At Close Range (1986) Script

Hey, Brad! Brad!

He took our money.

We... We just wanted a bottle of J.D., and he said he'd go in and get it for us if we gave him the money.

How much money? How much?

$5. He bought himself a bottle of gin.

Did you take their money?

Yeah, I took $5.

I was gonna give this to them, but they're smart-ass kids, and now they're not getting it.

So you'll give it back now?

No, I'm not gonna give it back to them.

You're not going to give it back to them?

No, I'm not, because this kid's an asshole.

Which one? The big one.

That's my brother.

That's your brother? Yeah.

You ought to take care of him. Besides, he's too young to drink.

Give them their money back.

I'm not giving them the money back. What are you gonna do about it?

Fuck you, and fuck them.

That's what I thought.


Do you?

Get off the car, kid.

You wanna play?

All right. I can play.

Come on, get off.

All right, kid.

You asked for it!

Gas it. Come on.

Get off, you nut case!

All right, kid. Come on, get off of the car.

What do you want?

The five.

Now, get off the car, all right?

Now what do you want?

The gin.

I gave you the five.

Hey, man, you know, we got your license plates.

Now will you get off the car?

You're weird, kid, you know that?

Wow! That was fuckin' great, man!

I liked it.

Here. Take your gin.

I'm taking the truck.

Don't you want some of this?

Come on, man.

Nice move, man.



This your friend?

Yeah. Jill.


Hi, Jill.


You got a name?


You don't sound so sure.

Oh, I'm Terry.



You have a really nice smile.


Terry doesn't take drugs.

What are they?

I don't really know, but they make things stronger.

What is that supposed to mean?

Whatever you feel, it makes you feel stronger.


Just get her phone number and come on!

Just get her phone number!

Who's that?

My brother and his partner. I've got to drive 'em, I guess.

Will I see you down here again?

I don't know.

Well, where will I see you?


Well, I guess I could be here, like, day after tomorrow.

All right.

Well, I...

I'll see you then.

Okay. Okay.


Whoo-hoo! Oh, Bradford!

Did you tell her your name was Bradford?

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

The Toyota SR5, the truck that feels like a sports car.

Oh-oh-oh, what a feeling to drive... Toyota

Hey, Brad?

You're always trying to go out with those real pretty women.

All they got is a cunt.

They're all the same.

They tell you they want you to...

To talk nice, and act nice...

Hello! Yeah, come on in.

But all they got is a goddamn cunt.

What you doing?

The truck's all fucked up.

Is she home?



Now who's that?

I want to give her some money.

Goddamn... Huh?

I said, she could sure use it.

So, what you think, $100?

Two, three? What?






See ya.

How old are you now, anyway?

Old enough.


You know where he's living at?

I don't care.

He's over in Homeville.

Oh, Brad...

Don't even think about it.

Oh, he's a brown cow.

Is that my beer you're drinkin'?

There's a Colt 45, you can't afford it.

You know that shit you guys are smokin' is gonna rot your brain.

I guess in your case, they're ain't no damage done, is it?

Why don't you get a job, boy? I tried that.

Yeah, and you quit as soon as you paid off that damn pick-up truck, didn't you?

That's right.

We ain't all got it so lucky around here, you know?

You see your mom in there, she's got to work in the morning, your grandmom's got to work, but more important, I gotta work tomorrow, and I need some sleep.

You turn that damn thing on again, and I'll beat the Jesus outta of ya.

They're ain't no Jesus in me, Ernie.

Go to bed, Tommy.

Look, Ernie, this here's my house.

We lived here four years, before that Rising Sun, and six, before that, Jennersville.

You've been five months with her, you don't ever tell me what to do.

Ernie. Okay.

You son-of-a...


I heard enough.

You little fucker.

Yeah, Homeville.

Number for Bradford Whitewood, Sr., please.

Guess you must have heard about me or something.

I guess.

What did you hear?

I heard you was a thief.

What did you think about that?

Looks like you make pretty good money at it.

Well, to some folks, I'm just the devil in blue suede shoes. Don't you believe it, okay?


I never stole nothing.

You hear?

Yeah. Don't you worry about getting a speeding ticket?

Kid, you look a thousand miles in any direction from Tennessee to Toronto.

I go backroads just about anyplace.

Never touch the interstate. Never see one goddamn cop.

Besides, this ain't fast!


That's my son.

It's Brad.

He's staying with us... a few weeks.

This is your uncle Dickie.

Uncle Patch.

Hi, kid.

That's Boyd.

Tony Pine.

He's epileptic.

They're sort of part of the family.

And, uh, that's your stepmother.

That's Mary Sue.

Hi, Brad Jr.

Mary Sue's about five years older than you!

You'll get along famous.

We're late.


Mary sue, show him that room we've got.

Hell, he's cute.

See you tomorrow.

I didn't know you had a son, Brad.

He's got two. Sort of.

Old Brad here went to prison, Julie started dickin' with some grease monkey from Willerton.

Nine months later, out pops Tommy.

What exactly are you saying?


Nothing. I didn't say nothing.

Just one thing here.

Don't say nothing against the family.


Let's go to work.

So, uh... Where'd they go, anyway?

One coming.

Okay, I hear it.

Patch, what's that car?


Brad? Yo.

We lost our lookout.

I think your brother's out there pinching hubcaps or something.

I'll stay where I can hear you.



You remind me of a guy I knew in high school.

Only he was a real dufus.

Wanna go for a ride?


Gimme that foot.

Gimme those little piggies. Honey, honey.

Come do some laundry.

Kid, you like pussy?


Smart boy.

What's the sexiest thing you've ever thought of in your whole...

Excuse me, can I help you?

Yeah, you got, uh...

You got $5,500 on that car.

I'll give you five.


Do I drive her out?

What are we doing here?


You know, that truck of mine has gone punk dead?

I could sure use a slick car sometime.


Afternoon, sir. Yeah.

I just bought this car.

$5,500. It's a cherry.

Could you give me $4,600 for her?

Why you sellin' it?

I don't like the radio.

You're kidding? No.

Mom said, "That's my son. Nobody touches my son."

She threw his suitcase down the stairs.

I wish I'd seen that.


When are you gonna come home?

I don't know.

I'm hoping Dad might give me something.

Yeah? What?

Hey, Jill. Jill.

Hey, Terry's friend.



You scared the hell out of me.


Thanks for coming out.

I can only stay a minute.

Oh, well.

Your friend Jill didn't know if you wanted to come out at all.


So, you do remember me, huh?


You were supposed to meet me you know, that night.

I know. My mother wouldn't let me out.


Then I tried to sneak out, and she caught me.

Really? Yeah.

She grounded me for two weeks.

She says until I'm 17 I can only go out...

You're only 16?

Yeah. So?

I thought about your smile a lot.

I thought about you, too.

Jill says your last name's Whitewood.


Your father's got kind of a rep.

Well, yeah.

Don't believe everything you hear.


Oh, shit. I gotta go.

Um... Wait a minute.

Jill didn't give me your number or anything.



Yeah. Okay.

Hey, wait, don't go. Um...


I gotta go.


Hey, Patch, how come you don't go out with them anymore?

The other guys.

'Cause your daddy's a dick face.

Don't want me havin' no money.

Don't want me havin' no fun.

One day I'm gonna have my own empire.

And I'm gonna steal everything.

Want to help me?

I don't know.

Sure you can.

You ever steal a police car?


Me neither.

Hey, we could steal a whole lot of stuff, you and me.

No sense sittin' around a dump like this, wasting our time.

I heard that.

I mean, there's a world out there waitin'!

Tell you what, let's you and me go in the next room and start sniffin' some ideas.

Let's go.


"Ideas" is my middle name.

What do you think?

It's fucking beautiful.

It's a piece of shit, but it's yours.

This legal?

Yeah, it's legal.

There's parts on it borrowed, but...

Registration's clean.

Don't never say I done nothing for you.

Just don't know if I could ever pay it back.

Try this. Stay clear of my brother.

Which one?

You know damn well, boy.

Okay. It's just a good way for me to make some money.

It's something I can do.

You two jackasses, you'll both end up in jail.

Then, you teach me. You show me what to do.

If I'm gonna learn, I should learn right, right? From you.

I got no time.

Just to show me?

Don't seem right.

Come on, Dad. I get some guys together.

We'll see.

You'd better go on home.

To your Mother's.


I don't know why, but...

You make Mary Sue awful skittish.

Five. I'm going to bed.

10, 11, two, three.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You've got... Mom. Julie, wait.

Okay, she left. Hold on.

Six, seven...

Six plus five is 11. Is 11.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11... My property, no problem.

Now we're gonna split her property up.

I'll take boardwalk and park place, and you can take...

No. No, I want boardwalk.

No, but... See, grandma, if you take this property, you'll have a hotel on each and there's better odds of landing on it.

No, I want boardwalk.

Cause there's three of them and there's only...

Big Brad, you know...

When I married him he had the biggest eyes you ever saw, and he courted me like a regular gentlemen...

With flowers and everything.

Goodnight, little Brad.

Good night.

Hey, Brad, are you awake?

There's a girl on the phone.

I'd better get you home before your mother starts to worry.


It's nice to meet you.



What's he like?


Found one there.

Found one right there.

Back in there, too.

How can you tell?

Size of the lawn, size of the stroke.

Regular mower cuts about a foot wide.

Good tractor do you three or four.

See, most people that drive through here, they see farms.

Houses and fields and shit.

I see money. Everywhere I go, I see money.

I see things that can move.

Anything can move, it's got my name written on it.

Brad Whitewood, please hold for delivery.

My name, too.

Yeah, little bastard.

Oh, wait, I forgot.

You's the bastard, ain't ya?


I didn't mean nothin' by it. I swear I didn't mean nothin' by it.

One day, you know what? You know what I'm gonna do?

Give you guys a present.

What do you think of that?

Looks like a pretty nice gun.

Fuckin' A-plus, it's a nice gun.

It's $350, retail.

I got a good price on mine. Real good.

Want to touch it?

Can I? Is that all right?

Like it?

I like it a lot.

You can't have it. It's mine.

I've already given you a car.

That don't mean nothing.

I've gotta see something in you.

I've gotta see you got something, right here

between the legs.

Then I'll give you a real present.

You want to see we got something?

We'll show you something.

We'll show you something tonight.

Yeah? Hey, Brad!

How's it going?

These your new recruits?

These are my sons, Lester.

Oh, well.

You boys have a very interesting family.

Get out of my face, Lester.

For instance, remember when we stole those muskets from the revolutionary war museum?

Of course, Dickie conked out that janitor, making it grand larceny, aggravated assault, but it was a good time, right, Brad?

Oh, yeah. You're smart.

You don't want to talk to me.

Come on, Brad.

I want to work with you again.

I need some of that action.


So you can tell the cops?

Cops ain't so bad. Just doing their job.

Just kidding.


I know.

I'm going.

I'm going.

I'm gone.

That boy ain't got the life expectancy of a housefly.

Like, this one time Patch goes in this jewelry store, right?

And he asks to see this $500 watch.

So the lady, she shows it to him, all right, but she don't want to take her paws off it.

He's tugging it one direction, she's tugging the other direction, and finally, he pulls up his sleeve, and he goes, "Lady, "mine's worth $1,000. Why in the hell would I want yours?"

This makes sense to her, right?

So, she takes her hands off the thing, he grabs the son-of-a-bitch and hightails it out of the store.


Something comin'.

Oh, what a feeling!

Driving in style Oh, what a feeling!

Mile to mile Oh, oh, oh, oh!

What a feeling Toyota!

Hurry up!

We've got to stop before dawn.

Yo, Brad!

Yo! Telephone!

All right. The kiddy gang.

Here, kiddy, kiddy, kiddy, kiddy!


Make it spicy, Rose.

Yo. What you got?


Say it again.

Shot. I got shot, man. Birdshot in the face.


Well, it hurts.

Get any tractors?


Go on home, then.

I can't. Not with my face like this.

You can't go to my place if that's what you're asking.

Mary Sue, me, we're here, we're helping out late.

Be at it all night.

Can I come where you're at?

You got a woman...


I want you both downstairs with your clothes on in five minutes.

Do you hear me, Terry?


Look at those two going at it!



Wake up.

You know, I know my mom.

She's not gonna sit there.

She's going to call the cops after me.

I mean, what are we gonna do?

We got $18 left.

I'm gonna have to go home.


If we can sometime, you want to go somewhere, get our own place together?


Mean it?


I mean it. Okay.

It might take a little while, but I can do it.

Yeah, but...

Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.

I worry about it.

If you're thinking you're too cool to boogie

Boy oh boy, have I got news for you

Everybody here tonight must boogie And right there, to my left, is the most beautiful woman you guys ever seen in your life.

Mmm-hmm. Beautiful. She's a hooker.

She wasn't a hooker.

She was a...


Some big firm in Philly.

Except for the assholes and the faggots, I'm the richest son of a bitch in this county.

Mind if I sit down?

I want you to taste something 'cause I saw you sitting there.


Private stock.

There's no time to waste Let's get the show on the road

Were you here last week, hustling? No.

I thought I saw you sitting there last week.

Whoa! Wait just a minute. I need some I.D. on the lady.

I shall return.

Come on, get out of here! Hey! That's my son!

Hell, Brad, I can't... Yeah, that's his girl. She's 23.

Dad, this is Terry.

Hi. Hi.

You treat my boy right.

I will.

I do.

Come on sit down. Make yourself at home.

Boogie no more You can't boogie no more You can't boogie no more Terry? Yeah.

That's Patch.



Tony Pine. He's epileptic.

What you drinkin'?

I'm fine. Thanks.

Hey, you're overage.

She's 42.

I'll have a rolling rock.

I'll have a whiskey sour.

Whiskey sour? They're good.


We're real glad to get to meet you, Terry.

What do you think now that you get to see us all in the flesh?

I don't know.

I've heard a lot about you.

Nice things?

You ain't done nothin' nice, Brad.

I hope not.

What did you hear?

Different things.


We wanna talk to you for a moment.

I came here 'cause I wanted to ask you about...

You see, Terry and I, we want to live together.

We wanna get a place like that. It's gonna cost some real money.

So, I wanna join up with you guys.

Just temporarily.

Fine! Fine!

You don't have to let him in, but you know, he's better than you.

Would you excuse us?

It's all right.

That's not right.

If you want to talk to me, you talk to me in private.

I'll tell you something. That girl is trouble.

She's nice, she's young, big mouth.

You stick with us. You stick by me. You can see this is a group.

You know, you don't violate that.

Take her home.

Don't ever do that again.

Okay? Don't worry about it. It's okay.

And look,

everything will work out fine.




Go ahead. What else?

Well, this group of guys, whatever you call it

goes all over the country, huh?


And it's organized?

Organized? Yeah.

Enough. It's just guys, you know.

I know guys and Tony pine knows some.

Boyd, my brothers, everybody knows some people.

These people know people.

Before you know it, you know everybody you gotta know to get the job done.

That's it.

How do you keep the cops off your ass?

I got a friend who reads the police memos.

For instance, they just got this report there's more tractors stolen in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania...

That's us.

Than all the other 47 states together.

Makes the cops around here kinda peppy, so we lay off tractors for a while.

Anything else?

Why are you letting me ask you all this? Because you got to know.

I gotta make sure you walk into this with your eyes wide and know what you're doing and who you're with.

Especially, you know, it's a family situation.

You go out with us once or twice.

See how it is, then you decide if you still want it.

'Cause if you do, that's it.

It's blood. Don't break it.


The caretaker's light just went on.

Okay, don't move at all! Don't move.


Good goin', kid.


Go, go, go!

You know what? I've been thinking.

I ought to sign up at the university.

Hey, that's a real good idea, patch. That's real swift.

No, no, no, no, no.

Take one of them art courses.

We go into a joint like that, it must be trillions, hundreds of trillions of dollars hanging on the wall.

We're too dumb to know which ones to take.

Take the ugly ones.

Uglier they are, more they're worth.

That's right.


You showed me somethin' tonight.

What? My own blood.

Am I right?

You're gonna make it.

Heard that.

Looky here.

Good old Detective Mosker.

They really got class.

They're having hamburger steak.


See you later.

Oh, I know.

Did you hear about that girl who was eight before she was seven?


I hate those short-eyes jokes.

Look who waited up.

Well, I didn't want you getting the wrong idea, my sharing dinner with some fuckin' cop.

We didn't get the wrong idea, Lester.

We got the right idea.


Want to go out?


Right now? Okay, no...

Don't say no.

It's your chance to prove yourself.

Come on, Lester.

I know you're a good man.

You catch up, Lester.

Come on, drink up, drink up.

That's more like it.

We're drunk as skunks.

We want you to feel just as good.

That's more like it. Ah!

I have somethin'.

You gettin' high? Drink it.

It's for you. I don't know.

Eat this. Eat this.

What is it?

It's, um...

Something to eat. Eat it.

What you been tellin' the cops, Lester?


What you talkin' to Mosker about?

The weather? Phillies? No. No! Just, uh...

I know you been talkin' about somethin'.

I'm scared.

You can't be scared. You're a tough guy.

You used to be a member of the Whitewood gang.

Yeah, I know, but...

What'd you say?

Speak up!

Leave him alone. Well, I, uh...

I sold him some information. Uh-huh.

Yeah, but it wasn't true information. It was about Soleski.

Oh. Oh, I hate him. Yeah. I know.

I wouldn't hurt you, Brad. You know that. He's a fat pig.

I want to help you. I do. Yeah?

I was pumping him for information. Stuff you guys can use.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Like... Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.

I found out that, uh...

They brought the FBI here. Yeah?

Yeah. Yeah. No shit!

And, uh, they got this grand jury convened.

About us?


I'm telling you, who would tell you this kind of stuff, Brad, if it wasn't for me?

I don't know. Guess you're just a real good friend.

I don't feel too good. I drank too much.

I better pull over.

Pull over by this tree.

We're goin' down to the river?


I'm glad to be able to...

God, I can't walk.

Hey, hey!


Feel that water, Les? It's good. Yeah.

Wake you right up. Whoo!

Hey, it's getting deeper.

Get your face wet.

Water on your face really wakes you up.

Hey, I don't need your help. No, I can do it alone!

Hey, no!


When we get this thing fixed up, you'll be one cool dude. A real rumbler.

I'm thinking of getting myself a job fixing Chevys or something.

How much you make?

You can get like 10, 12 an hour. It depends.

That ain't that much.

Hey, it's a steady job.

Nobody gets killed.

Somebody got killed?

Brad, when you went out with Dad and them, did somebody get killed?

Forget it.

Brad! I said forget it, Tommy.

He's no good. What?

They're no good.

What are you talking about?

They're bad people.

Hi, boys.

Hi, Dad.

What do you think of that?

That's nice. I just got it.

You see, the thing is, I'm gonna tell you...

I got some big business over in Willerton.

And I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some of that...


What do you say?

I got money.

Yeah. Hurry up.

We're going out tonight.

Be by around midnight.

What's the damage? Twenty-five?


Yeah? Forty.

You a born thief.

You're crazy. You know, you're crazy.

Lookin' good!

Julie Whitewood.

Tired old bag of shit.

You like that car?

You wanna sit in that car?

Is it all right? Go on, sit in it.

All right.

I'm not going out tonight.


I'm not gonna go out anymore.

You want to live in a dump like this, working 10 hours a day in a cannery?

I thought you were like me.

I thought you wanted something.

A car, nice girl sitting in your lap.

Money in your pocket.

You said I could go out and then decide, right?

You scared?

I got something else.

Something or somebody?

Yeah. Terry and I are getting out of here.

Where you gonna go?

What are you gonna do when you get where you go?

I got some ideas.

How are you gonna pay?

Apartment, food, clothes. All that.

I'll find something.

You'll find shit!

All you know is how to steal.

You're too fuckin' dumb to do that by yourself!

Oh, you think so?

I know so!

You'll come back, crawlin' back to me, "Daddy, daddy, give me somethin'."

Well, we'll see. Yeah, we'll see. Yeah, we'll see.

What's the matter?

Tell me about your uncle.

Your uncle, will he really take us?


What's it like there? What does it look like?

It's called the Big Sky Country, because the land goes on forever, looking out 20 miles one way and 50 in the other.

And they got jobs there, too.

My cousin's husband, Rollie, he's got a job in billings.

And he's about as dumb as a dog or something.

You know what else they got?

My cousin, she's just two years older than me and she's got a baby.

It's got little tiny feet and little hands, and it laughs already.

It probably talks now. But when I was there, it was just laughing.

It was so tiny.

I guess I love you, huh?


What do you think?

I don't know.

It seems...

It's a little big.

Who cares if it's a fucked-up idea, man?

If we get away with it, we score big, right?

Okay, look, it's not a fucked-up idea.

All we have to do is get in and out of there as fast as possible.



Ah! Come on! There's a car!

Shit! Somebody's coming. Come on, let's go!

Tommy, come on, help Tim get these ramps.

Get the crowbar!

Where the fuck is it? Aggie! Come on!

Get a load of this, man.

Come on, a car! I got to have her!

Let's go!

Come on! Isn't she's beautiful?

Get in! Come on! Help me shut it!

Fuck it! Come on!

Now, I want you to climb down from there very slowly.


Okay. Bailed out.

Essex, Milton, Smithson, Whitewood, T.

Go on.

I'll take 25-20. I'll lay you 25-20.

You gonna shut this down?

Maybe next week.

What do you want, Whitewood?

I put 500 on that gray one.

That's a shrewd bet.

What's my son saying?

Nothing. Yeah?

But they haven't really started on him yet.

What about the FBI?

They really bring them in?

Mmm-hmm. Last month.

Grand jury? Mmm-hmm.


What they got?

Well, not much so far.

I'm sure they'll find something.

Maybe a body or two, hmm?


Can I make a donation?

Political something, something? No.

Not now. It's too hot.


Your bird lost.

So he did.

Maybe next week if they don't get anything more.

Yeah? Yeah. We'll see.

If they do get more?

Hi. Is Mr. whitewood here? My name's Terry.

It's okay.



I was planning to go see Brad, and, uh, his mother can't go till the weekend 'cause she's working.

So I was wondering if you're planning to go.




If you do go, um, do you mind if I go with you?

I don't see why not.

You done a lot for my boy.

I hope so.

You changed him.

Thank you.

You know what I don't get is why they let everybody else out and they set Brad's bail so high.

I don't get it.

They figure, if he's in there long enough, we'll know what he's saying.

About what?

You want some corn flakes?

No, thanks.

You scared, kid? Of what?

Bunch of tractor thieves?

What do you owe those guys?

What did they ever do for you?

What did your father ever do for you?

I don't talk against my family.


Uh, look, um...

Do me a favor.

That's 12,000 cash.

Tell Brad that, uh...

He don't want it.

Let him decide.

I said he don't want it.

Wow, that's a really nice cake.

Got a file in it? Yeah.

I didn't... I didn't even know you...

I didn't know you guys knew each other really.

Lucas? Oh, yeah.

Only one in the whole kiddy gang knows his ass from a pitchfork.

I'm kinda takin' him under my wing.

I see.

How you doin'?

Nervous, I bet.

I'm okay.

Ever been inside a jail before?

No. No way.

It's nasty. I'll tell you, it gives me the jimmies every time.

Want some?

What is it? Bourbon?

This is rye.

You're welcome to it, if you want.

Oh, yeah. I heard that... It's good stuff.

It's not a bad idea.

It's not a bad idea, really.

Get a little juiced before you get in there.

Get some system going.

See, the thing is, it's gonna be worst of all on you.

Why is that?

Being a girl.

Being cute girl.

Yeah. Being real cute, and being a girl.

All them other convicts and the perverts and such, be givin' you a real long look.

Oh, they be lookin' at you all over.

That's right.

Convicts stare.

Aren't you gonna protect me?

Can't. Not from their eyes. Sure.

Don't worry about it.

Another sip of that, you won't feel nothin'.

Go on.

Well, just go on.

That's good stuff, huh?

Drink it.


I didn't move the cake.

It's all right. Just leave it there.

Come on. What?

You touched me.


Come on.

I want to go see Brad. I don't want to go in there.

Screw Brad.

What are you doing? Where's Lucas? My boy made a mistake.

He let a woman rule his business. That is a mistake.

What do you mean?

Where the fuck is...

I don't want to be in this fucking place.

You scared yet, hmm?

Here, drink that down. You got that pill? What is this place?

Where is it? Where is it? Let me see it. Right.

Drink it down.

You scared yet?


You ought to be.

I'm not scared of you. You scared yet? No?

Look, we gotta get something straight now.

No, no, you're not goin' anywhere. We got to get something straight.

You ain't gonna see my son.


You give me your word.

I gotta hear it. I gotta believe it.

I love Brad.

Well, that's your mistake.

I love him.

That's a mistake. It's over. That's it.

You know too much. You think too much. You talk too much.

That's it, okay?

Where you goin'? Where you goin'? Where the fuck you goin'?

Come here. Let me tell you something.

Let me tell you something.

The answer's no.

I ain't askin'.

The answer is no.

By the time I'm through with you, you wouldn't wanna see him.

He won't wanna touch you. Do you understand?

Get off me! You understand?

You understand? Get off me!

He wouldn't wanna fuckin' touch you. Do you understand?

You understand now, huh?


Sit down.




Is there a Thomas Whitewood here?

Are you Thomas whitewood?

What about it? I need you to sign this.

Please, just sign it.

What is this?

Thank you.

Somebody give your name to the grand jury.

All right! You mother fucker!

Mother fucker!


Mother fucker!

Hell, man. Don't worry about no subpoena.

They got nothin' on you.


Gee, I sure hope not.

They're just fishing for something or other.


Where the hell is this tractor, anyhow?

Patch? Up a ways.

This is one hell of a Jesus H. Christ kind of place to go find some tractor.

We only found it because last year, Dickie, he poached a deer up in these woods.

A white deer. Right over in there.

Now, what's that...

Damn, I thought he was gonna back right into the grave.

You know, Aggie, I like that ring you got.

What did it cost? Beats me.

Is that a real sapphire?

Wouldn't you like to know!

Yeah, I would.

Is that a real gun?

Come on, right over here!

Get your tickets right here!

Hubba, hubba, hubba!

Ever been out west, Tommy?


Never heard a coyote?


They make this sound like...

Coyote bitch gets in heat, first thing she does, she'd take care of the males.

Then she head toward town.

All the neighborhood dogs, they smell her.

They go crazy.

They follow her.

She lures them out onto the desert.

She get the dog out there...


All the other coyote come along.

They circle around and kill that dog, eat it.

Tommy, if you was to go up in front of that grand jury, what would you say?


Dad. Liar!

That's our deal. You let me outta here right now, or I don't say one more word.

Can't do it. Your father's hiding three kids already.

Besides, the only thing you've talked about so far are tractor thefts.

Why should we think you have anything else to tell us?

Have you guys ever heard of Lester Peralsky?

Ma, Terry and I are leaving. We're getting out of here.

Leaving? Going where?

I got relatives in... Far away.

Do you have money we can borrow?

Not really.

Well, I have a little.


Say, Brad Jr., have you heard anything from Tommy?


I don't even wanna think about Tommy.

What is that supposed to mean?

Just itself.

Don't think about him.

How about this?

Let's tie him to a tree in the back of the woods and just stare at him for a while.


But can't you just see it?

He's tied to a tree.


And we could give him like a lollipop or somethin' or a can of Budweiser. Shut up.

Suppose that little girl is with him?

Then bye-bye, girl.

That's too bad.

She was real cute.

Might be better, uh, if it was at night.


I don't want no part of this.


You got the soul of a pig.

A stuck pig.


Sooey, sooey.

I don't care.

I'm not touching this one.



You can hang it up where you're going to.

I mean, if you want to.


Better go.


It's something over 400.

Thanks a lot.

I guess it's a rainy day.

Thanks, grandma.

Take care of Terry, now. I will.

Good-bye. Bye.

How's it coming?

It's almost there.

It could wait till morning.

No. Your mother'll be back in the morning.

Farther we are away, it'll be a lot better.

C'mon, c'mon, c'mon and have a Pepsi day It's the laughter of a world at play Memories of a Pepsi day C'mon, c'mon and have a Pepsi day You're the Pepsi Generation Come and have a Pepsi day

Oh, I forgot to feed the dog.

Oh, no!

Hey, Dad.

Let you outta the stir?

Yeah. I... I just told them a pack of lies.

And now I'm just running where they can't find me.

That's good.

Nobody can find me.


You got a beer?

Yeah, sure.

I got to take a leak.


It's good to see you.


You look pale.

I am pale.

Where you been tonight?

I got drunk, had a fight. Mary sue, you know, kicked her out.

Went to Andy's. Same old thing, you know?

Yeah, I know.

You know where I been?

It's nothing. I just cut myself on some barbed wire.

Don't move. I said, don't fuckin' move!

Just going to get some... I said, don't fuckin' move!

Is this the gun you used?

That's a nice-looking gun.

Is this the gun you used to kill Tommy? Tommy's dead, isn't he?

Don't talk to me about Tommy.

Is this the gun you used to kill Terry?

I never did nothin' to Terry.

No! Whoa, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait!

Is this the gun you used on everybody? On me?

Is this the family gun, Dad?


Put that down. What's eating you?

You're gonna die.

Come on...

I know one thing clearer than I've ever known anything in my entire life, except that I loved Terry before you killed her, and that is that you're gonna die.

You got the guts... kill me?

I'm your blood. I'm your family.

You're not my family. Not anymore.

Yeah, you're crazy.

Crazy! Gone crazy. Crazy!


Listen. Listen!

What? I know how it is.

Cops got ya in there, get your head all fucked-up. I know how that is.

My mind's simple, Dad.

Before they got you twisted, you must have known somethin', you must've felt it.

I gave you money. I gave you car. I took you in.

Don't that mean somethin'?

Means what?

Means what?

It means I got feelin' for you.

What fuckin' feeling?

I care.

What do you... I love you.

What... Is that what you want to hear?

I love you. Yeah?

Mother fucker!

I love you, too, Dad.




No, I ain't you.

Besides, this is too easy.

I want you to die slow.

I want you to die every day for the rest of your life.

Go on.

Hey... Don't fuckin' move!

I didn't move.

Your name?

Bradford Whitewood.

And what do they call you?

Brad. Little Brad. Brad Jr.

And is there a Brad Sr.?

A big Brad?


Who is he?

My father.

What did you say?

He's my father.

I have a tale to tell

Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well

I was not ready for the fall

Too blind to see the writing on the wall

A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives

I've seen it once I know the warmth she gives

The light that you could never see

It shines inside, you can't take that from me

A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me

The truth is never far behind You kept it hidden well If I live to tell The secret I knew then Will I ever have the chance again

If I ran away I'd never have the strength to go very far How would they hear The beating of my heart Will it grow cold The secret that I hide Will I grow old How will they hear When will they learn How will they know

A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me

The truth is never far behind You kept it hidden well If I live to tell The secret I knew then Will I ever have the chance again

A man can tell a thousand lies I've learned my lesson well Hope I live to tell The secret I have learned, 'till then It will burn inside of me