Baaghi 3 (2020) Script

Hey wake up you can't die like this Vikrant!!!!

you can't die like this wake up!!!!

No!!!No!!! Ronnie!!!

Vikrant!!! Vikrant!!!

Hey vikrant how did you cut the thread of my kite What do you mean??

Now I will teach you a lesson What did I do?

Now I will call my brother go get him Ronnie!!!!!

Look!! He has called his cute brother

Is he a big guy??

Hey Vikrant!! where did he come from?? go away You touch me i will let you go But you have touched my brother i will break you

Please don't hit him I have told you many times not to go for fights

No!!Dad don't Please!!

Sorry Ronnie!!!

Dad has hit you lot!

Why did you hit him so much sir?

If I wouldn't hit him he won't understand

Yeah it may be possible!!

hey vikram!!

I am the one who got beaten Why are you crying??

Any father punishes his son for their wrong doings Kids!!!

Chaichaji You??

Let's go home Why dad didn't come?

Dad didn't But his officers has came!!

Dad has gone to rescue people He is a very fearless person His duty is to protect people

He was fighting against them

But,the bad people shot him!!

But he fought them also

he has done his duty very well!!!



You have to promise me!!!

That you will protect your brother

Be with him like a tiger!

promise me!!!

Promise me that you will protect your brother!!

I promise!!!!


Hold it!!

How does this happen?

Come signal Come!!!

Caught it!!!!

Excuse me madam!!

Do you know where you are??

This is a Gents Toilet Arent't you shame on yourself?

Don't you have shame?

Standing Infront a girl with the zips open

This is gents toilet madam When did I told you this is a ladies toilet?

Innocent me!!

Came here to catch the signal You are standing and catching my wrong You don't know how to speak ladies losers!

you went to gents toilet I went there to catch signal I think all the network towers are there Let's go

We need cool water

Thank you What happened?

I don't know

I always cry at comedy movies thats why

Hey wait wait wait

Look when heros come

Why do they come at slow motion?

And that hero beats 10 or 20 men

What have you done?

I will clean it He is talking to clean you boss!!

What did you say?

No!!No!! I wil wash this Now he is talking to wash you away boss!!!

Ok I will Clean and wash and dry it also Hey You!!! Why Are you translating this to inverted form Hey you!! Why are you translating this to inverted form?



Stop him if you can Why people?

Always tell anything Don't take it into your heart

I'm the boss of this area


What is his sister's name?

What did you say??

What did you say?

What happened?

Some food was fallen into his shirt accidentally

He did this Let's go

Let's go

What have you done?

I didn't put the drink on his shirt purposly

What happened?

What are you doing?

Forget it

Who hit you?

Forget it Ronnie!!!

Vikram Who hit you?

You can't hit him like that

Let's go home

If you hit me I would let you go But if you hit my brother i wil break you

You should have not hit him

Let him go!!

You should not have hit him All okay!!All Okay!!

This guy broke everyone

Hey listen

Your father and grandfather was in police Hey Ronnie!!

You have to be someone I don't like that Why??

I have some cases What??

What? 50 cases!! why do you fight everyone?

I have 50 cases because of saving you Hey not 50, 60 cases You have to do a job Me But it will cost money

Look at him! What he has done for past years?

Chachaji he will become police officer Me

Who wears police uniform and have stars on his shoulders is a real hero

Inspector Vikram

Ronnie!! One thing What?

I like this uniform

I will feed you

Good morning sir!!

Vikram Pratap Singh I'm ready for duty sir!!

Welcome Pratap Singh I'm S.Kunthe Gutthe (dog)

Two star Inspector Sharab kuthe ku the Yes Sir!!

Go and meet tripathi sir!!

Can't you keep it correctly?

Where is tripathi sir? tripathi sir?

What is the thing people buy? But never wears it

Let's go



They Have burnt a man infront of police why? didn't anyone do anything?

That tripathi sir has show police that it wasn't a accident It was a murder

Do you know how they are strong?

You know?

He can kidnap the whole family

What can I do?

Police don't know who is behind this give me your hand Not here here

Come on Ronnie Come on!!!

Open everything Sure sir!!

Zalem wants you here

Brother why you have never tell? what abu jalal gazha do with these families

Abu Jalal Gazha Worl'd Most dangerous man He is one of ISIS leaders

What happened to you? Ruchi

You loser stupid fool

Take a right and stop

Hello Siya

I'm In the Police Station

I'm so sorry!! Have you gone mad? I saw a girl that is why That is the problem of your looking at a girl Don't touch it Don't touch it Let it go

why did you let it go?

You said

Who do you think you are?

You don't know me I'm a very bad person can't you hear me?

Both are barking at same time how can I here?

Where did he go?

Where did he go?

I will meet you somewhere

Are you Crazy madam? what do you want? someone outside said to do this if officer is not listening As I said I saw someone kidnapping Madam there is no complain getting kidnapped in our area

I'm asking you very tightly my inside devil will come outside

Now I'm posting about you in social media video will be viraled in 2 minutes with 200k views That factory belong to IPL who can go there?

Sir! There is malika batra

Time has come to show Your uniform's duty

You have to go to the IPL's factory and save the people in there

I have said to comissioner that you will only go!!!

Only you!!

I have to go Applause

What are you saying I have to come?

If I go alone I will be dead

I'm with you what do you mean?

You are going to this duty Also Alone ALONE!!!!!


Ronnie Why are you scaring me?

Is this a place to sleep?

When I whistle turn light off and again I whistle you will turn the lights on

They are whistling What will we do now?

Let's turn the lights fully off for 45 seconds

Mom police has arrived

There is he

Sir My name commisioner P.M.C But,What does name has?

You have given the name

he is the hero of our area cops

As you are standing I don't think you have did this job I think it has been done by someone else

Police Officers Learn from him He doesn't have any scratch on him Like me VERY GOOD!!!!! photographer I have brought a personal photographer

You will

Work for us

I will work for you

people we kiddnapped has been saved by a police officer What Bajwa?

Can't you do this work correctly?

It's time to get you married?

If you don't marry now when will you marry

We have looked a girl You should meet her

Ronnie please tell him

You should marry now

if dad was there he would tell me lovely

Okay But You will show me the girl

you have to show me the girl only okay?

What happened siya? Are you gone mad?


Did you say anything?

You want something to say No

Yes what?

I have to say say somehing

shall I say?


Will become a sensor

You are the sister

You two look so happy

You you

I want a lovely girl That you were scolded by her , today you have been brought outside of the house

From today you don't have to go to that house

brother what can i do? he is raiding our all places

Does he have any mother,father,sister anyone? he has a small brother

Go and kidnap him GO

Let's go kidnap him

brother this dog is injured please drop me near a pet clinic



Left from here

What is your name?

You are the younger brother of him

We will scare your brother

Hello this is inspector vikram

Ronnie I have been kidnapped Don't cut the call

Turn the speaker on

I have kidnapped his younger brother

Your brother will be killed today

How did they catch him?

I'm very scared

Brother give me the phone please

You have to come in 10 minutes to save me okay?


Bajwa When he comes break both of them For now cut his hand

he is like his elder brother

You Okay?

Let's go

Let's go

Your younger brother

take him here

What's happening Now I have started Are you showing heroic act?

What to do sir everyone doesn't have it doesn't go from me

Let's go

Arrest him He is your brother sir

Law is for everyone

For your daughter's revenge

Shoot Him

Shoot him

what do we have to do?

All police officers gave this work for me That time when we fought the gangsters And saved all the lives of the people You You were the one who saved all the people from there all the cases had put on to me by the comissioner Ronnie!

I'm telling you because of this job One day One day Something can happen to us too!

Like our father experienced

Nothing will happen to you brother I'm with you Always!

Are you a hero?

Because of heroic act of yours We will be dead one day!

Tell me one thing

When every big gangster thinks they are super gangsters

Why police can't think they are big gangsters than others

What do you mean?

Means we should do it again

Agra's best police officer

Take a photo please

Welcome Inspector Vikram

Intelligence has confirmed that That some ISIS members Had kidnapped some families And took them to Syria We are scared that it is a work of Abu Jalal Gazha Here It is your special visa passport And this is the letter of minister




Hey you stop!!! Let my brother go!

Vikram Vikram Vikram wake up!!!

Vikram!! Who is that?

Vikram!! Who is that?

Who is that???

No!!!No!!! Let him go!

Let him go!!


Please let him go!!!


Don't kill him Hey you!

Listen! Don't touch my brother!

Anything happens to my brother!

I'll kill both of you We're not two We're not in hundreds And we're not a thousands We are A whole country If anything happens to my brother I swear to my dad I will erase your country from this world map I'll wipe your country from the god damn map Good Luck with that!

Long live!


Power is a very dangeroues word Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best I want to see overpowers Jaish-e-lashkar Yesterday! We caught a police officer who tried corrupt my mission He think he can go against me Our Army!

We got this war into pieces Now I'm going to show you that rascal Bring him infront of everybody!

This Rascal!

He thinks I'm nothing So, what i'm going to do to him? is the message to world from me

No one can stop me

Maria,task is complete Yes Sir!!

His brother was here to intiate that request fall his expedition Why he didn't come?

He's in search for guy

Who's connected with Jaish-e-lashkar Abu Jalal Gazha

Fine Please ask them to be patient Officer, why aren't you telling me?

I was telling her that I have to call I need to talk to the state minster Indian Embassy Then I'll get back to you Guys

Siya I don't think that they would help us Do now what you have to do Hey I got it, what you said now This is my city Don't try to create a trouble or you'll be in big trouble

Okay Officer!

Leave now!

Where would we find him?

Vikram Charan Chathurwedhi

Your Brother

Who are you?

It doesn't matter who am I?

It matters What have we done

He is a Pakistani I know what had happened Your brother has been kidnapped Your brother vikram Came here to check IPL but he felt in trouble How do you know this?

It doesn't matter how i know this It matters What we know about it What do you know?

Just follow me Not in instagram or tik tok just by walking


By walking They are going to follow you both Look behind Look behind!!!


Just keep following me!!

Where are we going?



Look at there Police has been lost You have come to the place of Akhtar Lahori's Akhtar Lahori

Look Behind Look behind!!

Give me all the things you have Give it now Give!!!!

Why are you looking at each other?

Give me all the things you have too Money,Golid items all

What are you looking?

I will cut you into pieces

What did happen?

Look under Look Under!!!

All are laying down Yes ma'am

You know?

When you were telling everything to police I was listening

I'm doing this for my brother He has a disease That's why I'm doing this For brother Yes

Then you are doing right

But don't make anyone fool like you are helping

Brother My brother don't have Polio disease

Brother I don't have a brother too

I came alone

You really don't know about vikram?

Maybe a little person Like pickpocketers or thives

Do you know a thing? A guy stole a police officer's purse One minute!!! One minute!!!

Vikram's border pass was stolen at 6.00 in evening You know some pickpocketers They may know about it Don't worry I can tell you by asking ALLAH (God)

Ask Ask How?

I just have to say who's visa,time and other things At what time did it happen? At 6.00 p.m Now you keep this I want to help you Come!!

He is a pickpocketer Day before yesterday at 6 p.m. Did you see any wallet?

Yeah I know The toilet is outside

This not about the toilet this is about a wallet


Wallet!!!! You stole a wallet yesterday Check out Okay!!! Okay!!!

Why are you shouting?


Where did you get this?

Where did you get this wallet!!!

Sorry my brother!!

I can't remember it I don't remember

Hotel Grand Castle

Bill Number 57861

I got it He has booked in room nuber 121


Come on Let's Move!!

Just break it!

Okay listen!!

What is she doing?

I locked myself out of my room Which one?

This one!!

121 Yes! Okay! Sure!

His phone was right here I saw everything

Vikram was sitting here He went near the door


They hit him very badly

He was praying

He threw the phone


There must be fingerprint in it

I can't trust police too!!

You don't worry

Let's go

I'm calling you since yesterday

I'm worried about vikram

He will come back soon I had a call from Ronnie

that his phone is off due to the very busy work

Thank God Siya!

You are very stupid Can't you tell it me before?

He will come back soon

Be careful!!

How long can I lie to ruchi?

All will be okay

Akhtar you go there!!

Siya you there!!

Have you seen this man?

Do you know this guy?

Know this guy?

You want to go to hell

Are you mad?

Where is my brother?

Tell me where he is Just take me Shoot me Please give my brother back he hasn't done anything

He was going to start a family He didn't mess with anyone I'll tell you where your brother is?

You came here to catch me know!

You here?

We were caught

Ronnie what happened?

Only IPL knows where vikram is

Abu jalal is here

The killer is at Taj Mahal Club Why are you here?

My brother was right He has came The one who brought you here

I'm sorry but I was looking for someone

I'm finding my brother vikram I'm very stressed You can't understand Brother!

I understand

If your brother

Just tell me I will help

nothing wil happen to your brother

I won't let happen anything

Abu Jalal is not a man he is a shadow

Let's go

Look behind

Every criminal goes to the police station only

Let's have something to drink

Give me anything you want but I won't tell anything

I worked for them for 15 years

They want to kill me!!

This Abu Jalal will give orders in 3 hours

Where is my brother?

he is alive He is in cental mall The people who were dragged from that people some people will be used as suicide bombers

Stop the car Siya I need your help You can recognize ourselves Right?

Come let's go Hurry!!! I know where abu jalal is You go with them And you?

I am going to get vikram What?


It is dangerous

Do a work of mine If you find Abu Jalal Just break him and kill him

Come on Get them

Take some to the airport

This is Abu Jalal's Checkpost There are 2 big Watchtowers


Come one by one

All remove your jackets and go away hurry!!

You go from here now

where are you?

We are fine

Both of them are fine

What are you looking at?

Just go away

Just go away

Just go away and be safe everyone

I am vikram

I am vikram!!!

I met your brother I had to kill him that place that time But I didn't That was a mistake

Mistake was done by me When I was in trouble I always shout his name And he came But I didn't call him now Now I will call

Let's go home If anyone touched me I would let go But if anyone touched you

brother is not alone He has his younger brother Okay!!

Take him indian

You didn't hear it correctly Every brother That's pakistani Your haters

A hater is for everyone you


Open the gates Move!!! Move!!!


Let him go!!!!!

I will kill everyone I will kill you all

Until today!!!

Anyone didn't hit him How did you hit him?




Ronnie wake up!!! Please!!!


Police officer vikram has brought us a new respect

We are very happy about him We should be in unity with everyone This is a world with beautiful people

Everyone should love each other

Let's become together

Every human should love their friend and haters all

I'm happy today

I'm proud of you Ronnie!! dad

We should love our brothers always