Avida (2006) Script

TOPOR I will kill myself and ascend to heaven with you like a pink spaniel that assists at rosistering while he jumps to the ceiling

and when the bell strikes half past midnight we will be under water wet, two meters deep Goodbye comrade!

Viva death!

Leave me!


Donīt use force.


then come, I love you

I love you I love you I love you

We are lovers.

Donīt go.

Stick your tongue out.

I help you to grasp.



I won, I won.

This is yours, this is mine.

Is this yours?

Thatīs it!

Again. We have to play again.

How are you?

Youīre the new ones?


How are you?

Good accomodation, good food?

I am the owner of the zoo, this is my zoo.

Also my wifeīs, my childīs.

My zoo.

You are Cousteau, yeah?

I have told the others about your diplomas,impressing.

Of course, at first you have to work from the bottom of the line.

Thatīs not work that fits your skills.

Itīs only at beginning, then you can rise to a higher position. maybe after 8, 9 years ... you could be director, if you work hard.

Iīm not content with the others, they work just fine, but they donīt have the drive.

You have to have the drive.

You have to start from the bottom itīs tiresome work, of course, but thatīs how you become patron of the family.

I like the animals, I did a lot for them

cared for their food, cared for their living conditions, took step after step, and in the end the zoo belonged to me, and to my family, and itīs good for the animals. you have to start small

to get that far.

I like animals. People talk, but animals do not talk.

My father said: Lot of talking - little work.

Thatīs true.

I feel people very strongly.

I feel you ...

I feel you ... there.

Yes, the little lamb.

The little lamb is very good.

Itīs more gracious.

Iīll have the lamb and ... horse ...

the horse is also very good ...

the horse is also very good ...

When time passes ...

the grace of the little lamb ... the maturity of the old goat ...

And with age...

you like ... the little lamb.


I take the ostrich.

Ostrich is very good.


You see these animals, their body ... you can profit from it.

Your turn.

Do you want to pull out?

Do you want to pull out?

Itīs him who does the job.

Itīs him.

like, like



Good? Good?


Not good?

Good, isnīt it?

Good? Itīs good, look.



I worked very hard.

Itīs good.

Itīs good. No? It isnīt good?

Weīre there.

We are stuck, okay?

I have to let go.

Are you okay?


Code, the code!


Itīs hot.

Three days going to the sea ...

It hasnīt rained for a long time.

O.K., I want to go home now.

The guy here ... doesnīt walk on.

I want to continue.

Can you help me?


Until the next time?

I want you to help.

What are you doing?

Leave it!

Put me down!

Hello and goodbye! Go away!

Whatīs happening?

Do not touch me! My walking stick!

Stop it!

Letīs talk!

Letīs talk about it.

This is not true!

Put me down!

You think you can go faster like that?

Let go of me!

Goddbye! Goodbye!

Donīt do it again.

You pulled me again.

With all the money Iīll buy a castle by the water.

What will you do after this operation?

I know a lot of places ...

I want to buy all these things ...

I donīt care, I am paralyzed.


Death is a business, a foolish business.

To seek death is a foolish business.

Your brainīs got fever.

That is why ...

I donīt understand anything.

Someone there?

I donīt want the pole ... because everybody seek the place to hide ... so not to be found.

I donīt think itīs a good idea.

For when the big stores are open ... they cannot close the doors again ... so to get the poeople out ... they will call police, thatīs that.

For 29 years I have been a refugee with my family right here.

I have no house here, have no roof, but that doesnīt keep me from living on.

We want to evade those stupid people ... just run to top of the hill but I came here to avoid them

Thank you, mother.

Do not worry.

He just takes a rest.


Letīs stop.

We wonīt make it.

Goodbye, comrades!

Itīs... good.

Oh mother of goodness, oh pious mother, pious mother, listen, sweet Mary, the voice of the sinner.

...of the sinner.

May his tears move you, let his sorrows reach you, that his pain, his sad accents, feel, pious, your heart.

... pious, pious, pious, ...your heart.

...tu corazón.

Oh mother of goodness, Virgin, all love.

Oh mother of goodness, Oh Virgin, all love.

Virgen, all love.


"What happens to the beasts, soon will happen to men.

Everything is connected."

Chief Seattle - 1854