Auf kurze Distanz (2016) Script

Do it.

For the family, OK?


Hey, Luka.


Luka, look at me.

Hey. Shut up!


Hey, Roth!

Relax! You're telling me?

That's it. Take a shower!

I'm playing ice hockey, wanker!


Mr Roth?

I have to ask you to come with us.

Says who?

The State Criminal Police. Suspicion of embezzlement.


Here he is.

Frank Dudek.

I'm leading the undercover operation.

Klaus Roth. Hello.

You had me arrested in front of my colleagues?

It's more believable.

If you don't want to take part, I'll take you back and clear your name in the department.

Could you study the documents? Could you understand everything?


It wasn't really difficult.


Why not?

It's about fraud and betting manipulation in sport.

We're after him: Aco Goric.

He and his Serbian clan have ordered blackmail, physical injuries, maybe even murders.

Of course, we can't prove it.

We also assume that some of our colleagues are on his payroll.

The idea is, you'll go to the Galaxy every third day and place a bet.

At different times.

Until they pass you on to a place where the really big bets are happening. Illegally, of course.

You'll help us get insight into their structures.


I applied 18 months ago.

They said I wasn't suitable at the time.

Now you are.

Hi. Hi.

Two bets, please.

1,000 euros on Hamburg winning against Bremen.

And 2,000 on Hamburg scoring first between the 20th and 30th minute.

We don't do such weird bets. Not for 2,000.

You don't? No.

Who does? I have no idea.

Then I'll bet 2,000 on Kiel beating Wilhelmshaven in the second half.

2,000, 3,000, 3,620...

Good, I'd like to place 3,000 on Bielefeld beating Würzburg.

And 2,000 on Sankt Henkesheim winning in the second half this evening.

Anything else?

Can I bet on a penalty for Bielefeld?

Only 200. No, then...

Then I'll place a bet on handball. 500 euros on Rost winning in Dinterheim.


Do you still want to place the 2,000?

Sure. Come along.

Be thankful. Less expensive than a complaint.

We don't do this shit in my place. Don't come back here.

Here, go here and give the bookie my card.

Then he'll know that I sent you.

Your new name: Milan Neumann.

I thought it's easier if we take your original Serbian name.

Everything's under your name. Water, electricity, garbage, phone...

Key and spare key for the house and mailbox.

From tomorrow on you'll place bets at Manzur café.

You'll get the results by SMS.

Take this. It's your life insurance.

Those who can't remember their own lies at some stage, are dead.

3,000 on Ludwigshafen beating Duisburg.

3,000? Yep.

Only as a combination bet. OK.

Combination with Madrid and Naples winning.

There was a guy from your files.

Luka Morava.

Hey, watch out! Shit.

Sorry. What "sorry"?

Nothing happened. Nothing happened? What's this?

Calm down, I apologised. Shut up or I'll smack you one.

Drunken bastard.

Can I have one more? Sure, I'll bring you one.

Can I grab a seat?

I'm Luka. Milan.

You gamble a lot here.

Do you need a tip?

Do I look like I do?

Did you bet on this? No.

I have no clue about boxing.

I could give you a tip.

I don't bet hit or miss.

So you only know about football? Yes.

2nd and 3rd division.

Look, I think... he'll go down in the 5th round.


Wait a sec.

I'll place another 500... on the Mexican being knocked out in the 5th round.


Hello. Good afternoon.

Bye. Bye.

Hello, Mr Roth.

The door at the end of the hall. I'll be right with you.

During the last 20 minutes. And that's right.

Wait a sec...

What a shithole!

Sit down.

Luka's father died 15 years ago.

Since then, Goric isn't only his uncle, but also his surrogate father.

Luka looks up to him but has no idea about the core business.

Goric makes sure that the boy and his pregnant girlfriend get by.

Boy, get up. Not so fast.

They sometimes use him as a tout. He's small fry.

Yes! Have you got a tip for me now?

Mainz against Viersen.

Mainz will be shown two red cards. So Viersen should win.

You and Luka will be friends in one week.


I need a piss.

You want another one? Sure, thanks.

Give me two more.

Are we clean?

This has to go!

Are you all right? Yes.

OK. You can't go out there right now.

Can you take this for me? You've got a car?

Yes. You'll get a share.

Drive faster, please!

You'll drive down that road and then through this gate.

You have to be careful at night. Or you'll drive into the water.


You'll drive in here and hide.

When the patrol's passed, you'll drive out behind them.

I'll simply drive out after it and that's it?

Doesn't that seem a little staged?

You'll manage.

And what now?

We wait.

Fasten your seatbelt.


Fuck, Milan!

Bloody cops!

Are you OK?


Your amateurish behaviour could have cost the lives of two colleagues.

One more time and you're out. Got that?

This is for you.

What are you up to now?

I'm going home.

Want to come and eat something?

Yeah. Yeah?

Yeah, why not?

Are you full?

Some people are after two schnitzels.

What are you doing? I'm helping your wife.

She's pregnant, not disabled. Sit down!

He stopped helping me early on.

What? Father to son! Can you hear me?

Housekeeping is the woman's job. A real Moravac doesn't do the dishes.

Are you sure he's related to you, Luka?

What? I love you, but that isn't funny.

Not too bad. It's good, eh?

How much was it? 43,000.

Who do you bet for? For no one.

I do it alone. Really?

That's pointless. You hardly make a living, right?

You don't have to trust anyone, if you work alone.


But it's worth a try.

I don't know. We don't have to get married.

Which one is it? The black one.

Which one? With the dreads.

Ah, OK. But I don't think they're dreads.

I think they're cornrows. No, the other things...

What're they called? Doesn't matter. That black guy.


Fouls happen! They sure do!

Fuck you!

Boy, Patrik! Hey, wait!

You don't want to rot in the regional division, right?

Forehand-backhand whip. Unbelievable!

The ball was in. The ball was out!

No. Excuse me, woman!

The ball was certainly in! Sorry.

Luka, the ball was one metre out.

Play on!

Is that her? Yes. That's her.


If you mess up your serve, you have to be angry.

I was angry. Put on a real show!

OK, I will.

My little sister plays volleyball. Is that also interesting for you?

Yes. Martina, I'll call you. OK? Take care.


I used to play myself. Now he's on social.

So what? You should provide for the future.

Look, 10,000 for one foul in the penalty area.

Think about it.

You have a wife and a daughter who depend on your money.

You want your kid to attend a shit school?

Yeah, with all the wogs?

All the what? Wogs.

Take the money! If you do well, we'll have a few more jobs.

On social?

Hey, Luka.

I downloaded this application, it doesn't work.

Where should I look?

Hey, Rade. Hey, Milan.

This is my cousin.

You're the guy who pushed the cops' car into the river?

There was no other way.

You want to work together with my cousin now? Good.

He'll make you rich. I hope so.

Are you nuts?

Luka could've been with me.

What did Rade Goric want?

You were in the club?

I understand.


Rade Goric is a dangerous man. What did he want?

To check me out.

Luka wants to move up in the family.

But his cousins don't like me working with him.


That's good.

But don't get too close to him.

You'd better take the weekend off.

Hey, it's me.

I wanted to ask how you're doing.

Yes, all right...

I only wanted to tell you that I've got a new job.



Are you with him?

Tell me! It's none of my business? Of course it is! Vera, wait...

What's going on?

That is my flat. What's going on?

Take it easy.

Come on. Leave him alone. Everything's fine.

Nothing's fine.

Your door was open. Don't talk shit!

I swear it was open.

You have to be careful. It's a shit area.

Luka asked us to pick you up.

What, now? No, in 2 years.

Of course now!



I didn't know you'd come. Neither did I.

Why didn't you tell us? Can I talk to you in private?

I'll be over there. See you.

Everything all right? Nothing's all right.

It's not OK. They were in my flat.

I'm sorry, I didn't know. They always want to play it safe.

That's not cool. It really isn't.


What's this, anyway?

Didn't they say? It's my aunt's birthday.

May I introduce her?

Come on.

I need to introduce you to Milan.

Thanks. Glad you brought a friend.

She's glad I've brought a friend. Hi.

Happy birthday.

What's he saying? He says: happy birthday!

Sorry I've got no present.

He's sorry for turning up empty-handed.


And this is my uncle Aco. Aco, I told you about Milan.

I told you about the jobs we do together. Milan's really good.

I told him that you're a pro.

Cheers! Sit down, eat, there’s plenty of food. Sit down!

We can sit down and eat something if you like.

Vuk, switch over to tennis. Please!

Is there never a day without sport? Our match is almost over.

Your match...

Have you got a girlfriend?

Milan! Come here, please. Look at it.

What's she doing? You have to see it.

This is great, man.

We'll make it big.

She's going overboard, isn't she? No, that's what I told her to do.

May I ask you something?

Why me?

Because I've got Serbian roots?

I understand.

So no special qualification or anything...

Do you know why I started with undercover inquiries back then?

I'd had enough of all the shit.

At some point, I got fed up with only catching small fry.

Did you do undercover investigations yourself?

For 8 years.

I get the impression you're just as unsatisfied as I was.

What's that? They're goals.

For our unborn child? We don't even know if it's a boy or a girl.

It was a special offer.

I asked you to get a car seat and you got goals.

Both were on offer. Did you get a car seat?

Yes, sure.

Someone's waiting for you over there.

This is my home. What are you doing here?

I can't do it. You have to lose your match.

I know, but there's a problem.

The Turks say I should win today and lose the semi-final.

The Turks?


I've been looking for this stupid name for half an hour. Aoife...

What does it mean? I don't speak Turkish.

We have to remember the car seat tomorrow.

There he is!

Which one? The first one.

Hey, Luka? Shouldn't I come along?

No, I'll do it.


Shit, man. Show me!

You can't drive. Go to the other side. Get in!

They broke my nose! Show me!

Don't touch me, please! Give me a handkerchief.

I don’t have a handkerchief. Have you got one?

No, I haven't.

Have you got something in the car? What am I supposed to do?

You're supposed to lose the bloody game.

We'll pay for the car and this shit. You wanker!

Calm down. Do what I'm telling you!

Look. I've found a cloth.

I can't do it. How can I?

I'll get in trouble with the Turks.

I'm not doing it. No way!

Come out!

Do you actually know who you're dealing with?

His family slaughtered people in Srebrenica.

We'll do the same with you, you wanker!

Lose the bloody match!

Has he understood? I think so.

You must call him.

Yes, in a sec.

It wasn't your fault the guy freaked out.

But I should've punched him in the face.

The Turks never interfered in our business, and now they specifically want one of my players.

That wanker Rade will die laughing.

I've had enough.

Is your family this shitty too?

What about your family? I don’t have any family.

What? Everyone's got a family.

Are they dead? Tell me.

I don't know.

Call them.

The billing's inside.


Aco takes care of his players.

They get credit with him. They can also bet with credits.

If they have any problems, Aco takes care of it.

There are only two people he really talks to. His sons, Rade and Sveta.

And Luka?

Thanks to doing jobs with me, Luka is slowly gaining respect in the family.

But, for Aco, he'll probably always be the nephew.

He doesn't entrust him everything.

I was rather wondering how you were getting on with Luka.


There was an incident with a Turk.

Cihan Kaya.

As far as I know, he's only a small fry from the protection money milieu.

But maybe they realised how much money can be made with bets.

Anyway, he messed with Aco.

He broke Luka's nose.

Anything else? No.

There you are, finally!

I'm glad, you're the first. I'm a dad, can you believe it?


But still, congratulations. Thanks.

Boy or girl? A boy. He'll be called Pera.

Great. I'll show him to you.

He's snoring. Yes.

Look at the hands. Look at the forefingers.

He'll become a boxer.

Can you hear that?

Don't fall asleep.

Have you asked Milan already?

Shall we?


We thought you'd make a great godfather.

He looks surprised.

We've thought it through.

Do you want to be Pera's godfather?

I don't know...

I'm not religious, I'm not a church member.

Who gives a shit?

Yes! Yes?

Then you're Pera's godfather. Great, man.


And bring along your girlfriend. No more excuses.

OK, I'll ask her.

What's the problem? Is she fat?

Nonsense. I'll ask her, OK?

There he is, our little one.

Congratulations. Thank you.

Good morning.

Your friend's here too. Congratulations.

Now you're finally a dad.

Everything went well.

Who does he resemble? Me or the neighbour?

He's just like you. Look, how sweet.

Look at him, a real boy. He's so sweet!

Milan is the godfather.

Why not Rade or Sveta?

Milan has no family. I'll change that.

Look what Uncle Aco got you. Look, watch how Pera...

If you ever act like it's a game again, I'll pull you out.

I don't understand you.

We want to get to Goric and soon I'll be part of the family.

You underestimate Luka. He's harmless.

Is that your professional judgement?

I'm friends with Luka because you want me to be, not because I'm looking for company. Luka is a job.

This is Eva Brand. Aspiring inspector.

Eva, this is Klaus. Klaus, this is Eva.

Hello. Nice to meet you.

Eva has Serbian roots too. She'll live with you from now on.

The baptism will be in 3 weeks.

Everything's in here.

How you met... Hobbies, preferences, and so on.

3 weeks will do.

Hey. Hey.

Where's Dudek?

Why? He's not coming.

Why? The three of us wanted to meet.



Who's my best friend?

Sophia. She can't stand me.

Where did we meet?

In the café where you worked back then.

What's the café's name? Café Fleur.

Do we want children? Yes, if I ever have a proper job.

What do you love most about me?

That question wasn't in the files.

Your eyes?

I see. What colour are they?



OK, now it's my turn.

What's my biggest weakness? You're very impatient.

Have you got a boyfriend? Yes, you.

In real life?


Is he also a policeman?

Tell me. Your phone.


Won't you answer it?

You like him, right?


He's a show-off...

But he has a big heart.

Nadja! Nadja, come here!

I'll introduce you, OK? Will you manage?

Mr Goric... I'd like to introduce my girlfriend Eva.

I'm glad I can be here. My name's Eva.

Nice girl. Well done, Milan.

I'm Ramona. This is my husband, Aco.

It's a pleasure. Pleasure.

A real Serbian?

Almost. My mother's from Novi Sad.

Nice. Spiridon wants us to dance.

Go with him.


Women, typical...

What did he say? Nothing, everything's fine.

Don't drink so much.

What are you doing?

I'm doing my job.

Dear friends, dear Pera...

Your baptism saying is:

"May the Lord be with you, to catch you when you fall."

When your father wanted me to become your godfather, I wasn't sure I was the right person.

I have to admit, I don't know much about being caught, but I know a lot about falling.

When you're scared, I won't take your fear away, but I will show you how to conquer that fear.

If you fall, I won't be there to catch you, but I will show you how to get up again!

To Pera! To Pera!


Thanks, Milan.

Let's drink something.

Who is that? Who let him in here?

Luka, is that yours? What's going on?

What happened?

Take him to hospital!


Shit... Those wankers!


The Turks did that. Bloody pigs!

Goric will take revenge.


This might be our chance.

Your mobiles!

Yours too. Why?

My father wants you to be present.

Let's get down to business.

Because of the Turks...

Yesterday, I sent Miki and Darko over to sort out the matter sensibly.

Now Miki's lying in hospital with two stab wounds.

His condition's stable.

I sent them as diplomats, but the Turks were already waiting.

Darko was also badly injured. We sorted everything out with the police, but the doctors are still fighting for Darko's life.

That's in the files now.

You know the Turks fix games for the Italian Mafia.

I will offer to talk to the Italians.

They will protect the Turks to protect their business.

But we will still kill that Turk.

Rade already has a plan for how to do it.


The story started with you.

Are you ready to finish it?

Your friend will come too.

He can prove that he belongs to the family.

Fuck, man!

What do we do now?

We can't simply kill the guy.

Luka. Tell me.

Are you listening to me?

We can't just kill someone.

I have to go home now. Can you take the subway today?

You can't go with them.

No way.

To watch a murder and not do anything will get you in jail. Me too!

He could go along and we'll attack. And?

The Goric can claim that they only wanted to talk.

And they'd know that somebody betrayed them to the police.

No, you'll be ill tomorrow.


What else?

Should we have him officially arrested instead?

That would definitely look like an agreement.

You'll be ill. That can happen.

How should I become seriously ill by tomorrow?


Two colleagues will be positioned in the opposite flat.

Which flat?

The top one on the left. OK.


I don't think he'll do it.

Luka's no murderer.

Come in, that's enough.


I'm telling you... He won't do it.

Rade or Sveta will do it.

Hi. Hey.

Are you ill? Don't ask.

Can I come in for a sec? Sure.

What are you up to?

We wanted to go bowling, but I'm a mess.

I have a fever. Don't talk shit.

Luka's not a good liar. Really, we wanted to bowl.

I'm worried. He didn't sleep all night.

You're Pera's godfather!

And I don't want his father to end up in prison for some bullshit.

I expect you to look after him.

Do you understand?

The Italians are here.

Bring them in.

Nadja saw him. He's not faking it, he's got a fever.

Of course he's faking. Didn't I tell you he'd shit his pants?

Fuck it.

Come on, man.

Signor Feri.

Sit down, please.

Take all the time you need.

We'll drive to the top now.

When we get there, you'll get out, cock the gun, and go to Cihan.

You can tell Cihan that it's because of the recent incident.

As soon as you're close enough, you'll shoot him right in his face.

And then again. Twice in the face.

Target individual approaching the group. Car in position.

Yes? Stop the operation!

Target individual is armed.

I repeat. Accident failed.

Target individual is armed and heading for the group.

Go in!

Go in!

The cops.

They've got Cihan.

There were cops, Cihan was arrested.

Find out who blew the whistle.

I have no idea.

Hey! What...?

Get down! He's wired.

Let me go!

Let me go!

You stupid wankers, you won't get away with it!

Fill it up! OK.

Call Roth. No!

The bag's ready. Good. Now the bathroom.


Hey, Milan. Get dressed, we're going.

Why, did something happen?

Did something happen?

Are you nuts?


You're a cop. Am I right?

You're a cop. Tell me!

Where's the camera?

We searched everything. No passport, nothing.

He's disappeared.

There were online flight tickets on his computer.

I'm sorry.

Everybody out, immediately!

Don't intervene as long as his life's not threatened.

Why? Why? Tell me!

I don't believe a word.

Yes, what is it?


False alarm.

Shit... Oh God, shit!


There's one good thing about it.

My uncle and the boys owe you now.

Did you hear me? Yes.

Careful, it's hot. Thanks.

My uncle wants to see us.


He's planning a huge put-up job and he wants us to do it.

It's his way of apologising. He wants to make up for this.

I told you that our chance would come.

I couldn't have done it with Cihan yesterday.

No way.

A cobbler should stick to his last.

It was Spiridon who betrayed us.

You know I suspected you.

You're not stupid.

I'd like to apologise. My father makes a formal apology.


Thanks to Roth, we know that the Goric family will bet 10 million on the Asian market for Marco Feri, on a match that'll be manipulated here in Germany.

Cihan Kaya is responsible for rigging it.

The Turk who started war with the Goric clan.

Italian Feri wanted Goric to let the Turk live, so that the job wasn't put at risk.

Feri's 10 million will make the quote for outsiders extremely high.

The Gorics will profit from it because they'll rig it a second time.

They'll secretly place a lot of money on the outsider winning in the second half.

The Gorics get rid of Cihan and earn money on top.

Roth will do the second rigging, so we'll be in the stadium...

As soon as Roth and Luka Moravac have pulled it through with the ref, we'll go in.


What do you want?

I want to get out.

You want to give up just before the finish line? Why?

It's getting too dangerous.

I don't believe you.

You only want to get out because we'll arrest your friend tomorrow.

And if you're right?

If you drop out now, the public prosecutor will take over tomorrow.

They'll check your results and arrest Luka for blackmail and attempted murder.

You're like all the others.

Remember what you told me back then in your hut?

About the big and small fry?

Did he tell you all that shit too?

You'll continue.

You'll fix the match.

Then I'll negotiate a penal reduction for Luka with the public prosecutor.

Otherwise he'll be locked up a long time.

You make me sick.

I won't let that amateur fool me.

You realise it's our big breakthrough tomorrow?

We're just rigging a game.

I can feel it, it's our breakthrough.

I owe you so much.

Thanks. OK, man.

Let's toast to you, you psycho.

To you, you pleb.

See you tomorrow!

Behave! Bye!

Man, are you nuts? Don't touch me like that!

Don't be offended, it's just a show.

All this shit is just a show.

We both know that Dudek's lying.

Luka will go to prison tomorrow for things he wouldn't have done without me.

So what? Dudek's an arsehole.

The guys go to prison, but it's his job.

How fucked up are you?

You're a shit amateur. You got too involved, right?

And? Do you feel sorry for Luka now?

It's no fun if it gets uncomfortable at the end.

Fun? Are you taking the piss out of me?

What would you know? I've been living this life for 6 months.

I'm his son's godfather. I lie to him every day.

I can't sleep at night and drink during the day to keep cool.

OK, if that makes me an amateur, fine!

It's still better than being a fucked up cop slut like you.

I'm going.


It'll be all right.

Maybe we'll see each other again.

Take care.

Hello, Peter. Hello, Frank.

Right, listen...

Our friend Cihan has been working together with an Italian for a while.

Cihan manipulates the games for him, so that he can wash his money.

Now the Italian wants to bet 10 million.

Cihan hasn't got the contacts for such a sum.

So we'll help the Italian bet 10 million on the game.

We're working with that wanker?

We won't mess with the Italian Mafia, right?

We'll watch the match live. SG Berlin against Rapid Leipzig.

According to Cihan, it should end 2:0, but now listen...

We'll turn the game in the second half without the Italians knowing.

They'll think that Cihan messed up and will kill him.

Almost half time.

Keep an eye on the referee.

Where's our ref?

He'll come with Rade. OK, got it.

There he is.

Change of plan. Come on.

Come on!

Give me your mobiles and get in.

Hey, wait. Why?

Relax. We just have to talk about something.

What's going on here?

Go on, move over! Make space.

The second half is about to start, but they haven't changed the ref yet.

Where exactly is Klaus Roth?


What do you mean, you can't locate him?

Have you found your man?


Which of your men is observing that Turk Cihan?

No one.

I want to know where he is!

Do it!

For the family, OK?


Hey, Luka...


Luka, look at me!

Hey. Shut up!


I can't.

You pussy.

You're one of us, right?

Police, hands up!

Go on, hands up!

Get lost!

Go on, put your hands up!

Do you believe me now?

Drop your gun!


Luka, listen...

Luka. No, Luka...

Luka, wait.

Please, don't.

Please, don't. Luka!

Luka, please!

Please, don't.