Asthma (2014) Script


Pretty hard to breathe, huh?

I mean, isn't there something about the color white, like, uh...

You know, like an art thing or something? Oh, I forget.

Like, uh, like it's the only color you can't undo or something?

Oh, man, I don't even know why we have to fucking repaint this fucking thing in the first place. I mean, it was already white.

They're paying us, that's why.

Stop fucking around, man.

Now, I have to repaint this shit. Alright, man, whatever. Look, fix it.

Why don't you get out of here, huh?

Get out of here, please, I'll finish it. Fine, man.

Lizard King.

My heroes are dead.

I was born in the wrong time.

Fucking Lizard King.

The same, the same, the same. The same.

Fucking lamp is the same.

Fucking TV, basketball, books.

I don't hear. I don't see.

Oh, fuck. I shouldn't have done that.

Gussy, Gussy, Gussy.

I miss the old New York... in, like, the '70s and '80s.

CBGBs. The Ramones. "Mean Streets."

SAMO doing graffiti and Andy going to parties.

The birth of hip-hop. Just look at Times Square.

Used to be cool... all cracked up.

And now it's like fucking Disneyland.

What the fuck happened here? Shit.

That's a dope ride.

I have nothing to lose, man. Alright, fuck it. Fuck it.

Hey, what are you doing? Where are you going?

The front doorman was there. I just fucking jumped in and took off, you know?

But how did you start the car? The keys were in the car. I drove off.

Do you mean to tell me this really happened?

Pretty nice, huh? Well, nice, in a sort of kind of "Catcher In The Rye" way, but... you didn't by any chance bring the car here, did you?

Yeah, it's parked right outside. Come on. Come here.

There. Oh, you asshole!

Did you forget that I'm a fucking dope dealer?

And I'm not the kind of person who wants attention paid to him.

I mean, you provide the community with a valuable services.

Yes, I know and I adore you too, but it's time to leave.

Are you kicking me out?

Yes, because anyway, I don't think you can...

There it is.

There you go. Prancy! I don't count the money.

You must have robbed a lot of people to get that.

Are you alright? I'm okay.

Look, if this is okay?

Just, um, just give me a bindle and we'll... call it even.

How much? A bindle.

A bindle. Uh, considering that you owe me $3000...

3 grand? Well, yes.

Oh, come on. You owe me 600.

I gave you over 2 grand. Come on. 2400.

And that means you owe me 600 more. Juan, please.

$600. Because I've been supporting your habit for 4 months...

Oh, Juan, come on! Juan.

Please, look, I just need a little bit of shit, that's all.

Think about the interest. You'll get it. Just a bit.

Oh, well, Pranc. Prancy honey, give him a balloon.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

Thanks, Prancy. Don't call me Prancy.

And now... it's time for you to leave.

Ah. That fucking kid.

It's more like Catcher In The Rolls.

Hey! Hey, Ruby!

# I met you in a real dark place #

# But I don't know if you're coming or going #

# I took it outside and we went to your place #

# But I still don't know if you're coming or going #

# It was a good, good time but it came and went #

# I wake up everyday You're just a memory #

# I don't know if you're coming or going #

# I don't even care if I see your face again #

# She walk me... #

Hey, what's up?

I'll take...

You're gonna be like that, huh? Dissed.

It's okay. It's okay.

You know, I'm not like some crazy, psycho, weirdo serial killer who hears voices or anything, okay? Good for you. It's good.

Yeah, my voices only tell me to hurt myself so... you're in the clear.

# I feel like saying if you're coming or going... #

I was staring at you because, uh...

I think you're beautiful.

Stunning, actually. I mean...

Seriously, you're like the fucking hottest thing I've ever fucking seen.

Does this routine work on everybody? I don't know, I've never tried before.

Right. Yeah.

And judging by your reaction, I'll never say it again. I promise.

Uh-oh, there it is. You laughed. I'm laughing at you.

Doesn't matter. A laugh is a laugh. Now you have to meet me.

I'm Gus.

Hi, I'm Ruby. Ruby? Wow.

Of course, that's your name. Can I get... can I get you a drink?

I buy my own drinks, motherfucker.

Thank you, guys. For this next song, I'd like you to put all your technology away and turn off your brains for a second. This song is very special.

It's actually about a girl in the audience. My girlfriend actually.

This song's called "Nobody Knows Your Name."

But I know your name, Ruby.


Fuck. I should've known, huh?

Yo, Ruby!

Gus? What the fuck! Sick, right?

Yeah, but I mean, like, how? Oh, you let me worry about that. Hop in.

I can't. I'm going to the country. Uh, what country?

Connecticut. I'm on my way to Grand Central.

Ah, fuck that. What, you'd rather ride the train than ride with me?

No, of course not, but what, are you gonna drive me to the country?

I'm going to Connecticut now, man. What?

You're gonna drive me to Connecticut? Yeah.

So are you really driving me to Connecticut right now?

Yeah. I mean, you know, I've never stolen a car before and I feel like the open road is good to, like, I don't know, get away, you know?

Did you just say stolen a car? Yeah.

I'm in a stolen fucking car right now?

Yeah. Gus, you're crazy.

Oh, stop, stop, stop. What, what, what?

Oh, no. Look.


Aw! Oh, man.


I hate that.

A deer shouldn't have to worry about cars.

How's she supposed to know?

Do you think it's bad if I take a picture?

I don't think it'll mind.

No, I mean, like... is it disrespectful?

So what do we do now?

You're such a freak.

So how's your mom doing? So where are we going? Where are we going?

Oh, we're going to my friend Logan's house.

Logan, Logan. Do I know that guy?

Um, I don't know. You might've met him. He's a musician. He's Cool. A little weird.

Of course, of course. Yeah, you and your musicians.

I only play the kazoo, so...

Well... I'm tattooing him.

Uh-oh. That's trouble.

Ah, it's this triangle with all these treasures inside.

Mm-hmm. So rad.

You're all about tattoos, aren't you? Yeah, that's my thing.

It's like your passion. You're lucky you have a passion.

It's great you have a passion.

When are you gonna let me do you?

No way, forever scares me too much, you know?

Oh, God! Typical male, commitment phobic.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, you still with that guy? What's his name?

We broke up. Really?

I'm sorry to hear that.

Whatever. I'm not. He was a dick. All men are dicks. I'm gonna become a lesbian.

I'd like to see that. Seriously, I'd like to. Yeah.

So Ruby is single. Operation old maid in full effect.

You know, I have to say I'm a little upset you didn't call to tell me.

Gus, we are friends, that's it. Really?

Don't... Stop! Fuck!

Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine! I'm annoyed.

Are you alright? Are you gonna die?

Okay. Are you gonna die?

Yeah, I'm fine. Ah!

Fuck, Gus!

Now what are we gonna do?

Should we call a tow truck?

You fucking crazy? We can't call in a stolen car, it's a stolen car!

Did you not fucking hear me? You can't call in a stolen car!

I'm calling Logan. Maybe somebody could pick us up.

Okay. How many more miles on the MapQuest?

Fucking awesome. I don't have any service.

Roughly. I think you saw it last. How many miles...

It's far, Gus! Far, like 15 miles.

Fuck, okay.


I guess we're walking.

I am not walking 15 miles.

You know, you really are an asshole, Gus.

You could do anything and you don't. Yeah, I know. That's my problem, okay?

What? Yeah, I don't do anything, alright?

Okay, no, no. Don't feel sorry for yourself. I'm the one that's upset here.

I should have just taken the train. I never should have got in your car.

So you think we should see other people then?

You're such an asshole. So I've been told.

Oh, Jesus, really? Ugh. Not again.


You know what...

Um... can you not die?

Because I don't really wanna be alone in the wilderness.

You're afraid of being alone, and I'm afraid of commitment.

Okay, just don't try and talk. Just try and not die.


You alright?

Yeah, I'm okay, I'm okay. I'm okay.

Since when do you have asthma? Did you have it as a kid?

I don't know, I hurt my neck recently. Maybe that's why. I don't know.

How many more miles? Like 12. At least 12 miles.

12 miles.

That's smart. That seems like a really smart thing to do for your asthma.

Yeah, fuck off.

What are you doing? What do you think I'm doing?

Going for a swim. You're crazy!

Yeah, so? You're not going for a swim.

Yeah, I am. You gonna come?

Absolutely not. I'm not going for a swim. Oh, come on, it'll be romantic.

Oh, "It'll be romantic," he says as he takes off his pants.

Yeah. Come on! No way.

Are you sure? I am not swimming.

Oh, my God. Gus, you're crazy! Oh, my God!

Come on! Come in! It's too much romance for me.

Oh, my God. You coming in or what? I told you I'm not swimming.

Good, it's fucking freezing. Oh, my God!

Hey, at least get that blood off your face. You look like a maniac.


Gone? It's gone, you're good.

Alright, give me your jacket. No way!

Give me your fucking jacket. I'm not giving you my jacket!

Give me your fucking jacket. Are you crazy?

I'm gonna need...

Give me your fuckin jacket! No!

Come on. Yeah.

Now, come on.

Gus? Oh, yeah.

Gus, what are you doing?

What the fuck, Gus? Whatever happened to privacy, huh?

What the fuck are you doing? Is that heroin?

No, it's a turkey sandwich.

What are you gonna do with that? I'm gonna eat it. What do you think?

You're on heroin, Gus? Yeah, from time to time.

You're gonna fucking shoot heroin in front of me?

There's a whole fucking forest around. What do you fucking care?

You put needles in your arm all the time? What's the fucking difference, okay?

Come here. Hey, hey, come here.

Come on.

You okay? Yeah.

What's it feel like? You're fucking amazing.


That's a serious fucking werewolf.

What does it mean?

I don't like talking about the meaning or whatever.


It's scary that werewolf. I like that.

I like that it's scary to people. Yeah.

But for me, it's like a guardian angel or a guard dog or some shit.

You're too gangster for me, huh?

Do you have a condom? What?

Do you have a condom? Fuck no.

You... you thought... you thought I'd think this would happen?

So what do we do then?

I know what I think we should do.

Are you kidding me?





Yeah! Hey, where are you?

Jesus Christ! Where do you think I'd be?

I'm taking a shit, okay?

So chill!

What about toilet paper?

I'm using a fucking leaf! Ew!

Okay, how much longer, please.

I don't know. My phone died. Oh, fuck!

You remember how to get there?

Uh, let's fucking hope so. Well, do you know the way?

No, I don't know. I've never been there by foot.

Okay. Shit. Uh, how much longer, please?

Mommy, are we there yet? Shut up!

Just shut up. I don't know. I don't know, like... a couple of hours, 5 miles? Couple of hours?

Hey, we did it last night, right? Shut up!

Was I good? Seriously, Gus, that was a one time thing.

We're friends. Don't go falling in love with me.

Yeah, you wish. And don't tell anyone.

Who am I gonna tell?

But seriously though, good, right?


Which way? Left or right? I don't know. Left.


Dude, can you wait up for me, please? I've rocks in my shoes.

You've rocks in your fucking head.

That was a really funny joke, Gus.

Seriously, wait for me.

Oh, you know what? What? What, is this it?

It looks like my friend's car. I think so. Alright. Thank God.

I don't know if I believe in God but probably, we made it here, so yeah.

# Oh, my #

# Primordial mind... #

This was happening literally during that time.

I know that moment. You do know that moment?

I know that moment in life, yeah.

I love that you're capturing my wings. Yeah.

I always imagined myself with wings.

You totally seem like you could fly out of the tub.

I know.

What's this one all about? That's from an old French movie.

Parisian? That looks old. Yeah.

Do you know anyone who can get us some drugs?

Yes, well, the closest guy, oh, my God, you have to meet him, he lives in a tree house that he built right by here.

Yeah, I dropped out of high school at 16. Nice.

I did music full time. Wow!

I fucking know that guy. You... you know him?

Not personally. He's the fucking lead singer of The Other Days.

Why didn't you say something to me? I told you that he was a musician.

Are you gonna be alright? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Logan! It's good.

Oh, my God. Is he coming? Logan!


Hey! Oh, my God.

Thank you so much for coming.

How are you? You have no idea.

We got in a car crash, and we had to walk here.

You got in a car crash? Yeah.

Are you okay? We literally had to walk 15 miles.

You walked for 15... Why didn't you call me? You should've...

I didn't have any cell phone service. The car was stolen, so...

Sorry, what, you stole a car?

I didn't steal the car, just to be clear. I stole the car.

I had nothing to do with it. Just to clarify.

Okay, that's okay. Hello. Sorry, this is my friend Gus.

Hey, man, I have to say I fucking love your music, man. That was like...

When I was growing up, it was the soundtrack to my life.

Thank you. Thanks, man. Wow, I feel so old now.

Sorry. I'm freezing.

I'm gonna get back in, but, um, yeah, help yourself.

There's food over there, and there's drinks.

I'm really happy to see you. Yeah.

And meet you. You look like Mick Jagger.

I like you, man. I like you.

You're her car thief. It's like real life "Grand Theft Auto" here.

Peace. We'll catch you up in a bit. Amazing.

Alright, that was embarrassing. What's the matter with you?

Nothing, man.

I'm good.

Oh, yeah. No, I... I lost my phone.

I told you, Dad's a fucking asshole.

That's not your problem. You got enough to worry about as it is.

Well, I'm... I'm in Connecticut, yeah.

I don't know, just... just a spur of the moment thing.

I'm at a friend's place.

No, you don't know her.

Her name's Ruby, Ma.

She's just a friend.


No, I'll probably stay here tonight.

Hey, Ka, I, uh... can't really talk right now.


Yeah, I love you too. Alright, bye.

What a dick.

So what do you do? If you don't mind my asking.


I work at Taco Bell.

He's an actor. No, I quit acting. I quit acting.

He doesn't work at Taco Bell. That's true, I don't, but the tacos, when you're fucked up, you know, there ain't nothing better.

Oh, my God, I love Taco Bell.

Then what the fuck with all this tofu crap, man? Fuck.

There's no need to be so aggressive.

I'm sorry, I apologize for my friend. He's had kind of a rough 48 hours.

Oh, I really love that show.

"The First 48 Hours," you know...

When they... there's, like, a criminal that they're trying to track down for murders and what not. It's really good, they...

People always kinda give up though, it's...

You know...

Thank you for sharing, Bottlecap.

You come to a neighbor's house... and they're kind enough to cook a fine meal for you and what do you do?

You insult it. You insult us.

You're probably thinking I'm gonna come after you now, right?

Probably worried I'm gonna jump across the fire pit and stab you in the neck with a... fork, right?

Well, wrong. You know why?

You're just being a human being. I'm not gonna hurt you.

It's normal. Those emotions are normal.

Ever since I met Lilly... it's been a sort of a spiritual awakening.

You know, on a day-to-day level, like, what you put in your body, it's important.

Yeah. But I really miss meat. I do.

So, um, you and Lilly are together? Is that... is that right?

No. We're friends. Totally friends. Oh.

But, um, she's my yoga teacher.

And Ragen's my teacher.

No, he's all of our teacher.

And this delicious tofu is part of his process.

I love the tofu.

I didn't think I would, but the texture is different, not like food, but...

Nobody gets hurt from it either. You can't choke on it.

What's your favorite animal?

My spirit animal or my... just favorite animal in general?

I didn't really... I know, Bottlecap, that's your whole... job is to write it down, and you didn't write it down.

What were you thinking?

I feel so relaxed right now. Really? I'm not feeling fucking anything.


Hey, Bree! What the fuck?

Have you been here this whole time? Yeah.

Oh, my God! I haven't seen you! I know. I got super stoned and passed out and... now I can't find my straw hat.

Have you seen it? No, sorry.

My straw hat. Have you seen my hat? We'll let you know if we see it.

Have you seen my hat? Has anyone seen my hat, a straw hat?

Fuck, you know, I left my keys in my hat and I can't leave if I don't find my hat.

It's like... I always do this.

His fucking hat. Everyone just talks and talks and talks.

No one's saying a fucking thing!

I wish I had some money, so I can get a house like this outside of the city.

There's too many bugs out here. I hate it.

This whole property, it's so unreal.

I guess I don't really care that much about money.

I know about you and Logan.


He's my friend.

Last night was amazing, and now you're just over it.

Can we just really not do this right now?

I'm, like, rolling and I'm having fun and I wanna go swimming.

Alright, fine, go for a swim.

Gussy, Gussy, Gussy.

Too bad you can't sing. You would've been a real cool rock singer.

Fuck you, fuck you, okay? And not that it's any of your business.

Poor guy.

What a lost soul.





What? Oh, man.

I think I might be in love with you.


I don't know. Probably.

What's the fucking difference? You're... fucking this guy.

I didn't fuck him. Oh, come on. I...

Hey, guys, sorry... to interrupt but I'm gonna go have a cigarette.

I feel a little uncomfortable.

Sorry, man, I didn't know you guys were together.

Yeah, we're not.


What do you want from me?

Everything. Everything? Wow!

Well, at least you're honest. Hey. Let's make babies.

Huh? Have a family and stuff and little, like... cabbages running around the city.

Mixtures of you and me.

That'd be pretty fucking...

Gus, you're so high.

Forget about it, don't worry.

You got too many tattoos to be a mommy anyway.

I was... I was just joking.

Fucking kids would come out with fucking tattoos anyway.

Happy New Year!

Gimme one of those?

It's my last one. Oh.

Thank you.

Whoo! You got a lighter?

I am a lucky...

You are a waste.

What now?

What now? I don't know. I think we're supposed to fight.

I mean, I don't wanna fight. I just... I don't wanna fight you, man.

It's just what men do in these situations. They fight. I'm not a good fighter though.

I don't... I don't think I... I'd probably pull your hair or something.

Don't pull, don't do that. Great. Well...

Let's agree to not fight then. It's...

Not a good way to... end a party, you know?

I don't wanna fight you. Okay, good.

I don't even know why we would be fighting.

This girl.

Oh, yeah, the girl.

Ruby's very special.

Fighting for the girl.

She's tattooing me tomorrow.

No matter what happens between us, it's... it's gonna last forever or at least till I'm dead, you know, and my body decomposes...

Gussy, Gussy, Gussy.

Are you thinking about her? Yeah, I am now.

Or you thinking about yourself? No lectures, please.

What do you think they're doing?

Huh? What do you think they're doing in there?


I can't get you to shut up and when I ask you a question...

Let me tell you a story, Gus.

Once upon a time, there was a young punk who thought he was invincible who thought nothing could hurt him.

And every day, he would go to fight a dragon.

It's a fucking stupid fairy tale. You're talking to a damn werewolf.

And as usual, you missed the point.

Now shut up and listen. Learn something for a change.

So this punk would go into the dragon's lair and he would yell, "Hey, you fucking dragon, today is the day is the day."

And the dragon looked up at him and said, "Just let the dragon sleep, Gus."

And pray.

You pray in silence.

Think of... something really beautiful.

And enjoy the moment.

Feel the ground... that you stand upon.

And take a breath in...

What is this?

Huh. Hey, Lou.


Hmm. Is it hard to do them yourself, to yourself?

Um, I've done this one myself but the others, I've gotten done from friends.

Oh, really?

It's interesting to inflict pain upon yourself.

It's hard to do. Is it harder to do?

Am I hurting you?


I was talking to Logan.

Yeah, I know.

Almost done.

Yeah, I love it. It's all Ruby.

Good job.

I like how it's real spiritually.

Is it an eye here? And this is a triangle.

And I like how this is a hand. Now, Shiva would approve. That's...

Yes. Who is Shiva?

Shiva is God. Ragen's an Aghori.

Oh. It's this really weird form of Hinduism.

Uh, actually, I'm kinda developing my own practice, you know, but the Aghoris are a major influence, you know?

So we're doing this ritual tonight and I'm gonna take part in it.

Did you ever notice that almost everything that feels good is a sin at least, according to western religions?

Fucking amen to that, brother.

Aghoris believe in the opposite that everything that... that feels good, it is good. Hey, um, Logan, can I...

Can I ask you a question?

Um, I gotta... I gotta go visit a friend and wondering if I could borrow your car?

Are you serious? Yeah, it's kind of an emergency...

Gus! Are you asking to borrow his car?

Yeah, my mom's sick, okay? I gotta go visit her.

That's terrible, man, I'm so sorry, I...

It's okay. Is it okay if I drive him?

Where are we going? I really don't need a babysitter.

Yeah, right. I don't know where you live.

Downtown Waterbury. Where?

Just take 84 to Highway 8, okay?

We call it the, uh, The Dirty Water. Why The Dirty Water?

Downtown Waterbury. Dirty water. I get it.

What are we doing? We're at a pawn shop? Yeah. Okay, I gotta get my mom a present.

You're gonna get your mom a present at a pawn shop?

Real classy, Gus. Thank you.

What's the matter with you? You're gonna leave me here? Is it safe?

Fuck no. Look around, huh? Oh, my God. I'm gonna kill you.

Jesus Christ.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Hey, what's up?

Uh, I need, I need to pawn some shit.


There you go. Hey, that's a real Rolex, okay?

60. Sold. Sold.

How much for the cards?

2 bucks a piece. Are you nuts?

That's Larry Johnson, Kevin McHale and Lew Alcindor.

What the fuck do I care about Lew Alcindor?

That's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's rookie card.

What do you take me for?

What the fuck? What?

Look at this bum.

Uh, I think homeless is a nicer way to say it.

He has been staring at me jerking off.

Maybe he has an itch. I'm gonna throw up.

Oh, come on, it's a compliment.

So what did you get for your mom? What?

What'd you get your mom? In the pawn shop?

Uh, here.

Baseball cards? Basketball cards.

My mom used to take me to Knicks games as a kid.

That's Larry Johnson and Lew Alcindor's rookie card who would later change his name to... Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

How the fuck did you know that? Everybody knows that.

Um... where is... where's your house? Where are we going?

Uh, just take a right here.

Right. Okay.

Just... just pull up here a sec, okay? Right here. Right here. Just chill.

Now what? Just wait here a sec, okay?

You're not leaving me again. Why? You in love with me or something?

I just don't wanna get raped or murdered, okay?

Can we go to your mom's house? Just chill for one sec, okay? Just wait.

Oh, my God. Okay, Gus, we should go, Gus, we should go.

Yo, hair long, what's going on? You lost? Oh, man, my fucking head's killing me.

You wanna get some medicine? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You a cop? Fuck, no. Do I look like a fucking cop?

What you looking for? Let's have some China White, man.

Yo, fool, look around. Ain't no motherfucking China White up in this piece.

I got that brown shit though if that's what you looking for?

Yeah, man, that's perfect. How much do you want?

Give me 40 and make it fat, alright? Alright. I'll be right back. I'll get it.

You're buying drugs? What do you want from me, huh?

You're gonna get loaded before we go see your mom?

We're not going to see your mom, are we?

Oh, my God.

I can't believe I bought this shit.

My man. Hey, thanks, man.

Oh, motherfucker! You motherfucker. Gus, wait! No, Gus!

Hey! Gus!

Oh, fuck!

Hey, you guys see... see two people pass here?

Hey, man, you guys got any shit to buy?

I just need a quick fix. You got money?

Yeah, I got, like, 20 bucks, please.

Oh, thank you. You cooking here?

No, man. Alright, I gotta get home.

Must be nice.

Oh, fuck.

Thank God.

Why are you so sad?

You know, I'm enjoying my life more than most people, okay?

Yeah, at everybody else's expense. Oh, what, like, I'm the only one?

Everyone I know is a fucking addict.

Cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than drugs.

And not to mention fucking pharmaceuticals. Half of America's a fucking addict!

I just don't pay taxes on my shit.

That's all anyone fucking cares about, it's fucking money!

What is this, the silent treatment? You lied about your mother being sick so you could buy drugs, Gus. No! No! No!

That is so wrong on so many levels.

You don't give a shit about anybody or anything.

All you fucking care about is your fucking smack.

Why don't you go and fuck Mr. The Other Days, the vegetarian rock star and just leave me the fuck alone.

Okay. I'm so fucking stupid.

Fine. I'm so fucking dumb!

You know, we made love, alright? And I thought that was real.

And you skip off and give me the fucking run around.


You fell asleep inside me.

What? You fell asleep.

You nodded off in the middle of having sex with me.

Do you have any idea what that feels like for a girl?

Ruby. Listen... I don't fucking care.

It's dope. I don't care.

Fuck it, whatever.

Whatever, baby. Whatever.

You know what? Fucking dig that gold.

Fucking keep digging that fucking gold.

Excuse me? Yeah, dig it.

Fuck you. Dig gold, baby.

Fuck you! Fuck you.

I'm not gonna let some fucking junkie judge me!

You're... sitting there and shooting up in front of me?

Oh, I'm a fucking gold digger because I'm not like, "Hey, awesome, yippee!

"I've got no money and no job, no ambition

"and I spend all my money on smack. What a catch!"

That makes me a fucking gold digger? Whatever.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

This has nothing to do with Logan.

At least, he has his fucking shit together. I'm a grown up, Gus.

I'm a grown-ass woman. I'm older than you.

What am I fucking doing wasting my time with you?

What am I doing?




Gus, Gus! Fuck. Gus.

Gus, are you alright?

Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Jesus Christ.

Gus, get out of the car. I'm fine.

Come on, get up.

Okay. Okay.

Okay, okay.

If he's not in immediate danger you need to fill out the forms and wait your turn.

Look, lady, you're not listening to me. He is in immediate danger.

He practically just OD'd in my car.

Okay, he definitely has problems but he's not in immediate danger.

So please, take a seat and fill out the form.

Lady, I'm not an expert, but he's the color green.

He just threw up and it was a weird color and if I hadn't been there he probably would've choked on it and died.

I think something is very wrong with him and he needs help.

Can you please get a doctor? This is a fucking hospital, can you get a doctor?

First... please don't raise your voice.

And where did he go?




Um, excuse me, Flannel. Uh, it'll be just a minute.


Gus? Hi, did somebody sick-looking just run past here?

Yeah, it's a hospital. Alright, smart ass, thanks a lot.

Gus! Sick people everywhere.


Gus, what the fuck? Dude, you can't just leave me like that.

I've been looking everywhere for you. You need a doctor.

Look... I'm fine.

You're not fine. You just threw up in the car.

That's my bad. I'm... I'm fine.

Honestly, I'm fine.

How amazing is that?

Fucking amazing, huh?

It's like a day old, not even, it's like an hour old.


It doesn't know anything yet.

It's completely pure.

Do you think that we're born a certain way... or that life shapes us into who we are?

That one's really ugly.

Well, you know, ugly babies, they need love too.

Come on.

Ho-ho-ho, it's about fucking time. So glad you could make it.

Yeah, sorry I'm late.

Apology accepted.

What's that? Meat. Isn't that what you wanted?

I can't. I'm sorry.

I don't mean any disrespect, but can I please go?

That's alright, Lilly. Shiva insists on free will.

Yeah, but... this is too much.

Of course.

Would you rather be a lion or a squirrel?

The ancient Aghori believed that the best way to honor Shiva and her principles was to eat human flesh.

Shut up. It's true.

Gussy, Gussy, Gussy.

Well, if she wants to hang out with fucking cannibal freaks... be my fucking guest.

I'm sure that's good for your asthma.

Fuck off.

Where we going?

As far away from that low scene as possible. Far, far fucking away.

"Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it."

Hey, leave Kierkegaard out of this, okay?

He got nothing to do with it.

It means slow the fuck down.

That is not what I meant. No, no, no. I'm a fucking addict, okay?

Put your hands where I can see them.


Put your hands on the steering wheel.


They don't know the real truth.

They don't know the real truth.

Obama's in the White House.

I'm in jail. Ugh, fucking jail!

Hey, you... do you know the real truth?

What's that, man?

Did you vote for Obama?

No, man, I didn't vote.

You know Obama's trying to steal all the money from the Native Americans?

Fucking a... really he is.

That's why I'm in here. I had a website up telling the truth.

We had to get the truth out there.

And my website crashed again.

I'm in jail.

It's not a coincidence.

I'm an Arawak... and we are owed 2 billion dollars.

Do you think a black guy is gonna give us our 2 billion dollars?

You know, I hate to say it... but if somebody doesn't pay us... somebody might make him... go away.

'Cause that's a lot of money.

Money, money, money.

You know, that's what it's all about at the end of the day.

And that's a crazy part about it.

We need the money... just so we can go live someplace where money doesn't matter.

You fucking hear me?


Do you fucking hear me or am I talking to myself?

I asked you a question, motherfuck.


Three steps back, please. Little bit more. There you go.

Where are we going? The turn off is back there.

I'm not taking you back into the city. Not in the shape you're in.

Where are you taking me?

Your mother's.

I don't know, Gus. You know...

Somewhere along the line, you gotta take a little bit of responsibility, just a little bit. Oh, put that thing out.

I'm an addict, Dad, okay? Yeah, but you've...

I bet you are. I bet you are. Get your hands off me.

Let me see this. Get your fucking hands off me.

What is that? How'd you get those? I got them playing hoops, Dad.

You want to give me an honest answer now? No. Of course not.

'Cause you don't even think that I just bailed you out of county for heroin possession and driving a stolen car. You know, you're lucky he's not pressing charges.

I... not... not every kid whose parents get divorced ends up being a drug addict.

You decided to do that. That was you.

You're killing your mother. Oh, fuck you.

Since when do you care about her? I never stopped caring...

Oh, cut the crap. When was the last time you went to see her?

When was the last time you went to see her? When was the last time you called her?

When was the last time you checked to see if she was okay?

She's my ex-wife. She's not my wife.

She's all alone, and you don't even care.

Can I borrow some money?

Sure, sure.

I'll take it out of the damages to the Rolls.

You know, you just left it in the woods?

Gus, you didn't even... you didn't even make a phone call.

You didn't even... were you gonna ever tell anybody?

What did... what did you think was gonna happen to it?

Coming in? No. No, Gus, I'm not coming in.

Dad, I mean... she's sick.

And it could be the last time.

Let me ask you something.

Are you going in there to give her love and support?

Or are you just going in to take her money?


Today's a good day. She'll be happy to see you.

Well, I'm happy to see you. Well, I'll leave you alone.

Okay. Give me a shout if you need anything.

My Gus. Mmm.

You smell like cigarettes.

Yeah, well, Dad was smoking in the car.

He didn't wanna come in, huh?

He wanted to, but I told him to go fuck himself.

Good thinking.

I'm scared, Gus. Mom, please, just chill...

Alright? Cindy says you're doing well. She says your vitals are good.

So, just please, stop stressing yourself out, okay?

What does Cindy know? She doesn't know anything.

Ma. I know myself.

I can't deal with this right now, okay?

Hey, look... I got you a present. Should I?

Presents? Yeah.

Mmm, I like presents.

Look, basketball cards. Oh.

That's Larry Johnson. Oh, thanks.

And that's Lew Alcindor's rookie card. Yeah.

Karee... Yeah, skyhook. Kareem.

Skyhook. Skyhook.

You remember when you used to take me to Knicks games when I was a kid?

How could I forget? You made me take you home after the first quarter.

Hey, Ma, I was 5 years old. What do you expect?

You're staying here, right?

Yeah, of course, of course. Tonight? Good.

We'll hang out later.

I was wondering if I could borrow the car for a little bit?

I need the car here in case I have to go back to the hospital.

You're gonna be fine, and look, you can take the wagon.

I sold the wagon. What do you mean you sold the wagon?

Why did you sell the wagon? I used to go to school in that car. For me! Ma, for me.

Can I take the bike at least? That bike's too dangerous.

You didn't sell that, did you? No, I'm selling it. It's too dangerous.

Oh, my God, you used to drive it all the time.

I looked good on that bike. It's too dangerous.

Where are you going?

I have a date with Destiny. Who?

This girl I met on Craigslist. Her name's Destiny.

She's Dominican Republican, you know. She's got blue eyes, got a slamming ass.

You know, massive kabukas... Big tits? You like big boobs?

Yeah, I love big boobs. Oh, she loves me.

Seriously though, ma... can I borrow some money for dinner?

Is it really for dinner, Gus?

Yes. Gus, really?

Ma, why is it so hard to believe that I have a date?

Because you haven't taken a shower. I can't believe you are going on a date.

Ma. Look me in the eye.

Why? Why? Gus.

I wanna make sure you are telling me the truth. Look me in the eye, come on.

Ma. Look me in the eye.

Thank you. Is it? See? Just...

Uh, take the wallet out. Okay.

Bring it over here. Over here, Gus. Gus.

Yeah. Ma. Okay. Bring it over... Gus, bring it over here.

Here. Take 40.

It's 20, 20, 10, okay?

I'm putting the wallet back. Thank you.

There it goes.

Thank you.

What's this girl's name again? It's that girl, Ruby I told you about.

Oh, yeah, Ruby. Hmm.

I thought you said she was just your friend?

Yeah, she is, though she... yeah, yeah.

But I love her now.

Hey, what's up?

Were you waiting here for me?

Don't flatter yourself.

Why? You're not happy to see me?

No, it's not that.

Uh-oh. Sounds like something.

Should we talk?

I think so.

Fuck that. That sounds like a terrible idea.

I didn't come here for a big talk. What did you come here for?

Ruby... I might be in love with you...

Don't. Mm-mm. Oh, don't what?


Don't make this harder for me.

Is it about Logan?

No. It's not about Logan.

It's about me. And I just told him the same fucking thing.

I need to be alone.

I'm never alone. I've never been alone.

And it's hard. It's hard to break patterns.

And I need to be with a grown up.

So that maybe he can teach me what that means.

Wait, what are... you're leaving?

What's the difference?

This is how you're leaving?

What am I supposed to do? I...

I don't know.

Come give me a hug. Fuck. Alright, fine.

Hey, what if I cleaned up?

What if I cleaned up?

You know, I could, I could.

I'm just young. I'm just... just experimenting.

I mean, I'm just a dick. You know, I could, I could, Ruby.

You know, you could help me.

For you... for you I could stop.


If you can stop, yes, please, stop.

And I want to help you.

But I'm just trying to help myself too.

I wanna be your friend, Gus. Will you be my friend?

My fucking face always betrays me.

I can give you a ride to the city.

I got a train ticket. What about to the station?

Cab's on its way, so... Okay.

It would be more fun to ride with me. Yeah, no shit.

But I'd never get where I'm going.

What are you looking for?

What am I looking for?