Autostop rosso sangue (1977) Script

Someone has to stay sober to drive.

At that rate you'lI be completely drunk before dark.

You think so? Great.

You know something?

I just had your head in my rifle sight.

I had it there for almost a minute.

You're drunk already.

But I didn't. And you know why?

I saw the deer, and l said to myself...

I wonder if Eve,s spit roasted flesh is better than deer meat?

Maybe it is.

But I'm sure the deer doesn't screw like you.

Nobody screws as well as my little Eve.

It's the only reason you're still here.

What's wrong? Were you scared?

Did I scare you?

You stink of whisky! You make me sick!

Chianti from CaIifornia.

Why haven't you put it in a can? You still haven't thought of it.

That deer's a fine animal, Mr. Mancini.

That was quite a catch.

What's so funny?

Can you imagine my wife roasting there instead of that deer?

Your wife?

You won't believe it... but that animal has at Ieast one thing my wife wouId be jealous of.


A spit up its ass!

Excuse me a second, but l want to see if my wife's ready.

I've never met an Italian who could handle his drink.

Harry, you put the peg too far away.

For the love of god Lucy, that cord goes over there.

We've put this tent up a million times.

That's why I prefer a caravan.

That's why caravans cost more.

If you don't hang yourselves in your tent, come to our farewell dinner.

My wife and I are leaving tomorrow. Thanks, that's very kind.

Thanks, my name's Stanton. l'm an insurance man.

And this my wife, Lucy.

It's a pleasure, Mr. Stanton. My name's...

Give me a moment.

I can't even remember my name.

It's on the tip of my tongue.

They just called out my name at that table over there.

It doesn't matter. These things happen.

What do you mean? I can't remember my name and you say it doesn't matter.

I,II ask my wife. Come with me.


Allow me to introduce my friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton, and this my wife.

Would you mind telling them what the hell our names are?

I don't remember. Close the door, idiot!


I'm serious, l don't remember.


Eve, the spit's caIling you. I have to get dressed.

If you want to sober up there's coffee on the stove.

At Ieast try not to be so vulgar! I thought you liked it!

Not now, I don't want to!

What do you mean? You always want to!

I know my little mouse!

I might be an animaI but you're a whore, a real whore!

You're a filthy pig! It's true, and that's why like me!

What's wrong? I'm tired.


Don't Iet it get to you, they're doing exactly what we've just done.

You're wrong, darling. They're making love.

We fucked.

Don't tell me you're aware of the difference, dear.

Fuck you, dear!

If that's an invitation' darling, l'm sorry, l'm not coming.

Where are you going?

I think it's broken. What?

My wrist's broken. No, it's sprained.

Damn it!

This tent wasn't here before!

I'd Iike to know which damned idiot put it here?

That's what I'd like to know!

The insurance man!

I just hope you're insured. Sure, I'm insured.

Why? What happened?

Our insurance man is insured!

My hand's going to cost you more than goId!

I'm a basketbaIl champion, paid millions!

I'II ruin you! I assure you...

I don't give a damn...

Pay no attention to him' he drank too much.

He's drunk!

And he's never been a champion of anything!

He's a journalist!

And as far as journalists go he wouldn't make the minor league!

That damned doctor, he aImost put my entire arm in a cast.

One officer was seriously injured.

According to the latest updates the kidnappers...

My head's exploding.

It hurts more than last night.

Are you talking to me? Didn't you ask about my hand?

There's your headache.

No, dear.

You're my headache.

Try to be more careful, damn it. Do you want to drive?

Funny. Then leave me alone...

If you want to get to Los Angeles tonight

Keep going. I don't want anyone bothering me.

What the hell are you doing?

I'd Iike to see you with car off the road in a place like this.

You wouldn't stop for me.

Listen... We'll stop the first cops we see.

Ignore him' get in. We're heading for Los Angeles.

That's fine with me.

Can you give me a second? l'll turn off the radio.

Take your time.

My name's Konitz, Adam Konitz.

What did you do to your hand? That's my business.

Ignore my husband. He's perfectly rude.

Perhaps you've already noticed.

He's suspicious by nature. Please excuse him.

While she loves picking up strangers.

She's bit of a whore by nature.

Perhaps you've noticed.

My name's Mancini, Walter Mancini. My wife, Eve.

Eve? Yes, why?

Adam and Eve. But this isn't the garden of Eden.

Pity. Funny.

We have a comedian in the car. It's going to be a magnificent trip.

Why don't you rest after that joke, Koonz, or whatever your name...

Konitz. Konitz, yes.

You're not obliged to keep the conversation going.

Okay, Martini, or whatever the helI you said your name was.


I like conversation.

What a coincidence. So do I.

My conversation. Okay, Mancini, no problem.

I go crazy for my conversation.

The criminaI, a previous offender known to the police... as CarI Olsen, is in critical condition at St John's Hospital in Fresno.

It's not yet known if he's been able to speak to the police... regarding his accomplices in the robbery.

The radio doesn't bother you now. Always less than him.

Numerous witnesses have stated there were at least four criminaIs.

It appears they got away in two cars. A white Pontiac convertible... and a grey Chrysler' heading south.

It's believed they're heading for the Mexican border.

He said Fresno. It isn't very far from here.

Shall we have a look?

What for?

You could write about it.

Little mouse' there are at least a hundred robberies a day in ItaIy.

A kidnapping a week, a political scandaI every month... and a government crisis once a year.

Who cares about a robbery in the other hemisphere?

Think how surprised dad wiII be when he finds out you can write.

Precisely, you're forgetting what the doctor said, "a weak heart".

It's best to avoid surprises. They're not good for him.

You're a journalist.

What are you? Travelling salesman.

I have to be in San Diego tomorrow. Monthly meeting with my boss.

Take my advice, never marry the boss' daughter.

He doesn't have any children. You don't know how lucky you are.

They,II say you married her to get up the ladder.

And if you have ambitions to be someone, you'll soon get bored.

But you've never had any, dear.

You see?

Then you'Il find it's easier to do nothing and live off dad's money.

But why, Walter? Isn't that why you married me?

No, if anything that was the second reason.

I'm wondering what was the first.

Shall I tell him? I'll tell him, if you want?

Let's see if I can guess.

Because you're a real looker.

One of those you want to screw the moment you see her.

Stop the car!

Get out, bastard!

Go! Take your suitcase and go!

You think you're smart.

I'lI teach you how to keep your mouth shut.

Enough! Stop it!

Stay out of this!

I'll kill you!

Okay, Martini, or whatever the hell your name is.

No more fooIing around. The honeymoon's over!

What can I do against someone with a gun?

Who was driving a Pontiac.

Good, you figured it out. l'm one of them.

And you've figured out that l also know how to use this gun.

I wasn't wrong when I said she's a real looker.

A hell of a looker!

OIsen died without regaining consciousness... so there's still no way of identifying his accomplices.

The poIice are already investigating the places he frequented... in the hope that they might find some kind of lead.

In the meantime, roadbIocks have been set up on roads leading to the border.

FolIowing an audit of its accounts, Gastex...

Turn it off.

...confirmed the amount stolen exceeds two million doIlars...

What are you doing?

I'm thirsty. Ask next time.

Don't be shy, Kuntz.

Konitz. And try not to forget it.

Ladies first. Didn't anyone teach you any manners?

The lady doesn't drink.

She's got all the virtues.

Give it to me.

I'll decide who gets what.

Now listen carefuIly.

We'll meet roadblocks. Don't be afraid.

Because they're looking for four men. And what are we?

Three middle-class pacifists coming home from their holiday.

Walter and Eve' the happy couple, and Adam, the family friend.

And if you're good there won't be any problems.

Is that understood?

Answer me! Is that understood?

Yes, yes.

Can I smoke?

Permission granted.

Light one for me as well.

Thank you.

Which way? Left.

It's almost empty. We'll have to fiIl up.

I'll tell you when to stop.

I've travelled this route hundreds of times.

I know it like the back of my hand.

There's a gas station thirty miles down.

Leave me alone! I'll end up off the road.

You're sensitive.

You're stiIl thinking about when I touched you.

You liked it. You can't get it out of your mind.

I can aIways do it again if you behave yourself.

Calm down, Martini. You just have to accept it.

I'lI screw her if l feel like it, and there's nothing you can do.

You're nothing without that gun.

Who are you? A nobody!

You're a faiIure! Your wife said it earlier!

I've been watching you, it's almost like you hate each other.

So why do you get so nervous when I compliment her or touch her?


They're here.

Act natural, Eve. Nothing's going to happen.

Very good, journalist.

Very good.

You heard what he said' lady. Slow down and pulI over.

Stop thirty metres before the junction.

What's wrong, sergeant?

Nothing, just a routine check.

I'm an ltalian journalist.

My name's Mancini.

I'm on vacation with my wife.

Is there something wrong?

We're coming back from the Sequoia Campsite.

We've been driving all morning and our radio's broken.

Are you looking for someone?

We've been driving for hours and we haven't seen another soul.

It's a real desert, sergeant.

You can go.

Damned fools!

Start the engine, hurry!

Hurry up if you don't want to go the same way!

Please don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

Don't shout!

I need to keep my eye on you, Martini.

You're pretty smart.

CalI that smart? After what just happened.

"Act natural, Eve. Nothing's going to happen."

Playing the hero! You don't get it, he is smart.

It was a very good trick.

If that dumb cop had pIayed his part I wouldn't have noticed anything.

And now we,d be travelIing with an invisible escort.

My head!

My head wouId be under the constant aim of their high precision rifles.

They've got snipers who can hit a coin from 1 50 metres.

I wouldn't stand a chance.

You underestimated me.

Admit it, you underestimated me. l underestimated you. There, you see? I'm smart, too.

Yes, much smarter than you.

Don't you ever caII me a nobody. You got it?

You want me to show you the big difference between you and me?


I bet you've never seen anything like it.

Two million dollars all together.

And do you know whose it is?


You're a freeloader. You've always been a freeloader.

And you'll always be a freeloader.

That's the difference between you and me.

Two million dollars can turn a nobody into somebody.

You Iike to have the last word. It's your job.

But I don't need words for my job.

I have a friend here, see?

That's much more convincing than you.

How many people have you convinced with your friend?

Don't start preaching.

Look, those two dead cops are on your conscience.

It's like you killed them with your own hands.

You're right, Konitz. Once again.

You could have got us all killed.

You fool.

When he doesn't need us anymore, when we reach the Mexican border...

He'll kill us anyway.

Right, Konitz?

There's a crossroad up ahead. Turn right.

Any alcohol left? No, damn it!

Don't get upset, where there's gas there's whiskey.

Listen, beautifuI.

There's a store up ahead.

Get me two cartons of Marlboros.

And two bottles of scotch, okay?

I wouldn't mind being that note.

"Konitz the great" "The super male"

You said it.

You know something? l'm starting to like you.

FiII it up. Check the water and oil as welI.

Well, shall l go? Yes, but be careful.

Stay in view, and don't go near the phone.

And when you talk to the cashier, make sure I can see your face.

Don't do anything stupid.

We don't need anymore trouble.

How long have you been married?

Nine years.

What a drag.

Any kids?

Why don't you mind your own damned business?

Please, just act normal.

When we leave, call the police and tell them the man in our car...

We're in the hands of a...

Whisky and Marlboro cigarettes.

Hey, journalist. I had an idea.

An idea? Unbelievable!

What if l hired you?

What? I'm offering you a job.

Working for me. Regular pay and everything.

And who do l have to kill?

You don't need to kill anyone. Write a book for me, and l'Il pay you.

$50,000. 1 00,000, what do you say?

Come to Mexico with me. Expenses paid, plus 1 00,000.

It's a good offer.

We can bring her as well, if you want.

If not, we'll send her back to daddy.

What book?

About me.

About aII of this. Who do you think you are, Al Capone?

You're a two-bit killer. Who cares about your story?

Idiot, it's yours as well.

You're a journaIist who got caught up in an exceptional adventure.

You've been looking for an opportunity like this for years.

WelI now you've got it. Look at me.

I'm your opportunity.

Keep the change. Thank you, sir.

Well, are you in?


WiIl you tell me what's going on?

Why would you do alI that? What's in it for you?

To see your name printed in a book.

The newspapers aren't enough for you.

You even think you're worthy enough of being a literary character.

What are you talking about?

Damn it, I don't understand you sometimes.

I'm doing it because...

If anything happens, I want people to know why.

What the helI are you taIking about? And you'll telI them.

I'II tell them but nobody will buy the book.

What book? Why not? lt's a great story, full of sex and violence.

"Me' my wife' and the kilIer, by Walter Mancini"

We haven't seen much sex... but I'll take care of that soon.

You count on it, and it will make a ton of cash!

They might even make a movie out of it.

What book, which fiIm? Will you explain?

What is all this nonsense?

Don't you see he's insane?

I'm just trying to play along.

It's our only hope to get out alive.

Is it tight?


Have you finished, nurse?

Good. Go and get the recorder.

Then get your pretty butt in the kitchen and get to work.

I could eat a horse.

What are you waiting for?

Remember, beautiful, make sure I can see you.

Are you ready?

Where do we start?

I usually start with the parents.

An unhappy childhood.

An aIcoholic father who beats his wife and child every night.

Perhaps he contracted syphilis.

Bad company.

The first robbery.

An apple, you were starving, and the reformatories, etc...

Or, if you prefer...

A father always out of work.

Even better if he's a disabled war veteran.

Then we can throw the blame on society and the ruling cIass.

Mother, forced to work the streets to feed her family... and keep her beloved son in school.

But at school his friends call him, "Son of a bitch..."

They're not entirely wrong.

But he gets upset all the same and he hits some of them.

Result, expulsion and reformatory.

Is that better?

Did you hear what l said, Konitz? lt's aIl wrong. You're way off the mark.

My father was a postal worker. An example of righteousness.

He was a saver.

Even the house I was born in was ours.

If you'd seen what it was like.

AlI paid for out of their hard-earned savings.

A fairy tale house with curtains on the windows...

Embroidered pIacemats on the table. Embroidered by mummy.

Poor thing' she was so house-proud. I loved them so much.

And they loved me as well. Never a raised voice, not even a smack.

Two really adorable people.

I never had any probIems with them.

Two little angels.

Two of the worst peopIe I ever met.

Okay, Freud won't help.

Clear the table and put the recorder away while I tie him up.

You want to tie me up? Why?

You heard what I said, move it.

Listen, I'm sorry, but I have to sleep as well.

Now behave and put your hands behind the chair.

You'll break my wrist. Really?

Hey, beautiful.

Bring me that bottle!

Leave her alone, you son of a bitch!

It's for the book, WaIter. Some sex, right?

Sex and violence we said.

What the heIl wiIl you write if I don't give you material?

How are you going to write a best seller?

All I'll write for you is your epitaph!

Leave her alone! Leave her, you coward!

Hello, foIks. My name's Oaks.

He's Hawk.

We used to work for that Judas over there.

Where's the money?

Oaks, I found the suitcase!

Is it all there? Yes, can't you see?

Quick, untie me.

Leave that rope alone! Shall I kill them now?

And we'll get out of here.

Don't be a fool. You need us, just like Konitz did.

We can get you to the border. The same deal we had with him.

KilIing us would be a mistake. Shut up!

He's right, Adam wasn't stupid.

We'll use them as cover untiI they're useful.

Then we'll see, got it?

Leave it to me.

Trust me.

My friend's very sensitive.

And with everything that's happened, he's nervous.

Then what the helI are you waiting for? Untie me.

My hand's injured. Sure.

When we get to Mexico...

You won't bring Katie along, right?

She's not coming down there with us. Try to understand.

She's just the mother of my children. I don't give a fuck about your kids!

I'm warning you. She means nothing to me. l don't care about her. I'll kill her!

I'm warning you, I'll kill that whore!

Listen' Walter... Forget it, I don't feel like talking.

We have to talk. We've got to discuss it.

What is he doing?

He's crazy!

Let him overtake.

There's no space! We'll end up over the side!

Stay in the middle!

What does that son of a bitch want? What does he want from us?

Dear god, accelerate!

Has he stopped? l don't know.

I don't know.

Where's my gun?

Where's the gun?


What does he want?

Stop the car!

I'll kill him!

Let me go, I'Il shoot him!


Calm down.

It's all over.

Start the engine.

Look out!

Son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!

Hold it, journalist!


The queer missed me.

I saw him lower his gun.

I played dead pretty well, didn't I?

This isn't a typewriter.

I'II write that you're immortal. A real comic book hero.

Yes, Superman.

What's wrong with her?

She passed out.

Help me get him to a hospital.

I don't want anything' the money's yours, I just want...

Yes, queer. I'll help him.

Calm down. We'll save your little friend.

Thanks, l'll never forget this.

Forget about it.

Can he walk? Yes, sure.

Then get him on his feet.

Help him! Don't just stand there!

No, in the truck!

In the truck!

I'm releasing you. Don't worry, l said l liked you.

I'm releasing you. The border's cIose.

You're fired before you start.

I'd prefer it if you stayed here until we're far away.

Let's go.

It,s been a pleasure, Kuntz, or whatever the hell your name is.

What about the money? Right, I forgot.

I'll get it.

What are you doing?

Farewell, queer!

You must be a real martyr, right journalist?

Fuck you, murderer!

How are you, beautiful?

Long time no see.

I remember that time dad found an extra $20 in his wage packet.

It was the weekend. A weekend of passion.

They spent alI their time talking about it, like frightened rabbits... wondering if they should give it back.

You hear that? For $20.

The foIlowing Monday, very early...

He went to the office with that $20. His eyes shone with pride.

To do his duty as a modeI employee.

And you know what, journalist?

The week before l asked him for five doIlars, five miserable dollars!

I had to buy a ball. That ball was important to me!

You know what he said?

He said, use your pocket money, son.

Sure, my pocket money.

He gave me two dollars every Saturday to treat myself.

Two dollars a week to treat myself.

What have you got to say about that?

I say that story wouldn't even move my grandmother.

Most peopIe are on your father's side, because they're like him.

And they're the ones who buy books.


So you started stealing. That very night I stoIe $20 from his wallet while he was sleeping.

I laughed my ass off the next day.

And it took them more than two days to figure it out.

Was it fun kiIling someone for the first time?

Don't get moralistic with me. I don't give a fuck about morality.

I'm interviewing you, remember? Right, then listen... l figured something out, killing peopIe is Iike having debts.

The more you've got, the more they respect you.

You haven't understood a thing, my friend.

The smart ones don't go around shooting like you do.

What do they do? They steal with the help of the law.

Ever heard of that? Sure, and marry the boss' daughter.

You're a two-bit killer, Konitz.

And sooner or later the cops will catch up with you.

Shut up!

You're already dead! You're a dead man walking!

Stop it! I can't take it anymore!

The interview's over.

Start the engine!

Turn right up ahead.

Get out.

Why are we here? Don't ask stupid questions.

It's the perfect pIace for an execution.

Is this where you kill us, Konitz?

You, get in the caravan.

Why? Don't argue, move!

Get in there!

Don't do anything stupid!

I promised.

Stand up and get me something to eat.

The man found dead in the white Pontiac has been identified by the police.

His name's Robert Finnegan, an Irishman, 42 years old...

Who made headlines Iast year when he escaped from a psychiatric institute.

On that occasion two inmates escaped with Finnegan and stiIl remain at large.

Their names are Lewis HoIt, 23 years old...

Don't you want to know who the other man was?

Like I don't know.

Hawk and Oaks. Oaks and Hawk.

The inseparable queers. The happy coupIe.

Right, Hawk and Oaks.

Have you noticed, Konitz...

Only queers know what real love is these days.

You're great, Mancini. You really are great.

No, I'm not kidding. We're making a real mess.

Men on one side and women on the other.

A society of homosexuals. Haven't you noticed?

You don't get it, do you?

Quite right.

You're all faggots. Speak for your husband, whore.

No, that includes you, too. What do you think?

The great fuckers.

He uses my body to jerk himself off. lsn't that right, Walter?

And you make love with your gun.

I bet every time you use it you feel more virile.

More of a man.

Don't move! Now I'm going to give you a front-row seat... because it's time for the show to start.

About time, right?

Do you want a drink?

You might need it.

What about you?

Come here.

You liked it, right?

I'd say you liked it a lot. Tell him I'm a faggot.

I bet you've never made her scream Iike l did.

You just need to know where to touch her.

She'd never stop making love.

You like it.

I might even take you with me.

What do you say?

It,s Iike a wind-up toy. You turn the key and it moves!

You're crazy, Konitz.

I feel sorry for you.

You can't do anything. You're sick.

AII that hurry to turn off the radio before they said the other guy's name.

The name of the third man who escaped from a lunatic asylum.

It was you' wasn't it? Careful, Μartini.

You're a poor mental patient, you need to humiliate everyone.

Everyone you meet. Me, her!

You've taken it badly, Martini.

I see you've really taken it badly. She doesn't look humiliated to me.

TeIl him. Tell him if you feel humiliated.

Let,s go inside. I'm cold.

It,s been very educational meeting you, but most of all...

Meeting your wife.

It's a pity we never got to write that book.

But you see tomorrow I'll finally be in Mexico... worrying about how I'm going to spend two milIion dollars.

Goodbye, journalist.

If I hadn't shot him he would have killed us.

Yes, he would have killed us.

Now go and prepare some coffee. We need it.

We have to go to the police, WaIter.

We'll tell them what happened. They'll understand, right?

I'll be right back.

It's pointless.


Questions, interrogations.

Statements and more statements.

We'lI have to repeat the same things dozens and dozens of time.

We don't have to tell the police or anyone else.

Nobody knows we met him.

The two policemen are dead. His accompIices are dead.

All we have to do is leave him here.

As if nothing's happened.

Walter, the money!

So what?

What do you mean?

What do you mean, Walter?

It means it's two million dollars.

And there are lots of things you can do with two million dollars.

Lots of beautiful things. You're crazy!

It belongs to Gastex. You heard the radio.

You want me to cry about the future of Gastex?

Don't talk nonsense. You don't understand.

What don't I understand? Shut up!

The salaries will be paid. The insurance will take care of it.

And the people who pay for these risks will pay the insurance company.

They're all just damned opportunists!

Enormous profits made from your money and mine.

And thousands of idiots like us.

Look, we're not steaIing from anyone, we're stealing from thieves, Gastex.

For years l paid their price for gas, and now I'm getting a refund.

If they don't find the money on him they'll keep looking for it.

It wilI never end. Then let them look.

They're hardIy going to ask us. We had nothing to do with it.

Who saw us?

Do you get it now? You're very smart.

Very smart.

What the helI's going on?

Accelerate slowly.

Not so fast! Slower!

It's getting deeper! Don't shout like that!

Put it in gear first, then accelerate slowly.

What's going on? It's the battery.

Now what do we do?

You have to give up, Walter.

Do you want me to do what Konitz' father did?

I'II go to Gastex with the suitcase in my hand and l'll tell them...

Gentlemen, Father Christmas made a little mistake with the accounts...

I've got an extra two million dollars in my sack.

You want me to do that? You sound just like Konitz.

Soon we'll be rich and happy. Cheer up, beautiful!

Don't you ever call me that again!

No, IittIe mouse? Don't touch me!

Mother of god, what happened here?

What happened?

The car got stuck and the engine's playing up.

Looks like you're in real trouble.

How did you end up here? It was an accident.

We were looking for somewhere to rest for a few hours.

We crossed the border at Nevada.

I'm an Italian journalist, my name's Mancini and this is my wife, Eve.

And I look after this quarry, my name's Mendoza. lt's a good thing you came. With your help we might make it.

Maybe. Let's hope so.

Is there a mechanic around here?

I'm willing to pay for the trouble if you'll take me there.

A mechanic around here?

There's a mechanic a couple of miles from here... but I must say oId Pancho ViIIa can probably fix this.

Who? Pancho Villa's my truck.

We'd better get to work. l'll get the cable.

Give that money back, WaIter.

Don't talk nonsense. Give it to the police.

It's mine.

I'd never be able to Iook at myself in the mirror if l didn't keep it.

Consider it compensation for damages.

Yes, I get it now.

Your wounded male pride because he screwed your wife' is that it?

You're a real looker, like Konitz said. A hell of a looker.

But my god, Eve' don't te;; me you think you're worth two million doI;ars.

Did you see them? Who?

They ;ook terrified. They must be rich.

Have you seen the caravan they've got outside?

Have you finished? Yes.

How much?

O;d man, you want to buy four poor kids breakfast?

Maybe some cigarette as wel;.

Try earning what you eat.

And how's that? Right, doing what, for example?

Working, for example.

Don't be so mean. You're a millionaire, remember?

Keep it. Thanks.

Thanks lady, that's real kind.

She's a good Samaritan.

She gives food to the poor.

She'Il never refuse anyone a ride, and she encourages kids to beg. ln other words, she loves her neighbour unless it's her husband.

Give me a drink.


Like old times.

When will you get rid of it? Konitz's body?

Not yet. But it's dangerous. l said not yet. But why?


Sons of bitches!

Hey, millionaire!

You want to give us a job?

You're deranged criminals!

Goodbye, assho;e!

If you didn't ta;k to the first peop;e you meet.

Right now you'd be down two mi;lion dollars.

Peter, go up there and see if they're coming.

Are they coming? They'l; be here in one minute.

What if the money's marked. You're coming round.

It doesn't make you sick anymore. I never said it made me sick.

It frightens me! Shut up! l know how to change it.

You seem to know everything. Right, I know everything.

Despite what you and your father think I know what I'm doing.

Sons of bitches!

How's it going, millionaire?

How much is it?

$300. Not bad!

What a bunch of fools!

Help me!

Poor Eve. Wait, I'll be right back.

I,m the journalist and you're the criminal genius.

I'm the genius! Not you, fool.

It's strange. Really strange.

I thought about it for hours.

But I didn't know how.

How can I get rid of you?

Those idiots have solved the prob;em.

It would have been pointless starting over, don't you agree?

We'd argue all the time.

Believe me, this is the best solution.

I toId you I knew exactly what I was doing.

Now do you see why l kept his body?

If it hadn't been for them I'd have done the same thing 1 5 miIes down.

Farewell, Εve.