Autumn in New York (2000) Script

Sorry. Are you alright? I'm getting my radar fixed Monday.

You live in New York? I do.

Lynn! There you are! I didn't see you there. You are shameless.

That woman was 6 months pregnant. Which is the reason I flirted with her.

It made her day. It made her feel really good.

So, it was out of compassion, right? I知 working on it.

Good. What about the other woman? Blind.

Blind. Blind... like love.

So what about tonight? Am I going to see you? Should I come to the restaurant?

Tonight's not good. It's... so busy tonight. I don't think so.

Maybe I'll come by and surprise you. I don't like surprises actually, no.

Come on!

I知 looking to see the Chilean Sea Bass.

It's not on the sideboard? No. I see no Bass.

I知 gonna kill that son-of-a-bitch! Fakir! Did you move my fish?

I知 talking to you. Did you move my fish?

Could it be this one lying here disguised as an Artic Char?

Artic Char! The other son-of-a-bitch, Glucksman, who calls himself the fish man.

Boss, I知 getting pissed. I validate that emotion. Netto, Problem!

Yes, boss. Bouillabaisse?

In there 20 minutes. This pot is empty.

This pot is bouillabaisse-less. Fakir! What did I tell you?

You got a minute, boss? Yeah. Where'd it go?

Taste it. Tumeric.

No tumeric! How much? Three or four?

Four. You're right. Perfect. Congratulations!

Excuse me? I知 here to meet Will.

Of course.

I know, I got it, I got it.

What happened to Lynn?

I believe I baked that cake.

Light up the oven. There's a fresh bowl of batter at the door.

I知 an easy-going guy, right?

I知 good to my staff. I treat them well. Is that a mistake?

Because, an occasion, one of them has stepped over the line and said very... familiar things about my private life. If I didn't feel like...

I was leading these poor women to the slaughter one after the other...

I could build a shute to keep a count by the front door.

So, warning you has no effect? No. It's like a Greek tragedy, isn't it?

OK guys, I've got bad news. I知 kicking you out... so other people may eat. Here are your checks.

The good news is the bar drinks are on me. Tommy?

You got it. Thanks.

Lady, what am I gonna do with you? You're killing me.

Us? Come on! How about I set you up out on the patio?

Out on the patio? Before my bartender leaves his wife.

I was divorcing her anyway. Restrain yourself, Tommy.


Are you too busy? It's frantic tonight, a madhouse.

Can you bear with me 2 minutes? Sure.

Alright, I'll be back.

We got the heat going now. Billy? The heat's gonna be up all the way around?

I got this and the champagne is coming in any second.

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear Charlotte...

Happy Birthday to you...

Everything okay? I'll come back later.

Finally. I知 sorry. You alright? Is that Will Keane? It sure is.

He hasn't changed a bit. What did you do, make a deal with the devil?

I知 sorry, do... Come on. It痴 Dolores Talridge.

Dolly? I can't believe it... Be careful of the cocktail.

Oh my God... I know.

Time has kicked my ass a little. No, don't be silly. You look wonderful.

Will... spare me the bullshit.

Honey, are you feeling alright? You look sort of sea foam green.

I知 fine. It痴 him.

He's how old? Who cares? lf he's rich as well, you might have a fight on your hands.

I want you all to meet an old chum of mine. He's irresistible.

He's Will Keane. And he owns this overpriced establishment.

Overpriced? I can't believe you'd say... Where else are you gonna find a beet salad... for under 35 bucks? I loved the Chilean Sea Bass. I'm Shannon.

Shannon. Thank you. I知 Simon.

Hi Simon. Nice to meet you.

You too. May I ask whose birthday this is?

The birthday girl happens to be my granddaughter, Charlotte.

It痴 not Katie's daughter?

You bet. She's got Katie's eyes, hasn't she?

And talent! Forget about it.

Do you know that this kid made from scratch all these crazy hats?

They're great. Then she got serious with mine.

Pretty sassy, isn't it? Very elegant.

Isn't it divine? You're not kidding about this?

Have I ever lied to you?

No, it's wonderful. Really wonderful work.

Do you speak?

Thank you. So, you're Katie's daughter.

So that makes you about... Twenty-two and never been kissed.

No, I don't buy that. Happy Birthday, Charlotte.

Thank you. Great to see you again, Dolly.

Great to see you, Will. Go right in there. There you go.

Great seeing you. Bye. Be still my beating heart.

Or, is that yours? I think it's mine.

He's cute but he's a little old for Charlotte.

He's simply fabulous. How do you know him?

From Newport. He's an old friend of your Mom's.

Thanks, Melissa. Good night.

When Will Keane comps 3 bottles of Crystal to an underage girl, I know what'll happen.

She's not underage. She's 22.

I know her grandmother. Tell me you're not gonna date her.

The grandmother? I promise I知 never touching that woman.

You know what's wrong with people like you? Too much sex. It melts the brain.

Here we go. No worry about that around our house.

I知 on your side. I知 the good guy.

I知 sorry. I melt at least 3 times a week.

Is he lucky I知 off the market or what? They wouldn't even look at him.

You hear? They wouldn't look at you. You're going to do this, aren't you?

What is it with you two?

Will you give me some credit?

I smile at this girl, she bushes from head to toe. Why would I do this?

Knock it off. You'd kill to be in his place.

Okay bitch, I知 ready. Not me!

Can we start with "good-morning"? My God, I知 so sorry. Who is this?


You? I guess.

Who'd you think it was? My friend, Simon.

He always call me the morning after to... dish.

Do you want to talk to my grandmother? No, I was calling you.

You were? I got this little problem.

I thought you could help me out. I got a Benefit coming up. One of those... black tie worthy cause, lousy food kind of thing.

And I was wondering... I'd like you to make a hat... for me. Actually, not for me, it's for my date.

I don't wear hats, except to Yankee games.

The problem is that I don't know her hat size and I don't want to ask her... because it's a surprise. Was it that woman you were with last night?


Cause she had an abnormally small head.

It might account for the limited conversation.

I could always put in an adjustable band.

That's perfect. Wonderful. It is risky doing it this way.

You can do it. Life rewards the courageous few. You can do this.

Can you give me a point of inspiration?

Like what? Like an image. This hat is like...

Like the line of a woman's hip.

Okay. When can I have it?

Let's say... two weeks. Great!

I'll give you till Thursday, 4 o'clock. Okay. Wow.

One other thing... you say "wow" an awful lot. I know.

You're a grown-up now.

When is that going to stop? Soon.

I'll see you Thursday. Okay. Bye.


Mikey, how you doing? I can't complain.

You're early, aren't you?

In this soup, you're better safe than sorry.

Will Keane? Visitor.

He's going to a fancy party tonight.

He's up on twenty-four. I'll key the elevator for you.

Tony, this was not an ace Parmesan from Froman's...

Tony, this was more like a pepperino from Scarsdale...

I know the difference!

It痴 a different price.

You're late. I know.

I知 so sorry. I tried to get a cab and couldn't. I took the subway and...

Yeah, yeah, it's alright.

What's the point of being young and beautiful if it's not to keep men waiting.

In fact...

I知 disappointed. I was looking forward to at least another half-hour of suspense.

I could leave and come back. Too late.

So, whaddya got?

Try it on. I知 soaked.

It痴 alright. Go ahead. Try it on.

You have to imagine it on your friend.

Is it the line of a woman's hip?

Is it? Yes.

What a shame. Why?

She stood me up. Who?

My date. She called an hour ago; said she had a cold.

It sounded more like the hiccups to me.

So, you mean you're not going to go? Alone? No, no...



No... no...

Wait, no... wait... No. Forget it.

No wait, what were you going to say?

I don't know. I don't know.

You wouldn't want to go, would you?

Great. Forget it. Thanks.

Thank you very much.

It's just...

You've got the hiccups! Are you kidding? I'd go in a heartbeat.

You're fabulous! Yeah?

Oh dear...

It must be me. Must be.

Do you think I知 too old for you? No, I collect antiques.

Or I aspire to.

We appreciate it.

I would love to go, but I知 a disaster.

I think with a little plaster and a little paint, you're as good as new.

Do you wanna see the dress?

There's a dress?

If you need me for anything, I'll be in the back.

I知 curious. What made you choose my restaurant for your party?

I had to pick a place for my party. I read that article about you.

The magazine! The magazine.

It's so embarrassing. No. I liked it.

You don't dance. You float.

That's from my dad.

I used to stand on his feet. I was floating!

My mom was a great dancer too.

But, you knew that. Maybe.

We danced a couple of times.

Now you're dancing with me. How weird is that?

She was very special.

I had great parents. I was lucky.

Shall we do this?

Here you go!

Do you want something to drink? Yes, champagne please.

I'll get you one. Sit at the table and I値l be over in a second.

I had to come. I work at the museum. What's your excuse?

A date... sort of. With Will Keane, right?

Yeah, do you know him? Only by reputation.

I知 Lisa Biloy. I知 Charlotte.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.

What's he like?

Damn it, I see a huge donor disappearing. I gotta go.

Enjoy yourself. Yes, you too.

Here you go. Thank you.

Who was that? Lisa somebody.

Here's to... Us!

Some people star to fall into recognizable patterns.

The next step is that... immediately... you know people... on sight. And if it's a woman... it's a romance, forget it. It's just... this majorly chilling effect 'cause you know exactly in the beginning... what's going to happen in the end.

What I like about you is I find you... completely unprecedented... and therefore, utterly unpredictable.

God! That must be a relief.


To finally deliver that speech to a woman and have it apply to there.

Because, coincidentally, I am all those things you just said.

Yes. And so much more.

My yoga teacher calls me a "unique".

Come again? A unique.

A unique. He's a very wise man. Are you sure he's not hitting on you?

It痴 a woman! You are what she would call a "typical".

Really? Yes! Really.

I can prove it too. You want me to?

Okay, try. Alright...

Come here.

I知 serious.



Close enough?

Yes. I was hoping gravity would do the rest.

Maybe I am "typical".

We should go.

I can smell the rain.

When did I learn how to do that?

What should we do, Will...

with this moment that we're in?

Boy, do you look guilty.

I知 thinking.

You hungry? Yep.

Didn't anyone ever tell you it was bad manners... to stare at a girl while she's eating like a pig?

This isn't right.

You... you are...


Yes, and I am...


Older. Much older.

Alright, much older. The point is...

Look, I could put this off, but I genuinely like you.

I want to be clear from the start, so there's no confusion later on, okay?

What I want to say to you is that... all I知 able to offer you... is this... what we have right now. Nothing more.

Until it ends.

What I mean is.. we have no future.

I know.

I知 sick.

What do you mean?

It痴 my heart.

Nobody even thought I'd last this long.

I could've put off telling you but...

I genuinely like you.

I wanted to be clear right from the start... so there was no chance for any confusion later.

She's the perfect woman. Young, beautiful and on her way out.

Not funny, John. I know it's not. It痴 sad.

She's so young. No, I mean you're sad.

Even this, as far as it's gone. You shouldn't be doing this.

Why not? 'Cause it's out of whack.

It doesn't feel totally out of whack.

It doesn't feel totally out of whack to you because you're looking at her.

I知 looking at you and it's fucked. There ain't a right angle in it.

Alright... I end it.

I don't know.

Make up your mind! What do you want me to do?

I don't know. Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it makes a sad girl happy and a desperate guy think. Anyway you look at it, one thing... treat her nice.

What do you mean, "desperate"?

Treat her nice.

Well, well... Well, well...

She'll be right down.

She's upstairs, gilding the lily, so to speak.

He's here! I知 coming!

Now, come on. Do come in.

These are for you, Dolly.

Thank you very much.

They are "Loverly".

Aren't they... lovely?

Care for a "cock-i-tail"?

Yeah, sure. Scotch?

Neat, please. My kind of guy.

Sorry about the mess. My maid died 14 years ago... and I have found it absolutely impossible to replace her.

What can I say, Will? Time is a thief.

One day, you're rich as an Arab.

Next day, you're lucky if you can afford pistachio nuts.

It痴 funny. Most of us are young for what? About a minute and a half?

Not Katie. Katie will be young forever.

So will the guy she married.

I console myself with that idea sometimes.

Who'd have thought what time had in store for her.

I知 sorry. I should have called after the accident.

Then, on the other hand... time is in love with some people.

Like you, for instance.

You look exactly the same!

Please... Handsome as ever.

And up to your old tricks... looks like to me.

Look, Dolly... Leave her alone!

She's sick.

Will, she's really sick.

What are you guys talking about? Nothing.

Just how much you look like your mom, is all.

Yes... Yes, you do.

Are you ready?

Yes. Bye Dolly.

Don't listen to her.

Have fun!

You gotta look on the bright side. lf I wasn't sick... this would not work. There is no way that we would be sitting here.

We're totally wrong for each other.

We're totally wrong for each other. I know. I could be your father.

I prefer, Uncle.

Do you think we should break this off?

Afraid you might feel something?

Well, look at it this way.

We can have it real, which we both know is way better.

And, you wouldn't have to pay full price... because, in a year or so...

I'd be just this sob story you could use to bag more chicks.

That is a pathetic characterization.

I don't know. I don't accept that.

The stench of truth.

"O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!

Thy winds, they wide grey skies!

Thy mists, that roll and rise!"

It does feel like rain. You wanna get a cup of coffee, and go to the West side?

No, no. You'd abandon the universe... and me for a cafe late? No, let's not do it. Let's not do no thoughtless thing.

We can't talk about he fact that you're sick?

I知 right here, right now.

Let's talk about you.

Come on, 49 years... 48!

All right, 48 years. Come on, tell me about it. Give it. Share it.

You look at me in a way that I haven't quite earned.

Then earn it.

Earn it, please.

What do you want me to do?

I知 yours. What is it?

What are you doing?

I知 keeping it.

This is my watch. Yep.

When do I get it back? When you forget that I have it.

Mix this up a little bit...



Your mother used to do that.

Really? Yep.

That's how we met. I was a waiter... at the Beach Club. Whenever I'd pass with a tray, she's steal the garnish.

What else did she do?

What do you mean?

I don't know. Little things.

She'd eat her ice cream with a fork.

Really? Really. Yeah.

She wrote great letters...

But she couldn't spell.

She was a McGovern Democrat but incredibly snobbish.

She hummed all the time.

And Stephen Stills was her favorite singer.


Never mind.

What else?

Considering the time... she was actually... pretty straight. I think she only tried drugs once.

There was a lifeguard who gave her a hash brownie.

She threw it up all over him.

She laughed just like that.

Words and poetry is what she loved.

She was a "unique".

Okay, you guys.

How about a toast?

Welcome to Charlotte.


Cheers! Thanks, you guys.

You know, call me crazy... but I could swear your friends like me more... than they like you. That's altogether possible.

My friends definitely like me more. What's your point?

That I知 way out front in the love race.

Love? Love is not a race. Our love is.

Our love? Yes, we're going for it, aren't we?

Why not?

Alright, I have to tell you something. What?

I never had a date for the benefit.

Really? Yeah.

I was kind of wondering about that.

I made that hat for myself? Yes.

You bought that dress for me? Yeah.

You did all that so you could get a hold of me and muss me up?


First of all, you have great taste because that dress was amazing.

Thank you. And second, you didn't have to lie.

If you wanted to seduce me, all you had to do was ask.

That's not seducing, that is asking.

Besides - I don't know why - but women seem to love it when you lie to them.

There isn't a lie in the world I'd rather hear than the truth.

There she goes again, stepping out on me and breaking my heart.

Even he likes me more.

You're fired.

Come on, it's just... No! Ouch! Ouch!

I can't believe this!

Breathe, breathe.

Breathe... are you alright?

That's not accurate. Neuroblastoma is a soft-tissue malignancy, but not a cancer.

Most common in children. Very rare in young adults.

In Charlotte's case... the tumor is in her chest cavity.

It痴 growing rapidly, it's proved resistant to both the radiation... and the chemotherapy. What about alternative therapies?

Eastern medicine...?

You don't hum this away.

Charlotte is the expert in that area.

Eventually, she'll be treated for pain.

I suppose, as a final effort... surgery could become on option.

But it's risky. So risky that Charlotte has... signed a directive forbidding it, or any other form... of heroic intervention.

All right.

Do you have any idea... about time?

A year. Maybe a year, at best.

Real charmer, isn't she?

How are you on Cambodian money units?

Are you okay there? Yes, thank you.

That's incredible.

Doesn't it look exactly like something she would have worn?


"Hope is a thing with feathers That perches in the soul."

Woody Allen?

Emily Dickinson! Only the greatest poet ever! Uncultured swine.

We all have our areas. I知 a food guy. Why don't you ask me about food.

Why are you the food guy? What is it about the food?

Food... food is the only... beautiful thing that truly nourishes.

Is that a quote?

That's me.

Excuse me? Excuse me? Yes.

The woman who just passed by here and went in the door...?

Yes? It's not Lisa, is it?

Yes. Lisa Tyler?


Could you...?

No. Thanks.

Hello. Come in. Oh, you look so great.

Where are the girls? They're upstairs.

I知 going to run up and say hi.

You're a dog. Oh, man!

There's stuff... in the kitchen.

You want to give the candy to the trick-or-treaters... when they come?

One, two, three, go! Go!

Ricky, don't laugh, or you're going to get snot in the water.

Snot? Where is this snot in the water? Can I get you a bone or something?

Don't bite anything that's not an apple.

Guess who?

It's Wonder Woman. No.

Get your hands out of there. I got it!

We got the champ! Let me give you a hint.

I was the best thing that ever happened to you.

It couldn't be Lynn McHale. God! You are really bad!

Lynn! I can't believe it!

Where are the kids? Upstairs in their room.

Keep bobbing for apples in there.

Just one more. Please...?

But then you're going to have to promise you're going to get in your jammies.

Yes. You promise?

Which one?

I know, "Butterflies".

"Two butterflies... went out at noon..."

"And waltzed above a stream..."

"Then stepped straight through the firmament... and rested on a beam."

"And then together bore away... upon a shining...sea."

"Though never yet, in any port... their coming mentioned me..."

In my day, you bobbed for the apple... may there's a nickel in it but... you eat the apple! Your little animals, grab the coin and run for the door.

They're off to by crack. Definitely.

Where's my little puppy dog? I think he's upstairs.

There you are. Hi.

We were just up on the roof checking out...

The kids are sleeping. John's got this amazing set-up there.

Lynn, I want you to meet Charlotte.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Something tells me you're upset with me.

What is it?

I was just wondering if...

if you had sex with that woman?

With Lynn? Ever?

The answer to that is kind of obvious. She's an old girlfriend.

You knew that. I meant... tonight.

On the roof. You're not serious?

You are serious. no! No, of course not.

First off, it's... it's not exactly my style. Second...

You have a girlfriend.

Isn't that for me to say?

As far as Lynn goes, why would I do that? It doesn't make any sense.

I know. I mean, that's what I was thinking... we're... so happy... What would be his reason?

I thought, God, if he did do it, then you'd at least look... guilty.

And you don't. You look totally relaxed.

You look more relaxed... than before the party started.

Well... there you go.

But, you're a womanizer.

You were a womanizer.

What is that exactly? Here we go.

That's a guy who has sex with a lot of women and is good at lying about it.

Yes. But in this case I don't have anything to lie about. Nothing happened!

There's something about being sick... in my heart.

It痴 like I can feel every beat.

I値l know if you're lying.

Oh, God!

Oh, my God!

Can you pull over, please? Don't do this.

Charlotte! Charlotte! Why?

Look, I never pretended to be... what I知 not.

Why?! Why?!

All right, fine, why? Why?

Because I felt like it.

Because nothing stopped me!

What about love?

Why do you have to be so juvenile?! It was nothing.

It was nothing! It meant nothing!

If I could be different... I would.

What about love?

You know what?

This was all wrong. This was a mistake, right from the beginning.

You're a kid... I知 a creep.

You've got better things to do with your last... with your time... than spend it with a man like me.

Look who's here. The Belle of Amherst.

I've seen that face before.

You have? On several occasions.

All for the same reason.

You said Mom and Will were just friends.

They were friends. But she was just nuts about him.

She never slept with him.

Maybe because she was an old-fashioned girl.

But she was smart.

Until she made the big mistake. She told him how she really felt.

It was up in Newport at the club.

Labor Day weekend. Big clam bake.

Well, what happened?

Next thing you knew, he was knocking up Millie What's-her-name in a cabana.

Millie? Your mother's doubles partner.

Why didn't you tell me any of this?

You know, you could have warned me. I could have. But I didn't.

You never talk to me. You never tell me what to do.

Charlotte, take a good look at me.

You want me to tell you what to do?

Yes! You're my family!

You're my family.

You're supposed to take care of me.

Where you been? Home.

I called you ten times. I had the ringer off.

I don't get it. What's to get? I was hanging out.

Something happen at my party? You were there. We had a good time.

Come on! What's going on? Nothing!

What is it, something with Charlotte?

We called it quits. You're shittin' me!

It痴 not exactly we called it quits, it was a more of, she called it quits.

What did you do? What do you mean...?

What did you do? What did l...?

Don't bullshit me. What did you do?

I had sex with Lynn McHale up on your roof.

You're kidding me.

No, I知 not kidding you.

Now she's gone. Totally.

I知 really sorry you did that.

I blew it.

Can you get her back?

I blew it. So?

So, I just go back to the way I was.

And how are you going to do that?

It was just going to get worse.

The more attachment on both sides, leading to what?

It痴 now or later, right?

I leave her a few months from now, she...

No, this is better. This is much better.

I wish the fuck I'd never met her.

I hate to tell you, but there's only two kinds of love stories.

Boy loses girl. Girl loses boy.

That's it. Somebody always gets left behind.

Try and avoid that, you'll end up an old man toasting yourself at Christmas.

Listen to me... I don't care! you're going to die in your own arms! I don't care! I want it over with now!

Mr. Keane. Good night, Michael.

You've got a visitor. She's been waiting almost an hour.


Sorry to disappoint you. No... you surprised me, that's all.

Did you get my letter?

What did you do with it, burn it?

I read it.

Do you want to come upstairs? No, thank you. I知 sorry.

I didn't plan this. I didn't plan to come.

Peter, my husband thought it was pointless.

But, as it turns out, I知 pregnant... just a few months.

Lisa! Congratulations! That's great. Thank you.

Anyway, that made me want to meet you.

I've been a little sentimental about parenthood lately.

Do you consider me your parent? In a lousy absentee sort of way, yeah.

So, how... how is Millie? Your mother? She's great. She's good.

Well, she's a nut. She went to Costa Rica last summer with some guy.

He owns a charter airline and wears sunglasses indoors.

I think he's a gun runner, but...

Do you really care? No. No.

I guess not.

What about you? How long have you lived in the city?

Just a few months. We moved from Austin.

If you hadn't been on that magazine...

I might not have recognized you. I only have one photograph and it's ancient.

I have one picture of you, too.

Just one. Your mother sent me one... a long time ago.

You must have been about twelve.

You had a horse.

Summer camp. My teeth are bigger than the horse's.

I hated that picture. I hate it. I don't. You were very beautiful.

And you haven't changed a bit.

I should go. Why?

I really just wanted to meet you. And maybe...

I don't know. What? Tell me.

It痴 not big deal. I've always had a fantasy that you were looking for me.

And all you really wanted was to say that you were sorry.

Lisa, I am.

Hey, can l... Can I call you?

How did you get in here?


Would you mind leaving now, please?

I need to talk to you.

I think you've wasted enough of my time.

What I did was... very wrong.

And stupid.

I have no excuses...

I did what I did because...

I was scared. You were a coward!

Can you forgive me?

You betrayed me! For what? Because you got the shakes?

I was scared. You don't think I知 scared?!

You don't think I知 hanging onto my courage by my fingernails!

Don't touch me! Get away from me! Get out of here!

Just go!

You're not good enough.

I know... I know I知 not.

I just...

Can you let me love you?


Please. Please...

Please let me try again.

I知 so tired.

"The stars are as soft as flowers and as near."

"The hills are webs of shadow..."

"...slowly spun."

"No separate leaf or single blade. All blend to one."

I love you.

We did it... that was great.

Bye! Bye!

Are you jealous?

You think...? I am not jealous! Yes you are!

Do I look jealous? I am not jealous. I知 a little jealous.

Wait, check me out. Excellent! Go! Go! Go!

Judges give it a ten! A perfect ten!



Mr. Keane... Tell me.

The repeat MRI and CAT scan show interval progression.

The tumor's grown. Yes.

Considerably. It痴 begun to obstruct the outflow from her heart.

I知 sorry, I wish there was...

There's very little we can do. We may be talking about weeks.

Weeks? I知 sorry.

You said she had a year! No, I said a year at best.

That's not good enough! You said a year!

I want to have a year! This is inappropriate.

Alright, sorry, sorry.

You said there would be a point when surgery... might be an option. lf Charlotte agrees to it.

Let's assume that she did. When would this operation take place?

When it's clear we're losing her.

Would you perform it? I am not a surgeon.

The point is not finding someone who's qualified.

It痴 finding someone who's qualified who is willing to do the operation.

Hey! Hey.

How are you? You okay? Yes.

How do you feel? Stoned.

You're killing my hand.

Charlotte, there's something I would like to talk to you about.

Don't. Heavy. No heavy.

Sibley and I have been talking... about surgery.

About the paper you signed.

No violins. Come on.

I知 fine.

Woody, you're the head of surgery... if you can't help me, who can?

Are you trying to tell me that in all of Mt. Sinai, there is not one single...

Yeah, Sibley told me that.

The 30th. Yeah, fine... blank.

Ok, when will the doctor be out of surgery?

This is urgent. I have a friend who says she's one of the few doc...

I知 sorry. Thank you.

Please, I don't... speak German.

Please, I'd like to speak to a doctor.

Where's the doctor?

He can't be in surgery for a week and a half. No! You do not hang up!...

She doesn't have long.

Weeks. Maybe less. And they can't do anything for her?

No, her doctor says when it's hopeless at the end... could be an option. Heroic surgery, she calls it.

That's why I知 out looking for someone to make sure that when the times... comes, it's a hero that performs it. I haven't found anybody yet though.

I can't find anybody who's even willing to attempt it. I will!

I知 going to find someone because I can't lose her.

It won't happen. She's too young.

I知 sorry. I知 here, but I have no right to be here.

There's no excuse for what I did to you, Lisa.

You're my child.

You needed me.

I知 so sorry.

I want to help you... find a surgeon.

I知 a researcher. I can find anyone. Even you.

What do you want for Christmas?

You can be really selfish about this... anything you want.

Or we can go somewhere... anywhere.

I値l take you to Bali... Timbuktu... Buffalo.

Don't you have a restaurant to run?

What's more important, is what do you want for Christmas?

No, you already gave me my present.

I forgot. Did you like it?

What was it again?

Misery, heartbreak, pain...

...happiness, love... life. I remember now.

What can I give you?

More of this.

Yeah? I've got him.

Oh Lisa, hold on, hold on.

Yeah, go ahead. His name is Tom Grandy.

Harvard undergrad. He's at the Cleveland Heart Institute.

Ohio?! It's one of the best in the world.

He did his residency at Brigham, cardiac surgery training at Cleveland.

He takes the cases no one else will touch. They say he's a miracle worker.

He spends a lot of time traveling, a lot of time lecturing.

I got you an appointment today at 12:30. Do not be late. He only has 15 minutes.

The surgeon that recommended him said if you can get him to take the case... know Charlotte's got a chance. He hates the fail.

Mr. Keane? Yeah, hi.

Thanks for a seeing me. I've got everything that you asked for.

Just once I'd like to get sent something simple.

That never happens anymore. The downside of being good at my job.

Good? My daughter was told you were the best.

Like most people, I do the best can.

Last time she passed out she regained consciousness almost immediately.

Next time, or the time after, she won't. When that happens, call me.

Room 17 is ready, Dr. Grandy.

They'll reach me wherever I am. I値l coordinate with Sibley.

I can't thank you enough. Thank you. I haven't done anything yet.

I知 home.


There you are.

Where were you today? What do you mean?

When you called, I thought you were at work... then when I called you back, John said you hadn't been in all day.

I was in Montclair, New Jersey.

Why? An opportunity.

Do you mean sexual or professional?


I mean, professional!

You get it in there without breaking it, I値l give you another 5 bucks.

Six dollars... six of you.

It痴 way too crowded. I知 way too claustrophobic.

I値l take the next one. You sure? Okay... bye. Help.

You're going away for the holidays? I doubt it.

Did Mr. Keane enjoy his trip? What trip?

Just yesterday. I wouldn't call that a trip.

I've never been to Ohio. It痴 amazing how little I've seen of this country.

Cool... I知 gonna get me some hot chocolate...

Is it straight? Not straight.

What were you doing in Ohio?

I had a meeting with heart specialist. He's willing to operate.

That's exactly what I didn't want you to do.

You went behind my back. You lied to me.

This what we talked about... Cut it out! Stop!

No, we talked about that!

You do not want to die! You want to live!

You think I haven't been through this? So many times!

I don't want to give people hope when there isn't any.

Why not? Maybe, we need hope.

Maybe, I need to know that I've done everything that I could do. lf I知 gonna...

What would I do, Will if you weren't here?

Where would I be? Seriously?

You'll never have to worry about that.

I値l do whatever I have to do.

I値l tear up the papers. I値l tell the doctors. Whatever you want.

Cause I really want...

I don't want to leave you.

You know?

No. No, no, no.

This is really good. What?

This is much better than mine. No, you didn't!

Yeah, I did. Oh, God!

Forgeries! Yeah, a lot of them.




What are you doing in there? Nothing.

Hey, no, no! Go back! Give me another minute, alright?

No, you're going to tire yourself out. This I've got to see!

Go back! Back! I can't believe it.

Oh, my God!

Alright. Almost.

Hold on, hold on.

Finishing up. Hold on now. Just a second.

Here we are. Okay! Alright. Surprise!

It痴 New York.

This is Grandy.

You won't have long. All right.

"Time cannot break... the bird's wing from the bird."

"The bird and wing together... go down, one feather."

"No thing that ever flew..."

"...not the lark, not you..."

"Can die as others do."

What have I done to you?

You ruined me for other women.

I saved you for them.

Is she type 創' cross 6 for units? What're we waiting for?

Just you, Doctor. Let's move!

I don't believe it. What?