Aswathama (2020) Script

This is justice.

Justice is always like this.

When a woman is being disrobed, in front of a full court of Kings, Ministers, Chieftains, and Elder people, each and everyone who sat there watching it happen... who did not object to it nor did they slap the person doing it, has to die.

Along with Bhishma!

Only, Ashwadhama questioned it, voiced it and was saved.

That is justice.


Just a little bear it.


Don’t worry, sister-in-law.

Nothing will happen. The doctor is almost here.

Brother also will be here soon, sister-in-law.

Don’t worry. We will all be here.

Be brave.

[Writhing in pain]

I called brother-in-law. He’s started.

Come here, son.

Come here. Come on.

Uncle, where did mom go?

She will be back in ten minutes, son. Don’t worry.


Namaste, sir. -Namaste, sir.

There is nothing to worry about, right? -Don’t worry. She’ll have a normal delivery.

Congrats! It’s a baby girl.

Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much.

We’re so happy.

Son, you have a sister now!

Go inside and see her. Go. -Go see her.

She was crying until now.

But as soon as you came she stopped.

Will you always look after your sister this way?

Pinky promise.

Hey, push it this way.

Push harder!

Hey, take that fishes.

Put this basket over there.

Hey, put this basket of prawns there.

Give it here!

Hey, hurry up and give me the swordfish.

Ah...lift all this up!

Hey, the boss is here.

Namaste, sir.

Hey, hold this.

Very soon, she will be in front of you.

After completing your work Come to me and take the balance.

Hi Rupa.. -Hi.

How come you are early today?

Leave that. Did you bring the Chemistry book?

Don't we have to submit it today?

Brother, Can I trap?

We don't need that they are together. We need one that is alone.

Have some patience.

Order a cup of tea.

Uncle, one tea, please.

Hey, order another cup for me.

Excuse me, can you give me that, please.

Hey, get the van! Fast!! -Okay!


Can you put the plate there and get me some juice. -Sure, sister-in-law.

Son, how long more? Has he come yet?

The flights are landing and taking off, but I can’t see him anywhere, aunty.

Oh, ah! He’s here. Put the phone down.

We’ll be there in ten minutes.

Come fast. The auspicious time is running out.

Hey, why did you take so long?! Everyone is waiting for you!

It’s time for the event. Let’s go! -Come on!

Let's go... go...

No one change a dress in a car like you.

I don't have the time... What can I do?

Sister! Your son’s here.

See, my son is here.

It’s been a long time since we last saw him.


How are you, uncle? -How was your journey?

Son, have you come?

Wait, let me cleanse your aura.

Sister, you have to do it thrice. -All the evil eyes of our neighbours and outsiders...

Why have you lost weight like this? -Mom, I’m fine.

Don’t you eat well or what? -Hey, nothing like that.

You become half of your size.

Did you get the bottle I asked you to? -Dad, I thought you quit drinking.

You wait.

Brother, where’s my iPhone?

I brought it for you to... -Wait, let him inside the house first.

How can you come so late for your sister’s engagement? I came, right?

Did you see how she went away sulking?

Leave it to me, mom. I will manage her.

Madam! Please greet each other later. We are crossing the auspicious time for the event.

Oh, yes. Let’s go. -Come fast.


The wedding is set for a very auspicious day, exactly three months from now.

Ah, please confirm the wedding on that date.

Okay, sir.

I am reading out their wedding details. Please, listen.

With the blessings of the divine, during the blessed months of the rainy season...

In the early hours of the ninth day of the moon at 8 am...

The elders have decided that the eldest son of Mrs. Velagapudi Shankar Rao’s, Mr. Velagapudi Ravi... to marry Mr. Vadlamuri Ashok Kumar’s only daughter, Lakshmi Sowbhagyawati Priya.


Madam, please exchange beetle leaves as confirmation.

[Chanting prayers]

Next is your marriage.

Madam, please exchange rings.

Come, dear. Go.

[Chanting prayers]

Exchange the Garlands.

Can I bless them at least? -Yeah, After the Garlands exchanged.

Okay, Mom.

You look so beautiful, you know?

Don’t act smart. -Why?

You promised you will be here ten days before the engagement.

And you come here ten minutes before it.

Please, actually... -Go.

Please listen to me....

I will be here until you get married.

Get lost!

I don’t believe a word you say.


I will be here till we send you off. Okay?

Smile now.

Anyway, did you get the watch I asked you for?

I gave you a watch when I came the last time. What happened to that?




That watch...

I lost it.


You lost it?

You don’t seem to value gifts. Why should I give you any?


Don’t cry. I know you would cry like this...

That is why I got you a watch.

Take it.

Thank you, brother!

Okay, enough. Okay.

What is it?

Hey, haven’t you stopped smoking?

Hey, I have quit it long ago. It’s true.

Dad! Dad! -Hey, no!

Hey, careful. It will burn.

Bro, an English poet once said...

‘The relationship with a cigarette is far better than the relationship with the people around you.’ I still don’t understand why he said that, bro.

Don’t work your brain so hard.

His was trying to say that some people come into our lives to stay with us lifelong.

But in the end, even if we beg them to stay, they will leave us and go.

But the one thing that comes without intimation and stays till the end even if we ask it to leave is a cigarette.

Is there so much meaning to this?

How come I never understood it, bro?

It doesn’t matter if the guy who wrote it was intelligent.

The one reading it should be one too.


No one is inside!

Hey, who do you think it is? -What if it is uncle?

Then you go and open the door. -No. You go.

Shall we open the door together?

Whose bathroom is this?

Go open the door!

Hey, Happy. Where are you going?

Come here.

Hey! If he asks, say we have lit incense sticks.

Why would we light incense in the bathroom?

I don’t know what the hell I am saying.

Hey, what are you doing here at this time?

It won’t be good if someone sees us like this.

Stop. I can’t breathe! Wait a minute!

Isn’t it!

This is how I left when you were not here with me all these days.

How many stories you told me when we were in college!

‘Neha, I cannot spend a moment without you'.

Five years! It’s been five years!

But did you even come to India once to see me?

You even asked me not to come to the airport to see you.

I knew this would happen if you had come to the airport.

That’s why I asked you not to come.

Not just you.

Every day I was in the US, I missed you a lot too.

Do you understand?

Shall I tell you something?

There’s a magic in having a long-distance relationship.

All the sadness you feel when you are apart... Disappears the moment we are together.

Isn’t it?

Haven’t you stopped jumping walls?

For you my darling. I have been waiting.

Never tired, no boundaries But time is never enough.

The sweet evidence of love Has made us one.

Even the dark night sky lights up like a full moon When you smile.

After I found you in my heart I have forgotten about myself.

For you my darling. I have been waiting.

Never tired, no boundaries But time is never enough.

My heart sings love songs When it looks into your eyes.

My eyes watch your beauty and are lost in your curves.

You are always, in my eyes, in my dreams, and in my every thought.

In the beginning, in the end, in every moment of time, Darling, you are always with me.

The sweet evidence of love Has made us one.

Even the dark night sky lights up like a full moon When you smile.

After I found you in my heart I have forgotten about myself.

For you my darling. I have been waiting.

Never tired, no boundaries But time is never enough.

Happy... come and sleep.


What is all the commotion about?

Wait, I’m coming.


Happy! Don't shout.

Hey, what..?

Hey, everyone is sleeping.


What's your problem?


Priya, what happened?

Priya, I am asking you.

I’m pregnant, brother.

You wanted to die for this?!

If you had said the same thing three months after you got married, the whole house would have celebrated.

Give me your phone, let me talk to Ravi.

It’s not Ravi’s.

I didn’t understand. What did you say?

It’s not Ravi’s.

Then whose is it, Priya?

Tell me, Priya.

I will fall at the feet of our parents, your in-laws and my brother-in-law if I have to, to convince them.

Tell me who it is, Priya.

I don’t know, brother.

It’s okay, Priya. You can tell me.

I am telling you I will take care of it.

I truly don’t know who it is, brother.

Did you go to a party?

Did something happen there?

Whatever it is, Priya, you can tell me.

I am telling you I will take care of it.

Whatever it is.

I don’t know, brother.


I’ve been asking you for some time now.

Why are you just repeating that?!

I am telling you, whatever happens, I will take care of it!

How can a woman get pregnant without her knowledge?

You tell me. I don’t know how she can!

Do you know how a woman can get pregnant without her knowledge?

Tell me, Priya!

Pinky promise.

I honestly don’t know how it happened.

What is it, brother-in-law? Why did you ask me to come here so urgently?

Write down the patient’s name and your relationship to her.

He’s writing down that he is her brother.

I have never seen them write anything else.

Brother in law...

Excuse me.

Not her brother.

Write that I’m her husband.

She’s my wife.

Sorry, sir.

Shut up!

I know what I’m doing is wrong, but it doesn’t feel wrong brother-in-law.

About this... -No one needs to know about it.

Go inside. I’ll come.

Priya, don’t cry. Quiet now.

Quiet now, dear. Don’t cry.

Why are you crying for this?

This is all common.

Is she a small girl? She is feeling bad she’s leaving after her wedding.

Why are you all surrounding her and making her feel worse?

Stop it!


Mom! You are crying and are making her cry too.

Have you come? come on. You go.

Uncle, come on. You go. -Come. Come. Let’s go.

Go on now, mother. Come. Let’s go.

Go on now. Go on. -Uncle, take them along.

Let’s go.

You go on now, uncle. Let’s go, uncle.

Bring her soon. I'll take care everything. You go on.

Mom, you are the reason behind all these.. Dad, you tell me.

I’ll bring her. You carry on.

Are you still thinking about it?

Come out of that now.

Forget about the past. Think about the future.

The house you are going to, a loving husband... from tomorrow onwards, your life will be very good.

Trust me.

When the man you want to spend your life with is with you, I don’t know why you are still so sad about.

When you were crying we got worried, but that’s fine.


When you are crying now, look how worried they are.

To die, one good reason is enough.

But to live all we need is one person to love us.

You have two families who love you.

Do you understand?

If anything happens to you...

Oh, what is this?

Hush now.

Ah! Our daughter is here. -Look. My darling daughter is here.

Mom, this is my sister's wedding!

How can each one be like this? Look, how nice Priya looks.

"You are just looking like that..."

"Just Like a beautiful doll."

"You are just looking like that..."

"Just Like a beautiful doll."

"Trying to walk while holding on to your brother’s finger."

"With a spark in your eyes... With hopes in your heart..."

"You have now grown to be a beautiful blushing bride."

"You have become the air that we breath."

"Do I become naughty like you now?"

"Thadhim Dhim Tanaka Dhimtha Dhimthaka Behind the groom."

"Thadhim Dhim Tanaka Dhimtha Dhimthaka A queen is walking."

"Till the in-laws’ house"

"Taking the seven steps."

"Two hearts came together as one and have made them a couple."

"A dream that I didn’t know I had is coming true this every moment."

"Even though we are separate, I am like the shadow that is always with you."

"He is the companion to your coy laughter."

"Even though our precious is going away."

"You have found a partner to whom you are precious too."

"Thadhim Dhim Tanaka Dhimtha Dhimthaka Behind the groom."

"Thadhim Dhim Tanaka Dhimtha Dhimthaka A queen is walking."

"Till the in-laws’ house"

"Taking the seven steps."


I thought this wedding would never happen. Only because of you I am on my way to my new life.

I want to forget everything and be happy, just like you said.

But... without knowing what happened to me...

You will be happy.

Go Priya.

Namaste. See you again.

See you again, brother-in-law. -Namaste. Okay, brother-in-law.

Hey throw the ball.

Hey catch it.

Take it.

Hey, make him out.

Catch it.

There was one guy who was after her in high school, brother.

Make him out.

Hey, you missed it. -Brother, wicket.

We are playing, right?

Hey! See who it is.

Hey! who it is?

Okay. I’ll come, mother.

I can’t get up!

Can’t you hear? Have you gone deaf?!

Hey! Who are you?!

Hey! Who are you?!

Do you recognise her?

No, I don’t?!

Yes, I remember. Priya!

She’s Priya, right?

Bro! I know her.

It’s true that I stalked her. But then I didn’t see her again.

It’s true, brother.

I was studying abroad and I just got back the other day.

Leave me! Please!



After him, there was a senior in college who told her that he loved her.

Hey! Who are you?!

Why are you hitting me?!

Hey! What do you want?!

No! Stop it!

Hey! Why are you hitting me?! Hey! No! Please!

What do you want?

Do you remember her?

This girl?! -Do you remember her?

It’s true I followed her around in college, but no matter how hard I tried she never responded.

So I stopped, brother.

Please, I don’t know anything! Leave me!

There was another guy on Facebook who disturbed her a lot, brother.

He used to send her many abusive messages.

Even though she blocked him, he would still send her messages from different accounts.

Hey! Who are you?! Why are you hitting me?!

Hey, do you know who this girl is?

Do you recognise her?

She’s Priya Vadlamudi, know?

I understood, brother. I stopped messaging her.

Tell me the truth!

I am telling you the truth!

Tell me the truth! -It’s true!

I am telling you the truth. It’s true, brother!

One minute, brother!

Here. If you want you can check my chat with her.

Because she wasn’t responding to my messages, I stopped messaging her.

It’s the truth, brother.

[Recollecting the dialogues]

Hey, what happened, son?

Oh my! What is this blood? -Nothing happened, mom.

What do you mean nothing happened when you are losing so much blood?!

Come, let’s go to the hospital.

Mom, don’t worry. I am telling you nothing has happened!

Don't talk...come along...

I have written medicines for three days. Don't worry. It will be healed soon.

I’ll be back, mom.

Be careful.

Hello? -Hello.

Neha... Tell me.

Gana, it’s my friend Shruthi’s birthday. She’s invited the both of us. She insists that you come.

I can’t come today. You go.

Hey, why not?

I am telling you that I can’t come today, Neha!

Where are you now? -I’m in the hospital.

Hospital? What happened?

Nothing. I scratched my hand and mom was worried that...

My name is Keerthi.

Mom, dad, please forgive me.

I have done no wrong.

I never had a lover or a boyfriend. But the doctor said I am pregnant.

I truly don't know how this happened.

As soon as I heard this, I didn't know what to do.

I thought this is the only way.



I just saw this girl...just now... -Mom, you come here.

Ganesh, Inform to police.

I just saw this girl...just now... Mom, you come here.

Mom... -Gana...

Come this way, mother. -Gana, what happened to her, poor girl!



Sit down. Please, mother. -How sad for that girl!


Brother, do you have a water bottle?

Yes, sir.

Please give me one. -That girl...

Mom, have some water. First, drink.

Drink, mother!

I can’t show my face to my parents at home.

Please, madam! Please do the abortion, madam.

We cannot do anything without your parents’ permission.

I saw her begging the doctor.

Sorry, I can’t do anything.

Even the doctor was saying that without any older family members around, she cannot do the abortion.

Without any thought, if they do something like this... what will happen to the parents like us, whose children mean the world to them?

Having a girl child in this generation, taking care of them till they are old enough to get married... is not an easy thing, Gana.

What if something like this happened in our house... -Mom! Please, stop, mother.

Our Priya is gold!

She will never let something like that ever happen to us.

Is the writer here?

There he is.

Sir, my name is Gana.

You called me this morning.

Sit down, son.

Your father called me.

All the formalities are done.

The papers will come.

If you sign the papers, you can claim the insurance. -Ok Sir.

Hey, order for some tea!

'Jabardasth' comedy show. You will get a burst of laughter.

Sir, we can’t find our daughter since last night!

Yes, sir.

I am a little busy.

Hey, 402. See what they want.


I am going to the court to submit these, sir.

602? See what is it they want.

Sir, it’s our daughter’s missing case.

The writer is looking into all these missing cases.

Writer sir? Look into this case, sir.

Sir, since last night we cannot find our daughter.

Sir, since last evening, my daughter hasn’t returned home.

Sir, we are telling you we can’t find our daughter and you are looking at your phone?

You wait, dear.

Here you go.

Your daughter’s name, her phone number, the name of her college...

Your daughter’s friends, their names, their phone numbers, their addresses...

Write them down. We will start the enquiry.

If we find her, we will inform you.

We wrote them down.

Please find her!

Madam, didn’t I make it clear to you.

If we find her, we will inform you.

That’s it.

Sir, it’s not that. She’s a girl. -He said he will, right.

Let's go.

Sir, tea.

An animal that eats grass at least gives us milk.

You have taken a bribe from them.

Couldn’t you at least properly assure them you will find their daughter?

What if the same happens in your house?

What, sir? Is this some sort of social responsibility?

Anyone who sees a Policeman wants to make a snarky comment.

Everyone is after us for taking bribes. But what about those who give them?

These days, missing people’s complaints have become cheaper than the pamphlets distributed on the roads.

Anybody and everybody come and lodge a complaint, sir.

Very cheap.

See, all these missing complaints?

At least ten per day.

Look how many we get per day.

One says, my son’s gone missing.

The other says, my daughter’s gone missing.

Another complains that he’s lost his dog.

We feel like crows in uniform, get fed up searching the streets for months, trying to finding these people.

And we keep informing them.

When we finally do not find them...

With sadness in our hearts, before we even can say, ‘Sorry, we couldn’t find your daughter...

They laugh and say, ‘oh, dear constable, are you still enquiring about our daughter?’

‘The day we lodged a complaint, she came back home on the very same day, sir.’

‘We forgot to inform you. Sorry, sir.’ They say this laughing at us and hang up.

When they lodge a complaint that their daughter is missing, don’t they know they need to take their complaint back once she’s returned?!

It’s not us who are stupid, sir, these people are!

Everyone wants to point fingers at us!

Hey, get me another tea. This tea has gone cold.

Sir, please sign it.

Venkojipalem, near Hanuman Temple.



I’m calling you from the police department.

Tell me, sir.

You gave a complaint that your daughter is missing, know?

What happened?

Sir, she came back on the very same day.

But I forgot to take the complaint back, sir.

Hey! Auto! Auto!

Hey! Auto! Hey! -Hey, can you please stop!

Hey! Auto!

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Son, my daughter’s in the hospital. Can you please drop us there?

Get in.

Get in.

Thank you, son.

Please go to Omni hospitals.


Nothing to worry about. t’s a small issue called Hypoglycemia.

Don’t worry.

When the sugar levels or the sodium levels of the body drastically fall, this happens.

Just ask your daughter to eat well.

Thank you, doctor. -Okay.

Let’s go.

Why don’t you listen? You keep going on these ridiculous diets.

Eat well!

Sir, you called me from the department, know?

Yes, tell me.

I called back because the line got cut while we were speaking.

Can I speak to your daughter once? -One minute, sir.

Hello, Sir? -What happened that day?

That day, when I was waiting for my bus at Gajuwaka, I felt very weak, sir.

I just closed my eyes. I don’t know what happened afterwards.

When I awoke, I saw that I was in a hospital on the beach road.

Which hospital?

Prerna Hospital, sir.

Sir, namaste.

You are...?

I... came here to talk to you about your daughter Keerthi.

Please sit, son.

Your daughter Keerthi. -Will you have some water?

Give him some water.

I want to talk to you about your daughter...

First, have some water.

Your daughter Keerthi...

You can leave, sir.

Sir, but I want to talk about what happened to... -What is it, sir?

My daughter had an affair with someone.

She got pregnant.

She was betrayed.

Isn’t this what you want to say?

The police that just left a while ago, said the same thing.

Not just them, from the paperboy to every stranger on the road is saying the same nonsense!

I am tired of listening to it.

Why are you so interested in the death of a young girl?

Won’t you rest till you create hundreds of rumours and a thousand stories about her?

Please leave, now.

What is this, sir?

This is about the time my daughter fainted three months ago.

Someone admitted her in a hospital.

These are her reports.

Mom... when I was in the US, you told me Priya was in the hospital.

What had happened?

That’s enough!

Look, just like you, she too didn’t eat well and fainted.

Eat well.

Yes, tell me. -Hi.

Did a girl call Sadhana, get admitted in the hospital three months ago?

One second.

Yes, she was.

Who admitted her?

It was an emergency.

Generally, all emergency cases come in an ambulance.

Can you give me the details of the ambulance?

Are you the police?


Sorry, we cannot give this information out to anyone except to the police department.

Did a girl call Lakshmi, get admitted here?

They brought her here in an ambulance, sir.

Can you give me the ambulance details?

Sorry, sir. We cannot give you that information.

Five months ago, a girl called Monica was admitted here.

One minute, five months ago?

They brought her to the emergency.

On an ambulance? -Yes, sir.

Hey, Veerayya, I think tomorrow is not good.

Tomorrow is very good.

Tomorrow, everyone will be occupied in the festivities of Immersion.

By tomorrow morning we should catch the fish.

Tell me, Neha. -I'll call you later.

Why did you call me then?

No, Gana. My friend Shruthi, is admitted in the hospital because she had fainted.

That is what I am talking about. Can I call you later?

Which hospital?

What happened?

Sir please sir... Madam please.

Sir please go.

Where is Shrithi? -Sir please clear sir.

Madam please... clear. Sir please sir...

Ok, all clear.

Excuse me. -Yeah.

What, Madam?

Did you see a girl in a white dress that was just here?

Yeah. That girl in a white dress? Yes.

That girl suddenly fainted, so I called for an ambulance.

They have just taken here.

Where..? -That way.



I am tensed, Gana.

Why do they not bring her yet?

Is this the hospital? -Yes.

I saw the name on the ambulance.

Did you see it correctly?

Yes, I did.

Hello? Where is the technical department?

Where is the technical department?!

That way.

Sai, give him the information whatever he needs.

Okay, sir?

Okay sir. -Thank you, sir.

How many ambulances do you have? -Nine, sir.

Do all of them have trackers? -Yes, sir.

Open all of them.

One is at downstairs, but the others are all out.

On one side of the mall is the sea.

The city is steeped in the festivity.

As far as I can tell, there is no way they can go for more than 5 km in this crowd.

Circle a 5 km radius around the mall.

What, sir?

From the mall, circle a 5 km radius on all sides! -Okay, sir.

There are five of them, sir.

Neha, guide me with the directions.


[Crowd chatter]

Gana, they are going from Daspalla junction towards Jagadamba.


I’m right here.

Hey! Hey! How can you block an ambulance! Who are you?

Ah? Who are you?!

Neha, Shruthi is not in this ambulance!

Is it?

An ambulance is just crossing Siripuram junction.

Okay. Okay, I’m on my way.

Gana! Gana, they have taken a left from Sampath Vinayaka temple towards the flyover. flyover. Okay.

Gana, they are right in front of you.

Ah? What?

They are 100 meters away from you.

What? A 100 metres? -Yes!

Hey, stop!


She’s not in this one as well.

What? She’s not in that one as well?

Madam, towards the railway station... -Gana, there is another ambulance going towards the railway station.


Neha left or right?!

Left. Left. Take the left, Gana. -Ok.

Gana, they are very close to you. -I am going.

Hey! Who are you?!

Who are you?

Neha, She’s not in that one as well!

Gana, there is an ambulance near Alipuram junction post, that is not moving for some time now.

I think that is the one we are looking for. -Okay, I’m on my way.

Hello, Neha.


If the ambulance moves from that spot, call me immediately.

Okay... Okay.

Neha, there is no one in this ambulance as well.

Hello, sir. Who are you?

Where is this girl?

I don't know sir. Sir, my vehicle has been here since the breakdown.

Gana! Listen.

Tell me.

There is an ambulance going towards Rose Hill.

Okay. I’ll go.

Take left.

Take right. -Right?

Keep going straight.

Take a left.

Take a left, Gana. left?

Keep going straight.

Gana, why have you stopped?!

This is a dead-end, Neha.

Do something. We are running out of time.

Gana, listen. The ambulance has stopped near the signal.

Hurry up. Make it fast. Go!

I am going.

Gana... -Tell me. the ambulance is moving from there.

Oh, no! You crossing it. You’ve crossed it, Gana!

What do you mean I’ve crossed it? -Yes, you’ve crossed it.

There’s nothing in front of you. The ambulance is going behind you.

The ambulance is crossing you on your right side. You are not moving, Gana.

Move fast! Move fast!

Hello? Gana?

Talk to me. Hello? Can you hear me? Gana?!




Who the hell are you?!

"An angry man With fire in his eyes.."

"Fierce warrior This fearsome man."

"Like the timeless Lord Shiva A hero who’s like a torrent!"

"He doesn’t spare wicked and cruel people."

Hey, he’s no ordinary fish! He’s a piranha.

Hey! Give me that halberd!

Here, take it!




"He has unexpected intelligence."

"His life is like an invincible electric current!"

"His mental strength is stable like the arrow of the Sagittarius!"

"His determination is a Tsunami."

"He is always there to protect."

"His life’s mission is to fight for the truth."

Hey, guys come on...

Come fast...

"Waste fellow, useless fellow... you don’t care for relationships."

"You don’t even consider their age!"

"It’s enough if she’s a woman."

"Lower your gaze, down!"

"Who do you think a woman is? She’s the Divine Feminine!"

"When you come in front of the divine mother, with the respect..."

"Bow your head down."

Do you know this girl?

Tell me.

I took this girl, sir! But after they gave me money to let her go, I did.

I swear.

I don’t know more than that, sir!

Who asked you to let her go?!


Who asked you to let her go?!

Tell me!

Hey, let's go.

There is someone else apart from him.

Who is it?

Neha, I’ll be right back.

This guy is not an ordinary fish. He’s a piranha!

I was the one who took that girl.

But after they gave me money and asked me to let her go, I did.

Doctor, Sir...

A postmortem case... It's an emergency, Sir.

Don't you know that we cannot do a postmortem after 6pm?

I am sorry.

Sir, please sir... It's an emergency.

She is the Judge's daughter.

Ok, get ready.

Body is get... heavier after death.

Bodies get... heavier after death.

I wish it moved just a bit.

Hey, with a corpse?!

A human has a desire.

Beast has longing.

A Beast doesn’t care if it is alive or just a corpse.

Only whether his desire is satisfied or not.

Kumar... -I am here, sir.

Seshaiah -I've come.

Daniel? -Ah!

Seenayya? -I’m here.

Hey, you donkey! How can you go without telling me you are here?

I can only write down, f you tell me.

When you can see such a grown-ass man in front of you, do we have to tell you too, grandfather?

Write it down.

Joseph? -Here, grandfather!


I’m here.

Grandfather, what is this?

Everyone is saying they are here and then they leave.

The ocean is like our mother.

Every morning we trust the ocean and go into it to fish.

Sometimes, mother ocean absorbs a few of her children back into her.

She lets people she doesn’t need back to the shore.

We can catch the fish in the ocean, but we cannot be the ocean, sir.

That is why we keep track of all those who come and go into it every day.

By the way, who are you, sir?

I came from the election survey, old man.

How many people live in your area?

There are 390 houses.

In that 207 fishermen who live here.

Does that mean everyone is back from the ocean?

Here, The kingfish you asked for.

Go give it to mother.

Hey, Ramudu?

I haven’t seen David, Ravi, Chandu and Veerayya, in two days.

Have you seen them in the ocean?

Don’t know. I have been on the north side of the ocean.

Maybe they are on the south side. I don’t know.


Anyway, 12 people are there in the ocean, They should be back today or tomorrow.

Do one thing, sir.

Why don’t you come back tomorrow morning and get your work done?

I’ll take your leave now.

Tell me, grandfather.

Son, I mean...

Don’t, grandfather... done for today.

Not that, son.

I heard someone stopped our ambulance and hit them I believe.

Okay, come home.

Get them along with you.

Who are you? -Is this Shivashakti Travels?

The building at the back.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

Come on.

Don't know why everybody comes here and asks Shivashakthi travels.

Hello.. sir.

Come in. Come in. -You are our god, sir.

Because of you our kids are studying in a convent school.

All of you have come home for the first time.

Come, we shall have lunch together.

Oh no! With you?

It’s okay, sir.

You have worked hard for me all these days.

Can’t we at least eat together?

Please, sit down.

Sit. Sit.


Please. Even you.

Please be comfortable.

Grandfather? -Oh, yes, sure, son.

I got this fish made especially for you.

Please eat. Come on. Come on.

Please eat.


Don’t hesitate.


What actually happened?

Don’t know, sir. We don’t know who he is.

He just came and rammed into us. -Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I understood.

You want to make good with them so that you can kill him, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, sir.

Next time we won’t leave him. We will kill him!

Ah, yes. We will kill him.

Eat first.

These guys are like a bridge between him and me.

So, I think after they eat, I will kill them all.

Go on. Only after you finish eating.

Oh, come on! Eat!

You didn’t try the chicken?

Don’t you see? Death feels so much better in your hands.

Don’t look at me like that.

You will put an evil eye on me.

Eyes that have seen the Devil and God, has no right to see anything else, grandfather.

That’s why I put them to sleep.

Did they see you ?!

No, son.

No, son... They haven’t seen me.

You don't get caught.


Don’t know at what time his mother gave birth to him... that he was born with the cruelty of 100 Kauravas in him.

Oh, God!

This is my uncle Veeraiah's boat. Get down.

Hey, you go back and start again.

I was the one who took that girl.

Hey, what you did was wrong.

Hey, Chinna... whose boat is this?

This one? It is my uncle’s Veerayya.

Do you know where his house is? -Hey, get up.

How much further? -Almost there, brother. Come.

Aunty, someone has come to see uncle Veerayya.

I have come from the election survey, madam. Can you please call your husband?

He’s not here, sir. It’s been two days since he left to go fishing.

As far as I know, he should be back today or tomorrow.

Can you give me a glass of water?

Ah? Yes, please come inside.


Here you go.

Rajamma? You said you would give me the money. -Yes, wait. I’ll be right there.

Sir, please sit, I’ll be back.

That...that watch.., I lost it.


Gana, where are you?

I am at outside.

Today Rakhi festival, right? That's why your sister is here.

Come fast.

"My heart is silent because it doesn’t know who it is."

"The pain I feel deep in my heart."

"If the darkness of the night, fall on you..."

"Shall I turn into the light?"

"No matter who chases you away I am always with you."

"Like a shadow."

"Like a companion."

"Like a supporting brother."

Aunt, see how cute Gana is in this photo.

This was the photo we took when Priya was born.

He was adamant that no one could see his sister, till his father got there.

No one can see my sister until my father gets here. He locked the door and stood guard.

Before you come, couldn’t you knock first?

I didn’t know we had such formalities between us, Gana.



Did you like the gift I gave you the other day?

I saw it, Neha. It’s very nice.

You lie to those who believe in your words. Not to those who know you.

I was too busy to look at it.

If you didn’t see it, then tell me that.

Why did you have to lie to me that you saw it?

Neha, that is what I am trying to tell you. I was caught up in some work and I didn’t have the time to see it.

Let me see. I will see it right away.

Give it to me.

Give it here. Give!

It’s a nice gift.

Why are you behaving so weirdly, Gana?

I am not behaving weirdly, Neha. I am normal.

You are definitely not normal.

You used to call me to tell me, Neha this happened, Neha that happened...

But now... every time I call you, you tell me you are busy and hang up rudely.

You were so happy when you told me that we were going to get married, after your sister’s wedding.

What happened to that Gana?

Talk to me!

Are you planning to leave me?

If you wanted to leave me halfway, then why did you bring up the topic of marriage?!

Why did you convince your family and mine?

Talk to me, Gana.

Do you understand my pain?

You also have a sister, right?

What if some had used her like this and left her?

What do you want me to say?

I found my sister about to kill herself two days before her wedding.

Do you want me to tell you that?

Do you want me to tell you that she was pregnant before she was married and didn’t know how?!

There are some things which one cannot share not with the woman they love... but even with their own mother.

With these hands I had Priya abort her pregnancy.

It’s a punishment worse than death.

But the one responsible for all this...that Idiot... the anger that he is living happily somewhere.

Who do I tell this to?!

Neha, who do I tell this to?!

"Even though I see tears in your eyes, I will be there to wipe them for you."

"No matter how heavy your heart feels I will be there to carry your burden."

"The questions that come to you, I will be your answer to them."

"Like a shadow."

"Like a companion."

"Like a supporting brother."

"Like a shadow."

"Like a companion."

"Like a supporting brother."

Yeah, yeah. I’m coming. I’m starting now.

Sister! Sister!

Come fast! -Sister? Sister?

You look good, sister.

Thank you.

But the body spray you use is horrible, sister.

I have a nice spray for you, sister. Look here, sister.

It’s nice. -It’s only Rs. 200, sister.

But I only have Rs. 500 notes with me.

I don’t have any change with me, sister.

Keep it.

Thank you, sister.

A incident in the financial capital of Visakhapatnam.

The kidnapped victim, Bommadevara Sowmya's dead body has surfaced.

The criminals have dumped the body in front of the police station creating a stir in the city.

Gana, watch the news on TV.

City commissioner, Rajnath Takur is personally looking into this case.

Yes, brother. I am at the Minister's house.

Damn this life! They spend millions of rupees building houses.

They can’t even give us a cup of coffee.

If they don’t pay attention to anything but themselves, what else will the kids do apart from running away?

Brother, give me a cup of tea. -Okay, Sir.

Why are they so many people here, bro?

What do you want me to say, sir?

It’s been 6 hours since the girl has gone missing.

Now they have leisurely come to give us a complaint.

These fools don’t know that people can cross countries in 6 hours, sir!

But my senior officers are to be blamed, sir.

If a wealthy man gives a complaint, means that’s it. They cannot control themselves.

And they stress us out!

All PS alert... All PS alert...

The black colour Honda City used by Bommadevara Sowmya has been spotted in West Vizag.

All PS alert...

This is our lives, sir.

They don’t even give us time to have a cup of tea.

Damn! What kind of life is this?!

I wish I was a day labourer somewhere.

Hello, Neha?

You are?

Uncle, I’m Sowmya’s friend.

Where is aunty? -She’s upstairs. You can go.

Okay, uncle.

Dear, one minute.

She hasn’t eaten anything since morning.

Please try to feed her something.


Gana, I am in the girl’s room -Good. Good. Good.

What kind of phone is she using?

How will I know that?

There must be a company charger in the electric socket next to her bed. Look!

I see it. One minute.

It’s an iPhone.

All iPhone users sync their back up data to the iCloud or their iPads.

See what is there around.

There’s a laptop here. -Open it.

It’s asking for a password.

Password? Password? Password?

What do you see around you?

Dolls, pens, pictures with her parents...

There are more pictures with her mother, Gana.

Her mother’s photos.

Raghupathi Raju... Prabhavathi... -[Tv News]

Her mother’s name is Prabhavthi. Try typing Prabhavathi.

Password is wrong.

Try 5004 once.

Are you sure?

How do I know? Her car number is 5004. Try it!

Gana, wrong password.

Sir, we need to check your daughter’s personal belongings.

Shanthi? -Sir?

Take him to Soumya's room. -Thank you, sir.

Come this way.

This too is the wrong password.

One minute, stay on the line.


Try ‘Justin’ once. Justin?

J-U-S-T-I-N. Justin. Try it!

Gana, it’s opened!

Now quickly transfer all the data to me.

That’s the room.

Do you know anything about Sowmya?

Not yet, madam.

We will try to get some information this evening.


We need to check her belongings.

Thank you, madam.

Hey, babe... where are you?

And don't forget Red bull drink.

Where is your surveillance room?

There, sir.

Open the first camera.

Okay, sir.

The second one?

Hmm...opening the camera in the parking area.

Yeah, Sir.

The girl seems to have started from here, but...

Can I check the CCTV camera footage once again?

Who are you?

I’m from the Media. I’ve come here with them Is it? Come with me.


Play this.

Okay, sir. This one?

Play the B camera. -Playing it now, sir.

Pause it.

Zoom in.

Who is that guy?

He sells flowers at near the signal.

Thank you.

Have you seen this girl?

Oh yes! I also sold her a spray.

Do you sell sprays too?

No, brother. But that day an old man asked me too.


Son? Come here, please.

What is it, Grandpa?

I am feeling dizzy.

Can you please sell these sprays for me?

I will give you fifty rupees.

Okay, fine. Give it to me.

Look properly. Is this the old man you saw?

Yes, this is him, brother.

Think carefully and tell me.

Is this him? Yes, brother. I remember him well.

What is the relationship with those fishermen and this old man?

If I found him... then that old man is found easily.

He went fishing and never came back!

He betrayed me!

What happened?

I told you that day that, that another 12 people have to come back from the sea.

Everyone is back except for Ravi, Chandu David and Veerayya.

It’s been over a week now.

We don’t believe they will ever come back.

That is why all the women-folk at home are crying.

The body of Bommadeva Sowmya, who we thought was kidnapped, has now surfaced. [On Tv]

The culprit dumped her corpse in front of the police station and this has stirred unrest in the city.

[TV News about Sowmya's Death]

Hey! I told you! Did you listen?!

Do you think dumping a body in front of the Police Station is such a small issue?!

Look how hot the situation is outside.

Yes, it’s hot.

That is why hold on to the edge.

The prominent businessman, Raghupathi Raju and Prabhavati's, daughter Soumya has been kidnapped. [On TV]

Police suspect the kidnapping was due to business dispute.

City police are searching the entire city for Soumya.

Hey! Do you do drugs?

Are you a drug addict?

Hey! I’m asking you.

Are you a drug addict?

Hello?! Get up!

Hey! What are you doing?

She’s a drug addict A normal dose of anaesthesia is not enough for drug addicts.

That is why she is conscious. She’s seen me.

If she gets out, I will be caught.

I shouldn’t be caught.

I need to kill her.

I need to kill her.

She should not be alive...

Hey, you fool!

What are you doing?! Wait.

She knows about me now. She should not be alive...

Are you going to kill her?

Otherwise? Do you think I will let her go?

If I let her go, it’s like giving my address along with my door number.

If you kill her now, it will become a huge issue.

If I let her go, when she’s out... she will make an even bigger issue.

Hey, don’t be impulsive.

We’ll think about it.

It is not wrong to commit a crime.

It is wrong to leave a witness.

That's why I am going to kill her.

Can’t you understand?!

Don’t you understand what I am saying?!

I've already told you ...

The eyes that see the Devil or God, they are never allowed to see anything else!

No! You will get caught!

No, I won’t!

Hey! Who are you? I am talking here!


Shut up.

Do you know why demon Ravana was killed?

Because he kidnapped Sita.

No. No.

It is because he didn’t finish off Jatayu.

Had he killed Jatayu completely, Rama would not have known that it was Ravana who kidnapped Sita and that he was going towards the South.

Hey, you have made a grave mistake!

All these days, you brought girls here and after your desires were satisfied, you used to leave them in the hospital.

Because they were alive, no one had a doubt.

Now if this girl is not found, the Police will become alert.

What will you do with her corpse now?

City commissioner, Rajnath Takur is personally looking into this case.


What is it, son?

Take this body and dump it in front of the police station.

In front of the Police station?!

The police will be here any minute searching for our house.


I have been trying to reach you over the phone for a long time.

It’s not connecting.

Oh, sorry. I haven’t looked at my phone.

You must have heard the news.

They have killed Bommadevara Raghupathi Raju’s daughter and dumped her in front of the police station.

You have to perform the autopsy on that body.

Okay. You carry on. I will be right there.

Okay, thank you.

Doctor Manoj Kumar.

MS forensic pathology.

Superintendent of K.G.H.

There are a hundred hospitals to make even a last stage man live.

But, after he dies, even if he’s the CM or the son of a CM... their corpses have to come to me only.

Now, do you understand?

In all my career, my hands shook for the very first time while performing an autopsy on a body.

The culprit hit her head multiple times with an iron rod and killed her.

He’s definitely not a human.

To dump a body he murdered in front of the police station...

Look at his bloody confidence.

He’s openly challenging that no one can catch him.

I request all the policemen to find him immediately.

I will give my 100% support to the police department.

If anything like this happens in the future, please come to me.

My deepest condolences to her parents.

I am so sorry.

[Media asking questions]

Congratulations, you are officially insane now.

Justice has to be done to her.

Girls who have gone missing.

Sadhana, Keerthi, Sowmya... Priya is also among them.

Like, so many girls are missing out.

There is no personal, professional or mutual contact between any of them.

They are not even acquaintances.

There is no reason for him to select them Priya went missing in Bombay Colony but was found admitted to an RK hospital in Gajuwaka.

Sadhana went missing in Seethamadhara and she was found in a nursing home, close by, in Isukathota.

Sanjana went missing in Mindi and she was found admitted in Mindi’s Krishnamoorthy’s hospital.

All of them were admitted with only one reason.

Hypoglycemia, that is when the sugar levels in the body fall, the body gets dehydrated and the person faints.

If there were one or two people who joined with this condition, then I wouldn’t have paid attention to it.

But every girl who got admitted was admitted with the same reason.

That is when I changed my perspective with which I looked at the issue.

And then I started researching for this.

I came to understand that, one can induce a hypoglycemia state.

I’ll explain you.

In 1960, a scientist called Robert D’souza invented a drug called Hypomacene.

The reason he invented this was to reduce weight.

As soon as you take this medicine, the body starts to dehydrate.

If you workout for even one hour in this state, it would give you the result of five hours.

They have certified this to be the world’s greatest invention.

But a lady athlete, to regain her fitness, started using Hypomacene shots with out professional supervision.

But because of an overdose, the body had completely dehydrated and she died from it.

Then the UK Government and the World Medical Council made it illegal to use this drug without medical supervision All the paths are leading to dead ends. People who have no connection to each other.

Fishermen who are following us like bloodhounds.

An old man who reminds me of Shakuni.

All of these people are just actors in this play.

I wonder who is directing them in this play.

Totally confused, Gana.

I don’t understand anything.

Not just you, even if Arjuna comes down himself, this is a maze that even he cannot solve.

But the one thing he doesn’t understand is that...

Arjuna is not searching for him.

The one who can spin the whole of Kurukshetra on his little finger...Ashwathama is.

What is the guarantee that the people we will find are telling the truth?

I won’t trust their words, Neha. I will look at their eyes.

[TV news about missing girls]

Sir, who are you?

I need to see your CCTV camera footage.

Sorry sir. It’s confidential. I can’t show to anyone.

Rs. 10,000 Sir, I finish my shift at 11 pm in the night.

If you come ten minutes earlier than that, I will show it to you.

Hello.. -Hello..

Neha, did you get the photo?

Got it.

Okay, now quickly do as I say.


Do what I said.

Show me the second floor. -Ok, Sir.


Follow that girl. Okay, sir.


Stop... Stop.

Pause it.

Zoom in.

Follow that old man.

That old man, sir?

Okay, sir.

Follow him!

There’s no camera in that area, sir.

What should I do?

Back. Okay, sir.

Back it up.

Back it up.

Go back. More. More! Okay, sir. I am doing it.

Stop it.

Follow him.

First floor. First floor. -Sir, he’s not in camera range.

What about the parking? Parking? Okay, sir.

Pause it.

Ah, Shiva Shakti Travels? The building at the back.

Thank you.

Excuse me...

You are Dr. Manoj Kumar, right? -Yes.

You did the postmortem of that girl Sowmya.

I need some information on that case.

Are you police? No, sir.

But I need information on the drug called Hypomacene.


Let me make a coffee for you.

Come inside.

Sit. I’ll get the coffee.

Sir, I feel there is a connection between all the kidnapping in our city and the drug called Hypomacene.

When you recently conducted the autopsy on Sowmya, did you find any traces of this drug in her?

Shall we chat over coffee?


Who is that guy?

He doesn’t know it’s me but has come looking for me.

I have been telling you this from the beginning.

Now, what will you do?

Excuse me, sir.

This is my grandfather. He’s been missing for the last two days My family was worried about him.

Gana... -Tell me, Neha. as you suggested, I gave a police complaint. Okay. Good good.

What is the plan next?

I will tell you


Gana, someone is throwing a dead body in front of the police station and going away.

What?! Did you look properly?! Yes, I have!

Follow them!

Follow them!

I’m coming! -Okay.


That means...

Hello? -Son!

Son, someone is following me.

Don't worry.

Do as I tell you.

Okay, son.

Grandfather, where are you?

From MVP road, I am taking a turn to Ushodaya junction, son.

Take a left from that junction.


Gana, he’s taken a left from Ushodaya junction.

Okay, Neha.

Grandfather, where are you now?

Kamat road.

Come towards Pedda Waltair junction.

Gana... -Neha, Tell me He’s going towards Pedda Waltair junction.

He’s entered the Port area.

Port area?


It seems someone is guiding him.

You go from there.

What happened?

Someone is trying to trap you.


I don’t want to get you involved in this.


Do as I say, Neha!

Come towards the Port.

Now enter the Port.

I’ve entered.

Now take a right.

I had.

Come straight down.

Come straight. Fast!

Coming, son.

Fast! Fast! Coming, son.

Stop! Okay, son.

Son, he’s coming right at me.

Let him come.

He’s coming.

He’s here, son!

Let him come. Do something!

Son! Son! Son! I’m scared, son!

Don’t be scared, grandfather. I’m scared, son!

Come fast, son.

Do something, son!

Brother, someone has came.

Do you know who is the owner for this car number?

This is Dr. Manoj Kumar's car.

Welcome Dr. Manoj Kumar.

What a story you had run by using your white coat.

We are caught, Dad.

I had warned you from the beginning.


Did you listen to me?!

Did you listen to me?!

Father, don’t hit me!

Father, don’t hit me!

Did you listen to me?! Tell me!

Will you do it again?! Tell me!

Father! Father! -Tell me?! Will you do such a thing again?!

He is not even having mother...

You move aside Tell me?! Will you do such a thing again?! Father! Please father...don’t hit me!

Tell me?! Will you do such a thing again?! -I don't do it again.

Please father...don’t hit me! Tell me!

He will listen. He will surely listen.

Sir, what is this? He’s a small child.

He didn’t mean to do it. He’s a small child.

The damages that you have incurred is not something that money can fix.

If this word gets out, his career of being a doctor will end.

Please don’t talk about this anywhere.

Please, don’t say no.

Are you feeling bad that I hit you?

No, it’s painful.

Remember one thing...

If you do something without knowing that is a mistake.

If you do something where everyone knows, its valour.

No matter who, he’s only great until no one discovers his mistakes.

As long as you don’t get caught, the world will respect you.

The bodies get heavier after death.

The bodies get heavier after death.

The bodies get heavier after death.

The bodies get heavier after death.

The bodies get heavier after death.

The bodies get heavier after death.

No matter how many mistakes I commit, I should never get caught.

That's why...

These two who knew about my mistake...

I killed them along with you.

I did as you told me to, dad.

Now no one will ever know about this mistake.

Grandfather! I did this by mistake.

Do not tell anyone about it, grandfather!

If you do, then I will have to kill you too, grandfather!

Then I will become an orphan.

Please, grandfather. Don't tell this anyone about it, grandfather!

Please, grandfather.

You have to look after me now.

I am a small child, grandfather.

Please... Don't tell this to anyone, grandfather.

Why did you kill them like that?


That girl has seen me while doing that...

That's why she told to her mother.

And her mother told to my father.

If she didn't seen me then there would be nothing like this.

Everyone don't be calm like you by seeing it.

Yes, yes.





What are you doing? you... idiot.

Wait... wait...

For whom, you are doing all these?

I don’t know.

The culture of abducting girls, harassing them...

These all are followed from our Epics, Ancestors and from the generations.

This is our inheritance.

How can you tell me this is wrong?

The same epics says...

If you mess with a woman, then it won’t matter if they have ten heads or 99 brothers, they will be destroyed!

Dad? Gana, where are you?

I’m outside, dad. Tell me.

Come home fast.

What happened, dad?

Someone is threatening your sister, that he will come home and harass her.

Come home, fast.


Who is that guy, dad?

Who called you?

Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Priya, what happened?!

Why isn’t anyone saying anything?

Some guy who says he’s your nephew!


You are going to be a maternal uncle!

The Earth.

Mother is just like the earth.

She will bare us no matter how difficult and carry us no matter how heavy it feels.

There are some men who are like animals, who like to show off their strength by overpowering women.

The true strength is what we give them... but not what we show on them when we overpower them.

They asked us to plant a tree in every house to save the planet.

What do we plant to save a woman who's like a mother?





"An angry man With fire in his eyes"

"Fierce warrior This fearsome man"

"Like the timeless Lord Shiva A hero who’s like a torrent!"

"He doesn’t spare wicked and cruel people."





"He has unexpected intelligence."

"His life is like an invincible electric current!"

"His mental strength is stable like the arrow of the Sagittarius!"

"His determination is a Tsunami."

"He is always there to protect."

"His life’s mission is to fight for the truth."

"Waste fellow, useless fellow... you don’t care for relationships."

"You don’t even consider their age!"

"It’s enough if she’s a woman."

"Lower your gaze, down!"

"Lower your gaze, down!"

"Who do you think a woman is? She’s the Divine Feminine"

"When you come in front of the divine mother..."

"Bow your head down with limitless respect."

"Bow your head down!"





"He has endured the sharp wound deep within his heart."

"He stored the poison in his throat."

"He is like the hot burning lava."

"The womenkind have him as their strength."

"For those cruel men who do not value women, He will definitely ensure their death sentence."

"An angry man With fire in his eyes"

"Fierce warrior This fearsome man"

"Like the timeless Lord Shiva A hero who’s like a torrent!"

"He doesn’t spare wicked and cruel people."





"He has unexpected intelligence."

"His life is like an invincible electric current!"

"His mental strength is stable like the arrow of the Sagittarius!"

"His determination is a Tsunami."

"He is always there to protect."

"His life’s mission is to fight for the truth."

"Waste fellow, useless fellow... you don’t care for relationships."

"You don’t even consider their age!"

"It’s enough if she’s a woman."

"Lower your gaze, down!"

"Lower your gaze, down!"

"Who do you think a woman is? She’s the Divine Feminine"

"When you come in front of the divine mother..."

"Bow your head down with limitless respect."

"Bow your head down!"