Assault on Precinct 13 (2005) Script

Listen to me. What are we talking about, really?

Getting high? No. We're talking about a journey, man.

A subconscious safari.

A mental expedition, okay? A mind trek.

This planet has been raped, pillaged and fucked, all right?

And the mind is the only uncharted territory... and this shit is the ship.

It's the Niņa, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, and you are fucking Magellan.

Oh, fuck! I spilled some!

So, what do you say, my Serbian motherfucking friend?

Do you wanna take a trip or do you wanna sit on your ass?

Yeah, okay, Napoleon, let's see what you got.


That dog is really creeping me out, man. It's a big fucking dog.

It makes my girl very uneasy. I don't really like dogs.

The pooch was not invited.

You don't talk about my fucking dog, okay? I handle it.

Can you tie it up or something? He do what I say.

Once I show him who's boss, with a few treats and some smacks.

Good boy. Here's treat.

He knows who's boss, yes? Shit, man! Hey, hey, I got a dog, too.

Yo, Tony! I love this guy. He works his ass off for piss.

All right, once I show him who's boss with some few smacks and some treatsies.

You got that? You got a smoke? No, no, I'm fucking out. I told you.

Are you giving me some static? No.

You giving me the hairy eyeball? You Irish fucking pig!

Fuck! H uh? See?

I got my dog, too.

Here you go, dog.

Are you guys in? Are you in? Fuck you!

What's your fucking lackey saying? He say that he knows your dog.

My dog?

He say that your dog testify at his brother's trial three years ago.

Oh, shit.

He also say that your dog is not even a fucking dog.

He's a dirty, fucking pig!

And I believe him.

Oh, God!

Fuck! Call for backup! Call for backup! U nit 17 requesting backup.

You okay? Fourth floor, one suspect.

Yeah, I'm all right. Come on!

Good dog. Good dog. Shit! Shit!

All right, Coral, you take that back stairwell there.

Got it. Tony, come on.

Come on. Oh, shit. Okay.

You take this hallway on the right. All right.

I'll take the left. Got you.

Can't believe that cocksucker shot me.

Let's go.


Tony! Tony?

Oh, shit.

Officer down! I repeat, officer down!

Suspect on north stairway! I'm going after him!

And where the fuck is my backup?



Shit. Shit. Shit. Help me!

I'm a police officer! Help me! Call an ambulance!

Shit. Shit. Call an ambulance!



Yeah. Shit, yeah.

No, no, no. I'm up. I'm up. I'll be right there. All right. Bye.

Hi. Good morning, buddy.

Come here, shithead. Come here.

Good morning.

It's cold, people.

Detroit"s gonna have a white New Year"s this year... because we"re getting hit with yet another storm.

No shit. Sports coming up.

This kind of sex... is evolutionary instinct, gentlemen.

Example, Tiger Stadium. Bleachers empty, except me and a friend.

We always get it on whenever and wherever we can.

No one saw us except for the left fielder. Let's just say he enjoyed the show... and, well, I didn't mind the audience.

Impulsive sex is in our genes, boys. Don't deny yourselves.

I gotta go jump in the snow to cool my shit off.

Have a good New Year, I. You, too, babe.

That animal is your type, Iris. Probably an ex-con.

You two should hook up. Shit. Fuck off, Carlyle.

We were just talking about acting on impulses with no guilt.

Don't get angry, I. You only bed criminals. Everyone knows that.

Which is unfortunate for me, because I am in love with you.

I don't bed criminals. I fuck bad boys. Big difference.

I just hope I don't have to become a fucking ax murderer to prove I'm worthy.

What the hell is this? Fun and games?

Buzz kill.

Does anybody work around here anymore?

Hey, Sarge, you're late.

Happy New Year. Hey, you're pissing me off.

Get out of here before I give you something to do.

I think you boys don't wanna get stuck with us here tonight.

Bye, boys. I'll see you guys at the new precinct.

Happy New Year, Iris. Later, Iris.

Stuck? That's not very nice, boss.

You're right. I apologize. You're lovely and amazing... and it's my honor to spend New Year's Eve with you.

You're a sarcastic prick, aren't you?

We are going to have a good time tonight, boss.

We officially shut down at midnight, but all calls are being diverted... so we might as well be closed now.

We could start getting fucked up real early!

All right, not too early, all right? We still gotta pack this shit up.

Not much. All the computers are gone, most of the gear.

Now, come on, Sarge. It's my favorite holiday.

I even put on my very special, sexy holiday boots.

Even though we're here, I wanna do it right. How could you possibly do it wrong?

Never take for granted the greatest power of all.

The power to choose.

Consider the choices you have made in the past.

And when they led you astray. Faith, in times of opposition... will lead to your salvation, for often the easy way... will lead only to temptation.

Think of consequences... and cherish your power to choose the righteous path.

You figure I'd be more liable to tell the truth with God watching.

If you believe in God, Mr. Portnow.

You don't? Never met a brother who didn't have faith.

I've stood in front of dozens of men... who were all staring death in the face.

Every single one of them begged for God's help.

After seeing all those pleas go unanswered...

I lost my faith.

And know that promise lies ahead.

If we believe His word.

So, what's the what?

My answer is this.

And in the day of rebellion, I tell them, "Go forth. "


Hold your head high...

I guess we're done here.

This day is the first day...

What'd you think, I was gonna let you walk out of here with the crowd for protection?

Get the fuck up. Walk in front of me.


Hold it right there!

Freeze, Bishop! Drop your weapon!

Drop it now, motherfucker!

We're here at the new Precinct 21... where one of the city's most powerful crime figures, Marion Bishop... is being held in the alleged murder of an undercover police officer.

Bishop, notorious for his brutal execution methods... earns untold millions from his various criminal operations in the Detroit area.

Bishop's crew.


Come on.

Now is not the time.

I'm Lieutenant Holloway.

Marcus Duvall, Organized Crime and Racketeering Squad.

This is my team. I know who you are.

Sorry about your man. Where is this son of a bitch?

I don't spend one night, not one night inside... and we both know why.

You do whatever you have to do to get me out of here.

Do you understand?

That guy's a cop killer.

J udge hands down bail...

I swear to Christ, I'll...

No arraignment 'cause of the holiday.

Bishop spends two days inside until he has a chance to make bail.

Don't worry, Cap. We got him. We ain't gonna fucking let him go.

Happy New Year!

Come on, man, there's only three of us here.

Yeah, well, one of us is Irish. My God, look at this thing.

That's gotta be older than me. You'll never take me alive, G-man!

Look at this room.

Boy, there's got to be evidence in here... from some of my first busts back in the day.

They got rid of all the Civil War stuff. Hey, that's so funny.

Don't quit the day job, all right?

Sarge? Yeah?

Your Friday appointment's here.

Are you kidding me?

Any feelings of anxiety lately? Yeah.

Two words. The Lions.

They give me a lot of anxiety.

Please stop avoiding my questions, Sergeant.

Are you still taking the painkillers?

Come on, Doc.

I mean, even you have got to be getting a little bored of these conversations.

Why don't we talk about the real reason... that you would come down here on New Year's Eve... in the middle of this storm?

Okay. Let's see. We had an appointment.

I think the real reason is you're in love with me.

I can see it in your eyes. Interesting.

That's why you come wearing these fancy clothes.

It's very flattering, but I think you should stop denying it, you know?

I hear... No, I hear you. You're right. You're right. You're right!

My face obviously betrays me.

I didn't get dressed up like this... because I'm going to a New Year's Eve party later tonight. Oh, no.

No, Sergeant. This was all for you.

A form of seduction. Is it working?


I'm glad.

Okay, well, we'll have to finish this conversation another time.

What is this thing you got? Hey, hey, hey that's mine.

All right, relax. I don't care about the file.

So, you got a desk job at Precinct 21, I see.

Oh, Jesus H. Christ. You don't quit, do you?

How do you feel about it?

How do I feel about it? It's no big change.

So, I guess the new year's not bringing anything different for you.

How's your leg, by the way? I noticed you weren't limping anymore.

What's that supposed to mean? It's just an observation.

Five years of undercover work and now this. Wow!


You must be itching to get back on the streets.


Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you.

I'll see you at the new precinct. God, you know, I cannot wait.

I'd walk you out, you know, but I just have so much...

I know the way, thank you. So much to do.

Jake, you should see this.

And now, Lieutenant Marcus Duvall... that's Officer Ray Portnow's superior, is coming out of...

Hey, that's Duvall. Good cop. Good man.

...notorious crime kingpin Marion Bishop in custody.

That man is in hell right now.

...responsible for the slaying, the fifth in Motor City this year alone.

Hey, you okay, Jake?

We'll have more details on this story as they become available.

Everybody in the bus. You know what a bus looks like.

New Year's Eve in a house with a thousand doors. How about that?

You'll be sitting in that cell of yours.

You're gonna want some champagne and you're not gonna get any.

No. No, no, Dick Clark's Happy Rocking New Year's Eve.

Losers. I ain't no loser, baby, all right?

I'm just trying to exist 'cause my people lack the power to consume... what the media emphasizes in society, so I'm forced to take shit that ain't mine.

Simply how it is. What? Beck, your eyes are red.

How come, you been snorting, you been drinking?

I don't know, your eyes are glazed. What, you been eating doughnuts?

Is that what it is? That's funny. Pretty original, too.

Is it funny, motherfucker? Where'd you read that? In a comic book?

Get in the fucking back...

Round them up.

Well, we won't need that anymore.

All right, boys and girls. We must raise our glasses in a toast.

A toast to this old shithole before they tear it down.

I got a terrible feeling I'm gonna miss this place.

Of course, not as much as I'm gonna miss you two.

What are you talking about? I have news, boys and girls.

Old school here is retiring.

You're kidding. I'm packing it in.

J ust like this place. Congratulations, Jasper.

But why didn't you tell us? I just got the word officially.

Anyway, here's to this old shithole. Here's to me and here's to my new life.

Cheers. Cheers.


And now, little lady, may I have this dance... to celebrate my retirement, huh?

Come on.

Don't go away, maybe you'll learn something.

One more. There you go.

We never should've left in this shit.

Shit. What do you mean?

Their captain didn't want these scumbags in there.

Wanted to give his men more time off for the holiday.

You're Marion Bishop. Marion Bishop.

Chief, head cheddar and whatnot, baby.

You know, I heard about you getting shot five times, man.

Five fucking times.

What was it, your left shoulder, your stomach... upper back, lower back, right hip? Ain't that a bitch?

You didn't wanna die though, right, 'cause you're a persistent motherfucker?

You're like the black Rasputin and whatnot. I'm serious, man.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Beck.

I'm an entrepreneurial motherfucker like yourself, slash lawyer, slash...

Got any openings, man? Throw me a bone or something?

Hey, what the fuck's going on, man?

Pump the brakes, God damn it!

Don't slam them! Shut the fuck up!

Hey, Ray Charles, slow this motherfucker down, man!

Officer Balls and Officer Cock.

Eye contact, man. Eye contact. Let me tell you something.

The Constitution requires that the state provide secure...

Sit down. ... incarceration.

I'm just saying that I'm feeling pretty fucking unsafe.

Shut the fuck up.

Transport 1121, this is Dispatch.

Transport 1121, Dispatch. Go.

We're gonna have to reroute you to Precinct 13 until the storm breaks.

No problem. What's going on, Dispatch?

There was an injury accident on the Parkway 101.

We're getting everyone off the road. You'll stay at 13 until further orders.

They've already been advised. Copy.

13, what a piece of shit. I don't care.

J ust glad to get out of this.

Well, how about this for a New Year's present?

That scumbag, Bishop, is hand-delivered to us!

I'm gonna get some righteous payback from that skel for Ray Portnow.

What are you doing here? What?

I've heard so much about this Bishop guy over the years. I wanna see him.

I thought you gave up bad boys. Get back inside.

It's not the New Year yet, Sarge.

You must be Roenick.

No offense, officer, but I'm pretty fucking perturbed about this.

We're closing down. We're short-staffed.

Central said we park here overnight until the road's clear.

You got a problem with that, call it in.

Yeah, I already tried. All right, I'll give it another shot.

Jake, come on. Jake, you're not gonna send these guys back out in that weather.

Now, look. We'll lock them up and we'll let them be. No problem.

All right, fine, fine, but they're your responsibility.

I don't wanna hear jack shit about them or from them.

Let's go. Inside. Bring them in. Come on, bring them in!

Interesting cast.

Yeah, we got a female gangbanger... who swears she never committed a crime in her life.

This guy here specializes in counterfeit merchandise.

Need a fake Rolex, he's your man.

Some junkie who robbed a deli.


Allegedly. He's still riding on a high right now.

And the star of the show. He needs no intro. You know his credits.

Sarge... when it rains, it snows. Got another freaking guest.

How's your car? Won't move.

Must've walked two miles in this damn weather.

I'm soaking. Look at me. Well, thank God you're not hurt.

So, how did you enjoy your file? Oh, yeah, yeah, you dropped this...

Oh, really? I dropped it? That's strange, because I was sure that you took it.

Definitely dropped it.

That's disappointing.

If you had stolen it, it would've been the first time... you were taking a proactive interest in your therapy.

And you know it's a bunch of bullshit. So, you read it?

Yeah, I fucking read it.

Did you steal it? You know I stole it, all right, you know.

And stop being so goddamn happy about it, Dr. Sabian.

It makes me sick.

"I think he's hiding behind his injury. He's not really hurt.

"Jake Roenick no longer considers himself a cop. "

What kind of bullshit is that, huh?

You think I'm scared? That's what it is, right? You think I'm scared.

If you've read further on, you would see that's not what I think.

All right, well, then tell me what it is that you think, Dr. Mrs. Mindfuck?

What is it that you think I'm hiding from?

I'm not gonna explain myself to you if you're gonna act like a child, excuse me.

Run away.

We both know you can't handle this shit 'cause you want to fuck me.

Sergeant, if I wanted to fuck you, it would've happened already.

Gotta learn to control yourself, Doc.

It's affecting your work, you know? It's very unprofessional.

Don't try to discredit me because you're afraid I may be right.

Right? Yes.

About what? Come on.

Tell me what it is you think I'm hiding from... and then I'll tell you whether I think you're right.


I believe that the prospect of responsibility has rendered you impotent!

Lmpotent? Yes.

And that's why you're working at this old precinct behind a desk.

Look, I'm injured, all right? That's why I'm here.

Bullshit! You feel responsible for the death of your team eight months ago... and that's why you're here!

I didn't do anything wrong. A board of inquiry cleared me.

That's right. You didn't do anything wrong.

But it was your decision that sent them down the left hallway and not the right... out the front door and not the back!

And you don't want to make decisions like that again.

Yeah, so? Yeah, maybe you're right.

What, you want a medal?

So, now you're hiding behind that desk... and behind that liquor in your drawer... and those pills in that stupid little matchbox.

But there's still one life you're responsible for, no matter where you go, you know?

Oh, let me guess. My own? Yeah, your own.

And if you don't start taking care of yourself... you're never gonna be the cop you used to be.



Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish, Bish!

All right.


Bish, Bish. Bish, just check it out. Check it out, man.

Puerto Rican guy and a black guy in a car. Who's driving?

The cops.

You're killing me, man. You're killing me. That was... That was...

We had something. Did you feel that?


This jail shit ain't for Smiley.

This is definitely out of Smiley's essence.

Who the fuck I'm Smiley. Is Smiley? Me, I'm Smiley.

Look, I'm facing a lot of jail time here. I didn't do shit to be up in this bitch.

They looking for my sister and they picked me up.

I ain't never committed a crime in my motherfucking life!

Right, right.

What, you still waiting for that tow truck?

It's not gonna come.

Oh, shit. It's almost time, people.

Bish, how you get in the life, man?

For me it was... I wanted this bicycle. I was always praying for it, right?

And God, in all his wisdom, decided not to give it to me... so I stole it and then I asked him to forgive me after that... but that was the beginning, man. I could never stop after that shit.

That was... It was over for me.

All right.

Okay. Okay. 20...

19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14...

13, 12, 11...

10, 9, 8, 7... Listen to them trying to demoralize us.

...6, 5, 4...

3, 2, 1! Happy New Yearl You gonna do it? I'm doing it.

Look at him.

All jacked up and shit, sweating out his fucking ass.

Looking like fucking Mike Tyson in a spelling bee.

What, you two slandering me? You slandering me?

I'll give you some free advice. Don't.

Yo, why don't you leave her alone, you fucking junkie?

Leave her the fuck alone. Who's talking to you, man?

Yeah, but I'm talking to you. So, what's the problem?

What was that? You heard me.

Who the fuck are you pushing, man? I'll smack the smack out of you!

All right, man.

Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

...motherfucker up. That's it, you freaking little bitch-ass punk!

I'll fuck you up!


Hey, you fucking animals!

What the hell?

Who the hell you pushing on?

What the fuck?

Get off. Oh, shit! What's that?


Won't you fucking monkeys keep it down for Christ's sake.

Hey, stop yelling, you fucking animals! It's only New Year's...

Who the fuck are you?

What's going on down there?

Hey, Rosy!

I'm all right.

Are you all right? Stay with him. Stay with him.

Get us out of here! Get us out of here, man!

Iris, get in here! Get in here!

What the fuck is going on?

Son of a bitch!

J ust keep breathing! What the hell is going on?


Oh, man! Come on.

Come on. Come on. Hang on. God damn it!

Look at that.

Rosy, yeah, that's right.

Talk to me, God damn it! Talk to me!

Keep breathing, God damn it! Rosy!



How is he? Is he all right?

"Is he all right?" He's dead for Christ's sake!

That's how all right he is! God damn it! Fucking Bishop!

It was his guys. They're trying to bust him out of here!

You son of a bitch!

Come on, get us out of here!

Get us out of here, man. Come on. All right, relax! All right, relax!

The threat is over! Look, get us out of here!

Calm down! The threat is over.

You fucking kidding me, Sergeant?

Oh, I know. I know. Take it easy, come on. How's he doing, Iris?

I'm sorry about your partner. We just moved him to an office.

Oh, shit. He needs a doctor fast.

Why wasn't there an alarm on your back door?

That alarm hasn't worked in months. They're still out there.

Some kind of a truck out there in the forest. It's not moving.

Are you kidding me? They must have assumed we'd call for backup.

I'm having a little problem here. The phones aren't working.

Sure, they cut the wires.

The storm could've taken the phones out.

Bullshit. Those are Bishop's guys out there. They cut the wires.

J ust try the radios! Forget it. Frequencies are blocked.

The frequencies are blocked? That's not easy to do.

Well, they must've got professional help then... because all the frequencies are blocked.

They probably screwed up your cell phones, too.

I'm not getting a signal.

Neither am I. What the hell is this? I told you! They're Bishop's guys out there!

They're gonna break him out of here one way or another.

Maybe somebody heard the gunshots and will come check it out.

Nothing out there but factories. No, no. I don't buy any of that.

They, whoever they are, are gone.

And if they did hear the gunshots, they're gonna think they're fireworks.

They don't give a shit about me and I'm going. Thank you!

Oh, my God.

What the hell is happening here?

This is a fucking police precinct for God's sake!

Jesus Christ!

Sarge, if you're all right, you better take a look at this.

They're surrounding the place. It's a goddamn siege.

I am not supposed to be here. Not supposed to be here.

I'm not supposed to be here.


Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire! It wasn't gunshots.

Bishop. I told you. Those are Bishop's troops out there.

They're taking him out of here tonight, no matter what!

This doesn't make any sense. This is a police precinct!

Shut the fuck up, Doc. You said that already.

All right, look. Everybody just listen up.

Maybe they're trying to give us a way out of this.

Let's just give them what they want. Let them have Bishop and it's all over.

Nobody else gets hurt! Not a bad fucking idea.

No, we can't let that scumbag gangster, a cop killer... walk out of our precinct! It's not an option!

I'm trying to defuse this situation.

You got a wounded cop over there! I already said no!

What in God's name are we supposed to do then, Sergeant?

They're getting ready to storm the fort here. I don't think so, all right?

I think they're just trying to scare us into giving up Bishop.

They're doing a damn good job.

You see this blackout, this is the kind of shit that deflates human smugness... about the government's so-called miraculous technologies, doesn't it?

Shove it up their lying, corporate fucking asses.

This ain't no blackout, junkie. Something suspect is going on.

I wanna know what the funk it is.

I know it hurts, but we just got to get you away from these windows.

All right. All right. Hell of an attack scenario.

They've blinded us. They can see 20/20.

Jasper, you got those flashlights?

I don't know where the fuck they are!

Everything's been packed.

Roenick! Get down! Get down!

Jasper, get the blinds!

All right. All right.

Yeah, we're perfectly safe now.

These are just scare tactics, all right?

They don't know how much firepower we have or don't have.

They're not gonna come in here again. It's too risky.

What about us getting out there, Sergeant?

I need help real bad.

I need it.

Let's barricade up these doors and windows... and I'll figure out how to get some help in here.

What are you doing this for, Jake?

Nobody gives a shit anymore about anything.

We can end this right now. I can't let a murderer walk out of here.

Can't do that.

I'll get us out of this, Jasper, I will. I promise.

You got almost no chance out there, buddy.

That cop in there dies if I don't try.

You keep the place locked down until I get some help.

All right.

I'd better cover from the front windows. I can see the truck better from there.

Keep your head down.



Oh, shit!

I found this on our friend out there.

Fuck it. Fact or fiction? You pulled a guy's spine out once, didn't you?

You a surgeon?

I heard that bullet you took in your belly is still lodged in there rattling around.

I bet you it's causing you a lot of intestinal issues.

Right? Right, man?

Bishop, I need to talk to you.

So, I just killed a man.

H is name was Danny Barbero.

A cop. A cop who works for Ray Portnow.

The man you killed.

So, tell me why cops are risking their lives to get to you, Bishop?

Why should I answer that question?

Because I'm thinking about sending you out to the wolves... and saving my own ass if you don't.

I assume you know who I am, Sergeant. You're a scumbag gangster.

And one of my scumbag partners in crime is your fellow officer, Marcus Duvall.

Marcus Duvall and his entire team.

We used to split things 50-50. Marcus got greedy. He wanted more.

So, you killed Ray Portnow? After he tried to kill me.


They're here to execute me because if I make it to court... every single one of them goes to jail for the rest of their days.

How many cops are involved in this?

I can't say exactly, but the blood money runs through your entire department.

I bet they're all here now and they can't allow me to leave this precinct alive.

They can't allow any of us to leave here alive.

Now that we all know it's them out there.


Poor guy, he never had a chance. Anyone know if he had any family?

Someone's coming! Shit, someone's coming!

Someone's coming. All right. Jasper.

H it squad, Sergeant.

They're here for all of us. Me?

All of us. You especially.

Fuck you, dealer. This is all your fault.

Those are your brethren out there, old man, not mine.

Don't compare me with your scumbag friends out there.

If it was up to me, I'd kick your ass out the door.

I'd like to see you come try it.

Yeah, sure. You'd love to kill another cop today, wouldn't you?

Only you.

They'll be coming on strong now.

Why? Why? Why are cops coming to kill us?

They need to kill him... before he fingers them in court.

They need to kill us, too, now that we know it's them.

Oh, my God.

So, here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna take positions all around the precinct... and we're gonna hold them off until dawn.

Iris, Alex, you know how to use a firearm?

No. No.

Why don't you give me one of them guns, Sergeant?

I'll help you fend off the black hats.

Oh, shit. Men are here. Good.

What a fucking mess this is.

I know.

I'm looking at this as a matter of simple mathematics.

If we walk and those eight people survive... then 33 lives are destroyed.

The lives of my men and their families.

People I'm responsible for.

People I...

People I love.

I don't see any other way, Marcus.

The blood trail leads right back to us. We have no choice.

We go through this... we are gonna have to live with this for the rest of our lives.

But you know something, Mike?

I could live with that... more than I could live with a cellmate.

Once we step outside... those people are no longer civilians or cops.

We got to put them all down.

Without pause, without regard.

1, 024.

2, 048.

4, 096.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The complex problems force me to concentrate... neutralizing any feelings of fear I have at a given moment.

I hide behind its structure.

You're gonna be all right, Doc.

No. You don't know that. You don't know that.

You're so calm.

Thank you so much. Thanks.

You don't have to do this. Yes, I do. I do.

If I'm gonna die, at least I should die gracefully.

How are you keeping it together?

I just think about living.

I want to live as opposed to I don't want to die.

That, and I keep telling myself, everybody's gonna make it this time.

We both know what could happen here, Sergeant.

Safety off. Right.

All right. Wake up.

Wake up. Wake up.

All right, already. Come on. Get up.

Come on.

Look... here's the deal.

Those men that came in here, they're still outside.

And I have no idea how many there are... or what they're prepared to do.

Don't sweat it, man. There's nothing you can do.

You can't stop Bishop's people.

Go ahead, Sergeant. Tell them.

They're not Bishop's people.

They are police officers. What? Po-po popping each other?

That's the fuckingest shit I ever seen.

This shit ain't Smiley's fight, man.

Let Smiley go, man. Let me go.

Shit, I totally figured it out.

Assassination politics, right?

By your government-sanctioned thugs abusing their authority again, man?

Who's gonna save us from your corrupt brethren, Sarge? You?


I'm gonna do my best to protect you. All right? All of you.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I feel real safe, man.

Oh, shit.



What the fuck is going on now?

Get down!


What happened to the fucking window?

Cover the front. All right.

I'll be right back!

The window, Sergeant! The window! Look out! Look out! Shoot him.

Shoot him again, man! Shoot him again. Shoot him! He's not dead!

Man down. Denied entry.

You gotta get us out of here, man. Smiley feels very fucking unsafe.

It's scary. I'm scared to death.

You can't leave us here like fucking live bait, man. Come on.

Think about it. We're hostages. Please, don't leave us here.

I know. They could come for us. Come on, man.

Come on. You can't do that. Think about it.

Can't leave us here, man. Please. Come on, man.

You can't leave us here as fucking animals to fucking die. Come on.

Smiley's scared shitless, man. Please. We're nothing. We're sitting ducks here. Please.

Come on. Don't leave us like this, man.

All right, choose a weapon. Anything you see.

Tell me again why we should help your little, skinny, white ass?

'Cause if you don't, you'll die.

No resistance. Advancing to the front door.

We're going in.

Spread out across the precinct.

Stop anything that approaches.

We might make it through this night. Christ Almighty. What are you doing?

You can't trust these people. What the hell are you doing?

You're supposed to be covering the front. God damn it!

Come on.



25, 027.

All right. J ust hold the front.

And don't move this time!

Million, three hundred thirty... thousand, five hundred and eight.

You fucker!

I can't believe you make me your defendant, you son of a bitch!

Make me set bail.

You all right?

I feel better. I'm better.

Shit, I got mine, baby. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Come on, you motherfuckers. Come on. Run.

Come on.

Come on. Yeah. There you go, secretary.

Jesus Christ.

All right. They're pulling back!

You all right?

He saved me. She's fine.

Yo, there is nobody out there in the front. Them motherfuckers running scared.

All right. I drove them back, baby. I drove them back.

We're gonna have a red-raw revolution on our hands, man.

All right. Good job. Good job. Good job.

Maybe they'll leave for fucking good now.

They're not going anywhere.

Put that goddamn weapon down.

Old man, you do not wanna point that weapon at me.

That is not a bright thing to do.

Put that goddamn weapon down slowly, then back away from it, all of you.

Jake, get their weapons. Take their weapons.

Ain't this a bitch. We saved your asses. Now you wanna turn on us?

Yeah, well, thank you for that, sweet cheeks. Now, put your weapon down.

The problem is outside, not inside. Put the gun down, Jasper.

No. You know what the problem is? That we criminals got rights, baby.

That's right. We got rights to be protected... against assault under any circumstances. That's right.

And if you can't provide that, well, fuck you, we will.

You're a fucking psycho.

Jesus Christ, Jake. What? Are you gonna trust these freaks?

The first chance they get to blow our brains out, they'll try to make a break for it.

They need us as much as we need them.

We all gotta start trusting each other, right now... if we're gonna make it through this night.

Put the gun down, Jasper.

Put the goddamn gun down.


Shit. I fucking knew it. All right.

All right.

Now, let's all introduce ourselves to each other.

It's New Year's Eve. Let's turn over a new leaf.

All right. Well, let's not all fucking speak at once.

The name's Smiley. And I'm a Libra, and...

I'll handle these jokers... you handle your people, maybe we get out of here tonight.

He armed his prisoners.

It's a smart play.

Must be at least eight guns in there now.

J ust a couple hours till the sun's up. If we can't breach, what do we do?

Get the AV-5 here. Are you sure about that?

Yep. I'm not taking any more chances.

It's gonna take a while in this weather.


What the fuck do we do if it doesn't arrive in time?

We'll have to think of some other way of ending this.

You either flirting with me or clocking my game 'cause you don't trust me.

I don't like your beady little eyes all over my goodies, so turn the fuck away.

You're manipulative, weak knees, and that sexy copper complexion.

You're definitely an Aries, baby. You're pretty good.

Smiley thanks you.

You and me got something in common, you know that?

'Cause you coming down off some shit, ain't you?

Don't be ashamed, man. Don't be ashamed.

What's your poison?

Seconal to bring me down. Adderall to bring me back up.

You gotta get up to get down. Oh, yeah, baby. Oh, yeah.

All right. That's enough. I mean, come on. Let's pay attention.

I want a cigarette so bad.

Stupid New Year's resolutions.

Hey, gangster, you make any resolutions?

What do you think, secretary?

Oh, my God. I can't stop thinking about sex.

I mean, I usually think about sex a lot, but this is crazy.

Well, sex and death are very closely related.

The Greeks called it Eros and Thanatos, love and death.

Or sex as a way of nullifying thoughts of dying.

What's your deal, gangster, huh? You actually been shot five times?


You really pull a man's spine out?

It was an Adam's apple.

You ever get into a tussle, secretary... you grab a man by his throat.

Dig it? And then you squeeze.

I guarantee you he will drop. He will not get up for quite some time.

Oh, God. It's really quiet out there now.


That's what worries me.

We're not gonna make it till morning.

Marcus Duvall will not allow it.

We've got eight people covering six entry points.

If we work together, all right, we will make it.

Look at it this way. That's me out there.

You think I'd let you survive until the morning?

We don't have a lot of options here. Well, we got to figure something.

'Cause I'm not gonna stay here all night, waiting to get killed.

If you use the situation to try and escape, it's about me and you...

'cause when this is over, you're going back to jail.

Relax, Sergeant. Relax.

This ain't about me and you. Not yet.

Our shit's on pause, huh? Yeah. Our shit's on pause.

You saved my ass back there.


Everyone in here is my responsibility. It's my job.

That's noble. U nfortunately, I don't share the sentiment.

I see a cop in jeopardy, he's on his own... unless it benefits me to jump in for the save.

Listen. I don't try to be anything I'm not.

That ain't gonna change. I don't care what day it is.

You remember that, Sergeant.

Hey. Someone's coming.

Oh, God. It's Capra, Sarge!

You know this guy? He's a cop. He works here.

They'll execute him.


Yeah. Drive. Drive!

Oh, my God. He's gonna make it.

He still has to get by the sniper.

Come on, Capra!

He's still moving. They didn't get him yet.

What... Where are you going?

Come on. Come on.

Come on! Come on, Capra!

Come on!

What the fuck is going on?

Who's fucking shooting at us, Sarge?

Who the fuck are all these people?

What are you doing here, Capra?

What are you doing here?

It's New Year's Eve. I knew you'd be here alone.

I came to have a drink with Iris.

Oh, God. You picked the wrong night to make your move, baby, believe me.

You know, that's really sweet.

That's really sweet, but, unfortunately, I don't believe a fucking word of it.

Put that goddamn weapon down, you psycho. He works here.

I don't care that he fucking works here, man. He could be a plant.

No, Jasper. Put the gun down, all right? Let's not start that again, all right?

He comes here in the guise of courting that lady. It's a fucking ingenious plan.

They get one of their boys in here... and then take us out one by one by one. Come on. Tell them.

They shot at him. Oh, yeah.

All right? They shot at him. Yeah.

Oh, but they conveniently fucking missed, didn't they?

The act is a fucking charade.

Come on. Tell them. He's fucking right, Anna.

Isn't it a fucking charade? Do I have a gun?

Do I have a fucking gun? I can't hurt you.

That's not fucking good enough, rat-bitch.

Come on. J ust lock him up, man, so he doesn't do any damage. Come on.

Come on, Roenick. Listen to me, man. We're not locking this man up.

Not in my precinct, all right? I vouch for him.


Okay, but I'm fucking sorry... but your authority has been super-fucking-seded. You understand?

You're not in charge anymore.

Right, Bish? Bish, tell them.

He could be one of them, man, and so fucking easily.

You don't think we see right through you?

Can't fucking believe that shit.

Comes in here playing that game, playing stupid.

You don't think we know?

Right, man? Let's do the math.

Come on. Let's put him away, man, just play it safe, you know?

Put it down.

No, no, no. Come on. Come on, man. Come on.

J ust do the math. Come on. Motherfucker comes in like that, playing...

Come here. Sergeant Roenick is in charge. U nderstand?


Let's go.

Only because I respect you.

But I still say this shit is fucking illogical bullshit, all right?

He may not be who he says he is. J ust mull that shit over.

Think it over. Think it over, man.

Iris, look after Capra. Fill him in on what's going on.

All right, Capra? J ust be cool, so no one else here gets spooked.

Everybody else, back to your positions.

Thank you. Don't. That was self-preservation.

The more men we have, the better chance we stand.

Are you sure you vouch for this man? I do.

Come with me.

You know, I hate to admit it, but Smiley agrees with what you said back there.

Smiley want a fucking medal? Hear me out, man.

Look, we're out of our shackles for what? The last time in the next 15, 20 years?

All right, man. Get to the point. What do you want?

Listen to me, man. Look out that window. That's freedom, baby.

Get what I'm saying?

Look, maybe this New Year's can bring something different for us after all.

Beck like Smiley now.

Eight months ago he loses his team when a deal goes sour.

Problem with drugs and alcohol since the incident.

A burned-out cop. Only a matter of time before he drops his guard.

Watch the truck. They'll eye it as a way out.

What's the word on the AV?

Storm's starting to let up, so it shouldn't be long now.


Someone gets inside, takes off, goes for help.

That's too obvious. We'd need a distraction.

We also need the keys. Your cop said he dropped them in the snow.

I could hot-wire a car.

I thought you never committed a crime in your life?

I haven't. Oh, yeah.

J ust picked up some shit along the way. Hold on.

How do we know she's not just gonna drive out of here and leave us all here to die?

Who the fuck are you, Miss Fucking Little Skirt?

Shake that skinny ass in somebody else's face.

Okay, Anna. No offense, but I'll feel better if somebody goes with you.

Maybe I should go. I promise I'll make her get some help. Scout's honor.

It's either me or Jasper. Can't be.

We need your guns. It's gotta be... Me.

Me. You?

Shoot. Hey, I'll go. I'll do it.

What? It's the only thing that makes sense, right?

Whatever. Whatever the fuck ever. Let's just do this. Come on.

Me and the doc.

Fine. Okay.


It's the right move, Sergeant. I know that.

All right. I'm the doctor, right?

Right. You can handle that? Yes.

You can? I don't know. I don't know.

But I have to try, okay? No. No.

Please. I have to go.

I have to do it.



Those two skels are bugging out, just like I told you they would.

They torched the bus for a diversion, I guess.

Come on!

Jesus. They're gonna get themselves killed. They're dead already.

We can use this.

Very smart.

They knew we'd expect them to make for the car.

Freedom, baby. We did it. Yeah. I told you.

Happy New Year. Now, how are we gonna get the fuck out of here?

Visual on two men. No shot.

Moving to a better vantage.


You sure you wanna do this?

Yeah. All right.


They're fucking shooting! Where'd they hit you, man?

On my shoulder.

Let's go. Come on. Let's haul ass now. Okay. Okay!

Go. You go.

All right. Come on. Come on, baby. Come on.

This was not the plan, man. This was your idea.

Come on. We're so fucking close. Come on.

I think I can still make it.

Come on, man. You can do it.

On target.

36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90, 99...

Come on, man. What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do, man?

Don't make me go at this alone.

Target two locked.

No shot. Have position, but no shot.

36, 45...

What the fuck's up with that multiplication table shit, bitch?

Fuck you! It's freaking me out.

You couldn't hot-wire my ass! You're a liar!


I will bite your little white head right the fuck off!

63, 72, 81, 90! 9, 18, 27, 36, 45...

What is taking so long?

I'm gonna make it for you, man! I'm gonna do this for you!

72, 81, 90, 99... Damn, motherfucker!

What did I tell y'all?

What'd I tell you?

You and your sergeant boyfriend, y'all ain't believe me.

What? Sergeant boy. That's your boyfriend, right?

No. Yeah.

They made it. They're clear!

We made it! We made it!

The skels are dead.

We don't have a goddamn chance, do we?

Sarge. Sarge!

God fucking damn it, the five of us can't hold them back.

They're gonna take out each and every one of us.

What are we supposed to do, Sarge?

What are we supposed to do?

What the fuck are we supposed to do?

I don't know.

What do you wanna do, Marcus?

How many inside?

A hundred.

Answer the question.

You're a brave woman.

What do you want to do with the body, Marcus?

Bishop's men were responsible for all this, remember?

Let's get this thing done.

Time's up, Sergeant.

Last stand.

Your gun would be appreciated.

Why did I let her go?

I know a lot about dying, Sergeant.

There are two ways you can handle it.

With the self-pity or without it.

Fuck you. Get out of my office.

I see you've made your decision.

Sun's almost up.

Whatever Duvall's gonna do, he's gonna do now.

We need to get ready, or we'll be trapped.

Who the fuck asked you?

You know, I've had all the shit I'm gonna take from you, old man.

Hey, fuck you, dealer. No.

Fuck with me.

I should've fucked with you... Enough!

Bishop's right.

Jasper, you just watch the front here. Iris, the cell block.

Capra, you're on. Take the back stairs.

Bishop and I'll roam, covering all the other entrances.


What were you doing by the back door? What were you doing?

What the fuck are you talking about?

I saw you. What did you tell them? Why didn't you let them inside?

What's the plan?

What's going on? You were wrong. He's working for Duvall.

He removed the handcuffs from the back door.

What's the plan? Answer me!


I'm a fucking police officer. I don't have to fucking answer you.

What's the plan, officer?


So it's about you and me now, huh, Sergeant?

It's not about me and you. Not yet.

What were you doing by the back door, Capra?

It wasn't me, Jake.

What's the plan? I wasn't there.

We let him live once. He almost got us killed.

We let him live twice, we deserve to die.

You and I are friends, Jake. You gonna do this to me?

What is the plan? There is no fucking plan!

Don't make me fucking kill you.

What the fuck are you doing to him? Listen. They're coming!

AV-5 getting into position. Ten seconds to target.

What the fuck are they doing up there? What do you think?

Save your ammo.

We don't know where they are.

We need to make a move outside.

That's what they want us to do. Yeah. They'll pick us off, one by one.

Jake, I found a way out. Down in the basement.

All right, Iris, Capra.

All right. Go.

Bishop, I need you.

Come on.

It's an old sewer tunnel. Why didn't you mention it before?

I didn't think of it. We've been a little bit busy.

I don't even know where it goes.

Of course, we can always stay here.

It doesn't matter. Good job, Jasper.

Okay. We need to move. The fire department will be here soon.

There it is.

All right. It's all clear. Everybody up.

Come on, Jasper.


Son of a bitch! Jake! All right. Now... me and the secretary are going bye-bye. You don't follow, she don't get hurt.

You lower your weapons, gentlemen, we can end this on a happy note.

My apologies, secretary.

Apology not fucking accepted.

Hold it right there. Drop your fucking weapons right now.

Down, motherfucker! Down!

Damn it!

Get down!

How the hell did they find us?

Oh, my God. It was Jasper at the back door. You set us up, you motherfucker!

You just killed us, Jasper. No, fuck you, Jake!

God damn it! I told you...

"J ust let them have the son of a bitch. Nobody else gets hurt. "

'Cause I ain't dying for that piece of shit.

Or for you either, Jake.

I thought you were a cop.

Go in the truck, Jas. You don't need to see this.

Bishop, you should've taken that deal.

These men aren't cops, Sergeant. They're criminals.

They're killers, just like me. Ain't that right, old man?

Yeah, that's right. That's right.

You're goddamn right, you son of a bitch!

Not with your weapon.

Give me a clean piece. God damn it! Give me a clean piece!

Close your eyes.

Let him finish it.

Shit! Get down.

The truck! The truck! The truck!


Get them.

You breathing? Good. Okay.

Oh, fuck. J ust act like you're dead, okay?


Fuck you.

You fucking bitch!

Hello, Sergeant.

What the hell are you still doing here?

Marcus Duvall still lives.

For me, this is unacceptable.

So our shit's back on pause. Is that it?


We have a problem.

Duvall and his men can see us. We can't see them.

I'll draw their fire.

Their muzzle flashes'll give away their position.

Don't miss, Bishop.

Run fast, Sergeant.

Call Roenick. Who's Roenick?

H urts like a bitch, doesn't it?

Call Roenick. Tell him I'm dead.

You know me, Marcus. I cannot tell a lie.

Look at you.

When I first approached you 10 years ago, you couldn't look me in the eye.

One of them nervous, God-fearing types.

Now you put a bullet in me, no hesitation.

You're quite the changed man this New Year's, Marcus.

Now, for the last fucking time, call him.

He doesn't have to.

Drop your weapon.

What are you waiting for? Shut up!

Put the gun down, Duvall. What are you gonna do? Shoot me?

Arrest me? You gonna kill a cop?

There's only one cop here.

Now put the goddamn gun down. You're caught.

How many more people are you gonna kill tonight?

As many as it takes.

You make me fucking sick.


So it's about that time, huh?

Looks that way, don't it?


Well, thanks.

For what? You didn't call my name.

That was self-preservation, Sergeant, and it worked.

I told you. I'm not gonna change.

You try to follow me, you'll find out just how true that is.

You're not gonna get very far.

I'll manage.

Well... you take care of yourself, Sergeant.

I will find you.

No other cop. J ust me.



Sarge? Sergeant.

Yeah, Iris. Oh, Christ. Look at you.

It's okay. I told these firemen what's up. They're not leaving us alone.

Not for a second. Okay? All right. Help me up.

We have some questions for you, Sergeant.

Yeah, well, I'd like to get this wound looked at first.

Anybody else out there?

No, man. There's nobody else. J ust me and them.

Let me get you on a stretcher. No. No, man. It's all right.

I'm walking out of here.

So do you think we have to show up at the new precinct tomorrow?

Shit. This is fucking tempting.

No. Don't break your resolution, huh?

Give me one. I didn't make that promise.

You know, Sarge, I didn't even recognize you tonight.

You were like a whole different bad ass, motherfucker back there, huh?

You think so? Yeah.

Well, get used to it.

Happy New Year, Sarge.