Asterix: Le secret de la potion magique (2018) Script


Panoramix? It's all right? Everything is great.

Then why are you lying? - They meditate

Why ...

Do not tell me you fell the tree.

"Get off the tree!" Asterix ...

Ok, obelix. We will help the druid to rise.

"Help me"? Because?

If I want to get up I can do this without your help ...

Children, attention!

The first thing we'll be learning today is to make a potion.

Can I have some? - No, Obelix.

I really have to remind you? When you were little, I fell into the boiler.

Children ... Children do not do today hours, Panoramix was injured.

What you want ?! - I came to ... How to say ...

Snack! - I brought a snack!

I'm not hungry!

Panoramix, do not be ridiculous. If you fell from the tree, be honest and recognize.

Druids do not fall from trees, Asterix.

This is the first condition before you agree to Druid: Do not fall from the trees!

And if a druid stop?

If ... a druid is difficult, this is a bad sign.

As our champion feels? He is coming back?

So many years ... and I did not even a scratch!

Not even a broken leg.

Never! And out of nowhere for no reason ...

Flight this year through the trees ...

How strong I am! How much energy!

Listen! Just a broken bone to stop you, you will return soon.

Mare Toutatis! You are?

You can call me to his secret island, Avalon, where the flowers all year round?

I'm talking about apples! - Apples?

"What apples?" - I heard the word "apples".

Why I chose the deaf The most of us to shoot with the ear?

He proposed. - I'll show you who's deaf!

Even the best they sometimes go out of fashion.

Come on, Panoramix, be serious.

Get up, come back! Do not sit in character to become so vain.

You're right. I should not be in vain.

Finally! It is. Our druid cuts his fate alone.

I have to go back. - Exactly! I'm glad to hear this.

As a druid and old village, I am responsible for everyone.

It is! Then with courage!

They were before me people who have been forced to make difficult decisions.

It is! I do not understand what still beats, but bravo!

I do not need to be the one who knows how to prepare the magic potion.

Ura, bravo! - what?

O homeland?

I'll start looking for a young an apprentice to whom I will trust my secret.

O homeland?

Druids of Gaia, I will choose one who I teach the recipe for magical poetry and who will become the new druid of our village.

For. Just do not We moved the Druid just because ...

We will not change the druid of the village Just because you fell from a tree.

It was so necessary? Go down once and you want to share the secret potion?

Then I will fall from the tree! If it's so simple!

Panoramix, tell me this is a joke?

And bad taste! I said that! I'm talking about a recipe.

What is it? - apples recipe?

Apple pie? - Stop this.

And the recipe? Yes! That's what they said, "recite"!

That's why they locked there, but you're talking about apple pies?

Kitty, you sure you heard right? - Are you sure you is not deaf?

I will never beat a woman Especially one who is deaf husband ...


Be careful!

Perfect! Then you understand to be together all the time.

Yes! - And you're out there!

Obelix! My Pyramid!

Sorry, Panoramix! I wanted to run after ...

You can not touch the pigs, Obelix.

Yes - Pyramid!

I'm definitely not an architect, but still I could try.

That disaster, Obelix ...

Imagine: a magic potion in the hands of a young druid and inexperienced!

If out of the blue it is decided to use the potion for evil purposes?

Or if he loses? So will end with the "invincible gala"!

"End of indestructible Gali"?

You see those kids who are playing at the beach? They are cocks.

Because we always resisted the invaders.

For the children of them also gali, to be able to resist the invaders.

You're absolutely right, Asterix, is a full mission risks.

That's why the bravest fighter of the village should come with me, to make sure that they do not any errors in your choice

"A young druid and inexperienced." I might even pick two fighters.

I have a question.

If the potion is prepared by another druid, I can try?

Take me home, Obelix.

Until the end! The magic potion!

What's with you here? my little friends?

I'm sorry, but no more I say "eat" a lot ...

I understand everything you have before the word "Panoramix" but then ... the connection was interrupted! Repeat, but this time clearer.

Panoramix, one of those follow the Druids.

The whole village gathered to to express their sympathy and support.

You made a difficult decision, druid. Which we support.

Not really ... - We do not have much choice.

Of course, on the other hand, you did not ask for our advice again.

Our views would change the situation?

On here! So we agree with what you decided.

Druidule! I have a question.

Do not you think it would be more correct pass on the secret of the magic potion of a person in our village?

The secret of the magic potion is transmitted only in druid druid, Alfabetix.

I'm sure you already knew that.

You will rely on your store who does not know what you're doing?

It is not even discussed! Trade with fish is serious business!

It takes precision, experience and Last but not least, respect for traditions.

But at the same time, the desire to keep up with the latest innovations.

Looking to the future ...

Finally, what I mean ...


Panoramix ?!

PÊNUREA KARNUT FORBIDDEN NOT DRUGS Are you sure you want does not come with you, Panoramix?

It's forbidden! - But you have a broken leg ...

It is strictly forbidden! Drugs do not play with these things.

You will venture forest with a broken leg?

You do not realize you have problems?

I do not have a choice. Yes, I am alone.

Yes, we seem to have a problem.


Panoramix! I know, I did not have to hide in the boiler.

I wanted to leave early, but fell asleep. Please do not hit!

See this first layout. Is about ...

Pectin? But ... and you here?

And we are far from the village. Not to mention that probably everyone is looking for you.

No, I told everyone he comes with us. what? You knew he was hiding in the boiler? Yes. I saw her when she entered.

What ?! - "And you said nothing?"

Because she asked me not to tell anyone! What do you think, sir?

And what did you say to the village? - "Pectin entered the boiler."

Perfect! Now what should we do? Women are prohibited from entering the forest Karnut!

And I thought that only those who are not druids can not enter.

And women, of course!


I am guilty that the Druids are banning anything?

I am forbidden to drink magic potion, and not make such a fuss!

So after I got a little girl behind us You thought it was more Okay, you did not tell me anything about it?

I wonder who decided Mr. Asterix always know what's going on?

Pectin! Pectin, what you're doing ...

How can you cry when you built such a beautiful model?

Come on, explains how it works.

Do you think she'll let me in, Panoramix?

You have more chances anyway than Asterix or Obelix.

But you still need to cover your hair. And you can change your voice ...

Should I hide the fact that I'm a girl?

Best look like a boy.

And if someone asks me something? - Answer: "pff"!

Pff? Sim. "Pff".

Notice. We're here.

It is normal that no one is here?

No. Something's going on.

You think, Obelix? The Grand Council of the Druids.

The largest Druids of Gaul in one place. What a show!

And what's playing on that show?

So wise men with white hair!

Scientists, philosophers. The greatest minds of humanity.

Hi, Panoramix! old guy what you are!

What is the most important to us? - More recently, maybe break the tree branches!

Look, we have a gift for you. Hang it when you walk through the woods.

"Attention, the Druids fall!"

I waited! Wait, MicroCeramix.

Did not you get my message? I sent you a few pigs.

Yes. They told me you fell. - I fell? That is all?

What do you mean by "that's all?" - That's not enough?

But in connection with the transfer of knowledge, and my successor?

That transfer? What successor?

What else is there old Druid? Explain yourself.

Well ... We were not expecting that.

Are you serious, Panoramix?

Imagine a magic potion in the hands of the devil.

Do you think I got sick when I could have made this decision, Fantasmagorix?

Now I understand why you called the Great Council.

I thought, he called us all here tell us how fell from a tree?

I want you to help me in selecting candidates.

You have a list of the most Qualify young druids?

Now there is no name in my mind ... But we have detailed records. what? What files? - By name ... by category.

But the Druids can write?

No, son, it is forbidden! "From the mouth of the ears of druid druid!"

Clear. Right.

The Panoramix trained you properly. Congratulations. Angry!

Nothing must remain written. Everything exists only in your mind.

But we have to remember that many formulas and recipes.

And the mind has its limits.

The Druids youth are not even under discussion. And we have so many records with them!

Not much.

Some small files. - One or two, three or eight.

Made by us. - Bring them all here!

Seriously now. You fall from the trees we make personal records.

I do not understand how you do not understand, Obelix.

Everyone has a white man?

All? Yes, I think so.

And as it seems?

Obelix ... When I say, "Everyone ... has a white beard" ...

I mean, everyone has his beard. There is a barber for everyone.

Everyone ... has a beard.

Not "everyone has the same beard."

"Those who are not in shape."

Here are those "poor" who have not passed the first stage.

Here, the "good". And here "the best".

As you can see, we broke immediately with those in the "best" battery.

And here "the worst". No. I do not even know how to make a soup with onions.

Give everyone a chance of course it is a noble thing.

Yet our patience also has limits. Do you think you will find "good guy" immediately?

Not up to us No one can take your place.

Anyone can be replaced. - "I totally agree with that."


How are you, guys clear? We have not seen this for some time.

You invented a potion to rheumatism or you are still tortured?

Sulfurix! dare to show his face in Sacred Peaster after all these years?

After all these years, you could however, be more flexible.

Flexible? - Yes, flexible.

Not physically, of course. You're still of age.

Only. Nobody gives me a glass of wine?

Do not get drunk to use his magic is forbidden in this place!

You know it only works on those who are easily influenced.

What do you want from us?

You, nothing. I went because I heard that a successor is needed.

Successor? Whose successor?

Grand Panoramix, of course. That's not what you're talking about here? you ?! What a good joke! - Your right to activate as a druid has been revoked.

You really think the Panoramix you trust the secret of the magic potion?

I think you're kidding.

How about old friend?

You started falling from the trees? Do not you think your clock hit?

You finally understand you are not as indispensable as you thought it was time to transmit their knowledge.

The Panoramix is ​​the greatest of us.

You did.

But I was recognized by all as the most powerful of the Druids. Or have you forgotten that?

If I had a magic potion, I would not be in a village bitter along with 40 elderly!

If you give this potion all the Galia occupied, We could defeat to the Romans! We could stop all the wars in the world!

But the famous Panoramix, of course, want to choose a young disciple, who will follow your orders in full and who will become as selfish as he is!


Ok, let's try the usual method.

Folders, friends, files!

How horrible! Good mixed with the mediocre!

Whoever little graft?

I saw him!

Something unexpected ... and very interesting.



Come on, son, drink to the bottom!

Do not overdo it, however, Otherwise you will shake hands.

You do not want to drink? - Pff!

I do not like the situation.

Sulphurix came from nothing at all.

After all these years. - It is a bad sign.

But who is ... Who is more exactly this Sulfurix?

Thank you for this question.

This gives me the opportunity to tell a long story a mysterious and special effects tone.

Sulphurix and Panoramix since they were However, young people who have demonstrated talent not thus earning the admiration of their professions.

They were inseparable: they were working without stop, invent new technologies ...

In short: The Sulfuxix and Panoramix were two brilliant minds.

About me all that was said was that they are a little greasy.

Atmosferix, then nobody said anything about you.

However, the fact that we remained blocked four times across the door can not be denied.

But ultimately it's not about that now. In a competition of Druids Sulfurix showed the powder to the fire and the judges were surprised.

The Panoramix decided to scream.

He bet on beauty.

And in Bethlehem, what beauty!

His spell was magnificent, ingenious!

Why should I lie to you? I shed a tear.

It was a wonderful example of what it means to be a Druid.

But the judges decided after heated discussions they can not grant an award exercises that do not have an application without practical use.

"It looks good, but it is useless" - they said.

And they gave him the first prize for the Sulphurix.

But Sulphurix career was not what he thought.

The benefits of his magic were getting less until it disappeared completely.

On the other hand, The fame of Panoramix grew:

It has become the most respected druid galica thanks to his magic potion which gives the one who drinks superhuman powers.

Seeing this, the Sulfurix was angry the world And he plunged deeper into the forbidden magic rituals, And disappeared - until today.

Who was? A druid yours?

Thank you for this question.

This gives me the opportunity to tell a long story ...

Hey ... slowly, what the hell is that?

Nobile Panoramix, respectable druid. What an honor!

I let our brother Dear Bazunix to present your student with the hope that you will judge him And you'll find it worthy to be his successor.

Panoramix, he is Beatnix.

I can not figure out which of my colleagues millet recommended Karnut.

I can only say one thing: if it is his successor so I'm Cleopatra. Come on, genius, show him what you can!

I picked up the bottle, you see the contents.

It is a nettle with a rainwater infusion.

In the second bottle I have mixed so many things I will not bother with such details.

Now if everything works well ... Here it is!

Here what? - Here's ... fertilizer for the garden.

The point is when you mix two types of waste the result in most cases is a fertilizer.


So Panoramix? What do you think?

You accept him as a disciple? Yes or ...

Panoramix! My name is ... Jeanpatrix

But Karnut forest I am known as ... Magnetix.


This should not happen. Stay a while ... It's all wrong ...

I fix everything immediately. One second ...

Panoramix, my name is Wildolix.

I made my own elixir inspired by his magic potion.

Look at this guy.

Poor him ... I drink a mouth, will help you.


Let us not ignore! We do not want to bother him.

In the name of Toutatis, what are you doing there?

We decided to accompany him on his journey hoping that our experience help find a successor to the Panoramix.

You are crazy? - Sorry, but we have the right to vote.

Imagine that you choose a jerk. We already have enough home.

Wait, wait ... Who keeps the village?

As a temporary leader of this village, I would like to express my pride ...

Nobody? None? - Almost ...

Only women, children and a composer.

All men left the village. At least that's what they say the spy reports.

Of course, everything is relative. As I say: "Espionage is ...

Senator Tomcruise, shut up! - Okay, but what do we do?

Give orders to the Legion attack the village, to run out of his magic potion.

Hello dear. Caesar Ave.

What does that mean? An attacker! Guards! Guards!

Tell me something, divine Caesar ...

I heard what you said about the famous magic potion, one that offers superhuman power to those who drink it.

Would you like to have this formula?

The poetry of these barbarians? She is herself.

You ... You have this formula?

Not yet. But I know where to get.

You will find ... in the eastern mountains.

It is a simple formality. I will bring you to this poetry, Caesar.

You will finally be able to crush this annoying resistance, who has taken you from the road for so long. As we all otherwise.

But what you taste ... - How do we know ...

Excuse me. Please, I'll do my question later.

How do I know that? you are not a scarf?

It's a great question! But I wanted to ask you something else.

Tomcruz! Is there any way for you to close your mouth?

That's what I'm doing.

Stay a while ...

And what you want in return? this magic potion?

Nothing. Nothing?

It would be ... A small piece of land in Gaul ... which is now full of garbage and requiring little cleaning ...

I refer to Karnut Forest.

Will be yours.

And another thing. My feet are not what they were.

I would need a means of transportation through the mountains. A small train.

Something simple, without too fake.

That's what I'm doing.

Druidule! I still do not know what is your name.

I am Senator Kaius Frontinus Tomcruz. And I have a question ...

Do not panic! It's just a ...

All, in turn, to the magic potion ...

It's all right. I see that you did it yourself. So, on my signal, everyone ...

My mother told me, "If it makes you not trust him."

I'm stopping you, I drank And I magic potion.

On my end! centurion! - What is it?

Our task is to attack them in the hope that your magic potion over?

Yes, as I explained thirty times.

But as this is the first attack is alleged that they still have a potion?

Well, yes. The mathematical point of view and perfect justice.

Understood. So in short ... Everything will be ... as usual, right?


On my end! Forward!


It seems that it is still they have magical reserves.


So we did what we had to do? Yes sir.

We are strong then! Congratulations to all of you!

Son! I guess you were too busy and you did not realize that the moon is full.

Mmm. O que significa "mmm"?

It is still the day off.

Drugs do not work when is a full moon, my dear.

Whether it's day or night.

I have to continue because everything is ready when the Panoramix comes.

If Panoramix discover that you have worked under a full moon will make the way back!

Let him come and see.

It is not enough to have talent. Rules are made to be respected.

Are you alright?

I think it's time to come I stopped definitely my cutting trees.

You are a druid? I did not see you through these parts.

Look at you. What are you doing there? I'm getting ready.

For what?

The Grand Panoramix is ​​looking for his successor.


Panoramix! The greatest druid ever!

I have not heard it. But if you want to impress the old druid Try starting with Organize desk.

My desk is well organized. distilled water on the right side!

Why are you left-handed?

So nothing is in his place. - Yes, they are finished.

My master, Zurich, taught me to put them well, so I did.

Rules are a relative concept.

For example, I put distilled water ... here.

What are you doing? water distillation is a useless process. The spring water is so good.

To change the essence of things you should be in perfect harmony with the matter.

Druizii there is not only preparing potions.

But to paint sing, using light!

To prove that it's a real magic.

One question, Centurion. If they consume a magic potion we can say that they were not? What do you think?

How I know? I can not see how much they have potion.

I apologize then.

Upon my request ... In ...

Em ... O que significa "in"?

In ... they have a magic potion.

To fight!

Panoramix! I am the Druid's Clodimerix.

Slightly inattentive And nobody sees what I did!

Panoramix! My name is Tectonix.

Panoramix, I am the druid Climatoceptix. I have power over ...


Panoramix, we are brothers Fraterinix ...


I solemnly swear not to tell anyone the secret of the magic potion!


All tourists will pay well to see the magic potion.

I am the Automatix. - "stress."

We are "LesQuatreFantastix".

I am Druid Selfix.

This river transport idea is an idiot. Listen to what I say!

It's just the first transport is going on.

You can put herbs here distilled water here, And behold, Sun!

And now, the golden scythe!

I apologize.

Clear. My scythe is not gold.

That's why the potion does not work.

That's it! Do you think that if you have a sickle on your belt, you are instantly druid?

I can try!

And if it works, will be one male in our village chosen, It is not a stranger.

It is possible that the kicks are more complicated than the fish business?

If you have the same success in his business awaits exciting moments.

See this sickle? I need it to get it a little mistletoe, And to cut the nose of those who took him where he should not!

And you started?

If you were not a bitter blacksmith, I would have made a gold wound long!

Now I'll show you the disease!

Gentlemen, let's calm down.

Why so difficult?

We can offer you soft drinks.

"Good wine and a clean heart." - You do not have much Latin.

Gentlemen, I ask you liniºtiþi yourself.

It is true I quickly lose patience.

If you want to play the Druid, who am I to stop you.

No, of course, you're right. continuously mixing and nothing happens ...

You are impossible! Impossible! interoperable pending opera. - ended. Close your mouth.

I improved the formula again. This time should no longer explode.

Now what do you say? Be honest druid-fisherman is going very well.

Let's say yes. And what does your potion? - Do not explode!

You can not tell the Panoramix:

"You'll be stunned, I have a potion that does not explode!"

You have no potion. So shut up!

Great! Authoritarix!

Everyone I'm so happy to see that bitter face.

I see the whole team is here. How are you boys?

Obelix? As usual, barons? Asterix? You're still quietly?

Just like old times. - what time?

When we beat the Romans! - Are you serious?

I do not remember putting a hand on a Roman soldier ...

Neither trade is not what it was.

Asterix! The same speeches You break my heart!

I was stupid to believe all the promises of the gods of the Romans.

But you know something? Ended.

What are you looking here? In gravy?

Prune? Betrayal!

Where is the traitor he ameou the sauce?

Do you like the Romans? Let them show them!

I also found here.

What a shame! Play all the food!

"Or even give a face to them." - I can see your son?

Believe me ... you've never seen before never like that. Jupiter ...

I mean ... Toutatis. Come on, tailbone! Panoramix show what you can do.

Mare Panoramix!

Here is a classic mosaic with a well known reason.

God Mars with helmet on his head, eagle, legion symbol and an olive branch.

You can find it in any home.

But this laitmotif with time can become tedious.

I'll plunge this mosaic ...

It's not, continue.

I will dump the mosaic in this solution ... and here it is!

Now the mosaic turns two formidable gladiators and Caesar, donut with a real gesture.

And again, he changed. Mars - gladiators. Mars - gladiators.

Mars - gladiators. Mars - gladiators.

Autoritarix, Asterix ...

I swear to the Holy Belém: no more Gallic village than mine!

Let's continue.

You do not seem very impressed. - No, no, that's fine.

It's good, but ... Nothing new.

Very common, she misses the "spark".

If Panoramix get here, you can not catch it with a potion only collects the mistletoe. Which otherwise is useful.

But we talk about Panoramix here!

You said not never heard of Panoramix.

Nobody knows better than me.

I'll help you win this competition, Teleferix.

If you perform exactly the spell that'll teach you.

Butterfly spell? It is not good!

I will not show him Panoramix a spell that does nothing.

Or try to understand, idiot. You do not know Panoramix.

Show my spell, and you promise Teleferix: The secret of the magic potion will be yours.

Not! I'll show him my spell that can break the leaves of the mistletoe.

Even though it's so mediocre as you said.

But I will not show you another spell. Especially unnecessary!

You are an intelligent young man, Teleferix.

Do not ruin your life being extremely sincere.

This druid is our last chance.

Sorry but no.

Wait a minute. Maybe he has some skills.

What? Do not tell me that ...

It is not a work of art, but with little training ...

We can not defend our village with some bread!

Do not give in to the show. We're not home for us.

I like him.

Now that I still have a doing the same thing with cheese ...

Listen to me, you wicked man! Listen to me, wandering!

Hear my message!

Who's there. Be a single traveler and even ...

What are you doing? Stop talking nonsense! You have to believe what you say!

I'm still Senator!

The prophecies improvised on a rock I'm not exactly my strong point.

I am doing something in your strength! To be credible, or will you fuck!

Listen to me, you weary travelers!

Listen to the words of the young prophet, Victim of its own success!

Slower with the pigeons is impossible ...

What the gods say to us?

What? What did you say? "A huge fleet is approaching us"?

No, I apologize. I am sick.

I think it's a Chronic otitis left ear.

What did you say? "A talented druid He lives in these mountains?

Sir! What do you say?

A young Druid with an equal talent?

There on the mountaintop?

Now I know enough ... make me disappear miraculously.

Loud. What is this madness? They are the place?

... Or was it seemed to me? He talked about a young druid?

Panoramix, do not tell me you thought what the madman said?

We finished all files.

I did everything I could but you can not find a replacement.

I am full of files. You did not hear what he said? He is a young druid at the top of the mountain.

I think it's the Teleferix. Who?

I think he was talking about the Teleferix.

The young druid on the mountain, only one we have.

It's him? She is good. He is good But remember multiplication bread is my uniqueness.

Panoramix, you must recognize: you will have no successor.

So it goes. Let's go home.

We'll be back after I will see the last druid.

There can be it!

We've been raining for Gaul at the full moon checking these stupid files.

And to no avail! - Asterix, do not care!

But I do not get angry. You know something? And I was injured.

Did you see? I almost fell! I'm not going anywhere, I need a replacement.

And here it is, my successor the most ardent warrior of the village! what? - Here is the sword, the helmet ...

In Toutatis ... - And here's the magic potion.

I hope you have fun with me I'll find another occupation:

I'm sick of people who think only of them Stupid!

Obelix, are you alive?

No, Mr. Astérix, will not!

I'm not going with someone who is replacing an old man And not the so-called "his best friend". Good luck, Mr. Asterix!

Asterix! Asterix! is not an idiot, please ...

Panoramix, do something!

Asterix is ​​free to leave. I will continue my mission.

I understand if you do not want to accompany me.

I will ascend the mountain without you.

You do not see anything special? - what?

It is the first time we come down here. I'm usually played here unconsciously.

Looks better. - I do not know.

It looks ugly. But I have not worked in the interior design.

We remain without magic.

Since you was self-titled "The village leader" ...


Since you were called Tell us what to do.

Good ...

As village leader, I think the best solution It is expected that the Romans did not attack us.

Am I right? Or not?

Take it from here, but at peace.

If someone sees us all go away.

No, where I was my mind! Where I got was mind when I put you in that.

If you do not like something, find another assistant.

If the force does not rise up the mountain ...

Why did not they would climb? I was very clear and concise in my presentation.

I can stop you if we do evil, Caesar He will find that you are responsible for everything.

Yes? Then I'll tell him Caesar that you are an ignorant old ...

Come on, squeeze it together.

What do we have here? A gallant warrior.

What will you do, Sulphurix?

So without greeting the man directly to "what will you do" ...

I'm like my friend Panoramix, I try to help you even more to find a replacement.

You want to pick up the formula and sell it to the Romans!

It makes sense you mean. Because the Romans are full of money.

But in the end something else is more important to me: the potion will become accessible to all.

There will be a change of power. I'm a pacifist, Asterix.

You're the worst of all Gaul Druid!

No. It's someone worse than me.

Someone who shares his power with only a handful of ignorant and stupid people, although it has the power to diminish the own Roman Empire!

Nonsense! Who knows what it could happen If the magic potion was falling into the hands of those who should not?

Enjoy, we will discover soon.

... and more and slander! And by the way, I'm Senator!

And a senator is more important than a druid. What if ... Where did he come?

Tell them to put on weight. It's time to get out of here.

Somewhere near is a strong girl without potion So you are gathering all before they give us an accompaniment.

I told you not to bother me more!

Here you go ... Why?

You know what the outcome. - We have changed the ingredients!

This one to ten.

If the "ten" did not explode, that means it is good, it will not explode. Are you ready?

A ...

You changed the application objects on the table?

You know, I'm left ...

You can do it! Nothing bad will happen. You are not the first druid left.

When you want, Teleferix.

"Show my spell and promise: the secret of the magic potion will be yours. "

What this small canal is?

I do not want to upset you, but you seem to have some competition, it is no joke.

I'm a simple man looks cool, of course, but what is your purpose?

It has no purpose.

Teleferix ... You want to become my successor?


You will come with me in Karnut forest.

And then, in the first month, you will learn the magic potion recipe, which gives those who drink excessively human powers.

Indeed. What a nice feeling, the owner.

Do not worry. You will become the owner for this forest when Caesar receives the formula of the potion.

Some formalities. - perhaps. But still.

See also. It is assumed that the Druids should not write.

The serving this warning?

Instead of increasing the pride these druids with sour beard.

Here he does not pronounce me.

Their pyramids make sense!

Some pebbles No idea!

Ipocriþi. All, some hypocrites.

I apologize, but his burned jacket.

In Belem!

These druids me want to make me lose my mind!

Help me, Senator Impossible, what you are!

Put your clothes down! Come on ... Just a little bit.

I'm sorry, I did not think about it. What do we do now?

Why would I do something?

The knowledge transfer would not should have happened here? yes - But if the forest burns, nothing will remain.

What vision!

And I was wondering what to do with this damned forest.

You're a genius, Tomcruz! A genius!

It can not be. What is it?

The number of times I told you you do not get in trouble?

What's with you here?

My potion did not explode, so I drank.

I could not miss this opportunity. And now, here I am!

I tell you honestly: Is it better to blow.

It's fun to go with a hooked fisherman.

It's easy to say that you are not the one who pulls it.

What Karnut forest lost?

No Toutatis ...

Panoramix ... as you transmit continue formula now?

The full moon will be in heaven in a few hours ...

We can not lose time.

Pyramid. - what?

You do not want to build it again? - Now?

What comes next? - What comes next? It is.

That is all? - I told you all you needed.

Panoramix, I have not seen in my life these pigs!

Mumble for me without ceasing!

Quickly, Obelix. Execute. Go back to the village!

Panoramix, tell us what's going on?


And we ... what we're doing?

Okay, okay. The magic potion. Who was left?

Do something, I'm back with the back I see nothing!

Calm down! Now I'm back on the right!

Disaster! As we got back in our village now?

Obelix! Run under those trees!

Obelix! In addition to these bushes!

These are the ingredients for a magic potion!


If pigs told the truth, then it means that they no longer have a potion!

Quickly, Obelix! Go ahead!

All these Romans are yours today. Give me a gift.

Obelix! Obelix? Obelix?

What did he do? - And the bag? Where's the bag of ingredients?

There is only one drop: back in the cabin and make the potion there.

Where the sickle? Where's my scythe? In Toutatis! It was here!


Goodnight, kids.

Do not panic! Do not panic!

Ok, you may panic a bit, That, frankly, is a situation that demands it.

So we certainly have no any potion drop?

Stay here. - We're coming with you.

It is very dangerous, Lustix. You are a brave boy.

But time will pass and you will Wake up saying those words to another boy that should remain in the shelter. And you go and tell him ...

It came to the action not time for sentimentality!

It's not so bad.

Not yet. - Exactly.

It's a start. - Exactly. A start a little difficult.

Do not leave! - What did you say?

Those women of fire! Do not leave again!

This means that they were without Poth. Our plan worked!

Still can not work. Remember how many times I flew.

Finally, we have good news for Caesar.

Forward! Atacaþi!

Do not you think this is the time, Teleferix? the moment? - Do you know him?

Here is the boiler, the ingredients, a village that needs help.

You just do not prepare the potion for him!

The Panoramix not ask me makes no sense.

He gave you the formula so you can use it.

Look, it's a situation without frills.

Do not do it!

What's going on here?

We're talking more good attacking strategy.

Strategy! You broke 30 bottles fighting between you!

You said you would prepare a potion!

We do not agree with that! I am the oldest of you.

And I tell you what to do We make a potion of blindness to the opponent.

Nonsense! I know this potion: you blind first!

We need a potion speed!

And what will you do when? you'll get speed, Dad?

What I do and usually only it faster.

You will play a hundred times faster with your fingers?

Why do not you listen to me?

I'm the one who offers you something reasonable!

A growth potion! And I've done, you just need to divide it.


My ingredients! My ingredients!

How I can make the magic potion now?

Stop this! Do not show him anything. He'll remember everything! - But I have to save the village.

Slowly, little girl. Soon it will end. very interesting recipe. It's so simple ...

I feel that is missing ... the last ingredient!

The last ingredient!

What is the last ingredient?

The last ingredient of magic potion!

What is the last ingredient? Speak! - I do not know, it was all he told me!

Everyone knows that the Panoramix has a secret ingredient that It adds to the potion at the last second!

He did not tell you what it is?

Moron! He still do not trust you!

There must be something. What's in here?

Something we have not used. That's what?

Or that? Yes for sure.

In Toutatis, should be here!

What could he have done senile old?

You broke it! You're a traitor!

You going to drink that? - Shut up.


Very interesting.

Immediately, everyone in the shelter! - Yes sir!

No 'yes, sir'!

Where does it leave from?

The important thing is that we are not the target. The rest does not matter.

We can give you a help. - Do not pull, is on our side!

Who is he?

I am Senator Kaius Frontinius Tomcruz! Open, centurion! In Caesar's name, I command you!

Continue to pull in the direction of the village.

And do some light here but I break all my bones.

No war, only peace on earth.

See how to use it truly a magic potion.

Sulfurix, you have to be stopped!

It's the end of the village and all those brave!

The end of Asterix! End ...

What is stupid?

Arcaºi! Push ...

Pull the chickens!

Do not shoot us, idiots!

Then you can again drink potion This yours? No thank you.

And what will you do about it?

Something is wrong.

It is on our side. He has no reason to attack us.

Panoramix! Panoramix! I collected all that remains.

But I do not know if it's enough! We've got trouble!

Teleferix prepared the potion versus Sulfurix. He saw it all!

Everyone, retreat to the beach! It's an order!

Excuse! You are upset if we We are also taking us to the beach with you?

The Teleferix prepared the magic potion? Have you seen him?

Yes. - So you have to do exactly what he did.

Remember each step in the correct order.

But I can not!

Then add just a drop that is hidden here!

But do not show anyone!

And you ... how is it?

What are you doing here? Fugiþi! - Take pectin on the beach!

Is that you? - You will on behalf of Toutatis!

We have no time! - The whole village caught fire!

Only. Now this ...

Are you sure you do not need help?

We can pick up potions. - Until the magic potion?

Except this.

Centurion, I do not understand anything. We do not help them to turn off the heat?

Probably not. The situation is complicated.

Why are we staying here? Now is the single best time to strike!

Really? I just said it was a delicate situation!

What are you doing, old man? You're tired?

You decided after facing me face to face?

I will not fight you!

Yes, you are no longer able That's why my old friend.

You are occupied for so many years with the same magic potion!

You're wasting your talent his famous thing.

That's why you're so desperate to find a replacement.

Con-villagers left you without hesitation, wondering the same thing year after year.

As a result, you can not do anything else!

And who knows if you did not fall out of that tree, have a reason to give up.

You are no longer worthy to call yourself a druid.


My village! Unbearable to look for a driver!

We urgently need magic!

I do everything I can!

Pectin! You want me to help you?

Stay here, boy. Near the wiser.

I was sure you would I appreciate my young student.

An unimaginative man, as you It's a shame you did not Trust him to the end.

I'm kind of stupid, I guess. - Looks like who taught him.

I agree, it did not raised to its level.

Neither he nor anyone else. No one but me, Panoramix.

And you know this. Tell me what is the last ingredient And I will save everyone, Gali, the Romans and you.

Sulfurix ...

I prefer to take the secret with me tomb than to trust you.

It is.

He is ready! Give everyone!

My dear, here we can help you.

Panoramix! It's all right? - not better.

Take a look! And I will not bother you with my potion!

To fight! - Forward!

Do not be for nothing! Let's go!

Next! Everyone, go after him!

Let's go!

"It looks good, but does nothing concrete."

Have you been drinking magic? - Just a drop ... Hick!

What is going on?

First, you get well ...

And secondly Tell me if no use.

Ten seconds to dock ... New ...

Admire this new ship.

It is the sign of a new adventure! Some may say that bad luck is happening everywhere ...

How long this potion?

It depends on the person, romance.

I personally are so few days. And as you see ...

Still working! - cubicus, calm down.

What are you doing, barons? Why are you so quiet, giant?

You were scared? Nobody hurt you, right?

Now you'll have to deal with me!

The effect is over. you're probably right, I better leave you alone ...

Okay, that was it. We have to go back.

Sit down! I come to you ...

You're a good man, Teleferix.

But if I were you I would take it from the beginning, as it should this time.

No. I do not have the magic potion married Caesar, And the druid disappeared without a trace. As far as the village is concerned ... I'm sorry.

I tried, and so lost ... Both!

But after all, they are drinking the magic potion again and resisted the invaders.

I will not go into the details you already know what happened ...

In short, this is the situation, said Caesar.

However, the shoulders of a leader is a great responsibility.

And now ... I discovered he helped me a lot my career as an artist.

I wanted to ask you something ... Now something time, it took a hammer in his head?

Yes - How does it work?

Pectin built for me.

I tied my husband aside And here may be far away or close, I do not need to pull the rope.

Panoramix! On behalf of all I want to tell you in the village that without his magic potion We are not good at anything.

And without you, we did not He had this magic potion.

Authoritarix dear, my dear friends.

Definitely not me My magic potion does not value anything without you!


Pectin, why are you upset? - I can not forget. what? - The formula for the magic potion!

I tried, I tried and I can not!

Have you tried a lot?

My word! I know that I should not remember.

And I do not want to remember! It's very dangerous!

Only you should know the secret!

Do not worry, pectin, Over time, you will be able to look.

Are you sure? - Absolutely right.

Or not.

That's what it was.

Translation and Adaptation: Jarvis