Ayyappanum Koshiyum (2020) Script

'Long back, during a Mundoor Kummatti'

'Ayyappan & Koshy'

'Attappadi Forest Area'

'Forest Fire! Smoking & lighting fire are strictly prohibited in the forest'

'Elephants or wild animals may cross. Drive carefully'

Lord Krishna! Protect us!

Where have we reached?

We've crossed Mukkali check-post.

Further ahead, there will be a junction.


Turn left from there to Melemully. Then, straight to Ootty.


Stop if you see elephants. I'll drive.

The elephants?

No! The car!

Just say at Mattathukadu check-post that it was checked here.


Let them go.

Go! Go! Go!

The elephants have come out.

That's the tuskless elephant. Poor thing!

Sir, half an hour more would be enough, right?


This is SI Ayyappan Nair. Tell me.

We've finished 2 hours of the joint interception.

Where? At Narasimukku, right?

Yes, Narasimukku.

No cases, right?

No, sir. No cases.

Wind up then.

Good night. Good night, sir.

Okay sir.

Check it. Sir.

Stop! Stop! Kattappana registration?

Roll down the window.

Blow into this.

Open the boot.

Where are you going?

To Ootty, sir. At this time?

Where are you coming from? Kattappana, sir.

So couldn't you take the highway?

Via Coimbatore-Mettupalayam?

What's with this Ootty trip through the forest roads at midnight?

Forests and animals are a huge craze...

... for my Sir.

So there was a 'Sir' inside? Move.


There are many liquor bottles in here!

What are you doing?

Move away!

Where are you going with all these liquor bottles?

Didn't you hear me?


Where are you going?

To Ootty.

Through Attappadi?

Don't you know that this is an alcohol-free zone?

I didn't know that.

Even if that is the case, it's not a problem.

I got these bottles on quota.


Dude... what...?

Who gets liquor on quota? Soldiers!

I am Havildar Koshy Kurian. Retired.

Boys in my town call me 'Soldier' Koshy.

Just a minute.

Me.... Who...

Who the hell dragged me out of my car, and threw me down?

What the hell will you do after knowing that? Come, get into our car.

Come on, walk. Let go of my Sir.

What is all this? -Take your hands off me!

Leave me.

You bloody... Catch him! Move!

Take your hands off me!

No, sir. Don't do it. Hey!


Pin him down!

Why are you doing this? Lock him!

Put him into the car.

Catch him!

Move away.

Leave my hand.

Let go of his neck. Let go!

Let go! Let go, I say!

Take your hand off!

What? Are you messing with us?

Put him inside!

Come on!


Come, get into the car. Come on!


Your bloody...

Get into the car. Put him inside.

Hey! Take his phone.

His phone too. Come with me.

Get down!

Wear your 'Mundu'.

You brought me here without that, right? Now this is fine!

That's not enough.

There are some girls here as constables.

Wear it!

Leave me. Walk!

Where are you pushing me? I'm coming, right?

Switch off the TV.

Where? Where is the lock-up?

If you won't create a ruckus, you can sit here.

Otherwise you'll have to be in the cell. I'll go in there!

As if it's a murder charge against me!

Or is it treason?

Or rape?

You brought me till here anyway, right?

Tell me at least now what crime did I commit?

Attappadi is an alcohol-free zone.

Leave alone 12 bottles. Possessing even 10 ml of alcohol is an offence.

55A Abkari Act.

Didn't I say that I got all those bottles on quota from the military?

Hey! What?

Sujith! Your bloody...

You haven't even hatched out of the egg!

Where's your house?


From which canteen did you buy the alcohol from?

From Kochi.

You can take it to Kattappana from Kochi.

But even that can be charged by the police.

As per the law in Kerala, a person can possess only a maximum of 3 litres.

So not just Attappadi. Wherever you're caught, it will be an offence.

Then... you boozed in your car, on the forest area road.

15C Abkari Act and Forest Offence too.

Moreover, you manhandled a Government officer and interrupted his duty.

IPC 332, 363.

Enough? - If that's not enough, put everything else also on to my head.

You do whatever you can. Let it be morning.

I will do whatever I can too.


Sir... Write the FIR.

Seizure Mahazar, Statement, Remand Report.

Get everything ready. Okay sir.


I'll sort this out!

Thaju... Sir...

Add the PDPP act, as well.

He has broken the light of the excise jeep. Okay sir.

Move away, man! Let me get some fresh air!

He's also acting tough!

What is it?


Can you get me my phone back?

I have to see if I can inform someone.

Shut up and go stand there.

Otherwise we'll put you also inside.

I can go inside, sir.

Will you release my boss then?

Then it's all right. Get going, man!

Sir, I want to meet SI sir.

Go and wait there, man!

Let the report be written. We'll see after that.


Don't beg! Go away!

What's happening there? He was talking to his driver, sir.


He seems like a wild bull.

Yet I tried to tame him, Jessie!

I'll leave after signing this.

After the documentation, return the phones to him & his driver.


I had asked for 4 days leave. 4 days?

It's Christmas, sir.

My sisters' kids are coming.


Sir, tea.

Sir, tea.

I don't want it.

Jessie, give me a tea!

Thank you.


That's my phone.

I know... but I can't give it now.

Don't give it. Just check and tell me who it is.

I'll tell you if you ask decently like that.

Johnny Anthony.

Johnny Antony.

Is it the film director Johnny Antony, sir?

Who knows!

Yes, it's him.

Do you work in the movies?

What's your post?

Are you a producer or an editor?

Sir, he has started acting also now.

Great! Then let me check which other film guys are on this!

Sir... that's not right.

This is fun, right?

Do whatever you want!

Hey! Hey!

I know what you're looking for!

It doesn't have numbers of any actresses! No?

Even otherwise, I'm not interested in them.

Is he a film guy?

I think so, sir.

Joekkuttan sir is searching his contact list.

What's wrong with him?

Shall I ask him to stop it, sir?

Let him do whatever he wants!

KC George sir.

So you're not just a film guy...

You're a Kerala Congress member too?



Nikesh from 'Reporter' Channel?

Must be. I haven't heard of anyone else with that name.

He has a great voice.

Ummen Chandy sir.

Keep it there, sir.

Ikka, I've reached till U anyway, right?

Ummen Chandy. There are only a few more. I'll be done now.

Who else is there?

Vijayan sir.

Don't be scared.

That's not Pinarayi Vijayan sir's number.

It is Inspector General Vijayan sir's number.

Sir, this is Ayyappan Nair.

That Abkari case I caught earlier?

That guy is not just another ex-military man.

Political leaders, media persons and IG Vijayan sir are on his contact list.

Yes, sir.

Has it been entered on the computer? Yes, sir.

Even the remand report has been prepared.

What can we do now?


Unnecessary hassles to disturb our peace of mind!

Do one thing.

Try to make him understand things tactfully.

He wouldn't have realized the gravity of the offence. - Sir.

And... Yes, sir.

Treat him in a way that he feels comfortable.

Don't be stuck up with your strict law enforcement then.

If such influential people are hurt, their reaction would be far from ordinary.

You know, right? Okay, sir.


Come. Let's sit inside.


Come, sir. Let's talk.

I don't want to hear anything.

Whatever you had to do... you've already done, right?

Don't be adamant.

Please come, sir.

Joekkuttan, give sir's phone.

Return the driver's phone to him too.

You needn't return his phone.

He'll call unnecessary people at midnight and complicate things.

Then make him sit inside. Okay sir.

Don't let him be out in the cold. He's old, right?

Sit down, sir.

Do you want anything to drink? Black tea or something?

I experienced your hospitality already.

I don't need anything more.

Sir, what happened today, was a joint interception.

It's just a procedure which happens once a month.

A joint combing by police, excise & forest departments.

The whole purpose of it is that... even if one of us wants to let someone go, we can't.

Since everyone is involved.

That's where you landed.

An Abkari offense.

But it became serious when you manhandled that excise officer.

Was it me who laid hands on him first?

He was the one who pushed me down from the car.

He wouldn't have seen you sleeping, leaning on the door.

For him not to see me... Is that rascal blind or what?

Leave it, sir.

And you slapped me on my face!

Not once...

But twice!

You were really violent.

So many policemen and guards weren't able to stop you.

In between that, you were holding an excise officer by his throat!

Without knowing who you are, what else can SI do then?

You must have realized who and what I am, now, right?

That's not what I am coming to, sir.

You should listen patiently.

If you push someone down from his car, slap him, strip him... and bring him to the station at midnight, he wouldn't have much 'patience'.

So don't bother about my patience. Tell me the matter.

You've been charged with Abkari Act 55A, and PDPP Act Section 3.

Like I said earlier, this is not rape or murder, right?

You do whatever you can.

I'll show you what I can do, after getting out of court tomorrow.

You can't get out from the court tomorrow, sir.


That's what I am coming to.

Listen to me patiently.

Magistrate cannot grant you bail in this case.

You will have to spend a minimum of 10-12 days...

... in the sub-jail.

Here's your phone, sir.

You can consult any Advocate.

At sub-jail?

10-12 days?


Yeah, right!

That too, for confiscating my bottles, which are part of Central Government's quota for me.

You can shove this damn law up yours!

I also wore a uniform for around 17 years.

I've spent many sleepless nights in forests, hills and snow!

That's still called 'serving the country'.

I won't go to jail because of this!

Well, if I leave from here in my car now, what will you do?

Tell me. What will you do?

Will all of you shoot me dead?


We won't do all that, sir.

Your arrest has been recorded.

If you try to leave from here, that would be escaping from custody.

Since our jobs would be at stake, and since it's our duty to see to it that you don't leave...


We will have to use force.

We will use force, which you cannot defend!

You cannot leave like that, sir.

Can you?

You've seen the world, right?

He is my relative.

Not just my relative, he is a close friend too. Johnny.

Johnny Antony.

His movie's shoot is getting over tomorrow, at Ootty.

While going for the pack-up party, he asked me if I could bring bottles which I got as my quota.

That's why I put them in the car.

My dad and mom had asked me not to go, since there are only 5 more days for Christmas.

This must be my fate.

I came after promising my children that I'll reach back on 23rd, and build the Christmas crib with them.

I have two little daughters.


Is there any way to let me go from here, right now?

I'll do whatever you want.

I'll make sure that you won't face any problem from the top!

And... the day after Christmas...

I'll come and surrender myself.

After that, ten or fifteen days...

As you say...

I'll be in the jail!


My mom is bedridden.

I don't know if she would be around for next Christmas.

Can you....

... let me go?

You can't!

Sorry sir.

Call someone and inform them.


I can't handle this pressure!


I need some alcohol.

What are you saying, sir?

This is a dry land. How will you get alcohol here?

Those are my bottles, kept on that table!

Those are the seized goods, sir.

We've added them to the records & sealed them already.

Oh God!

You people sealed it yourselves, right?

Open it, pour 4 drinks for me, and seal it again!

Otherwise, my...

Otherwise I...

I will lose it!



Joekkutan, bring a bottle from that batch. - Okay.

Here, sir. I'll bring water now.

We don't have cold water.

I'll give him water. You can go, Jessie.

I am an SI who's supposed to receive the police medal from the Chief Minister, on the upcoming Republic Day.

And I am breaking the seal of the seized good, and fixing a drink for the accused.

That too, at the police station in a dry land.

If this goes out, not just the medal...

I'll lose even my job.

Then I'll have to go to jail too.

I have only 2 more years to retire.

Haven't you decided whom to call yet?


Even if someone starts from Kattappana now, they would reach Palakkad only by noon tomorrow.

I need to call someone who's in Palakkad.

Jessie... Sir...


Go and seal this.

Don't change the number.


I will leave soon.

You'll have to go for a medical check-up at General Hospital.

It's procedure.

We'll do that in the morning.

Ayyappan Nair.


Ayyappan is the name of my mother's father.

Her family used to work at Nair's fields.

My father is the Nair.

Naming me 'Nair' was a protest by mom, while admitting me in school.

Thus, I became Ayyappan Nair.

How are you connected to Vijayan sir?

Why? Do you need a transfer?

No. I don't need all that.

Ever since I joined as a constable, I was mostly posted at Palakkad district.

My home-town is Mundoor, which is nearby.

My wife has 2 acres of land here, which she got from the Government.

She's a tribal woman.

I am building a small house there somehow.

Where should I be transferred to, from here?

What about a suspension then?

It's a joke.

I was just joking.

We can continue with the jokes, tomorrow morning.


Yes, Dad.

Headlight... Some paint... That's all.

Where is his car? He was taken for medical check-up.

In that car? He was taken in our jeep, sir.

But that driver is following him in his car.

Why? You thought he escaped?

No.. Suddenly... Sir. - Here.

How are you?

Doing good? Yeah.

Pazhani, take them...

If you want to buy any medicine, buy it from Mannarkkad.

Does he have fever now?


What happened? Sir, the medical check-up is over.

This is my wife, sir. Kannamma.

The guy whom you spoke about yesterday?

Isn't he an accused?

Then why are you calling this bourgeois rascal, 'Sir'?


One petrol pump.

One hill produce shop.

50 acres of rubber plantation. That too, built by my dad!

And then, my pension.

Yet, I am a bourgeois?


You do reek of Maoism, sister.

You keep quiet.

You will never learn.

Get going.


Don't sit on window seats in the bus.

The wind might increase his..

He has to be out in the wind & rain a lot more, right?

Let him get used to it.

Where are you going, Chechi? I have to take him to the doctor.

Which month is your wife in now, Sathish? Fourth month, Chechi.

This time it will be a boy. I am sure.

May your words turn into gold, Chechi.

I don't want it to be gold, Sathish.

He'll pledge that too then.

Go! Okay then. - Bye.

What happened? Has he calmed down?

No way!

Shall I talk to him?

No. You needn't talk to him, sir.


He's too arrogant of his influence, sir.

Then let it be.

Everything is done, right? Yes, sir.

The statement is ready. Now Faizal sir has to read it.

Happy now? Spend some days behind bars now.

Will you send anyone from your house to give me company?

You... Get lost, you loser!

Faizal! Sir.

Didn't you read the statement? Yes, sir.

Get going then. Sir.

He will be presented at Mannarkkad court.

The sub-jail is in Palakkad.

We can't see him after 5 o'clock today.

Sir, they are leaving now.

I'll call you.

Make it fast.

Where have you reached, Dad?

Just reached Ernakulam?

Hey! Come on. The case has been called.

Come. Do one thing, Dad.

Take a room in Palakkad and stay there today.

Ummen & Joby are with you, right?

We'll meet tomorrow.



Retired soldier under arrest for smuggling alcohol to Attappadi.

It's on the newspapers.

Here, sir.

I've mixed Vodka in this.

No, Kumaran.

I'm going to jail for 10-12 days anyway, right?

I've never done any kind of fasting in my life so far.

Let this be a fast.


My purse is in the car.

Take the money you need from it.



On the day of my release, this should be charged fully.

Jessie, bring something for us when you come back.

I will bring.

Are you leaving, dear?

Merry Christmas then.

Thank you, sir.

We've got the accused who extracted stones from the forest.

An innocent chap!

The guy who extracted stones from the forest is an innocent chap?

Okay then.


Who's the innocent chap who extracted stones?

It's him, sir.

We found this gun powder from his house.

He stole the gun powder which was to be used for fireworks at the temple, sir.

Did you see him stealing it and extracting stones, Member?

He hasn't seen anything, sir.

But... it was me who stole it.

What arrogance is this?

Sir, I have two daughters.

The elder one is in 10th grade and the second is in 8th.

You can be arrogant about that. That's good.

Hey! Stealing the gun powder & extracting stones from the forest.

Sir asked about that.

I can't buy gun powder from a ration shop, right?

That's why I stole it, sir.

This is a complicated case, man.


What's your name?


Sebastian! Yes.


That too, gun powder.

Possessing explosives without a license.

Trespassing the forest area.

And then, extracting stones from there.

Do you think these are minor charges?

You already wrote the FIR, right? Yes.

Then add him as the accused.

He admitted his crime, right? Yes.

This is better than going to jail for some stabbing or murder case, sir.

What? Sir, as I told you, I have two daughters.

People like him are the members & politicians of the ward.

They keep troubling women.

Hey! Don't talk nonsense!

Keep quiet, Member.

You continue.

Sir, if I have to live peacefully with my daughters, I need a house with strong walls.

The bank told me that they'd give me a loan only if I lay a foundation for the house.

I extracted stones from the forest, to build the foundation of my house.

Other than that, I wasn't running a quarry in the forest, sir.

I can go to jail in this case if you want me to.

But... you should promise the protection of my children.

I trust you, sir.

What can we do about this?

We are investigating. Are we?

Write it like that. Oh! Like that!

You needn't go to jail.


This is not a small game.

If you bring this up... your name will be on this FIR.

You get going first.


You can also go.

Sebastian! Yes.

You've got enough stones, right?

No, sir. I need some more.

Then take it.

Very little.

One tight slap I'll give you! Get lost!

Sebastian Chetta! Yes.

Call us for your house-warming function, okay?

All of you should consider this as an invitation and come.

Okay then. I am leaving.

You got out?

I got bail yesterday.

From the High Court.

Here's the bail order.

Well, I have been asked to come here and sign every Monday.

Today is Friday, right?

Go and come back on Monday.


On Monday, my uncle's son is going on a pilgrimage.

So, shall I give that sign, right now?

Kuttamani, don't come to the station and irritate me!

I was framed for a crime I didn't commit.

Everyone here saw that it was the tribal boy who stabbed Thomas.

Wasn't it you who got that boy drunk and stoned, and made him stab him?

So that boy needn't go to jail. You should!

If you show off over here again...

Don't mess with me!

Will you leave, or should I send you off?

I'm not playing any games.


The day you get out of your uniform...

I will start my game only then!

Who do you think you are?

Calm down, kid. Didn't you hear him, sir?

I get out of my uniform every evening, man.

Tell me when you're free. I'll get out of it early then.


Move out all your stuff from your shop.

The Tahsildar has asked for police assistance to demolish it from Government land.

So be it.

Sujith... Sir.

Keep this in that shed.

You shouldn't have told them.

And how is mom now?

How will she be?

If someone dies, they will be buried.

Be it me, you or your mother.

You didn't do this on purpose, right?

This is a cross that was thrust upon you, right?

So carry it!

Even Christ had carried it.

So there's no Christmas for us this time.

You have time till Easter.

Everything else can wait until a decision is made about his uniform!


What is it?

How old are you, actually?

I am younger than you, anyway.

Open it!

'There will be a landslide when you least expect it'

'The sand beneath your feet will slip away, before you know it'

'There will be a landslide when you least expect it'

'The sand beneath your feet will slip away, before you know it'

'Even cobwebs would turn into huge nets'

'The edge of the sword will split the sculpture'

'Until yesterday, this was a paddy field'

'Today, it's an overflowing sea'

'In the darkness that pierces our eyes, our own paths and courtyards are stolen'

'Until yesterday, this was a paddy field'

'Today, it's an overflowing sea'

'In the darkness that pierces our eyes, our own paths and courtyards are stolen'

'There will be a landslide when you least expect it'

You want to demolish it?

Tahsildar is on leave.

He didn't go on leave. I sent him.

I don't need the Tahsildar to demolish this.

Come on!


Ruby and kids will come on Christmas day.

To see him.

Squad, attention!

Squad, arms down!

'Upon the southern hill, the golden hill'

'A seed sprouted suddenly'

'On a tender leaf'

'There was moisture even at noon'

Sir, what about them?

The papers they gave are clear, right?

If you bring so many people, without the necessary papers...


This isn't the paper I asked for. Then what paper do you want?

I didn't ask for this. Hold him.

Kannamma! I'll teach you a lesson!

Haven't you had enough?

'Today, it's an overflowing sea'

'In the darkness that pierces our eyes, our own paths and courtyards are stolen'

Arrest has been recorded.

She can get bail after the medical check-up.

'A creeper that grew on its own'

'A mad creeper with thorns all around'

'A creeper that grew on its own'

'A mad creeper with thorns all around'

'That creeper crawled and spread all around'

'It encircled and strangled everything on its path'

'The straight paths, hills and fields, disappeared under it'

'They disappeared under that creeper'

I had told dad that I'm not celebrating Christmas this time.

Then why?

Give it to me.

Here. Give it to whoever you want to.

So aren't you eating it?

I am fasting.


Your dad asked me not to cry.

And now you...?

I wasn't crying.

This will be an experience for the kids, right?

You do one thing.

Take the kids and leave quickly.

Well, why did you come here on this day, Father?

How can I celebrate Christmas, when you are here, brother-in-law?

Sir, take this as well. Come, kids.



Those plates?

I will bring them when I come.

You can go now.

Koshy, leave it.

Just consider this as an experience.

Until I give him an 'experience', I won't leave this.

After all, it's the Holy day of the Lord who taught us to forgive everything.

Leave it!

My blood...

... is slightly thicker.

Because my dad's name is...

... Kurian John.

Yeah. You have all those problems!

Bloody Kurian John & his son!

When are you both going to realize your folly?

He has to go and sign at Anagada station on Monday & Friday.

When do I have time to go home in between this, Advocate?

Yes. He will get one morning in his house, at the max.

Whatever conditions the court puts forth to grant bail, we will have to agree.

Let 2-3 weeks pass.

I'll file a petition to modify the conditions.

See this, Advocate.

And tell me what all offenses can be charged for this.


It will be an explosive breaking news.

Koshy, this is too much!

His life will be ruined.

Is it necessary? What damn question is that, Advocate?

Come, boys.

First, I have to break my fast.

Kumaran, start the car.

Hey! What is it, kid?

My bike is here.

I was caught without a license.

To pay the fine?

Even if you pay the fine, we won't give you the bike without a license.

If you want the bike, bring someone with a license.

Chechi, please tell him.



Leave it, Sujith sir. He's just a kid, right?

Stand outside.

Kid... Wait for some time.


Mom! I am busy now. I'll call you back, okay?


Hello, mom?

Why are you crying, mom?

Don't make me tensed. What is the matter?

What is it, Jessie?

What's wrong with this girl?

What is it, dear?

The alcohol that was stored among seized goods at Anagada police station, was used by SI Ayyappan Nair along with the help of Constable Jessie.

You can see that in these visuals.

This incident happened at a police station in Attappadi, which is an alcohol-free zone, and that intensifies the seriousness of the offense.


He has retaliated, man!

What? What happened?

Sir... The news...

... was used by SI Ayyappan Nair along with the help of Constable Jessie.

You can see that in these visuals.

This incident happened at a police station in Attappadi, which is an alcohol-free zone, and that intensifies the seriousness of the offense.

People of the town say that alcohol smuggling happens regularly, through the Anagada police station limits, which is close to Tamil Nadu border.

But, only a very small portion of the alcohol seized during the combing, done in the name of alcohol-hunting, is being recorded as seized goods. This is another allegation.

Since the key of the store room in the station is entrusted to the SI, the alcohol stored there can be used by SI Ayyappan Nair as he pleases.

That's what these visuals prove to us.

Tomy, send all of them away.

Whatever it is, we'll solve it tomorrow.

Chetta, please go and come tomorrow.

Sathish, let him go.

Don't cry, Jessie.

You are in uniform. Stand upright!

Only after wearing this uniform, I could stand up upright in life, sir.

Do you remember what you said that day, sir?

No need of my strict law tantrums!

If such influential people are hurt, their reaction would be far from ordinary.

Yet, the reaction was extreme now.

You can wash your hands in my case.

You just asked me to make him comfortable, not to fix him a drink!

What will we do about her, sir?

Ayyappetta, I...

You said so that day not because you were scared of some Koshy you have never seen.

You said so seeing all the influential people in his list.

So it's not just Koshy who is at fault, sir.

These influential people are, too.

A fear that they would intervene for people dear to them.

That fear towards influential people, sir?

That's the incapability of poor people like us.

I'll tell you something.

If those who have no one to help during a problem, wear the Khaki, just do you duty.

Follow only the law.

Humanity is something that can only be afforded by people much bigger than us.

SI Ayyappan Nair is one among the list of officers who are selected to accept the Chief Minister's police medal on Republic Day.

An officer with such criminal behaviour, getting a place in the eligibility list for the police medal..

Why aren't you happy, bro?

It's not time yet.

Let it be time.

Tell us what's the next programme, bro.

From here, straight to Attappadi.

That's awesome!


You've offended all the policemen there.

There is a danger. I'm saying this as a precaution.

Not just signing...

There are other bail conditions, as well.

If you repeat the offense, that is, if they catch you with even a drop of alcohol at Attappadi, or if you don't go there and sign regularly, police will file a petition to cancel your bail.

If that happens, Koshy, you will go to jail again.


If I travel 7 kms from Anagada, I'll reach Anaikatti.

That's in Tamil Nadu, right?

Alcohol is available there, right?

When I feel like it, I will go there, drink and come back.

Can they charge a case for the alcohol that's in my stomach, Advocate?

And about the signing...

There are many more people above the SI and CI.

Those in Khaki, and others too.

I will go and sign wherever I want to, whenever I want to.

'Hey Nair! Ayyappan Nair! In relation, I am your sister'

Ayyappan Nair's people are all here! It doesn't matter who comes.

He is the son of some big thug in Kattappana.

Sir, did that rascal get out of jail?

Oh! Another rascal.

He got bail yesterday.

He must be out today.

Let him come.

He has to come here and sign, two days of the week anyway, right?

That's him.

Ummen! Yes!

Joby! Yes!

The gallery is against us, boys!

Look at his arrogance!

Will Ayyappan Nair's body be taken out anytime soon?

Will you leave only after that?

Not just after it's taken out, kiddo!

I'll leave only after it is buried!

Why? Your throats are all stuck now?

Those are Nair's people.

They came hearing about his death!

Who are you? Kuttamani.

Koottamani? (peal)

Kutta.. Kutta.. Kuttamani.

Enquiry will take time.

He is on the road. Koshy.

Along with Kuttamani.


We can make Jessie a witness in the case. DSP sir has agreed.

But we can't do anything about the suspension.

Jessie, dear.. Come here.

Sir.. Keep this.

I don't need it, sir.

Take it, Jessie.

Take this.

Sujith.. Sir.

Drop Jessie at the bus stand.

Why are you hanging your head down? Look straight & walk!

Hey girl!

I never meant to include you in this!

This shot was for that loser!

Bloody scoundrel!

No! No! No! Move away!

Leave it.

You and your damn sympathy!

Get lost.

Didn't you hear what she said, bro?

Let her say it, man!

She has all the rights to say that.


No, sir. Not here.

Kumaran... No means no!

Okay. Leave me.

'FIR against SI Ayyappan Nair'

Go to your village for a few days.

There will be an arrest, right?

Not from the station.

I asked them to do it at our house.

Get me some water.


Is this your house?


The exact same look of the house of a honest man! - I swear!

Nair! Nair, booooo!!

There's quite some road frontage.

If you keep a board here, you can start a tea shop.

'Meals ready'

Two Idlis and one tea, please!

Or let it be.

For this area and structure, locally brewed arrack is the best!

No! Nairs don't brew arrack illegally, bro.

But he's not an original Nair.

He is a hybrid item!

He's only used to throwing others behind bars!

The CI is here.

You can celebrate now!

But I'll tell you what all you're going to face, when I get time.

Take a day off and sit at home, sir.

I will also tell you about the things I've faced so far.

CI Sir...

Buy a 'Tortoise' brand mosquito coil, and a pine-leaf fan for him.

In the jail, there are so many mosquitoes, and it's really hot too.

I am KC George.

Kanjar MLA.

He is my boy!

It would be very difficult for him to come there and sign twice a week.

Sir, don't consider this as arrogance. That's not possible.

Think about one thing.

Is it possible to travel 300 kms from Kattappana, just to come and sign there?

Will he have to time to go home? Sir...

Let him come or go from Kattappana, stay in Attappadi, or do whatever he wants.

But he must come to the station and sign, twice a week!

Don't be so pertinent, Inspector. It's not such a big deal, right?

This happens in all stations, right?

Then why do you alone have such a big problem? - Yes, sir.

It happens in this station too.

But in his case alone, it won't happen, sir.

That's the kind of atrocity he did towards our SI.

If I agree to this, I'll be destroying the morale of all the policemen here.

It's not possible, sir. Leave it.


We might say or do certain things out of excitement at certain instances.

Once that is done, it's done.

That's all human lives are, right?

Sir, I can agree. I can.

But I have a condition.

There's a disciplinary enquiry against Ayyappan Nair.

The original file of the video is on Koshy's phone.

If he submits that, Nair will lose his job.

If you can promise me that Koshy won't submit that video to the enquiry officer, I will agree.

Why not!

I can promise you. He won't submit it.

Fine? Fine, sir. That's enough.

I was saying all this to you as well. You heard me?

You'll be called to the DySP's office for the enquiry.

Don't submit the phone with the video.

Leave it at that.

Hey! I promised them. Now don't do anything stupid.

Yes, sir. I have left it.

Anyway, thank you so much. You may go.

Ayyappetta, George sir has promised, right?

It was George sir who promised and not him, right?

He is quite short when it comes to sincerity.

No. I don't have any confusions about that.

He's not going to submit it.

He retaliated because he got insulted. That's all.

But... your police medal.

That's gone now.

The medal was for doing my job well, right?

I got paid for doing my job. My salary.

I don't need the medal.

Okay, Ayyappetta. I'm leaving.

I'm trying to get the bail order's copy before 5 PM.

If we get it, you can get out today. Or else, tomorrow.

Okay. Okay then.



Come home!

Make it fast!

Okay, Dad!

Let's go!

Dad's on fire, dude.

Son of Thangachan from Olassha?

Yes. The Home Department Secretary.

Arrange his number from somewhere and call me.

What is it, Dad?

Get going.


To Attappadi.

You've been called to the DySP's office tomorrow, right?

Go there and submit that phone. Well...

But George sir... I am your dad! Not George!

But if you say so... What will I...

Don't argue with me!

Why? You got scared when you spent 10 days in the sub-jail?

I agreed when you asked me permission to join the army, so that you'd gain some grit quite early in your life.

What else can a pre-degree fail student become, other than a sergeant?

A sergeant whose knees shiver while standing before a policeman!

Just to bring insult to real men!

I had also told him, so that things don't get complicated further.

Your job is driving.

Not giving him advice, Kumaran!

Move away!

What he did to you that day, was out of the arrogance of his uniform, right?

What if Ruby was with you that day? She'd also be sent to jail!

This haughtiness that he can frame someone who's living decently for any crime...

I can't forgive that!

Otherwise, leave it.

Have lunch and go to sleep.

You're living a relaxed life off your retirement pension at the age of 38, right?


But about your parenthood...

At this old age...

I will have to suspect your mother.


You and your dirty tongue!

I will leave.

Where are you going?

I will leave after seeing mom and my kids.

You can exchange pleasantries after coming back. Go!


Have lunch and go...

I can have lunch...

... on the way, as well.

I was asked to sign after you reach, sir.


Ayyappetta, leave only after I tell you.

Not just because George sir told me...

I agreed to this only because you promised that you won't submit that phone.

Okay sir.

There will be 4-5 of them. Sign on it.

So let this be done with this, right?

So be it, sir.

You've been called to the DySP office today, right?

Yes, sir.

They will call you a couple more times.

Once you stop going, they will drop it.


If I'm called to a DySP's office, isn't it too bad if I don't go there, sir?

I'll go there. What for?

That video...

To submit it.

Are you serious?


That rascal is changing his stance now.

I thought I'll say it after I finish signing.

Or that's enough for you to clip me down, right?

You bloody rascal!

Do you think you can go out from this station with that phone?

Thaju.. Joekkuttan! Come on!

Here you go! Search him!

Wherever he has hidden it... Find that phone!

Search! Raise your hands!

Come on!

Take it. Here you go, sir.

No. This is not the one.

This isn't the phone he had with him that day. I am sure.

His car... His driver! Come!

Where's that phone?

I don't have anything!

Push the seat down and check. Check the tool-bag too.

No point searching, sir. There's nothing in it.

Since it was difficult for me to go there today, my Advocate Rahim is at the DySP's office with the phone, instead of me.

Around 11 o'clock... Yes!

He would have submitted it now.

So, is there anything else that I have to do over here, CI sir?

Go ahead and arrange a helicopter.

To keep coming and going from Kattappana.

That won't be necessary.

I am going to stay here in Attappadi itself.

Until the bail conditions are modified.


Start the car!

Kutta... Come, get in.

Where to? First to Anaikatti.

I've hired a room in the lodge. Why don't you freshen up & go?

I'm really fresh now.

So I need to get dirty, having a couple of drinks first.

I'll go to the lodge after that.

Get in.

My shop stands on Government land. It's true.

But who is Thomas to file a complaint and get it demolished?


There's a boy who works for me.

He is a tribal. Rangan.

He is stoned all the time!

I just bluffed to him that Thomas is his wife's lover.

The boy went and stabbed him. He didn't die.

It was me who gave him the knife.

But it was the boy who stabbed him, right?

So shouldn't he be arrested?

But Nair trapped me!

I thought I'll have to wait until he retires.

But you landed in between that.

I am lucky that you landed here!


Your job is over.

But who said that I came here to work for Kuttamani?

Get into the car, Kutta.


We can't take the bottle like that.

I'll show you how we'll take it.

You can show that, but you won't take it in this car.

Who are you to say that? Hey! Hey! Kutta!

If you are particular in bringing the bottle, come there in an auto rickshaw.

Don't they have any other job?

Stop! Stop!

Get out.


There is alcohol!

In my tummy!

If you try to hide alcohol or marijuana in my car, in the name of a search...

I will kill you, right here.

If you can leave Attappadi without getting caught once again, consider yourself lucky!

Try your level best!

Understood why I said that now, you scoundrel?

Kutta, don't do that!


The excise guy is playing the flute for him!


Drive straight to Nair's house.

Why sir? Do what I say!

Hey Nair!

Come out!

Isn't anyone here?

Hey lady!

Your husband's Khaki uniform?

You can nail it on to your wall now.

The entire town is with him...

Even though he's about to lose his job, all the policemen are with him...

Apart from all that, even the excise guys are with him, out of the love for Khaki.

But whatever this Koshy did, I did it all alone!

Tell him that!

Hey! One minute!

You have all the big people including ministers within your arms, right?

So, all this is nothing!

Well, which playwright writes all these silly dialogues for you?

Is it your daddy?

If you talk about my dad.. Calm down, kid.

You must have seen the world.

But you haven't seen what you need to see up close! Got it?

Well... If you leave like that...


Your mommy is not dead, right?

Go ahead and kill her!

Let her die, without being embarrassed about her son.


Got enough from her, right?

Yeah! Kind of.

Just half of her is enough to knock you out.

How are you going to bear ME then, sir?

Let's go.

Hey! I'll lose my job.

Let it go.

I'll raise him somehow.


Don't spare that fellow!

You've never done what I've said, and I've never done what you've said so far, right?

If you make some black tea, I'll drink it.

Why is Kurian John's son silent?

You've only seen your dad unleashing his might in Kottayam & Kattappana.

This is not the age in which he was mighty & powerful!

He has not done anything illegal, Koshy.

He has only helped you.

Help? This? Ummen, you shut up!

Continue. - Since liquor was seized, excise department should have taken you.

If they had taken you after you laid hands on an excise officer, you would have been beaten up until sunrise.

Yeah, right! One slap I'll give you!

You were cheering him, right? Now don't open your mouth!

Continue, Advocate.

That's why Nair took you, claiming that there was an IPC offense.

He could have seized the vehicle if he wanted to.

He could have added the driver as an accused, too.

He didn't do it, right?

And what did you do?

What you took away from him, was not just his uniform and medal.

It was his goodwill of so many years... and the morale of those honest policemen, as well.

What should I do now?

Your dad's rage ended when you submitted the phone, right?

Enough! Stop it. Get going from here!

Even if us men don't need it, the women & kids who are sleeping in our houses, need peace of mind.

How? What about me going there to sign?

I've filed the petition.

Even if it is stayed, we'll get it from the High Court.

That's my guarantee. Isn't that enough?

Nair's hearing is happening tomorrow.

With that, a decision will be made in his case!


This hearing...

Can we do anything about that now?

What can we do?

Didn't you already submit the video, Koshy?

Ummen, get going.

I have a meeting in Thrisshur.

What about you?

Let it be morning.

Okay then.

Okay, bro.

What I did...

It was wrong, sir.

I am helpless, Ayyappan Nair.

The evidence is so solid.

I know, sir.

I don't have anything to argue or prove.

And... I didn't do that seeing his influence at the top, sir.

It's only out of humanity.

I don't have any regrets about that.

Out of humanity?

Pouring alcohol for the accused, tampering the seized goods.

That too, at the police station, which is a declared dry-land.

Even if you blame it on humanity, isn't it a grave anomaly, Nair?

It's not the humanity that the media & human rights guys talk about, sir.

It has some other areas too.

Leave that.

And the anomaly!

When a tribal girl from Attappadi with a sharp tongue..

... pointed out the atrocities done by many big shots, I got a call from the top to declare her as a Maoist and arrest her!

I married her the very next day.

At this age, I have done such a grave anomaly, sir.

So... that's all I have to say, sir.

Shall I leave? Okay. Go!

Let's see.



27 years of law enforcement, has come to an end.

Now I'm free.

You don't worry.

Your suspension will be withdrawn today.

Jessie John?



That Koshy is a thickheaded fellow.

Because of this, don't go back to your old...

What is it?


Ayyappan Nair is someone who has won 3 detective excellence badges.

A rare police officer with unblemished records, in his 27 years of service.

But... what can I do, Satheesh?

Sir, I wasn't asking you to write that in the report.

Can't you mention it in the covering letter?

I will do that. But it's futile.

Carry on, Satheesh. Let me finish this.


Hey! I have to get in!


One more ticket to Agali.

No. I'll get down at the next stop.

Here's the balance.

Who else has to buy the ticket?


Did you buy?

I was waiting there to meet you before leaving.

What was done was wrong...

Do you feel so?

What you did or what I did?

What you did!

If it's a relief for you, I thought I'll meet you in person and say sorry. That's why I got into this bus.


I'm not able to.

I can understand the gravity of your losses.


Counting my losses can wait.

From today, you can start counting your losses!

I don't have any influence!

You can use the influence you have!

I'll show you where I'm going to make you end up!

If you want to leave from here, you can!

But wherever you go, I will follow you there.

So you'll stop it only after seeing my blood, is it?

You are the one who stopped, right?

I am just going to start.

Stop the bus! There's no stop here.

Stop it, I say!


You don't have a job now, right?

Why should you spend money in vain now?

Let everything be at your convenience.

I will be here, in Attappadi.

Until your rage ends!

In case it won't end so easily, I will leave only after ending it.

Did you hear me, you bloody son of Nair?

This space is not enough for me.

You get down now.


Let's go!

Didn't you say that you'll take out a bunch which you left to ripen, only after I get out of the uniform, right?

Take it out!

Come on, take it out!

Take it out!

Oh my God! You..!!

No, sir. Leave me.

You!! - Don't move! No, sir.

We're not part of this!

Just watch!

Let me go, sir!

Sir! Sir!

Don't do it, sir!

No, sir!

Sir, what are you doing? Move!

Save me!


Stop it!

What madness is this?

Take the vehicle back!

Take it back!

Oh no! What are you doing?

Do you want to die?

Take your car back!

You don't have a complaint.

If you do, I'll dig out your house, family & kids from the hill top, and throw them into a gorge!

What have you done?

There's a stay for his appeal, not to demolish the shop.

That's why I demolished it.

I don't have a law anymore, sir.

Shall we go?

Have you heard of 'Kummatti' (folk performance)?

What? Kummatti.

Not the Thrisshur Kummatti. Mundoor Kummatti.

Long back, landlords used to bring Tamil labourers in Kummatti attire.

To finish off the Harijan comrades who were union workers who opposed them.

Two Kummattis got done.

Many comrades were dead.

But for the next Kummatti, 13 of those Tamil labourers were dead.

Police never found out who did it, but the party did.

A 25 year old boy was brought in the Kummatti attire, in front of MLA Chathan Master.

Master told him - 'What you did is not wrong'

'It's survival'

'But whatever you do hereafter, law should be on your side'

Saying that, Master forcefully made him join the police force.

His name is Ayyappan Nair.

Later, he got a nickname - Mundoor Maadan (Mundoor Vampire)

Ever since he got into the uniform, he became quite calm.

Sobered down.

And you took away that uniform from him, like this.

Hereafter, he has no law.

We have to wait and see, Koshy...

What's going to happen to you!

Don't stay here, sir. Let's go.

I can't go like that, Kumaran.

Advocate has promised us, right? Not that.

If I go, he will come after me, with such fireworks.

And my dad will make it explode!

In this old age, he will have to go to jail.

Moreover, Ruby and the kids...

... won't be able to bear such theatrics.

For the time being, it's better to stay here, in Attappadi.

Start the car. I need to go to Anaikatti, and have a couple of drinks.

Even otherwise, that scoundrel's shop had to be demolished.

Sujith, we should consider the law, right?

Sir, it's Thaju.

Well, sir....

Should we enter it in the GD?

Okay sir.

Your performance was superb.

I understood that it was a show you put up for Koshy, as well.

If you wear the Khaki, follow only the law, do only your duty.

That was his advice, right?

If you're going to take this route, I will follow only the law.

Even if I am up against a Mundoor Vampire!

I will do what I have to do.

I didn't ask for your help.

You won't get it.



What is it?

I've done something unlawful, in a case I charged.

Since you've decided to follow the law, you should correct it.

Which case?

Koshy's case.

You needn't come here now, Dad.

Ummen and Joby are coming, right? That's enough.

And... send some cash with them.

The ATMs here don't work properly.


Will your dad come?

Didn't you hear me asking him not to come?

Who knows if he would listen to that!

He is my dad after all!

Since he heard this, he might do something nasty.

These guys are so noisy!

Bring that bottle.

I will show you where I am going to make you end up.

That was his dialogue.

What did he mean?


What did he mean?

If he wants to beat you up, he doesn't have to delay it.

What if he's planning to kill you?

What are you saying?

Will anyone kill for such a trivial matter?

What did Kuttamani do?

He almost threw him into the gorge, right?

He is a mad man!

Compared to that...


Compared to that... this is a huge problem!

Don't be afraid, sir.

If a person is shaken, he is good for nothing.

Fear? For me?

Kumaran, I am not bragging.

I swear!

I have also killed...

... 6-7 people.

In Kashmir.

When I was in Shopian sector.

I'm not bluffing, man!

I swear I've killed them.

I understood, sir.

But... in this matter, justice is on his side.

That's the fear I have.

No... Not fear...

I mean... Fright?

Yes, fright!

Can you shut up and drive the car?

Fright, it seems!

They are coming to check if we have alcohol.


What is this lightning visit for, sir?

Don't take the trouble. There's no alcohol in the car.

There was alcohol once, right?

12 bottles!

Hey! Get down! Why?

Get down, I say. Tell me why?

What? You want to know why?

Where are you taking him?

The vehicle which was used to smuggle alcohol can be confiscated.

And the driver is an accused too.

Put him in our jeep.

Sir, don't take me.

My sir will be all alone. Sir, take this car.

Sir, this is a trap! Sir!

Come here! Don't stay here any longer.

Get going from here as soon as you can! Shut up & get in!

This was a nasty move!

You're the one who made all the nasty moves, right?

This is the law.

Start the car!

Hey! Stop! Stop!

My phone and purse are inside the car.

I need to take them, and my bag from the boot.

Everything in the car will be submitted in court, after adding it to the records.

Collect it from there if you want.

Hey! You!

Is this what you meant... when you said you'll show where you'd make me end up?

This is not that.

For that, you need to go a little further.

Are you tired?

To get me tired...

... you will have to sweat some more.

You still have to go 10-12 kms.

If you need a lift, you have to ask for it.

This is an area where elephants cross.

Elephants are better.

I don't need a lift.

Are you scared or what?

Are you trying to scare me?

I've asked...

... for a lift!

Let's go!

Take your hands off!

Has someone started from Kattappana?

For what?

To take your body back.

Who are you, man?

Mundoor Vampire, it seems!

Not just you! I have also killed people!

It is easy to kill.

Surviving needs skill.

Do you have that?

If I am going back to Kattappana, I will go back alive!

Only if you wish to see that, you will be alive to see it.

Do you want to see me turning you into a dead body, right here, right now?

Do you?

I won't lay my hands on you today.

But that day is not far away.

When you exhaust all that you can do using your influence. and stand with your feet on the ground all alone, like me.

That day...

... you will go back to Kattappana, only in a coffin.


This is Koshy's phone.

I haven't added it to the records.

You leave now.

What is this?

Where were you?

This is not Koshy.

It's Ayyappan Nair.

Where is he?

I don't have him with me.

But his head is within my arms!

So that I can strangle him whenever I want to!

You don't know what all I can do!

If you touch my child...

You can do something using your influence, only if I am living by the law, right?

In my case, that's over.

Now just receive whatever I'm going to do.


Let his dad and family flare up in fear tonight.

It's the arrogance that he learned from home, right?

This is Kurian. Yes, this is George.

I cannot do that, Kurian.

George, let me talk.

He cannot obey me, right? Let him receive what he deserves!

Hello, Achaya... Ummen...

Were you able to reach him?

No, Achaya. It's ringing. He's not picking up.

Kumaran's phone is also ringing, but he's not picking up.

Achaya, what if...


Don't stress. Nothing will happen!

They have left from here.

Okay, Achaya.


Things are going smoothly, right? Isn't that enough?

Okay then.

Don't lock it. I need a room!

Do you have money with you? Let me see it.

There must be Ayyappan Nair's ban for that too, right?

I cannot disobey if Sir asks me to do something.

I owe him!

Sir, I've reached the station.

Yes. I have sent the squad already, sir.

Okay, sir. He's going on calling and pestering me.

Thaju, something has happened to Koshy.

What is it, sir?

Ayyappan Nair has called Koshy's father, from his phone.

Let them call each other, sir. Why do we care?

It's not like that.

Koshy sir's phone was in the car.

What? Yes, sir. It was in the car.

Come, Sujith. Come on!

Koshy's phone was in the car.

It was. I didn't see that in the records.


I gave it to Ayyappan sir.

You're talking about an official matter to a superior officer.


Hey Sujith!

Sir, CPO Sujith.


Right now, it's just Sujith and Satheesh.

Hey! It's not just another death.

I'm trying to avoid a murder here.


What? Well..

Isn't that what you said now?

Or forget it.


When someone kills for defense, it's an ordinary death.

When it's for an unfair reason, that's a murder.

I joined the police only after getting beaten up a lot by the police, for showing black flags, and picketing the secretariat.

To earn a living!

What's happening now is also a protest, sir.

Whatever you say, or even if I lose my job, I'll stand by Ayyappan sir.

Your arrogance of being the District Joint Secretary of the Police Association...

I'm seeing it only today.

You gave me a chance only now, right?

You needn't sweat it out at midnight.

He would have reached the lodge by now.

Four of you come with me.



CPO Sujith needn't come. You guys come.



Why are you lying here?

I wasn't given a room.

Ayyappan Nair's injunction order.

I won't get a room unless I pay money.

You took my purse, right?

Then how will I have money?

Get up!

I will tell him.

He will give you a room.

Not necessary!

I don't accept charity!

I have been out in the cold for 3-4 days, in a trench.

Don't you want to have some food?

I've been in the trench without having food, as well.

Okay then.

Come, let's go.


If I could get that phone, I can make a call to my house.

Well.. Isn't this charity?

You've been in the trench without a phone also, right?

Then no need!


No, sir.

We haven't found Koshy yet.

We are searching for him, sir.

Yes. We questioned Ayyappan Nair.

There's nothing in it, sir.

The 24 hours you gave me have just started, right?

Let me see.

There's no one here.

This is locked. Chetta! Hello!


Go and ask in that shop!


Bro is here!

Bro, when we couldn't reach you on the phone, we got really tensed.


Yes, Achaya. Koshy is here.

No! No! Not a scratch on him.

I'll put him on.

It's your dad.


Shout after you listen to me fully, dad.

Hey! I think it's them. But I...

One tea.

It's easy to say that.

Yesterday, I...

Hey! Get me a bun.

How can you say that? I was all alone, dad!

Give the phone to her, dad.

Here you go, bro.

It's nothing.

How, Ruby?

I cannot leave from here now. Don't you know that?

I have a phone with me now, right?

Call me whenever you want.



Call Advocate Rahim and tell him about Kumaran.

I'll call him. Will he get bail today?

It would take at least 5-6 days.

Anyway, ask him to come here in the evening.

Pay the money and come.

Chetta, we need 2 more rooms.

So I'll need a different ID card.

Please move, bro. I am in a hurry. Give your ID card.

Let me just check in.

Who are you? Didn't you see people waiting here?

Didn't you recognize me?

I am Ummen. What?

That's my friend! Koshy.

Brother, I need two rooms.

You get him settled. Let me sort this.

Go with him, brother. Bro...


Koshy shouldn't know this at any cost.

Argh! Am I deaf or what?

Didn't you say this a hundred times on the phone?

Kuriachan told me specifically.

Get going, or else we'll inaugurate it by punching your face!

How many days should we be here?

Will I be able to see the Makaravilakku (festival)?

We needn't delay it, bro.

Ask them to show who the guy is.

Let's go after burying him here somewhere.

Suni! What is it, bro?

How many people have you buried so far?

My dear bro, I saw many places here which are perfect to bury someone.

That's why I said that. Leave it.

This is not an ordinary case.

Only if that guy lays his hands on our boy, get into attack mode.

Otherwise, play defense. Understood?

And from what I've about our guy's behaviour, he's the kind who'd beg for a pounding.

It won't take much time.

Lord Ayyappa, help me!

You took up this contract while fasting for pilgrimage?

If that's the case, how can butchers go on pilgrimage?

This is the job that feeds us, right?


Buy a bottle of water.


Close the door & go!

Here you go.

That's enough.

Chetta, one tea.


The Chiyaram team had 12 guys... Hey! Hey!

Ayyappan Nair! Where?

He's at the tea shop outside. Get up!

So what?

Don't scare the boys!



We just got here! Won't even give us time to stretch our backs, rascal!

Just see to it that things don't get complicated. Hold them back!

Move away!

Koshy! Koshy! Move!

Leave me. Calm down, bro.

Leave me. I need you!


Not just your bike!

I will burn you and your family alive!

Now the game is going to be different!

This can easily be settled by paying 500 or something, right?

Talk it out and make a compromise.

Don't pinch and scratch each other like children!

Who are you?

We've come to check out a plantation, sir.

So you've come to farm here?

The soil is good here, right?

Do you do farming here, sir?

No! I spray medicine.

On the gut!

Hey! Move! Move!

Sir has to leave quickly and spray medicine... on the gut!

Bro, he realized who we are.

Let him realize, man. Our job would become easy then, right?

I don't have any complaint.


... fell down from the terrace of my house.

How can you be scared like this, Mani?

If we file a case, it's 307. Murder attempt.

He will go to jail for around 25 days anyway.

If you're scared to give a statement to the police, you needn't.

We'll bring the magistrate.

You can give him the statement under section 164.

Then? Will the magistrate come and stand guard for my wife and kids?

Let's go!


He won't calm down if he stays in jail for a few days.

How will it be if his baby and breast-feeding wife go to jail?


This is a problem between men!

Don't drag the women in the house into this!

Your damn..

Come, Advocate!

What is her name? Kannamma.


Hey! Do you know that Kannamma is a worker of the association called 'Kanavu'?

Yes, sir.

Do you know that 'Kanavu' is the frontal organization of Maoists, in police records?

Yes, sir.

Section 324 has been charged against Kannamma.

That too, a bailable offense.

Slapping the tribal extension officer is not the offense.


A group of Maoists attacked the Government office, led by Kannamma.

That's the offense.

Understood? Yes, sir.

Arrest her immediately charging additional sections. No considerations!


She has a baby whom she is still breastfeeding.

As per law, we will have to take that baby also into custody.

Then you will be answerable to the media & human rights commissions.

You are the investigating officer. You should answer them!

Sir, isn't there any other way?

As he is about to lose his job he's trying to be an outlaw, right?

Is this a wild west movie or what?

This is what happens if he messes with big shots.

Hey! Nair is your friend, right?

Make him understand and solve that issue he has with Koshy.

I will try, sir.

Try! If you fail after trying, you should arrest Kannamma within 24 hours.


I know that you'll evade this.

If the arrest doesn't happen, I need a look-out notice to be given to the newspapers, with Kannamma's photo on it, to be prepared and given to me day after tomorrow.

Sir... You may go!

Okay sir.

You didn't say anything.

What should I do?

I didn't start this to end it like that, sir.

Him and people like him with this attitude, need treatment.

If the treatment doesn't work, there will be death.

That's okay.

This is not a personal issue because I lost my uniform or police medal.

The arrogance that he can do anything, using his connections.

That's the issue. I'm reacting to that issue!

Didn't you see now?

Forget that she's my wife.

The intervention to arrest and send a tribal woman and her baby to jail...

The power and pressure of connections and influence!

That is the issue, sir. That should be treated!

He has reached.

I'm leaving.

Ayyappetta, don't go.

I'm out of my mind, sir.

Ayyappetta, I'm not done talking. Sit down.

See! Those are goons he brought from the south.

That was already reported to me.

But I can nab them only if there's some issue, right?

I'll create an issue, sir.

I'll create it.

Sir... Call Koshy.

Tell me. Simon!

Nair is inside.

Ask your boy to come out without creating any issue.

It's a police station. There's a limit to which we can interfere.

Here. Sign on this.

Haven't you filed a petition to modify the bail condition?

I did!

But I withdrew it.

Since I've decided to stay here, this is more convenient.


You can go back to Kattappana.

I'll manage this.

Even otherwise, don't think I'll stay in Attappadi forever, for his convenience.


Are you hinting at a compromise, sir?

I am ready.

I am ready for anything.

But... first, he has to hit me.

I don't have a self-starting feature.

I can start only if I receive one.

What is it?

Don't delay it, Nair. Come on!

Stop your damn challenge!

Who do you think you are? Ayyappetta, no!

Hey kiddo!

There is some problem. Things have gone awry.

Ayyappetta, no!


Stop! - Leave me! It's the station! No!

Get up!

Shall we go in and attack? - Where are you going? It's the police station.

Ayyappetta! Ayyappan sir! No!

Charge a case now!

Murder attempt inside the police station!

Charge a case against me and put me in jail. I care a damn!

Leave me!

But him!!

I will leave only after finishing him off!

Send him away! Don't ruin this further. Take him away.

Manoj, take him. Come on!

Get out! Leave me!

Bro, let's go. Hey! Nair!

You need a place where there are policemen to hold me back, for a safety?

That too, the police station itself!

I am not Kuttamani.

If you are brave enough, come outside and clash!

Let's not create a problem here. Come out, you bloody...!!

No! Come on! Get into the car.

Go! Him and his damn show-off!

Come on! Start the car!

Start the car!

Go! Follow them!

Two people, in front of Koshy's room. Go!

Sir, don't say no. I'll be one among those two.

I'll say no. This is for protection.

Then... I need one week leave.

Using your influence, can you get me a transfer...

... somewhere?

Okay! Go!

I said what I had to say.

And Kannamma's arrest...

That can come from the top my head too. Remember that!

Kannamma's arrest won't happen, sir.

Send someone to collect a photo of hers.

You can put out a look-out notice at least.

Hey! Hey!

Open it now.

Bro, police is waiting outside.

Why are you here? Just like that.

A protection for you, sir.

But I didn't ask for protection!

I know how to protect myself!

You needn't ask for this.

This is a law & order precaution.

Then why don't you come and...

... sit on my lap?

Bloody schmucks in Khaki!

This is a bloody messed up contract.

Between the devil and the deep sea!

That's our situation.

Hey! He is coming. Come fast.


Simonetta!! Get in, fast!

Get in! Close it!

Close it!

Go inside, old man. What is this?

What are you doing? Take him away!

Open it. Get lost!


Oh my God!

Oh my God!

What's the noise? Don't know, bro.

We've been hearing it for a while. Move, let me see.

No! No! It's nothing. Let me see!

Sit here, bro! It's nothing. Why should we? Move, I say!

You shouldn't step out now.

Whom are you beating up now?

Sir, don't throw me down!

Sir, don't let me go.

Do you know them?

How will I know them?

Didn't you bring them?

Why would I bring them? Are you crazy or what?

Don't hit me!

Give me the key. Move!

Give it. I'll give it.

Go in! Don't hit me, sir!

Go in!

Go inside!

Should I tell you specially?


Put them in the jeep! Kuriachaya!

Nair beat the crap out of our Simon and boys.

Now the police is taking them.

Please make someone call from the top.

Get into the jeep!

Bloody scoundrel!

Humiliating me?


Tell me! Were you also aware of this?

Kuriachayan had told us that you shouldn't know this.


There's a correction in what I said earlier.

I don't know them and I didn't bring them either.

But my dad sent them without my knowledge.


If you didn't come at me because I said so...


I am ready!

I am also ready.


... you are under police protection now.

If I hit you now, I'll have to hit them too.

They are my boys!

Go! Go and give your statement.

You admitted that your father sent these goons, right?

Why? To kill Ayyappan Nair.

That murder attempt is what you saw here now.

I can charge a case against your dad for murder attempt.

That's why I'm saying this..

Kannamma's arrest...

Look-out notice on the newspaper...

DySP shouldn't call me asking for all these.

And stop your nasty games of attacking his family, with this.

You heard me?

Otherwise, your father will be the first accused in this case.


Haven't you had enough?

Sujith... Put them both in the jeep.

Get in!

Come on!

Get into the jeep! Bro!

Get inside! Go! Go!

Get inside. Come on! - Bro!

What are you watching here? Get going!

Get going!


Come, Advocate.

I'm not coming, Koshy.



There are advocates who are much better than me in town.

I'm not such a good advocate.

Having a conscience is the problem.

You can hire someone else.


No... I mean...


What is it, son?


Get the car key and bag and come.

Stop! Stop!



Where are you going?

I'm going to watch the Kandassankadavu boat race.


Let's go.


Go straight.

Straight to Kattappana.

I need to talk to him.


My daddy!

One morning in the house.

After that, back to Attappadi.

'Lost the rhythm, lost the tambourine too'

'The night has burned into ashes'

'A flame is ablaze on that pile of ashes'

'O wind, blow strongly'

'Did you see that flame?'

'Without bothering about the consequences'

'Will you blow or not?'

'Will you come or not?'

'Lost the rhythm, lost the tambourine too'

'The night has burned into ashes'

Kumaran... Yes, sir.

You can go home.

What are you going to tell your father?

Nothing, man. You may go.

Come when I call you.

Wow! Papa!

What's happening, girls?

Come, let me ask you.


How are you? Ichaya, what happened on your forehead?

That's a long story.

Is mom sleeping? No.

We don't have classes for three days.

Wow! Three days? That's nice.

Shall I get you coffee? Yes.

Where is dad? He has gone for a walk.

Ayyappan Nair made you drink lots of water, right?

Then why are you so thirsty?

Drink some if you want to.

Kurian John!

You are the first accused.

The offense is murder attempt.

It's just an attempt.

Not murder, right?

Your advocate left the case, right?

I've hired someone else in his place.


Go inside with the kids.

Why are you growling?

She has left.

Stop swallowing your words and say whatever you want to say!

The game you're playing over my head, making a fool out of me?

Stop it today!

You've got this new addiction of playing a game, at this age!

When you lost your ground to play in this town and in politics, this game landed on your lap!

And you really enjoy playing that game!

I know that it's not out of your concern for me.

Arranging goons around me without my knowledge, getting his wife and child arrested, That too, using my friends!

This is not a great game or anything! It's despicable behaviour!

Listening to your word, I... Stop it!

If you raise your voice against me, I'll knock your teeth out!

I did everything thinking that you shouldn't die a sad death at the hands of that giant!

And you're talking about honour and ethics now?

Once I decide to bring someone down, I'll shove my ethics and Bible up the attic!

That's my style!

Don't try to teach me what to do, sergeant!

I won't!

But this is an issue between Ayyappan and Koshy.

Kurian needn't interfere in that!

He didn't touch my family, right? That's why I'm saying this!

Redial all those calls you made to get his wife & child arrested, and block that arrest.

Otherwise it will either be me or him!

This will end only if one of us dies.

That's how the lives of men are, you spineless fellow!

What about the lives of women then?

If that happens, one would be a widow, and the other one would be the wife of a murderer.


Stop this!

Give a compensation for whatever he has lost and end this!

I can't bear this.

Shut up and go inside!

I am talking to my husband.

If you can't listen, you can go inside, dad!

Couldn't you say this earlier?

I am your husband!

He is only your father-in-law!

You've been living in this house holding my children tight, scared even to take a breath...


Praise be to the Lord, Father.

Here you go, brother-in-law. Both papers are here.

It has been entered on the register clearly, right?

Yes, all that is perfect. You needn't worry.

So thank you, brother-in-law!

I mean... Father!


Sir... Come.

Medical certificate.

This is the discharge summary.

It's not a discharge, but I'm absconding actually.

I escaped after 7 days of the 30 days of treatment.

Our idea will work out only if it's presented like that.

This is the statement in my own handwriting.

Sir, the matter is simple.

I am addicted to alcohol.

That day, when the alcohol level in my blood dropped drastically, I became violent.

To make me sober, as a medicine, Nair poured some alcohol for me.

Why did you have to complicate it so much?

Now, to get his job back, you are becoming a patient on record.

That's all right, sir.

When this Nair got out of his uniform, it's like he got out of jail.

This wild freedom is a very basic instinct of his.

He is experiencing that for the first time after he turned 25, only now.

To tame him, the best medicine is your department’s uniform, sir.

From what I heard, the enquiry report is still on DGP's table.

He hasn't signed it till yesterday.

If he signs it, it's over!

Let me see.

You should do all that you can, sir.

Yeah, right. This is my only job or what? You get going!

Thank you so much, sir.

Who are you?





Go inside.

Isn't Koshy home?

We've spoken over the phone.

I am Ayyappan Nair.

Koshy's enemy.

I have seen you as well.

On TV!

Very good!

So you recognize me!

Koshy? He is not here.

He left to Attappadi yesterday.


Dad has a gun with him.

Pardon me.

I don't believe you.

Can you please get him on the phone?


It's Ichayan.

He asked me to pass the phone to him.


You got into my house, is it?

I am here! In Attappadi!

When I didn't see you for 2 days in Attappadi, I thought you got scared and went back to your house.

Since you've reached there, let's meet there.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

If you want to meet me, leave from there immediately and come here!

Otherwise... consider that this is the end of your life!


Your dad is standing here, holding a gun.

If he shoots me down in his house, it will be a senior citizen's self-defense, right?

I can't help but say this.

You are a family of imbeciles, is it?

Okay then. See you there!


Hey old man!

Please show it to me.

Just out of curiosity!

Here you go, you bloody!!!

Hello? Hello?

Hey! Hello?



I'll send this with him. Say something, Ruby!

Dad! Otherwise... search for it in the coffin that brings him!

Someone pick up that phone and say something!


Ruby, what is it?

What's happening there?




Dad! She has fallen unconscious here.

When she regains consciousness, I'll ask her to call you back.

Dad... What happened there?

Not dad...

Kurian John!

He came home and threatened me.

He came to my house.. This Kurian's house!

From now on, this is not an issue between Koshy and Ayyappan alone.

Kurian can intervene!

He went to my house.

If I don't get back at him for this, why should I...

We were finding ways to settle everything, right sir?


This will not end with my decision alone.

Now... however it is meant to end... let it end like that!

Hey! Did you see Ayyappan sir?

He had come to your house.

I told him the address correctly, after checking the FIR.

Do you know where Ayyappan Nair's house is?

I know!

I'll be going there.

Oh! His wife's arrest?

No point going there!

He shifted his wife & child from there long back!

Now you'll need protection only after Ayyappan sir comes back, right?

Okay then!

If there's no one to stay there, why does he need a house?


When did you hear the sound?

Around 3 AM in the morning.

Did you see who drove the JCB? No. I just heard a loud noise.

Either Kuttamani or Koshy.

No one else is going to do this.

Sir.. What's the status?

None of them have seen the person who drove the JCB, sir.

Must be the revenge for Nair demolishing his shop.

Take Kuttamani into custody immediately. Why?

This wasn't Kuttamani, sir. It's Koshy. What?

He told me yesterday that he'll be going to Nair's house.

Where is Ayyappan Nair?

Sir went to Kattappana.

To Koshy's house. Why?

Well.. when Koshy went missing from here for 2 days...

Hey! Come on!

Let's go to Kainthan's lodge. Get the bikes!

I think the people here will kill him before Nair does.

Did Ayyappan Nair know about this? Yes.

I informed him.

Where has he reached?

He's on his way back.

When I called, he was having tea at Kalkandy.

Damn it!

Come on, fast!

He will reach the lodge immediately.

Sujith, I'll get back to you later!

You and your damn spy work!

Hey Koshy!

It's Nair.

Isn't he here? Koshy?


No, sir. Don't! Sir!

Sir, he is a mad man!

Sir, our car!

Come on!

I've left some for you!

Come on! Wait! Wait!

Wait! No one has to interfere!

Let them finish their issue between themselves!

Ayyappan Nair has locked him. Wait!

Stop gaping and call the police!

Sumesh, come on!

Move away!

Hey! Nair! Leave him!

Hey! Leave him!

Let him go!

Leave him, I say!

Move away! Take him!

Son... No, sir.


Put both these rascals into the jeep!

Trying to kill each other!

Take him. Move!

Come on, walk.

Move away!

Make way, all of you!

When I closed my eyes thinking that things would settle down... you guys are challenging the police now?

If he goes to your house, you will destroy his house, is it?

You think this is Haryana or Bihar?

And you!!

You have a feeling that whatever you do, people here will be on your side!

Leave that. That emotion is over!

Joekkuttan, put them in the cell first.

Get up!

You can accept it only if I give it, right?

I'm not giving it.


I don't have a complaint.

My house was destroyed in a tornado.

Long back, a train fell down, right? At Peruman?

Only the train and the storm knew that...

This was such a storm.

Don't hang on to this, sir. Let him go.

Okay. I can let him go.

Instead, you go to the cell now.


For burning my car?

It was me who burnt my car!

A vehicle which wasn't fit for use...

I burned it.

That's the spirit. See!

You didn't see!

I'll show you!

Stop it!

Did you burn the car?

That too, at a public place.

That's an offense, right?

Yes, it's an offense.

Public nuisance - a fine of Rs. 500.

Here's my 500.

I don't need a receipt.

So this will end only by dying or killing.

That decision is final?


Not by dying!

By killing!

I was talking for myself.

I'm not going to get a Bharat Ratna if one more murder case enters this year's crime register.

But as long as I am in uniform here, I won't create any circumstance for you both to touch each other!

That's my decision.

First, Nair can go.

You both should shadow Nair.

Okay sir. Hey!

Drop him at the lodge in the jeep.

Okay sir. 4 people for Koshy's protection.

Okay sir. And yeah!

Take your guns.

If there is violence, don't try to hold them back or control them.

Shoot below the knee, whoever it is. Okay sir.

Sir, what about me?


You are suspended!

I'll give the order before noon. Go and sit there.

Hey Koshy!

Hereafter, if you decide to fight against each other, hiding from us...

I'll give you a tip so that you don't die.

Don't fall within his grasp.

He will strangle you!

Your spine will break and pierce into your lungs & heart.

The postmortem report of the Tamilians who died long back, said so.

Didn't he lock you today in his grasp?

If I was late by 10 seconds to reach there, you wouldn't be alive now.

He only beat up those goons, right?

He didn't lock them, right?

But in your case, his first move was to lock you in that grasp.

So that means... his challenge that he will kill you, is not a threat.

It is his decision.

Try not to die.


Stop! Stop! Stop the car! That's my dad!

I thought you'd only play through the phone, sitting at home.

So who's at home now, dad?

Your wife and kids!

You are supposed to protect them, right?

What can a father-in-law do over there?

I'm asking this out of curiosity!

What the hell have you come here for?

I'll tell you.

He will come for you like a wounded pig, when he knows that his wife & child have been arrested.

It will be proved then, whether you are my blood or not!

Call me 'dad' only after that!

This man!!!

Otherwise, escape from here!

I'll handle this.


Go and give company to your wife!


This is such a lousy tea!

Call that driver Sabu.

I need to know where dad is staying in Attappadi.

Dad came here?

What is he doing here?

Yes. Dad shouldn't be here.

But my dad won't leave if I ask him to, right?

So I'll ask them to take him!


At the Forest Department's IB in Sholayur.

Sir, this is Koshy.

You gave me a tip so that I wouldn't die, right?

Shall I do a return favour?

Perfect son and dad!

Thaju, that 307 case?

Ayyappan Nair and Koshy's goons.

Add Kurian John as an accused and get the statements and remand report ready, quickly.

Isn't that a drastic step, sir?

Small steps won't work for him.

Hey! Everything is ready, right?

It's ready, sir.

Take him straight for medical check-up. From there, to the Magistrate's house.

Once you get the remand report, buy some food for him on the way.

The meal time at jail would be over. Okay sir.

Hey kiddo!

I've eaten food from the jail several times.

Long back, when they used to serve only wheat balls as food! So leave that.

When your DySP called, he said that I won't be made an accused, and I am not one!

Let the DySP call again. I'll tell him.

You will have to pay a fine for this.

So be it.

For now, let this Ayyappan-Koshy season get over.

Next season can be between us.

If you are alive till then!

You too!

Hey! Don't delay it. Take him!


This is a police station.

Don't you know that you shouldn't smoke here?

290 IPC is much lower than 307, man!

Sir, give me those papers.

Once this is over, they wouldn't want your arrest.

Have you thought about your future after that?

I can lease out that property.

Isn't that enough for me and him to live?

Then, his education...

What expense would be there for a tribal kid in a Government school?

Shall I go?

Don't borrow money to fight the case.

Court will appoint a lawyer.

If you can look after the child, you can take him.

You take the child.

I won't have time to look after the child now.

She knows that.

Is he upstairs? No, sir.

He checked out and left. Where to?

Where is Koshy?

We don't know, sir.

Tell me!


Sir, we're on our way back after getting bail.

We don't know!

He won't leave like that.

If he is in Attappadi, he should be in front of me before 10 AM tomorrow.


... he will see me only in Kattappana after that.

I didn't go away out of fear.

I moved to a place where I wouldn't have protection.

For your convenience.


Come there.

None of the cops here will come all the way there to hold me back, right?


It's a place where you and I have zero influence.

Tomorrow morning. 10 AM.

Since you've decided, why wait till tomorrow?

Why not today?

I need to arrange certain things.

I need to order a coffin for the body to be taken from here.

And stuff like that...


I talked a lot until now.

I didn't do much.

I'll get into action tomorrow.


Ayyappan Nair.

Kumaran.. Yes.

There are some barbers who come to the mortuary and shave the body.

Not even mothers can identify the bodies in the coffin then.

We don't need such things happening. Remember that!

Why are you talking like this now, bro?


If you think downward from the most extreme situation that you may have to face, it will be a cool mood for everything!


If the need arises, I'll ask for it.

You should give it then. Don't lose focus.

No, sir. What is it, Kumaretta?

It's nothing.

What is it? I don't know.

Like you said!


Standing with my feet on the ground!

But you are not alone.

Shouldn't we have some people who know us, as an audience?

Is it to sign the witness statement, while writing an inquest for your body?

Even though your wife and child are in jail, your flaring isn't over yet?

Then why don't you finish my flaring?

What are you doing? Hey!

Don't you dare touch him!

Kill him, bro!


Give it here, you old man! Who are you? Leave me!


Where are you going, old man? Stop there!

Charge! Pull them away!

Hold them!

Pull them away! Leave me!

Hold him! Calm down!

Don't strut around!

Leave me!

Koshy, enough! Calm down!


Stop it, Nair.

Leave me. Enough!

Or I'll shoot you down!

No, Achaya. Enough!

You have been reinstated to the service!

Before 1 PM, report to the station.

When they are in jail, I don't need the uniform!

Leave me! They have been released.

IG didn't agree to record the arrest.

It's true, man.

Calm down!

Stop this!

Achaya.. Leave me.

You heard me, right?

You must report to the station before 1 PM.


Leave me.

Did you come out on your own, when you exhausted all your influence?

I used all my influence and tried my very best...

... to get you back into your uniform.

Once you retire and get out of your uniform, will you come after me again?

Just don't come this way, with your damn influence!

Who told you about my grasp?

I have an aunty in Mundoor.

She told me.

Ayyappetta, one minute.

The order to reinstate you into service hasn't come.

But it will come.

Today or tomorrow.

You didn't give us time to wait till then, right?

You do one thing. Stay here, until the order comes.

Is it, sir?

You've issued the order?

Thank you so much, sir.

Thank you!


Nair is back in service.

On the way... we should go to the sub-jail.

I don't think my dad would forgive me until his death.

'And that's a happy ending, as of now'

You have only one more year left, right?

Shouldn’t you be posted at the home station?

Why? Is it a punishment? No, sir.

I asked for it.

I am the new SI here.

There's a tradition of meeting all the important people of the town while taking charge, here towards the south, right?

Ayyappan Nair.

Koshy Kurian.