Baahubali (2015) Script

"Golden dreams and great heartache,"

"churn in the depth of the soul of this river...called life."

"When great mountains lay in its path,"

"it cuts deep gorges through the keep flowing!.."

"This unstoppable, inexhaustible river called life..."

"It is called the river of life."

Lord Shiva!

For all the sins I have committed, if death is the only redemption, then take my life!...

But this boy should live...

He should live for his mother who is waiting for him... he should live to ascend the throne Mahishmati...

Mahendra Baahubali should live!

Dear me!

Hey! What are you waiting for? Hurry!

Hey! Be careful!

What happened? I am not sure, master.

With all the jewelry on her, she must have been a queen or something.

She died with her hand pointing up!


What happened?

They must have come here to kill her.

Looks like she got the better of them.


Oh my God! A cave!

We never knew this existed!

Looks like it goes all the way to the top of the mountain!

If the lady was holding the baby up, pointing to the top, Maybe she wanted us to take it back there!

You are out of your mind?

They sent soldiers to kill an infant!

What dangers do you think await him... if you send him back there! But, Sanga..

This is my baby.

I have no children... and the river Goddess has given this boy to me.

If anyone of you object, I will trample upon your necks.

What are you waiting for? Close the cave.



What are you doing here, my dear?

What is up there, mother?

There are ghosts and demons up there!

They prey on and eat little kids!

But I want to go up there, mother!

Don't ever say you want to go up there! Let us go.

How many times have I told you not to climb up there?

Why do you keep doing it?

You are my darling, right? You won't do it again, right?

Looks like he will make it this time.

No way! Look at the water mountain!

It goes way up into the clouds...

...And how many times has he fallen from that hundred feet?

He always slips and falls after the first hundred feet.

Yeah, he slipped and fell at least a hundred times.

Watch! He is going to come sliding down again.


Your mother is upto something there!

'Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shiva!'

That is fifteen!

Pour another 101 times and your prayers will be answered!

Sage, if I do this, will my son listen to me?

Will he stop trying to climb up that mountain?

Of course! This is a powerful ritual!

Pour this water over Shiva, with all your heart, and He will guide your son onto the right path.

Alright! 0! Sage. Hail Shiva!

Mother, you are not getting younger, are you?

It won't help you if you run around so much!

Out of my way! Mother, please listen to me!

Why should I? Do you ever listen to me?

Father, can you please tell her to stop?

Sanga? What?

Where are the flowers? Father! Father!

Let go of me!

Alright! Let me do it on your behalf. Okay?

No way! Lord Shiva won't accept it.

The one who took the oath will have to pour the water!

Sire, carry on with what you are doing. Hail Lord Shiva!

Mother. What is it now?

How about I carry you... and you can pour the water over Lord Shiva? Fine?

No way! Lord Shiva won't accept it.

The one who took the oath will have to pour the water and she has to walk up to pour the water!

Sage, are you and your Shiva planning to kill my mother?

How should I know what the Lord has in store?

Lord Shiva!


See what your lad is up to now!

What is it this time?

Shiva, stop!

You will go to hell for this blasphemy! Shiva, stop!


Shiva, wait..

"The celestial river agitatedly moving through His matted hair"

"which makes His head shine with those soft waves."

"And His forehead shining like a brilliant fire"

"and the crescent of moon which is an ornament to His head"

"makes my mind love Him each and every moment."

"Who is he and where he comes from?

"He brought with him eternal light spreading everywhere."

"His strong arms can turn the tide of history."

"River Bhagirathi, Lord Shiva head towards you."

"Look at this great irony."

"The consort of the sportive daughter of the mountain"

"whose mind rejoices at Her side long glances."

"With the stream of merciful look which removes hardships"

"Makes my mind take pleasure in Him"

"who wears the directions as apparel."

"With the lustrous gem"

"on the serpent's hood in His matted locks."

"He, who is with His bride whose face is decorated"

"by the melting of red saffron vermillion."

"And who wears on His shoulder the hide of the elephant"

"which was blind with ferociousness."

"Makes my mind happy and contented in Him"

"who is the leader of demons."


Not just a thousand showers for your Lord, He will bathe all the time now. Are you happy now?


Sage, it played out just like you predicted!

My son hasn't looked up at that waterfall since.

Do you ever underestimate Lord Shiva's power?

But now he sits staring at the wooden mask that fell on the Shivalingam from above.

Now what is with that?

Lord Shiva works in mysterious ways.

Only He would know.

A small doubt.

Since my son was the one who made sure the idol is bathed all the time.

Will his wish of climbing up the mountain come true or will Sanga's wish of him always staying down here come true?

To hell with your doubts. My son did what he did for me!

My wish will be fulfilled. Isn't that right?

Lord Shiva does whatever He thinks. Hail Lord Shiva!

Hail Lord Shiva!

What did he say?


How long are you going to sit holding that wooden mask?

There is somebody up there.

Maybe there is, but your mother is calling out to you.

Let us go home. Go ahead. I will come later.

Let us go, boys.

Who are you? Why did you come to me?

"My heart is lost."

"Like a drop in the waves."

"I am the one whose eyes shine amidst the stars"

"I am the one who sings amidst the waterfalls"

"My voice echoes through streams, listen to me!"

"The persevering one, your bravery will take you forward."

"You leap higher and higher, firm and stable and determined."

"The persevering one, your bravery will take you forward."

"You leap higher and higher, firm and stable and determined."

"I breathe for you..."

"and only you"

"Come and let us live together."

"Let me tell you something, my love."

"I chose you as my soul mate."

"Whether I stumble and fall, with haste I will come."

"I am but a sudden gust of wind. I stop for no one."

"I will break free of every mountain in no time."

"He is strong and without an equal adversary who can fight."

"His anger will cause new fears in his foes."

"He is strong and without an equal adversary who can fight."

"His anger will cause new fears in his foes."

"You come out of blue with a gift of love."

"Drop a word and I swear"

"I will give up my life for you."

"Scaling peak impossible, his blood flows like a rivulet."

"His sturdy body, a weapon. Hail this hero of the world."

"Destructive in the air and sky can win with his roar of war."

"A ferocious warrior will become soft-hearted afterwards."

"Killer of fear. Ocean of wealth."

"Arduous struggle over, healing calm sets over him."

"Killer of fear. Ocean of wealth."

"Arduous struggle over, healing calm sets over him."

"Killer of fear. Ocean of wealth."

"Arduous struggle over, healing calm sets over him."

"The persevering one, your bravery will take you forward."

"You leap higher and higher, firm and stable and determined."

"The persevering one, your bravery will take you forward."

"You leap higher and higher, firm and stable and determined."

"The persevering one.."

"Hey, warrior. Come closer!"

"Hey, handsome. You are mine."


Hey! Stop!


Over there!


It is a trap. Kill them!

Dear God!

How come you got this?

One of your men, sneaked into our kingdom.

He tried to rescue Devasena. We killed him.

It was tied to his wrist. I took it from him.

I don't know anything else.

Let me go! Let me..

Bury the dead and leave no traces.

Dilip too has attained martyrdom, chief!

Don't let the drop of tear breach your eyelids.

That monster from the palace has imprisoned our princess and has her shackled right in the town square.

Our Queen Devasena being treated like cattle in a fair.

Our pride and honour is injured and we suffer in silence.

It is not time to shed tears.

It is time to breathe fire.

Have you forgotten your solemn oath?

We will remember it till our last breath.

To meet our goal we will clash with thunder.. We won't lose courage.

Come hell or high water.. We will be brave!

Or death that splits us in pieces.. We won't budge!

We shall rescue Devasena!

If we are to achieve our goal..

"Attachments become our weakness..."

"and there is no place for joy or celebrations."

"Our body is for our lost Motherland, Kuntala Kingdom..."

"and soul exists only to free Devasena."

My leader...

I heard many good things about a warrior... called Kattappa of Mahishmati.

I heard he is a good man. Couldn't we ask him to help?

Karikala Kattappa Nadaar.

He is indeed a good man.

He can help us if he wants to.

But he won't...

Kattappa is a slave the throne of Mahishmati.


A sword trader, Sheik Aslam Khan from Kabul is here to see you.

The ore is extracted from the depths of Baghdad mines.

Purified in the furnaces of the Golan mountains.

Crafted by the best blacksmiths in Persia.

With this in hand... even a child can slice through ten banyan trees.

I call this the Sikander.

The Pride of Swords.

A wonderful sword.

But forgive me, Aslam, this cannot match our speed.

How insulting!

Spoken words and spilled blood can never be taken back.

Duel with my sword and prove the worth of your words.

Does that prove my point, Kattappa?

I have traveled across the world China, Persia, Mongolia, Greece.

But never seen a warrior like you.

It will be an honour to break bread with you.

Please come, Kattappa. Please forgive me, Aslam.

Slaves here do not dine with royal guests.


You are the head of the armoury, how can you be a slave?

Yes, Aslam. A slave like you have never seen before.

He forges the weapons for war.

During war, he must protect the king with his own life.

After the war, he should still lay by his feet.

Tell me, what will it cost to buy your freedom?

I will pay 10, even 100 times that to buy your freedom.

You cannot put a price on this slave, Aslam.

My ancestors pledged that everyone born in our clan... will serve the throne of Mahishmati for life.

For a pledge that a long forgotten ancestor made you still..

People who made the pledge might be dead but their word still lives on, Aslam.

For this life, these bonds will stay tied to this land.

If loyalty has a face, it is you, Kattappa.

If you ever need anything... please don't ever forget that you have a life-long friend.

Vaishali. Hmm.

Where are you going? I will be right back.

We have a golden opportunity to fulfill the oath we have taken.

They are celebrating Bhallaladeva's birthday on the next new moon.

The entire kingdom will be busy with the celebrations.

The opportunity to free Queen Devasena...

Give me the opportunity, sir! Chief, let me go!

I offer it to Avanthika, this time.


What is this, Avanthika?

Where did this come from?

You focused on your beauty more than your oath!

You cannot put your life at stake since you love yourself so much.

You are not worthy of this honour. Leave us.

These tears are not a reflection of my cowardice nor do they come from pain.

They are a testament to my boiling blood.

If you can feel their intensity

then let me go.

You have to leave in two days. So get ready.

Be careful and get the job done, Avanthika.

If you get caught because of your own neglect...

Bhallaladeva will torture you mercilessly before he kills you.

"Our Mahishmati Kingdom shall remain unconquerable."

"As long as the sun, moon and stars are shining there."

"Felicity and glory reigns supreme here."

"A flourished kingdom, happy subjects"

"and the home of peace."

"May the glory of Mahishmathi soar sky high."

"Our flag with the emblem of the rising sun"

"our golden throne flanked by to stallions."

Your Majesty, it is just been two days since we caught that bull in the forests.

We haven't broken it yet. It is quite dangerous...


It would take 10 such bulls to intimidate Bhallaladeva.

Please come.

Stamp it out, Bhalla!


Kill him, father.

Did you see, grandfather?

His Majesty overpowered the bull.

Glory to the king!

That was a great feat..

Bravo, Your Majesty!



He did it!

Have you ever seen a mightier warrior! No, Prince!

Your loyalty amuses me, Kattappa.

I know deep in your heart... you nurture this desire to kill me.

Yet you put your life on the line to save mine.

How do you do it?

How do you manage to do this?

Alright! You deserve it! Ask for a reward.

Ask for anything!

Your Majesty!

You have been holding Devasena captive for 25 years.

Please release her.

So be it. Since I have given my word.

Go and kill Devasena and release her!

There is no greater liberation than death! Go and release her!


Then let her suffer.

Not just another 25 years, but till she dies.

Hey old hag! Get up!

Hey! Get up.

Hey Devasena! I hope there is nothing lacking in your torture!

You chose him over me.

So where is he now?

Tell me the truth, Devasena.

In all these years... have you ever heard anyone even utter his name?

On those long and dark night, amid the desperate silence... and in the clunk of your shackles... did you ever hear his name?


Mahishmati has forgotten him, Devasena.

They neither talk about him anymore... and nor do they remember him.

There are only two people in this kingdom that remember him.

You and I.

You remember him as you want to see him before you die.

And I remember him as I want to kill him again... with my bare hands.

But both our wishes will remain unfulfilled.

Lady Devasena!

At least, accept it now.

You just have to say yes... and I will break these shackles and set you free.

Do you want to be a prisoner for all your life?

No, Kattappa.

My son will come and he will set me free.

How can your dead child come back for you?

My son is alive.

He will come looking for me!

You are suffering in the name of a son... who is no longer alive, My Lady!

Please get a grip on yourself.

I won't get a chance like this once again.

The guards on the night shift will be here any moment.

Please agree!

Please accept it. lam begging you and you keep doing these silly things!

Do you think I am picking twigs like a mad woman, Kattappa?

This is a funeral pyre!

This is for a funeral pyre to burn to ashes... the body and the blood of Bhallaladeva.

My son will come... he will drag that animal... and place him on this pyre.

My son will make me light the pyre... while Bhalla is still alive.

The death cries of Bhallaladeva will reverberate... beyond the walls of Mahishmati.

My son will come!

What happened, Avanthika?

Someone right here tattooed my hand last night.

He will come back once he sees me.

Avanthika? What is on your shoulder?

Avanthi.. Go ahead, I will see you later!

Avanthi, listen!

You saw the painting on your shoulder? Did you like it?

Why that sour face? Can you smile a little?

Oh My God!

Hey! What is with the arrows?

You want to kill this hunk of a man!

Who are you? That is better.

My name is Shiva. I come from village Ambuli.

I climbed this huge mountain just for you..

What a girl!

See, you should listen. Now you are in a hole.


Now tell me who are you? I am telling the truth.

I climbed up the mountain.. Shut up.

It is possible only for the likes of the great Lord Shiva!

That is what I am saying. I am Shiva!

I will tell you. I will tell you everything.

But before that I have to ask you one thing. - What?

Who are you? Who are you?

You got a sword in your hand.

Not to mention body armor, anger sparks flying from your eyes. lam not asking about this mask of yours!

I want to know the one that is hidden beyond it.

Shall I tell you?

You are a woman and I am a man.

I have come here to love you.

Now that hurts.

This is mine.

I dropped it near the waterfall.

Did you really scale the mountains to reach me?

Just for me?

I came all the way just to see the smile behind the mask.

I still don't see it.

"Birds chirp and ask you to take me along."

"Let there be thirst for love and let our love grow", "Listen to what my heart echoes."

"Let the time stand still and while love makes us alive."

"The life I lived all these years has no value"

"But now I want to live for you."

"I made a pact with my heart."

"I will be born a hundred times for you."

"Birds chirp and ask you to take me along."

"Let there be thirst for love and let our love grow",

"I will write our love saga on the skies."

"Let us be together for the rest of our lives."

"Write it with your eyes and make my heart your canvas."

"Being in love is so lovely."

"The life I lived all these years has no value"

"But now I want to live for you."

"I made a pact with my heart. I will be born a hundred times for you."

"Birds chirp and ask you to take me along."

"I am growing thirsty for love, let there be love."

"Listen to what my heart echoes."

"Let the time stand still and while love makes us alive."

This is something the world has never seen.

A hundred foot tall golden statue.

Even the Gods don't get this honour.

Once this is erected, your son, our King Bhallaladeva's prestige... will live on forever in the entire world.

Are all the arrangements done? Yes, Your Majesty!

There will be celebrations galore.

The applause and the din will be unprecedented, My Lord!


Frisk her!



My Lord! Forgive me, My Lord! Please don't kill me!

My Lord! Forgive me, my Lord.

Forgive me.


Please forgive me, Shiva.

I didn't know what else to do.

I cannot let go of you nor can I abandon my duty..

You are mine, Avanthika.

Everything that is yours is mine.

I also share your obligation.

I don't know who Devasena is.

If your goal is to free her

then I will bring her back!

This is my word.

"The pyre is lit and I feel choked."

"Nevertheless there is a yearning in my heart"

"Will there be sunrise again, ask these shackles of mine?."

"O Kingdom! see who comes your way."

Mahishmati, you can breathe now.

My son is back.

Baahubali is back!

When the king's statue is erected... everyone must applaud!

When the king's statue is erected everyone must applaud!

No worries!

It is a hundred foot statue.

Won't it take a sacrifice of a hundred heads?

Thank you.


Baahubali? Baahubali.

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Move it! Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!


Who was that?

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!


Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

It is been fifteen days since my son left! - Hold this.

He hasn't returned yet.

I wonder if he is alright.

Our son carried Lord Shiva's idol all by himself, What can happen to him?

If he is alright, why isn't he back?

Maybe he found his family.

He must have realized we are his foster parents.

Will he never come? Will he not call me mother again? - Sanga.

People, hurry up, will you?

Come on.

Earlier you saw the fire in my eyes and trusted me to carry out the mission.

Once again I request you to have that belief in me.

I know Shiva will rescue Queen Devasena. Come with me.



Who says that Baahubali, the one who showed us the righteous path is no more?

lam nothing, but a living dead.

You are dead and yet you are alive in people's heart.

Baahubali! Baahubali!

The echo still lingers in these walls.

It felt like it was his statue that was being erected!

Did the people express their bottled-up feelings?

Or did they see someone?

No! Impossible!

Let us question the soldiers on duty... as to who uttered the name and why they did so!

Then the truth will come out, grandfather.

What are you doing here?

I.. - The king has ordered us to come. Let us go.

Who first uttered the name of Baahubali in the crowd?

Am I talking to these walls?

Speak! Or I will have your tongues cut!

I didn't see who, My Lord! Stop it!

Bunch of idiots as you are! Didn't anyone of you see him?

I saw him, My Lord!

I have seen those eyes before!

Bhadra! I want him alive. Let us go!

Hey, who are you?

He is here! Catch him.

Catch him..

That way..

Sound the alarm!

I have come to rescue you.

Kattappa, a marauder has entered the palace and he set fire to the King's chambers!

You head north.

Kattappa, Chop off his legs and hands but I want him alive.

As you say, My Prince! I want him alive!

Come on!

The alarm!


Get up!

You lousy old hag!

All these years of punishment... for your infidelity and still no shame!

The moment you see a man, you take off with him!

Kattappa! He is going to kill me! He is going to kill me!

My Prince!

It is my duty to protect you!

To get to you,

he has to go through me first!





They are going for Devasena. Stop them.

Hail Mahishmati!








You resurrected our lost hope.

You made a great warrior out of him and brought him back to us.

Kingdom of Mahishmati will be eternally grateful to you.

My mother looks at me with this sadness and not the usual affection.

I don't know who they are... and yet they look at me like lam their God!

And when I see the wounds that fester on that lady...

I have never met before, my blood boils and my soul hurts! Why?

Who am I?

You are the son of our savior (God) Amarendra Baahubali.

You are the balm for your mother Devasena who awaited your return for 25 years.

You are the fruit of our Queen Mother Sivagami's ultimate sacrifice.

The story you need to know began 50 years ago, my son.

This kingdom of Mahishmati was established by your grandfather Maharaja Vikramadeva.

Though elder, Bijjaladeva was not crowned because of his conniving nature.

But Bijjaladeva blamed it only on his physical disabilities and it caused great turmoil in him.

The King died.

He was survived by his subjects and the queen who was six months pregnant.

Three months passed by and Mahishmati continued to mourn.

The King's sister-in-law and Bijjaladeva's wife, Sivagami took up the reins of the kingdom.

Being an astute woman she focused on the welfare of the people and defense of the kingdom.

She could hear the howls of the jackals making their move towards the throne.

It was a dark new moon night. The queen was in labour.

We could not save the queen, My Lady!

It is a boy!


The empty throne reminds me of a widow's forehead.

So, I will take the throne and restore it to its former glory!

Hail him!

You all swore a solemn oath to be loyal to this throne.

A revolt at a time when the kingdom mourns goes against every tenet of being a Kshatriya, Marthanda!

Being a leader is the first tenet of being a Kshatriya, Minister.

Lady Sivagami?

All those who support this royal family step to one side.

Who will support a woman, Sivagami?


They have soiled Mahishmati with their revolt.

Wash it off with their blood!

How can you stand and watch... while our people are being hacked to death?

Move! Kill that slave and Sivagami!

Kill Kattappa!

You bribed and bought my people! How conniving!

Not conniving, Marthanda. It is called the statecraft!

Lady, you are a born statesman and a warrior and we had the privilege to witness it.

Please ascend the throne and rule Mahishmati!

No, Minister. That is not my place.

Then whose is it? O!Lady! What kind of a question is that, minister?

It belongs to my son, Bhallaladeva.

Tell him, Sivagami!

Both my sons have a right to the throne.

The one with more valour, compassion and wisdom will be crowned the king of Mahishmati.

This is my word and my word is the law!

"You found in her an ocean of affection."

"May you live long, my dear Baahubali."

"Ambrosia and venom."

"Mind is where they both get churned."

"The scion of Mahishmathi"

"the heir to the throne the only one.. Baahubali."

"He roars like a lion in the battlefield." - Rest for now.

"He is nothing, but a thunderstorm."

Kattappa! I am very hungry.

Can I have some?

My Prince!

Why are you standing? Please sit down.

Now give me some.

My Prince!, your mere presence here is wrong.

And then to sit with us to break bread?

I am hungry. Your lectures won't help me.

There is a spread of delicacies ready for you in your royal chambers.

I know. What is wrong with this food?

Just the aroma is making my mouth water.

You know what is wrong, My Prince.

You are royalty and we are slaves.

Alright! As the Prince of Mahishmathi, I command you.

Feed me, uncle.

"Now has risen the sword that will condemn."

"Now flies the arrow that will pierce."

"His enemies remain astonished."

"They don't know where to run or hide."


Great Bhalla!

When I become the King, you will be my commander!

Both the princes have excelled in their training as warriors and scholars.

They stand as equals.

How are you going to decide who will be crowned, Queen Mother?

God has blessed both my children with equal strengths.

Now he is testing me with the difficult decision I have to make!

Make their next challenges much more difficult.

Before she could decide on who will ascend the throne the Queen Mother was faced with a new crisis.

In the form of one of their trusted Saketa.

Saketa killed the guards and stole our military secrets.

Call for the Princes! As you wish.

The young Princes searched for the traitor in neighbouring kingdoms.

Finally they found out that he was hiding in a den of thieves called Singapuram.

It is a lawless place where bandits thieves and murderers gathered and mingled.

Strangers who drew attention to themselves were in mortal danger.

I have never seen you before. I just got here.

A hidden dagger! What is it for?

Are you a SPY?

If our guards were this good..

We wouldn't have had the opportunity to see so many different Kingdoms.

Swords or smarts?

Whichever is sharper.

Do you have a drink?

Big one?

Much bigger?

Do you have money?

I need something large enough for all my brothers!

Look what is happening there..

Come on!

Not just booze. There is a lot more here.

"Intoxication tonight, your magic gets me high."

"Your love surrounds me, my love."

"Let your lips find mine."

"Come and steal myself from me."

"You are the charming one."

"You are the charming one."

"Your words are as intoxicating as a bunch"

"of ripe grapes soaked in honey."

"You know way to my heart, you are the key to my soul."

"Let me drink this love potion."

"You are mine, just mine."

"lntoxication tonight, your magic gets me high."

"Your love surrounds me, my love."

"Take me in your strong arms, I want to live."

"You got the magic, no one has."

"You are something I want to lose myself in."

"I want to be your and make you mine, too."

"Come and enjoy me."

"You are the charming one."

"Yes, I am."

"You are the charming one."

"Don't shoot me with love daggers."

"Please listen to me, my love."

"Let me drink this love potion."

"You are mine, just mine."

"lntoxication tonight, your magic gets me high."

"Your love surrounds me, my love."

Instead of being tortured by you, I should..



Who did you sell our secrets to? Tell me!


The Kalakeyas don't believe in tactical attack.

There is no limit to their morbidity.

If they barge into the kingdom they will kill every innocent child and violate every woman.

They will destroy and burn everything.

This talk might scare some small kingdoms.

We have a standing army of 25,000 soldiers.

Why should we be scared?

How big is the Kalakeya army? One hundred thousand.

When wild bulls barge into the crops and lands that the Kalakeyas plunder, are both left barren.

We have to defend our kingdom and we have to attack our enemies at the same time.

What military strategy should we use to attack?

"The trident strategy".

It is one for the textbooks. No one has ever used it.

You want to go to war with something untested?

If no one has used it the Kalakeyas wouldn't expect it either.

That is why we should implement it.

I second the plan. I approve it.

It is the only way into our kingdom.

Kattappa, how big a force do you need to stop them?

Five thousand, Your Highness!

I will use armor and spears to erect a wall of iron.

I will turn it into an impregnable fortress.

I will command the forces to the north.

I will take responsibility for the south.

According to our sources, the Kalakeya chief will stand back and send half his army forward.

Our military formation and our weapons... will repel that kind of attack for three hours.

But we have to kill the chief during that time.

Their army, without a chief, will scatter!

In the middle of that battle both princes with their cavalry will attack the Chief from two sides.

It will take them at least three hours by the time they launch a counter attack on us.

That will be enough, mother. Victory will be ours.

Half that time will be enough to behead him.

Great! This will also solve the conundrum of who should be the king.

Yes! The one who kills the Kalakeya chief will ascend the throne of Mahishmathi!

My Lord has the perfect solution. - Yes.

Divide the rest of the army equally between the Princes!

Bhalla, Baahu.

This is the opportunity to pay tribute to your motherland!

Accept it.

Hail Mahishmati! Hail Mahishmati!

Your uncle has treated you unfairly.

He has only given you tools to breach a fort.

Of what use will those be in an open battlefield?

The arrow-machines and the swords' chariot, all went to Bhallaladeva!

You should have objected, Baahu!

Your son shall ascend the throne of Mahishmathi.

You brilliantly hoodwinked Baahubali! - What hoodwink?

If he can't even demand the right army, the right weapons what is he going to do on the battlefield tomorrow?

I made the strong one even stronger.

It is not cheating, it is statecraft!

Hey! Who is it? Forgive me, My Lord!

The younger Prince asked us to pull out the tents and bring them to him.

(Sanskrit chants)

(Sanskrit chants)

(Sanskrit chants)

(Sanskrit chants)

Welcome, Bhallaladeva!

(Sanskrit chants)

(Sanskrit chants)

(Sanskrit chants)

Invincible! Invincible!

Invincible! Invincible!

Welcome, Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Bahu, it is a time-honoured ritual.

If you don't sacrifice the animal the soldiers will read it as a bad omen. Yes, My Prince!

If you don't offer the sacrifice the Goddess will be angry.

Why quench the Goddess's thirst with the blood of this innocent animal when my own blood can be offered?

Hail Mahishmati! Hail Mahishmati!

Hail Mahishmathi! Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Mahishmathi will be forgiving and benevolent!

This is your last chance.

Drop your weapons and run and we will spare your lives.

I heard that you promised both your sons that the one who kills me would be made king.

And if both of them die at my hands?

I will conquer you and your kingdom and then I will have a son with you.

You can make him the king!

I want him alive.

I want him to be alive even after his arms and legs are cut off and he lies in a pool of blood!

When the vultures pluck out his eyes and feast on his guts.

He should be alive.

Kattappa! ' My Lady!

Blow the conch to begin the battle.

It is ready.

Arm the weapon.


Baahubali's command!

Get ready!

Arm the weapons.



Well done, Baahubali! Well done.

Soldiers. Attack.


Hold! Hold strong!

Swords group, step forward!

Trident strategy begins!



My Prince?

My Prince! Army!

Hold your lines!

Hold your lines! Hold them!

Our defenses are in tatters.

We are seeing an enemy flag on Mahishmati soil... for the first time!

This is the death of us. Death!

Death! Death!




What is death?

To think that the enemy is stronger than our resolve, is death!

Cowardice on the battlefield is death!

The cruel man insulted our mother and he is still alive.

Instead of presenting his decapitated head at her feet we are turning our backs to him and that is death!

I will ride on to annihilate that death!

No rogue can ever harm my mother or my motherland. lam about to rip them apart and proclaim my war cry!

Who is with me?


Who will die with me? Me!

Who will vanquish that death and live on? - Me!


Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!

Hail Mahishmathi!


I want him alive when the vultures pluck out his eyes and feast on his guts.

His limbs are to be cut off and his blood should flow!

MY son!

Bhallaladeva! Bhallaladeva!

MY son!

My brave son killed Kalakeya and won the battle!

To the future king, Bhallaladeva!

Hail Bhallaladeva! Hail Bhallaladeva!

Bhallaladeva's valour will be told in Mahishmati for generations to come!

Tales of his victory will be etched on shrines and temples.

Today, I proclaim my son Bhallaladeva as the commander of the armed forces of Mahishmathi!

I proclaim Baahubali as the King of Mahishmathi!

Sivagami, What sort of a decision is this?

My son, our son, killed the Kalakeya chief!

You saw it with your own eyes!

He has to be the King! Only he!

The merits of a King are evaluated not by the number of enemies he has killed but by the number of his own people he has saved.

During the battle Bhallaladeva's focus was only in vanquishing the enemy.

Baahubali, while killing the enemy also managed to save his subjects.

That is the difference between a soldier and a king.

If you kill a hundred men you will be called a great warrior.

But if you save one life, you will be called God!

So, saving a couple of common men is now the qualification to rule?

Baahubali will be crowned the King of Mahishmati on an auspicious day.

That is my word and my word is law!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! -Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Baahubali! Baahubali!

Amarendra Baahubali!

Glory to him!

Amarendra Baahubali!

Glory to him!

Glory to him!

My Shiva is the son of such a great king!

We are so glad to hear about him.

I wish we can see the great man once!

He is no more.

The saviour is no more! (That God is no more!)

You said no enemy could come near him.

You said the weapons were afraid to touch him?

How did such a great warrior die?

More grievous than the wound of a sword or a spear is a stab in the back, Mahendra.

Who? Who was it?

That traitor...

was me!

"Golden dreams and great heartache."

"churn in the depth of the soul of this river called life."

"When great mountains lay in its path."

"It cuts deep gorges through the rock to keep flowing!"

"This unstoppable, inexhaustible river called life."

"It is called the river of life."