Ava's Impossible Things (2016) Script

I was right here.

You were dreaming, i didn't want to wake you in case it was wonderful.

I thought I could make it.

Oh, I hate that thing.

I know.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Oh, don't put the book away, yet, darling.

I won't.

What time's Anna coming?

After her very important meeting's over, so who knows.

None of that today, love.

Who's ready to get wet?

Oh, Leslie, I, I've um.

Oh! You finished?

Mmhm, I am.

She fell again.

Three times in one week?

You gotta get something else in that cocktail.

Bring the book over, sweetheart.



Can we have a few minutes?

Ava and I are going on a little journey.

We have a schedule today.


My beautiful girl.

You have the face of an angel.

You have to say that.

I absolutely do not.

It just happens to be true.


How about eight?


Bravo, darling.

I loved it, best show yet.

Do you remember when you used to do those shows?

I loved them.

I was way too old for imaginary friends.

Nobody's too old for imaginary friends.

We should all have them.

What about 10?

Here you go.

I absolutely see it, yes.

First flowers of spring pushing through the snow.

It's perfect, little bean.

I was so proud of you.

I came third.

Yeah, well, politics were involved.

You were clearly the best.

Fucking pta-mum clique.

Not an artist among them.

How about 16?


That's a lovely idea, to see the world, a bit before you get settled into college.

It's hard to get away once you have commitments.

Just think about it.

Oh, darling.

You could still have all this.

Do you know that?

You will have all this.

I know.

Mum, everything's okay.

It's fine, I promise.

Ava, isn't your sister arriving soon?


Well, we should get ready.


I picked up some more of your tahitian vanilla body wash, your favorite.

Let's go.

Nice and slow.

Wait, wait one moment.

Where are we going?

Why are you pulling at me?

Get off me, get off.

Ava, tell her to get off me.

I don't want to do it. - Mum.

Well, tell her to get off me, you're hurting me.


Miss faye, we're just gonna take you to the shower, okay?

I'm going to be with you, okay?

I'm gonna be here with you the whole time.

It's okay, it's Leslie.

Come on, it's Leslie, it's Leslie, come on.

It's Leslie.

It's Leslie.

It's Leslie.

I'm sorry, Leslie, so sorry.

Oh, I know, it's okay, it's okay.

Let's get you washed up.


That's it, darling, you've got it.

Beautiful balance.

Let's go again.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Okay, almost done.

Mum, mum, you have to eat,

you have to get your strength back.

Some things don't come back.

Anna's here.


Now I know she's excited to see you.


You look pretty and you smell delicious.

Hello. - Hi.

I'm faye, Ava's mum.

It's a real treat to meet one of her friends.

Can't remember the last time you brought someone around.

Mum, mum, this is Anna, your daughter.

Mum, remember this?

Look, it was my birthday, last year.

We went to the cafe by the river.

And then we walked on the beach.

Oh, yeah, of course.

Looks like we had fun.

We did.

Mum, I'm just gonna speak to Ava for a minute.

I'll be back.


I'll be right back, okay?


I'll head up now.

Thanks, les.

What happened to your arm?

It's nothing.

That's the third time she hasn't recognized me.

I live here, and she sees me every day.

You never let me forget it.

Hey, that's not fair.

You know what?

I was just trying to help.

I know how hard it must be.

I suppose I didn't realize I'd have to pay such a high price for living at life.

How can you do it, knowing you have huntington's, and the same thing is going to happen to you?

Please, don't make this about me.

I can't do what you do, Ava.

I can't live my life for someone else.

I am not asking you to, I'm saying if you were here more then it would be-- who's that?

Jessa's in town.

High school jessa?

Yeah, she's staying for a few days.




Oh, it's so good to see you.

It is so good to see you.

It is so good to see you!

Hi! - Hi.

Hi, Anna, it's good to see you too.

Thank you.

Ava, I'm going back up.


Are you married, now?

I-- I just never pictured you with a-- a man?


Um no, no man, but I did pay for some Ivy league sperm.


Well, congratulations.

Same old Anna.

Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.

It's okay, wouldn't have it any other way.

She's having a tough time dealing with mum.

How is your wonderful mother?

I missed her almost as much as I miss you.

Things have changed a lot in the last month.

So, we expected it, but still it's hard.

Ava, I am so sorry i haven't been back more.

Hey, I don't blame you.

I mean, we couldn't wait to get out of here.


It's okay.

You look um-- pregnant?

Leslie, this is jessa.

Hi, nice to meet you.


You look prettier than your pictures.


Thank you.

Do you want to come say hi to mum?

Yeah, yeah, I would love that.

It was nice to meet you.

Yeah, come on, come on.

And so how's the boyfriend?

Mark. - Mark, that's right.

He's great, thanks, mum, thanks for asking.

He's um, he's really special, actually, I wanted him to come on this trip but he just, he couldn't.

But there's some more good news, I've been dying to tell you about all this.

I've been promoted, at work.

Oh my goodness! - Yeah.

That's fantastic! - Thank you.

They keep me so busy. - Mum?

Jessa's here for a visit.

Can she come say hi?


Of course, come in!


How are you?

Oh, I've missed your hugs.

Let me look at you.

Oh, my goodness!


I'm so happy for you!

Yeah, thank you.

You never told me, Ava.

Boy or girl, do you that yet?

Yeah, she's a girl.

And I'm gonna call her Charlotte.

Oh, of course.

Perfect. - Thank you.

Well, I feel like we have so much catching up to do, but I can see you and Anna are talking, so I'm going to be in town for a few days, I'll come back, okay?

Oh, please do. - Okay.

It's so good to see you, you too, Anna.

Alright, you stay with your family and I'll call you, we'll make a plan.


This has been so wonderful.

To see both of you.

I'm sorry it's been so long.

It's my fault, I know.

It's work.

As soon as I get back from Beijing, I am coming straight back. - Anna.

Sit down, darling.

Oh, mum, I have got such an early flight.

I said sit down, darling.

I need to talk to you.

I need to talk to both of you.

You two were the first people I ever truly loved, unconditionally, with every cell of my being.

You know that, don't you?

What's going on?

This is our Christmas morning.

The miracle of us story.

It's time.

Time for what?

No. No.

No. - Yes.

No, we're not having this conversation, now.

What conversation?

Ava, look at me.

Ava, look at me.

I cannot do this anymore.

I won't.

Do what?

Will someone please tell me what's going on?


She um, she, she wants to kill herself.


Anna, sweetheart.

Have you two discussed this?

Listen to me, darling, listen to me.

It's what I want.


Sweetheart, I've been so lucky.

I've had an incredible life.

I've had you two.

But I am not just gonna lay here and lose myself.

And have you watch that happen, I won't do it.

You've given up enough, already.

It was my choice.

And this is mine.


I need you to understand.

I don't understand!

I need you to understand, darling and I need you to let me go.

Both of you, let me go.


Let me go.

It's not fair!


How could you keep this from me?

How could mum?

I didn't think she meant any of it.

I thought she was having one of her moments and then she would be fine and she wouldn't talk about it again.

What else haven't you been telling me?

What's so bad that she's made this decision?

I can't believe this is happening.

Enough secrets!

I want the truth, Ava, right now!

She falls over a lot.

She can't walk or go to the bathroom on her own anymore.

She doesn't eat.

She, she stopped reading

and she cries every time I leave her on her own.

She's violent sometimes, but she, she um, she doesn't mean it.

I haven't seen any of this.

She doesn't want you to.

So, she's just been lying in that room?

I can't believe how much pain she's been in.

How long has all this been going on?

I don't know.

Longer for some things and, and it's hard to tell how long-- oh, just stop talking for a minute.

She's not wrong for wanting this.


You can't just come back here and say that.

God, you haven't even been here.

You haven't seen her.

If you'd shared with me the things that have been going on, the things that she'd said, I would've been here.

You've always wanted to leave me out of the club.

You should've told me, you owed me that.

She's my mother too, or had you forgotten?

I didn't think she was gonna go ahead Well, you were wrong, and now it's too late.

For anything.

For everything.

It's too late.

Oh, darling.

We both know what's coming.



No, it's not, it's not okay.

It's not okay, okay?

I know it seems impossible now, okay?

This is what's right, for all of us.

It's not okay!

Come here.

No, no, no, mum.

It's not okay!

Please don't, mum, please don't do it.

Please, don't.

Ava, Ava, wake up!

I didn't mean to fall asleep.

You're on my robe.

W-what's happening?

Oh, another one of your crazy dreams?


I don't understand.

Where are we?

Where's mum?

You better stop messing around and start getting ready.

And what on earth are you wearing?

Freya's in a mood, as usual.



How crazy was that dream?

W-w-w-where are we?

Okay, you're scaring me a little.

Come on, we've gotta get ready for the party, come on.

N-none of this makes any sense.

What party?

For Claire.


Okay , come on, come on, let's go.

So, what happened this time in dreamland?

Do you wanna talk about it?

Or not?

Oh, um, let's get this off of you before lumi sees you.

You, woah.

You act like I've never seen your boobs before.


Okay, you know what?

Let's go get you dressed.

You're supposed to be ready.

Come on.

What's it mean?

Okay, so, this is what I have for you.

Oh, I love it.

I think it will be good with that-- flower in your hair.

Yes, that's great, thank you.


Ava, you are too funny.

I love it.

Hey, watch it.

I haven't gotten to your costumes yet.

You know, you coulda told me that you wanted something different, this is pretty dramatic.

Well, she's just joking around.

Right. Let' s go.

Presenting: The new Ava.

Oh, so pretty.

This is how i look on the inside.

That's a stupid thing to say.

We really should appreciate who we are and what we have. - You know, change can be a good thing.

Emma, what do you think?

Oh, wow.

You look


We are gonna have some fun later.

My beautiful girl.

You have the face of an angel.

W-what did you just say?

Isn't she fantastic, Claire?

Oh, I forgot something.


Look at you.


Come and see yourself.

Look! - Please.

It works really well for the evolution of the show.

It suits you.


Um hm.

Lumi, lumi, report.

Oh, so, fittings are in progress, Ava insisted on a whole-new outfit.

Ava, you are a vision.

Sweet p?

Just breathe.

I know this is a lot.

Sweet p?

But it's going to be okay.

Wait, wait-- because you're here.

Wait you are not real.

Yet, here I am.

You are fictional.

I made you up.

I made all of this up.

This is my show.

This is impossible.

This is impossible.

I am dreaming.

This is a dream, thank goodness.

Why is that?

Because I can wake myself up.

Why would you want to go, Ava, you just got here.

We haven't had any fun, yet.

My mother needs me, i have to help her.

By help her, you mean help yourself.

How would you know about my mother?

Ava, all of your questions will be answered in time.

I don't have time.

Now for the belly, okay.


Oh, my: 41.

Yes, that one.

I like that one.


Okay, I'll wake up.

Nothing is what it seems to be.

Running away never solves anything.

You're here, so deal with it.

If only the answers were easy.

Nothing is easy, there is no way out, so just give up.

Just take a deep breath and accept you're here.

You're going to feel so much better.

Did you get that out of your system?

Ava, you can't leave here until you do what you came to do.

Only you know the answer to that.

Well, that's not entirely true.

I know, but telling you would take the fun out of it.

I guess we should get ready for Claire's going-away party.

Wait, Claire's going away?


Tonight is her last night with us.

Why is she leaving?

Of course it matters, why would you even say that?

'Cause she's already made her mind up.

M-maybe I can change it.



What's going on with you, today?

You okay?

Look at me, take a breath.

Good, again.

Okay, it's okay.

It's not.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

This place isn't real.

This is not real.

This is not real.

It's not real.

Ava. - It's not real.

Ava, Ava, come with me, okay?

Look at me, Ava.

Come with me, okay?

Come on.

Tell me the truth, what's wrong?

I'm afraid you're gonna think I'm crazy.

It's okay, I like crazy.

I'm, I'm just sad Claire's leaving.

Heartbroken, actually.

I thought you would understand her choice more than anyone.


Because you always want people to be happy, that's just who you are.

But, she's happy here.

She has been, but things change.

People evolve.

She has obligations.

To us, to me.

Obligations, wow.

Is that really how you feel?


Can I ask you a question?

Are you not happy with us?

Because you've been acting really weird and I would hate to think that you're with me out of obligation.

No, that's not what I said.

Okay, well, I'm just trying to understand you.



I'm, I'm sorry, I wasn't, i wasn't talking about us.


I've just been really--

don't ever do that!


Ava, could you come outside for a moment?


You were going to speak to Claire.

Was I the only one in this conversation a minute ago?

No, right, yes, um.

I have to speak to Claire, are you gonna be okay for a while?

Yeah, no, it's okay.

Hey, you coulda told me about Emma.

We're together?

It's your dream, i thought you knew.

I don't know anything about this place.

Ava, you know everything about this place.

You created it.

Just focus.

Ava, come, come and sit with me.

Would you like some?

Lumi made it this morning and-- darling.

I'm sorry.

Hard day?


Come on, eat something, you'll love it, it's delicious.

Go on.

Why are you leaving?

Are you looking for a different answer than the last dozen times you've asked?

This is different.

It's me, asking.


I'm not sick.

I mean I don't think I am.

I honestly don't know.

Look, I just--

I need an answer.

If there was only a way that both of you could be happy.

There must be an answer, Ava, you just have to work harder to find it.

The answer is right here, and you already know what it is.

Oh, please, give that shit a rest.

It's really just a lose-lose situation, here.

That's what we have.

I feel so small right now.

Can anyone actually see me?

Ava, do you feel it, too?


Ava! - Look, stop.

I don't mean to be rude, but can you just leave us alone?

But you didn't answer my question.

Did you even hear it?

Can you see me?

Ladies, all of you, inside, please.

It's time.

You can't just say it's time and expect everyone to be okay with that.

You must, you must have unfinished business, things to do here, right.

I've take care of my responsibilities.

Is there any, is there anything I can do to change your mind?

There is something you can do for me.

If I do it, you'll stay?

I'm not making a deal with you, Ava.

I'm trying to help you.

But you'll think about it.

Listen, I know you and freya are going through a really hard time.

But you've got to move past it.

Talk to her.

This has gone on long enough.

Talk about what?

It would mean a lot to me.

Just try, okay?


Somebody's gotta make the first move.

Might as well be you.

Why is freya so angry at me?

A heart-felt apology will go a long way.

Come on.


Are you a writer?

For heaven's sake, why are you here?

To talk about our issues.


I'm sorry.

All I guess is: Claire's asked you to apologize.

Can't believe your nerve.

She didn't.

It's me, I'm apologizing.

Uh huh.

For what, exactly?


Oh, my god.

You don't really think you're wrong, do you?

You just want to make Claire happy so that you can be the good one again.

I know this sounds strange, but why are we fighting?

Nobody knows but the two of you.

Thick as thieves one minute, then the next-- why are you asking me, it's your fight.

I'm sorry.

It's been a strange day.

So much time has been wasted and you're never gonna get it back, Ava.

Just focus on what you want.

And then move forward.


Close your eyes.


Just do it.

That's right.

I always find it.

Why you lookin' at me like you've never seen me before?

I'm not sure I have.

That's sweet.

I'm sorry, it's been a overwhelming day.

It's okay, I understand.

You relax and I'll be back in a minute, okay?

And save me a chocolate one.

You dance so beautifully.


Dance with me.

That was so beautiful.

That was amazing, I loved it.

Look at her!

I will miss it.

Then why?

I'm just not meant to be part of it anymore.

How can you walk away from something you love?

Ava, please try to understand-- look, this is where you belong.

This is where you're meant to be.

Nothing will be the same without you.

Nothing is the same, now.

People rely on you.

I rely on you.

You built this show.

You can't just abandon it.

You need to work things out with freya.

Whatever it takes.

Time is running out.

That's not funny.



Who are you?

Who are you?

I don't remember your names.

Why don't I remember your names?

You didn't give us names.

You gave us feelings.

I wish I had a different one.

Oh, come on, everyone.

Ava did her best, she was only eight.

Oh, shut up!

I can't do it on my own.

I don't know what to do.

I can't--

I don't want to-- think-- oh, my god, I'm so--

I don't know--

I don't know what to do.

I don't.

Ava, do you think i have a different feeling?

Please, since you made me this way.

Maybe, maybe if you try really hard, I can change.

The other four stages, they-- they don't seem to mind how they feel.

I've been depression for 20 years I'm just tired.

Please, please, can you help?

So, how is it going?

You seem to know everything, so you tell me.

You know I can't do that.

Ava, it seems like you're not trying very hard.

You must not want to go back.

That's not true!

Of course I want to go back, I have to go back.

I have to help my mother.

I don't even know how long I've been asleep for.

What happens if I don't wake up?

Well, maybe nothing.

Or maybe something!

God, you are no help at all!

What am I supposed to do?

The right thing.

As always.

You'll figure it out.

Okay, try it, try again.

Try again.

You said before that I wanted to be the good one again.

What does that mean?

I'm busy.

So I'm the bad one right now?

Why are you playing games today?

Just leave me alone.

You and I, we have to fix this, and then everything can go back to normal.


You're only here because Clair asked you.

I'm here because I don't want to fight anymore.

I am so tired of this.

If I could go back in time and change everything, then I would, but I can't.

We're in this place, here, wherever this place might be and-- you almost had me.

You act like this is all my fault.

Like I'm to blame for the problems between us.

It's not fair.

I really, I really don't know why we're fighting.

You might think this is some kind of a game, but honestly, I swear, i don't understand.

Okay, understand this:

I cannot believe that you have been so angry and resentful towards me for so long now, over a damn solo.

I'm not going to say sorry for wanting something for myself.

I worked hard for it, Ava.

Really hard.

Did you hear that?

She's angry about a solo.

It's ridiculous.

I think it's sad.

She's all alone, now.

Ava, it physically hurts me to watch you two.

We used to be so different.

And we can't, we don't understand each other any more.

We can't communicate-- yeah, but who cares if you don't understand?

You two are not gonna make it without each other.

You're running out of time, Ava.

Just figure it out.

I'm sorry, Claire, I know how much this upsets you.

I need you to fight for this relationship, freya.

Not against it.

She's trying.

Is she?

Honestly, I don't know what she's doing.

She's created some kind of amnesia, says she doesn't know why we're fighting, its just ridiculous.

Oh, darling, I love you both so much.

I can't leave unless I know you're going to be okay.

Maybe we shouldn't make up then.

I know.

Could we go outside for a minute?

Of course.


You wanna help?

I don't think I'm much help to anyone today.

Oh stop.

I need something new.

Let me try that.

You know what, i have a better idea.

Excuse me. - Come on.

Come on, let's go.


Thank you.

Much better.


Think you're gonna finally bury the hatchet with freya?

It feels impossible.

You think something is impossible?

That doesn't seem like Ava to me.

You know, my mum and I,

we used to do this thing.

Every morning, before breakfast, we'd think of six impossible things.

Yeah, I remember you've told me that before.

I wanna do that with Charlotte.

That's one.



Hey, speaking of breakfast, I've got one:

Uncracking an egg.

Counting to infinity.


Flying by flapping your arms.

Or being without you.

I can't imagine that ever happening.

Or you not being ticklish.



Sorry to interrupt really?

Ava what?

The clock is always ticking, it never stops.

Do you wanna go back inside?


Okay, come on.

Here, let me help you with that.

I'm fine, Ava.

Just leave me alone.

I can do it myself.

I was thinking about what you said, earlier.

Oh, god.

And I wanted to apologize.

Just stop.

I'm jealous, I was jealous.

You were strong enough to say what you want, when you wanted it and I've always been afraid.

I can't blame you for wanting to stand on your own.

Do you really mean that?

More than you know.

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything, I just wanted to let you know.

I've been jealous of you too.


Because everyone loves and adores you and things come easily to you.

You don't know how hard it is to keep up with you.

I didn't know you felt like that.


Can we start over?

Let me help you with this.


This feels normal.

It does.

I've missed it so much.

Me too.

Excuse me.

I'm so excited that Claire's heading off on this new adventure.

I can't believe she's leaving us.

Look, she must have a good reason.

Whatever it is, it's not good enough.

I have to go.

You gonna be at the party, later?

Yeah, I'll see you there.


You must watch where you're going, I wouldn't want you to bump your head and end up in a dream.

A dream within a dream, now that would take some time to get out of.

I have to find Claire.

I just wanted to make sure that you're ready for your toast.

My what?

Well, I know how close you are with Claire, so I figured that you'd want to do the honors.

You know, say something nice or wish her good luck on her journey.

It's called a toast.

I know what a toast is.



Who's gonna take care of us when Claire leaves?

I don't know who we are without her.

Can you stop her for us?

She's the only one that really ever loved me and it hurts so bad.

Ava, are you listening to me?


Ava, wait.

Where are you?

Oh my god, what's happening?

I'm so sorry.

Can I help you?

Don't tell anyone.

About what?

About this.

I need to leave here.

With everyone knowing me as I really am.

Not like this.

I will not be a burden.

But I love you, you're not a burden.

No, the show will end.

It can't, Ava, it can't, it mustn't.

Do you understand?

Promise me!

I promise.

What are you looking for?

I dropped a bottle when I fell.

I dropped it.

There's nothing left.

It's enough.

What just happened?


I have to go.

I can't stay here any longer.

But even though I'm going, you won't be alone.

You'll be all right.

I promise.

Do you understand?

You won't be alone.

Come on, darling.

Everyone's waiting.

Guys, we have to wait for Claire okay, oh, sweet p oh, look.

She's here, she's here.


Oh, thank you.

Miss Claire.

Cheers, cheers.

I've changed my mind.

You're allowed.

Claire has to leave.

Ava, this is not news.

I'm not gonna try and keep her here any longer.

I was only thinkin' of myself.

I have to find another way to go home.


It's time, Ava.

Yes, it is.

You'll be fine.

I know.

Can I have everyone's attention, please.

I would like to say something.

I heard my mother make this toast, once.

Surrender to what is, let go of what was,

and have faith in what will be.

To Claire to Claire!

To Claire.


Can we eat now?

Alright, everybody, let me get the serving utensils but you can start on the other things.


Yeah, you guys always just cut me out.

Yeah, because you were depressed.

I'm going to miss you, so much.

I want you to know that i respect your brave decision

to leave us.

I know it's what you want.

I just wish I had given you more time when I had the chance.

We always wish we had more time with those we love.

I will always be with you.

And we will see each other again.


That was really lovely.

Thank you.

I'm proud of you.

I have never seen you look so beautiful.


thank you for everything.

I love you

I love you too.

Leslie, thank you, so much, for all that you've done.

We're very grateful.

You're welcome.

Thank you, so, so much.

Spending this time with your mother has been easily one of the greatest gifts.

I mean if anybody should be grateful, it's me.

Incredible, right?

So much love for your mother.

Yeah, there were stories i had never heard, before.

Some quite surprising.

She was more rebellious than she let on, that's for sure.

I'm still picturing her dancing topless at the who concert.

Hey hi.

How you doing?

I'm so happy you stayed.

Yeah, of course, where else would I be?

You know, I had a dream about you recently.

Oh, yeah?


I'd really like you to consider coming to Colorado with me.


Yeah, I mean no.

I mean not this second.

I know you've got stuff you've gotta wrap up, but yeah.

Just like we planned five years ago, but with an added bonus.

I would love that.

But five years ago, we didn't know I was sick.

And now I have a time-stamp.

Ava, everybody has a time-stamp.

Not even you know when yours is.

I don't know when mine is, so who cares?

Let's just live our life like everybody else.

Look at us, two little cherubs.

God, you always get into scrapes.


Every picture.

Ava, look at this one, look at mum.


Mum looks so beautiful.

Yeah, she does.

Well, she'll stay like this.

She will.

Oh, my gosh!

I haven't seen this in a long time.

Oh, I remember these guys, your friends.

What did you call him again?

Sweet p.

That's it.

Oh, you are kidding me.

You kept these?

Dear Ava.

I'm sorry I ruined your show and stepped all over your special friends, even though I didn't see them.

I promise I won't do it again, but only if you invite me to the show.

Do we have a deal?

Your sister, Anna.

Just because you can't see them, it doesn't mean they aren't real.

So stop making fun of me.

I'm sorry I yelled at you and next time I will invite you.

Mum wrote this because I was too mad.

Love, Ava.

What's that?

It's mum's necklace.

She loved that necklace.


There you go, you have it.

Come here.

It looks perfect on you.