

Kidnapping, slavery?

Even if you were believed, I don't think Engilsh send gun boats anymore.... and I'm sure United States would be most reluctant to call out the Marines.

You see, these days, a Lady's honour is much less important than the price of oil, Delicious. Do have a sandwich. and my country is virtually floats on the stuff.

Please sit down. You make me nervous.


David, Watch out!




No, I will not without you!


Get up, David!


Anansa! David! David!