Astro (2018) Script

[dramatic cello music]

[Reporter] A round up of the latest developments in the finding of a flying disc.

Late this afternoon a bulletin from New Mexico suggested that the widely publicized mystery of the flying saucers may soon be solved.

The Army may be getting to the bottom of all this talk about the so called flying saucers.

As a matter of fact, the 509th atomic bomb group headquarters at Roswell, New Mexico reports that it has received one of the discs which landed on a ranch outside Roswell, when the rancher turned it over to the Air Force.

[dramatic music]

This is Jesse Rowen with a breaking news alert.

Reports are in that space pioneer and billionaire Alexander Biggs left earth and departed for space unexpectedly.

What has led to this sudden departure?

And, why were none of the agencies informed?

Has he discovered something we're yet to find out?

Or, is he trying to get away from something?

There are many questions that need to be asked.

Or, is this just the end of fate as we know it?

I'm shocked, shocked.

I really miss my dad.

I need to find out what really happened.

I know he's still alive.

[dramatic music]


[ominous music]

There's no need to be afraid, Laura.

I'm not here to hurt you.

My name is Vivian, and I'm here to show you the way.

[dramatic music]

[engines roaring]

[dramatic music]

Happy birthday, Jack.


Time to wake up.

Hi, honey.


[creepy buzzing]


[alarm ringing]

[Man] Father.

[alarm ringing] [cage rattling]

[pleasant music]

[tinkling music]

[engines roaring]

[dramatic music]

[computers beeping]

[dramatic music]

[air rushing]

[dramatic music]

Hello Ramesh.

60 minutes right on the dot, sir.

Well you know what they say, doctor.

Procrastination is the thief of time.

[dramatic music]

[air hissing]

[Ramesh] Right.

So I take it the craft has arrived, yes?

Like clockwork, sir.

But, we've encountered an anomaly when the spacecraft returned.

Now I've cryogenically frozen the specimen but further testing has to be done to understand its real consistency.

[air hissing]

[bassy music]

Come up here, sir.

Let me show you what we're working on.

[air hissing]

[dramatic music]

This is incredible.

Have you started DNA sequencing yet, doctor?

Yes sir.

No match as of yet.

The test is going to take a couple hours, Mr. Biggs.

[ominous music]

Dr. Cope.


[Ramesh] Let's begin.

[dramatic music]

[electronic pulsing]

Mr. Biggs, I have never seen a species be able to turn his emotions on and off like this.

On one hand, he has shown signs of pure empathy, and then on the other he's demonstrated absolutely no emotions at all whatsoever.

It's almost like he's a biological mood ring.

Well then I'd suggest you keep a close eye on him, doctor.

We need to now as much as we can about this thing.

[computer crackling]

[computer ringing]

[Dr. Rice] We got a match on the DNA.

[computer burbling]

That's Jack Adams.

[dramatic music]

Are you recording this?

Yes, I am.

Make sure we have no disturbances, okay?

Yes, sir.

We need everything.

Yes, sir.


[ominous music]

[pleasant music]

Happy birthday, daddy.


That's some pretty good shooting.

Thank you.

[pleasant music]

[alarm beeping]

Whoa, what is going on here?

Oh, I'm such a dork in the kitchen.

Sorry, daddy.

Don't worry about it, sweetie.

You're going to be a wonderful husband to some lucky guy someday.

That's not funny.

What do you say we start over on the food together?

How 'bout you cook, and I'll wash.

Fair enough.

[dramatic music]


What do we got here?

[dramatic music]

[gun racking]

[dramatic music]

Mr. Adams.

You're trespassing.

Get off of my property.

Dad, what are you doing?

[dramatic music]


Gorgeous place you got here, man.


What the hell are you doing out here?

Well, I heard there's a big Hee Haw style birthday party going on out here with banjos, and hayride, and line dances, and the whole shebang.

My God, is that Laura all grown up?

That's what happens when you feed 'em.

You know your father and I are friends from way back.

As a matter of fact, you used to call me uncle Al.

What do you want Allen?

Well, judging by the tone you're not going to invite me in for cake and ice cream after all.

Maybe we should take a walk, Jack.

Take care of this for me, hun.

I'm working with our old friend from the unit, Alexander Biggs.

You know he's made himself a billionaire with his aerospace industries, right?

How does a beer drinking grunt like Biggs build an aerospace empire in less than 20 years?

He's got something in mind for you in the way of a birthday present.

Well, that's good for him, but I think I'm gonna have to pass.

I want to spend my 50th right here with my 25 year old paint horse and my 19 year old daughter.

Jack, he'd really like to see you.

Ever since he lost Sophia in the car accident, him and the kid get really lonely this time of year.

It would mean a lot to him if you'd come and just hang out with him for tonight.

I'm gonna have to take a rain check, Allen.

He told me I would have to beg.

Please Mr. Adams, he'll fire me if you don't come.

I swear to God.

Jack don't make me put my knee in the grass.

Will you get up?

Allen, you're embarrassing yourself, get up.

Get up.

You'll come?

Yeah, why not?

You made me do that, come here.

It'll be fun, believe me.

It's nice working for Biggs.

I guess a little reunion wouldn't hurt.

Get the unit back together, right?


You gonna ask me in for ice tea or something?

[Jack] How 'bout some lemonade?

[dramatic music]

Jack Adams.


Look at you.

It's been a long time.

[Alex] Yeah, it has.

And, happy birthday.

Thank you.

You're looking crazy good at 50, man.

What the heck you been doing?

What can I say?

Clean living.

This is my daughter Laura Lee.


It's a pleasure to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Alexander Biggs.

She's grown up all beautiful, Jack.

This place is insane, Alex.

It is, huh?

Not bad for an ex-solider, huh?

But, I would tell you my friend there is so much more to life than just all this.

Speaking of which, what do you say we fire up the grill?

Have us a barbecue?


You're the host.

[Alex] All right.

[dramatic orchestral music]

Follow me.

Welcome to my home, Jack.

It's very impressive, Alex.

It'll do.

Well, just in time.

[ominous music]

Jack, Laura, my son Charlie.

Hi, nice to meet you, Charlie.

Well, it most certainly is.

Charlie, I apologize.

All right, what do you say I show you the rest of the house?

Come on.

[fire crackling]



The big Five, O.

Hey, you know the drill.

Go ahead, Superman.


I'm pretty exhausted.

I'm gonna call it a night.

No cake?

I don't eat cake.


Goodnight, Charlie.

He doesn't seem too happy that we're here.

Yeah well, nothing makes that kid happy.

That's a lovely gesture, my friend.

Nothing but the best for the best.

Cheers, Alex.

As for my present to you, I want to offer you a vacation, you and Laura, the two of you.

It'll be on me, all expenses paid.

I'll have Allen make all the travel arrangements, and we can meet up in about six or seven days, relax, possibly talk about your financial future.

Oh come on Jack, don't be a stick in the mud.

I know where you're at.

We did a lot of things when we were soldiers.

We did what we were told.

That's what we signed up for.

We saw a lot of war, but a lot of human nature too.

Nothing good, I'm afraid.

What do you think?

Beach does sound pretty nice.

You have to give me some time to think about it.

Here's to thinking about it, Jack.

[glasses clinking]

Look you two, you can visit me anytime you want whether I'm here or not, [speaking in a foreign language].

Be safe.

What are you thinking about?

How I'm gonna tell you that I decided to pass on Alex's job offer.


Not the vacation, just the job.

I gave it a great deal of thought, but I just can't do it.

I'm not a company man, Laura.

I never have been, and I never will be.

I miss mom.

Yeah, me too, sweetie.

[ominous music]

[Alex] You know what to do, Allen.

Make it fast and clean.


[tense music]

[gun firing]

[tense music]



Come on, get down.

There's someone in the house.

Let's go.

[tense music]

[gun firing] [Laura yelling]

[gun firing]

[tense music]

Go to the barn, get the bike ready, and I'll meet you there.


[tense music]

Be careful.

[tense music]

[Gunman] Freeze.

Turn around.


[tense music]


[fleshy crunching]

[gun firing]

[kick snapping]


[fleshy crunching]


[fleshy crunching]

[tense music]


[tense music]



[blows bashing]

[kick snapping]

[dramatic music]


[gun racking]

Laura, Laura?

No, no, no.

Breathe, baby, breathe.

Come on, breathe.

Where's your inhaler?

Shit, it's in the house.

Breathe, baby, breathe.

Come on, breathe.

Come on.

Come on, baby.

[dramatic music]

[Laura gasping]

Breathe, come on be strong.

You've been here before, baby.

You can do this.

Breathe, breathe baby, breathe.

Come on.

Come on honey, you can do it.

It's okay, baby.

I'm here now.

You're gonna be all right.


I'm here.

Everything's going to be all right.

It's not your time, baby.

That's it.

You're gonna go back with daddy now.

Come on, honey.

Breathe, yes.


Come on.

[dramatic music]

I can't lose you.

Come on, we gotta go.

We gotta get outta here, okay?

Can you stand up?

I think so.

Come on.

[dramatic music]

[doorbell ringing]

Laura, Jack?

What are y'all doing here so late?

Heather, no questions.

I need a room with a phone right now.

I'll pay you later.


[Jack] It's all right.

[radio crackling]

[phone ringing]

[Radio Dispatcher] One Epi 34, be advised.

33 and 37 is code six with the suspects and the victims.


You got me dead to rights on that one.

Hey Fred, listen to me.

Laura and I were attacked tonight by a group of armed men wearing ski masks.

They shot up my fucking house, and we barely got out of there alive.

Tell me about it partner.

I'm here right now.

Neighbors called it in.

They said your house sounded like a freaking war zone.

And, let me tell you something, brother.

Looking around out here, that's exactly what it looks like.

We've already got backup on the way.

Look Jack, I didn't want to say nothing to you at first because I didn't want to worry you none and Laura and all, but we kind of got our timing off tonight a little bit on this.

But, we've been keeping a pretty close eye on you for about the last week.

You know running by the house a couple times a day and all that.

Yeah, why is that?

Well, about a week ago, I got me a call from a fed.

Apparently, some of the guys you served with back in the '90s are either coming up missing, or they're coming up dead.

And, he was telling me all about how your life might be in danger.

Jack, who could've done this kind of damage in my town?

Jack, you there?

[booming explosion]

[bricks crumbling]

Nice reunion, Alex, but we're not sure you convinced him.

Well if I know Jack Adams the way I believe I do, Victor, I can assure you it will.

Well, I hope so.

Because we need to know how Jack's DNA is connected to Subject A, and we need to know soon.

Oh, one more thing, Alex.

You need to settle down.

You're out of control.

The council is not only aware, but they're getting kind of tired of it, Alex.

Alex, we gave you a second chance in life. that was because of your father.

We didn't have to do that.

And in one split second, we could take it all away.

[ominous music]

What's it all about?

What the hell's wrong with you?

[dramatic music]

Yeah, I was like, hey, we're gonna go out for drinks and then we're gonna party, cool?

Rammed me, but it was okay, and I felt really small.

I was like Willy get up, and I'm gonna tag you from behind.

[tense music]

[ominous music]

[booming explosion]

[guns firing]

[ominous music]

You need to get away from the vehicle.

No, you gotta get outta here.

Go away!

Jenny, come on.

I'm not leaving you.

Jenny, come on, let's go!

[guns firing]


[guns firing]

[booming explosion]

[guns firing]

[dramatic music]

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

[air reverberating]

It's okay, baby.

I'm here.

[machines beeping]


Alexander, Sophia, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I've been wanting to congratulate the both of you on your one year anniversary.

Who knew I'd be doing it standing over a military hospital bed?

Who are you?

How'd you get in here?

I have friends in high places.

My name is Victor Khol, and this is my assistant Vivian.

Alex, I used to work with your father way back in the day.

Sophia, could you give us a moment please?

Actually, Alex I think what I'm about to share is very, very important.

Your wife needs to hear the truth.

Alex, what's going on?

Your husband has suffered a severe injury to the cervical spine at C one and the C two vertebrae.

The surgeon said that there is a good chance that he may never walk again.

Alex, I know this seems hopeless, but I think I can help make all this go away.


She said I could be a quad for Christ's sake.

I'll probably never walk the rest of my life.

Wait a minute.

Victor Khol.

Shit, I remember your name.

My father used to talk to me about you when I was a kid.

I thought he was delusional in the end always talking about ancient aliens and conspiracy bullshit.

You know they institutionalized him before he died ranting this crazy shit to the press about how you were from some faraway universe, and you were over 400 years old.

Alex, your father was a genius and a real hero in my eyes, and the best friend I ever had.

We need you to trust us the way that we trusted your father.

Alex, your father saved our lives.

He gave us a second chance.

Now it's our time to return the favor.

[machines beeping]

[dramatic music]

Yes Victor, you saved my life.

You gave me life.

And, for that I will be forever grateful.

But, I must live my life.

I will not let you down.

Do you remember a few years after your operation?

Alex, we smoked cigars.

We walked, we talked.

You were so grateful, so full of joy for the betterment of humanity.

Do you remember this?

Alex, I must admit one of my favorite human past times.

Obviously, you've never had sex.

Actually Alex, I have.

But, where we come from sex is more of a spiritual and mental union rather than just physical.

So how do you have babies?

How do we have babies?

With the power of the mind, Alex.


Do you feel anything?

Of course, I do.

But, that would be difficult to explain to a man who's governed by his penis.

Well, I may be a neanderthal to you, but I'm smart enough to know that there's a lot you can do for humanity.

I mean knowing what you did for me, just think of how many lives you can save on Earth with your technology.

Believe me Alex, I'd love to.

But, we are in fact governed by rules of non engagement.

You see the council made an exception on your behalf.

We needed a homo sapien that we could trust to be our liaison to do human things that we simply cannot.

Technically, the council does not get involved with any planetary affairs unless what they're doing is affecting the universe as a whole.

Kind of what your species did back in July of 1945 when you began testing your first atom bomb.

[booming explosion]

Yeah, my father worked on the Manhattan Project.

My mother told me how much it haunted him.

I have a baby boy because of you and a second chance on life.

And for that, I'm eternally grateful, sir.

Shall we walk?

I do, Victor.


And, if I were you, I'd do some soul searching because as Vivian said you are expendable.

[dramatic music]


[machines beeping]

Alex, trust me.

When you wake up, everything will be okay.

I promise.

You will be a new man both physically and mentally.

[dramatic music]

Okay, so I'll meet you at the scarp yard at O 800 tomorrow.

Yeah okay, I'll see you then.

So what now?

That was your uncle Kevin.

He's gonna bring us money, clothes, whatever we need.

What did Sheriff Fred say?

Well, it's obvious somebody's after us.

We don't know who it is yet, so best thing is to just lay low until we know more.

Who would want to hurt us like this?

Hun, it could be anybody.

You have to remember Alex, Allen, myself, guys like us, we made a lot of enemies back in the day.

I had access to a lot of top secret intel, black ops directives, you name it.

Most of it was high level national security stuff.

I'm really scared.

Yeah, I know you are, honey.

Look, don't worry, okay.

Everything's going to be all right.

Look, I took up Alex's offer for a job, a vacation.


It's what you wanted, right?

[dramatic music]

[Dr. Rice] Mr. Biggs?

Jack and his daughter will be here before too long.

I want to know everything before they do.

Yes, sir.

[dramatic music]

Jesus, Jack.

I'm getting too old for scares like that.

Hey, it's good to see you, man.

Thanks for coming on such short notice.

Of course.


Uncle Kevin.

Look at you.

You keep getting more beautiful.

Thank you.

And, you just keep getting uglier, don't you?

It's good to see you haven't changed.


[Kevin] This is as good as I could do on such short notice.

That's great, man.

I appreciate it.

Look Jack, this Alex guy.

I realize that you two have history, but I had my CIA buddies look into him.

The guy's been a ghost for the last 20 years.

Apparently, his wife died in this horrific car crash about 20 years ago, and he just up and disappears.

Then he pops up mysteriously as a multi billionaire owner of Biggs Aerospace.

I don't know.

But, what I really want to know is why does he all of a sudden have an interest in you.

I mean no offense, but I mean why now?

You sure this is a guy you can trust?

Ever since Julie lost her battle with cancer, you're the only friend that Laura and I have.

So basically you are the only person I trust.

[dramatic music]

Biggs wants us to go on a trip out of the country, the two of us, but honestly I don't feel comfortable taking Laura along.

I want to ask if you can take care of her for awhile.

Of course, you know Laura's always welcome.

I think I should go first and check it out.


Dad, no.

You're not going alone.

I'm coming.

[dramatic music]

Laura, this is not open for debate.

A man just tried to kill us in our own home.

This is not a game.

It's not open for discussion, I'm afraid.

You can't decide that.

Mr. Biggs says he wants us both to go.

I'm not letting you go off alone like this, not now, not ever.

Especially after what happened to mom, I'm not losing you too.

Laura, kiddo, maybe you better listen to your father on this one, okay.

[dramatic music]


Hi, it's Jack.


Hey listen, I've been thinking a lot about your generous job offer.

Yeah, I'm sure she'll be a little upset.

It's not about the money.

It's about my sanity.

We'll work out the details.

[dramatic music]

So over there's our science building, Jack.

Within those four walls, a lot of fascinating research goes on.

We've got our media assessment offices.

And, that, my friend, is my crown jewel, Jack, the aviation department.

I must admit, Alex, when you said vacation, I thought you meant spend a few days on your yacht on the ocean.

Well [laughing] Jack, there is that too.

But, I told you my ideas were big, Jack.

They're very big.

They are Biggs big.


What do you say we visit my science building, huh?

[dramatic music]

So what do you think, Jack?

What do I think?

I think it's all impressive as hell.

[Alex] But?

But, why are you showing me all this?

Jack, I want you to join our team.

I want you to pilot our first manned mission.

Me, pilot?

I don't fly, Alex.

And, I don't see anything here that I could--

Jack, there is much more to see, my friend.

But only if you're truly interested, and you are ready.

Oh, Dr. Rice.


This is my friend Jack.

I thought he'd be interested in our activities here.

It's a pleasure, Mr. Adams.

We have been expecting you.

Would you follow me please?

Oh, this is Dr. Ramesh.

He's one of my lead research engineers.

None of this could be possible without this amazing team of minds we've put together here.

Dr. Ramesh, pleasure.

Dr. Ramesh, this is my friend Jack Adams.

Mr. Jack Adams, Dr. Ramesh.

It's just a pleasure to have you here.

We have prepared everything for you, and it's just gonna be great.

We are so excited to have you here in person.

Shall we proceed?

Lead the way, Ramesh.

All right.

[dramatic music]

Hello doctor, how's it going?

Hello, sir.

The kids.

My pride and joy, Jack.

[dramatic music]

[screechy music]

What the hell just happened?

[Alex laughing]

I just love this thing, Jack.

I mean it gets me every single time, Jack.

[dramatic music]

That's amazing.

[dramatic music]

Watch closely.

[electronic pulsing]

[Alex laughing]

Great, thank you.

Great, thank you.

So Jack?

I don't know what to say.

What do you plan on using this for?

Transporting water from the Great Lakes to California and the West.

No, no, Jack.

Although that is a wonderful thought.

I got bigger plans, Jack.

Get him a towel, Ramesh and save the fish.

Yes, sir.

[ominous music]

Clean yourself up.


[throat clearing]


Water transfer was a huge leap for us.

When we discovered the right combination of elements last year.

Last year?

What about this year?

[dramatic music]

So tell me, Jack.

What do you know about the Red Planet?

I mean actually living there.

Well, it's cold.

Too cold to live in except in the center where it's like our equator, but at night, very cold, a lot of ice.

It's not all red like we normally show.

It does have a green side to it.

Wow, pretty darn accurate, my friend.

Good for you.

Why are you planning on going to Mars, Alex?


Hell no.

It's too damn close to home.

[dramatic music]

We've discovered a way to manipulate the gravity of the planets and the sun, Jack, moving their orbits closer to the sun like our orbit.

So living on Mars, the Moon, meteors, anywhere for that matter for human beings, it's possible.

[dramatic music]


Come on.

[dramatic music]

Hey cousin Laura, what are you doing on the computer?

Oh, I'm just doing some research.

I can help you.

I'm really good at doing research on the computer.

Adam, sport, why don't you leave your cousin Laura alone?

Uncle Kevin, it's okay.

I really don't mind him asking questions.

Speaking of homework little one, have you finished yours?

What, this guy?

I bet that you got your homework done before you even got home, didn't you?

Yeah, I did.

[Kevin laughing]

That's my boy.

Come here.

Get over here.

Aunt Kate?


Do you need any help with dinner?

Oh, thanks for offering, honey.

I've got it, thanks.

Oh hey, look at that.

It might be your dad calling.


Hi, it's me.

Hey buddy, it's good to hear that you're getting a signal with that cell phone I gave you.

So tell me, how's it going down there, brother?

The research they're doing here is so much more advanced than anyone else government or private.

Their technological breakthroughs are mind boggling.

Look, I know it's crazy, but he showed me some of their discoveries.

They've made huge, wonderful steps forward, displacing water from one place to another, stuff I could never even of dreamed of.


You know I always assumed Biggs was working on something huge out there.

But, this sounds like something beyond anything I could've imagined.

These things are far beyond my understanding.

Yeah, mine too.

Look, but like any scientific discoveries, they have a dark side.

Look, I'm not sure exactly what's going on here.

I gotta go.

Hey Jack, I got Laura right here.

You want to say hi to her?

Hi dad?

Laura, are you okay?

Yeah, we're at uncle Kevin's.

Aunt Kate is making dinner right now.

Good girl.

All right baby girl, I gotta go, but I love you, okay?

Okay, I love you too.

Stay safe.

[dramatic piano music]

Look kiddo, your dad is the toughest guy that I know.

He's gonna be fine.

Trust me, he'll be back before you know it.

You're right.

[dramatic orchestral music]

My crown jewel, Jack.

See, that's right here.

No, I don't think that is.

I'm having trouble with that.

We figured out how to handle the forces of gravity through reverse engineering 60 years ago.

We just figured out how to master it.

It's all free and unlimited energy.

So the disclosures were true?


So this ship can get us into outer space?

I've already been there, Jack.


You've already been to Mars?

And beyond, Jack.

And, we can go, you and I, together just as soon as you say yes.

It could be as early as this afternoon.

It's as easy [snapping fingers] as that.

Be honest with me, Alex.

Why me of all people?

Jack, a mission to a foreign planet exploring planet collectors, anti gravitation devices that'll swing it into a friendly orbit around the sun will take a man of great courage and toughness.

Someone I can count on, Jack.

I've seen what you're truly capable of out in the field, Jack, with my own eyes.

It's a lot to take in, Jack, I know.

[dramatic music]


Not what you were thinking, huh Jack?

Who is that, some kind of prisoner?

Jack, that is an extraterrestrial being, Jack.

My robo-nauts came across it from a newly discovered planet, X Three, during the last expedition.

It's our sister galaxy next door.

We were able to tap into a black hole, Jack.

[dramatic music]

[spooky music]

[dramatic music]

We need to revisit that planet with you.

It has the same negative type alien DNA that you have inside of you, Jack.


I know we're still trying to figure out why.

Theory is that, well he's a version of you from a parallel universe perhaps even a star child.

My robo-nauts identified him as a threat.

He got too close to the ship, so they actually froze him, picked him up for analysis.

We need to learn everything we can about him, his species, his culture.

That is actually why I need you to come with me, Jack.

You're the only earth connection to it so far.

This is unreal, Alex.

No Jack, it is very real.

And, for you to even to begin to understand the magnitude of the work that we are doing here, you will have to take the next step with me.

Jack, there could be multiple versions of each and every one of us out there.

Your wife could be there, Jack.

The possibilities are endless, my friend, a parallel universe.

[dramatic orchestral music]

Dr. Cope?

Yes, sir?

[Alex] Continue with your work.

Yes sir, Mr. Biggs, yes, sir.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[Kate] Honey, do you mind getting the door for me?

I got it.

Oh thanks, Laura.

That's probably Ray.

I asked him to bring some stuff from the office for me.


[Ray] Hello.

Hey Ray, come on in.

Let me help you with this.

Oh, thank you.

[Kevin] There's space here.

Somewhere in here.

Ray, you're staying for dinner by the way.

Well, there you go.

The boss has spoken.

Yes mam, thank you.

Oh Ray, I don't believe that you've met my niece Laura Lee.

I'm sorry.

Laura Lee, this is Ray.

Nice to meet you, Laura.

Nice to meet you too.

She's gonna be staying with us for the next couple of days.

Her dad's out of town on work.

Oh, that's nice.

Doc, I actually have a few more boxes left in the trunk.

You mind if I run out and get it?

[Kevin] Please, thanks.

I could help you with that.

Oh, thank you.

Good evening, everyone.

We have a breaking news alert.

It's been reported by eyewitness sources that Charles Biggs, the son of billionaire and Biggs Aerospace CEO Alexander Biggs has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Several of his accusers Turn this up. have come forward as part of the recent me too movements.

And just in, we have some live updates on this breaking news that Charlie Biggs has lashed out against his accusers and the media with a statement on his Zipper account stating the following.

Laura, look it's Charlie.

He's on breaking news.

You remember Charlie, right, Biggs's son.

None of your stupid accusations matter.

My dad and I are off to space with the aliens.

We will own you.

Wow, is this for real, Chuck?

I mean we've known that Alexander Biggs' son may have borderline personality disorder as even mentioned by his father in his defense when he got into trouble, but this is just ridiculous.

We have not heard a response back from Alexander Biggs or Biggs Aerospace regarding this disclosure by Charles Biggs.

However, we will provide you with the most up to date information on this breaking news as we receive further developments.

Hey, dinner's ready, you guys.

I hope you're hungry.

Actually aunt Kate, I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling too well.

I think I should go lie down.

Oh no honey, I'm sorry.

Maybe if you eat something you'll feel better.

I can save you some food for later.

I'll just leave it in the fridge for you when you're ready.

Thank you.

You sure you're feeling okay?

Yeah, I should be fine.

Look, it's stressful I know.

I get it.

Why don't you just go rest up, and we'll be down here if you need us.


[Kate] Get some rest.

Thank you.

Of course.

Inside of that room right there.

Go on.

Alex, open the door.

Open this door.

I'm so sorry that it had to be this way, Jack.

I truly am.

Open this God damn door, Alex, right now.

Jack, I need you to think things through.

Now, it's gonna start getting a bit chilly in there.

You're crazy, man.

You're fucking crazy.

Until your answer is yes, I'm ready to go, Alex.

Don't hold your breath waiting man.

Open the door.

You will be going into space with me, Jack, perhaps even, hell, tomorrow.


I wouldn't bet on it.

Oh, and there is no need for you know an elaborate escape.

There is none.

And, don't you worry about your sweet Laura Lee.

You touch my daughter, and I will kill you.

Oh, and you know she's due here any moment.

You touch her, you're a dead man.

I promise you I will kill you.

[dramatic music]

I swear to God I am gonna kill you, Alex.

Jack, you've seen our technology, and you know what we're capable of here.

We can do this, you and I together.

Open this door.

Laura's gonna be fine, Jack.

You're just going to space with me.

Alex, get back here, Alex!





[electronic buzzing]

[ominous music]

[electronic sucking]

[dramatic music]

[Alex] It's gonna start getting a bit chilly in there.

[ominous music]

Where's my daughter?

[ominous music]

[electronic sucking]


Jack is being complicated.

Yes, I've noticed, sir.

I thought he would be.

We don't have much time to break him.

Are the others ready?

Just in time.


[electronic reverberating]

I'm starting it up.



[bassy echoing]

[tense music]

I suggest we move onto the provoking test.

Yeah, let's do it.

Let's see if this thing has any violent instincts.


[tense music]

What is happening?

Why are those soldiers armed?

Relax, Dr. Rice.

But, he has not posed any threat to us.

It's obvious he's benevolent.

Anybody can see that.

All creatures must know to defend, doctor.

We need to know the strengths and capabilities of this thing, how he attacks, how he defends, how he thinks.

Without that data, we're all potentially compromised.

I don't care how peaceful he looks.

It's just a test, Dr. Rice.

I promise he won't be hurt.

[tense music]

Mr. Adams, I just need a few minutes with you.

I'd like to explain what we're up to and also be able to check your vitals.

Will you please take your jacket off and roll up your left sleeve up?

Leave us.

[dramatic music]

Give me a deep breath and hold it.


[dramatic music]

[electronic beeping]

I just have a few seconds 'cause I've just jammed the security cam.

Biggs is not who he perceives himself to be.

He is abusing Subject A.

His intentions are not for the betterment of mankind.

It is purely for his own personal benefit.

Subject A is gonna die if he doesn't stop it.

Do you understand this?

[dramatic music]

Okay, you look and sound pretty good.

I'll be back in a little bit to check up on you.

[dramatic music]



[dramatic orchestral music]

Where am I?

Is this a dream?

No, we are in your consciousness.

Why are you calling me father?

Who are you?

I am your offspring from another world.

[dramatic orchestral music]

That's not possible.

My name is Metah, and I am your star child, Jack Adams.

I come from an ancient planet of highly evolved species.

Our predecessors died 'cause of greed and useless war.

Our great spiritual leaders and advanced scientists knew what was going to happen, so they created us

using the best DNA strands from across the universe.

They kept us secret until the war was over.

Over the last century, we have evolved into a beautiful hybrid species.

We are a peaceful species with no negativity in our hearts.

We were never meant to be found by an evil man like your Alexander Biggs.

Our planet, our sun is dying.

[dramatic orchestral music]

And if it goes, we will also die.

This is all...

This is incredible.

I don't know what to say.

Our questors came to your planet a long time ago.

Do you remember that father?

I vaguely remember some childhood dreams, but I never imagined that they were real.

Your dreams were reality.

Homo sapiens are one of the few species who can live without sunlight.

But, my people were highly interested in you,

human but animalistic, yet loving and compassionate,

a rare find on your young planet.

My son, yes, yes, you are my son.

[dramatic orchestral music]

What can I do to help you?

Help us, and we will help you.


[strange rattling]

[ominous music]


Tell him to put me down, Allen.

Put me down.

Come on.

Fucking, Allen, tell him to put me down.

Allen, what are you doing?

Come on.

Tell him to put me down, Allen.

Just tell him to put me down, please.

Tell him to put me down, man.

Come on.

Just tell him to put me down, okay.

That's all you gotta do.

I can pay you.

I can pay you, Allen.

I know you want the money.


Dad, dad, tell Allen to tell him to put me down.

Tell Allen to tell him to put me down, dad.

Come on, what are you doing?

Come on, dad.

I think he's confused.


All right Dad, look.

I'll stop fucking up, okay?

It was an accident.

Just fucking tell him.

Dad, tell him to put me down.

Chill him.


No, no, no!

Dad, dad.

What are you doing?

Please just, dad, come on.

Tell him to get me out of here, dad.

Dad, please.

[air sucking]

[ominous music]

One too many times, Charlie.

It just had to be this way,

son or no son.

[dramatic music]

Metah are you okay?

Hey Jack, Jack?

You know I'm running out of time, soldier.

I need your answer, and I need it now.

Shut the fuck up, Alex.

Where's Laura?

I want to see my daughter.

You know Jack, today I had to freeze my baby boy.

First my wife Sophia and then my son.

You know how that feels, Jack?

Oh, that's right, you know what it feels like to lose a wife and a child, yes?

Yes, your wife Juile.

Why don't you shut up, Alex?

It's a shame her dying in the hospital with cancer like that.

I mean how could you ever forget something like that, Jack?

You see there was nothing you could do then.

Think of the possibilities now, Jack.

She could be there.

I too long to see my Sophia once again, Jack.

You're a crazy son of a bitch, Alex.

Jack, you know that wasn't very nice.

It's kind of rude.

[dramatic music]

Yeah, well this should be quite interesting.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[fists thumping]


[fists thumping]

[fleshy crunchy]


[fists thumping]

[fleshy crunching]

[blows thumping]

[ominous music]

[fleshy crunching]


[Jack] Metah.

[air roaring]

[glass shattering]

[Metah grunting]

[dramatic orchestral music]

Metah are you okay?


You idiots left me no time and no choice, Jack.

I'm gonna have to continue the operation from up there.

[tense orchestral music]

All level must evacuate now.

We cannot let that spacecraft go.



[glass shattering]

[orchestral music]


Hey, don't you ever call me an old man.

[gun firing]


Are you all right?

I'm okay.

Come on, let's go.

Metah, wake up.

[ominous music]

[blade buzzing]

[ominous music]

[blade buzzing]

[ominous music]

[blade buzzing]

[fleshy crunching]

[blade buzzing]

[ominous music]

[fleshy sucking]

[fleshy crunching]

[ominous music]


[fleshy crunching]

[blade buzzing]

[ominous music]

[blades singing]


[fleshy ripping]

[fleshy sucking]


[fleshy sucking]

[ominous music]

[fleshy ripping]


[dramatic orchestral music]

[Alex] Ah, don't worry Jack.

I'm not gonna kill ya.

What's gonna happen is you and our new alien friend, you're now going to be cryogenically frozen just until we reach our station in outer space.

[Jack] Come on Metah.

We've gotta get out of here now.

I need you to wake up and come with me, okay?

[air hissing]

We can do it, you and me, Jack.

The possibilities are endless.

[air hissing]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[engines roaring]

[dramatic orchestral music]

[engines roaring]

[dramatic orchestral music]

This is Jesse Ronin with a breaking news alert.

Reports are in that space pioneer and billionaire Alexander Biggs left Earth and departed for space unexpectedly.

What has led to this sudden departure?

And, why were none of the agencies informed?

Has he discovered something we're yet to find out?

Or, is he trying to get away from something?

There are many questions that need to be asked, or is this just the end of things as we know it.

Today, we're lucky to have two whistle blowers.

Two whistle blowers who worked so closely with Alexander Biggs.

They worked on a top secret space project, one that has the military scratching their heads, one that is about to change life as you and me know it.

The questions need to be asked.

We're here now with one of Alexander Biggs' top scientists.

You were with Biggs at the time of the launch.

Can you please shed some light into what is going on?

I've worked for Alexander Biggs for almost 15 years.

I was very proud and excited to be able to work for Biggs Aerospace.

But, it wasn't too long after we acquired the specimen

that he exhibited a behavior of ulterior motives that was not for the betterment of mankind.

Could you go into a little bit more detail?

Well, there were other subjects involved, and we saw great harm coming to them.

They were being deceived, lied to, and that's not what we signed up for.

Well, my son, technology fascinated him, science, space.

He would always wonder what's out there, and he would always say to me, "Dad I want to be like you.

"I want to be a scientist."

And, getting this job at Biggs Aerospace was a dream job, a dream come true.

I hadn't spoken to him in awhile until he called me, and he said, "Dad, I love you."

I said I love you too, son.

He'd hoped that I'd be proud of him.

I know this is hard for you, so take your time.

I wish I knew more about what happned and what was really in his mind.

That was one of the things even when he was going up, I couldn't never really figure out my son.

So I wish I knew what he was up to now and where he was.

Dr. Rodgers and I were on our own when we realized that Dr. Ramesh and Dr. Cope launched off with Biggs.

And, then all hell broke loose, the chaos.

We had one thing on our mind was to be able to stop this launch and madness that was taking place.

Feds coming in and trying to remove us.

I saw some things that, I mean he cryogenically froze his own son.

I mean he started to look non human.

His behavior was just like a monster.

We discovered that there was so many more secrets that Biggs was withholding from us and basically withholding from the world.

And, we who survived really feel that it's time for the government to open this up and show full disclosure.

This is something that will affect all of us.

I'm shocked, shocked.

[dramatic orchestral music]

I really miss my dad.

I need to find out what really happened.

I know he's still alive.


[ominous music]

There's no need to be afraid Laura.

We're not here to hurt you.

[ominous music]

Who, what are you?

My name is Vivian, and I'm here to show you the way.

Show me the way, where?

There's so much for you to learn about this universe, child.

[ominous music]

This is a Symptomani stone.

It has a connection between this world, and others, and even the next.

It can be used to interact not only with these other worlds but with the center of the universe itself.

Those who possess it control destiny.

All of your dreams could come true.

[tense music]

[rock music]

♪ You set out on a dark road ♪

♪ Heading to a place that's unknown ♪

♪ Hiding a secret that's unshown ♪

♪ You lost your place on the highest road ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ Right to rely on you side ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ We are the chosen ♪

♪ We're gone and broken for awhile ♪

♪ We are the chosen ♪

♪ Your hard road has just begun ♪

♪ In turn, he has come undone ♪

♪ And now heaven is calling your name ♪

♪ Please come home ♪

♪ Ignite the fire that's inside ♪

♪ Explore the secret that you hide. ♪

♪ Make up a story you contrive ♪

♪ And, hold it forever to survive ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ Right to rely on your side ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ We are the chosen ♪

♪ We're done and broken for awhile ♪

♪ We are the chosen ♪

♪ Your hard road had just begun ♪

♪ In turn, he has come undone ♪

♪ And, now heaven is calling your name ♪

♪ Please come home ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ Please come home ♪

♪ We are the fallen ♪

♪ Please come home ♪