Ava (2017) Script

See that dog?

I'll waste you!

Cut it out!

Cut it out now!

Give it a rest, Juan!

Come on.

No way. Why d'you bring your dog?

He came to see me.

No, I came to take her away.

I'm not going with you, ok!

Have you no shame? People are filming you!

Quit filming us! Piss off!

Stand aside!

Move along now!

What's going on?

Papers! Got none.

Come with us then.

What's up, vulture?

Shit, Mum!

What's wrong, honey?

Someone doesn't smell very sweet...


I want a dog.

Pass the talc, please.

Did you hear me?

Yes, you speak loud enough.

I want a dog.

I thought you didn't like pets.

Not all dogs are pets.

What are you talking about?

Please, Mum, get me a dog.

We'll see. We have to be up early.

No, let's cancel.

Stop it. We leave at 8.

But it's the holidays.

Stop it.

If I press, will something come out?

See anything? No.

And now?

Still nothing.

And now?

Have you sensed a change in low light?


Everyone has problems in low light.

That's true.

I told you about retinitis pigmentosa...

How your field of view will shrink and you'll lose night vision.

Before the circle closes.


It can happen very young.

I'm thirteen.

I know.


Listen to me.

Ava, come on...

Soon... you won't see well in low light.

At night, when a place is poorly lit, say.

You'll lose your sight soon.

Look at me, please.

We get your mum? No!

Ava, I have to.

I'm sorry.


Can you come in, please?

What's wrong?

Have a seat.

Stop, Mum. It's embarrassing.

I'm sorry.

I wish he was dead.


He ruined our summer.

My little birdie...


We'll have a crash.

We'll have a great summer, ok?

We have two weeks. That's good.

They won't spoil our summer. Screw them!


Pull slowly on the rope to come to the stop zone and face the wind there.

Everyone got that?

Place the yachts facing the wind, feed the rope in the pulleys and then we can get started.

Let's go!


Go on, move!

Ava, don't forget your goggles.

Facing the wind, I said!

By the way, obey Mathias.

He's helping with the beginners.

Careful, he's not much fun.

The Nazgûls. What?

They're freaky, huh? They're new.

A new town council.

What? Find the point on the map.

It's black like those horses.

I don't get it. You're in hell.

It's sunny, people seem happy, but, believe me, civilization's about to end.

Read the papers, look around.

Nothing but black.

Here she is!

Meet Tété!

Hello, Tété.

This is Ava, my other daughter.

Hi there, Ava.

How was the sand-yachting?

I dunno.

I'll go for a dip.

Coming in, Maud?

Do what you want.

Come with us. It's warm.


Sir... What?


Here, Lupo, water.

Good night, Lupo.

August 10th.

I took his dog.

He didn't see me, of course.

I've called him Lupo.

He looks like a wolf.

Hiya, it's me.


Mum, what're you doing?

What're you doing?

Remember when you were little?


You'd come to my room at night.

You'd put your little feet between my thighs.

It was so cute.

Get out now.

Get out of my bed!

Don't you want to talk?

You never talk to me.


Are you dating that guy?

I don't know.

What do you think?

He's a gigolo.

Why d'you say that?

He's way younger than you.


Thanks a lot!

Can I have a sleeping pill?

Are you crazy?

I have nightmares.

They're back?

They've never stopped.

Don't you have any?

I never remember my dreams.

I fall asleep, then I wake up.

That's it.

End of ride.


You're lucky.

I'm sorry.

Go back to bed.

You're right. Things'll be better tomorrow.

By the way...

Can you mind Inès at lunchtime?

Just two hours.


It'd help me out. Ok?

All right.

Thanks, kitten.

Try to sleep.

Good night...

Cut it out!

Here! Want some water?


Stop it! Stop it, please!

Look, it's moving.

Shut up!

August 11th.

Kids play in the garden.

I wish they'd drown and vanish.

The doctor said the hard part is accepting it.

My mum said nothing.

For the first time.


I'll do exercises to toughen myself.

I must develop my other senses.

Come on, Lupo, let's go.

The scarf smells of Mum. It's unsettling.

In a blindfold, it's as if I vanish.

Last night, snakes entered me through my eyes.

It's painful.

I was buried with the dead and the children, being eaten bit by bit.

First my legs and arms, then my head.

My eyes were bleeding.

I try not to sleep anymore.

A boy was fighting for a girl.

I keep thinking about it.

She was blond and sunny.

I'm dark and invisible.

Don't you realize!? She's a baby!

And you leave her alone for hours!

Are you totally mad?

The thing was in its cage!

Go to your room!

Don't get so damn hysterical, ok!

Go to your room!

Look after your own kid!

I'm not hysterical, I'm angry, stupid!

My mother is probably unhappy with a daughter like me.

I understand her.

I'm scared to be told, when I'm no longer aware of my face, "You look like your mum."

It seems Ava means, "I desire."

But what do I desire?

Everything ok, kitten?



Sorry, I came in. I'll go.


She said she'd be here?

More or less.

I guess she'll be back soon.

Are you ok?

I had a nightmare.

Yeah, your mum told me.

She told me about your eyes.

Don't get too involved.

My mum has no real feelings.

See what I mean?

I think so.

Got a boyfriend?


Why not?

I'm too mean.

Who said that?

I can tell.

My mother says I'm heartless.

She's right. I feel nothing.

Is that true?

For instance, I never cry.

It's true.

Sometimes, I want to die.

I think I'll kill myself.

That's bullshit.

It's true. It isn't.


What the hell?

The wind took me.

My dad'll murder you.


You're too dangerous to be left alone.

Nice yacht.

I know.

Built like a sleeping woman. It can reach 150 km per hour.


A war machine.

Who was that?


That boy you spoke to.

The instructor's son.

He's really cute.

Do you have a date?

You know...

My first time was really early.

What d'you mean?

I was 13, like you.


I understand you wanting to try.

Only natural.

New boobs and buttocks making you crazy...

I'm not listening.

I couldn't stop you.

You'll do as you want, I know, but...

I'd like you to wait until you're 17 or 18.


Take your time if you want.

It can be 21. There's no shame in it.

Who's talking?

Sweetheart, are you ok?



Have you chosen?

A sundae.

Hello. What can I get you?

A sundae for me.

Can you replace the vanilla with extra chocolate?

And extra whipped cream instead of the sauce.

I'll ask.

And for you?

A banana split.

All right.

She has pretty eyes.

A bit eagle-like.

The waitress?

I didn't notice...

Are you having a good summer?

I'd like it to be your best ever.

My best summer? Really?

I want us both to be happy.

But you to be happy above all.

I'm happy if you are.

A sundae. Thank you.

And a banana split.

Ava, can I tell you a secret?


I think I'm in love.

Really? Yes.

Great, Mum, I'm happy for you.

You are?

And are you in love?

Stop it.

Who did this?

I had a fight with Juan.

Oh, my God! What happened to him?

Mum! What?



Shit, Ava, step back!

What's this mutt doing here?

Get the first-aid kit.

Go on, hold him.

I'll lift his paw.

Hold on...

Weird, I can't find a cut.

He doesn't have an open wound.


It's not his blood.


Are you ok?

Wake up!

No, stay with me...


You have to drink.

Just a little.

Right, I have to go now.

Inès is with the babysitter. We're alone.

I fucking stink! It's unbearable.

Time for a shower.

Wow, that's good.

Let me see...



What are you doing?


To fight wrinkles.

Do I wear makeup tonight?

No, I prefer you without.

Let me do your eyes. No.

Hold on...

Try this on.


Let me see.

You're gorgeous.


You're intriguing.

And dark, like your father.

Mum, I can't stand you anymore.

Your voice, your smell, the lot.

I can't take it.

How do I look?


And how do I look?


I think poison must be burning your eyes.

Know what scares me?


Having seen only ugliness.


Want to kiss me?

I don't know.

Go on, do it.

Right now?

When push comes to shove...

Sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.

Was it good?

We're being watched.

I'll beat him up.

Ice cream?

I want to go home, Mathias.

If I strip, will you stay? No.

See you later.

Hey, Cinderella!


Want to go out?

I can't even open the door...

Come here!

All of you, come on! That door, there.


I've brought you stuff.



And a first-aid kit.

Sorry, it's all I had.

Antiseptic, bandages...

This doesn't sting.

Take it, it's for you.

You're going?



August 20th.

Sunrise: 6:50 am.

Sunset: 8:58 pm.

14 hours and 8 minutes of light. 20 minutes lost in 5 days.

I can't see in low light now.

I thought I was ready, but it came as a shock.

I slept against him.

The circle is closing.

Animals lurk in the dark, waiting.

Will my dreams vanish too?

I'd gouge out my eyes to end it.

Mathias said civilization is ending. Night is taking over.

August 22nd.

Sunrise: 6:52 am.

Sunset: 8:54 pm.

14 hours and 2 minutes of light.

The wound is healing.

His face is incredible.

Not seeing it would've killed me.

When we part, I can't recall his features.

So I want to see him again.

I want to save him. I want to be saved.

Can I stay with you?


Why d'you live in a blockhouse?

I don't live in one.


Can I do it? If you want.

Is it clay?


Sure this is ok?


Your eyes are weird.

It's the sun.

What is it? You can't see.

What is it?

Short-sighted? I see fine.

Are you serious? You didn't see the potato.

No, I don't see well.

What does that mean?

It means what it means.

What do you see?

Nothing. Only black at night.

And by day?

By day, I see normally.

Not very well, but normally.

You see nothing now?


Can you see my hand?

Afraid of the dark?


Come closer.

Come closer.

Spread your legs!

Hands on your head!

On your head!

Understand French?

Got stuff here?

Inside. Fetch it!

She's a minor. Her mum's frantic. Realize what you're doing?

Got anything on you? Step back.

Put it down!

Take off his cuffs! Don't screw up!

I'm freeing him.

Your gun!

What now? The dunes!


Get lost!


Stay there!

You're fierce.

- Were you stabbed? Yes.

- Who did it? Forget it.

Offer me a drink?

Why aren't you at home?

I'm not welcome there.

Why not?

You killed someone?

You're crazy.

I'm going away.

Where? Dunno. Far away.

I was in Denmark once.

It's great.

But pick the time or it's dark for six months.

People do light therapy to stay sane.


Light therapy.

You're in a box with light on you, to feel better.


You'll go by motorbike?

No, by car.

But I don't have the keys.

Or the car.

Where are they?

At the site.

You can't get them?

I told you, I can't set foot there.

I can go.

What's this?

With a knife...

A knife?

I was in a cornfield.

I was carving some wood with a knife.

A snake crawled onto my leg.


I cut off its head with the knife.

Bullshit. You don't cut off a snake's head like that.

It can't be done.


It's true though.

Its tail was wriggling.

After, I got yelled at because my mother said knives aren't for girls.

She's right, isn't she?

Still want to help?


There's a wedding Saturday.

They hire girls to help.

With the tables and all.

You could pretend to be one of them.

You go in, you take my keys... my papers and we split together.



Why can't you go there?

I was in a fight.

It ended badly.

I wrecked the guy and...

End of story.

And your parents?

You've no one who can help you?


My brother's in jail.

For long? 24 months.

You miss him?

Why did you fight?

For a girl.

I love it. It's like a cute animal.


Why's it over with the girl?

No idea.

She still loves you?

No idea. Let me shower in peace.

D'you love her?

Tell me, do you?

Shut your mouth!

Here, eat.

This is the site.

The river...

What is this? Our plan.

A river here.

Another here.

The entrance.

We arrive here.

The wedding will be here.

The newlyweds arrive at 7.

Be there just a bit earlier to do the tables and all that.

You'll be Julie.

What's up?

I told you, I won't forget her.

Let's get that clear.

I didn't warn you?

Carry on.


The caravans...

The third one's mine.

There's a small dog.

A sort of chihuahua, but maybe it's not one.

A small dog anyhow.

Look inside a black bag.

Check my things are in it.

The car keys are in the pouch.

And the car's here.

We meet here.

You have three hours to dark.

No problem.


Helping doesn't mean I love you.

It's for the best.

Mum, it's me.

Ava? Where are you?

Calm down, Mum. Calm down.

No, I won't calm down!

I'm calling to say I'm fine and I'll be back soon.

You know what you did?

The cops called! Who are you with?

Calm down. I'll be back soon, but not just yet.

What do you mean, soon?

Where can I call you?

You can't call me.

I hid the number. You can't call me.

Take care, Mum.

Ava, don't hang up!


Honey, I talk to you With you, honey, life is beautiful

That's it there.

Follow the road to a small bridge at the entrance.

You'll see a grey car there, a Nevada. It's mine.

A Nevada?

Know what that is?

Yeah, I'll find it.

I'll be waiting.

Who are you?


Julie who?

To wait on tables.

No one mentioned a Julie.

To wait on tables.

Who hired you? Soledad?

She told you what to do?

I don't pay until after, ok.


Let's hurry up then.

Hey, you! Come on!

One black and one red...

I hope the punch turns out well.

You need a warrant. Not here.

What's up?

Go back to the kitchen.



Can you come here?

We need to put the flowers around it...

Get lost!

We'll use this too.

Look, it's hideous.

I like it.

You know Jessica?

Yeah, sort of.

Is she glad to get married?

I dunno.

How old is she?

Sixteen, I think.

Girls, we have a problem.

Mum's holding back the cops. They want Juan.

You three, do the cake.

Julie, if Mum can't stop them, let me know.

This way! Come on!

What is this? We're after one of you.

A guy, 18, with a dog and a girl of 13!

Know who I mean?

Give it a rest, ok!

Get lost!

What do you want?


What the hell are you bastards doing?

You ruined my wedding!

Fucking bastards!

It's me!

I don't have the keys!

We can't get out!

We cross! You're mad!

Get a stick! I need a stick to cross!



Thank you.

Come on.