At Any Price (2012) Script

At Any Price (2012) Genre: Drama | Thriller

Corn's up 3 cents. You sold for less last week, didn't you?

We shouldn't be doing this, it's not right.

Not right?

Let me remind you what Dad always says:

"When a man stops wanting, a man stops living."

When your brother Grant gets here next week, he'll be ABC'ing, "always be closing."

You know he used to keep his suit in his gym locker in case a funeral needed a trumpet player?

Actually I did know that because we went to the same high school.

You're too dark, son. That's always been your problem.

People like winners, people with good attitudes.

Okay, here we come.

Dean. These people are bereaved and they need condolences from a family.

Family is you and me. I don't wanna be a part of this family.

I'd love to talk about that at some later date, but I want you to get out, we're gonna go over and you're gonna shake this family's hand.

Let's go.

On behalf of David's family, I'd like to thank you for attending this service of respect and dedication for their beloved father and farmer.

Death, in a number of ways, unites us all, and David's demands that each of us put aside our toil to unite ourselves in his honor.

Today we share the bond of love and friendship for David.

The farmer, who depends directly on rain and sunshine and climate, must be a person of faith.

He has faith in the Creator every time he plants a seed.

Sorry for your loss. Mr. Pritchard.


I'm Henry Whipple. This is my son, Dean.

Henry. Dean. Thanks for coming.

Dean and myself, really our whole family, we wanna extend our sympathies to your family.

Did you know Dad? Oh, surely I knew of him.

We belonged to the same co-op.

And I know your dad owned 200 acres that he rented out.

What are you getting at?

Seeing as how you live down in the big city of St. Louis, it's gonna be a hassle for you to oversee that property.

And I just wanted to let you know I'm prepared to take it off your hands.

Get out of here. Don't decide now.

When the time is right, you can talk it over...

I said go away. You're sick.

All right. I know that you're in grief, sir, but you do have my card.

I'm sorry.

What? Sharks.

I've been renting and farming Pritchard's land for 10 years.

Stay away from it, hoss.


Grant would've closed it. ABC, right? That's not funny.

That land was gonna be his "welcome home" gift.

Sir, I am so sorry... I can't stand you kind of people.

But Elizabeth can't deal with this and I don't ever wanna come back to Iowa.

Going price is 8000 an acre. Where do we sign?

Oh. The cool kids have graced us with their presence.

Rolling out the "welcome home" carpet for Grant.

Are these enough cookies?

No. More.

You again. Why do you always eat standing up?

Because, Cadence, who does time wait for?

I don't know.

No man. Time waits for no man.

Oh, no, no. I wouldn't wanna trouble you.

Grant's gonna flip when he sees the 200 acres I got him.

He's finally coming home. Yes, he is.

Expand or die, gentlemen.

Get big, or get out.

We all know this is what it takes to make it in modern agriculture.

Grain prices are at an all-time high and traders are betting on corn like it's the new gold.

Corn alone is a 2 trillion-dollar market, gentlemen, and you, you are responsible for that money.

I've got a PhD in microbiology and I've been working closely with farmers from your community, like the Liberty Seed salesman Jim Johnson and Sons. Jim.

Thanks very much. Heh-heh-heh.

We've had a chance to sit down and talk about how AgriWarrior can create a nutrient explosion in your soil.

If your soil is like most, you've got an abundance of insoluble nutrients...

We should just rotate our crops and avoid the effects of glyphosate.

How'd you know that?

I've been on the farm my whole life.

Kind of picked a few things up. He's right. Rotating never hurts.

Hey, where are you going? I'm going to the bathroom.

Iron is up over 54 percent. University tests...

Bringing a whole other tractor into the field.

About gave us a heart attack, but it was exciting.


Don't these look like bloody fingers?

Sounds appetizing. Let's go.

Hi, Mr. Richardson. How are you? Saw your race last weekend.

That foot is made of lead. It's gonna get you to NASCAR.

Thank you.

I said the same thing to Chuck Young back in '88.

Have I told you that story? Yes, sir, you did.

Actually, we just gotta get going. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on, son.

You and Chuck Young are not the same.

You use your head.

And Chuck, I'm sorry to say, wasn't long on brainpower.

Thank you very much. We gotta get going. Thank you.

Very nice sitting next to you. Thank you.

Dean, the whole town's behind you.

Thank you, sir.

Oh, come on! I thought it was just me and you tonight.

Torgeson, we can still hold hands.

Fuck, no.

What's up, brother? Let's do it.

Dude, you're not listening to me.

You are figure-eight point leader, two years running.

Figure eight's amateur hour, dude. I gotta move up to asphalt tracks, man.

Asphalt is for getting to the dirt tracks.

ARCA's got that big sponsorship money, man.

That big money. Big money.

You're gonna have to make some big changes to make it to ARCA.

I'm doing ARCA. It's the next step to NASCAR.

You got your 9 mill in here?

Hell, yeah, man. All day.

It's for the thugs. It's a pretty little bitch, ain't it?

Drive to Rippey. Ain't nothing in Rippey but ditch water and herpes. It's like two hours away.

What else were you gonna do with two hours in Iowa?

Let's go.

I gotta ask you something. I need a job.

Uh-oh. What about your seed cleaning business?

After 42 years, I have to close my doors.

Nobody uses natural seeds anymore, look around.

Ninety percent are genetically modified.

Ninety-three percent GMOs and rising.

Yeah, well, whatever.

That place of yours, that's gotta be worth at least 3 million.

Well, that's tied up in equipment mostly.

And besides, what if we have another dust bowl?

That's a mighty disappointing thing to say to a friend.

Especially after the not-so-legal job I did for you in the past.

Hey. Whoa. Huh.

Will you keep your voice down?

I paid you then, remember?

I'm just reminding you, that's all. That's all.

Well, I don't like it.

All I'm saying, begging.

Is even one or two days a week of honest work would help me.

I'm sorry, buddy, I can't give you a job.

I hope it doesn't come between us.

Congratulations on a fine talk. Thanks very much.

Henry Whipple. Yeah.

You've heard of me. Number one Liberty Seed salesman in seven counties of southwestern Iowa, including Greene, Union, Ringgold, Decatur...

Is that right? Ha-ha-ha. Sure is. Ha, ha.

And I have a nice-sized farm up in Churdan, family-owned for four generations.

Three thousand seven hundred acres, as of today.

Now, if I could be personally certain of your product, give it the Whipple seal of approval, maybe there's something that I could do to help you.

Are you asking for free samples?

Sir, I never ask anything from a man other than respect, trust and loyalty.

Jim. Jim. Thank you so much for letting me use your name.

No. My pleasure. What you said about glyphosate locking up nutrients like manganese and iron struck a chord.

We'll spread the word. Count on it.

Henry. Jim.

Everything good? Hunky-dory.

I can see that you're all tied up.

We'll talk later. Um... Yes.

Just remember, I am number one in seven counties, including Boone, Garrison, Decatur...

Dad's got Decatur. Brad.

What are you talking about? Sorry, Henry.

There's no apologies needed. I know Brad's kidding about Decatur, right?

No. Dad took it last week.

We're number one in 24 counties now.

"Took" is a strong word.

You know, if this is a bad time? No. Not at all, Roger.

Just a meeting of the minds, a couple of Liberty men. That's all. Right, Henry?

So, what customer did you take?

Just some people. Some people?

Wanted to try a new tactic on their farms, that's all.

I'm sure they'll be back with you next year. Oh.

If you'll excuse me, I wanted to introduce Roger to the boys here.

My oldest, Brad. You met him. Good to see you again.

My goodness, it's been years. My second son, Brett.

How are you? Pleasure. Look at you.

What the hell are you acting like some cyborg assassin for all of a sudden?

I'm making some changes.

Guns are for thugs, not farmers.


Fucking A! Jesus Christ!

Crap! Whore!

Whorey whore!

Holy shit! A Vortech supercharger! You're gonna fly with this thing!

Oh, my God!

You are insane! Oh, my God!

You are fucking insane! Look. I got you an air freshener.

Let's go.

Ow! Hoo-hoo!

You're weren't kidding when you said you finish first.

I should have gotten you out of my system a long time ago.

What am I gonna tell Dad?

About what?

About Decatur, the county.

It's gone. Harvested away.

Jim Johnson, that shark, he passes half his sales commissions under the table in cash to bribe my customers.

Sounds like the mafia. Ugh.

Dad gave me everything.

Granddad before him. I can't let them down.

In here, somebody who wants to see you.

Hey, Dad. George Naylor's here.

Hey, Cliff. It's been a while. Yeah.

You know it's Customer Appreciation Day and not the Fourth of July?

It's called marketing, Dad.

And you're the first invitee, George. End of summer. Be there.

You lose any more counties, there won't be any customers to appreciate.

We got it covered.

What I'll do, I'm gonna load you up with a tote of Liberty 780R seeds, see how that does.

Knock-knock. I brought barbecue sands and some pop.

From Tater's? You betcha. No time to make them.

And I know you like extra bacon, so I got an extra side for you.

Now you're talking. Slaw in there? Yeah. Slaw.

There's that.

Oh, yeah.

What is it, honey?

"Dear Morn and Dad:

Greetings from Mount Aconcagua in the Andes, ahem, tallest mountain in South America.

Guess what. I'm going to climb it.

The people here are so friendly.

Hope this postcard finds you in time. Say hi to Dean. Love, Grant."

It looks romantic. That's a bunch of hogwash.

That kid's so off the grid he doesn't even bother to call.

Henry, make yourself useful, take me out of here.

I think I gotta get going too. Well, hold on there now, George.

We haven't even had a chance to talk turkey or barbecue, as it were. Heh, heh. I mean, am I losing a customer here?

Of course not, Henry. Then sit down, take a load off.

Oh, cut the bull. First Decatur and now Grant. You lost him, Henry.

You never should have let him go.

Yo, yo, yo!

Come on. Come here. No. No, I can't drive.

Yes, you can. Yes, you can. No.

Aah! There you go. Straighten out. Whoo!

I like the sound your car makes with its new part.

Don't point that at people. It's dangerous.

Promise not to do what you did at the auto shop again.



Because I kind of really like you.

Oh, congratulations. You must be proud.

Thanks. What for?

Your son's a real-life hero.

"Grant Whipple to climb tallest mountain in Americas."


The whole county already knows.

Relax, Henry. You're gonna sprain something.

Why are my own children sabotaging me?

Does Grant not care one iota about the 200 acres I got him?

And Dean? Oh, he's a lost cause.

Why does he consistently disrespect me?

Every man wants something to call his own.

What's wrong with the farm?

That's yours. No. It's the family's.

Same difference. Maybe not to Dean.

Breathe out.


Hey! Dean Whipple!

Do you mind taking that off for a minute?

Thank you. So my eyes have been opened.

You know what I saw when I looked around?

Corn? No. I saw you.

I now know that every man wants something to call his own.

And with that in mind, I'm gonna give you the 200 acres we got from the Pritchards.

It'll be your own stake in the family farm.

One of these days, your kids'll farm that land.

Thought you got that for Grant.

Well, Grant is out getting God knows what kind of STDs from Argentinean girls. You're here.

I'm not staying here, Dad. I'm racing cars.

Racing cars is a great hobby. You don't sponsor me.

You sponsor Arthur Link.

The Links have been buying seeds from me for 1O years.

You can't make money racing. You can make money.

Racing ARCA.

Nick Elliott's recruiter is coming to my next race.

What? Nick Elliott's coming to see you?

Yeah. Me.

When they hand out that big check, guess whose name is gonna be on it. Mine.

You won't make it in the big leagues. Just take the land. It's in your blood.

Sooner you understand, the better. I can't hear you.

Gotta get this grain to the elevator before they close.

Honey, I'm paying a visit to the Decatur traitors.

Oh, Henry.

Why don't you ask Cadence to join you?

Because she's a feral child. She's a good kid and Dean likes her.

Besides, she could use a father figure.


Do your parents care that you lounge around here all day?

Mom makes meth in Jefferson, my dad will be out in 10 to 20. They're busy.

Well, okay.

Do you wanna come sell seeds with me?

Why don't you ask Dean? I'm not asking Dean.

I'm offering you an opportunity to do something worthwhile.

So put some clothes on, for God's sakes, and I will see you in the car.

This business is teeming with life lessons for the next generation of Iowa, Cadence.

First lesson, loyalty.

I have customers in the seed business been with me since Dad was in charge. And you know why?

Because they're loyal.

And I listen.

Listening is another great life lesson, Cadence.

I listen to what my customers have to say and in the end, we'll find a solution for their next planting season.

And this paves the road to success.

And who doesn't wanna be successful?

So you have three L's:

Loyalty, listening, equals solution.

It's the key to happiness.

So, what am I supposed to do today?

Your job is to sit back and learn.

There's another L for you, see?

Hey, have you had your breakfast today?

Most important meal of the day.

Thanks, Henry.

Is Kevin around? Yup. He's out on the field.

Because I wanted to talk to him about his yields.

You know, growing strong, living long.

Maybe, uh, talk about some purchases for next season.

That's not necessary. I know it's not necessary, but it's just something that I like to do.

# I think I'll make it Sooner or later #

# We all might make it When I'm older ##"

I gotta break it to you, we're going with Jim Johnson and Sons.

Right, but I thought maybe if I could just talk to Kevin in person...

But he's out in the field. Say hi to Irene.

And we read about Grant in the paper. The mountain thing.

The mountain thing, that boy is a real adventure seeker.

We're really proud of him. So are we. Bye, now.

You have a good day.

You in the mood for a Butter-finger?

Give me one.

Well, I'm glad you're happy because I wanted to come over here, I wanted to check in with you.

It seems there's been some sort of switcheroo over here in Decatur.

Yeah. I switched. People say you're losing it.

Actually, Henry's bringing bad news, didn't know how to break it.

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?

You see, farms in this area have had some switches in temperature and Henry wanted to walk the fields with you to make sure everything was okay with your crops.

Who's this?

I'm his intern. Cadence Farrow.

Jim Johnson and Sons aren't here walking the crops with you?

Is that any way to treat a customer?

No, Cadence. It isn't.

Well, sister, around here we don't walk the crops, we ride them. Troy, get the mud hogs.

You were good today, Cadence.

Your job is like a game.

You know, I used to think like that too when I was starting out.

Oh, can you actually drop me off at 3rd Street? I'm meeting Dean.

I guess he's got a lot going on right now with his racing.


Aren't you gonna ask me to help you save Decatur again?

Well, I thought you already signed up.


Cyclones star quarterback Henry Whipple up against head cheerleader Meredith Crown.

He takes the ball. Looks left, he fakes right, and then he scores a touchdown right up the middle. Ha-ha-ha.

Stoli O. That's my favorite. Mm.

We need to go back in and celebrate the demise of Jim Johnson.

I need two more customers and then Decatur will be mine.

Oh, not so fast. We have some negotiations.

Oh, yeah, fast. Heh, heh.

Let's get some ice. Okay.

Wide Parisian boulevards lead to famous landmarks.

The Pantheon.

The Old Opera.

And the Arc de Triomphe.

Evening, honey.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally see Paris? We could visit the wine vineyards.

Maybe we should take a vacation, just you and me.

That would be nice. We can't. Work calls.

We could go during the slow part of the season.

Uh, something might happen. It usually does.

I'm going to bed.

But you have time to take off work for Meredith.

I know you've been sleeping with her.

I don't know who's been telling you what, but that is an out-and-out lie.

And it's probably by people who are jealous of us.

I love you, Henry.

And you make me feel like an idiot for it every day.

# Come on #

# If you need a little rhythm To shake away the blues #

# If you wanna knock the shine Off your brand-new shoes #

I AH you gotta do Is leave your troubles at the door a'

# One thing I can tell you You don't need 'em anymore a'

# Sing, hey Hey O ##



Donna, how are you? Fine, how are you?

You got the whole family out today?

You having a good time? What are you eating, a dog?

We need you to come out because it's that time of year:

Customer Appreciation Day for being a great customer. Bring the family.

Yeah. All our family will be there.

The more the merrier. It's good to see you.

Thanks for being a great customer. Have fun. Root for number 25.

Good luck, man, I'll see you out there. Thank you.

Sorry to bother you. Would you mind getting a photo with my brother?

No. Come here, buddy. He's a little shy.

What's your name? Keith.

Keith, I'm Dean. Hey.

Really, he's like obsessed with you.


Um... Got it.

Thank you. And good luck today.

Yeah. Nice to meet you, buddy. Come on, Keith.


Oh, hi, Jim. I got a surprise call this morning from Alex Murphy in Decatur. Oh.

Told me that he wanted to switch back to buying the seeds from you.

Well, "switch back" is a strong word, Jim.

He just wanted to try a little different strategy in his fields.

Have to get paperwork approved from the manager for purchase switch.

Oh, worry not, for approval I shall get.

Now, if you'll pardon me, fine sir.

Have a good day.

Dean, Kyle. Recruiter for Elliott Racing.

Thanks for coming, man.

You're figure-eight champion, two years running.

If I like what I see today, we'll give you one and only one shot.


Race at the end of the month, and it'll cost you $15,000.

$15,000, huh? Oh, yeah, boy.

I'm talking 10-person pit crew, trailers, tires, entrance fees and a whole mess of pussy. Good luck.

I'll be watching you. Thanks.

Come on, let's grab some beers.

You wanna indulge me as to how you're gonna get $15,000?

I got that saved in prize money.

Dean, that is beer, beer and abortion money, you know it.

Sorry, Cadence.

Ladies and gentlemen, rise and remove your hats for the singing of the national anthem.

# O, say, can you see #

# By the dawn's early light #

# What so proudly we hailed #

# At the twilight's last gleaming #

# Whose broad stripes and bright stars #

# Through the perilous fight #

# O'er the ramparts we watched #

# Were so gallantly streaming #

# And the rocket's red glare #

# The bombs bursting in air #

# Gave proof through the night #

# That our flag was still there #

# O, say does that Star-spangled banner #

# Yet wave #

# O'er the land of the free #

# And the home of the brave #


Let's get started.

Let's give our drivers a round of applause.

Let's keep our eyes open for 25, Dean Whipple, today.

He's been dominating on this track all season.

Whoa, whoa! Jeez, Dean! This is insanity, Irene.

Nobody would come watch if there wasn't a crash.

Brad Johnson, number 12, pulls ahead of number 25. They've had a rivalry all season.

These boys are going neck and neck.

Ooh! That's a rough one!

Did you see that? Did you see that? I saw it.

The kid's a driver.

I know. He really is a driver.

Brad Johnson is pulling up. That's no love tap!

Brad Johnson gets an inside line.

You're going down, you fucking shit! Hey, fuck you!

Number 12 takes a tumble as Whipple pulls ahead.

Hope that Johnson boy is all right in there.

Ha-ha-ha. Did you see that? What a move! Ha, ha!

Dean Whipple straightens out and sails through the final lap.

It's no surprise here, fans. The winner is Dean Whipple!

It's official.

Yeah! Number one, baby!

Brad's up and walking. It doesn't look like he's a happy camper.

Where is that motherfucker?

Hey, what the fuck, man? Look at that shit!

Go flip your car over. Unjust shit you pulled!

The fuck's your problem? Fuck's your problem?

What the fuck? You piece of shit.

Fuck you!

Get him, Dean! Come on. Hey, hey, hey.

Fucking asshole, fuck you, you piece of shit!

The Whipples are a bunch of pussies! Fuck you!

Come on. Come on, man.

Piece of shit. It's my track!

We know who won. We know who won. We know who won.

- Number one! Dean, Dean!

Dean, Dean, Dean! Yeah!

All right!

Number one, baby! Number one!

Congratulations, Dean Whipple!

Thank you, I appreciate that. Ride with us.

I want to, man, count me in.

Garage sale, some great finds. I can try, man.

My sister was your high school teacher.

Was she? Yeah, I remember. Thank you, ma'am.

That was impressive on the track today.

Henry Whipple's son? Don't remind me.

I'm Meredith. And I'm his girlfriend.

Hi. We're gonna meet people at Slipper's for drinks.

Do you wanna join us? Oh, how old are you?

Actually, don't tell me. I don't wanna feel old.

You wouldn't wanna leave your girl alone on this big night.

All right. Another time.

Come on.

Good night.

She was pretty.

I didn't notice.

There he is. Yep.


Dean. Hey, Dean, that was amazing. Just amazing! Wow!

Ah, it's no big deal. Ha, ha. No big deal?

Hey, get changed and let's all go out and celebrate.

Oh, thanks. I got plans.

Well, break them. Heck, this is important.

Dad, I can't.

I get these every weekend. Here, you can have this one.

Bye, Mom. Bye. Good job.

Hey, Dean.

I was proud of you out there.

Thanks, Dad.

Whoo! Going to ARCA, baby! Ha-ha-ha.

Come on, Henry.

Dean, congratulations.

Look at that.

Dean, hey, here, here.

Cheers, fellas. Cheers.

Hmun dang zawng aia tlawma Air Tickets la duh tan D&L TRAVELS #9612136045 ah biak mai tur a ni e In/Office lamah pawh a thlawnin tickets kan dahsak thei

Would you ever cheat on your wife? No. No, ma'am.

I don't think I'm glamorous enough for Dean.

Sometimes guys get distracted by girls with big...

Racks? Personalities.


Do you think that's what Dean wants?

No. That car... it was behind us last time.

Good afternoon.

I couldn't help notice that you fine gentlemen have been tailing me.

Henry Whipple? That's me. Don't wear it out. Ha-ha-ha.

By purchasing Liberty seeds, you signed an agreement that gives us the right to inspect your crops.

What's this all about? Let's cut to the chase.

We've been investigating you on their behalf.

What? And we got a tip that you've been cleaning and reusing their seeds.

Well, who gave you this tip?

We need to visit your fields, take samples.

When would be a good time?

No time's a good time.

You gave up that right, Mr. Whipple. Now, when would be a good time?



Saturday it is.

You make sure you're there.

Didn't know Publishers Clearing House wanted to find you.

How much did you win? Not now, Cadence.

What is it?

Here's another life lesson for you.

Farmers used to save and clean natural seeds after each harvest and then they'd plant them again the next season.


Well, uh, it's illegal to do that with genetically-modified seeds like Liberty.

You have to buy new seeds each year.


Because companies like Liberty pay scientists big money to develop these GMOs to make them stronger so they'll produce bigger yields, and Liberty has patented these seeds.

So kind of like bootlegging DVDs?

Yes. But there's a lot more money at stake here.

These guys didn't just copyright movies, they copyrighted life.

And you reused Liberty seeds, didn't you?

Hey, Janet. Hey, Henry.

Byron around? He's over there.

If they find out, I'll lose everything.

You said you had two ways to go: Stay the same or get bigger.

You needed cash to buy more land, and reselling GMO seeds was your only option.

You didn't talk, did you? Of course not. I'm in this with you.


I cleaned natural seeds for your father on this machine that I built with my own hands.

I was at your high school football games, Henry.

And your sons' too.

I know.

I'm sorry. I just...

Who could have done this?

You didn't reuse seeds in your own fields, did you?

Do I look like a fool?

And the agents are only checking your fields, right?


So they won't find anything there.

You'll be fine.

It'll blow over like most storms.

Yeah. Come on.

What's this? It's for you.

Fifteen thousand dollars to Nick Elliott Racing? Mom, no.

From my account, Dad doesn't have to know.

Mom, what are you doing? It'll be our secret.

Fifteen thousand dollars. Ha-ha-ha.

Thanks, Morn. Thank you.

Set it up right.

This track is seven-eighths of a mile, the compound banking makes it fast.

Now, that's the safety barrier, but I promise you it's gonna hurt when you hit that 180 miles an hour. So keep it straight, all right?

Pay attention to your pit boards. Right.

Look for me on warm-up laps, hit your mark every stop. I'm serious.

Screw up in the pits, kiss your chance goodbye.

This ain't no figure-eight race, boy.

Okay. That finishes that. What did you get from that side?

Twelve. Twelve. From this side?

Eight. Enough? Are those the last'?

Yeah, should be. Are you done over there?

That's it. Let's go. Wrap it up, we're done. You two, let's go.

Oh, and, uh, Mr. Whipple?

Yeah. There's one other thing.

We broadened this case to the possibility of you reselling Liberty seeds. We need to access your invoices for the past three years. Okay.

My wife does the books. You're gonna have to give us time to get that together. How about...? Next week.

Oh, and good luck to your son.

I understand he's quite the driver.

Starting in the 26th position in the black number 11 for Fast-Track Racing, from southern Iowa, Dean Whipple!

Have a good race. Thank you.

Thank you. Thanks for driving with us.

Thank you, sir.

Let's go, son! Go, Dean!

Oh, hey. There he is. Hey.



Go get him. You can do it, son.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Whoa'. Come on'. Get 'n, sow. Ha-ha-ha.

Look at him!

Go, son! Whoo!

You can do it. Come on.

All right, you're looking good, kid. Just hit your marks.

Dean! Push him out of the way. Come on.

- What's up with this guy? Goddamn it, kid, focus!

You knock the fender off that thing, you're gonna have a bad day.

What the fuck, man?

Did you see that? Did you see that?

Come on, man! Come on!

You gotta pick it up. Now!

Goddamn you, kid!

Hey, son.


You should be proud. You ran a good race.

Don't say that. Held your own.

I'll get on the phone... Dad!

What are you trying to do? Come back into my life now because I lose?

I put myself in those cars so I don't have to talk to you.

Grant's lucky. He left because he couldn't stand you.

Shut up, shut up. Not true. Why do you think he's on a mountain?

And never calls? Dean.

Forget it. Yeah. Forget it.

It's not worth it.

Don't you have your own family?

Hey, fuck it, man. Right?

Let's kick rocks.

Irene. How long were you gonna wait before you told me about the $15,000?

Cadence, this is addressed to Dean. Will you run and give it to him?

Not sure he wants any company.

I'm sure he does. He's out at the second farm.

My son has always wanted to be a race car driver and that was my money.

That was family money. No, it's mine.

From my personal account, so I used it for him.

Why can't you be happy with what's right in front of you?

Need a hand? No, kid.

I gotta do this myself.

All right, well, urn, see you later.

See you later.


Oh, my God. Ha-ha-ha.

I lost my shoe.

Hi, Dean, from base camp. Headed for the summit.

Freezing winds and tons of snow. Wish me luck.

Hope you're tearing up the tracks.

We'll race for beers at Archie's when I get back.

Love you.


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Cadence brought these flowers. Don't they look pretty?

Can you ask her not to come anymore?

You're just tired.

I'm not tired, I'm thinking.

You need anything?

You wanna explain to me what's going on?

I don't know where I went wrong with Dean.

No, no, no, not Dean. Dean's a kid. He'll bounce back.

I'm talking about the farm.

What about it?

I don't know what shit you're trodding through with these agents, but you better get out of it. Don't you lose what my daddy started.

Dad, do you remember when we had chickens and cattle?

No. Oh, come on.

During the harvest, kids would come over and we'd bale hay on wagons. Yes. Of course I remember.

I remember it was backbreaking work.

Things like this wouldn't happen back then.

Those times, they were so simple.

Let me tell you what simple is.

It's a 48 row planter, with air conditioning that drives itself with GPS.

Oh, yeah, things are better now.

And how you got into this mess is beyond me.

You better get off your ass and make things right.

Do you hear me?

Yes, sir.

Welcome home, son. Found this baby parked in the driveway this morning.

It's got your name on it.

The Dean Whipple red mean machine.

Torgeson helped me find this thing. It's got a 421 Chevy engine in it.

It's got a 350 turbo transmission.

It's got a Ford 9-inch rear-end and a whole bunch of other stuff I don't even know anything about.

What do you think? You like it?

Thanks, Dad.

Could you take it back? Take it back?

I thought that you and I could work on this together.

No, I'm not racing anymore.

When you fall off a horse, the best thing you do is get back on it.

Look, I politely asked you, please take it back.


Thanks, Morn.

You need anything else?

No, I'm good.

Those the guys Granddad talked about?

I don't know.

Are you kidding me? Hey, hey, let Dad handle it.

Hey, there. I wasn't expecting you guys today.

Surprise. What do you want'?

Dean, just go back inside. Who is this?

Who am I? Who the hell are you, asshole?

Watch your mouth. Hey.

You pushing us around? We'll examine your invoices.

Have a warrant? Mr. Whipple is aware of our rights.

We'll go inside and we'll handle this...

They don't have a warrant. Fuck them. Whipple, ask this person to leave.

Dean, that's enough. Dean, go in... Hey! Dean! Dean! Stop it!

Stop it! This person is telling you to take a hike. What is wrong with you?

We can handle this another time. Give me a call.

Handle it with no trouble.

There's an easier way to do this. I haven't done anything wrong.

I don't know why we keep bending over backwards for these assholes.

Will you just calm down? I'll handle this.

You can't do things like that, Dean.

Come on.


I don't know, it's fun. All right.

Shit. Shit. Go, go, go.

Hey, come here.

Hey. You're a real gem, you know that?

I'm gonna get the cops on you so you can join your dad in jail.

Find your own boyfriend, old whore. Cadence, come on.

I told him never to come here.

Why am I getting calls from Meredith saying you're tearing up her house?

I don't know. Ask her. I want this to work out. I do.

If Meredith... If she's telling you to fuck her in a cornfield somewhere.

I don't want this to work out.

I don't need anybody to take care of me or ask me where I am at night.

I'm not sad about it.

I don't think it's good anymore. I didn't do anything wrong.

I got bigger holes in my shoes to be dealing with.

Go fix your holes, then.

Wait. Do you even know what's happening now?

Dad won't get a lawyer. He's guilty of cleaning those seeds.

He didn't wanna tell you before your race. Wait, what? Sorry, what?

He didn't wanna tell you before your big race.

We'll lose everything.

I've got coffee in the microwave. It's getting cold.

Cadence, wait.

It's Byron, isn't it?

Go help your dad out.

He loves you a lot.

Hi, Dean. What's up? Call the agents off.

Hey. Right now. You hear me?

Look, let's go talk in the barn.

It's okay, dear. Everything's all right.

Call Liberty, tell them you made a mistake.

But I didn't...

Henry and I are both guilty. If I reported him, I'd be in trouble too.

Well, who reported us'? I don't know.

Who was it? I don't know.

Tell me who it was!

Big farmers are very aggressive, and your dad made a lot of enemies.

And there's this guy... Jim Johnson.

It was Jim Johnson, wasn't it?

What is it?

Dean knows. He just left my place. Did he say where he was going?

Henry. Oh, goddamn, Dean.

I know what he's going through. If Grant was here...

Will you shut up about Grant!

Those days are gone.

I'm the one to blame.

It was me, Henry.

I've been a seed cleaner my whole life.

Now my kids have to send me money so I can make it through each month.

Well, why didn't you ask me?

I did.

I asked you for work, remember?

You wouldn't listen.

So you went and made a deal with Liberty Seeds, is that it?


I didn't report you.

Well, you just said...

Some guy came snooping around a few weeks back and got to talking.

About you.

He offered me money.


Who was it? I just couldn't refuse.

Larry Brown.

What do you want, man?

Tell your dad to call off the agents. Call them off!

What's your problem?

Call them off!

Come on!

Is that what it felt like to lose ARCA, pussy?

Is that what it felt like to lose?

Come on, get up! Get up!

Come on!

Afternoon. Hi.

Heat getting to you? Doing all right, thanks.

Hi, there.

Are you Larry Brown?

I thought I'd be too small for a shark like you to remember.

Oh, I don't know about that.

I'm Henry Whipple. I know who you are.

"Whipple wants you."

Impossible not to smell your shit from a mile away.

Uh, look, uh...

I just came over here to talk things over with you.

You're in trouble, aren't you?

Listen, Larry. Uh, Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown.

I need you to call off those Liberty agents.

You ruined me.

I don't even know what I've done to you.

Well, let me refresh your memory.

You bought my land at the Pritchard's funeral.

I'd been renting that land for 10 years.

Me. Larry Brown.

And you took it away from me and my family.

Well, I bought that land fair and square.


And you've got... I've got nothing!

I had 480 acres and you took 200 of them.

You're smart enough to know what you've done.

You put me out of business.

"Expand or die," they say.

Well, you killed me off good.

But I still own this land you're standing on, and I suggest you leave.

Good afternoon, ma'am.

Hey, buddy.




Where are you?




Dean, God.

Dean, you all right?

What happened?

Is he dead?

It was an accident.


Have you noticed Dad's been out three mornings in a row?

No, I didn't notice.



I'm leaving, Whipple. Going out west.

I might put you as a reference if that's okay.

So be expecting some calls. Of course.

Give them my number. I'll sing your praises.



I just wanna thank you.

While it was fun, I had fun, you know?

Oh, and make sure and get Decatur back.

You still have a month before Customer Appreciation Day.

In times of despair and confusion, it is important to have hope.

As lost sheep in the eyes of our Lord, we need guidance in the face of the unknown and uncertain future.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9.

The agents have examined and cleared my invoices, and they say that it's all up to you.

This contract has everything that you asked for.

You can rent and work the land free of charge, as a tenant.

For life.

Now, will you call off the agents?

God may not answer immediately, but we will all be given that which we are due in the eyes of the Lord.

For better or for worse.

But when the time is right, God will act.

He will hold his hand out to you.

So keep hope...

Is he all right? Close to your heart.

And now please, rise and join me in the Lord's Prayer.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses...


As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.

This is Iowa. Right here you can see Green County.

And this right here, you recognize this?

That's your property. That's your farm.

Zoom in. Right here, your soil temperatures.

Very specific. Up to the minute. Very cutting-edge. Over your property.

This is right now, as we stand here.

This is us right here.



I am so sorry.

I, uh...

I want to tell you something.

No. There's nothing to say, Henry.

We're still hopeful.

But I know that with each day that goes by, it's less likely that...

When he was little, I would tell him, as long as I was alive, nothing could happen to him.

Jim, we're so sorry to hear about your son.

That's very kind of you, Bobbie.

You're in our prayers, Jim. Okay.

I wanna say that, um...

What I wanna say is that I just got back from Decatur with Dean.

And he took an order for next season from a customer of yours, Wilbur Bastian.

Oh, well...

Right, Wilbur. He's called me a couple of times.

I just haven't been able to get down there.

It means that Decatur is my territory again.

And I want to apologize.

I'm gonna make sure that Dean transfers that sale to you.

Why, Henry? Business is business.

No, Dean's done right. You should be proud of him.


Isn't there something more?

I'll see you at the next Liberty meeting, Henry.

Henry, did you eat?

I left your dinner in the fridge.


It's Brad Johnson, isn't it?

Did Dean do it?


It was me.

It, uh...

it was an accident.

I... I didn't know what to do. I...

I don't know what to do.

We're a team.

We're a team.

And you and I are gonna pick ourselves up by our bootstraps.

We're gonna keep a smile on our face.

We're gonna work real hard.

In less than a month, it's Customer Appreciation Day.

And after that's the harvest.

It's gonna be a great harvest.

Dear Mom and Dad, I made it to the top.

The sky is so clear, I can see all the way to Iowa.

I wonder if this is how God feels.

Inside are some earrings for you, Mom.

You always looked beautiful in this color.

Dad, I hope you'll be proud of me.

I'll be home soon.

Love, Grant.

Thank you, sir. I think that one's cooked.

How you doing, sweetheart?

Yeah, of course. Thanks for coming out, guys. Hi.

Is he still up?

Oh, that's wonderful.

You're making your family very proud, sonny boy.

What I'm supposed to do. Damn right.

All right.

Keep it up. Thanks.

Hello, everybody. Hello.

And welcome to Whipple's 12th Annual Customer Appreciation Day.

I hope everybody here is enjoying the Hickory Park barbecue and the Picket Fence ice cream.

Some of us love it a little bit more than others. Hee-hoo.

Now, this summer, we won back Decatur, making us number one in seven counties again.

But more importantly, I got a son to inherit the family farm.

It's what I always wanted.

So am I a happy man? Yeah.

Am I a happy man? Yeah.

How could I not be?

But today, I choose to value you.

Each and every one of you.

Thank you.

And happy Customer Appreciation Day.


Now I'd like to get my son up here.

The future of Whipple & Sons, Dean Whipple. Dean, come on up here.

Thank you, Dad.

So we mentioned Decatur and winning.

In my years as a racer, before I was injured, I won just about every trophy figure-eight racing had to offer.

I know what it takes to be number one. That is the level of success that I will bring to each and every one of your fields.

2012 D&L Infotainment