Atak paniki (2017) Script

Welcome back to my astrophysics show.

Let's draw several spots on the balloon.

The last fart of our star.

There's no energy left, the sun explodes.

Check the distance between the objects.

We're gone.


If we blow a bit more...

Fear is gone, sin is gone.

We quickly notice that the distance between the objects is growing.

And love is gone, too.

That's how the universe works.

And us, well... We think we're alive, counting those pathetic days and months, while in another dimension the catastrophe already happened.

We're dead.

A film by


You feel anything?

Not yet. You?

Me neither.

Dziku! You feel anything?

Do you believe in karma?

What karma?

That karma comes back to you.

If you do something bad, something bad will happen to you, too.

If you do good things, those good things come back to you.

Maybe you didn't put enough.

It's enough.

How do you know how much is enough?

Maybe you think it's enough, but actually it's not enough.

And this.


Where are you sitting? Over here.

Would you mind swapping seats?

Agatka's not feeling well. She'd like to be closer to the lavatory.

Yeah, let's swap.

Are you sure? No problem. Right, Ela?

We don't want to be any trouble... it's no trouble at all.


Something's up with her today.

Something's up.

I wonder if they'd swap if you asked.

What's your problem?

He's your boss.

He knows you can't refuse and he's using you.

Because I swapped stupid seats?

Ela, come on. Are you serious?

Turn the airplane mode on.

You can sit by the window.

No one else is boarding the plane.

I don't want to.

Move over. No one will sit there. I don't want to.

Move over. Or I will, if you don't.

And if I do, there's no swapping.

Go ahead. Alright, I will, you'll see.

Hello. I got through, finally...

We're listening.

So, my neighbor died three weeks ago.

She's waiting for someone, poor thing.

She's six years old, cream...

What's her name?


Lovely... She has those sad eyes...

Because her mistress died two years ago, and now her master.

She's been vaccinated, sterilized, she's very good and so we're waiting.

I wrote advertisements...

Can't you take that poor pooch?


I wish I could.

Well why can't you, Mrs. Krystyna?

What did I tell you?

I'm on the phone. What did I tell you?

My room is off limits to those animals!

You're washing this.

I don't care what you come up with. I'm leaving for work, I want it clean.

What the fuck is this, a house or a zoo?!

If you had hung it properly, the cat wouldn't lie down on it.

Maybe think from time to time, instead of doing everything last minute.

Leave that computer when you're talking to me, Miłosz!

Miłosz! Jesus! There. Happy?

How dare you talk to me like that?!

Like what?!

Like that!

We'll see what happens when I'm gone.

Yeah, yeah, give me a break.

You better watch that tone.

Breakfast is ready.

Take that dog away from me.

Kapsel, get over here.

Kapsel, get over here.

I'm asking politely...

Take that dog, now. Kapsel, come over here. Kapsel, come.

Go away. Come here.

You should call your sister. You don't even care.

She doesn't call me either.

You could take her as an example. Kama has a normal job.

And mine isn't normal?

You could sell windows, too. You could work in a company...

And where do you think I work? In a zoo?

I live in a zoo.

Then move out. You're free to go. I will move out.

Then move out! I will.

Then move out! I will move out!

Then move out! I will move out! You...

I wonder what you'll be eating.


Your dogs.

Those animals are waiting.

Their suffering is unimaginable.

Imagine... Wait, I need to make a call.

...imagine that our entire world collapses and we can't comprehend it...

Hey, you've reached Kama. I can't talk right now, leave a message.

Many South American languages are already extinct.

They disappeared during the European invasion on indigenous...



Yes. Who is this?

What do you mean "who is this"? Come on, don't you recognize me?

Ah, Wika.

What's up?

Have you heard?

About what?

So you haven't.

No... what happened?

Everybody knows.

About what?

You better sit down. Just tell me.

I don't know how... Jesus, just say it.

Are you sitting down? Yes, I'm sitting down.


Witek is dead.

God... he shot himself.

You still there?



What Witek?

Your Witek.

"My Witek"?

Our Witek, what was his last name... curly hair, he was in our class.

Ah... that Witek.

Was he ever into guns?


The funeral's on Tuesday.

Are you going? I'm not sure I can.

Are you going somewhere?

Yes. Where to?

On a trip.

Ah, okay. Then let's meet tomorrow.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

When are you coming back?

In a month.

Where are you going for an entire month?


A month in the US, nice.

No, it's South America. No shit.

We're planning a trip with David... Where exactly are you going?



I thought it would be more peaceful.

Do you want to go somewhere else? No.

Are you sure? No, it's alright.

Good, because they have great food here.

Let's order right away.

What are you having?

Something small.

Don't tell me you're on a diet.

No. I'm not hungry.

But I am. And I don't want to eat alone.


Because you'll keep staring at me.

Am I supposed to not look at you?

No, just don't stare.

That's just how it works. You'll have nothing else to do... you'll keep staring while I chew, swallow, drool...

Trust me.

As long as we both order, it's all good.

Doula, my spiritual guide.

D.O.U.L.A., that's how you spell it.

She accompanies you during childbirth.

She told me to give birth in headphones. Silence, water, dimmed lights...

This is my aunt Marzena from Racibórz...

This is Łukasz, Dawid's friend. Yes, from college.

Could you take a picture? Sir, could you...?

Doula introduced us to birthing centers.

Doula's fine, sis, but there will still be a doctor, right?

No doctor and no anesthesia. You're crazy.

Take a look. And it smells bad too. Excuse me!

Okay, smile, no teeth!

Will Doula be in the water with you? No...

How come you're his best man? What do you mean? He asked me to.

...mosquitoes bite at dusk. Can I have some of that?

Let me spray her first. Just a little bit.

Thank you.

Childbirth in a pool, in the dark, it's ridiculous.

Leave them alone. He'll be swimming there with her?

I'm sorry to bother you. I just wanted to ask...

Now it's time to toast your parents... Where's the groom?

Go, go, go.

What are you doing?!

I'm on it. Move it!

It's my decision.

There'll be Chopin, Doula will be massaging me...

There will be heated cherry pits... What's Chopin doing there?

Playing. From the speakers.

Here you go.


Hello my ass.

Who is this?

The Angel of Vengeance.

What the fuck, dude... who is this?


Speed it up. What's your deal? I can't talk right now.

My deal is, that you're gone.


Because you're getting an air raid. What air raid?

What do you think, you idiot?

You work for a catering company.

You have a wedding to get through today, am I right?

How do you know?

I've been looking for you, my friend.

You wrote it on your wall, I quote:

"Another all-nighter today. Hate this job."

Watch out what you post on Facebook.

What do you want?

I want you to apologize. For what?

For being a cocksucking douche. You're out of your fucking mind.

Don't use voice deformation, you cunt. Every kid knows how to do that voice.

Later, dickhead.


Then don't answer.

He keeps asking about things. I have to answer.

Pretend you're asleep.

Easy to say.

Jesus, what am I supposed to do?

Where the fuck have you been? We're running late.

Can I use the Internet around here? How should I know? Ask the boss.

Plates! It'll melt.

Put it in the freezer.

It's full. Boss, can I go online for a sec?

What the heck for?

I need to check something.

Check what?

This one important thing.

Are you bored?

No, boss, it's serious business.

Are you bored?

Come on, boss...

Answer my question.

Hey boss, take it easy on him.

I'm not talking to you.

Answer me.

I'm not bored.

Maybe this is your wedding?


No? it's not your wedding? Then whose is it?


You're gonna stand here talking bullshit?

Or will you start serving the guests? Now fuck off!

"The clock is ticking."

I want to kill people when I hear that.

I know it's ticking. It's ticking for everybody.

And what if I don't want to have kids?

Or I have nobody to have them with.

"Well, you need to find someone."

And that someone means anyone.

He can be brainless, as long as he's full of semen.

And loaded. Ideal situation.

Clever, sly, with tons of sperm, a lifelong supply.

Money and sperm. Yeah!

Sorry, I'm rambling.

Tell me, what have you been up to?

Jesus, I forgot, sorry.

What's it for? My head.

Anxiety, that sort of stuff.

But it's really light.

I don't feel the difference.

I feel it when I stop taking it. Want some?

No, thanks.

What have you got?


Been there, done that. Now I'm on...

I forgot the name.


God, since when?

Sorry, it's been a crazy day today.

Bachelor party?

Almost. Conference.

Conference? What kind?

Medical, I think... Can I help you with anything else?

And how would you like to help?

With another bottle of wine maybe? Then I guess you can help.

At least I need help. Me too.


Jesus, Andrzej. Quiet, be quiet...

I think I'm gonna die.

I see you've already been served...

One moment, please!

Could we have that fresh ground pepper?

Fresh ground, of course.

Where is he? it'll be cold. I asked for pepper.

Pepper, pepper... the grainy one.

It's called fresh ground pepper, dumb-ass.

Pepper for you, sir.

Does he disappear often?

He'll be back in a sec. Not too often, I hope.

Enough, enough.

I'd like some, too.

There you go.

Thank you.

Jesus Christ... it's alright...

Do you have a towel or something? It's alright.

It's good luck.

I'll wipe it up, no worries.

Could you bring me another glass?

He'll bring a new one.

It's over.


I think this man is dead.

What are you talking about?

Poke him, maybe he's asleep.

No, he's not asleep.

His eyes are open.

Be quiet!

Shut up, you're making a scene. We can't be sure yet.


Someone will come over.

He'll be back. Don't worry.

Why aren't you eating?

I lost my appetite along with the groom.

Where is he?

I don't know, mom. Maybe he's on the phone somewhere.

I meant the waiter.

Okay, man... let's say I do recognize you.

You're Nemixar, right?

We had a small misunderstanding once... But come on, when was that? A year ago?

We had an alliance, asshole. Remember?

Actually no, I don't remember that. Just that we had this stupid fight.

You were supposed to send back up and you attacked me yourself.

But when was this, man. A year ago?

Let's not fuck each other over now.

We can figure out a new alliance.

It's totally worth it, dude.

You'll get plus five to diplomacy.

Fuck diplomacy.

Fine. This is my last offer.

And I don't give a fuck after that.

I'll give you a business deal and monopoly on querkian mineral.

Take it or leave it.

What's your bet?


What specialization?


No, too easy.

Who gets it first, wins.

Oh fuck. What?

No, nothing... What?

Don't turn around.

This guy looks exactly like my ex.

Which one? Don't turn around!

I'll tell you, just don't turn around.

OK. I'll describe him to you...

...and you'll turn around as if looking at something else.


Shit! What?

Don't turn around.

It's him.


Animal behaviorists' conference. I win.

We switch places as a reward.

Come on, quick. Before he notices me.

Which one is he?

Sebastian Kamil.

That's his name.

Kamil is his actual last name.

God, that was bad.

I even turned him into a serial killer.

You haven't read it. I mean it's not in print yet.

Maybe September.

"Friday night, Monday morning." That's the title.

Anyways, crazy stuff happens in the end.

As always.

And I won't say another word.

I don't want to ruin the surprise. Maybe you'll read it.

So you think this is a...

An animal behaviorists' conference, yes.

One hundred percent.

Sorry. Want it back?

No, help yourself.

No, no... okay, last one.



Maybe it's important.

More important than me...

Sorry, I have to call back.


Go, leave me alone, you asshole.

Just kidding! Go make that call.

That bitch was very anxious.

She was licking herself all over, man...

And her owner couldn't grasp it.

It's not a dog vs. dog issue, it's about the dog vs. human.


Check his pulse.



How the fuck should I know?

I don't feel anything.

Do something.

What am I supposed to do?

I called for help, calm down.

That was a rough ride, huh?

Agatka's occupying the toilet...

What is it?

We think this man is dead.


It seems like it.

Did you check his pulse? And?

See for yourself.


Stay calm, stay calm.

Can't you sit somewhere else?

Not really.

It is pretty packed...

Did you report this?

I just called for someone.

We're going to have to turn back.

Turn back where?

I don't know. To Cairo, Hurghada...

To the closest airport. Protocol.

We have to go get someone. Calm down, don't panic.

We've had enough adventures for one day.


What happened?

The Belgians.

That's today?

I'll have to cancel all the meetings.

Hold on, maybe it'll go fast.

No way, I don't think so.

All those Arab procedures...

Who, why, how did it happen?

Besides, those are my seats.

We'll have to explain everything.

They'll think we switched on purpose.

You could've sat through the whole flight and not notice anything.

He looks like he's asleep.

There's that.

Where are you going? I have to use the bathroom.

Turn that thing off.

It's good shit. My brother listens to that.

Your brother is fucked up.

You are fucked up. My brother likes it and it's awesome.

OK, got it, but can you turn it off? I'm sick of it.

What's wrong?

Nothing. I'm having these weird thoughts.

You can't think about weird stuff, you'll have a bad trip.

Bad what?

It's when you smoke too much...

Can you turn this crap off?!

Are you deaf?!

Dude, what's up with you?

Nothing. I feel worse from those...

Cause you're freaking out for no reason.

You can't freak out.

Does it hurt or something?

What if it's coming back to me?

What is?


No way.

You'd have to do something super bad for it to come back like this.

What if I did something super bad?

Nah, what could you have done?

What did you do?

I'm a cocksucking fag. There, I said it.

I lick my workmates' buttholes. I'm not saying that.

I lick my workmates' buttholes.

You hear me? Okay, wait a second.

Justa, this is the men's room! See the urinals? Come on!

Come on! Don't be scared!

I lick my workmates' buttholes, happy?

How much more have you got left?

One more.

Last one. it's the last one.

Send me your face pic.

What the fuck?!

Fuck you, asshole!

Fuck you!

Ladies and gentlemen, emotions are rising!

And now, the bride and groom's first dance.

Let our groom sweep away his beautiful swan to the dance floor...

The first dance will take place in a bit.

Now, everybody is welcome to dance...

...collectively, all together!

Let the music reign!



I'm sorry, dude. I got carried away. So?

Look... if I do it we're even, right?


For sure? Yeah.

And then you'll screw me over anyway.

I won't, promise.


I swear.

Swear on your fucking life.

I swear on my life.


Fine, wait a sec.

There you fucking go.

Sorry, I ate everything.

I can get you something if you want.

No need.

How long was I gone?

Two years.

And fifteen minutes.

I'm sorry, I had to take it.

Something wrong?

Never mind.

Anyway, crisis averted.

I don't get it...?

My ex.

I won't get to meet him. I know, too bad. Maybe next time.

Believe me, you don't want to meet him.

Out of all my exes he was the worst, even you were better.

Just kidding. I mean you were...


It's really nice to see you.

You too.

Can I offer dessert?

Yes, dessert, dessert!

I'll pass, thank you.

You don't want anything sweet?

Not really.

I'll be eating alone?

What is a 'burning fantasy'? I think that's about me.

Ice cream topped with...

Love it, having it.

I'm alright.

Are we good?

Are we good?!

Are we what?!

Fuck! Are we good?!

I did what you asked for!

Change of plans.

We had a deal, you fucking swore!

You swore on your fucking life!

You'll burn in hell, asshole.

Are you there?

Fuck off.


Shit, shit, shit...

Excuse me...

About the... fireworks show.

It can't take place close to the building.

You're joking.

I'm not.

Object regulations changed.

We can't have them here due to fire safety rules.

But there's a lovely clearing...

...about three hundred meters away.

There's a path, it's almost paved.

What do you mean it's almost paved?

It means you can almost walk on it.

It was a stupid joke. I apologize.

Thank you, I'm not drinking yet.

I'll take care of this, don't worry. Thank you.

Safety first...

I called you because...

I wanted to talk.

You surprised me.

I mean, I wanted to call you myself, but I didn't know how you'd react, if you'd still hold a grudge against me.


Because of everything.

Because I left you.

There's nothing to talk about.

I knew you wouldn't be mad.

I was just scared it would be weird, uncomfortable...

But now...

...I feel like nothing's changed.

Some things changed.

Of course, some things changed. That's a good thing.

Don't you feel like we were just kids, who had no idea what they wanted?

At least I was.

But I think now...

I'm ready for a serious relationship.

Me too.

I'm seeing someone.

Why didn't you say anything?

That's good, right?


I think it's time to...

...settle our affairs.

Do you know what I mean?

Yeah, sure.

Actually no, not really.

I want to ask you for a divorce.

Oh no.

Just kidding.

God, I forgot about that. These things never mattered to me.

Isn't this a long process?

Actually no.

Only if you have kids.

We just need to file for divorce without apportioning blame.

Plus one trip to the court.

That's it.

Do you want to meet, talk it over...

There's no need.

I don't get it. I brought the application with me.

You want your briefcase? Please.


Justa gave me your address.


I talked to Kaśka. She said you're crushed.

To Kaśka?

How are you holding up?

Fine, I guess.

How long were you with Witek?

I don't know. Like three months...?

What was it? Second, third grade?


I split up with Marcin, too.

Too bad.

Just now. Like three weeks ago.

We were together since third grade, too.

Things got fucked up, huh?


I tell myself that these things happen to make place for something better.

That our fate is written in the... Wait.

Justa is texting me, she wants to come.


What should I tell her?


We're just hanging out.

Where are you?

It's Kaśka.

No, it's like... five minutes away.

No, I just came here.

She's fine, I guess...

Okay, I'll pass her the phone.

Kama, Kaśka wants to talk.

Take it, I need to pee.

Where's the bathroom?


Hey girl, how are you?

I'm alright. Terrible, huh?

I don't think I can make it.

That's too bad. This is like total insanity.

I heard he shot himself because of his dad.

Don't know.

Gośka said his father was a cop, that's why he had a gun.

What do you think?

About what? Was his father really a cop?

I don't know. Or his mother...

Don't you remember anything?

I don't know.

Well then... kisses, I gotta run. Bye.

Who is it?


Pick up.


What's the apartment number? 115.


Ela, open up.

Open the door, please.


Let's wait half an hour, okay?

Half an hour won't change anything.

If we pass Budapest, we'll go straight to Warsaw.

They won't turn the plane around.

We can switch seats if you want. I'll sit next to him.


He wanted to fly to Warsaw, right?

Maybe someone's waiting for him there.

They'll leave him God knows where, people will be looking for him.

You'll have to explain what happened.

And did you see what happened?

You saw shit.

And now we can do shit about it.

We can only make it worse.

I beg you.

You gave him my sunglasses.


'Gave', what do you mean 'gave'?!

Could you think about someone other than yourself for a change?

About me? Think about me, how I feel sometimes!

What is it?

This is your aunt! And this is your other aunt!

He was so tiny when we last met.

Pass the bottle, I need to feed him. It's in the stroller. Please.

It's okay...

Hey, I'm hungry too.

Look. What do we have there... Lets order something.

I can't, I eat too much.


No, thanks.

Mommy's here. What do you want to order?

Thai maybe? I can't.


Are you crazy?


Will do.

Well, Kama?

Cheating day?

And everybody's happy.

What are you doing?

I'm ordering pizza.

I'll do it.

Okay, spill it.

Are you seeing anyone?


Nobody, nothing?

No, I'm not seeing anyone.

Well what are you up to these days? Now?

I'm talking to you.

I'm serious, what do you do?

I work.


In a company.

What kind?

I told you...

Don't remember.

Jesus, we talked about it.

It's the same company.

Is it some kind of a secret?

No, it's not a secret.

Fences, right? You make fences.

Among other things.

What else?

Lots of stuff.



entrance gates...

...exit gates, railings,


But we make the biggest profit on fences.

What do you have there?

What are you hiding?

Vesuvio. Mozzarella, capers, arugula...

Prosciutto, anchovies... Oh, yeah!

Irretrievable breakdown of marriage. I put it down here.

Less complications in court later.

You can read this part over here.


Sounds serious, all this legal language.

Should I sign it now?

That would be best.

Unless you have any doubts. No, it's all good.



Who is it for?

I never gave you an autograph.

Tell me the name: Maria, Magdalena, Patrycja?


For Wiktoria.

Oh God.


What does Wiktoria do?

What's her profession?

Same as me.


Where did you two meet?


Teacher or student? No...

Fourth... fifth year. She started late.

Wedding already planned?

In September.

That's fast. Is there a baby on the way?

Third month.

Great, congratulations.

Wait, so it will be... not yet...

Born in October.


You didn't want to have kids.

You didn't want kids.

Excuse me.

That's not all. Careful...

Who told me tales When I went to bed

Who picked lilac bouquets In the month of May

Who forgave every time all those fights and mistakes When I quietly cried in my hiding place.

This image to this day Helps me sleep in gloom Dad was young just like May And my mom all in bloom...

My parents are simply great My parents are simply great They showed me which way to go, which road to take My parents are simply great They're really my closest friends They told me one sunny day: go your own way Now I'm on my own, But I know all the roads They will always be close...

Say hello.

Kapsel, Jabba, come inside, come.

Say hello.

Come quick.

Wait, the phone...

Diana, wait.


Hi mommy, are you at home?

Miłosz? Aren't you at the wedding?

I am, I have a favor to ask you.

Are you at home?


Go to my room.

What for?

Mom! Just go.

I can't right now.

Why not?

Because I'm busy.

Jesus, don't make me angry.

Are you walking?

Are you?

Yes, yes. Stop yelling, Jesus Christ. Go to my computer, open it, it's on.

Just touch the mouse and it will turn on.

Are you done?

Can't this wait?


There's a User Name sign at the bottom.

Click on it and type "QUASAR11".

What does it mean?

It doesn't mean anything.

I'll spell it for you. Jabba, stop.

Q like Q...

Jabba, enough!

Do you hear me?!

Yes, I hear you.

Then start typing. I am.

Q, like the letter Q.

Then U, A, then S, A, R like Robert and the number 11 in the end. Did you write it down?

And now the password. And the password is "cocksucker."

Excuse me?

It's just a password, mom.

Congratulations, very funny.

Everybody has these funny passwords.

Yeah, it's hilarious.

I just said it that way. Funny, weird, fuck!

Whatever! Is everything alright?

Yes. Mom, I beg you.

Did you write it down? "Cocksucker."

Click ENTER when you're done.


It's on the right side of the keyboard, with a turning arrow on it.

I know what 'enter' means! Great. What do you see?



You should see this large sign that says YOUR EMPIRE, do you have it?




Good, great.

Now you need to find the radar.

I'm sorry, what time is it?

Fourteen past six. Less than an hour and we're back home.

Thank you.


Just a sip.

I made it myself.

And? Any good? Very good. Thank you.

Why not?

Now you're telling me?!

OK, I won't say a word.


Who is it?

I wasn't supposed to make it, but I thought that if we don't do this now then when would we meet in the same squad?

Hello, baby.

Did you buy anything?

It's nothing. Show me.

Where's Kama?

In the bathroom. I just talked to Wika.

She asked me not to mention the wedding.

The what?

The wedding.

What wedding?

Louder, go ahead.

What wedding?

THE wedding, what wedding could she mean!

Why not?

I think she didn't invite her.

But like didn't invite her at all or didn't invite her yet?

At all, yet, I don't know. Let's just not talk about it.

Hi! I'm so glad you're here.

Long time no see.

I talked to Wika, she won't make it but she says hi.

Too bad.

She said you're leaving tomorrow, so I thought now or never!

Kama, where are you going?

That's yours?

What did you buy? It's this... it was an impulse buy.

Nice. Going somewhere?

Terrible, huh?

Maciek called, I was in the dressing room practically naked.

I forgot why I even went in there.

A fucking gun, feel it?

A gun.

I don't even want to think who found him.

His brother, apparently.

He had a brother?

He did.

Kama, where are you going?

He did, he did, he did... have a brother.

Wojtek, I think...


Sounds just like Witek. Older or younger?

Sounds like younger.

Younger, younger...

I mean older, older.

That's better. He'll cope with it better.

To see something like that... it can fuck you up for life.

You won't forget this.


Should he be crawling around the floor?

Please, if I were to stress over everything he puts in his mouth...

He'll get his hands all dirty.

That's actually a natural antibiotic. He'll toughen up...

Kama, how did you find out?

About what? Witek.

Wiktoria told me.

It's because I told her.

I called her, shit, I'm so sorry. I was sure you already knew.

I mean you two were close, right?

Not really, no.

Then again I thought you should find out from someone from the family.

Like his brother.

I don't even know him.

I saw him once or twice.

I don't even remember what he looks like.

Who? Wojtek?


He had curly hair.

Wojtek, Wojtek... I got mixed up.

Kama, where are you going?

To South America! I bought a fucking ticket, I'm going!

Do I have to explain myself to each and every one of you?!


Chill out.

I was just curious.

Where to, exactly?

To Chile.

Hey, it's all good, girl.

Don't even bother about the funeral.

Don't let it ruin your trip.

The guy has only himself to blame.

Fuck that.

I'm not sure I'd go, either.

If I were you...

"Oh no, my friend!"

"if you had the courage to do it, then I'm sorry, but fuck you, man!"

Every man for himself. You're the one who pulls the trigger.

And all that bullshit, that people don't know what they're doing...

Even if he took something, it's his decision to do it. Whatever!

It always begins with your choice, even if it's subconscious.


It's not your fault.


I got it right?


I'm kidding.

I heard it somewhere before.

When you were talking to your wife.




Could I try to guess your astrological sign?

It's hard, but sometimes I get it right.



Not sure about the month, though, January or December...

January or December...


I haven't thought about it for months and it came back now...

...and it's already winter!

Then call the guy.

Tell him you're sorry.

I'm not calling anyone.

I'm serious.

I'm not calling anyone!

What did you write to him?

"I'm sorry". What was I supposed to write?

Are you feeling better?

I think it's coming back.

Hey, what the fuck?

What's going on?

How much time left to pilot recruitment?

Six months.

Not in game time, in real time.

Okay, wait. 5 minutes, 27 seconds.

Find our chasers, those green dots.

There are none.

What do you mean none?

I see only red dots.

Mom, focus.

They're not here.

Did you send them out?

I'm doing everything you say.

You're not! if you were, we wouldn't be in this mess!

Do you see a red sign anywhere?

Yes: no resources.


Why didn't you tell me he took over the mines?!

I didn't know, how should I know where...

Can't you just turn this game off?

You can't turn it off!

What do you mean you can't?

You can't! You have to play all the time!

All the time, how? This never ends?



Why don't you ever fucking listen?!

I'm listening, all the time!

You never do what I ask you to do!

You never fucking listen! You never did!

If this goes wrong, it'll be your fucking fault!

Your fault!

Now it's your turn.

Excuse me?

Guess! What's my sign?

I'm sorry, I don't know.

Don't think about it, just shoot.

I don't know...


That hurt.

I'm kidding.

But if you say Cancer, it's over!

Just joking.

Could be Cancer, I'm not giving any hints.

But it's not, there you have it.

You know what, I'm a bit tired.

I'll give you a hint.

No, no, no, thank you.

But it's easy, I promise...

I don't want to play.

I'm sorry, I won't say a word.

I'm kidding, I can just tell you. It's no secret!

I really don't feel well.

It's not because of my alcohol, I hope.

No, no.

I was afraid I gave you the wrong flask.

Your face... you were terrified!

I see those things. Perks of my job.

I'm a behaviorist.

Don't get up, you can't now.

We'll find you a bag or something.

Now you really got me worried.

I don't believe this. You must've eaten something!

Jesus, mom, I'm sorry.

Everything's going great, just focus.


Are you there?

I'm here.

Let's do this, OK? Keep going.

Click on the resources.

Click on that drill thingy. That big one at the bottom.

A table should pop up.

Tell me where's the biggest number?

Next to...

Mom? Did you click on it?

Maybe at one point you're just done.

The last drop spills, the only thing left is despair.

And you'd rather there was nothing.

Because what is, is so totally horrible, that you'd rather...

You'd rather choose nothing.

I can't imagine myself not existing.

Me neither. I don't get it.

What does it feel like?

You don't feel anything.

The only thing left is your body.

That's not true.

There's consciousness.

Or energy.

I don't give a shit about energy, if I don't have anyone close.

When you know you're gone, that's creepy.

Please, go away.

Fuck! Just leave! I'm begging you!

How much time do we have?

15 minutes, 25 seconds.

How many ships on the orbit?


The red ones. How many are there?

Zero, I think they flew away.

They didn't fly away, he destroyed my radar.

Sabotage, of course he sabotaged me!

I'm so stupid, fuck!

You're done talking. Please give me my phone.


What did you say to me?

I said give me back my fucking phone!

What did you say?

Miłosz, what's going on?!

Give me back my phone...


I won't call my brother.

Why not? I'm not calling my brother!

You want him to pass out in here?! I'm not calling him!

Then I will!

Yeah, sure.

I'm going to tell my parents. Wait.

Chill out. Call him!


Hey, Tomek, listen up... Hang on.

What do you do, if you get too high?

Because I took, I mean borrowed your weed stashed behind the radiator...

Tomek! Hello?!

Fuck, he hung up. I'm going down to my folks.

We are screwed for life.

One way; flying to: any destination.

Fuck you, dickhead!

Hey, are you okay?

Are you alright?


Finally, Miłosz! What happened?

I'll go crazy here, what is going on?!

Read the notifications.

In the bottom.

Which ones?

You can read the last one.

Justa, I told you it's him. Someone beat him up.

Who? Miłosz, Kama's brother.

He works here?

Jesus, I don't know...

Wiktoria said he was running around with plates.

Maybe Kama has this energy imbalance because of him?

I mean they're siblings... Where are you going?

Something's wrong with Wiktoria.


You're taking care of him now. Ladybug...

Have you seen Dawid?

What Dawid? The fucking groom!

Wow, soon you'll be this...

...dressed up in a suit.

At your wedding. Another one.

Not so soon.

In a couple of months. That's soon. You'll see how time flies.

Remember our wedding?

That was fucked up.

But I guess all weddings are fucked up.

I hope not.

I mean... maybe fucked up people have fucked up weddings.

We can sit here for a while, if you want.

I have to go, I've got work to do.

I don't know why I said that. I have nothing to do.

You're not writing?

I think too much.

Too much or too little.

We can go for a beer. if you like.

I'm just saying.

A goodbye drink.

Or maybe goodbye sex?

I'm just kidding, I'm sorry.

It's on me. No, no way.

Let's split it.


We have to say goodbye somehow.


It started.

I understand, but what should we do?

Who are you talking to? 911. They said to wait.

For what?! Give me that. My friend wants to talk to you.

Because... apparently... it's too soon!

I know, but she's having these pains.

The doctor said that's how it works. You can already see the placenta.

What placenta...

How long?!

This must be some kind of joke.

Son of a bitch!

Fuck, I give up! Get in the car and go to the hospital!

What do you want?!

Don't touch me!

Everybody calm down!

I'm a certified doctor, everything is under control.

Let's just calm the situation down.

I've seen worse at weddings.

The ambulance is 15 kilometers away.

What the fuck!

Jesus Christ... don't touch me!

No worries, we'll manage!

We need to clear the space out a bit. Give me my phone.

It wasn't there... What do you mean?

On the table! It wasn't there...

Give me my phone!

Jesus, I give up!

I can't do this! Stop yelling.

'Shit' and 'fuck', non stop.


I'm scared.

I'm so scared.


Take this shit away from me!

Ela, darling, any white left?

White. Great.

Is this one alright? Yep.

Nice mask, huh?

Well, you know...

There's nothing to be afraid of.

I'd be more scared of a plane crash than...

Stop it. I'm serious!

Than of a diving accident.

Look at him, he's a natural diver.

Although if he has as much luck in diving as in guessing, anything can happen.

Go ahead, Andrzej! Or I won't take you to Egypt!

What is it, darling?

Do I exist or not?


I'm sorry, you're luggage is too big.

What do you mean too big?

It has to fit in here.

Ladies and gentlemen, everybody out!

I'll be right outside. I can't do it.

You go, girl!

Let's go, we have a baby to deliver here!

Famous, famous... Give me a chance.

Maybe it's...

Calm down, it's only a game.

Honey... Okay, when was it?


Planet "K" crystal mines:

142 units destroyed.

Planet "K" power plant: 67 units destroyed.

Planet "K" factories: 467 units destroyed.

The aggressor took over 100% of all planet resources.

Planet structure broken.

Nabulus-5 destroyed in 87... 88 percent.

It keeps growing.

It's coming. No worries, everything will be fine.

We will push on the count of three, and then we can scream all we want.






Wait, I know, I know!

I think I know.


Amadeusz, honey, what's wrong?

There's nothing left.