Asphaltgorillas (2018) Script

Everything's soaked. You said it wasn't gonna rain.

Bullshit, I said it'd rain. You didn't. I'm drenched.

I can't go see my girlfriend like this.

Chill out a bit.

Oh no. Oh yes.

What else do you have?

Let him go. Forget it.

What else do you have, huh?

Hey, come here! I'm being mugged!

It's OK. We're police.

Sure, so are we.

We're really police. Beat it!

Everyone's a cop here. Police everywhere!

Are you fucking nuts?





My Atris.

Is this your car, dude?

Yep. Get in.

Franky and I hadn't seen each other for ages.

We used to be best buddies, although he was always getting us into trouble.

He kept trying to bump up our pocket money with his shell game scams.

I kept watch.

But Franky never thought it through.

And I'd always have to bail him out.

Afraid not.

Police. Don't move, OK?

Help, we'll being mugged!

Leave the kids alone!

We're police. So? You wanna lock them up?

Don't touch me! Let me see your ID.

Got the cash? Yep.

You're the best, Atris!

For me, Franky was the best.

We also had our first romantic experiences together.

What do you want?

We heard you kiss for cash?

Do you have any cash? A tenner. But you have to kiss us both.

Lose the gum.

Now you?

Eew! Nah, I'm alright.

He moved away after his mother died, and we kinda lost contact.

Atris, say hi to your mom from me. Will do.

Did you find an apartment? Yes.

Kind of. And you're still living around here?


Yeah, man. I gotta.

'Course you don't, dude.

What I didn't know was that Franky was deep in debt to my boss El Keitar.

Listen, smartass. If you don't pay this month, I want double.

Next month, four times as much.

Then, if you still haven't paid, eight times.

Then sixteen.

It was good to see you. I can imagine.

I'll be in touch.

We usually meet again in life.

Sometimes it's good.

Was that Franky? Yeah.

Sometimes it's bad.

What's his story? No idea.

"Ever since I first ate steak and fries, I've dreamt of having my own restaurant..."

You're late for my final rehearsal?

We open in two days. Nobody comes late!

Are you fucking with me? Huh?

The press is coming. I have to learn this shit by heart!

That some of these urban gorillas would no longer be alive in 48 hours was never part of the plan.

You can't plan for that.


Go tell those new Europeans to fuck off.

They just wanna make some cash.

What's that? Nothing.

Listen up. We're in Germany. And that means order.

My guests arrive in two clays. What will they say?

I'll go talk to them. No, you won't talk!

You don't talk to dogs. You beat them.

What are you after? Nothing.

What do you want then?

How about you go sell around the corner, OK?

How about you fuck off? I'll sell wherever I want.

My boss doesn't like it.

Fuck off. I've been here 16 years.

Move or he'll smash your face in. Chill, bro.

What? I sell where I want. Get me?

We're gonna fuck you up, man.

I got a gun, OK?

Where? I got a gun!

Get it out, go on!

Where's your gun?

Where's your gun?

Where's your gun?

Don't fuck with me, assholes!

Let's get outta here.


Get up! They're waiting. What? Who?

Look at the state of you!

Look at the state of you.

I ran into Franky. He's still around, is he?


Come and sit down.

He doesn't look like the photo.

Do you have a job?

Well? Do you?

Don't sell yourself short. Here's his school-leaving certificate.

He's a good boy.

He works with El Keitar. He has since he was ten.

Soon he'll start work with his Uncle Hüseyin in the store.

He's going to be the manager. A businessman.

Do you have AIDS?

If he works with El Keitar...

Don't you criticize El Keitar.

He paid for everything at Atris's circumcision.

And you come hereto our house, drink our tea and insult him?

I think it's best if you leave.

Yes, come on.

Atris, what's your problem with our women?

Do you want to die alone? No.

If you don't want to die alone, give me a reason.

I just don't like black hair on arms.

I like it blonde and soft.

I understand. But it doesn't matter.

Sort yourself out for tomorrow.

Dorotha's sister has a daughter, Tatiana.

She's educated, pretty. Here's a photo.

No disabilities in the family, no crooked feet, so she's not dumb.

What do you want?

What do you want? Nothing.

Friends may make you rich, but only a woman can get you to the top.




Stop counting. It's driving me crazy.

Everybody does it. It's like make-up.

Anyway, I don't like it when you get all... ripped.

Honey, we need our own place.

We're about to go have a chat with Daddy.

Putin, we're going to see Plato.

Oxana, sweetie. Come in!

Franky wants to put down the deposit.

Why are you leaving me alone?

I'm your Daddy.

Don't you like it here? I'll be lonely.

Daddy, I'll come visit you every weekend.


Why cash? Why?

We are honorable people.


Why is that, Frank?

Well, why do you think? Because...

Well, the, uh...

The seller would like a part... of the amount... a certain part to avoid being taxed.

It's the reason we can get the place so cheap. Could you tell him?

I understand.

I understand everything.

The main thing is that you're happy.

Nervous? No.

I have to be somewhere.

If I was Spiderman, I wouldn't run around in leggings delivering pizza.

I'd get sponsors and then go to the mayor and demand he pays me 20 million a year to get rid of all the dealers, junkies, whores.

All of them in one go.

And where was Spiderman yesterday?

I'm just speaking hypothetically, Atris.

Whenever I'm feeling shit, I look at you and think:

"There's someone even worse off than me."

Other people watch soaps, I have you.

Stop right there!

Please, Allah. Please don't let Atris ever be rich. Amen.

I'm gonna pick her up. Are you crazy? The car's full of coke.

Don't be stupid! Open it.

Hey. get in!

You sure? Yeah.


She's a shoplifter, dude!

He'll take down our license, Atris. Stop the car.

Get out, you crazy bitch. Get out!

Get the fuck...

Thank you.

Dude, Atris!

How you doing, bro? It's your lucky day!

Shut it! You shut it!

Shut the fuck up! Do one.

Hey, we have vouchers. Show him.

Hey, don't...

Listen up, dude. We got 50. You save a euro on each one.

A cheeseburger! 50 euros, dude!

Buy one get one free. How cool is that, dude?

We only want half a gram.

It's like money! It's not though.

We're paying double, man.

Who's she anyway? Who are you? Let me see them.

You hungry? Yep.

What's your name?


Got any more cash?

I'm out.

Dude, what are you doing?

What the fuck? Playing slot machines?

I don't believe it.

She paralyzes me, and you give her money?

Foul! You handled it. What?

Yes. Did hand touch ball or not?


Not "maybe". Yes or no?


Hand touched ball.

You're being honest now.

I'm honest too.

Ten grand was a game, just to get started.

And you did well.

But two million is a lot of work.

A lot of money, a lot of art.

Do you have two hundred grand for my art?


Where from?

Err... I have it.

Where? In Berlin.

Where my partner's based. I have a partner too.


... Sokolov.

Serge“ 'rs your partner'?

Sort of.

Is Sokolov coming?

No, no, no.

I pick up the product here. But you get the money in Berlin.

You do not trust me. I do not trust you either.

Here. Product.


Duc, there's a Hitler mustache on it.

Only joking. You can keep it.

Here. For you.

I have two mil waiting for you.

Without mustache.

Partner give us money in Berlin.

At Sergeij Sokolov's house.

She will escort you.

And you will come back tomorrow.

Sergeij Sokolov!

Jackpot Wow, she hit the jackpot.

All that cash, you lucky thing.

I always thought they were a scam.

Franky. Atris!

Where are you? Nzun Nzun.

What's Franky doing here?


You were wondering where I got the Lambo. No.

Yeah, you were. Everyone does.

In our economic system, only three percent of money is real.

So 97 percent doesn't even exist.

Think about it. It's absurd.

You have to seize the opportunities.

We take that three percent of visible money and turn it into 3.001 percent.

And that's billions.

You listening? Shall I explain it again?

The economic system. Only three percent is real.

97 percent of the money doesn't even exist.

Why's that? Because banks invent money.

They make money from nothing.

And we're gonna do the same: make our own money!

We'll show 'em.

If you don't have anything, act like you do.

Get it, Atris? We gotta think big.

That's the crux: everyone needs money!

And nobody cares if it's real or not.

I'm just making sure everyone has a little more.

And that includes you.

Franky cheats on women. He's a conman. And you're not?

Atris, it's no biggie. You're my backup.

You stay in Berlin, hand over a bag of real cash. That's it.

Where'd you get the cash? My girlfriend.

I'll do it. Yeah?

Yeah, like dealing coke. Great.

Five grand, just for waiting. Cool, huh?

Atris, I'll be in touch.

How about Tokyo?

A bit of sushi, a bit of... karaoke.

You know, Tokyo.

Tokyo? Yeah, Japan.



Samurai? Bettina? What the hell are you on about?

I thought you lived alone.

I do.

I have my own key, my own room.

It's like living on my own.

Who do all those shoes belong to?

My women.

Not really. They belong to my sisters.

They have their own room too.

It's like a shared flat.

Daddy and I are flying to London to buy an apartment.

You just have to look after Daddy's Plato.

Putin's coming with me.

That beast? Yes, that beast.

But honey, we wanted to buy an apartment here tomorrow.

Franky, you're creasing my clothes.

Move, I need to pack.

OK, but...

I mean, we're a couple.

And you're taking off for London?

It doesn't make any sense. I got it all sorted.

I'm onto a good thing. Cancel it.

Daddy says this one's a much better investment.

And you know what?

It's in Notting Hill!

Where the movie was. The blue door. Yeah?


You're sweating.

You're acting like you got your period.

Relax. I'm gonna jump in a shower, then I gotta go. No...

It's all arranged.

What are we gonna do now?

I don't have time for this. There's always time.

Franky, stop it.

Franky, I'm in a hurry.

But I'm your little anteater.

Don't be pathetic, Franky.

Come on!


I don't get why you're so tense all of a sudden.

That's not you, Franky.

What are you doing?

What does it look like? I'm packing the money.

But it's for the deposit.

I got this. You can't take all this anyway.

Are you crazy? Franky, let go!

Give it here. Franky, let go!

Great. Now you pick it up.

I'm in a hurry.

I'll leave you a little pocket money.

I'm taking the rest with me. Daddy said so.

Don't look at me like that.

I'll see you tomorrow evening.


You take care of everything, my little philosopher.

Take good care of my house.


Learn Russian. Yep.

Forged with the anvil of desperation, looking deep into the abyss.

That's how success is made.


It's not easy getting by on your own.

You want me to jump, huh?

Well, I'm not going to.

Plato. A game.


Here's the treat. A cup. Another cup.

And now... where's it gone?

Here, there or there?

Here? Sure?

Afraid not!


Hey. What's up?

Ronny. Where are you?

I bet you need money, right?

It's the middle of the night. What do you think I'm doing?

I'm busy.

I'm always busy.

Leave that and come over.

What's this about? A shell game.

Good night.

Who's that?

MY grandpa.

Can we make noise here?

You don't always have to make noise.

Sit down.


I gotta take this.

El Keitar?

Yeah, I know.

My mother isn't well. I have to stay with my family today.

It's her heart again. The cigarettes...

I'll tell her.

Will do.

YEP» tomorrow morning.


So, you're a dealer?

You still live in your little kiddies' room, and you're scared to tell your boss you're here with a woman?


Who doesn't have problems?

But I can earn five grand whenever I want.

Just for waiting.

Five grand?

That's either way too much for waiting or way too little.

Get twenty.

It's a friend of mine. Get twenty. Ten each.

What are you gonna do? Waiting's boring.

I'll keep you company.

What's your real name?


Franky, my boy. Ronny.

Reaching for the stars again?

Don't you dare screw me over.

I'm not going to. I thought you'd come alone. It's not...

You told me to come straight away.

She was with me. I couldn't send her home.

She doesn't speak German anyway.

Are you going to offer us a drink?

Who's a pretty boy?

Keep your trap shut.

What did I tell you before?

You don't speak German, OK?

What's her name? Where's she from?


She's scared of the zika mosquito. Yeah?

Whatever it is, I'll do it for ten.

Ten thousand? Any other options?

That's a little brash.

You wouldn't have called me if you had a choice.

Don't kid yourself.

So, what's this about?

Do you still have the boys?

Sure, they're mine.



Get up. They'll be here soon.

Was somebody here?


Who's coming? Dorotha's sister and her daughter.

I showed you a photo.

Move it, get up.

Still committing sins of the flesh?

Work, family, woman, marriage.

That's the life, Atris.

I know, Grandpa. I have to go to work. Now?

Where are you off to so early, Atris?

That's not dancing.

Who let that bimbo in here?

Estefania, go show her how it's done.

And you watch her.

Oh, Atris.

How's your mother? Better?



Here to audition?

No. I came to have breakfast.

There's no breakfast.

That's why I brought it with me.

I couldn't eat at Atris's. Too cramped.

I guess you know that.

Atris, who's this? A friend.


I'm Bettina.

Don't you shake women's hands?

Of course I do.

Atris wasn't at work yesterday.

I guess you were together.

Or where were you, Atris?

Does the boss need to know everything? In this business he does.

No secrets here.

But there are secrets between men and women.

Not here.

You all have wives, right?

So you know how it works?



Right. First he touched me, until I was real nice and wet, until I could barely resist.

And then I pulled him over to me and he set off on a journey with his tongue.

Nice, circular movements.

Like a figure eight.

Circling from top right down to bottom left.

Atris is good at that.

I used this hand to caress him.

Until he came.

Happy end!


You do the same with your wives, right?

I see the boss wants to know more.

We did it again after that. Twice.

I came three times.

That's Atris.

He's one of you.

That was meant to be a secret. Now it's out.

Any questions?

Know the devil's greatest trick?

Convincing women it's cool to be a slut.

Take your filthy slut and get out!

What? Don't call her a slut.

Out! Boss, he's dumb and in love.

Shut it. Forgive him, boss.

Shut it! Forgive him.


If you go now, don't bother ever coming back.


Each man has a devil inside him.

Each woman has 99.


We had an appointment, right? Yep.

We sure do. Come in.

Is the dog staying?

Yes, his name's Plato. He can amuse himself.

He plays ball, lies around, contemplates.

Just like Plato.


How much money are we talking here?

What? How much?


Two hundred grand.

Two hundred grand!

Managers take ten percent. That's 20 grand.

Excuse me?

You want me to give you 20 grand?

Do I look like I'm made of money?

And are you a manager? Nope!

Not now. When we're done.

Oh, when we're done?



I get that you want a piece of the pie. But you gotta work for it!

But you'll get your money. Is it here?


You think this is all mine? No!

Would it be a good idea to leave the cash here? No!

The money's someplace else.

Where? Somewhere.


Where you don't expect it.


Garage 159, 20 Ritterstrasse.

I left the money there.

That's the ace up your sleeve, if you will.

You go there for the handover.

And you know what?

If you really want to, you can take the Lambo.

Because I trust you!

Because we're friends.

Come here.

Atris, we're in the same boat.

You drive to the garage and we're done.


Is everything OK? Yeah, I'm just so happy you're here!

Have fun.

Come in.

Who's that now? I dunno.

Hi. I'm intrigued after hearing that story about last night.

Are you two dating?

Did you follow us?

You could call it that. Or something else.

Not too shabby at all!

They got proper art and everything.

A clown elephant.

He's hungry, huh?

Woah, it's like an ox!

Leave that! It's like a pony, dude.

Jeez, does he bite?

He ate the key.

He'll shit it out again tomorrow.

We don't have time for that.

Plato, did you eat the key?

It's a dog. He can't understand you.

What's so important about the key?

Does it open a locker at the train station?


You know the story about the guy and his dog in the forest?

Mo, we need the key.


We're going downstairs. If anyone buzzes, you call me, OK?

I stay here alone? For how long? Not long.

Do I get anything? A hundred? A grand?

I can do a hundred. Yeah?

Deal. See you.

Hiya, animal lovers.

You seem to have forgotten to put the dog in the car.

He needed exercise, he's sick.

I've made myself clear. Put the dog in the vehicle. Got it?

Unit 36, receiving you.

Today's your lucky day.


Oh no. Plato!

Not the seat. Stop it!



Stop it!

Stop that this minute, Plato! No!

Now all you have to do is find the key.

Yeah, but the car's wrecked.

It was your stupid idea to walk the dog in the Lambo.

It's only a car.

It was still stupid.

Go back to Russia!

Shut it!

What are we gonna do now? Tow truck.

Perfect quality.

You see? It's my job.

Here. Take a look at this.

That looks perfect.

It is perfect.


So, I'll bag it up?

Get out, you asshole! You hit my brother!

Watch where you're going! Look at him!

Help! Call an ambulance!

My brother! Help!

Call an ambulance! What shall I do?

My husband knows first aid.

Move aside.

Do something!

Look at him.

Stay calm.

How does this first aid thing work?

Lay him on his...

Where's your money?

Oh no. How stupid can you be?

That's what I just said. It's a suspicious vehicle.

It's suspicious because they switched out several laundry bags full of drugs.

Several laundry bags. That's right.

Yes, come quickly. I guess they're on the freeway already.


Gimme a push.


What's in the car? Nothing.

Oh yeah? Yeah.

This is fucked up!

It's full of gifts, goddammit!

Are we calm now? Yes!

Are we calm now?

Jeez, no need to make such a fuss.

I'm not a dangerous criminal.

I was just with a friend over there...

The German got busted.

He didn't make it to Berlin.

Get back what's ours.

Anyone who screws up is out.

Fuck! Now we're gonna take the car to pieces.

What's wrong?

Nothing here.

Look down all the cracks.


I'll take the car off your hands, OK?

And you get a new one for that Frank guy.

It's a write-off now. It's destroyed.

The shit seeped in everywhere.

It's kaputt. Forget it.

Where do I get a fucking Lamborghini?

Leave it to me.

Do what we've practiced these past two days, OK?

Move it!

Mehmed, move the ball forward!

Pass, pass!

Are you shitting me here?

Fuck, man. What a bunch of losers.

I can't even watch that shit.

Salaam alaikum, Hassan the Man. Alaikum salaam.

Move it, man! What?

Keep playing!

Listen, I need a blue Lambo.

A blue Lambo? No such thing.

Let's go drive a Lambo, baby.

Can we, please? Oh my God, please.

OK, I'll do it for my baby. Yes!

But it'll cost you extra. No probs.

OK, fine. Jackpot, dude.

Ku'damm, baby. Let's go.

You stay here. There's no space. What the...

I'll be gone for a bit, you carry on!

She's in charge! Have fun.

When did he eat the key?

A few hours ago.

I've had heaps of dogs.

They were always eating my keys.

Let me take a look.

Come here, come.

Yeah, here you go.

Come with me.

Come with me. That's it.

Come here, boy.

Someone seems to have it in for you.

Envy is the highest form of appreciation.

That's enough. Let's go.

Who's gonna put it back together?

You're a talented guy.

Baby, there's a Lambo.

It's not blue, baby.

Who cares? Gold is way cooler, you jerk.

I think it's yummy.

I think it belongs to Kotti Boss. Who's Kotti Boss?

There he is, the fucking fag.

I never digged his music.

Acting all ghetto while eating sushi with his tree-hugging whore.

A few years ago he was making kebabs and folding napkins.

Look, the idiot has left his key on the table.

OK, let's go.

Move it! Come on!

Baby, come! Come on!

Come on!

I'm really happy. For the first time in ages.

Hey! Kotti Pussy!

Are they fucking stupid?

I got your car, you retard!

They want a fucking war!

Shush. Baby Kotti Boss can hear.

We need a bigger car anyhow.

They know it's mine. Simon, go!

We're insured. Maybe they're fans. We can get a taxi home.

You know what? No, we can't.

Yes, we can.

'Sup, people! Check out our dope Lambo, you fuckers!

Oh man, it's fucking bullshit.

How can anyone dig that shit?

Oh man. Lick me.

What? Dude, lick me and then fuck me.

In this car? It's way too small.

Have your ears stopped working?

When I say fuck me... Chill out!

Do I have to fucking force you?

No! OK, I got it. Then do it!

I don't get why you're such a loser.

Alright, alright. I'm pulling over.

Get El Keitar on the phone.

Can he take me home? He's kicking. Of course he can, honey.

It's ringing. It's...

Take my wife home right now.

Hello? El Keitar?

Hi, Jonathan here. Jonathan who?

Jonathan. Kotti.

Oh right. What's up, Jonathan?

They've actually gone and done it.

Who's gone and done what?

They've gone and stolen my love.

Shoulda known they weren't coming back.

I guess they don't need me anymore.

Or you, you clown elephant.

Got it!


Where's the dog?

The dog was suffering.

Now he's at peace. Murderer.

Murderer? Who are you calling a murderer?

You gave him the pills. I only helped.

Who wanted the key? You did! You're the murderer.

I just helped. Why's she calling me a murderer?

So, are we awesome or what?

Ghetto cool! Kingpin, baby!

What's that?

This, my friends, is a brand-new Lamborghini.

Does it look blue to you? Well...

It's gold. Gold's way cooler.

Next time, do it yourself. You're all plans and no action.

Who's gonna pay us? I'm not paying for what I didn't order.

You did a great job. Thanks.

What's your problem?

It's gold and not blue, who cares?

Drive it to your Frank, I'll keep the other one.

If Frank has a problem with the color, come back here.

Right here. And we'll respray it. OK?

I'll give you a discount, mates' rates.

You and your discounts, Hassan.

Gonna respray the seats too? Of course!

What's with all the complaining all the time?

Here's your money.

Get out, I've seen enough of you.

Go! ' Bye.

Yeah, bye.


El Keitar, how are you?

Isn't that a Lamborghini? Yeah, it is.

Mine was gold.

It's blue. Shit!

My new album was in that car.

It's not out yet. If someone steals it, they gotta die.

Hassan. Yeah?

You hear about a stolen Lamborghini? A gold one.

You want a gold one? I'll turn this blue one gold.

Get your Lambo. Mate's rate... What the hell?

I was always honest. Answer.

This has nothing to do with me. Do it! You're not proposing.

OK! I'm gonna ask you one question.

All you have to do is answer.

Oh, yes! Now I know. I do.

Atris was here with Frank's Lamborghini.

Franky doesn't drive one. Do it!

Wait! I don't know Frank.

But he's with Sergeij's daughter.

That too now? Do it!

Where's my fucking Lambo?


What's wrong?

Cat got your tongue?

You were so chatty just now.


This is pointless. Give it here.

I mean...

Do any of you like Hassan?


I never liked him. How about you guys?

His prices were always too high. Yeah, I completely agree.

Is he dead? Yes. Now write a song, you gangster.

You two go look for Atris.

What breed was it? Dobermann.

I always preferred cats anyw...

You wanna piss with the big dogs, but can't get your leg up.

How strong are you, Atris?

How much is on here? 80.

Go on then.

Do you eat well, Atris?

One's diet is very important.

Know what this is?

It's a yellow pear tomato.

It's sweet and aromatic.

It tastes great. You should try it.

Is it OK, huh?

Here, try it. It'll give you strength.

I can't hear you. My hearing is great.

What's up?

You stole a car?

Huh? You stole a car.

Listen up, you little rat.

You'll pay for my time, for the car and for the work!

You get me?

I didn't steal it.

But it was stolen for you, right?

How is it? Huh?

Open the door.

You little rat.

What's that chop suey doing here?

What the hell's going on?


Did you find your fucking artery?

Out of the way!

Still bleeding. I think he's a goner.

If he's still bleeding, he didn't find it, did he?

It's obvious!


Know what pisses me off the most, huh?

You just sitting around!

Know what I mean?

You get me?

Bastard door!

Think about your heart.

Fuck my heart!

Call somebody!

No signal!


Ronny, I'm on the way. Got everything?

I'm very disappointed.

Why disappointed?

I'm sitting here on a very comfortable sofa enjoying the view.


Ronny, you're not back at the apartment?

I am.

The view is very beautiful.

But you know what's best of all? Ronny...

The bag's full of green notes. Ronny, you can't...

And you fobbed me off with ten grand. Let me speak!

You ripped me off. Ronny!

Just come here first, and we'll talk.

We'll negotiate. Ronny! You can't...

Like friends. Ronny!

I'm gonna go take a shower. You have to leave the apart...

I've come for two packages. You're not getting anything more here.

You can call El Keitar, but he's in his gym.

Call El Keitar, but he has no signal.



The dope's gone too.

We gotta find him.

Where do we start? His mom's.

And the boys? You take care of it.

On my own? Call for backup.

Hello? ls somebody here?




Couldn't you get me from the airport for once?

I didn't know when. Where's your daddy?

He's well. Lots of business.

Good, good.

Why's that good? And why are you driving around in that bucket?

Where is my Lamborghini?

Where? It's... at the repair shop.

Not the clutch again. Yeah, fuck.

Wanna grab a bite? No, I...

My shout. Our favorite restaurant.

What's wrong with you? I just want to go to my apartment.

Oxana, please...

OK, I didn't want to say... A friend's up there, Ronny.

He's not doing so good. His girlfriend left him.

And I also don't want...

There's somebody here.

What is this, Frank?

Is he your friend?

Yeah. That's Ronny.


I got this. What happened here?

I'll deal with it...

Where's the bag? Let me try to explain the inexplicable.

He's in my bathrobe, gross!

Take it off!

And why is he doing coke?

I was in the shower taking a shower.

And then the bag was gone.

The enemy was here. He got inside, Franky!

He must have come down the chimney like Santa Claus.

Where's the painting? He brought no gifts and took everything.

What the hell have you done?

It's gone! What did you do?

And why the mess?

I was sweaty after my long journey. I sweat, so I shower.

You don't have to do coke now.

Where is Plato? Who cares? Where's the bag?

You don't care about Plato? No!

Who's Plato?

The dog. There was no dog.

What's that supposed to mean? Where's Plato?

Oxana, stop talking about that fu... dog.

Ronny, you're fucking with me. What happened?

Is your dog trained? What?

Because both of them are missing. The dog and the bag.

Is it possible that the dog took the bag, Franky?

Right, that's enough. Get out, both of you!


Give me back my bathrobe and fuck off!

Can you hold this a second?

OK, now step by step.

The bag's gone missing.

Definitely not my fault.

The dog's gone missing. Also not my fault. Definitely not!

Where's the Lambo?

You have a Lambo? No.

You need a Lambo? Yes.

Hassan deals in Lambos.

What do you need?

Don't pull that face. Everything's hunky-dory.

Now to Tokyo. Get in.


To my mother's.

Then you have to drive.

What are you doing?

Without me the money wouldn't be here.

I don't want you thinking you're the boss.

I didn't say that.

Just so we're clear.

How much are you taking?

Emancipation means fifty-fifty.

El Keitar?

What an honor.

For you.

Thank you.

At this time of night?

How are you doing?



Where is Atris?

Didn't he come to work?

You wait here.

Atris, where were you?

El Keitar's here. You had a meeting.

Did I raise you this way?

Screw this, I'm done. Get out!

I like coming here for a visit.

Family is very important.

Having someone you can rely on.

You can rely on my son.

What can we rely on? His words or his actions?

You've always wanted to get out.

But they don't want you out there.

We want you.

We wanted you.

But I don't want you.

And I don't need you.

You don't need me all of a sudden?

See how ungrateful your son is?

We've told him to find a woman or he'll die alone.

Yes, Atris.

Do you want to die?

I made one crucial mistake.

I treated you like a human. But you're a dog.

What's in the hall is yours.

What will I find in the hall?


Take it, put on your shoes and leave.

You think that's enough, do you?

Oh. Who do we have here?

The dog's slut sidekick.


Think about it. It's your money now.

He has a pacemaker.

I told him to take care of his heart.

Close the door!

I guess that was my fault.

Hello. I'm Marie.

And I'm his mother. The apartment you know already.

Is that the car?

What's that wretched stench?

This is all getting a little too hot for me now.

I've done my bit. You still owe me money, Franky.


You lost the money. Occupational hazard.


If you don't do your job, you don't get paid.

In other words, if you drive a truck into a ditch, the insurance pays.

Are you insured, Ronny?

Why are you talking about insurance?

I was supposed to bring the bag to Berlin. I did that, didn't I?

If you don't pay, you know what will happen.

But you took the bag into the apartment.

And you looked inside.

And you screwed me over, Ronny, because you saw the money and freaked out.

Listen, Franky.

If I had screwed you over, I wouldn't be here, I'd be long gone.

With the bag and the money!

You just lack knowledge of human nature.

Stop running around in circles!

You're always going on about non-existent money.

Well, now it is non-existent, but I still need paying for my work.

You can find someone for every job.

A mechanic for a broken down car, a bricklayer for a wall, a carpenter for a table.

But for me, for my work, there's only me, because I have a monopoly.

And I need paying for my work!

By tomorrow. I'll pay you, Ronny.

Tomorrow. Yes, I promise.



So nice to hear your voice. I got busted.

Can you imagine? They must've been tailing me.

Everything's gone.

I've been so worried.

How are you? Did it work out with the Mongolian?

Did you meet her?

I was worried too.

Things didn't go to plan, and there was no money in the garage.

I thought friends could rely on each other?

We gotta meet up, Atris. Where are you?

Let's meet, OK? OK. Xara Beach.

You get so upset, but it always works out.

Your car's back.

Really? Yeah.

See? You do have friends.

El Keitar?

Fuck, fuck.

Someone's fucking with me.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

You're alright.

Good to see.

The money in the garage. Did it ever exist?

Of course.

Sure. It was just in the wrong place.

There was this checkered bag too, it was in the apartment.

Did you perhaps see it?

I don't have it.

Atris, I told you the truth. Now do the same, please.

This is yours.

And the rest?

In 150 years, everyone sitting here will be dead.

Nobody will be breathing.

That includes you and me.

I couldn't care less. I need the money now.

I get that the more people have, the more they spend.

But it's not just about having more.

That's how you see it. Yes. Things are what they are.

Go get your money.


I'm your friend.

I always saved your ass, I was always there for you.

You always profited from me, because I am who I am.

Because you are who you are, you betrayed a friend.


Then I'll go get my money.


You have something that belongs to me.

Where's the rest? You really want a fight?

How dumb can you get?

This is all my idea, you know. It's my work.

I ensure that people who are hard up get more money.

I came up with that. You have to respect my idea.

So, give me back what's rightfully mine.

But... we need rules.

No rings.

No belts.

The prize is due to the father of the idea. And you...

You're just a cheap opportunist.

Enough. Franky?

Doesn't look like you're gonna be winning anything here.

That's possible.


It's fine. I'll be alright.


Franky, what are you doing here?

You OK?

Where'd you get that? I painted it myself.

Nice, isn't it?

Clown elephant.

You owe me 100 bucks.

Yeah. What do you mean "yeah"?

We'll sort it in a second, OK?

I'll be in touch.

I know.

I'm gonna go hang this up upstairs.

It's my fault that Plato is gone.

Now what happened?

Nothing bad.

Nothing to report.

Do you at least know where Plato is?

We can look for him together.


But Daddy says... you're no good for me.


Fathers always say that.

But if I'm honest...

I'm a little bit scared of you.

You know what?

Sometimes you should do the thing that scares you most.

I think it'd be better to leave town.

What are you gonna do? You have a bag full of fake money.

We talked about Japan.


Can you be trusted?

Can you trust yourself?

Where are you?

I finally understood Franky.

Never bow down to others.

And always do what you really want.

You need someone to love and someone who loves you.

And enough money.

Why let the rich spend all the money?

And once you've spent all you have, you just print some more.

Nobody will notice.