Assassins Tale (2013) Script

You see, the criminals are stupid. end up dead or in prison.

Victims of circumstances.

Smart criminals They are opportunists.

Clarence Foster went to New Collecting an envelope York. photos illegitimate son Carlo Manfreddi.

He returned to Los Angeles, but became a victim of circumstances.

What about me?

I'm an opportunist.

And I'm taking control out of this game.

Here it is, man who killed your brother.

Please MEET.

Put this on.

Are you okay?

If I am fine.

If you feel sick, vomit bag.

I do not feel bad.

Okay smartass, but if you feel bad ...

Do it in the bag. It is important.

Need help? Take it easy.

Everything is fine.

Okay, I can.


It is sharp, be careful. You do not want to cut off.

You have a couple of options.

Pay attention.

You can hold her head and cut his throat.

It's fast, but it's a disaster.

Or you can stab him in the gut.

To suffer somewhat.

I want to do in the gut. - All right.

A good choice.

It's all yours, do it well.

Use your body weight and pushes the knife enter.

Are you okay? - I'm fine, I'm fine That's it?

Is that all you got?

This is the guy who killed your brother.

He tortured and mutilated ...

And that's all you got?

You can do it. Come on, do it. - Do not.

Do it!

Is dead.

Well, he's dead.

Already dead. Well done.

To survive in my world ... full of cruel people ... my senses must be always acute all the time.

It's kill or be killed.

You're a hard man to find.

And we will do the right thing, if what you're looking for.

After all finished ...

I'm sure we'll both be rich.

So be prepared ..

What the hell is that?

It is Cinco de Mayo, partner.

Stupid people shooting like crazy.

I can not imagine where this shit is custom.

But they do every year.

As I was saying, Mr. Lonely ... - Johnny Solo.

All right, Johnny .. - Alone...

Johnny Solo.

Johnny Solo.

The death of a Mafia legend as Carlo Manfreddi is great news.

But we know he had an illegitimate child.

And we know that his son tried to kill green offering 1 million.

Carlo Jr. will inherit a million dollars ...

And I do not think I want to share it.

And you know who he is.

So, what if we start?

You got the money?

The money will be transferred to your account, as agreed.

You do not smile like that, partner.

You make me nervous.


You're Johnny right?

How are you? It Burt.

Got something to Mr. Manfredi?

Of course.

Okay, you have an hour.

I need at least two. - Two?

It's hot here, and not I walk with heavy clothing.

Than? - I just got off the plane.

I'm not armed, presumably you must be my protector.

There will be, I trust me.

You'll be fine.

You have until the two.

Let's start.

I'll tell you about some cold-blooded killers.


Your mother died six months ago.

They were very close.

It was a classy lady.

Roman changed since she died.


It's all a bitch. grew up in the streets.

Your mother was an addict, and did drugs in front of him. is also smart. not even been fined.

Grace is also an orphan.

She was raised by the state.

When his stepfather tried to rape as a teenager ...

He cut cock and gave it to the dog.

Why are you late?

I had to deal with a personal matter.

All good?

Maybe it's better not drink when working.

Calm down, Grace.

What's going on?


Let Roman, I know you.

Baby when you're depressed.

Want to come to my house to calm you down?

We both know what It will happen if I go to your house.

I appreciate the offer, but no.

You want a beer?

I ask you, do you do by this or not?


Are you okay?

Take off everything.

Put it in the bag.



This is the best.

You can clean any and they can be destroyed.


What is your job?

I am a producer.

I produce a TV show.

¿Producer? You must be rich.

I'm doing well.

If your brother needed money, why not come to you?

I am his younger brother, She was ashamed to come to me.

Pride, right?

You did feel proud tonight.

So you're producing ...


You really spend in expensive places ... and you do a lot of shit great in Hollywood ... pulling the artists? It's great, man.

Yes, a great time. - Yes.

That's good, because ..

I did not do that shit.

So you and me ...

We never meet again.

We will not see us.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.

If you see my face again ...

You're screwed.


I'll kill you.

Do you understand? - Yes.

My girlfriend told me that take care of his dog shit.

He went to New York for a week.

I do not know. ¿Chihuahua?

My cat hates dog so they are always fighting.

Jason Donatelli's my boss.

Its core business bookmaker is. always wanted to be the wise guy.

So I assumed that if I could find Carlo's son Manfreddi ... make it.



The open the door of hell!

In short, they are fighting.

I thought, fuck it, I'm not going to deal with this new ...

I'll let you decide who wins. Yes.

My cat killed the chihuahua.

And I brought it like some kind of trophy.

Now I have to face my girlfriend.

It has nothing in her purse.

Fuck. - Where is Clarence?

I have to go. - I can not find it.


I have been searching.

He came from New York last night.

He brings the collection, 40,000 grand in cash.

I waited for 3 hours.

I called home, mobile ...


There was no answer.

Hey, did you bring any big rat?

Chihuahua. - Wait a minute.

New York says yesterday picked up the package.

Yes, and still he had more rounds to do tonight ..

And my schedule is already full.

He could not rely on that shit.

The, betting picks.

Do you think he's trying lost the ticket?

I do not know.

Go home, see if he's there.

Because I?

I will go.

I'll get that son of a bitch.

What did you say?

To collect bets.

So do it.

Johnny will.

Come on, partner ...

His house is in the valley.

I do not care if you live in Idaho.

Find it, he has my package.

Mr. Rizzo.

You're late, closes the door, please.

Do you know? are you interrupting my meditation.

You will he do as he called? an hour?

Woody Ford once was a hit.

A true expert on high technology, manages contracts. created a system that uses the Internet and casino chips.

You know my rules when I call ... you reply.

I always forget that rule.

I have another job for you.

Thank you.

Is not it too early to drink?

It is tea, asshole. A special blend.

It keeps me focused.

What do you have?

Everyone on the coast You are looking for this guy.

It is a good job, much ticket.

But to catch You need companions.

The son of Carlo Manfreddi?


Are you sure it's him?

No, I do not know, so I just kill him.

Very good.

I take it.


Absolutely. - Are you sure?

Do not know how far You get along with others.

What about Roman?

And Grace?

It was a dream team in the 80s, it can work.

Good to see you, beware.

Pick up the phone and ... fuck you.

Let's see, there is still a problem.

I'm sure ... Oh no.

Hello? - Jason?

Yes, it's me.

Burke, New York. We have not heard from you, is there a problem?


No, no.

Everything is fine. - Great.

Because you relied Carlo Jr. those pictures, nothing else.

And you know who will be the leader of the family soon, he would be disappointed or not.

Very disappointed.

Tell him not to worry. I can handle it.

So you're going to find the boy?

Of course.

But... - Okay.

I'll go there, be sure give me protection.




Come in, I'm in the room.

What did you do?

I was at a dinner with Shelly and my card was canceled.

I added the music, I found it would be a nice touch.

Did you feel it in your womb? Did you feel it?

It was only a small part of what I felt when we fuck first.

Roman ... - In my house? In my bed?

Roman, no means to me.

I think you should go.

Can not you calm down a little?

If you do not want to go ...

It could put you in the same hole where I put your little friend.

Would you like that?

Do not.

Then, out of my house.

Fuck my house.

Leave the car keys.

Having to move my black ass up here in the Valley.

I hate the damn Valley.

Hello Gorgeous.

It's good to see you again, Have you seen Clarence?

My name is not beautiful.

Oh, yeah, What if only you open the damn door?

Smart ass.


Oh yeah?

I like sex tantico now.

Yes, I can last up 6 hours is crazy.

Not all it's rigth. Do not it will take you to come.

I'll call you back.

We can talk about this later.

All right, bye.

My friend.

Close the door.

What is?

I heard that drinking bier at work now.

¿Grace told you that?

Worried, I thought also that you were soft.

I see you're drinking.

What do you mean? East. Special blend.

I'm not over there outside, killing people.

No, you're just sitting and handling it all here.

And speaking of home, I moved.

So if you need to contact me, do it in the den now.

The den?

Yes, my little apartment, Do you have his number?

Yes I remember. But, Why did you move?

Do you know? I know you since a long time.

So I'm going to speak out.

They need to fix their shit together.


Have you read it?

No, I started to read it, but ...

Everything he says is in contradicts my entire life.

It started to bother me.

Women love.

Look at this.

This guy sucks.

He says, foreign exchange ... brings an internal change.

It is one of the reasons why I stopped drinking.

You have to try this.

Yeah, you know I do not like.

Everything he says is if you're out there ... mind like a chicken, guess than? You're a chicken mind.

I do not know if you've seen the mirror recently ...

But you look like an imitation chimba ugly Lenny Kravitz.

Well, A, Lenny Kravitz was attractive.

And B, you have to look in the mirror, okay?

Be careful, damn it. Carefully.

It's yours.

Woody ... - Than?

Woody ... - Yes?

Who wants this?

You know I can not tell you.

Anthony wants ...

Grace to you and work with him.

You want?


All right.

Go away. I have a lot of things to do.

Yes, Woody?

Where are you?

I'm a little busy right now.

I need to accelerate their business.

I need you to check a Roman ..

Something happened, I want you figure it out and delete it.

Delete what is bothering him?

Just do it.

Will you give me a bonus?

Okay, find it, delete it. You'll get your bonus.

Do you know? every time I start to relax and have fun ...

That guy always annoyed me flame with any crap.

Have you thought about retiring?

To live a normal life?

This is normal for me.

Then an abnormal life.

I'm serious.

A house in the countryside ... a pair of dogs ... a garden.

Do not.

I see that in my future.

You'll have to leave this one day.

Yes I think so.

I have to go.

Want to work for me?

Do you know your job? - Yes.

I'm sure you know.


Wait, come on ...

Oh Lord.

This was not of 6 hours.

Hey, Woody.

The Amazing Grace.

This is a surprise.

Hello Grace. - Hello.

You guys. they know each other?

Yes it is.

One more time next week?

Thanks for the time.

What was that?

There is an atmosphere in this room.

Also not satisfy you? - Yes.

Not in the same way, but it does.

Because I have the best.

What business do you have for me?

A mutual friend needs a hit.

Have you talked with Roman?

What you got for me, Woody?

Grace, I asked you to speak with Roman.

No, you said you wanted to talk me to come right?

Well that's good.

Good good..

Will you give me a bonus?

What for?

I can save that money.

You want a bonus for doing the right thing?

No I do not believe it.

How much?

Well, the amazing Grace.

Do you know? If you only give him a advance every time ...

I have no money, Woody.

What do you have for me?

Good job.

Anthony and are in Roman matter, but they want you.

I thought you'd left.


Good tea.


You're a pig.

Come on, I'm just having a little fun.

Even if I knew where he was, Why should I tell you?

Shut up and do what you're doing.

You are a good man.

I bet you're a lady killer.

If you do not shut up, I'll kill you.

Take cover, they will not teach you no modesty?

Fuck you, you can not treat as one of your black girlfriends.

What did you say?

What the fuck you tell me?

Clarence never told me that.

He treats me well.

Have you treated well?

Bitch, you're just in shit hole.

Clarence waiting for you at home, only to give him some drugs and liquor.

And all you want to do is move that ass to meet him.

Yes, bitch. This is life.

Let me tell you something, you're nothing.

You're just a cheap white whore living in a house in the Valley.

You better look in the mirror before telling me about my black girlfriends.

I interrupting something?

This called me black.

No, he's lying.

Shut. Yes, what is it?

Talk slowly ...

What's your name, dear?


Kate, I'm Jason. The head of your boyfriend.

Can I get you something to drink?

No thanks.

If I had known you were going coming, I would have cleaned.

Do not worry, the place looks great.

Where is Clarence?

I do not know.

Not your car is on the street?

I did not know there was a car in the street.

Kate ...

I do not lie, right? I need to talk to him.

No, I do not lie.

I do not know, I have not seen.

They found Clarence, someone gutted.

What do you mean gutting?

They gutted like a fish.

Is dead.

Oh God. Oh God.


What about the package? - Nothing.

I can not believe this is happening.

Was it a murder for hire? - I do not know.

But I think there is a it has been possible.

Ford Woody, dammit.

Wait, what about me? What I have to do?

But what...? Why did you do that?

I want my package.

So what did you do? - What do you think?

Wait a minute, I'm a little confused.

You said you pay them with poker chips?

Did you just heard of poker chips?

See? You're the only one He does not know what he's talking.

No, said casino chips.

Well, let's say you want to kill someone ... hours.

If you need to do so, Woody reads, It sets the price, and gives you instructions.

You can even pay with credit card if you want.

Woody confirm payment ... and hired the assassin.

So, half you paid?

It's not about Starsky and Hutch, partner.

No pays first half, you have to pay everything in advance.

When the work is done, they give the chips and the change in the bank of Solo.

Do the change? - Yes.

I have contacts in all Las Vegas casinos.

Good business, but the cards credit could be traced.

Each tab of $ 5,000 must be reviewed by the head of the casino ... to verify that He was won on the table.

First of all, computer security not allow anyone to investigate.

To complicate things further, creates many fake accounts.

More gates, more domains.

He is the only one who can so, he's a fucking genius.

Never confuse companies handling casinos mafia thugs.

Do you think employees casinos pay them enough?

Please, it is capitalism, everyone has their share.

And no one knows who is killing who except this, Woody?

But what...?

Yes? - Woody, is Jason Donatelli.

Been a long time huh?

What is it, Jason?

I just want to talk.

You know how I work, there to follow protocol.

This is great, Woody. I can not wait.

A lot of money.

You need to relax.

Where is my package?

I do not know what are you talking about.



Well, you have to calm down.

And try to ask.

Well, I wonder.

¿Clarence Foster, was with you?

I think you broke my nose, dammit.

I'm losing patience.

First, if you kill me, You not get information.

Second ...

If you ever sign up again, better you kill me.

Clarence ¿who?


He was killed, do you go? - How long have you worked for? Well, we have not done business for ...

¿2 or 3 years?

If you know who killed one of my men ...

And I did nothing ...

I stay like a dog.

I am not a dog.

That is in sight.

But, I understand your position.

Come on, let's be rational.

Both are businessmen, I am sure there is a figure on this.

So it was a contract killing.


Did you get a contract for one of my boys and you did not even have the courage to tell me?

It is not as if the were walking around with a sign up to say ...

"I'm the dog Jason." According?

I had no idea that was in your computer.


It does not care about any of this type.

But if you want to talk business talk.

Otherwise, get out of my house.

You said there was a package.

What does it say?

Just tell me who ordered the killings.

You know I can not tell you.

I will pay you.

Just give me your name.

What's in the package?


And if I can not find ...

The thugs of a chief New York come on my ass.

And I will send after you.

Does it have to do with Carlo Manfreddi Jr.?

You're funny.

I want..


Of yours.

This is the kind that He hired the assassins.

Keep it ... discreet.

If this shit is a lie ...

I'll bust a the ass.

It stinks here.

I'm sorry. - It's okay.

You are very emotional today.


I hate my job.

But I feel that my job is how I am so I hate myself.

Do not say that, Grace.

It's just your job, not you.

After all, look what you have.

I want to have your job.

Do not...

No, believe me. you have no idea.

Then do something else.

What else can I do?

What's up?

No, nothing, nothing, but ...

If you do not want to put your name in the front, maybe you could put "Lair" ... or some shit.

Because I hate to call all only to find the doors.

Not my problem. - I'm just saying.

So this is ... the den.

What's that supposed to mean?


The turning on your voice leads me to believe ... you mean something.

Actually there is an inflection.

Yes, there is. - Do not.

Perhaps unconsciously I was thinking...

Why call this place the den.

Because that's what it is.

It has a kitchen, right?

Many people have kitchen in a den.

Do you know? It is by definition a den ... the home of wild animals.

The wolf who lives in a den.

I identify myself as a wolf.

And this is my lair.

Well, if you know that the wolves ...

They live in herds, do not live alone.

Yes, but do you ever heard talk about the lone wolf?

A lone wolf?

He lives alone in the forest and ...

You do what you have to do, and at the end of the day ... returns to his lair.

Night falls, and he, the ... out, drag your ass ... and makes the whole damn forest know it's there.

Now, you can not hear ...

But inside, cry ..

Because I'm the damn lone wolf.

Alone and free.

Do you understand? - Balls.

Thank you.


Well, look.

Grace? - Yes.

But what...?


Is this place for real?

I needed a change right?

Fuck you both.

Could you eat before you do this?

This place is great.


Peter Rothschild.


Do not worry, I'll use the phone only.

What is your problem?

Does your girlfriend know what happens?

No do not worry for her. He knows nothing.

How do you know everything?

They are my friends.

I do not like a therapist shit, come and sit ... tell me shit.

They know they do not live with this woman.

Is that why you're scared?

I mean you're betraying the.

It's all about money.

They understand that.

They will betray one others for a little money.

And, for the time they were in this ...

I was far away, I had a bloody accident.

You say your friends They are doing your job?


But the problem is ...

Nobody knows how the boy is Manfreddi.

You know what I like?

Here you go. - Thank you.

It seems to like the waitress.

What do you like Anthony?

I love breakfast at dinner.

You can not have breakfast at dinner.

I just ate eggs scrambled eggs and pancakes ...

I ate sausages and juice orange, What do you call that?


Yes it's correct. - No, no.

Eat breakfast food for dinner.

You know, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It has nothing to do with the food is on the hour.

Everyone knows that.

It's all about the food is on the food.

As breakfast at dinner People are like waves in the ocean.

They do the same every day.

Because it is what is supposed to be.

Surfing right? how... - Sea waves..

Crashing on the beach every day.

I do not care about the waves, not I'm going to crash on the beach.

I will not be one of those waves, I'll do anything today.

I'm going to beat the system, I will have breakfast at night.

You can not have breakfast ...

Are not you tired of this?

Fed up of what?

All this talk.

Do not.

Have you ever stopped to think about what we do for a living?

I did some work for a couple of weeks, it was a regular job.

The husband and wife divorced.

And I was in the room where his wife was sleeping.

I do not know why, but I ...

I paused.

Before killing her.

And in those few seconds, I heard something.

I told him I was an angel.

Only an angel.

Did you finish the job?

I woke up the wife, and I told him why I was there.

If you're paid to kill wife, kill his wife.

I know.

What if she goes to police? So what?

I took care of that.


I killed the husband.

That is what I am talking, breakfast and dinner.

How are you, Marcus?

Who the fuck you?

Outside my house, or I'll call the police!

How will you do that?

I need some information.

What information?

A mine employee, Clarence Foster was killed the other day.

Stabbed dozen Sometimes it was very cruel.

I think you have something to do with it.

Yes? I guess I'm right.

Just tell me the truth.

Where is the package?

I do not see anything.

Well, I'll ask again.

Where is the package?

¿Package? I swear I do not know.

Sal have to talk.

I swear I know nothing about the package.

Do not fuck with me.

I'm not fucking with you. I know nothing.

Then why did you kill him? - Because you killed my brother.

I paid to see him die.

But I killed him, I'm sorry.

Did you kill yourself?

No, there was another guy.

Who? - Do not tell me his name.

How does it look like?

He said he would kill me.

I think we can do better than this.

I'll talk, either ..

He is tall, 6'2 "or 6'3".


I do not know, maybe yes. Italian.

I think I know who's talking.

This is cooperation.

And now I'll ask a question, and think carefully.

Did you have a chance to talk Clarence before I kill him?

Do not.

Did he have anything with him? ¿Envelopes, photos, anything?

I did not see anything.

What about the guy who helped you?

Are you sure? - Yes.

Wait, wait, wait, wait ...

He had a briefcase. It took some of the case.

Do you know?! If it were not for this asshole, you'd be home now.

Watching TV and counting my money.

But I have to walk in all the city...

looking for that package.


What are you doing?

Thinking. - About what?

Does this guy? You are him Carlo Manfreddi son?

It's a shit, Roman, come on, come on.

I can not do it. He is not.

You can not? What the hell's wrong? Are you in some kind of epiphany?

I'm just a little tired to do this anymore.


Do not, Anthony!

Are you going to kill me? - Do not.

Are you going to kill me ?! - Do not do it!

Just give me a little time to think.

I can not believe it.

I can not believe I need drink. Give me a whiskey.

Hurry, come on!

Give one to him as well.

What the fuck?

I do not know, man.

There must be something more than this.

We have a lot money, you and I ..

We have no problems and so, yes, but ...

It's a good job.

Grace is right.

We kill people without thinking about anything.

That's our job.

What the fuck did he do it? He took the money and killed her husband.

We are hunters, partner.

At the top of the food chain.

Who kill must be killed, that's all.

We do not know if all these people deserve to die.

There has to be the end, and end must be consequences.

That ... is karma.

This shit we returned.

And I just ...

I want to make take care of myself.

I have to redeem myself and you too.

You never see the moon? - Than?

It's like shit you said about Wolf.

That is, to see the moon, see how ... the texture, the way it shines ...

Sometimes I wish get on my table ... and out to sea at night ... sit there.

See the moon and stars.

No one, just me and the fish.

Mammals, also there mammals, whales ...

Are you a damn Jaques Cousteau or something?

Well, well what's your point?

No matter if you shoot this, dammit.

No offense.

I care about.

And I want to kill this fucking.

Do you have family?

Come on, partner ... - Do not do that.

You talk about how the universe It has all that beauty ...

But what we are doing is ugly, man.

And we do not live in the ocean Moon or pussy.

We live here, and everything we do matters.

All this is because your girlfriend cheated on you?

No partner, no.

You go, you trusted someone in whom you should not trust.

You made the decision wrong, great cosota.

It happens to people every day.

You deal with that and move on.

I move on, man.

That's my point, right you care about this?

How we live our lives?

What do you do to innocent people?

I have my dilemmas.

I know, I should go in search of peace.

They are not innocent people to those killed, Roman.

Do what you want with it.

Is your problem.

Is your problem.

You are about to disappear.

In Mexico, Europe ... I do not care.

No return to Los Angeles again, you know?


What, Los? - What's up?

We track someone.

Anthony Rizzo, Johnny It has an address ...

I want you to bring.

You want to put me in this madness?

I'll bring my own.

Well, it does.

Dead or alive?

I want him alive. - A dead cert.

I wear tonight? - Yes.

Will you give me a discount?

Yes, take it to my house, and I will give you a bonus.

I'll be there. - Okay.

Hey, what about you?

Please do not make me risk ass in the suicide mission.

I know you're my boss, but .. - Do not be angry.

I knew he would do this shit himself.

I'm just saying, but next After first tell me about your plans.

I think we're a team.

No, you work for me are not a team.

You're an employee.

The cocksucker is passed on the back seat of my car.

What about the pictures?

I do not know, you can ask when take you there in a few hours.

What you registered?

I'm not a fan, I have your gun.

Carlos, is a murderer. He carries more than one weapon.

Damn ... Damn ...

Will? Will?

The dead.

You do not know. - Yes, I know, I heard on the phone.

He said he was on his way home.

What I am saying is I was with Anthony.

He did not answer, and is not here. Draws conclusions.

That does not mean anything.

I'm betting Rizzo. - Shut up!

My mother worked in Las Vegas.

And I always used to hang out.

In the casino, and day was hovering ...

And I heard voices.

So I approached slowly, and I stand at a small room ...

And there's a big guy He is sitting in a chair.

She was crying and sweating.

Begged for his life, then, suddenly, I heard a pop.

And the man fell dead.

And other...

He stepped from the shadows.

This murderer ...

He turned.

Out of there as if nothing had happened.

I remember thinking ...

That's power.

I've been looking for that all my life.

You found it?

There, Grace.

It is an illusion.

So nothing will you stop?

I've been thinking about this.

I've wasted enough time.

I want a change, I want a wife, children.

I know I can not mend what I did ...

But I can teach my children to do what is right.

So what do you mean? - Now you know.

I can not read minds, Roman.

I'm ready..

To get out.


Are you okay?

OK where are you?


I have to go. - Than? Come on.

Look, Roman, sorry but I must go.

I have to help a friend.

Grace, you've been trying to do to open my mind all this time.

And now I do you go?

I'm sorry.

I'll think about what you said.

Grace, tell me what the hell's going on.

I have to help a friend.



I need you.

Finally an epiphany.

Okay, go, go to hell.

You know what? Do not.

So it was that Wendy I put the horns.

You're a control freak.

Do you need me, Roman?

Sorry, but I'm a little upset about it.

No, no.


What the hell is this?

I'm fine, Grace.

You're not well, look.

Fuck you!

Give me the needle, Grace.

Do not.

Grace, give me the needle! Give it to me, Grace!

Please, come on.

Grace, I have seen God.

I saw the Lord and kissed him.

Amid all this shit.

And he disappeared.

You've never seen God, Anthony.

It was only because of heroin.

You have not seen God.

Do not.

It was real, Grace. I assure you that I saw.

I feel the infinite love, I never felt before.

I'll have to kiss him again.


You are chasing something that is not real.

It's just an illusion.

Can not you see it?

Nothing more than it can be pursued.

Are you okay?

I will not do this again, Anthony.



Lauren, yes, welcome again, dear.

Can you take a taxi?

The dog?

I can not bring your dog tonight, I'm busy.

I told you to take a taxi.

What if we tell Woody bring Rizzo?

It will not.

I'm running out of options.

You can think of something else other than mount an ambush.

There's a girl, Grace.

Rizzo knows, maybe I can help.

Why do we help?

She is a woman, it's all about money.

Well, see to that.

I'll talk to that Woody pollajo again.


You betrayed me, Woody.


Can I call you back?

Do not...

The type of thought Valle those photos that saved his life.

What will save yours ...?


You said you were discreet.

This is half of mine.

It was certainly enough for a holiday.

Finish him.

Or we're both dead.

It is open, I'm in the kitchen.

What, honey?

I'm sorry. - Not well.

I'm sorry.. - Okay, I thought you could not mourn.

I think I'm in love.


Do not...

I know I'm in love.

I do not know what to say.

Are you sure? - Yes.

From who?

You do not want to know.

I'm sorry to hear that.

You know me, when I'm hungover I go to work.

What is the problem?

Not a good time.

Except that?

Good good...

Do you know my boss, Jason Donatelli? - Yes.

He needs something.

Anthony has.

He tried to catch Anthony last night.

And he escaped and killed an employee.

Why do not you tell me before?

Jason will pay you good money for this.

Just say a price.

What does he want?

The man took the package Carlo Manfreddi.

Is the Mafia don?

No, his son Carlo Jr.

Photos of her illegitimate child.

He is willing to spend a lot money to kill the man.

And he convinced Jason Jr. give the photos to spread.


He needs those photos.

Anthony does.

Anthony might want to kill him and Manfreddi get money.

Will you help me, Grace?


No problem. It's okay.

All right.

Roman, we have a problem.

I knew you'd come back.

I need your help, Roman. We have a problem.

Yes, of course.

You know what? I should not have gone.

Than? Than?

Someone tried to kill Anthony last night.

Woody betrayed him.

Was there where were you last night?

Did I opened my heart and you walk after an addict?

I know all about that shit.

Am I engaged to Woody for that addict?

Your boyfriend can not pass 24 hours without a needle in your arm?

Are you in love with him? - You want to hear, or not?


Anthony has photos of a Manfreddi son Carlo.


It has all the photos that are supposed They should reach the hands of Jason Donatelli.

No, no, Grace, what the hell you talking about?

We're all working on it, there is no positive identity.

Anthony has a positive identity.

And when the guy did not show up Donatelli photo with ...

He was where he and Woody Woody He mentioned the name of Anthony.

Roman, Woody knows everything the work we do.

What are we going to do?

Where is Anthony? - Why?

Roman, why?

Roman, where are you going?

It is extraordinary partner.

I love.

Like old times.

Why did you, Woody?

It was just business.

What about loyalty? - Yes.

Loyalty to my business.

Everything is about information, just business.

They made me a better offer.

So just you betrayed Anthony?

That was about all Change what?

All this is just silly. You know.

Why suddenly the hell do you care?

I trusted you.

All we trusted.

Who's next?

He just wanted to talk, that's what he told me.

They do not talk much right?

What should I do, Woody? - Help us.

Please kill Anthony.

Let's get a amount of money, you and me.

We can divide.

If you kill him.

That is all.

When I was a kid...

I remember reading something ... in the bathroom wall of my uncle.

He said there are two things to think about.

Being healthy or sick.

If you are healthy, there is nothing to worry, if you're sick ...

Just two things to think about.

Life and death.

If you are alive, there nothing to worry about.

If you die ...

There are only two things in to think in heaven ... or hell.

If you go to heaven ... there is nothing to worry about.

If you're going to hell ...

You'll be so busy that no You have time to worry.

A great day, tonight?


Grace, Anthony.

He is Jason Donatelli.


Jonathan, can you register, please?


Is this the Jonathan?

Be quiet.

They are clean.

Got my stuff?

I brought him here's the deal.

Honey, you will not get a shit until I have my photos.

And the winner is...

$ 250,000, Grace.

Thanks, Jonathan.

Fuck you, Grace.

I leave you, guys.

Take the money and run.

Whore pussy.

You, my friend, have been a stitch in my ass.

What assures me that no they killed this man?

Maybe I did.

It was a bad answer.

Why do not you work for me?

I lost some types because of you.

What is your offer?

Your life.

Make me an offer.

What is the difference?

You're going to kill me anyway.

You have to trust me.

Are you going to do it or not?

What are you doing?

Good good..


That was a terrible shot, man.

I talk about Willy Smith, partner cursed.

That was hell, man.

Yes. And you alone.

What about the money?

Money flew.

It is assumed that you had to kill him, that was the deal.

Instead you stay stiff as a mariconsón.

Come on, I'm not a murderer.

I'm Johnny Solo, do not do this.

You'll have to get rid of the body.

What I see as the messengers?


Yes? - Is Burke, all right?

Yes, I found.

You are dead!

You told me I had until two.

Do you hear me? you are dead!

Who the hell are you?

Hey, it's Anthony. Fucked up, man.

Well just do what right and everything will be fine.

I'll give you a chance, man.

Take it.

Is there any problem?

I need money.

It could give a down payment.

I need it all now.

Ironically, I just see a documentary about the mafia.

They speak of a person on the second floor.

What do you mean?

Those people always throws his victims from the upper floors or ceilings.

I had to call, briefly.

They say it will be before exposure.

Does that say? - Yes.

How the fuck do you know?

Forensic science.

Masha is Peter. Am I you put with Sam, please?

It must be authorized first.

They may know what is flashing before his death.

It is trash TV. I I do not want to participate.

And you, whereas you have to fall know in which direction you land.

Face first so there are no surprises.

I want to see who is going to kill me.

It would be the floor.


Thank you.

Yes? - It's me.

He'll do it.

Well, stay there.

I will be there.

Well, I'll see you there.

Why did you do that?

You have your story.

And what about the pictures?

That was not part of the deal.

I need those pictures, Johnny Solo.

I need to know who he is.


Damn, damn ...

Hi, partners!


Good good.

Do you know them all?

Hello, partner.

Do you think that we would track your stench?

Pete and I were just talking.

You know? I was just telling you this for you.

And you know, all this It has nothing to do with you.

It was just a joke, huh Pete?

The told me everything I recorded.

It's fascinating.

Do you want it? You can keep it.

Here you go.

Where are you going? Sitting.


I call upon all men of Mafreddi.

His name was Burke.

He's waiting for me now.

It has millions of dollars with him.

Yes, we met Burke.

We've brought the money.

A bag full.

We got a set, Johnny Solo.

We can not allow that.

Okay, look.

If I get shot, neighbors heard.

They call the police.

I do not think so.

Do not shoot me, please.

I can give you money, here same on my computer.

I have an account, I can transfer the money.

He has an account in the Cayman Islands.


What is up to us?

I know the password.

How much? - I can give you 100 grand.

More than 150,000 gave him.

But you know nothing.

We do not know, I never saw us.

And if we hear anything from you.

We'll find you.

And we'll kill you, understand?

I promise, I will not talk.

Just a moment.

I did, and ready.

Here it is, see it.

The confirmation number, they see him? It is there.

Looks good. - Okay.

Thank you. - No, no.

That stays here.

Oh yeah.

No problem.

Have a good life. - Thank you thank you very much.

There are $ 250.000 in that laptop, is it enough for you?

Oh, my God, yes.

I do not know what to say.

Thank you thank you.

We trusted you, Solo.

You are greedy. - Yes.

We can speak well.

It is not too late yet we can work together.

I'll have a drink and we ...

You know? can we...

Back! Back! Hands up!

Only, what are you doing? - Shut.

I'm going to shoot, I swear. I'm crazy.

I'm crazy.

Weapons and keys, slowly.

Solo, do you have a plan?

Do not trust others, make sure the money is there in the car Grace.

Yes, I'm Johnny Solo, bitch.

What are you doing? Let her go.

Let her go.


That good shot.

That's the shit the one I'm talking about.

That is, the Karma comes.

And he blew the ass to this cocksucker.

Come on, if only karma he blew the ass ...

We'll fuck them all.

No, because I started the redemption process.

Is there a process of redemption?

Of course, the way here ...

I made a promise to God ...

That would change.

I wrote on a paper as a contract.

And when I thought I would break the contract Only he died, now tell me that shit.

Come explícamela.

You tell me that all people in the world ... all this bad shit happens?

Do you think ...?

God took your time to look down right now ...

He said: "I'll leave someone duller Johnny Solo, Roman no need to do that. "

Want to believe that?

All I'm saying is ... that if I had not just caught Grace, and he was not here ... we did not have this conversation.

Yes, you're right, we did not have This conversation, however ...

If all this does not happen ..

Johnny will die just yet, we will kill him anyway.

Anyway, she died today.

That's not karma.

It's fate.

She is fine?

Yes, but we have to get out of here.

Would you like to hold?

What are you going to do?

I have money, passport ...


OK sweetie.

I hope you find what you're looking for.

Anthony Rizzo.

Thank you.

No problem, man.

Have your part? - Yes.

Keep tabs, we will use one day.

If it is okay. Take care.