Asura Guru (2020) Script

Equip with new rule...

To better this world...

Who so ever it may be, he'll shatter him...

Even if it's God of Death, he'll shatter him also...

No one on earth can take on him...

No one can dare compete with him...

No one to defeat him here...

He's one of a kind... He's Sivan...

What's just here? What's justice here?

Whatever your soul says is justice...


He's on prowl and hunt day in and day out...

He destroys everything and everyone...


What's this? They've cut open this also!

Hey, our box is missing!

Headlines Bank cash Rs.5.75 crores brought from Mysore in a train has been stolen.

The incident in which roof of the train has been cut open to rob cash, it has shocked bank authorities and general public.

Don't know who gave you information so quickly, understand this very well, RBI never distributes cash to anyone directly.

It reaches general public through banks only.

All the currency now stolen is new notes printed in Mysore.

Stealing RBI money is grave criminal offence.

Definitely we're going to take legal action on this.

Didn't get into any trouble, right Jagan?

Forget about me getting caught, if you were caught for what you did, they would've thrashed you black and blue.

Despite my warnings, why do you always take risk to put my life in danger?

Okay, go.


Hello, sir. Mr.Manickavasagam.

Where are you now? Are you busy?

Can I talk to you now?

No sir, I'm not, please go ahead, sir.

Your resignation letter is on my table.

I've kept it in pending without forwarding it.

Sir, may I know why?

You've to complete a major operation.

I decide about your letter after that.

My daughter is feeling very lonely without her mother, sir.

I managed to convince her to come with me to another place.

Finish the case and take leave, you can leave your child in my home.

I'll take care of your daughter like my own granddaughter.


Hope you'll listen to me.

Okay, sir...I'll be there.

Loan Available 10% Interest

This guy?

Don't know whose bike he has stolen? Get me a hot tea boiling like acid.

My tea is like that only.

Hands off that bonda.

Why? Asking me why?

Is it so honour to order tea for you?

You've eaten 200 biscuits. Drank 201 teas!

Pay for it and then dare touch yesterday's bonda.

Yes, would've spat 100 teas and fed 105 biscuits to dogs.

I didn't talk about your friend Jagan, pay my dues and then touch it.

Okay, I'll take one bonda. Hey, look these photos, dare touch now.

Dare touch bonda after looking at those men of integrity.

Why should I see his face to take a bonda?

Then, give my your aadhar card.

Will you ask aadhar card for a bonda?

Ask all these questions with me.

You give all other without asking questions, right?

Give me.- Hey! Who is that?

Stop the bonda! I know that's a dummy note.

Hey you chimpanzee, keep this pink note.

Repay India's loan, prepare 2 special tea.

If I drink, I mustn't throw up. Must be that good.

Don't know from which share auto driver he stole it!

Says he's police man. What's all this lousy things?

Don't you've gold biscuits? I'll ask bakery man to do it.

Don't say, do it. You shut your gob.

Why are you talking to this silly man? Sir, please don't demonetize this note also!

I got it after great struggle. If you want money, should've asked me.

I'll get salary in 2 days. He's going overboard.

Why this urgency before he gets his salary?

Are you going to act in ad films with Tamanna and Hansika?

Don't unnecessarily drag my leader into this, Jagan.

I owe money to my hairstylist for 3 months.

Do you call a monkey a hairstylist if it searches for lice?

Look, what a chimp is saying!

Tea shops guys have become troublesome.

To unearth sensational train robbery, a special investigation team has been formed under CBCID DSP Manickavasagam.

Additional Commissioner has said this in a statement to the press.

He hoped the robbers would be apprehended in near future.

Sakthi, come here.

Hey, come, give them this balance tea.

Go, man.

Brother, tea.

I've been watching ever since I joined police force.

He's very honest and dedicated. A demon in his work.

When you show your talent, be careful with him, okay?

I knew he would spit it.

You take money for it, right? - Yes. It is smelling like poison.

What the hell is this then? No sugar or no tea., yuck!

Four people are having it, can't you have it as fifth man?

Is he not alive after drinking my tea? Come on, you have the tea.

Look at hi face like an aadhar card photo.


I'm telling him very important company secret.

He's going away without caring about it.


Ha! Come, Manickavasagam.

What's this like a college student? Beard and ear stud!

Have you decided that dept. has accepted your resignation?

No, sir.

Please sit down. Thank you, sir.

One important meeting. Don't send anyone inside.

You would've heard about latest train robbery.

Yes, sir.

Till now RPF was handling this case, it has been transferred to us, and you're going to handle the case. Sure, sir.

And you know media is watching it very keenly.

Try to close this case as quickly as possible.

Got it, sir. Okay. Now you may go.

Yes, sir.

I'll take leave, sir. All the best.

Thank you, sir.

What's that?

Jagan! Sakthi!

What happened? What happened to you?

Nothing, sir.

Hey, come...come...

You look devastating!

Hey, look here!

You want more speed? Yes...yes.

Why the alarm is ringing?

Bloody, you're dead meat today!

How dare you steal my money! Blood thief!

Go faster!



If you've been engaged as driver, just be a driver only.

Why are you telling about Jamaluddin's illegal money transfer business?

Tell me I say!

Father! What?

Malik is online, father.

What? Have you entered city border?

Father, someone stole money on the way.

How? In which area?

On the way to Vandalur from Kelambakkam...

Instead of raising a useless son, I should've killed you as an infant.

Kill him, boys.

I want to see everyone who was on duty that day.

Okay, sir.

Did you stop the train anywhere else other than stations?

No sir, didn't stop train anywhere. Stopped in stations only.

Who opened the parcel wagon after train reached this station?

I opened it, sir.

Did you find any evidence of trying to break open the lock?

No, sir. There wasn't any damage to the lock.

Lock was in perfect condition, sir.

Did you find the RBI cash box? No, sir.

Train which came from Mysore, if you've to cut open the train roof while running, it is possible between Salem-Vridhachalam where you don't have electric lines.

So, our squad has gone there for initial inquiry, sir.

Where are the other boxes which came along with cash box?

Sir, it has been delivered. Delivered?- Yes, sir.

What was inside the parcel while loading it, and when the parcel is delivered the condition of the parcel, do you've the CSO status report? No, sir.

In a crime spot, any object in close radius of it, it must be in our custody till level one investigation is over, or else we must have the complete report of the object's cross section.

Because of guys like you, other state people come here to rob.

Bloody imbeciles!

I don't know what or how you do it!

Every object delivered must be here along with receipt for my next inquiry.

It's my severe warning.

Got it? Be careful! We'll finish you!

You know about him well, right? Why did you give him that job?

When will he learn the trade if he roams like a wastrel!

I thought he would gain experience with small amounts.

Useless guy! He got cheated.

What made you lose your concentration?

For my trade, trust is most important.

I'm in this position on that foundation only.

Someone has planned to break my trust and fear of me, and ruin my illegal money transfer business.

The man who stole my money, I want to find and burn him alive.

Karthik sir, I'm here trusting you.

Diya, come in.

Diya, this is Mr.Jamaluddin and his son Malik.

My long time client.

He comes to us if he faces any problem.

Now, a major issue.

Bhai, take it as your job is done. Diya will handle your case.

Karthik sir, when I started this business, she wouldn't have been born.

You're handing over my problem to her.

Don't play with my life to train her.

I've more faith in her ability than myself.

Diya is the brain behind my agency becoming number one in state.

Bhai, you'll understand her intelligence when she closes the case.

Okay, you carry on.

Yes, sir.

He threw the box from moving train to a distance of 20 meters.

It must be weightless.

Moreover, seeing dents of the box, I think they took money and threw away empty box only.

Yes sir, may be.

So, the thief first took cash personally to Chennai.

Or else he would've transferred the cash into another parcel in the same train.

And had taken delivery of the parcel in Chennai.

There are just two chances.

Get complete details of all the parcels in the coach.

And addresses of people who had taken delivery of the same.

Okay, sir. Super, sir.

The time you started, the area where it was stolen, all the details are okay, but I can't believe that a thief stole money from boot when the car is running.

I want to check your car.

When car was moving, I heard sound from boot.

Before I could turn back to see what had happened, he took the bag and escaped.

Right here only.

Without a small scratch, he managed to steal while moving.

Really a great job! What? Great job?

I'm here with a complaint that someone has stolen my money.

Are you talking great about that robber?

I can't stop myself from praising his talent.

To open boot wide, he used remote bomb, and to stop alarm from setting off, he set up a PC to fuse it off.

But fuse plan failed.

So, your son knew about losing his money there itself.

Or else he would've known it on reaching Chennai only.

Only a technically strong man can plan such a heist.

Or else someone who is a robber for many years can pull it off.

I don't think it was done by your competitor.

Because if it was to finish your business the plan would've been different.

I think someone who doesn't know anything about you has stolen it.

He hasn't left any traces.

I'm sure he'll be a big headache to the department.

I don't know which route I'll take to catch him,

but we'll catch him soon.

How come you're here, Diya? About a case.

Is it?

Sir, checked all the addresses of every parcel that had come in train, sir.

Every address is correct. Except this one.

Fake address.

Great escape, sir.

Check Egmore station CCTV footage. Okay, sir.

Right, okay.

Please Zoom In.

CCTV footage shows you delivered the package.

Did you ever deliver package like this earlier also?

No, sir.

How was he to look like?

He was wearing helmet completely covering his face, sir.

Sir... Tell me.

Checked CCTV footage, accused got package delivered by porter and escaped, sir.

His bike number plate also fake, sir.

Inquired with porter also, sir.

They both don't have any connection, sir.

Track the route taken by accused. Okay, sir.

What? Searching money in a book?

Sir has gone out, tell me, what's the matter?

What's the matter?

Did you meet me earlier or not?

From the day I gave you my case, even your make up hasn't faded.

Not a clue about my money or the robber.

What the hell are you doing here?

This is not a job of medium to find robber easily.

Today you're talking about my make up.

You should've told me the truth while handing over the case to me.

If not we've to work on information we get.

That's what I'm asking you, what information you got, what the hell were you doing all these days?

Just two more days only, if you don't find the thief, I'll do it myself.

Forget about setting time limit for us.

Your son who is standing behind you and ogling at me, first ask him to tell the truth without telling any lie.

If not you too can't do anything.

Hey, tell her the truth.

What should I tell her now?


Tell me, whose nail this is that was found in your car?

Oh no, I got caught.

Come...come...come quickly.


Bloody bull! Move men!

Hey wastrel! Go!

Come on!

Will you hit him before me also?

Sir, we roaming near Washermanpet flower market with counterfeit notes.

So, I brought him here. If you tell us the truth, the problem will end here with this.

If not I'll arrest and thrash you inside lock-up.

What's his problem?

Sir, I didn't commit any mistake.

He doesn't have any problem, sir.

He punched to break driver's nose.

Inspector said he's your friend, so I didn't file FIR on him.

The victim has got certificate from hospital also.

Sir, please ensure he has no problems.

We've done what we can.

Hereafter we've to face the problem.

Let Inspector come, inform and take him with you.

If you accept the truth, it's safe for you.

I'm telling you the truth, sir.

I don't know anything about this note, sir.

I got it from a flower seller in Washermanpet.

What were you dealing with a flower seller?

Are you narrating story to me?

I'm telling you the truth, sir.

I mortgaged my house to take loan of Rs.5 lakhs for my daughter's marriage.

I got caught while paying advance for flowers as an auspicious start.

Did you get Rs.1 lakh for Rs.50000 or Rs.2 lakhs for Rs.1 lakh?

How much you doubled your money? Doubling?

I don't know what's that, sir. Please take him inside.

Please don't repeat the same lines. Sir!

What's the problem here? Doubling, sir.

Which area? Washermanpet flower market, sir.

Washermanpet? Flower market?

Bloody idiots!

Ramanathan is doubling crores without our knowledge.

You don't have the capacity to arrest him and settle the matter.

Are you creating a scene here by inquiring an old man?

Send him away.

Hey, come with us.

What's up, Jagan? Hello, sir.

Please take your seat.

Who is he? My close friend, sir.

First take him away from this area.


Call taxi drivers are threatening self immolation if I don't take action on him.

Please advice him properly, go.

Sorry for the trouble, sir. Thanks. Okay.

Yes, I'm Inspector Chandru here.


Hey, what's this?

A beautiful girl in our area like Hansika with Annachi.

Hey boy, come here.

Tell me, sister. What do you want, sister?

Any help?

Where's Navya's house? What? Navya?

I was drooling thinking it was me.

Forget him, sister. I'll take you to Navya's house, sister.

Washermanpet Flower Market

Where's Ramanathan flower shop, madam?

Look at the board there, next to it. Okay.

Hey, stop!

Can't you see men standing here? You're just walking in casually!

What should I do now?

Whom do you want to meet? Your owner Ramanathan.

Sir, on checking CCTV footage, accused has gone towards Pudupet after taking money from Egmore station.

The bike never came out from Pudupet, sir.

Who told you about me?

You've a demand in market, no need for any introduction.

Just like this a girl came here knowing about me, I'm not exaggerating, she went on to devour so many men!

Why are you still here, boy? Can I go then, sister?


Take this, get cool drinks for us.

If you want anything, buy it.

No urgency, come leisurely. Got it, I got it clearly, sister.

I'll come back taking time.

Tell me, now.

You were telling about that girl.

Forget about her.

Come in.

Is it first time for you?

No, if it is first time, I'll act accordingly.

That's why I asked you.

How long you know Malik?

You were with Malik entire last week, right?

Whom did you tell about Malik taking cash in his car?

Hey, who the hell are you? Get out!

How much you got paid for leaking info about Malik's money, I'll pay you thrice of that, just tell me his name.

How do I look like to you?

I agree I'm a prostitute who sleeps with different man every day.

But I don't have to steal or betray someone's trust to make money.

If you've doubt come with me for a day. I'm earning more than my needs.

Okay, I agree whatever you say.

Can I check your phone?

Still you don't trust me, right?

Inquire yourself with whom I talked on phone and slept with.


I never had it before.

How will be your approach? Please tell me.


Oh no!

You look like new here! Who sent you?- Raja!

Raja? Which Raja?

No, please. It'll be problem if I tell.

Hey, are you making fun of me?

Can you do it or find another...?

How much?

Hey! Brother!

Check the bag.

Hey, who the hell are you, boy?

Brother, I want change for Rs.2000. Bloody idiot!- Brother!

Don't you've sense when to send in boys?

Brother, boy from our locality. No problem at all, brother.

Bye, brother.

Brother, correct.

Store rice and bring husk.

Hey, what's this?


Connect me to Pudupet Inspector, please.


Who deals with illegal money in your area?

There's one Kumar, sir. Kumar? Who is it?

He runs a flower shop in Washermanpet.

He's into this illegal money business for long time, sir.

Washermanpet Flower Market!

Come immediately.

We must catch him.

Hello sir. Tell me, Diya.

Navya, for whom I'm here, she's in regular touch with Malik, it's true that she was with him on the day money went missing.

But I don't think she has any connection with the robbery.

Are you sure? Yes, sir.

Take it, sister. Give it to sister.

Hey, boy! Come here. What's it, sister?

Where did you get this notes from?

No change in small shops, sister.

It took long time, so I went to flower market for change, sister.

Can you take me to the shop from where you got this note?

Okay, sister.

What's this? The man who entered hasn't come out.

Let's check. Come.

Come to godown with our boys.

Boys, stop and hack him.

Kill him, boys!

Already there are many pending cases on Kumar, sir.

That's him, sir.

What's it, sir? What do you want, sir?

We want to buy a wreath for you.

Sir, I'm not worth as you think so.

If I did it, I would accept it, sir.

Need some support from Delhi to pull off such a big heist, sir.

What I do is of local level only, sir.

Ask about me with him, sir. He knows my history completely.

Please tell him, sir.

How long we've been doing business together?

That's why so many cases are pending!

Can't you watch and go?



Oh no!

Inquire what's the problem! Okay, sir.

Hey old man, come here.

Hey, what's your age and his age? Don't you've common sense?

Are you so great if you wear khaki uniform?

Would you call your father like this?

Sir, please come here. What's it, sir?

What's the problem here?

Just few minutes earlier, heard a loud sound of bomb blast.

There's some problem inside, I don't know the details.

We mustn't leave him.

Send our boys for him.

Got it? Okay, brother.

Go, boys.

Tell me, sir.

What's the problem here? No problem, sir.

Looks like boys were bursting crackers. That's it, sir.

Looks like they played havoc with different crackers.

Tell me the truth I say!

Sister, I got the change from here only.

Come on I say!

I said come. Leave me, sir.

What's this, sir?

Go...go...look at damn faces! Come on...go...

Get into the vehicle. Hey, get in.

Tell them to follow the case properly.

Do you know who that girl is, sir?

Detective Diya, right? Yes, sir. The same girl.

Why is she here?

What's this, sir? People come to flower market to buy flowers, right?

Hey, get ready the vehicle to go. Okay, sir.

Go carefully, mother and daughter don't slip and fall down.

Many fell into ditch trusting you. Isn't he just like him?

Who are they? Relatives?

In away, she's like my sister.

What? Sister?

Then, you're a suitor to that girl. Yes, bulb face.

She's the only girl in my life who said she likes and wished to marry me.

Medical miracle! Why did you leave a golden chance?

I'll tell you.

She asked me to marry her 20 years ago!

20 years ago?

You must love her mother.

Are you after her daughter?

She's like cream bun and you're like rusk.

You're the next headline of #MeToo case.

I didn't mean like that.

I did try aunty too but uncle was with her.

That's why I'm feeling bad. He tried his best.

How much he may try, he can't get her grandma too.

Would you like to have tea?

No, I want to go to office tomorrow.

You wait here, I'll come back in a minute.

Madam, please take it.

No, thanks. Thanks, uncle.

No problem, take it.

Say bye to uncle. Bye!

Hey Sakthi!



Look, our dept. officer have made more money than idol smugglers.

Paper media has bombarded us.

There are so many criminals within ourselves.

Lights on!

I suspect someone from our department is involved in this illegal activity.

If not there are chances that he may be helping the robbers.

Can I know the reason why you suspect an insider thing?

I'll explain you.

If you check the recent robberies.

Number one, train robbery.

People who know about money transport.

RBI, Railway, Police.

Intelligence got new about money lost by illegal money transfer.

People who know about this are victim party and police.

Finally, doubling!

People who about this are related culprits and police.

The common among all three incidents is police.

So, I'm sure there's someone within our department behind this.

There are lakhs of policemen in dept., sir.

It is not possible to spot one person, sir.

If you think little seriously, it is possible to do it.

What Kumaravel? Sir!

Didn't get any idea?

They say we can judge a dog by it's power to catch rabbit.

I joined police with that hope, sir.

I got promotion by catching criminals like that only, sir.

So, you say we can find the black sheep by going around our office.


Sure, sir.

Robberies are happening in and around Chennai.

No need to involve entire police of the state.

To tell you in particular, crime money dept. and economical crime, I suspect these money connected divisions.

So, all the divisions in Chennai, send an alert message as I suggest you.

This is a welcome trap in disguise.

Madam, courier for Diya.

Give me, I'm her mother.

She must sign the receipt. Office rules.

Okay, one minute.

Diya, you've a courier.

I've already sent it.

How is it possible?

I need the proof on my table in 24 hours, do you get that?

Boss is listening it in conference call.

Don't delay. Other cases some other time.

First work on stabilizing video from Navya's mobile phone.

No more excuses.

It's very clear.

Don't play the fool with me. Make it fast.

What? Courier.

You carry on the work, okay.


Malik wrote his name in Urdu on the stolen bag.

I saw the same bag in flower market...




Oh no, look at her, she's walking out wrapped just in towel.

At least let her escape from you.

Stop...where are you going?


Hey you!




I just missed him. Please come inside immediately.

Come... Listen to me, come in first.

You're ruining family honour in street. Go inside. Go!

Look, what's your problem?

What's that you're shouting on the top of your voice?

A man went just now...rascal.

I was searching him for a theft case.

He was right before our door...

I missed him like a fool.

Look, you missed him.

Why are you shouting on him?

You've courier address with you, right?

Why not go and meet him there?

Are you running a courier office or something else?

What do you mean by it? I didn't get you, madam.

What is your problem?

Why are you shouting angrily?

Please sit and cool down.

How can I cool down?

It was an express delivery.

Extremely confidential.

But you've seen the content inside.

I'm going to sue you.

I don't have time to see all that and I'm not interested too.

If not you, your delivery boy may have seen it.

My boys are not like that. Hello, I must see delivery boy now.

Oh God!

Please sit down, madam.

Which area are you from? Shanti Nagar.

Shanti Nagar!

Oh Sakthi!

Hey! Sir?

Call and ask him to come to office immediately.

He deliver courier packages later. Okay, sir.

If you engage thieves, this is what they do.

Hello, don't talk unnecessarily.

This is not a finance company to engage only thieves.

He's an engineering student. Do you know that?

Only technically sound man can plan and rob like this.

Why? Won't an engineering student open the cover?

Half of the chain snatchers in Chennai are students only.

Give me his number, I'll talk to him.

I can't give him number, leave your address here.

As soon as he comes, I'll ask him to meet you.

No need for him to come, I'll take care of him myself.

Oh my God!

Had I been little complacent, she would've killed me!

Enough! You're drinking too much.

You may fall flat.

For clean India campaign, they want us not to pollute river Ganges.

Tell them not pollute Old Monk whisky under clean India campaign.

Even after drinking half bottle I'm not getting the kick.

How can you get the kick?

Hello, I talked to the owner, he says he doesn't know you.

Dhoti clad men are banned in bar. Can you please come out?

What's this injustice?

Dhoti is our state's dress.

He's not allowing men in dhoti.

Nobody is asking him, all are just watching fun.

This nation stopped Gandhi from entering because he didn't wear a shirt.

Even you're watching the fun. Why don't you stop him?

Oh no, hey...I said that by mistake.

I know about your courage.

Please sit tight here...come.

Buddy, you brought me to complete normal.

It's common rule in bars of star hotels.

Can we raise a banner of revolt against bars?

If I stop them now, they'll first throw us out.

How dare you lay hands on me!

Dare come out, man!

You're in dept. but you're totally useless.

Public is more powerful than dept. You know that, right?

They forced to conduct taming of bull, right?

Dept. brings to my memory.

Buddy, Manickavasagam is working more than what he's paid for.

To catch you, he sent a fake alert message, he spread news about big money collection in a bank.

He thinks if it is big money, you'll surely come for it.

He thinks you're a professional thief.

He's going to wait for you in bank. Oh!

I'm James Bond, right? I found out everything.

He too is just like you. You mean brilliant?

Thanks, buddy.

You both are bloody f... Hey...oh no!

As per our alert message, do you think he'll come here, sir?


I've kept tamarind seed box up there, bring it.

Do you want me to read you palm, sir? it you?

Season is over? Yes, sir.

I told you not to trust that channel.

Why should we get into trouble, sir? What's the matter?

If you show me your palm, I'll tell past, present and future, sir.

No need to pay me anything, I'll tell you for free.

Even if you tell correctly, I can't pay you.

I'll offer a cup of coffee, have it and go.

Sir, I can see many streaks in your face. What?

On my face?

Check if I can find a bride. Let me see it.

You'll surely find a bride, sir.

For your hand... Boy, bring chair for him.

Okay, brother.

This hand is in for a windfall of luck. For this hand?

A vehicle from South West side. What? A container?

You're in tea shop because of your motor mouth.

Listen to me silently.

A beautiful angel in different style of dress in that vehicle.

Angel? Angel will come to your shop.

She'll come here.

Your life will turn topsy-turvy.

Will it surely happen?

It'll surely happen, look up, you can see her face.

I saw her back only! I didn't see her face.

Will you see only back? You must see front also in life.

How forward we may go in life, we must also look back, right?

That's why I said that. How was my punch?

Sakthi, he's telling future perfectly.

Get to know about your future from him.

I don't need it. Keep the paper there.

Show me your palm, Sakthi.

I'll tell few things, say I'm right if you feel so.

That's enough!

I'll take money from onlookers.

Am I a monkey?

You say you'll collect money from onlookers.

I didn't say that, don't confirm it yourself.- Okay.

Check his palm.

Show me your palm, Sakthi. Show me.

Sakthi, your name is very powerful.

Your palm shows you're an expert.

You haven't yet seen my hand, what are you saying?

See his palm, man.

This palm will play in millions of cash! He can't pay for tea, but he says millions.

Lady luck is always smiling on you. I think so.


Lakshmi Menon will be with him. So be it.

Govt. will come to you to offer you a job.

Today is auspicious Akshaya Tritiya, you're in for a windfall of luck.

Whatever luck brings to you, bad luck may follow to take it away.

Though you act like a good man, you achieve things stealthily.

Am I right?

Oh God! Move, man.

Go, man.

Why is getting so angry? Why is he hitting me?

If you talk too much, he'll surely kick you.

He spread fake news about big money collection in bank.


Can't you walk carefully?

It's okay.

I want to withdraw cash. Wait for 2 minutes, please.

Excuse me, sir.

Where are you going in? Lift!

This is not lift, sir.

This is restricted area.

Lift is outside near steps, sir.

Oh! Please, sir.


Please come to get cash.


Dug a hole in wall! Yes, broke open lockers too.

Oh shit!

Hey Jagan! Tell me.

Did you come to home? No, I'm on duty, what's the matter?

Door was open, so I asked you. Door was open? What are you saying?

Check your room door. It's okay.

First check if it is okay.

Why are you giving me tension?

Buddy, it's better to be safe than be sorry.

For God's sake, please... Okay, wait.

Hey Sakthi!

Answer me please.


Hey, answer me, please. Everything is okay...

I've sent you an address, ask Jamaluddin to come there, sir.


Sakthi...Sakthi... What happened to you?

How did he get hurt?

He shouldn't have been alive for his crimes.

What's your problem with him? I asked you, how did he get hurt?

Hey, don't shout.

I hit him.

Will you file FIR on me? Or else call the police myself?

I'm also police, are you threatening me?

Yes, indeed a threat.

You're a police man and an accomplice of robber like him.

You must be...

Are you Mother Teresa?

You and your boss work for criminals only.

You filled a room with money stolen from others but call yourselves innocents.

Are we criminals then?

Tell me, how big is your network?

For whom you're working?

Is every robber a criminal?

Then what? Are you helping poor like shown in films?

Or else educating poor children with the money?

What the hell are you doing?

We're going to pay Rs.6000 for every voter!

Talking too much.

He didn't have a tea with the money he stole from others, you know that?.

You'll have a story or reason for dumping stolen money here, right?

Come on tell me, I'll listen to it.

Please, for others Sakthi appears like a thief.

But that's not the truth, Diya.

Sakthi lost his father before he was born.

As a child he started to feel happy on seeing money.

When devotees put donation in priest's plate after offer prayers in temple.

But he was very happy taking money from the plate.

But nobody knew it then that this wasn't a normal act.

As Sakthi grew up, his problem too grew along with him.

He started losing his control even in school.

Pocket money of his classmates, school fee, his concentration was always on money.

One fine night, a rat tasted the money Sakthi had stashed.

This incident lead his mother to know about his problem.

Why did you steal money? Mother, I don't know.

Will you do it again? No, I don't know, mother.

Sakthi, this is wrong my son.

If you want anything, ask me, I'll buy it for you, son.

You must steal others' money who work hard to save it.

You did it till now without knowing about it.

Don't do it hereafter.

You'll listen to your mother, right?

I'll do whatever you ask me, mother.

But the desire to steal money didn't let Sakthi to remain peaceful.

The desire to steal and his mother's advice clashed in his mind.

The desire to steal won over him!

Your son stole money kept for paying school fee.

No use if you give birth to a son.

You must know how to raise him also.

Instead of earning with a son like him, better to do something else for a living.

Kids like him become dacoits, rapists and criminals to trouble police.

Bring the kid to court.


Wherever you may be, I'll always think about you only, son.

The sorrow of her son becoming a thief, the way society humiliated them, it pushed Sakthi's mother to take a hard decision.

If his mother had been alive, may be Sakthi's life could be different.

Poor Sakthi!

Government Juvenile Home - Chengalpattu I was there for an unwitting crime, Sakthi was there for mistake he did without his knowledge.

We both met in this juvenile home.

He didn't talk to anyone there but befriended me.

He talked, laughed and cried with me.

He told me everything.

Our friendship grew stronger enough to last for our life time.

But the beast in Sakthi didn't let him live peacefully there also.

Why are you not responding to me?

What happened to you, Sakthi?

Sakthi...Sakthi... Oh mother!

What happened to you, Sakthi? What's happening with you?

Oh mother!

Hey Sakthi! What are you doing?

Who stole the money? Sakthi stole it, sir.

Why are you hitting me, sir?

Don't hit me, please sir. Don't hit me, sir.

Sakthi, you take rest.

This is too cruel, Rajendran.

What if something had happened to him?

Boys are sent here instead of jail to give them a chance to reform.

You come here only when someone is hurt, right?

Come here everyday, you'd know what I'm going through with them.

He'll steal money from my room and sleep silently.

Should I watch it silently?

Very good logic, sir.

Forget about our logic, sir.

As far as Sakthi is concerned, handle him carefully.

When I talked to him, I realised there's no purpose behind his stealing money.

He opened your bureau to steal money, he didn't touch expensive gold watch, gold chain or rings.

This could be a disease also.

Is he a psycho thief?

There's no such word in medical terminology.

If any incident like this happens again, please don't hit him.

It may push him to become a hardened criminal.

Moreover when you try to control physical changes during this phase, there's a chance it may take his life also.

I understood Sakthi's problem.

I decided to look after his carefully till the end.

Robbing increased along with his age.

He stacks notes in room to see and enjoy.

For him money is Queen.

He'll look after her very carefully.

Nobody must touch his money, including me.

I joined police force, I entered crime division for him only.

Doctor's advice in juvenile home left a great impact on me.

Whenever his mind triggers to steal money.

I bring him to my control, and send him to places where illegal money is stashed.

But at times he goes out of my control and steals money from risky places.

You know Sakthi as a thief only.

But nobody knows how he struggled to stop himself or pain I went through to control him.

You let him grow into a thief and narrating story to me.

Aren't you ashamed of it?

You don't need a reason to be loyal in love or friendship, Diya.

Money is his disease and stealing is the only treatment.

What you did to him is not help, it's cheating.

Look, Sakthi is my friend. I'm struggling to keep him alive.

I may be a criminal according to you, I don't care about it.

I don't owe you any explanation also.

Shut up and go out.

Oh shit!

Oh no!

Sakthi! Jagan!

Take him away from here.

If you stay here, no safety for both of you.

What are you saying? What happened?

I don't have time to explain you.

You said you're doing all this to keep him alive, right?

I'm telling you for the same reason.

Just follow my order.

Who is it? Who is he?

I'll hack him into pieces. Where is he?

Bloody street dog who dared to steal my money.

So much money!

I tried my best but he managed to escape.

I found your money only. I'll find him soon.

When you found his place, you should've informed me, right?

Wouldn't I've taken him?

Why the hell did you try to catch him?

Did he escape really or took money to let him go?

I told him not to give the job to you, did he care to listen to me?

Okay, I'll take care of you later.

Son!- Father. Pack money in bags.


I told you to pack money, what are you ogling at?

Boys, pack money in bags.


What are you doing?

Just ask them to take only your money.

Your job is over long time back.

I'll take care of things from here. You can go now.

Malik, load entire cash in car.

If you take a rupee more than your money, I'll not spare you.


What? What will you do?

Just clear out. If not I'll kill you.

Acting as if she's a chaste woman!

Hey, don't miss one mote also, pack everything.

Pack every note here.

If you miss one note also, I'll kill you.

Come on, pack it quickly.

Pack and tie the bag safely.

Hey crook, do it quickly. Tie it.

Load it in car.

Come quickly, boys. Come...come...

I told you earlier.

I'll find the dog who crossed my path to find and kill him.

Come...come...load it quickly. Load it. careful...careful...

Boys! Tell me, bhai.

You go back to shed. Okay.

After the alert message, did you trace call list of the related division officers?

Yes, sir.

If they're from our office, track the history of their operations.

Don't delay. I've tracked all the calls, sir.

We'll get information by afternoon, sir.


Hello!- Hello! Yes, Manick.

I'm Markandeyan here. I called you to give you information.

The officer you're searching for corruption, is travelling in TN-76-A-5000 on Tambaram bye pass road.

If you go immediately you can arrest him and confiscate money.

Got it?

Who are you?

You're the first man in police to ask me who I am!

I'm Dinakaran of Digital India.

Sir, information is correct.

Come on, let's go.

Father, police. Don't stop, just keep going.

Hey, it's Manickavasagam!

If he catches us, he'll surely kill us.

Hey, don't get down.

Before he kills me, I'll kill him. Listen to me, son.

Malik, come here.

Son Malik!


I'll tell you a place, keep the cash safely there.

Okay, sir.

Hey, be patient, dude!

Hey Sakthi!

Who took it? Where's the money?

Where's the money? Tell me I say!

I want my money. Tell me.

When you were in hospital, I told you about detective Diya, right?

She got us out from here.

We've to catch her to get information.

Buddy, stay calm. Who is she?

Hey, I'll not spare her alive. Hey, please.

Hey Sakthi!

I knew on seeing the modus operandi of train robbery.

It must a young man's job.

Not only that, the way he thrashed goons in flower market to steal money, the way he technically robbed bank, this fact is very clear.

But we can't do anything with just the age factor of robber.

Malik is a young man, right? Why can't he be the robber?

He's a useless guy.

Can't decide he's the accused because money was with him?

Other than going after women, he's not smart in anything else.

Find how they got this money!

We'll get clarity in case and find the real culprit on arresting Jamaluddin.

Yes, sir.

Stalin! Sir.

Some crook gave information about Jamaluddin and Malik travelling with money.

Did you track his number? Done, sir.

I can understand your situation, bhai.

But I don't know how can I help you in this?

You've already done it. What more can you do?

You're not the Karthik of yore.

You've become avarice.

Jamal, I can't take all this non-sense. You must hear it.

You must hear whatever I say!

I lost my son and living underground for what you did to me.

Malik was killed by police, show your anger on them.

What bloody police? They're just guns.

You're the bullet!

Here they come!

Order a tea. Okay, sir.

Then? What then?

Make two tea.

Will you pay for it?

We can get it, make it. From whom?

Sir is there, serve tea and take money.

Who is he? He appears new to the area.

Take it.

Give that one to him. Go without fear.

What did he achieve to smoke now?

Take it, sir.

No free tea in my shop.

Suresh, pay him. Super, sir.- Okay, sir.

Looks like he got transferred from Andhra.

He's honest. Hey, stop man!

Can't I recognize if you sport a beard?

You had tea, bonda and vada for over year in my shop.

Who will pay for it? Your father? Pay now.

I'm unemployed, brother. I'm searching for a job, brother.

Searching for a job? What? CM's job?

Many are roaming here saying like that.

Will you pay or get your sister married to me?

I've only ATM car, I've to go to ATM...

With whom are you talking about ATM? Come with me.

I'll show you the inventors of ATMs.

Dare tell me you're not cheating me after seeing them.

You people cheat me like this, so, look at this.

Swiping machine, Paytm, Net banking, I've all the facilities.

Insert the card. Trying to cheat Digital India Dinakaran.

Who are you? Dinakaran of Digital India.

Insert the card. Card is in home.

Tell your sister to bring it. Call her.

Sir, Rs.20 for your tea.

What did you say your name is? Digital India Dinakaran. Why?

He turned a baton into broom. Tell me, Digital India Dinakaran.

Did you ever give information to police earlier?

To police?

Sir, I gave them only tea. They never paid for it also.

How do you know Jamaluddin? Who is he?

Aasif Biryani shop owner?

Hey, don't test my patience! Am I?

How do you know about Jamaluddin was going with money?

How are you connected to him?

I swear, I don't know who he is!

A palmist came to my shop.

He said my life will turn topsy-turvy, sir.

Then, I realised you hanged my upside down to thrash.

What the hell are you saying? I said about you thrashing me.

Trust me, I don't know who he is!

One fine day...

I was in my shop.

A girl came riding bike.

I'm standing before her.. I'm enchanted by her...

I got myself trapped willingly... I'm going after her...

I'm dying before her...

I'm standing before her.. I'm enchanted by her...

I got myself trapped willingly... I'm going after her...

I'm dying before her...

Though there are many girls in town...

You're the luckiest girl in town...

I got myself trapped willingly... I'm stuttering because of you...

Why is she coming to my shop?

Hi dear!

Me? Yeah, baby.

I'm like hero but call me as baby.

Hey, clear out boys.


I'm of marriageable age now...

Can I wait for you?

Can I chat with you?

I wish to live with you...

You're very naughty.

Will you ride bike like that on speed breakers?

Come, baby.

Ladies first please.

Mad girl!

Excuse me. Tell me.

Can you make a phone call for me?

I can murder anyone for you, won't I make a phone call for you?

Thank you, baby.

Just repeat whatever I say! Okay.

May I?

Okay. I'll speak in 'Mottai' Rajendran's voice.

Hello, I'm Markandeyan here.

Sir, she gave me a number.

She asked me to speak.

I did.

I don't know with whom I talked and why!

I promise on your mother, sir.

How could I know that bloody woman get me into trouble?

How was she to look? Can you recognise her?

Her face is just like his face.

I'll inform I see her again.

Foreigner roam around with open shirt, right?

She was roaming just like them, sir.

She came riding a Commando bike.

Sir, please give me water near your leg. I'm thirsty.

New to the station?

Open Diya's WhatsApp status photo.

Open it quickly, sir is asking, right?

See, if she's the girl. Lift it up!

Sir, that's her! This is the girl!

Catch her, sir.

Why is he standing there?

Why did Diya gave info on Jamaluddin?

You're police, right? Find it.

I'll shove this into you. Keep quiet.

I told the truth.

I'm also thinking about that only.

If my assumption is right, I'm sure she has connection with the mole in our department.

Maheswari! Go, sir is calling you, right?


Send him home. Okay, sir.

He must come on call. Okay, sir.

Sir, I'll go home by evening.

Give me phone number, I'll call someone from your family.

Madam! Eh?

I don't have anyone, madam.

I'm an orphan!

If you buy a half bottle for me.

I'll have and sleep in verandah, madam.

I'll not throw up, madam. Please...

Having coffee? Have it, please.

Enjoy the taste and flavour!

It could be your last coffee.

What? Delivering punch dialogue!

I don't get scared so easily.

I know, you're very courageous girl. I know it very well.

If not after betraying me, how can you sit in hotel coolly and order food?

Why? Should I fast for your son's death?

You're as arrogant as your boss.

You'll also meet the same end as he had.


Leave me!

Come I say!

Calling from Newton Coffee Shop, sir.

Boys, get her.

Hey, leave me I say!

Hey, leave her to me.

If you think of saving her, no one can save you.

Are you also here to kill her?

Looks like you've many villains.

Tell me, in whose hands you wish to die?

Me or him?

Tell me.

Where's the money you stole from my home?

Tell him! He's asking you, right?

What? Did you steal from his house?

So, you're the Satan who stole my money?

I was searching for you only. I took all your money.

But to save you, she got me caught by police.

You're the man responsible for all my troubles.

I must kill you first.

Come...come on.

I was also searching for you only.

Boys, leave her. Kill him first!

Sakthi! Let's go away from here.

He's running away. Come I say!

Why are you talking like a mad man?

Diya is not Jagan to support you blindly.

This case isn't good for her now or in future too.

She got into more trouble because of you.

She's paying price for her sins.

She's not facing problem because of me.

If she was concerned about her job only.

We wouldn't be talking here now.

After listening patiently your story, she chided me for making you a thief.

But you...?

Okay, buddy.

I myself feel on supporting her as if I'm PRO Diamond Babu.

But I said what I wanted to. Think and decide yourself.


Are you here again to kill me?

Dare touch me!

Sorry and thanks. What?

Sorry for coming to kill you.

Thanks for saving me.

You'll never face any problem from me.


Shall we have a coffee together?

Can I know why you saved me after knowing my past?

No man can impress me. Even my dad also.

Like they show in films, listening to sentimental story, getting impressed and shedding few tears, falling in love, this isn't anything stupid like that.

As a detective, I've to study a lot of characters.

A poisonous spider bite turned a man into Spiderman.

Nuclear radiation turned a man into X-Man.

This is Hollywood story.

But're a real interesting character.

In philosophy, there's a disease behind every super hero.

There's sorrow!

You too are like that only.

I'm unable to see you as a criminal.

I'm seeing you as a patient.

If you weren't affected with this disease, for your talent, what all you would've achieved, I had imagined that also.

May be that's the reason I saved you.

Oh God!

Can you analyze so much in just one meeting?

Indeed you're a great detective.

Thank you.

Most dangerous lady villain is next to me...

She searched for me sleepless to become my friend...

Praised my talent, loved my loneliness...

She breezed into my life by mistake...

I'm a wild stream without any check dam...

I stopped for a while seeing you without arms...

I'm a woman who argues vociferously...

I'm like Alladin's genie to fulfill wishes...

Life fell into sorrows by mistake, it'll leave you in near future...

Can your eyes sleep forgetting yourself?

Enough of the hell you had been through...

Future is bright with hope...

You'll come out darkness into light...

If I call you to a place, will you come, Sakthi?

Yeah! Where?

Commonly known as Kleptomania.

But each one has a different issue.

Majority of them are interested in few things only.

If there's anything more worth next to it or cash, they never care for it.

Unique thing about them is to get the thing they like, they'll go to any length to achieve it.

They'll take any risk.

I've seen many cases in your clinic.

But never seen any case like him.

If body has hundred disease, mind has thousand.

Reason for Sakthi's problem is her mother not having money, and the problems he faced in his childhood, life in juvenile home, there are many things that had affected him psychologically, may be genetic disorder too.

Neither he spends nor gives to anyone, he stashes in room to see and enjoy it, I'm asking you, what's the reason for it?

The question why he's not spending the money is for you only.

It never comes into his mind.

Just like him there was a man in Russia.

Ivan Luciv, a billionaire.

He stole gold, tin, iron and dumped in his home.

When police asked him, why did he do it?

He wasn't able to answer them.

Sakthi's case is also like him.

When he feels like stealing, he's like a wild elephant then.

No one can control him.

He's a normal man only after he steals the money.


Can you make him normal or not?

Why not? Can cure him 90%.

You always want to study characters, right?

You got perfect material.

Hold him tightly, I'll give you tips.

Keep him closely and study him well.

I'm with Sakthi for the last 15 days.

Now, he doesn't have any problem.

As a solution for his problem, engage him in other activities.

Particularly, divert his mind from money.

I'm an adventure without anything pleasant...

I found new hope in your friendship, my dear...

I'm a trouble-free cloud...

My dear, I melted in your warmth...

In my loneliness... in my affected heart...

Will you do if I tell you something? Come on, tell me.

Quit smoking.

First time I feel change in my life...

A passing cloud is descending on earth...

You're the earth that takes it into its lap...

Most dangerous lady villain is next to me...

She searched for me sleepless to become my friend...

She thinks I'm a thief...

Hey, if you both marry, please your son after me.

I read your heart... I loved your loneliness...

I brought gifts for you...

Ensure this report reaches the station at the earliest.

Okay, sir. Okay?- Sure.


You wanted someone to track Aadhar, right?

He's the guy. Yes, sir.

There's an assumption that one man is involved in 3 recent robberies.

But no proof.

With the forensic report of 3 incidents, check if there are any similarities between the fingerprints.

If you find any similarity, match it with Aadhar.

Get the details about the person.

Today is no moon day, so, just a beer for Justin.

He won't drink anything. Then, one half boil.


I thought you were the only child on earth to desire money.

Look at him, I think he's worse than you.

Look at him.

Do one thing, adopt that child.

Shall I inquire about the child?

Excuse me sir, lift is outside near stairs.

How is it? Super?

Give it to me, don't see the next video.

If you see, you'll go berserk.

With tension.

Sorry sir, there's no match.

Elango! Sir!

I told you match phone numbers of dept. people with Diya's phone numbers.

Did you check it? It's ready, sir.

All these phone numbers belong to police who were in contact with Diya.


This is atrocious, sir.

Looks like our dept. officers will not spare any girl.

So many officers are in contact with her.

Check who calls Diya quite often. Okay, sir.

Sir, let's arrest and inquire them using third degree.

I may use bad word.

All are police officers.

Let's see tower sync using location parameter.

I didn't get you.

Can't be sure all these numbers are in contact with Diya on phone only.

If we use tower sync option to check who met her personally quite often.

There's a chance of going to the next level, sir.

Yes, carry on.

Hello...hello...control room?

Yes, control room. Tell me.

I'm calling from a bar near new bridge in Maduravoyal.

I'm a security guard with IDCI bank.

I've already told police about a suspect in inquiry, sir.

He's now in this bar, sir. Come quickly, sir.



Hey Sakthi!

What's happening to you?

Can you hear me?

Hey Sakthi!

Sakthi, control yourself.

Hey Sakthi!



We're in public, please listen to me.

Sakthi, please. Think what doctor told you!

Control yourself.





Hey, he's taking away cash.

Hey, close the shed.

I was at peace thinking you're fine with Diya's treatment.

Nobody can reform you in this life.

If she comes to know this matter, she's a terror!

Nobody knows what she would do!

I've warned you, do as you please.


Tell me, Diya.

What happened? Why didn't you answer my phone?

Why your voice is different? Any problem?




No, you're not normal.

You're hiding something from me.

I'm sure.

What the hell were you doing here?

A man has come and looted cash publicly.

Resign police job and work elsewhere.

If press comes to know this... Sir!

Look here, sir.

Watchman is here. Okay, sir.

Please tell him what you saw.

You saw his face, right? Describe it, he'll draw it.

Eyes are little smaller in size, sir.

Like this? No, sir.


Round, sir.

Like this? No.

Not like this, sir.

Light...trimmed beard.

Hair is combed to back.

Like this? Yes, sir.

What happened?

You won't go away from me, right Diya?

Why would I leave you?

I don't get you.

My mother told me so many times but I couldn't stop robbing.

I robbed without caring her advice.

So, I lost her.

But now, though you don't have any relationship with me, you're helping me, I don't have trust in myself, I'm unable to give up this robbing habit, I fear losing you too like I lost my mother.

If you think Diya is part of your life.

I'm sure you'll never rob again.

Whenever you get feeling of robbing, you must think about me only.

Sir, good morning.

Yesterday tracking Diya's number, found information about spy, sir.

Sir, I know him very well.

He works in crime money division.

All the robberies happened with getting information from him, sir.

Sir...shall we arrest him?

No, keep this a secret till I tell you.

Why sir?

Just follow my order.

Hello, tell me. Greetings, sir.

We've made a sketch of the accused with security man's description.

I've forwarded it to you in WhatsApp. Please take a look.

Okay, I'll see.

Sakthi, I think Manickavasagam has tracked us.

What are you saying?

Don't turn back, sit as you're now.

He's following us on bike.

Please listen to me carefully.

I'll drop you somewhere in a market.

Escape merging into crowd. Okay?

Don't come to room till I ask you.

Do you want me to run away leaving you alone?

Am I so cheap? Carry on.

No, I'm from his dept. He won't harm me.

Even then, no need, just carry on.

Take left...left.

Take sudden turn.

Shit, we got caught, buddy.

Hey, get down!

Get down!


Get out!

What happened? Get out!

What happened? I said get out!

What's this madness?

Yes, I tried to make you human. I'm really mad.

Leave me alone, Sakthi.

For God's sake, leave me alone.

I'll not disturb you again in life.

You can live your life as you like.

Please don't come to me again.

Am I acting?

What's this stupid behaviour? What has happened now?

You're perfectly alright. I'm misbehaving, right?

I gave you treatment turned a new leaf in your life.

I wanted to bring you out of the crimes you had committed earlier.

That's misbehaviour.

I'm really mad.

I can understand.

I've never had any feelings for anyone till now.

I thought you'd come out of your problem.

I gave myself to you.

First time I realised I'm girl because of you.

I thought if you find a girl for yourself, I let you go alone with great hope.

You dashed it in a minute.

What has happened now?

I'm still after you as your Sakthi.

You...? Are you my Sakthi?

You turned approver as the robber with Manickavasagam and come to me here.

Are you my Sakthi?

Who told you? Jagan?

No need for anyone to tell me.

I found who you are, can't I find what you did just now?

You're a cheat!

You're a cheat!

I never cried in my life.

Now...right now...

I trusted you blindly, I got cheated and I'm in tears.

It's your foolishness to cry without knowing the truth.

I'll tell you what had happened there!

Believe it or not!

Why did you bring us here to a remote place?

Robber Sakthi involved in many mega robberies!

Along with his accomplice Jagan were shot dead near pond!

That's tomorrow's newspaper headline!

What are you looking at?

We almost give our life to find the criminal.

We'll present them in court.

You'll bring a lawyer from Delhi, get bail very easily, come out casually, eat biryani and happily roam outside, right?

We must watch the fun silently.

No criminal must think about robbing after seeing your dead bodies.

Come on, tell me.


Why are you still in department?

Why not become prostitutes in a brothel house?

Oh no!

People like you can be shot dead easily.

But I don't know what to do with these guys!

You meet them and come leisurely, we'll wait for you here, sir.


I asked if there's any problem in our dept., sir.

He's a state Minister.

Using his reach with Central Govt., he has dealings with some banks, he made crores stealing few paise from people's accounts in those banks, and invests that money in share market, then he dumps it in his proxy businesses like beer companies and TV channels.

Now, to become CM, to buy MLA's support with money, he has ready cash running into several hundreds of crores.

There's only one way to stop that fraudster.

To capture the money he has stashed and stop MLA's from supporting him.

I made a plan for it, but few police officer betrayed by leaking it to Minister.

They blocked me from making my next move, bloody cheap cops!

I'll save people's money.


Will you save it?


The money which police failed to save, I'll bring it back.

Why get into unnecessary trouble?

New plan to escape from me?

If I had such a plan, my approach would've been different.

Not only that, I'm not doing this job for free.


You'll get the cash only on accepting my deal.

What are you looking at?

We'll risk our life to get public money, will you get promotion and happily enjoy your biryani!

I like this counter comment. Tell me your deal.

Me, Jagan and Diya!

Our names should never get into police records.

If you accept this deal.

Take it as the money is in your hands.

I accept the deal.

If you try to escape... Go.

You won't get that chance.

Give me details about that man.

I'll come back with money.

If I do this job, just think over it.

It would be like doing it for welfare of the people.

As you expect my life too would change.

Security alert!

Brother! What the hell are you doing there?

Someone is opening the windmill lock, what the hell are you doing there?

Whoever it may be, kill him immediately.

Your job is done.

Indeed you're a smart professional.

You did as you promised.

Boys, catch them.

Bloody girls! Where are you hiding? Come out I say!

Bloody thief!

I would've killed you also along with your son.

You escaped!

You're very smart!

Indeed what I told you about that Minister is true.

But a change in plan.

The money is not going into Govt. treasury.

To my personal treasury.

Spurious liquor, chain snatching, bribes at signals, you know about small time officers taking small bribes.

You wouldn't have seen top officers with deals running into several thousand crores.

One among them is me.

You're a golden goose.

I too wish to keep a brilliant robber like you under my control.

But they say kill fire and revenge completely.

So, no way!

Sir, I wanted to call you myself.

But you came here.

I've arrested the accused and confiscated the cash.

Shut up, man!

Money stolen from train, illegal money transfer and flower market.

We know entire cash is with you only.

Manickavasagam is not a honest officer as you think.

What are you saying?

Every time he catches a criminal, he confiscates his money.

Then, he'll kill him in the name of encounter.

I knew about this from Jamaluddin's case.

What about my money then?

Your money is also with Manickavasagam.

He shot dead Malik and confiscated the cash.

He didn't surrender cash to dept.

He cheated his assistant Kumaravel, he hid the fact of confiscating cash from Malik.

Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

If I tell you'll rob him too.

I don't want to see you as a robber again.

His plan is to use you to rob Minister's money.

Manickavasagam thinks I'm also a criminal like him.

I'm a patient but not a fool.

Just watch, what I would do with him!

Do you want my life or Rs.500 crores?

Let's make a deal.

If you come to the place I suggest, you'll get Rs.500 crores.

Take it and leave us.

What you get isn't just Rs.500 crores!

You'll get Manickavasagam alone, the man who killed your son.

Think and decide.

Sir, Commissioner is here after watching live killing Jamaluddin for money.

Sir Mysore printed currency that we lost in train is also here.

I'll get entire cash from the place Manickavasagam told me.

Keep RBI cash also along with it.

Using that as evidence, only then we can frame charges on him.

We'll take care of it.

No doubt, sir.

This is same currency printed in Mysore division.

How much I trusted you!

You're so cheap!

Police are struggling to get fair name with general public.

If this news gets leaked, they'll say we can't handle a pick-pocket case also.

Media knows about money seizure.

Do one thing.

Find a criminal already in our custody, cover up his face, present him as the accused to the media.- Okay, sir.

News about Manickavasagam must get leaked to media.

You got it? Yes, sir.

Now, arrest him.

Before or after RBI robbery, many similar robberies had taken place in Chennai.

Many individual teams were formed to catch the gang, they were working on the case for months, because of active policing, we've found the entire stolen money and the criminal.

Highlight of this case is, two people who gave us vital information about this case.

Sakthi and Diya!

I thank them for their help on behalf of the police dept.

Kumar, you've done a great job. Thank you, sir.

Forget about job, sir.

What are we going to do with confiscated cash, sir?

What's your suggestion?

If we deposit Rs.15 lakhs into bank accounts of farmers in the state.

They'll repay their debts. Why Rs.15 lakhs?

That's a calculation, sir. They know about it, sir.

Okay. Agriculture will prosper.

Sakthi, your struggle has ended with success.

Start a new life.

Thanks. I miss you, buddy.

Hey, take care. Bye.

Yeah sure.

Hi...hello, you're listening our FM 106.4, I'm your RJ...

I never expected I'll enter family life.

I still can't believe it.

As Jagan said, our life will be a roller coaster ride.


Industrialists who run away abroad after cheating Indian banks, must steal Rs.10 crores from them, if I ask you to suggest an idea, what will be your plan?

This is our next topic.

Make a plan and keep on planning.

I'll come back after a short break to hear your plans in detail.

What you've to steal from them is Rs.10 crores only!

This is 106.4 our FM!

Are you alright, Sakthi?


Put on seat belt.


He's on prowl and hunt day in and day out...

He destroys everything and everyone...