Assassination Games (2011) Script

I want to propose a toast.

Today is a very special day for me... I'm nervous, and I wrote down my speech.

A toast to the kindest, most gentle...

...and most wonderful man in the world:


Thank you for making my dream come true.

And now maybe let's dance.


He's okay.

Hey! What are you doing? -Sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'll get more towels. Be right back.

Ivan Borisovich?

Ivan Borisovich!

The boss is down! The hitter's dressed like a waiter!

Cover all exits! Cover all exits!

Sasha! Sasha! He's heading your way!


Sasha, you hear me?


You told me there'll be no loose ends.

We got it down to one. -Who?


You have access to the best technology...

...and yet a man with a comatose wife in tow can elude you for--

For how many years now?

This is what he does best, and he is the best.

He's also the only one outside this room who can bury us.

Okay, guys, look, let's think.

Is Flint really that much of a problem?

I mean, look, if he shows, we can easily take him out.

You had a good idea to start. Get rid of the bad guys.

Hire professionals for the job. Fine. I backed you.

But then you two idiots got greedy selling weapons back to criminals.

Hey, you got your share.

Shut up.

The U.N. hearings about this whole mess of yours...

...start at the end of the month.

If there's any fallout, any problem whatsoever...

...I promise I will land this clusterfuck squarely on your shoulders.

And you both will spend the rest of your natural lives behind bars.

Okay. We get it.

For your sake, I hope you do.

Because I hear they just love cute, dirty cops in prison.

Asshole. -But he's a smart asshole.

And he'll waste no time burying us to protect himself.

So, what do we do? -Find Flint.

Take him out.


He was the best on our payroll.

You said so yourself. -We use bait.

You mean Polo.

We pay off the Ukrainians, release Polo, put a price on his head.

What makes you think Flint'll show?

It's personal, he's obsessed. Let's use that.

It's our only play.

Good morning, Mr. Flint.

I've got the morning shift at the clinic.

Hang on, Mrs. Pavlescu.

I just wanted to give you this.

Oh, thank you. You are much too kind.

As always. -Please. Anna and I...

We owe you a lot more than that.

Honestly, I don't know what we'd do without you.

Have a good day. -Thank you.

Oh, almost forgot.

I was getting groceries yesterday...

...and Gabi at the store said there was a man in town.

What man? -A foreigner.

He's staying at the motel.

I thought you'd like to know.

Okay, thanks, Mrs. Pavlescu.


How did you find me?

Good to see you too. -How did you find me?

I'm not gonna ask you again.

It was just a hunch.

There's no way I could have been followed.


Anna told me how much you two loved coming up here when you first met.

I've been driving through every village between here and the Austrian border.

What do you want'?

There's a job. -I'm out of the business.

Ticket's a million. -I don't need the money.

I see you again...

...I'm sending you home in a box.

Target's Polo.

He's being released.


The Ukrainians are letting him go.

I'm willing to bet he either out a deal or snitched on someone. Whatever.

Or he's bait. -For you?

New administration. Maybe Interpol cleaning house.

They still want their money back. I mean, you did--

Roland, don't.

Why not?

Because I wasn't followed. Because I'm not setting you up.

I just thought we could make a few bucks together, you know?

Turn on the music.

What? -The radio.

Louden Roland, come on.

Close your eyes.

You've been in these woods too long. -Close your eyes now.

Roland, think about what you're doing, man.

Just think about it, will you?

I mean, I'm not setting you up. All these years I didn't say nothing.

I mean, come on, man, just think. We've got a history here.


Welcome, my friend.

The Russian project went perfectly.

The Bulgarians send their thanks.

Chocolate? -Too fattening.

Very well, but I have goodies you cannot refuse.

Your usual. South African, special cut.

Today's value exactly...


The extra 5O is a bonus.

The clients are extremely happy.

I aim to please.

And even better news, another potential contract.

Double your usual fee.

Who's the mark?

Polo Yakur. A well-connected gentleman of some reputation.

He's in prison.

It will be a difficult job. -He's being released today.

I'll have more details shortly.

And the client? -Wishes to remain anonymous.

I'll take it.

I was hoping you'd say that.

I wonder if one day you'll feel you've made enough money... move to a better neighborhood.

I like my neighborhood.

People mind their own business.

Of course.

Hey, boys.

Welcome home.

Where's my brother?

Sorry, boss. He got picked up. -When?

Last week. Some guy talked too much.

Let's drive.



Roland, help. Roland!


Roland. Roland.

Roland, help!



Bullshit. When I'm back all this shit better be inside, unpacked.

And you'd better be dressed to go to work, understand?

Do you understand?

Hey, how you doing?

We're your new neighbors. October and me.

That your place?


See, I'm looking into expanding my business...

...and I'm thinking about buying the whole floor.

I'd make it worth your while, huh?

I doubt it.

What the fuck you looking at? Move the boxes.

Hello. -it's me. I want in.

- I'll take the Polo job. -it's off the market.

A million bucks is a tough ticket to keep open.

I don't care about the money.

Just get me the intel, maybe some gear.

It's a bad idea.

We don't want to get in someone's way.

This type of money, there's serious people involved.

Culley. You owe me.

Look, I'm sorry for looking for you, all right?

Just lay low.

You're safe. Anna's safe.

How long is that gonna last?

I took out half his outfit and put Polo away.

He's gonna come after me to finish the job.

No, it's better if I hit him first.

Come on, man. I need your help here.

All right, all right.

- You can come stay here. -That's good.

See you soon. -Yeah.

I should have my head examined.

Here. Looks like Polo's brother, Danzo... gonna walk at the trial tomorrow.

The prosecution's witness is mysteriously missing.

That's our shot. Now, if we're lucky, Polo comes to get him in person.

Okay, let's leak it out.

Good idea. Flint'll have his ears to the ground.

My sources say our friend might be visiting...

...a downtown courthouse tomorrow.


You are full of surprises, my friend.

Municipal courthouse.


How good's the intel? -Solid.

Double-blind, the usual.

Could be your old friends from Interpol.

Sure you wanna go through with it?

Don't worry about me, Mom.

I've done this once or twice before.

You see something you like?


Danzo. Danzo. Can you hear me?

Look at me. Look at me, Danzo. Danzo.

Shooter in the van. Shooter in the van.

The motherfucker shot my brother.

Please settle down.

What the fuck you mean "settle down"?


Danzo. Careful. Watch his head.

Come on. Where's the ambulance?

Come on. Come on.


GO, go!

Stop. Hey you, freeze.

Stop, stop, StOP- -Stop, stop.

Move, move, move.

We're dead. -No, we're not.

It's working. We drew Flint out.

You don't think we spooked him? -You see his face?

We've got him hooked. He won't quit till Polo's dead.

We need more guns, hardware.

We can't do this alone. -Good point. Time to call Herrod.

I talked to the doctor.

It was poison-tipped. Very fast-acting.

He said whoever did this knows his toxins.

Keep it safe... when I find the animal that killed my brother...

...I can use it to carve out his eyes.

I don't believe in fairy tales.

The minute they told me I was being released...

...I smelled something rotten.

I don't think either the sniper that missed...

...or Robin Hood was there by coincidence.

Maybe you should lay low. We could be on a boat tonight.

I'm not going anywhere until I find who killed Danzo.

Come on, we have work to do.

Now we know it was a setup.

I'll make calls, have you out of the country by tonight.

- I'll handle it. -No.

Find out if Polo's cousin still owns those factories by the docks.

You sure about that?

Yeah. -All right. I'll make some calls.

Nobody talks shit to me.

You always got something to say.

Talk some more shit to me. Stupid bitch.

Stop it. -That's enough.

You still got something to say?

You're disturbing me.

Go and cool off.


You Okay?


Excuse me.

I'm trying to practice.

I'm locked out.


Put this on. It will help.

- Hello? -Despite your unforeseen difficulties...

-...the contract remains open. -Wait.

Don't move. Stay there. Okay?

There was another shooter. I thought it was exclusive.

It is. The client has confirmed that a third party may be involved.

A third party with personal issues.

I also have a possible location for our polo-playing friend.

You need to leave now.

I'm locked out.

You can wait in the hallway.


Come on, you have to go now.

Please, can I stay here just for tonight?

Come on, out.

It'll take him till tomorrow to calm down.

He sees me now, he'll put me in the hospital again.

You need to be gone in the morning, okay?

And don't touch anything.

The Polo contract is mine. Exclusive.

I don't care about the money. It's personal.

You lose me my fee, it's personal to me.

Sure those antiques still work?

One way to find out. -You're the guy from the courthouse.

Blocked my shot. -You made me miss.


Look, we're both professionals.

Sure we can come to some sort of understanding.

What I understand is you're getting in my way.

Exactly my point. We keep chasing the same target...

...we'll keep getting in each other's way.

Then stay out of it.

After that mess at the courthouse, Polo's gonna be on full guard.

The best way for us to get him is if we work together.

You get the money either way, pal. All right?

The whole million. And a free pair of hands.

Nothing in life is for free. What's in it for you?

I got history with Polo.

Oh, great. A partner with a vendetta.

Just what I need.

You'll never find him. I will.

I've been doing this for a long time, my friend.

Oh, you'll find him eventually. I'll find him tonight.

Like I said, I got history with Polo.

I spent two years of my life infiltrating his crew.

He's never gonna come back here.

He will sever all his usual contacts except for one.

Who? -We got a deal?

If your intel's for real. Who's your lead?

The guy who makes his hardware.

Polo loves his toys.

I read about these things.

Very cool.


Careful, that's a half-a-million-dollar piece of equipment.

Spoken like a true businessman.

But the question you should be asking... whether the weapon is loaded.

Wait, wait, wait. No, don't.

God, okay. Hey. Okay.

What do you want'?

Holy shit.

Roland Flint.

You remember me, that's good.

And you know what I want.

You're the one who called.

So there's no job? -Quit stalling.

I have no idea where he is.

You know, I read these things can even memorize a pattern.

No, no, stop. Hey, stop. No, hey. Stop.

All right, all right. Calm down. I'm not gonna kill you.

Just gonna blow you apart limb by limb.

Please, I have a family.

I had a family too, you piece of shit.

Okay, okay, hey. I'll tell you.

Talk fast.

I'll tell you.

He knows he's got a price on his head.

He's moving around hotels he once used as a front.

Give me an address. -I don't know where he is right now.

But Thursday and Friday he'll be at the Royal Grand.

If you're lying to me...

I understand. I know what you do. Please.


What the hell was that?

What the hell was what?

Why did you kill him? I wanted the guy alive.

I had a plan.

I was gonna introduce you. He was gonna run off to Polo...

...with a line on the guy that killed his brother...

...and I was gonna use that to lure him in.

You didn't tell me that.

Because it was a new idea, all right?

I was thinking on the fly.

If you want a partner...'ve got to learn how to communicate better.

You know, you're lucky we have a lead.

You trust him? -As much as I trust you.

I'll get my people to confirm his info, okay?

Yeah, you do that. I'll get the layout for the Royal Grand.

We'll meet, figure it out.

Half a million for this?

You know, we should just take that.

Probably better to make it look like a break-in anyway.

Can we take something lighter?


I reached out to a guy at the courthouse.

Got this off a security camera.

Get this out to everybody. I mean everybody.

Let's find this fucker and bury him.

Wake up.

Come on. Get out. -Sorry.

You left the door open. I saw the fruit.

L got hungry-

Okay, you ate, you slept. Now you're going out. Come on.

Come on. Get out.

Get out. -Fine.

What are you doing?

Have a good life, turtle.

How did you do that?

Do what? -How did you get him to come out?

Come here. I'll show you.

You just have to pet him right here.



You should put something on your back.

It hurt?


Go get Anna.

Get out of the country.

Better yet, go to the States.

I gotta see this through.

You gotta see it through?

Or you wanna be the one who pulls the trigger?

I mean, you said this other guy's good, right? Good.

He's got the contract. He's a pro, he's motivated.

Let him take care of Polo.

It's not just Polo though, is it?

It's those dirty Interpol cops that set me up. They want my head on a stick.

They want their money back. They're gonna keep coming till they get it.

So, what are you gonna do? You take them all on?

You're insane.

You can sit there insulting me or you can help.

What's it gonna be?

All right. What?

I'm going to bed. You coming up?

In a minute.

I know you like to keep your hands clean.

But I promise...

...if you don't get your pit bulls off my back, I'm gonna come back here.

I'll carve your wife's heart out and make you eat it. Understand?

I'm not...

No, you're not listening.

Goodbye. -Don't.

In my home!

He threatened me in my own home with my family upstairs!

Well, he's just trying to psych you out.

You want resources, fine.

I'll give you extra men, weapons, whatever.

But I want him dead. I don't care what it takes.

I just want him dead in the next 48 hours.

Or I will personally turn the two of you in.

You know, maybe the problem with our plan is that...

...Polo isn't in on it.

You wanna make that headcase our partner?

I've been expecting you.

You Nalbandian?

At your service.

I want to know who the players are. Who set it up.

Who the hitters are. Everything.

And I know that you know.

Let's imagine that you are right. Now what?

Now you tell me before I start hurting you.

Your reputation is well-deserved.

So is mine. Gentlemen.

Agent Godfrey.

I see that your schemes aren't getting any smarter.

Which is why we need your help.


Why would I help you?

Immunity. Lifetime guarantee... both the E.U. and the U.S. governments.

No strings attached except a one-way ticket... anywhere outside of Europe and North America.

In exchange for...?

Helping to intercept Roland Flint.


Things begin to make a little more sense.

It's a limited-time offer. We need to know.


One condition. -What?

I want the man who killed my brother.


Unless the price is right.

You feel better?

I guess I got new Tellys now.


My scars.

I name them after the man who gave them to me.

You're judging me.

Like you're so much better.

Would you kill me if someone offered you enough money?

What do you want'?


People choose their death when they choose how they live.

Does that let you sleep at night?

I sleep fine.

I'm a weapon.

I don't choose where I'm pointed.

Of course. You just follow orders.

I'm not different than a doctor or a waiter.

I serve a function.

I get it.

I'm in the service industry too.

You calling me a whore?

A service provider.

Actually I'm nothing like you.

I don't have a choice. I have nothing and no one.

You have money, power.

You can get out of the life anytime you want.

You choose not to.

I'm going out.

Hey. You cost me business.

She's done with you.

You don't want me as an enemy.

I bet that scares the girls.

Who is he?

Some guy we found snooping around, asking about you.

I don't think he's a cop.

Who are you?

Santa Claus.

Oh, good.

A comedian.

Once more.

Who are you?

Are you deaf? I'm Santa Claus.


What's going on?

We have a new offer.

The client will double your usual fee for a fraction of the work.

What you need to do is bring your new friend... a specific place at a specific time.

It will never work.

He will smell the trap. -Polo would be there as an incentive.

You will lead him in. Put him at ease.

That's all you have to do. Once it starts, you're out.

It's good to have friends.

But this is a dangerous friend to have.

He's a loose cannon. For him, it's personal.

Flint did a lot of damage to Polo's organization.

But his mistake was leaving the snake's head for last.

Polo got Flint where it hurt most.

Family. Wanted to send a strong message to his enemies.

So he made Flint watch...

...while he and his men gang-raped his wife...

...and beat her into a coma.

Lucky for your new friend, the local gendarmes had a tail on Polo...

...and intervened before Flint was killed.

Then Flint vanished.

Along with a sizable chunk of lnterpol's dirty money.

So this whole job on Polo is a smoke screen.

It's dirty cops using Polo as bait to get Mr. Flint, right?

The money is real.

A third now. The rest on completion.


I was worried Mr. Flint's personal vendetta was infectious.

Where do I take him? -City hall.

Tomorrow, 9:00.

City hall tomorrow at 9:00.

My source says Polo's meeting a councilman he's got on his payroll.

Trust your source?

As much as I trust you.

I worry about you. -What?

I'm worried because for you it's personal.

You care too much.

It's going to get you dead. Maybe me too.

Ask yourself this:

If you never really cared about anyone or anything...

...then were you ever really alive?

You sound like someone I know.

Yeah, city hall's good.

The only way in is through the main lobby. Lots of high vantage points.

I like it. -Okay. Let's take a look.

Here you go.

I'll take it.


Do you ever pray?

Been a long time. No one answered.

I gave HP-

That's sad.

Where I come from, priests and crooks, they're all the same.

Do you dream?


Ever think about your future?

No, it will come soon enough. And you?

I just want out. Out of the city.

Out of the life.

With someone I can trust.

Trust to do what?

Light a candle for me when I'm gone.

Our selection for the evening.

I'm busy.

I think you wanna see this.

I need the room. Please.

You don't trust the African to come through.

So I got us a backup.

Our friend here runs girls for Benny Black in the district.

He saw the picture. He says he knows the guy with the crossbow.

You know the animal that killed my brother?

Yes, sir. We're neighbors.


Be careful.

Excuse me, what's going on here?

Police, madam. Police.

The situation's under control. You can step back into your office.

Get back into your office.

You can come quietly, or I can use this again, okay?

Move it.

Your fat friend tried to hold out.

He really did. But finally...

...he sang like a fucking soprano.

Told me all about you and your little country hideaway.

Who knows? Maybe I pay our girl a visit.

Excellent work.

The client is very pleased.

You're not going to examine them?

I trust you.

I have another prospect.

I'm going to take some time off.


My friend. It's for you.

Hello. -Your friend has been a lovely hostess.

Here she is.

I hear you are a hard man.

But even hard men like us have something we care about.

For example...

...I loved my brother very much.

The brother that you murdered.

I suggest an exchange.

You for her.

You don't really have a choice.

As a wise man once said:

We are all prisoners of our own passions.

You're wrong about me.

I'm not a prisoner of anything.

He wanted to gamble.

I told him it was impossible to get to you.

You went behind my back.

-It's done between you and I. -Oh, come.

You're overreacting.

If I overreacted, you'd be dead.

Tell me where the money is and I'll make it quick.

Just let me go right now. You'll never see me again.

And if we don't?

Then I'll fucking kill you.


Let's get our money back first.

Okay, last chance.

Now, Gabor here, he's an expert.

He can make this last quite a while.

Where's the money?

I don't know what you're talking about.

He's expecting you?

I was hoping you'd reconsider.

I need to know where they took Flint.

You're breaking your own code.

Risking your life because of feelings.

If I don't feel, am I really alive?

And all this time, I thought I understood you.

You and I understand each other perfectly.

We speak the same language.

I need to know where Flint is. We're losing time.

I don't want payment.

I do this in hopes of repairing our partnership.

Which I'm certain will have a long and profitable future.

If memory serves me correctly, Mr. Polo suggested...

...his cousin's old factory as a suitable place to question Mr. Flint.

Where's the money?


Roland. Roland, help!


Where's the money? I won't ask again.

It's where?

Spent it.

Finish it.



Shit. -Okay, hold it together.

Just hold it together.

You go check that way. -I'm not going out there.

What? -I'm not going out there.

What? Jesus Chri--

Okay, do something useful then, yeah?

Take care of--

Come out now, or I'll shoot him right here.

Show yourself or I swear to God I'll blow his fucking head off.

Should have let me be.

You set me up.

It was a mistake. I came back.

Yeah, you did.

- Yes. -Sorry to interrupt, sir. Still no word.

Keep trying. -it's Flint, isn't it?

They went to finish him and now they're missing.

It's no concern of yours.

Oh, no, I think Mr. Flint is a shared concern of ours.

We have both caused him a great deal of grief.

And left to his own devices...

...he will stop at nothing to return the favor... both of us.

What can you do that we're not already doing?

You're pretty good with the AK.

Thought you were more of a knife man.

Use the best tool for the job. -You got that right.

It was one of yours, actually.

Hello? -Mrs. Pavlescu, it's me, it's Roland.

I need you to get Anna out of the house now.

What? Hello?


Line was cut.


Turn around. -Okay.

Hello? -Goodbye.

They drew the curtains.

Cutting off lines of sight.

At least two at the front.

All right, we're gonna have to draw them out.


My wife's in there.

I guess I'm not too good with hostage situation.

Welcome home, Mr. Flint. Check your webcam.

So beautiful.

Don't you fucking touch her.

What? Connection not too good.

I'm gonna make this real simple.

If you and your friend...

...don't surrender to us unarmed in 15 minutes...

...first, I will let each of my men take turns with her.

Then I'll let you watch while I skin her alive.

And if that doesn't wake her up, nothing will.

Fifteen minutes.

What do you want to do?

The thing about fairy tale endings... that they're bullshit.

You got me. Just leave her alone.

I tell you what.

I do her last.

That way you don't have to watch this time.

I have money.

No money can bring my brother back.

But you will pay in a different way.

And slowly.

I have 12 million.


Show him.

That's about 1.2 million.

I got 10 times more hidden inside.


You let me leave and I'll show it to you.

What the hell are you doing? -What?

What the hell is this?

That's life.

That's life? That's fucking life?

That's my wife over there.

You're telling me that's fucking life?


He's yours.

Get up.

Now beg.

Fuck you.

Beg. -No.

Beg her.

Please forgive me.

You can do better than that. Louden Forgive me!

Again. -Please forgive me!

That's good.

There's just one problem.

She can't hear you.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I'm sorry.

It's over.

Not yet.

There's no guarantee of success. It's a new procedure.

And it is quite expensive.

Oh, don't worry about that.

I've got the money.

Okay, then, we should start right away.

I just want out.

Out of the city. Out of the life.

With someone I can trust.

Trust to do what?

Light a candle for me