Audition (1999) Script

Produced by Omega Project, Inc.

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"Dear Mom, Get well soon."

Tell the head nurse to stay.







I’m sorry.

5:28 PM.

I brought this for Mom.

"Seven years later"


Let's go home. The waves are too high.


No luck again?

You don't understand.

I’m only after the big ones.

I prefer real-life girls to imaginary big fish.


When you grow up, you’ll understand.

It's called romanticism.


Yes. The proposal is ready.

I’ll bring it tomorrow.



Sorry I have to go.

This is too big for us.

We’ll share it with Rie.

You don't bring friends home anymore. Is everything okay?

Did you know that black sea bream originate as males?


When they reach 15cm long, they become hermaphrodites.

Then some become female.

Oh really?

What about this one?

We saw the ovaries when we cut it.

Did we?

I don't know very much about ovaries.

You don't look young anymore.


You look very plain.


Hey, Dad... why don't you get remarried?

Why do you say that?

I just simply think so.

Thanks for dinner.

It's your turn to do the dishes.


It looks like a ceremony for a religious cult.

They're pretty much the same. Lonely.

Happy people wouldn’t go to that kind of concert.

The whole of Japan is lonely.

Are you?

You too, right?


Mr. Ueno wants to change tomorrow's meeting from 1:00 to 3:30. That's okay by me. I’ll be here.

I’ll drop in at Starts and meet Yoshikawa tonight.

I won't be back at the office.

Any changes and I’ll call you on your cell phone.



I’m going to get married soon.



To whom?

Someone you don't know.

Congratulations anyway.

You're a busy man. It's all right, but... the profit margins are getting thinner.

How about you?

Don't you know?

The movie industry is recession-proof.

Really? I’m lying.

It's like a survival game, or a test of torture.

Is it no good?

Seems like a bright future ahead.

But I don't know how long we can hang in there.

Yoshikawa... didn't you say the same thing a year ago?

Did I?

Awful girls.

No class and stuck up.

Stupid as well.

Where are all the good girls?

Japan is finished. Give me another one.

Let me say...

I intend to get married again.

Well, what made you decide to do that?

Who's she? I haven't found her yet.

My son said to me... that I look old and I should get married again.

That's the story.

You look old...

How are you going to look for one? An arranged marriage?

No, that's not my style.

I wish there was a very nice woman hiding somewhere.

What is your ideal woman like? Preferably young?

Not too young.

She could possibly have a job, and some training.


For instance, playing the piano, singing or dancing.

Your ex-wife Ryoko was like that.

Certain training gives people confidence.

A lack of confidence brings unhappiness.


It’ll cost you more.

She need no necessarily be a professional.

I don't want to fail at marriage at my age.

I’d like to have enough time to observe her.

I'd like to see many women and then choose my ideal one.

What are you laughing at?

Am I expecting too much?

I probably am.

No, I can handle that.

I have an idea.

Have an audition.

"Looking for Love"

It’ll be a romantic story.

Remember the documentary we made before?

A love triangle between a dancer, a patron and an autistic boy.

The one where we teamed up with the German TV station?

I'll rearrange the story.

Any problems?

I don't see any problems, but we're going to audition?

Trust me.

Have I ever disappointed you?


The heroine is supposed to be in her early 20's to 30's.

The conditions are that she be a well trained person.

No problems, huh?

Wouldn't it be fraudulent?

This audition is not only about finding you a wife.

It's part of making a movie.

Collect enough money, we have the movie.

The story isn't bad.


Am I supposed to marry the main girl?


A girl with that much talent wouldn’t marry you.

They aren't the marrying type.

Really good ones pass the preliminary screening and fall the second screening.


Those are about 1% of all applicants.

They are quite attractive.

Smart, with a good upbringing.

Traditional and well trained.

Wishing her to be your son's wife?

I don't get it.

Why can't she get the main part?

They are not unhappy.

Happy people can't act well.

And another thing.

I have a plan to work with an FM station, so I’ll combine this.

Make another program called "Tomorrow's Heroine".

Trust me.

I am a pro at auditions.

This is Yoshikawa. I’m in room number two. Coffee?

Is coffee okay for you? Bring two coffees, please.

I’m in a middle of a traffic jam, I might be late...

Please hand that tape to Mr. Kaneda?

Okay. Thanks.

Tomorrow's heroine.

I'm just wondering where you are.

Wonderful things might happen.

If you encourage yourself a little bit more.

Every star has their defining moment.

Hepburn and Julia Roberts.

They led their own lives prior to becoming heroines.

Tomorrow's heroines is living at the same time as you are.

No, tomorrow's heroine could be you yourself.

I’m home.

Here we go. You're home early.

That's right. I've got work at home tonight.

Please heat up your dinner.

The bigger dish is for Shigehiko.


See you on Monday.

My daughter's here this weekend. I've got to go shopping.

That's exciting. Hey, Gang.

Please put the washing in the basket. Good bye.

Thanks. Bye.

Hello. This is Aoyama.

It's me.

Oh, Yoshikawa. I’m checking the applications.

They're all good, right? I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

It's like buying my first car.

Don't mix your car and wife.

I intend to hold the audition next week.

Choose thirty applicants?

Thirty applicants? That's right.

Alright. I’ll let you know.

Don't trust pictures. Composition can be more useful.

Understood. See you. Bye.


Choose thirty from all of you?

You're home?

Why don't you knock at the door?

You just arrived?

Are you ready for dinner?

I’ll eat later. Why don't you eat first?



I'm having a guest tonight.

A girl?

Giver her my dinner.

Thank you.

What did I do!

Asami Yamazaki.

"Classical Ballet for 12 years."

I'm not sure I can make an actress of myself.

And you probably won't choose me.

I was simply attracted to this story.

I studied ballet, by damaged my hips when I was 18.

I was devastated as I intended to practice in London.

Ballet was my priority. So my dreams collapsed.

It might sound exaggerated, but it's like accepting death.

Living is another way of reaching death.

I think I know these facts very well.

That's why I applied for this part.

When was this dinosaur living?

About the later Cretaceous period.

The later part of Cretaceous means...

That's a Sauropod, right?


What about the dinosaur that has a Syracuse model?

I don't know. Do you want to see?

Yes, I do.

Hi! Good evening. Good evening.

I'm his father.

My name is Misuzu Takagi. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

I often see her on the train.

I thought she was pretty, so I talked to her.

Good job.

I’m interested in biology. He showed me his books.

I see.

We ate your dinner. Fine.

What? Was it his?

I'm sorry I ate your meal. Terribly sorry.

I will cook something for you. Don't worry about it.

Take it easy.

Thank you.




Good boy. Let's go for a walk.

Shigehiko, make sure she gets home alright.

Of course.

Come on, Gang.

Let's go.


Well... I feel like a criminal.

I’m ready.

Let's start.

Pleased to meet you.

Please sit.

My name is Yu Tanaka. Nice to meet you.

Please have a seat.

Are you nervous? Yes. A little bit.

Sorry, you are the first one. That's okay.

We're going to tape you, but don't worry.

Do you mind if I ask what your father's job is?

Well... my father's... job is...

What can I say?

Next one.

I’m going to ask you frankly. Yes.

Why did you apply for this part?

Have you ever had sex with someone you don't like?

Are you interested in drugs?

Did you play any interesting roles?

Can you act a little bit for us?

Sure. Go ahead.

What music do you like?

Which actresses do you like? I like Mitsuko Mori.


I used to love sports. At school, I played...

Did you ever want to work for the sex industry?

I have a friend who is working in that area.


What are men to you?

Have you ever seen Tarkovsky films?

Ren Osugi.

We have some sex scenes. Can you handle that?

No problem.

Are you psychic?

Okay. Next.

May I ask you a question?

Can you smile?

What kind of men don't you like?

Yoko Sugimura. Nice to meet you.

If I didn't have confidence, I wouldn’t be an actress.

Excuse me.

When I was two, my mother decided that I'd be an actress.

Can you walk around the chair?

Turn around.

Next please.

Nice meeting you.

It's time for a break from our schedule.

We're 30 minutes late.

Let's take a 10-minute break. Sure.

You don't seem too enthusiastic.

Don't tell me you're not interested anymore.

It’s not like that.

Then what?

I’m kind of nervous.

I need to use the bathroom.

I lived in Paris for three years.

Then I came back to Tokyo, and I was working as a designer.

I can't think about anything else except being an actress.

My office was only for adult videos.

Keep her for another job.

I’m not satisfied being called a cover girl queen.

This scar is from the first suicide attempt and this is from the second.

I've been to an asylum three times.


Emi Kitani. Pleased to meet you.

We finished your interview before.

But I haven't finished what I have to say.

You have a nice career. Why do you want to be an actress?

I think I've been doing very well, but...


I am a pediatric nurse. My work is very hard...

Next please.

The next one is Ms. Asami Yamazaki.


Asami Yamazaki. Have a seat.

Sorry for the delay. It's okay.

Have you done any movies or TV jobs?

I've had many opportunities, but actually haven't done any.

Do you belong to any agency?

Not really. But I'm on keep for a record company director.

But we haven't contacted each other recently.

Which record company?

Ace Records.

Could you tell me your personal contact's name?

Japanese music dept. Director Shibata.

Since you quit your previous job, you're unemployed?

How do you manage your dally expenses? If you don't mind telling us?

I help at a friend's shop three times a week.

What kind of shop?

A small bar in Ginza.

The owner used to be a class mate in voice training.

If I keep my costs low, I have no money problems.

Don't you want to lead a luxurious life?

Being too poor isn't good.

But if I can afford books and CDs, that's enough for me.

Can I ask you about ballet?


You damaged your hips. That's correct.

It must have been awful to quit what you'd been doing.


I must sound a bit rude, but... your writing says that quitting what you liked... is almost similar to accepting death.

I was highly impressed.

I think everyone has similar experiences.

In your lifetime when you have something beyond your control, what can you do but accept it?

I think that's life.

I mean...

I was amazed a young girl like you understands that.

I think you live your life in a very thoughtful way.

That's what I thought.

Thank you very much.

Are you finished?

Thank you for coming. We may contact you later.


Excuse me.

May I call the next one?

Let's have a 15-minute break. Fine.

Please tell Mr. Ito I'll be late.

What do you think?

She made me very nervous.

I wanted a cigarette.

You decided on her before the audition.

I’ve been thinking about her since I read her essay.

I like her much more after meeting her in person.

"I think you live your life in a very thoughtful way."

It's not an interviewer's comment. I was stunned.

Don’t joke about that. She really impressed me.

I’m sure she's a serious type of girl.

She is better than her photo and may also be good-hearted.

But I don't like her.

What? Why?

I don't know what it is.

Can't say exactly what's wrong.

I just don't like her.

The girl you brought the other night looked nice.


She looks nice, but... What?

One of those girl things.

I don't understand girls. Don't you?


Hey, Dad, about your remarriage, pick someone who cooks better than Rie.

Why are you in such a hurry?

Another dinosaur was discovered at Moon Valley in Argentina.

That one could be older than Eoraptor.

Really? I’ll be busy collecting information.

Take a bath.

Yes, hello.

Sorry for calling so late.

This is Aoyama, one of the producers, I interviewed you today.

Thank you for your time today.

Not at all.


I would like to talk to you more.

I wonder if you might have some time.

Of course. I'd love to see you.

When would be good for you?

Anytime would be fine, during the daytime.

Really. Let me see. How about...

Good night.

Hi, this is Aoyama.

It's me.

Oh, what's up?


About Ms. Yamazaki. I called Ace Records just to make sure.

It’s not a big deal.

But something didn't seem right.

What is it? Well...

Director Shibata isn't at the company.

To be precise, he isn't there anymore.

This guy, Shibata... he's been missing for a year.

He just disappeared.

I’m nervous.

Please relax, I won't ask you any special questions.

You only want me to enjoy this nice food and talk?


That's the best request I’ve ever had.

Just one question.

Your director contact.

Mr. Shibata?

I’m sorry.

I said so at the audition, but, in fact, I’ve never met him.

I was advised to say so, since it would be too difficult without an agency.

I see.

I didn't mean to lie.

It’s okay. I’ve clarified that question. That means there is no problem.

Here is your food.

It looks delicious.

Go ahead.



I hope I'm not asking too much of you... but if you have some free time, I'd like to talk to you more.

That would be wonderful.

I don't have anybody to be frank with.

If I'm good enough, I'd love to.


I'm very happy about that.

I'll try not to bother you.

Anywhere is fine, even if just on the telephone would be fine.

I wrote down my cell phone number on the business card I gave you.

Please call me anytime.

Thank you very much. Thanks for the meal too.

I’ve decided.

I don't care about the movie.

I’m interested only in her.

Don't worry about the movie. I’ll handle that matter.

I’m not worried about that.

But don't be too hasty.

You said you wanted to have enough time to get to know her.

Why are you so negative about her? What's wrong with her?

I only think that life isn't so easy.

She's beautiful, classy and obedient.

Such a woman not having any boyfriends is unthinkable.

I checked out her references, but none are accessible.

The bar she said she was working at is also unknown.

We can't reach anybody who knows her.

I wasn't born yesterday.

I won't be fooled that easily.

I trust myself over some other's evaluation.

If there's any trouble, I can handle it.


You said I could find my ideal woman from an audition.

I appreciate it.

Hey, Aoyama.

Promise me one thing.

Don't call her for a while.

Hopefully I'm wrong about this, but...

It’s going to affect your whole life.

Don't be so hasty.

Cool down a bit.

Alright. I promise you.

You're not sick, are you?

It’s rare for you to take a day off.

Since I've worked for you, I've never seen you like this.

Oh, well...

It’s good to have a break.

You might be a little tired.

Since your wife passed away, you've worked very hard for your son.

Forming your own company, which is doing quite well.

You work too much.

I wish my husband was like you.

My life would be easier.

You must have a nice girlfriend.

I’m sure you do.

Men can't maintain without female support.

I’m finished. I’m going home.

Bye. See you tomorrow.

I’m leaving.

See you.

What is it?

It's nothing. See you tomorrow.


This is Aoyama.

Really? Good.

I thought you wouldn't call me anymore.

If I told you the truth, you might think that I'm a heavy woman.

I've been longing for your call.


So, how are you?


What's so funny?

I never thought about having a date with you again, so I’m pretty excited.

Here's your drink.

I didn't ask you about your family. Are they fine?

Yes. They're fine.

You're from Tokyo, right?

They bought a house in Chiba. Just moved in last month.

My father loves golfing, and living in Chiba is more convenient.


We're not that close, but not that distant either... quite an average family.

Do you still work at the bar?

Yes. Is that in Ginza?

The Stone Fish on 4th Street. Isn’t it a funny name?

The Stone Fish? Shall I come for a drink?

I would love to have you come over, but my boss tries to interfere with my private life.

If you don't want me to come, of course I won't.

I just want to know you better.

I won't lie to you. Definitely not.

I promise.

I have to tell you...

Can I tell you the truth about the movie?

Someone else got the part?

It’s not like that. The movie itself...

Actually, the sponsor didn't like some of the story.

It looks like the production is going to be on hold.

The movie production might... fall through.

Oh, really?

You might be hurt.

Not me. But you might be.

You read my composition, didn't you?

I never thought I'd get the main part.

It’s okay.

The good thing is that I met you.

I felt wonderful...

Seeing myself in the mirror, picturing myself among beautiful things.

That's incredible. I trained myself hard to release pain.

That's why I could tolerate difficult lessons.

But eventually I lost my precious ballet.

It’s hard to forget about it... but someday you’ll feel that life is wonderful.

That's life, isn't it?

Thank you.

Living alone is a hassle.

I have nobody to talk to.

There were some guys who approached me, but you're the first one who is really warmhearted and tries to accept and understand who I really am.

Let's have dinner soon.

When will that be?


I’ll call you.

Yes. I’ll wait for you.

Here is fine.

Please stop the car. She's getting out.

Thank you very much for today.

See you.

Good night. Bye.

Take me to Okusawa.


Can I talk to you for a moment?


The drapes are dirty.



You found a girlfriend.

Am I right?


You look a little different, sometimes you even smile.

She is only 24 years old.

She's closer to my age.

She must be very beautiful.

I’m the same as you. I like beautiful women.

Don't get fooled.

I’m much smarter than you.

Have you proposed to her?

Not yet.

We're going away this weekend.

I’m going to propose to her then.

Good luck!

I’ll introduce her to you soon.

Let me check her out first. I trust my hunches.

Because you're blind with love now.


What can we do before dinner?

I know the chef here is very good.

He prepares very good food.

But he has a bad mouth.

There is a small museum close by.

If we leave now, we can still make it.

It’s about 20 minutes by car.

After that, we can go to the harbor.

It’s a little harbor, but it has a nice coffee shop.

They serve nice cheesecakes.

Their desserts are...

Come to me.


No. Don't take off your clothes yet.


look at my body.

I burnt myself when I was little.

I want you to know all about me.

You are very beautiful.

Please love me. Only me.

I will.

Everybody says so.

But I hope you're different from the others.

Only me. Okay?

Only me.

Please love me. Only me.


Is this Mr. Aoyama? This is the front desk.


I'm terribly sorry. You must be in bed.

We tried calling a few times but there was no answer.

Your partner has left.

We want to confirm your stay.

I’m sorry to call you so late, but we need to know.


What do you mean she disappeared?

She doesn't answer the phone.

There's no way to contact her.

I don't know exactly where she lives either.

What happened at the hotel?

I told you everything.

But normally people don't disappear like that.

We might have misunderstood each other somehow.

I just want to talk to her face-to-face.

Yoshikawa, can you find out her address?

Aoyama, listen to me. I've only got her résumé.

It’s impossible.


Why don't you forget about her? I can't do that.

I can't finish everything like this.

I know I can't convince you, but...

I suggest you forget about her.

You're saying...

...that I... went too crazy about a young girl.

Eventually... being left alone like a pathetic old fart?

Yes, you are.

What's the matter with you?

You said that you weren't born yesterday.

Whatever problems come up, you fix them, right?

Oh come on!


It’s okay.

What's okay?

It’s okay now.

I won't ask for your help anymore.

I’ll look for her by myself.

I’ll find her by myself! Aoyama!

"Shimada Ballet Studio"

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Are you...

Mr. Shimada?

I am... the one who called you this afternoon.


Regarding Miss Asami Yamazaki. Go home.


Let me be frank with you.

Did you have any problems... with Asami before?

I just want to know how to contact her.

Do you know her whereabouts?

So... did you see her?


Did you hear her voice?

What do you mean by that?

Did you touch her body?

Did you hold her in your arms?

How was that?

Was it good?

Did you smell her?


Go home.

4th Street. The Stone Fish.

"The Stone Fish"

No one is there.

Is it closed today?

That bar closed about a year ago.


The owner was murdered. That was a huge mess.

Do you know an Asami who used to work here?


I don't recall.

Normally the owner worked here alone.

Asami was supposed to be working here three times a week.

I don't think so.

Excuse me. Why was the owner killed?

I’m not sure, but... people say it was about some sort of man problem.

She was having an affair with a music industry guy.

She used drugs too.

Did she get murdered here?

The body was chopped up completely.

It’s a 28-year-old building. The whole thing is tilted.

We saw her blood flowing through the gap under the door.

The other mystery was...

The police collected all the body parts and tried to put it together.

They found three extra fingers, an extra ear and an extra tongue as well.

Isn’t it a terrible world?

Meal time, Gang.


Hi, this is Shigehiko.

I'm going to stay at my friend's house tonight.

It's none of my business, but eat properly.

There's some yogurt. You can eat it if you want.

And Gang was hiding underneath the house, so please feed him when he comes out.

Talk to you later.

I’m sorry.

So, how are you?

I didn't think I would see you again, so I’m pretty excited.

I didn't ask you about your family.

Are they fine?

When I was little, my parents got a divorce.

I was sent to my uncle's house.

That was a terrible place.

I only remember being abused.

My uncle's wife was that sort of woman.

I used to have many scars.

If it's too painful, you don't have to talk about that.

No, I want you to know everything about me.

I was forced into cold baths in winter, and I got pneumonia.

She pushed me down the stairs, and I broke my shoulder bones.

The doctor got worried about me.

He sent me back to my mother's house.

How old were you?

I was seven years old.

I see.

My mother got remarried.

I didn't get any more scars...

but my stepfather... hated me so much.

He had... bad legs.

He used to stay home all the time.

I did nothing... in a dark room every day... until my mother came home.

I'm sorry.

It's not an easy story, is it?

If you dislike me... please say so.


I never imagined you'd had such a painful past.

Because ballet helped me get through.

You had talent.

I’m not sure, but only when I danced, it purified the dark side of me.

That might be the reason why I never tried to kill myself.

I think... you're wonderful.

I’ve been looking for someone like you.



This is a good opportunity to introduce you.

This is Asami Yamazaki.

No... she isn't good for you.

She's a very fine woman.




I want you right now.


It was just a mistake, right?

You made love to me. Only once.

I expected something from you.

Was I stupid?


Forgive me.

I’ll do anything to give you pleasure.

I like doing this.

What are you doing? Stop it.

Look, you've got a hard-on.

Stop it!


Three extra fingers, an extra ear... and an extra tongue as well.


You’ll love only me, right?

Only me.



Dance for me.



Dance, you bitch!

Dance for me, otherwise...

I’ll torture you as usual.

Dance. Please dance for me.



Good girl.


This wire... can cut flesh and bones easily.

You're wonderful.

I never felt unhappy... because I have been unhappy all the time.

Asami. Please stop!


Men can't maintain... without female support.


Have an audition.

My son told me that I look old. Why don't I remarry.

That's why I decided.




You can't move anymore.

I've paralyzed your body, but your nerves will still have feeling.

That way your skin gets sensitive and you can enjoy the pain.

You guys auditioned many girls... and you didn't pick me... but you called me afterward.

You just wanted to have sex with me.

You're all the same.

Deeper, deeper...

Deeper, deeper...


Words create lies.

Pain can be trusted.


You can feel pain.

You can study the human body as well.

Deeper, deeper...

This is the most painful point.

How about... here too?

Here as well.


Deeper, deeper...

Deeper, deeper...

Deeper, deeper...


Underneath the eyes is also very painful.

You only realize who you are by going through pain and suffering.

Only when you feel pain can you know the shape of your heart.

Your son's name is Shigehiko, right?

Your son has to feel pain. Then you'll understand more.

Stop that...

Stay away from my son...

You love your son too?

You're a liar. You only love me, right?

I’ve only got you.

But you have so many others.

I don't want to be just one of those.

Even if I give you everything I have, you won't be mine completely.

Everybody is the same.



You can't escape without your feet.

This wire can cut flesh and bones so easily.


Stop it...

Right foot, please.

I’m home.

Dad, are you still awake?

My friend got sick all of sudden.

Then we called an ambulance.

Are you there?

What happened, Dad?

What's going on?

What's wrong?

Are you okay?



I will answer to your proposal.


Your proposal...

I accept.


It’s like a dream.

I’m so happy.

Among the girls who auditioned for the role...

I am....

the luckiest one.

Because I didn't become the heroine in the movie... but I became the real heroine.

Deeper, deeper...

What happened, Dad?

Who the hell are you?

What the hell do you want?

What's going on?


Are you alright, Dad?


Call the police...

Is this the police?

This is the Aoyama residence in Okusawa.

Please send an ambulance right now.

My father has been seriously injured.

And a woman too.

I don't know the details.

His left foot has been chopped off and is bleeding badly.

Yes. Yes.

The address is Setagaya-ku, Okusawa, 6-20-4.

I thought you were very busy.

I don't know your job so well.

You may think I am desperate.

I was longing for your call.

I never expected that we would meet again.

Sorry, I’m pretty excited.

It's a hassle living alone.

I have nobody to talk to.

You are the first one... who is really warmhearted... and tries to accept me and understand who I really am.

It’s hard to overcome that experience, but someday you'll feel that life is wonderful.

That's life, isn't it?